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Huge set of 249 Uncensored CG pictures, with English-translated dialogues, by the Circle Anco

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Wow, it's old ^^

I have that impression that I’ve been seeing “Circle Anco” since forever here and there, when I occasionally browse CG picture sets.
Usually, I simply skip them, but this time that was a pack named as being uncensored and translated (and transalted by a certain “Q91”, thanks for this!), NOW it’s something I deem worth sharing :D

What we have here, are 249 pictures of women from popular anime and manga, having sex (not forced, they like it. Oral, vaginal, a few DPs and such.) The colouring is not very artistic (fuck shades, we may be in 16-million jpeg colors mode, but most of the skin usually looks monocolor) and the genitalia look kinda crude, but that’s part of the charm of the style, I guess, either you like it, or not.
I have little more to add: if you dig the art, enjoy! ^^

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Namassuka! Yariman Days (“Namassuka! Slut Days”) volumes 1-2 [English, two large CG sets parodying The [email protected] game, 410 pictures], by Black Smile

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Admittedly, the other images suffer more from censorship than this one. Just being honest, y'know.

I’m not sharing enough CG hentai sets, right? Right.
OK, here’s something to gloriously catch up, two volumes, 410 pictures, half of them with translated dialogues (the other half being the “no dialogues” versions of the same pics.)

We watch a whole bunch of [email protected] girls having sex, some of them calling the male MC “onii-chan”, so, I guess it is, additionally, wincest time :twisted:
The drawings are good and varied (in terms of action, though, it’s nothing special, vaginal sex all along, save very very few pages with oral or anal), with a lot of various outfits, for mostly one-on-one action, plus a few threesomes and foursomes.

I hope this share may meet your tastes, and thanksa lot to The Butterfly Khan for all this work! :jap:

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A World Where I can Do Anything chapter 1 [English, 65 pictures, Full color], by Iron Sugar

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It’s one of those hentai “stories” (I feel airquotes are required) in which the story writer has chosen to make no effort towards plausability. There’s this argument that the male protagonist has had the entire world designed for him and nothing can go against his wishes, period. So, as the MC is a scumbag who dreams of raping and impregnating women, he can lay his hands on any and all girls, nothing will stop him, even the chosen girls will find their bodies and aspirations betray them.
Long story short, two highschool girls, cute, healthily meaty, are chosen, and have lots of sex in public.

The drawings aren’t bad (it’s all a matter of tastes, past this generic point of view), the censorship “rules” were most puzzling, on the other hand. See: the MC’s penis deserves massive mosaics (me, I’d have censored the face of the MC instead, what an ugly fat fuck), but the slits and labia of the girls can be left in peace without being censored O_o
I’ll let you guys see for yourselves, and if you find this meets your fetish and/or tastes, enjoy! ^_^

Release credits are for Tremalkinger, thank you!
A practical note, Tremalkinger has a PledgeX page, check it out? It’s like Patreon, but officially for porn. Tremalkinger announced he’d be doing much more scanlations than before and would welcome support. So, lovers of fucked up hentai a bit like my present share, that’s what you might find in greater volumes in the future if Tremalkinger gets more love ^^

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Chikan Dame Zettai Kanzenban [English], a full-color and Uncensored CG pictures set, by Redlight

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Fuck yeah, it's fappable! *cough*

It’s a modest CG pictures set, doing its job of delivering porn, that I decided to share essentially because it was uncensord felt like having a change, so there you go :)
Chikan time. The theme, in that one, is of a highschool girl with sexbomb body but extremely lacking in brains, who’s unable to deal with how aroused men feel around her, but who doesn’t dislike feeling pleasure. So, yeah, chikan and hotel stuff.

Thanks to Doujin-Moe and YifMun for this one!

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Bokura Wa Yarimakuru, Kimochi Ii kara (“We Fuck Like Rabbits, Just Cause It Feels So Good”) [English, 82 pictures, Full Color], by Aomizuan

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Unplug your brain right now, or else you'll feel embarrassed to enjoy reading it, lol

The male hero, in this share, is a very horny male teenager in a highschool mostly populated by smoking hot girls or, as he imagines them after school, fucking sex machines. It’s only natural he’ll fantasize about them being horny whores, however this time fantasy and reality will merge, the girls will naturally accept to become his harem bitches, as he is the only Alpha male daring to show his dick in the predestined harem. (Sorry if it sounds silly, I’m summarizing as it is :lol: )
The rest is a strong harem setup, all the girls loving his dick, accepting his advances or asking for them, and establishing his alpha supremacy.

The drawings are very good, in full color.
I’d say, if you can tolerate the obligatory huge censorship for CG sets, go for it, it’s easy brains-free faps =)
Thanks to JuliusWinnfield for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Yareruko! Densha Ecchi (954 pictures) and Resort Island Of Women Who Love It When You Cum Inside Them, volumes 1-3 (110 pictures.)

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Dosukebe Sakusei Class ~ Bitch-tachi Ni Shiboritorareru Juku [English, full color], a set of CG pictures, by Kokyu no Heya

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Which one would you choose, if you were allowed it? :3

A highschool teacher discovers his classroom is only made up of total sexbombs eager to enjoy his cock. Big breasts, slutty clothes, provocative behaviour. Harem time follows with zero brain cells required.

The drawings are good for the “CG set” niche, however this niche’s inner shortcomings are quick to lay waste to our potential enjoyment: massive censorship, and extreme repetition of images with only minor variations.
I think that, all in all, it’s still worth a read in case you really dig the drawing style, see for yourselves? :)

Release credits are for Doujin-Moe, thank you!

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Free Friends volumes 1 and 2 [Uncensored], a set of 369 CG pictures

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Not bad, I felt, while reading it. Not bad at all!

Here’s an uncensored set of CG pictures on which I randomly stumbled. It’s not bad, I guess, although the “CG method” (you know, the repetition of the same image with only minor variations) doesn’t make me enthusiastic.

The drawings are seriously above average when you speak of CG sets. It’s mostly vaginal, with a bit of anal and DP, mostly in school uniform with a bit of swimsuit and bloomers. And it seemed to be depicted as happy sex.
Maybe you’ll enjoy it, it’s up to you =)

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