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Hey, throw your music suggestions, I’d like to broaden my horizons, and I share my own :)

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I feel like I’m turning in circles lately, in terms of music. I adore what I adore, sure, but when I try at random to discover new stuff, most of the time my attempts end up in boredom and lack of lasting interest.

Would you like to add a comment with suggestions, for songs, or bands, that are “special” to you, and you think would be worth discovering for others, be it me, or anyone else reading the comments in the future? :)

Personally, I only dislike rap and hip-hop (I still like a few songs in it, but an extremely small number.)
Other than that, I’m a huge fan of prog rock and metal, both the northern European and American branches; not so much death metal, I prefer understandable lyrics and focus more on music than grunting ^^
But, really, I’m extremely open to suggestions, in all genres, if it’s not metal/prog rock, absolutely no worries, maybe I’ll like it, or maybe someone else will be delighted to have read your suggestion :)

(I’m sharing my own special songs in the comments.)

Asking just in case, would someone have a Rapidgator premium account for stuff? Oddly: not for porn ;)

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-Edit: thanks to Skunks, I’ve got the files now, you guys are wonderful ^_^
I leave the post, in case you’re interested in the files and/or in the music :)


Sorry to ask, but could someone with a Rapidgator premium account download something for me, and then reupload it to another friendlier file host?

I have found the DVD quality of a bootleg, the satellite recording of the BEST concert there has ever been by Van Der Graaf Generator.  You can watch it in low audio quality on Youtube, some songs in this one were already incredible in studio version, but in live, they’ve gone totally magical :shock: My favorites would be Wondering, Nutter Alert, and the obligatory Darkness :3
It’s lucky to have a digital recording in full quality of something that never got an official CD or DVD, that only got a satellite showing just once… but it doesn’t make it easy to find and then bring back to your hard disk :-/

The only full-quality original version I could find with still working links is on THIS page, with rapidgator links (edit: well, there are also Turbobit and Filefactory links, if anyone uses them). But without a premium account, damn, it would take forever to download it.

So, I was hoping a kind soul with a RG premium could download it, and, in turn, upload it to depositfiles, uploaded, or maybe, and then share the links for me to get them… I have an account with DF/UL/K2S personally, so they’d still be my hosts of preference ^^

Well, that’s it. THANK YOU SO MUCH if someone can help! :)


I just thought, I can give the links directly here, after all :)
File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5 File 6 File 7 File 8 File 9 File 10File 11File 12File 13File 14


-Edit: thanks to Skunks, I’ve got the files now, you guys are wonderful ^_^
I leave the post, in case you’re interested in the files and/or in the music :)

Thanks for the music suggestions, guys!

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I wanted to say, thank you very much for the flow of musical suggestions in reply to my last post, really!

Some of it was totally in my strike zone, some of it totally wasn’t (hehe), some of it was partly inside it and maybe I could get into it with a bit of patience and getting familiar (just like how we discover pretty much any musical genre, isn’t it?), it’s enriching, and there’s years of discoveries and branching away to do.

Thank you :)



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Here ends a streak of 14 consecutive shares made of complete volumes only, I hope you guys enjoyed it, it’s not bound to happen again anytime soon ;)

Hentairules is ten years old. Dear me, dear us :D

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Source: my beloved Gintama manga =)

Just… wow. was created on the 17th of december 2006. (I almost caught the birthday date on time, not bad.)

Ten years in hentai sharing.
In hentai loving.
In hot talking, discussions.
In pieces of life. I made friends, became a father and again, funded a company, shut it down, changed job, changed job again (current status: worryingly failing to find a new source of income, sigh, I’d take anything).
Giving, and receiving. Learning.
Watching the hentai scene grow larger, and larger, and larger.
Watching it grow also more “legit”, with developments like Project-H, Fakku, and others like 2D-Market also. Which is good, those Japanese mangakas deserve to make a better living.

I don’t have the proper words to tell how grateful and proud I am to have been there those ten years, in contact with everyone. Visitors, friends, helpers, geeks, coders, scanlators, editors, translators, proofreaders, commissioners, connoisseurs, commenters.

So, a bit emotionally perhaps, I’ll end this post abruptly,
with a massive THANK YOU LOVE YOU to all of you!!!
Hugs :)

Witchcraft [English, God-level hentai, 215 awesome pictures], by Yamatogawa, has been updated to its UNCENSORED version

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I could fap to this a hundred times and come back for more. THIS IS GENIUS !

Please, chain me to a radiator and talk to me in German. I deserved it. I’m a bad Oliver.
I’m so sorry, I don’t know how I screwed up like that.
I had the uncensored TANK version of Witchcraft on my disk since the distant day of its release, 3 years ago, but I never remembered to update my share of it on Hentairules : until today, the version I was still sharing was the censored version.

Let’s cut the discussion short, I fixed the links, the Witchcraft tankoubon that I’m sharing is, from now on, the uncensored version. Woot !

Witchcraft, Tank version, UNCENSORED, is available HERE !

(I have more details to add, scroll down in my post to see them.)

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Oidemase Nyan Nyan [English, UNCENSORED, TANK scans, 181 pictures… but missing two chapters to be complete, HELP WOULD BE NEEDED for the translation of these two chapters !], by Konchiki

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... Sup ! :D

Update : good news, this post is now obsolete !

This share now belongs to the amazing
Oidemase Nyan Nyan, available on THAT page :)

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