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Mahou no Juujin Foxy Rena Pack + Spinoffs [283 Pictures, English] by Amakuchi

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Hey Troops! Delta here with a share I planned to post on April Fools’, but real life sneaked up on me again and I had to put certain things in my life on hold. I’ll try to be more active, but I can’t promise anything until summer hits. Anyhoo this was the share I promised to do on April Fools’ and as I promised I’ll do this type of shares once a year since I doubt there are any Furry-Lovers among you. Still this is a nice treat for y’all, Amakuchi’s still ongoing series: Kemono of Magic: Foxy Rena and stories inside that very universe.

Here we have villains that as usual want to conquer the world and such, so it is obvious that a hero should rise against them. Enter the magical girl: Foxy Rena and she’s so foxy that it’s criminally sexy! X3 This series is very detailed, funny, sexy, cute and the women here have high libidos. Seriously in my arrogant opinion “Furry” should also be considered as Monster Girls since Furry are literally not human; but some of you are going to throw your opinions down in the comments on why Furry can’t be Monster Girls, so I’m not adding the Monster Girl Tag to this. Many kudos to YQII for working on the series as far as he could before working at Fakku as an official translator last I heard or I could be wrong though; and BSN for translating the Kuma-Sen chapters.

FYI: GBirkin decided to work on Amakuchi’s works connected to this universe, but I think he died since Foxy Rena 9 and Honey Trap, Chapter 2 of a Kuma-Sen and Uma-Sen doujin are in E-Hentai are incomplete and not included in this pack. I hope someone pick up this series so I can enjoy it to the fullest. Enjoy!

 Foxy Rena 1Foxy Rena 2Foxy Rena 3Foxy Rena 4Foxy Rena 5 DigestFoxy Rena 5Foxy Rena 6Foxy Rena 7Foxy Rena 8Kuma-Sen 1Kuma-Sen 2Uma-Sen 1Uma-Sen 2

283 Pictures, 484.79 MB

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10 Comments on "Mahou no Juujin Foxy Rena Pack + Spinoffs [283 Pictures, English] by Amakuchi"

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Not even going to try to shrink the files size…huh…..


I’m repulsed by furry works, but remove that aspect and those are some beautifully designed women.
It’s a shame the artist uses his powers for evil, he could do so much good in this world.


So you’re sharing this now? No more yaoi?


God I need a Shrinked lino of this XD


Well I LIKE furry, so thank you ^^

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