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Kyonyuu No Onee-chan Wa Suki Desu Ka (“Do You Like Big Sis’ Tits”) [English], by Moon Night Kitten (AKA Kouki Kuu)

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Oh, the dream

I really wonder. WHAT is the typical audience for shota? Mangakas take regular advice or orders from their editors or publishers, and they print to sell, so if there are lots of shota releases, it means there’s a real audience ready to pay up. Weird, no? I mean, even the existence of a market for lolicon hentai makes more sense to me, than a market for shotacon hentai :shock:
If anyone has a solid explanation, I’m taking ^^

EDIT: hey, there were very interesting comments to answer my question! :shock:
Now, I kinda understand why some may go for shota, and oddly perhaps, it’s stopped disturbing me now that I understand, it simply became yet another thing I have no interest in.
It’s too long to summarize, read the comments discussion below :)
Thank you very much to the kind commenters who helped!

Ahem. Other than that? A shota, his elder sister with boobs, happy sex, all that, the usual, with an art reminding me of Yasui Riosuke. It even taught me a handy proverb when it comes to porn, “in for a penny, in for a pound” :lol:
Release credits are for Axalon, MrWayne, Dark Mac, Shoku and CellTF, from and, thanks for this!

By Moon Night Kitten, I also share 2 other doujinshi (Full Sexual Daemon Kageaki Maid Chapter + Seikou Akki Kageaki Muramasa Donburi Hen), Seikou Akki Kageaki Hebereke Usagi Hen and Supersoniko No Saikyou Support Center.

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13 Comments on "Kyonyuu No Onee-chan Wa Suki Desu Ka (“Do You Like Big Sis’ Tits”) [English], by Moon Night Kitten (AKA Kouki Kuu)"

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I’ve seem some articles here and there about the main audience for shota would be the corresponding female audience to the male loli audience. A lot of it has to do with control in a lot people’s minds. The other augment is on-going rise in mother-con materials as of late. There seems to be a lot of mother on younger son/son’s friend in a lot of the genre.


Women? Just as there are guys who like young girls, there are women who like young boys. Not near at the same arrest rates for sexual assault against them as older men with underage girls, but enough to be noticeable.


Pornhub dumped a ton of stats on what women are searching for on their site, but it’s hard to tell if they’re looking for really young boys. Like, lots of older women searched for ‘Milf’, which would be women like them paired with younger partners. They also searched for ‘Japanese’ a lot, which is where I’d look for Shota stuff, but really you’d find everything. ‘Young black teen’ was popular, but how young? Interesting stuff, but no real answers. I suppose you could do a questionnaire on it, asking people if they’re male or female, their age, and their ‘taste’.


I’m a straight guy who likes shota, so I think I can explain. To me, the appeal of shota is that it represents an intersection of a number of fetishes – experienced women with inexperienced lad, tall women, older women, femdom. The boy isn’t the object of desire in a shota, they’re basically the pov. There are also sex positions unique to a shota, like how missionary would have the boy’s face be planted within the woman’s boobs.


Pretty much this. I’m personally ambivalent about shotas themselves. The thing is that several of my favourite artists just happen to include shotas in their works with big curvy women (often of the older sister/older woman variety). And shotas also work well in vanilla/older woman taking the charge setting which is hot but without turning things into hard femdom which I personally don’t care about.


i subscribe this, having a fetish for “tall girl x short boy”, staight shotacon can often enter in this.


I think this makes the most sense to me, Especially the opinion that the shota is the pov and not the object of desire. To me the opinion that this is the reversal of loli but for women is not as convincing. I’m not saying that no women would be interested, only that I don’t think it creates enough demand to justify the amount of shota that gets created. Statistics confirm that pornography is overwhelmingly consumed by and thus aimed at men.


It’s a little like how nobody is into the super ugly/fat dude that’s banging the babe. The appeal in having the ugly/fat dude is that it plays up the girl’s slutiness. Defined roles play to specific fetishes.


Yeah, soft femdom is a good way to describe shotacon.


I was molested by a woman when I was eleven years old and I think that’s the reason I respond to shotacon hentai.

In a weird way it’s a form of therapy, but also, I think we are highly influenced by our earliest sexual experiences. I end up having very powerful, conflicted feelings when reading certain shotacon stories. They are both upsetting and erotic. I am turned on by stories where grown women rape or molest boys even while I feel horrified and near tears. I think it’s very complicated but I wonder if there has been a rise is male children who were molested in the last few decades, who, like me, seek out shota hentai as some sort of attempt to reconcile an event they are unable to speak about openly.

I studied psychology and there have been many studies of women who have been victims of rape who then turn to rape fantasy and non-consensual porn. As near as I can tell, there are no similar studies of men which may be related to how few countries acknowledge the possibility of males being victims of rape. Even so, I suspect that there is a similar connection. Sexuality can be effected by, and inextricably linked to trauma.

I have heard many unconfirmed rumors that there was or is a culture of mothers engaging in sexual practices with their sons in Japan as a way to keep them focused on schoolwork. This is almost certainly slander, however, it is possible it is rooted in some small grain of truth. If so, there may have been a generation of Japanese Mangaka who were at least familiar with the rumors, which effected their fantasies and writing.


*Waves* I know I’m late to the party, but I can explain some of the attraction some people with vaginas have to shotacon (I actually identify as genderfluid, but whatevs. I can think of at least one cisfemale friend who shared similar reasons for being attracted to it). Just figure I’ll weigh in a slightly different opinion for anyone who’s interested.

Like Cunnilique mentioned, our early sexual experiences influence us dramatically. Sexual urges hit me pretty early, and I basically ended up crushing hard on people either my age (not even double digits) or guys several years to a decade or so older. It was kind of the whole ‘this classmate is super cute, would totally fool around with him, but this older guy is 10× sexier and not an immature brat so I’d totally fuck him’ thing (good reasoning, younger self. Good reasoning. *facepalm*). My sexual fantasies at that point thus ranged from kids to twenty-somethings, with the odd hot older authority figure thrown in to boot, so that was the drawn and written porn I made and consumed. My younger self didn’t see any issue with the stuff featuring younger characters because I was the same age or thereabouts myself. Those early fantasies still pop in my head sometimes, so in that sense being attracted to shotacon is kinda like having a kink for school uniforms because your first crush/date/etc. wore one/your first sexual experience involved one/sex gets attached to weird things when you’re a teen coz hormones.* The whole femdom thing doesn’t even have to play into it. (*If you’re into it for another reason, cool. I can’t pretend to know them all.)

And this can still apply to people who experienced their first sexual urges in high school–at least in mine there were several guys who looked younger than twelve pretty much until they graduated, when they had a massive growth spurt and were suddenly larger than everyone else. o.O People crushed on and dated them, so circle back to the reasoning above. *shrug*

All that being said, this doesn’t necessarily mean I or others are always attracted to shota in a sexual way. A lot of the time it’s just “*Squee!* So cute I want to squeeze and protect you!” à la “cinnamon roll too pure for this world”. But my younger self did love adorable shota in sexy stories, so those childhood fantasies are easily triggered when a shota starts being adorable in sexy situations.