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Pack of 4 works [English, Full-color, 102 pictures] by the hentai mangaka Kamogawa Tanuki

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Oh god those boobs.

I gathered here four fullcolor doujinshi by the eromangaka Kamogawa Tanuki (also known as Kamogawaya). There’s never a particular scenario to mention, there are girls, there are dicks, and brains are not necessary frankly ^^
The censorship level is: “infuriating”, AKA huge mosaics, it’s a sad pity. But I believe that doesn’t stop the drawings to be arousing and really pleasant to the eye… I hope you’ll like it enough, haha :)

Those four works are:
Gochuumon Wa Koucha Desu Ka: the Girls Und Panzer girls in school uniforms (woohoo, nylon fetish for the win!!) and (wut?) nanobikini too. One of the girl is a loli, sorry.
Houra: for some reason, Nodoka, one of the girls from the Saki series, has sex with her father. Great paizuri, vaginal sex, and boy does pink hair (and giant boobs) make a girl sexy. A weird note: I deliberately chose to share with you a censored version of this one. The two alternatives I rejected were: a “fantasy” version (with weird changes, ranging from useless/unnecessary to garbage) and a “decensored” version (that was so poorly decensored the original white censorship bars looked much better on genitals.)
Not Pants: three Strike Witches girls, and dicks. One of the girls is a loli, sorry.
Saki To Nodoka Act 2: Saki, again. Foursome time. I know it’s hard to tell because it’s the volume that got, by very far, the greatest amount of censorship, but one of the panels is featuring double penetration, woot.

By Kamogawa Tanuki (also called Kamogawaya), I also share A, Twentys, the excellent re-scanned HQ uncensored version of Elements, a pack of 2 works (Cherry Sister Blossom + Da Houra – Fallen Win), Waryou, NineteenS NXF, Dog Style, a pack of 4 works (the Nineteens volumes : 1, 2, Clock Up and Ne), Saki To Nodoka and Innocence.

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PM Gals Serena Final Stage [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Pokémon series, by Gambler Club

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I found her face more erotic than her pussy to be frank, that precise image struck me...

Are there really idol contests in the Pokémon games and/or anime, or is that entirely a creation by the eromangaka? If someone could tell me, I’m curious…

In this hentai share, we need to get back to the curious and awesome imaginary setup the mangaka Gambler Club has created for Pokémon: Ash is surrounded by a harem of girls addicted to him with whom he has sex all the times. This time, the focus is entirely shifted on one of them, Serena, as she gives her best in idol contests and is rewarded with sex (naturally) and words of praise and loving (a surprise here, usually there are no feelings involved).

I’ve read Gambler Club doujinshi with a bit better drawings, but that was plenty good already, I’ll let you see for yourselves :3
Enjoy! And thanks to Risette Translations ^_^

By the same artist, I also share PM Gals Compilation, PM Gals XY 2 + BBS Note 2014 Winter What the Cameraman Saw, the full-color version of PM Gals XY Volume 2, Zetsubo-Teki Ni Kakko Warui Ze, Dokidoku Punicure 1-2, Heartcatch Mamacure, Smile Mama Cure, Lucy And Virgo Daikatsuyaku (Uncensored version), Smile PunicureHapiPuni Moshi Kami O Hodoite Nakattara , Fresh Mamacure, 3-A 5, 3-A 3, Natsu Aki and a Pokémon hentai doujinshi. Actually, more works by Gambler Club exist in English, but unless I’m mistaken (and please, if I’m wrong, I’ll be glad, just remember to share the links in the comments ^^), the rest is straight loli, sadly.

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Hamerareta Erina-sama [English, retouched version], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Shokugeki No Soma series, by Studio Wallaby

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Poor Erina. I'd still bang her so hard *cough*

Hentai quotes time:
« That ass just spoke! How is this possible!? »
« Whoa… Awesome!! I fucked you so hard the wall collapsed. »
(Also, don’t tell me you didn’t read the big hentai quotes post?)

NaxusNL, thank you for this, brings us a kinda both funny and WTF piece of hentai, in which the Shokugeki No Soma’s own ojou-sama, Nariki Erina, is hentai raped under ridiculous circumstances (stuck in a wall, like, seriously? ^^;;), and comes to love the dick of the guy who abused her.
As a story, I’ll give you that, it’s nothing big. But the WTF note (see the quotations above, lol), and the quality of the drawings highly make up for it in my opinion; it’s the kind of hentai that will never be called masterpiece but will be perfect for an occasional fap.

Enjoy, if you can! ^^;;
Side note, I retouched the images, making them more impactful. I could have picked a preview picture in which the difference showed more, but, heck, I HAD to use that one instead ^^ BeforeAfter!.

By Studio Wallaby, I also share Mahou Shoujo Asuka (an excellent, very original Evangelion parody), Kimi To No Kiss, Servant Asuka, Charming Asuka, Trouble Musume Haruna & Ryouko, Onee-Chan Sensei Yojigenme 1-4 (154 pages long, and yet it is complete shit), To Love Rukko Momo & Nana (a jewel, that one), Submissive Heart 36, Ayanami Rei, Secret File 5 Next 5, Asuka No Toki and Ayanami No Toki.

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C9-26 Jeanne Alter-chan To Maryoku Kyoukyuu (“Mana Transfers With Little Miss Jeanne Alter”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order series, by Crazy9

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It only feels *that* good when it's more than coitus

With the little I know of the Fate Grand Order sequel to the popular Fate game series (all thanks to the commenters on Hentairules, /gg guys ^^), the women need some kind of link with their masters to sustain energy. And, guess what, in the present share, sex is required to re-establish a broken link. Who would have thought a master would need to have sex with his servant, right? Crazy.

Putting sarcasm aside, this is a GREAT share. With hidden love budding out although being only half-confessed (the man was gentle and full of kindness, enough to break the shell of his female partner who was scarred by very negative experiences of rape earlier in her life), with tolerable amounts of censorship over EXCELLENT drawings, and causing us to sympathize with the characters accepting to take that leap of faith and become one, not only body, but also soul. Oh god, the faces Jeanne makes, her splendid boobs, her meaty body, that was so yummyyyyy :3
Dark Knight is the one who released it, thank you very much! ^_^

For more: check The list of ALL the Crazy9 shares on Hentairules!

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Why Am I Jealous Of You [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order series, by Soba

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This is a magical picture. It makes pants zippers fall down.

In this Fate/Grand Order hentai parody, we have an “alter santa” (I beg you, don’t ask, I have no idea) offering one of the female chars, Mash, a chance to be more infimate with her master. Or something like that.
Anyway, anyhow, what matters, is that we’re served a gorgeous chapter-long sex scene, with a nekomimi confident girl totally hungry for dick :twisted:

There’s only very little censorship, the skill and experience of the mangaka shows on every page (come on, you too, you love meaty slutty girls, right? :3 ), it was a visual fest. ENJOY!! ^^
And thanks a whole lot to our dear Dark Knight! :)

Oh, a note, before I forget. I adjusted the levels and surfaces of the images, a little for most of them, and a lot for 3 images in the end. But I didn’t think of making a before/after comparison, my bad.

By the same artist, going under the pen names of Saz and Soba, I also share Houshoku Houen, Koushoku Houran, Doppori Zubu Zubu, Brother Soul, Hold Me Fawn On Me 1-2, Noushoku Houga, Always Sabotage, Sukitooru Sora, Teacher And Husband 1-2, Amakusa Moyou Na 7%, The View Of Her Walking Is Adult-Rated, Together With Komachi, Tanumimi Mozaic, Fumina Ready, Kokuyou Suika, Amakusa Moyou 1-2-3 + Geko Futoshi Max and Amakusa Moyou 4 Plus.

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Danke Schon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Oota Yuuichi (Also Known As Digital Flyer)

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Boom! Headshot!

Graf, Bismark and Prinz are daily sexual partners in this Kantai Collection parody, mostly enjing both Admiral’s dick and their beloved double-dildo.
It’s simple as that, there is no scenario, it’s all about feeling good with each other, with this weird qwirk that all the girls are of German origin and apparently “danke” means dick for them, hence lots of danke-danke ^^;;

The drawings aren’t bad, not fantastic by very far, sure, but pleasant, skillful enough, and I liked the carefree spirit and the nanobikinis, hehe.
Enjoy! And thanks to Constantly for this release :)

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Erina-sama No Renai Kenkyuukai 2 + Les Desserts 2 [English], a pair of delicious hentai doujinshi parodying the Shokugeki No Soma series, by Hisasi

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That was AWESOME!!

Six months after the first pair of volumes, here is the excellent sequel, two FUCKING GREAT new volumes in which Erina and Yukihira have greatly pleasant sex together, in an onsen (nudity) and with Erina dressed as a megane nylon-clad teacher.

The drawings are beyond excellent, they’re genious. Both in greyscale (nylon! glasses! Vibrator! Paizuri! HNNNG!!) and in full-color (a long onsen bath, toying with the ignorant ojou-sama theme, oral, paizuri, vaginal, and it lasts long enough to fully enjoy it.)

I wish you a great time reading it, and thanks a LOT to Metaphrastes! ^_^

But wait ! There’s more. Cf The List of Hisasi’s Works on HentaiRules!

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