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Momoiro Hokenshitsu (“The Pink Infirmary”) [English, 168 pictures, Complete at last ^^, the chapters 1-5 are Uncensored], by Azuma Tesshin

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No way anyone would stop at this point :3

Eight years ago, I was sharing the beginning of this manga. It always feels unreal, to see something come back from the past in a completed form ^^
So, boys, girls, there you are at last ;)

What to expect: highschoolers having sex with an adult school nurse (and her sister) in the school’s infirmary; highschoolers having sex with each other; brothers and sisters enjoying wincest. In more or less equal proportions.
There are “minority” black flag cases such as rape, femdom, and blackmail, that only appear in one chapter. For the rest, it’s entirely happy sex with mutual respect (and occasionally hints of unspoken love.) Without much of a scenario, save setting up the initial opportunity.

The drawings are splendid, and in the five first chapters, uncensored. See for yourselves, hehe.
We owe this long-awaited porn nugged to the combined work of Brolen, TeLan and THDragon. Thank you very much! ^_^

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
(62 MB, 168 pictures, English)

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16 Comments on "Momoiro Hokenshitsu (“The Pink Infirmary”) [English, 168 pictures, Complete at last ^^, the chapters 1-5 are Uncensored], by Azuma Tesshin"

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I had completely forgot about this. I’ve always been a fan of Azuma Tesshin, so seeing another tankobon done is great. This, along with Akiko 19 turning up translated today, was a nice little treat when I got home from work today.


But, ┬┐don’t was already completed many years ago?.


The Pink Infirmary *storyline* (chapters 1-5) was completed years ago, when it was coming out as magazine chapters. Now, the whole tankoubon has been completed, including several new but unrelated stories.


I believe the correct response to that preview pic would be something like this: FUCK HER HARDER! FUCK HER UNTIL YOUR DICK FALLS OFF! YOU HEAR ME? FALLS! OFF!

*ahem* Yeah, I kinda like this one.


IMHO, this should one day have its latter chapters de-censored (another crowd-funded project, perhaps).


Oh wow. I feel honored to have my debut work featured on your website, Oliver. Thank you very much! I also want to thank everybody who has viewed this and have been both incredibly supportive and appreciative of all the hard work that went into this. I knew that a great artist like Azuma Tesshin and a great translation by Brolen needed an equally great editing job, and I hope I delivered. Again, thank you very much for featuring this on your website, Oliver!


I am truly impressed! I never thought I’d get to see this right here just a few days after I requested it! Thanks a lot to all those involved in making this happen! :D


why are hentai pussy way better looking than the real thing? kinda strange…lol


I just saw the most painfull image (for us, guys) in an h-manga !!