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7 Comments on "Twin Ball Love Attack chapter 4, + the chapters 1-4 in another Zip file [English], by Goban"

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Lucky bastard :twisted: Thank you very much DerEX, DarkMac, Axalon, Wayne and CellTF ^^ I can’t wait next chapter :twisted:


Notwithstanding my opinion that some of those (ahem) “cup sizes” are unrealistic, that was fun.

“He’s just trying to get in our pants.” – Asakura. … My dear, this lucky bastard’s not even trying in the slightest; all the other ladies have their “me so horny / assertive girl” switch flipped and they like it like that. How long shall you hold back? – likely answer, until Chapter 5 shows up.

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Resizing is easy using a Linux command-line:

$ mkdir small; for i in *; do convert $i -resize 1234 small/$i; done

This resizes all images to a maximum width of 1234 pixels while preserving the aspect ratio, and you can do other stuff while the images are being resized. You don’t even need to keep the resized images when you get access to more chapters — just resize everything again.

Stalker Fairy

Oh wow…chap 4 is finally out? Been waiting on it for months.
Cant wait for the last one where the he finally taps the main girl. She and glasses are my personal favs


Thanks for this amazing share! Been reading your shares lately. Unfortunately I still haven’t dl most of these and just don’t have time right now.

But I appreciate it as always Oliver-san!!! Just know that I’m still lurking this site most of the time!

Keep up the good work!!!