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Three quick things ^^

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Hey guys. Two notes, in a hurry :)


You HAVE to try the new Firefox Quantum.

If you gave up on Firefox in the past, or if you simply don’t use it, come on, give the browser a chance.
This new Firefox Quantum isn’t just fast (comparisons with Chrome aren’t just a question of mere numbers, it feels faster and everything is smooth), it is superb, comfortable to use, giving an impression of immediate response and quality of use I had been missing for a long, very long time.
Even the UI has been nicely improved.
About the extensions I feared the apocalypse, I found that almost everything provided by the old XUL extensions was available, and the little I’m losing (DTA won’t be available in webext until 2 or 3 weeks, wrote its creator) is a worthy trade compared to all the goodness I’m getting in exchange.
Seriously, Firefox deserves love, the work that has been done is praiseworthy, try it out :)


Because I can, I want to share this simply stunning cosplay (source), found thanks to Kalevala :)
Reminds us of Takatsu’s Egyptians, somehow, right? :D

… And you know what? THERE IS MOAR! :twisted:
Edited: also, EVEN MOAR ON INSTAGRAM :twisted:


There’s been an update to the commenting plugin I use on Hentairules, it says you can now edit your comments. As a guy who almost always comes back to fix a typo or a mistake, I think the news would help :)

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First – upgraded to Firefox Quantum this evening (my time). Haven’t checked it out in full just yet.

Second – impressive cosplay there; will check out in detail, and, if need be, comment later

Third – the ability to edit one’s comments – IT REALLY WORKS:

comment image


I tried Quantum for 10 minutes, then reverted back to 56 because of the extensions and some new colors that felt weird…
But yeah, it’s faster.


I have the exact opposite effect. I get about 5 seconds of actual use before quantum freezes for about 10 seconds. I can still type, but can only see what Ive typed after quantum catches up. Ive had to resort to typing this out in notepad and then copy pasting it just to get this message done. It seems the longer the browser is open the worse the effect gets.

How exactly did you undo the quantum upgrade, because there is no googling for troubleshooting quantum so far, and I NEED IT. only found ONE reddit post about quantum being slow and their suggestion of resetting add-ons and installs didnt work.


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling firefox with an old downloader, but that didnt work. all it did was reinstall quantum and that didnt fix the problem with it being choppy.


Do a clean uninstall, including deleting your existing profile in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming.
Download and install version 56.0b9 (get in here
and disable auto update and auto install in the firefox options menu.


Yeah, it’s not so easy to downgrade. Like somerandomdude said, you need to disable auto-update, I learned that the hard way. But in my case, I did not touch the profile folder.


Thanks somerandomdude and Votug, I got everything squared away (I hope…) and Im back on running ff56. Hopefully someday they’ll figure out the kinks and I can switch over to quantum without it being choppy as all hell.

Before the reinstall of ff56 I tried restarting with add-ons turned off, I tried almost all the options that they asked on the troubleshooting page for choppy use on the firefox help and service page. I still have no idea why it was supper slow and unresponsive.

And it wasn’t like it was randomly slow, I was a PERIODIC thing that I could literally count off to. If I started typing in the google search bar it would work fine for five seconds and then it would stop registering new letters for ten seconds and the place line would keep blinking like it was waiting for new input, then boom everything that I had typed would pop into existence.


Your picture reminded me there’s a translated chapter of Takatsu’s Egyptians you’ve never shared: ([Takatsu] Masaka Watashi no Pharaoh!? | Impossible, My Master (Pharaoh) is !? (COMIC Megastore Alpha 2016-11) )


I always have been Firefox and no problems with v57 Quantum but I’m still using v56 until the addons get update
Nice cosplay ^_^


First – Don’t you just love the multiple vectors of the Internet? My OS is bloating again, but now I have an SSD! The browser is slowing from add-ons but now I have faster internet! My browser has been rebuilt but my favorite web pages keep adding videos! My computer died so I’m on a slower box, but this older browser just flies! I bought a new PC but this new AV slows every page down!

Hell, I’m just trying to come to terms with the fact that the Home button has been moved. AGAIN.

Second – Cosplay like this used to make me nervous. “Is that a guy? Are those fake tits? Does this make me gay?” Then I’d spend 10 minutes researching them on the web. “She’s showing genitals, we’re good to fap!” But now, after years of traps, gender-flips and transsexuals, everything just gets a “Whatever, looks hot!”

Third – As a person who likes to reread their own comments, this is awesome! Now I can fix my spelling fuckups instead of obsessing over them forever!

John Doe

IMO, a cosplayer (particularly female) must have a stunning, great body, that because most female anime characters always depicted as a female with great body. This model has it!!


Quantum destroyed Firefox for me. One day my browser works perfectly fine, then Quantum shows up and makes my page lag every few seconds and after a few minutes the page would freeze. Moving all my stuff to Chrome, super disappointed.


Thought she looked familiar. Non was featured previously in a share back in June 2016 that contained a photoshoot: Bitch On The Pole DMM Special Edition. Beautiful.

EDIT: i already needed to used the edit option.


Switched and everything working smoothly. Though I’ve been using Classic Theme Restorer for a long while now so I gotta get used to my tabs on top of the address bar.


I used to use Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus. Version 2 that works on the new firefox is missing some key features. Anyone know of an alternative that can save images from all opened image tabs and also rename them (add a date time-prefix)?

Also looking for a gesture addon that allows saving of images with a gesture. Need an alternative for firegestures. On that note none of the gesture addons Ive tried seems to work on blank or firefox “settings” tabs.

Also a cosplay recommendation:
There are some video links in the comments