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Witchcraft [English, God-level hentai, 215 awesome pictures], by Yamatogawa, has been updated to its UNCENSORED version

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I could fap to this a hundred times and come back for more. THIS IS GENIUS !

Please, chain me to a radiator and talk to me in German. I deserved it. I’m a bad Oliver.
I’m so sorry, I don’t know how I screwed up like that.
I had the uncensored TANK version of Witchcraft on my disk since the distant day of its release, 3 years ago, but I never remembered to update my share of it on Hentairules : until today, the version I was still sharing was the censored version.

Let’s cut the discussion short, I fixed the links, the Witchcraft tankoubon that I’m sharing is, from now on, the uncensored version. Woot !

Witchcraft, Tank version, UNCENSORED, is available HERE !

(I have more details to add, scroll down in my post to see them.)

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Hentairules is ten years old. Dear me, dear us :D

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Source: my beloved Gintama manga =)

Just… wow. was created on the 17th of december 2006. (I almost caught the birthday date on time, not bad.)

Ten years in hentai sharing.
In hentai loving.
In hot talking, discussions.
In pieces of life. I made friends, became a father and again, funded a company, shut it down, changed job, changed job again (current status: worryingly failing to find a new source of income, sigh, I’d take anything).
Giving, and receiving. Learning.
Watching the hentai scene grow larger, and larger, and larger.
Watching it grow also more “legit”, with developments like Project-H, Fakku, and others like 2D-Market also. Which is good, those Japanese mangakas deserve to make a better living.

I don’t have the proper words to tell how grateful and proud I am to have been there those ten years, in contact with everyone. Visitors, friends, helpers, geeks, coders, scanlators, editors, translators, proofreaders, commissioners, connoisseurs, commenters.

So, a bit emotionally perhaps, I’ll end this post abruptly,
with a massive THANK YOU LOVE YOU to all of you!!!
Hugs :)

Oidemase Nyan Nyan [English, UNCENSORED, TANK scans, 181 pictures… but missing two chapters to be complete, HELP WOULD BE NEEDED for the translation of these two chapters !], by Konchiki

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... Sup ! :D

Update : good news, this post is now obsolete !

This share now belongs to the amazing
Oidemase Nyan Nyan, available on THAT page :)

Dear perv hentai lovers, I updated my links to my pack with the four Tanks by Yuki Seto :)

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That image comes from Allargando, chapter : Level C

Well, everything’s in the title of the post, really ^^

As I’m sharing the decensored version of Stretta, by Yuki Seto, I took the chance to update my full pack with all his tanks in their latest version. Allargando, Stretta, Accelerando, Stringendo.

The full pack is available HERE.

I hope we’ll have a new Yuki Seto tank to feast upon, some day :)

Would you have suggestions for image reading/managing software?

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Hey guys :)

If you only care to read hentai mangas, frankly in my opinion, today in 2017, the best software I can recommend is HoneyView, in its current version 5.25 it does a perfect job, you can read images directly within zips or within folders where the images are extracted, and it will remember your zoom level from an image to another.

However, me, I have more requirements (you could call me an annoying pain in the ass, yeah), I want to read AND manage images. And to this day I still haven’t found better than good old ACD See Classic 2.44. However, the program is now 23 years old (for fuck’s sake, it was released in 1994!!), and I started to wonder if better didn’t appear at some point.

So, here I am, asking you, would you know of programs fitting my requirements :)


What I expect from an image program is a long list of nitpicking features, sorry about that ^^;;

– It must be able to show only AND simultaneously (1) a list of the images, displayed optionally either as a detailed file list, or as a thumbnails, and (2) a “fitted to screen” big preview of the currently selected image. Here’s what it looks like in ACD See Classic.
I briefly tested FastStone Image Viewer, and it had a cluttered UI where you couldn’t have only two panels, on the left the list of the files and on the right the big preview, a pity. It’s also where Irfanview failed, for instance.

– The program must show all files, not just images but also archives, text files, etcetera. I don’t ask “by default”, but it has to be a possible option.

– It must allow standard keyboard-commanded file operations such as delete (Del key), copy-paste (control-C/X/V), and rename (F2). The lack of F2 to rename favorite images doomed HoneyView for me for browsing hentai collections, hehe, while the impossibility of hand-picking images one by one (control-space, down, down, down, control-space, down, control-space, you see the idea? Also works with control-click) doomed XnView Classic (but not Xnview MP, I excluded that one for other reasons explained a few lines below here).

– It must allow to flawlessly enter and exit fullscreen mode to view images, and go from image to image within the fullscreen.
For instance, in ACD See, I simply hit Enter or double-click an image, and then, that image is in full screen.
I can browse with PageUp and PageDown arrows.
If the program isn’t configured to automatically shrink images to fit them to screen I can use the up and down arrows to move up and down within the image, and – look at this, this program is 23 years old and it still fucking ROCKS! – the scrolling speed, up and down, can be increased a bit, or a lot, by keeping the Shift or Control keys pressed at the same time as the Up and Down keys! O_o
Anecdote: I remember a Linux image viewing program that had this crazy bug-feature, if you scroll to the bottom of an image and move to the next image, it remembers your scrolling position and loads the image from the bottom, so you have to, first, scroll up to see how the image begins. Some coders are definitely taking cocaine while coding.

– The system’s default context menu (OK, let’s call it the right-click menu, okay ^^) when we select a group of pictures in the file list display must be Windows’s right click, or there must be a way to call the Windows right-click besides the program’s own right click.
For instance, in ACD See, if I keep Shift pressed at the ame time as the List key or a right-click, it calls this: this way, I can instantly command to pack a group of images with WinRar. If I didn’t have this option to use the system’s own context menu, I would need to alt-tab into an Explorer window, paste the current directory location that I would have had to copy first, select the chosen images, and right-click to add them to WinRar, what a chore.
That’s where Xnview MP fails, this image viewer and managing program is superior to ACD See Classic in almost all regards, however it forcibly overrides the system’s context menu and there’s no way to have WinRar added to its context menu, it’s a pity.


As you can see, yeah, it’s a huge pain in the ass, I demand a lot of things of image viewing programs.

You could suggest I simply use more recent versions of ACD See, but regrettably the program strayed from the righteous path of being an image-dedicated copy of the windows Explorer. The later versions of ACD See override the context menu (me: noooooooo, I want my WinRar T__T) and are packed with gazillions of features I don’t need that make the program slow as hell. I didn’t try the 2018 photo studio version mind you, but apparently it became a full nuclear power plant while what I need is closer to an LR6 battery, you see the idea.

Sorry for the wall of text :D If you think you know a program that fits the bill, let me know in a comment? Thank you very much ^_^
(Also, try control-F, I named the programs that I tested and rejected.)

Uncensored version of Girigiri Sisters [English, 227 pictures], by Gunma Kisaragi

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Gunma, I LUV you =)

AWESOME ! Thanks to all the good work of the admin of Z-hentai, Giri Giri Sisters is now FULLY UNCENSORED ! :twisted:

My thanks go to Iznogoud (who found the HQ higher rez version of Giri Giri Sisters, the difference is BIG, see the comparison !), Saha, Fordman and Z-hentai, this is a pure jewel :)

Synthetic summary : Giri Giri Sisters is now fully uncensored. About the picture quality, half of the manga (more precisely the chapters 1-2-3-4 + the final chapter) in higher resolution, with better picture quality.

And graphically… Giri Giri Sisters is a killer (would “a genocider” still carry some sense ?), with fresh verrrry sexual teens having great happy sex, in sexy poses, sexy outfits (uniform and swimsuit fetish YES !), instant-boner faces… I can’t get enough :D
This is pure genious, please get it, you will NOT regret it :3

(I share much more stuff by this genius, Cf The list of Gunma Kisaragi’s works)
Hey, how about dropping to Z-hentai’s place for a few tons of thanks ?

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Power Play [English, Complete Tankoubon, 243 pages – bonus included -, Uncensored, AMAZINGLY GREAT], by my hentai god : Yamatogawa

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If I were to take part in action like that, I'd accept to die with a smile

Dear pervs, this is with immense pleasure I’m sharing here the COMPLETE AND TANKOUBON VERSION OF POWER PLAY, by the Living Hentai God Yamatogawa =)
Simply, this is JUST AWESOME, I don’t have proper words to praise it as it would deserve :)

Four girls have sex in that manga, and all of them are total cuties. Two of them shine particularly, Sara (cloned from Witchcraftseriously), with her tanned skin, her pink (I can even view it ^^) nipples and pussy, her fair hair, her tsundere nature. And Mina, a magician with a nice blond type, able to cast magic so that you have simultaenously sex with her 8 times, with 8 versions of her wearing different super-sexy outfits. HNG !
We also witness epic moments, slow sex maddeningly surfing on the very verge of ecstasy, parallel sex times 8, the very first true airborne double penetration, and Sara’s superbly cute faces :)

The scenario is very original, never boring, funny (check out this bonus pic !), surprising, and the ending is neat, this is nothing like the “sex demons fantasy novel” I first feared.
Really, this share is perfect :woot:
My GREAT thanks are for YQII and Anti-Aging Anon, who brought us this marvel, to Vaizard, who decensored the manga, and Eta Carinae who decensored the only page Vaizard couldn’t decensor, thank you very, oh so VERY much ! :D

For MUCH more stuff by this artist, cf. The List of All My Shares by Yamatogawa
And of course there’s My Yamatogawa Total Pack =)

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