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The Hentairules Gigatorrent, 2006-2017 Edition, is available ! ^_^

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Enjoy the torrent, guys =)

Hello everyone!

Here is my new Gigatorrent, containing almost EVERYTHING shared on since its creation in december 2006 until the 31st of December 2017, 533 GB of data :)
I made that torrent from my blog shares, with also the Audio materials provided by Hurp Durp and the occasional mangas posted by Delta-Oblivion.

(2018 change: please, no more µtorrent. Please, use Qbittorrent instead, it works on ALL platforms, doesn’t have the connexion problems or zero-downloding of utorrent with gigantic torrents, and is lighter on your system.)

I hope you’ll like it! ^_______^

Real life comes first, so as I don’t have the time to fix all my old posts and their dead links (if you’re a coder and you know of an auto-reup magical tool, let me know buddy?), I rely on this torrent solution instead ;)

Just click HERE to get the .torrent :)
Or use this magnet link.


Seedbox owners: if you can long-time mirror it, you’ll be über-cool =)


You don’t have to download everything.
Upon opening the torrent, you can either choose to download only some elements, or everything. It’s your choice.
See that image (from the µtorrent client) :
Okay ? ^^

Or a more detailed example, with Qbittorrent:
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3screenshot #4screenshot #5


That’s 533 GB of data.
The gigapack’s contents go into 5 main folders :
– Audios (20 GB)
– Computer Graphics (4 GB)
– Mangas (460 GB)
(including the doujinshi and the rare western comics)
– Pictures Packs (6 GB)
(all the picture packs, also western artists, and animated gifs + very short themed vids)
– Videos (41 GB)
(all of them, the hentai movies, JAV, and 3D videos)

The Mangas folder is the largest.
The syntax of its subfolders and of the files inside is:
[ Artist’s name ] , [ Title of the manga ] , [ English/Japanese ]
For instance ? [ Akiko Fuji ], [ School Zone ] [ English ]
Becomes: Akiko_Fuji,_School_Zone_(

When there are more than one share by an artist, that artist is given his/her own folder, with only his name in it, and his mangas are inside as sub-folders.
See that example (from the Official Bittorrent Client) :
I only just noticed that bittorent Official tells the total size it's going to take, unlike Utorrent O_o


What’s missing from this torrent ? Only:
– Every single manga the WANI publishing Group has asked me to take down from my blog posts on hentairules (I carefully checked from the emails they sent me and, sorry to tell you, if they ask me to remove more, I’ll humbly follow suit, including from the torrent.)
– Same for the contents that Jacob, from Fakku, has asked me to remove from Hentairules, I scanned the emails he sent me and removed from the torrent what he asked me to remove. Deal with it guys, Jacob never belonged to the side you thought, he really thinks that if you can’t afford it you have to abstain from reading it and he has no issue with stopping being the ideal bridge that gave every-day chances and reminders to pay to the people enjoying the tons of well-sorted free stuff, and who are now simply going to move to other sites that don’t give them any incentive to pay (my thoughts, in an image).
– Some picture packs (lost for no reason)
– A few English shares (lost for no reason)
– Lots of hentai movies (I didn’t really care to keep them, frankly, you get the ones that survived mostly by accident)
– Lots of old raw mangas (lost after a huge mistake, years ago)
– A number of the posts by Delta Oblivion (I downloaded most of the recent ones, but forgot the old ones until it was too late, sorry -_-)
– Lots of JAV movies (I only have the ones I uploaded myself)
– The Smaller or Recompressed versions, this torrent only contains full-size versions (to reduce the total size of the gigapack, ironically)


Just click HERE to get the .torrent :)
Or use this magnet link.


What if you still have on your disk the contents of the previous Gigatorrent ?

– Most of the already existing contents are the same, you can simply let your torrent client do its default behaviour, recognize it is already present and can be skipped (and if you’re paranoid, mark your existing files as read-only – it cannot hurt.)
– The other folders kept their name and their contents didn’t change much, it’s only that new elements were added in them, so you can also safely allow your torrent client to resume the download over the same location
– I made minor changes in the Mangas directory. For instance, creating a new folder to contain a variety of works by an artist, while before there was only 1 work by this artist. Rarely, renaming a wrongly spelled name. I sometimes renamed zips and directories, to reduce the total PATH length it takes, with, in aim, to never go over a length of 235 characters, for safety. A number, out of my ass, I’d estimate around 100 folders or files were freshly renamed to fall under the 235 path limit (that causes mind wrecking confusion with weird torrent client errors, deal with it, it’s for the greater good to avoid it.)


Advice about clients, now :)

The most commonly known clients are µTorrent, Vuze, Deluge, and Qbittorrent.
Forget µtorrent (that I tested to fuck up real good leeching the gigatorrent, again and again). Go for the alternatives.
I was charmed by Qbittorrent, personally. It works on all platforms, it’s fast, it does the job without a fuss, and when µtorrent was failing to work as expected in the tests, qbittorrent didn’t have any problem on the opposite.

I’ll add feedback about these clients :

– (1) Verification speeds: your client compares (a) what you already have with (b) what you want to download. If you already downloaded a huge volume of data (like 90% of the gigatorrent), that’s a lot of comparison to do, so the verification time before the download can start/resume will be long. That’s the prob with crazy 533 GB large torrents ;)
I noticed µtorrent takes super longer than the competition to do that verification. A measure made with the first version of the torrent, the 2014 version: on my disk, Vuze took 71 minutes to verify a complete 375 GB gigatorrent before starting to seed it, while µtorrent was in the three hours.
But 2018’s huge winner in my eyes is Qbittorrent, verifying faster than Vuze itself.

Fortunately, downloading will start near-immediately as long as you download from scratch, or have only a few gigabytes of the torrent’s content on your disk ;)

Also, if you’re filthy rich, I learned from Kuzko that the verification speed is determined by the quality of the hard disk, so if you want faster verifications, download the torrent to an SSD disk. Lucky for you, the price of SSD disks is sooooooo much lower than when I first made a gigatorrent, in 2014.

– (2) Choosing only a few folders: it’s perfectly intuitive with µtorrent.
Vuze won’t allow you to choose which folders/subfolders to download or not. So, if you want to download only a few parts, do not use Vuze.
With Qbittorrent, by default it chooses to download everything, you’ll have to look around: (option 1) screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3 – (or option 2) screenshot #4screenshot #5.

– (3) Searching for something specific, like a name: as Kaiserham told us in the comments of the previous Gigatorrent, Qbittorrent allows it! It’s in the “Content” tab, mid-height, there is a search field :twisted: In that case, choose to NOT start downloading the torrent, or to start the torrent but select no file at all to download, then run the filtering, tick the boxes in front of the names you want, either folders or files, and you’re good, click to start downloading :)


Lastly, I would like to express my great thanks to Kuzko, who helped me through it all. Without his help, his explanations, everything he did himself (for he did everything!), and his seedboxing, there wouldn’t have been a Hentairules Gigatorrent, at all. Thank you, really :)

Just click HERE to get the .torrent :)
Or use this magnet link.

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thanks a lot oliver

well, actually I am not yet finished sorting your last Gigatorrent, and this . . .

God of hentai, please give your believer more strength


Started my resume of the torrent. Once it’s done, I’ll remove and re-add to reinitialize the seed ratio.


Should be on it now, seeding will come later, but people downloading files that I have already should notice a difference.


Thanks, Oliver!


If anyone has issues with the torrent, they can contact me on twitter @kuzko_topia or on IRC i should hang around here for the next day or so


To commemorate the latest torrent containing ALL that is Hentai Rules:


You are “Hentai GOD”


I got, the drive is now 160 USD which is still respectable.


I wouldn’t get too upset over Fakku. The last time I looked, was giving away for free everything that Fakku was charging for. That doesn’t seem like a viable business model to me.

Thanks for the torrent! As ever, you rock.


Much appreciation for all the hard work Oliver!!


Thank Oliver, i’m visit your webpage almost everyday since 2007, time travel so fast, thank your all hard work


Well shucks, this is exactly what I’ve been wanting to see but the new stuff isn’t separated from the older torrent. Like Mumei I still haven’t gotten through the old one, but for me I cull out the ones I don’t like so i’ll have to go back and compare the old and new torrent lists to find the new stuff.

Hope i’m not coming off as whining, what you do here is awesome man!


*does the happy dance*

ADC Sona

Seedboxing this for the next couple of weeks to give back to the community. Thanks Oliver.


can someone check the gunma kisaragi folder in the torrent I don’t see some titles?


They’re Wani.


Ahh sad, I’ve been downloading since the 17th and the past 2 days stuck at 69% ='(


thanks a lot oliver! I lost my 1TB collection (your last year gigatorrent + my own JAV collection T_T) due to an CRC error now I need to start from scratch… thanks!


I’m currently using qbittorrent 3.2.3 and when I add the torrent and try to access it to select or deselect a folder the program freezes, maybe its the 15.000 files or something, idk… Is this normal?


Thanks a bunch for this!!

Going to download this someday :)


This is just awesome!
All the stuff I have been wanting for years ready for download.. just can’t believe it! The magnet link worked perfectly with Tixati.
Oliver, just let me know if I can fork in a bit of money your way… you saved me so much time searching for all these goodies. I feel like I owe you.
Thank you so much.


I am in the process of downloading every releases starting from January to this coming December 2016. I plan to categorize them via the month they were released and zip ’em all together(or maybe leave ’em just categorized in folders and choose what you lack/want). They are all in full size version. I’ll drop the link here first thing in January next year if anyone wants to download via mega.


es mucho


hmm not many ppl seeding -_- my torrent client indicates need 5w to download 400GB torrent. *sigh* .well thx for the torrent though :)


Is there a mistake in Manga / Miyabi?
Two folders “Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera …” and one contains “” …


Sometimes the filename got blacklisted on the upload site, so he had to rename it. Unless you meant it’s in the wrong folder too?

Dunno about the other one :X


So when will then next gigatorrent come out?

Dr. T

is there an up date for 2016?



I absolutely seed this, but i need to make some space on my HDD for all the goodness. Thanks oliver!


Oliver, I’m taking you at your word that it’s time to upgrade my BitTorrent client. Of course, my geriatric brain may crumble at the task of learning qBittorrent. I’m coming off of uTorrent, which I just noticed that I’ve been referring to as mu-torrent. Thanks, Love Live, now I look like even more of an anime moron.

Oh, and thank you for the new gigatorrent!


“Transmission” is also about as “Lite” as you can get with a torrent program. Though i use qbittorent already.


I will keep seeding this torrent for a while. Leech me people!

I think there’s a problem with those comments date. It’s dated from a year ago ^^


after losing all of it last year, i’m only gonna get my favs this year. Anyone got authors that draws similar to takasugi kou, maimumaimu, shunjou shuuske you can please advise me so i can go only that way :D


Qtorrent suck, utorrent still rocks


Where is Hisasi ? i cant find Find Hisasi in this Divine Gigatorrent


I still keep getting a “Failed to load torrent, metadata too large” error. :(

Nevermind. I updated my torrent program & it appears to be working fine now.