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Traumerei 4th Stage [English], + a repack with the stages 1-4 together (96 pictures), by Yasui Riosuke

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She's crazy! Not worth it, mate!

A new chapter of Traumerei has been released! :)
In this one, a new girl shows up. The previous girls were the “gentle elder sister type”, a kind of soft power where they initiate the game and keep control, nothing excessive. This time, however, the new girl is a full yandere, kidnapping the male hero and forcing him to submit to her charms. Hot, but scary :shock:

Oh, and if you didn’t read the previous Traumerei stages.
The little brother of one of the 3 female members of an idols band becomes their sex partner. No risk of a scandal, mutual respect, a funny light comedy atmosphere, and he’s enough of a stud ^^
First a meaty brunette, then a godly thick blonde, and lastly a snappy short-haired brunette who is into power play (and sees the tables turning, of course.)
The drawings are hardcore, quality detailed, and as I love my girls meaty, I’ve had my fill, I tell you :twisted:

Thanks a lot to Dark Knight for this release! ^_^

(Don’t miss the list of my shares by Yasui Riosuke, also known as Goromenz !)

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A few newbie questions about Windows10, sorry to ask…

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Hey guys :)

For a variety of reasons, I may have to reinstall my OS one of these days, and it’s gotten me to consider replacing my Windows 7 with Windows 10. Before that, I’d really like to ask some newbie questions, please…

First, a confession: I never paid for a Windows licence in my life (excluding the occasional OS shipped with a new machine, but those don’t count, right?), I’ve been pirating it since the old days of Windows 98.

However, I would like to “go legit” at long last, and use a genuine OS.

Why, you may ask? Simply because it would be one less “only slightly worrying thing” sitting in the corner of my mind, not having to ask myself if a new Windows Update would break the loader ( <3 forums), not having to trust blindly a pirating third-party software. I mean, it’s only a minuscule thing to worry about, of course, but life is complicated enough already so, in the long term, the less useless things I have sitting in a corner of my mind, the better. Oh, and now there are other reasons (for security, just in case.)

And it leads me to the questions I’m asking now:
1 – In that case, is it the only solution to go and buy Windows from an online store, be it CD/USB/Key number?
2 – Or is it possible to download from Microsoft an official .iso and use a licence key/number provided by someone that’s not a commercial vendor?
3 – Are there options in which you can be worry-free (no need to renew, rebuy, recertify, rewhatever) even after you replace your motherboard and/or system disk?
(Putting it into a context, the last time I knew for sure how things worked, it was with Windows 98, so I only got obsolete info here ^^ I googled around of course, but the replies were beyond confusing, conflicting answers, responses contradicting each other…)

Lastly, and here I’m getting my hopes high, unless it doesn’t work like that anymore (honestly, no idea!), are there still people with unused keys they don’t need who could gift one to a friendly hentai webmaster? Or maybe now it’s not possible anymore to gift them, or they’ve stopped being a commodity every sysadmin had plenty to liberally give around?

Sorry to ask it here, thanks if you guys can help me getting this mess less confusing ;)

Hentairules is ten years old. Dear me, dear us :D

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Source: my beloved Gintama manga =)

Just… wow. was created on the 17th of december 2006. (I almost caught the birthday date on time, not bad.)

Ten years in hentai sharing.
In hentai loving.
In hot talking, discussions.
In pieces of life. I made friends, became a father and again, funded a company, shut it down, changed job, changed job again (current status: worryingly failing to find a new source of income, sigh, I’d take anything).
Giving, and receiving. Learning.
Watching the hentai scene grow larger, and larger, and larger.
Watching it grow also more “legit”, with developments like Project-H, Fakku, and others like 2D-Market also. Which is good, those Japanese mangakas deserve to make a better living.

I don’t have the proper words to tell how grateful and proud I am to have been there those ten years, in contact with everyone. Visitors, friends, helpers, geeks, coders, scanlators, editors, translators, proofreaders, commissioners, connoisseurs, commenters.

So, a bit emotionally perhaps, I’ll end this post abruptly,
with a massive THANK YOU LOVE YOU to all of you!!!
Hugs :)

Merry new year 2017, everyone! :)

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After a long and eventful year 2016, both personally and for the rest of the world, I really hope 2017 will be cooler and better. And you?

Well, we’ll see, right? I wish you all a GREAT 2017! :)

Take care along the way :)

Witchcraft [English, God-level hentai, 215 awesome pictures], by Yamatogawa, has been updated to its UNCENSORED version

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I could fap to this a hundred times and come back for more. THIS IS GENIUS !

Please, chain me to a radiator and talk to me in German. I deserved it. I’m a bad Oliver.
I’m so sorry, I don’t know how I screwed up like that.
I had the uncensored TANK version of Witchcraft on my disk since the distant day of its release, 3 years ago, but I never remembered to update my share of it on Hentairules : until today, the version I was still sharing was the censored version.

Let’s cut the discussion short, I fixed the links, the Witchcraft tankoubon that I’m sharing is, from now on, the uncensored version. Woot !

Witchcraft, Tank version, UNCENSORED, is available HERE !

(I have more details to add, scroll down in my post to see them.)

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Aqua Bless [English, 222 pages, epically AWESOME], by Yamatogawa, has been UPDATED with an IMPROVED version ! :)

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« We apologize, but the fapcave is currently shut down for renovation, after an unexpected flood of gooey unidentified substance. Please use other locations for whatever the fuck you want to do, you dirty freak !! » :D

Dear visitors, have some AWESOMESAUCE ! =)

Our dear Palimpsest has sent me this email, telling he had finished improving Aqua Bless, one of the great hentai jewels by Yamatogawa.
So, Aqua Bless is now available in a NEW AND IMPROVED version.
Aqua Bless is available HERE

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Dear perv hentai lovers, I updated my links to my pack with the four Tanks by Yuki Seto :)

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That image comes from Allargando, chapter : Level C

Well, everything’s in the title of the post, really ^^

As I’m sharing the decensored version of Stretta, by Yuki Seto, I took the chance to update my full pack with all his tanks in their latest version. Allargando, Stretta, Accelerando, Stringendo.

The full pack is available HERE.

I hope we’ll have a new Yuki Seto tank to feast upon, some day :)

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