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Batsu Game De Yankee Onna Ni Kokuttemita (“For My Punishment I Have To Confess To A Sassy Troublemaker”) [English], by Fueta Kishi

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Bubbly butt lovers, around, time to praise the butt =)
And now, ladies and gentlemen, esteemed visitors, BEHOLD! the amazing talking butt.

In this new Fueta Kishi hentai release, we have a bullied highschool boy who is dared to ask out the brutal girl of the school, with the obvious expectation she’ll bitchslap him into the afterlife. However, hentai oblige, obviously, the boy is actually really in love with her and, even more obviously, she goes full dere and accepts.
What follows is the school bullies feeling horribly humiliated and having their pride destroyed, as they watch the recording of the boy they used to bully, superfucking the girl and being a perfect match for her in both body and feelings (but no “love” is being mentioned, mere compatibility).
Errrr… okaaaaay, I guess? O_o
I mean, won’t they take revenge by posting the vid on the internet, or trying to blackmail the girl, no, they’ll just pathetically fap alone at home to the vid and leave in peace the boy they used to bully?!? :shock:

You know what, I’m asking too many questions, I should take what I am given and enjoy it as it is.
So: ENJOY! ^^ And thanks to 葛の寺, Chaos, Kolar219 and Kk_507! :jap:

–Update: there is now a volume 2!

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15 Comments on "Batsu Game De Yankee Onna Ni Kokuttemita (“For My Punishment I Have To Confess To A Sassy Troublemaker”) [English], by Fueta Kishi"

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Last panel of last page strongly hints of further complications/revenge + it reads “to be continued.” So this definitely has the potential to get ugly.

John D.

I honestly can’t tell. Dude was a dumbass to make the bullied kid ask out the EXACT person that HE liked, so it felt more like it was karma rolling it’s way back to him for being a dick.

Don’t think this is gonna get too ugly considering the artist’s past work (might end with a threesome or something like that, who knows), but we’ll just have to see.


IMHO, it was more psychological than physical, but to at least one of Kuzuta-kun’s former tormentors:

comment image

… as for what happens next, we’ll see – won’t we?


Needs a Netorare tag big time. He did steal the bullies crush and made her his own. But at the same time this had to be one of the better NTR ones I have read.

John D.

I think it’s considered Netori for now since it was one-sided, and he didn’t even confess to her (and was a dumbass anyway screwing himself with making the kid ask her out).

John D.

Maybe it’s just me bully’s explanation for how the bullied kid won the girl over sorta really pissed me off because he’s just making up reasons to excuse the fact that he is an idiot that made this happen in the first place (and that he’d be ANY better for her than the kid).

John D.

Do you think this should apply to the current share, Oliver?

John D.

comment image


Pretty sure dicks don’t bend that way. Page 14


Its not exactly netorare or netori because the female MC was never the GF of the male “antagonist”. I would call it “Netori Adjacent”. Its basically the hentai version of the “She’s All That” plot. Bully makes kid confess to hot Tsundere chick, he gets laid because he is the only one that has ever showed interest as a reward. The ending is just basically the kid rubbing it in the bullies face, who spanks it to the video because he has the hots for the Tsundere girl.