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Senshadou No Uramichi St. Gloriana Jogakuin [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Inu

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Shocking, that amount of censorship, right?

Just… WOW!! :shock:
That must be one of the best Girls Und Panzer doujinshi I ever shared, if not THE best altogether.

The story is very simple (the four usual girls, Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe, Assam and Rosehip, provide pleasure to a male teacher), everything resides in the fine quality of the drawings. You will have splendid detailed lingerie (garterbelts? GARTERBELTS!! :D ), beautiful girls with horny faces, a variety of body shapes, from pettanko to busty hourglass, quality vaginal and anal, and all of that with very, very little censorship :shock:

That was totally dope :twisted:
Thanks a LOT to Cgrascal for this one, I have been amazed while reading it :shock:

(There’s MORE ! Cf. The Updated List of ALL Inu’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Ayanami Dai 8-Kai Kanojo Hen [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Evangelion series, by Mogudan

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I mean, this sweater is cool, sure. But... it will NEVER beat Rei's one-piece dress-up :D

Mogudan unleased every weapon of mass hentai destruction he could muster, in that volume :D
– better art than before, even if we stay in the “super mega meaty Rei” series (me, I regret the era when he drew thin girls)
– mutual liking, not braindead sex without any feels at all
– the much-hyped (I don’t really see why, I mean, it’s sexy, but to make it such an object of veneration?!?) virgin-killer sweater
– glasses on Rei :twisted:

Well, that’s it, Rei with a guy liking her and being liked back, tons of sex, etcetera. I hope you will like this release, my dear pervs :)
Thanks to Imari of 7 Beers Ago, the Chinese team 靴下汉化组 and Dynellen! :jap:

For more Mogudan, there is Inka, Ayanami Dai Kai 4 (+ omake bon + postcards), Ayanami Dai 5 Kai, the HIGH RES and hand-retouched version of Evagelimoon (that I used to write as Evangelimoon), Himitsu + Himitsu After, Secret 2 (FYI, “Himitsu” = “Secret”), a pack of 7 works (Ayanami 5 Meirei Hen aka Rei 5 Full Color + Ayanami Dai 3.5 Kai Uncensored version + Hira Hira – Ayanami Rei part + Hotarubi Vol 02 Omakebon + Omakebon Kagerou Vol 01 + Private Lesson + Rei Vol 03 Kaijou Genteibon Limited Edition), and for the rest, I recommend you check the MEGA-pack I made with EVERY English-translated Mogudan work till june 2012 (35 volumes, no less).

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Shinzen Shoufu + Sana Extra [English, 68 pictures], a Touhou hentai doujinshi (plus its short bonus booklet) by Armament Calcium

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Does Reimu levitate? We don't see her held anywhere, or else it's the solidest dick in the entire history of hentai, to nail her in position by the anus ^^;;

Reimu and Sanae serve as divine “prostitutes” for a group of men. I’m putting the word between double quotes, as this is not the usual prostitution where a man trades money for sex, we’re in the archaic meaning, in which some of the women serving the god offer their body to the male worshipppers. It could be the indian devadasi, the sumerian priestesses of Ishtar, and, I imagine, plenty of other cases everywhere. Money may or may not switch hands, but if it does, it’s in the form of offerings to the cult. Long story short, there’s no way I’m tagging this post as “prostitution” :D

The men treat the two girls with very little respect, but, I don’t know, it’s as if it was part of the “game”, the local rules of cult, so I couldn’t view it as too shitty.
Ah, well, anyway, see for yourselves, at least the art is good, not too censored, and kinda hot =)

Striborg and Lord Gross, from, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

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Sweet Popcorn Soushuuhen volumes 1 [still in Japanese, 159 pictures] + 2 [English, 135 pictures], by Yoshu Ohepe

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I must have picked the image that showed the smallest amount of censorship in the two whole mangas

Ane Doki is a very sweet non-adult manga in which a 17 yo self-confident girl ends up living at the house of a 13 yo male, followed a dozen chapter laters by her own little sister. It’s got a decent balance between newbie ecchi (“OMG a panty shot, OMG, a bra shot, so hot, and the last one was just a chapter ago, OMG!”) and cute teenage romance. Look, I can’t promise you a masterpiece, but over a span of 26 chapters (plus the obligatory “four years later” short bonus chapter), the reader has many occasions to smile, sympathize with the characters, and enjoy discovering how the plot unfolds :)

However, it remained romance-based, while, us, the lost cause we are, we are looooong past the stage where a surprise wet shirt would drive us crazy, aren’t we? :D Fortunately, here come the hentai adaptation.
Sweet Popcorn is a compilation of several Ane Doki doujinshi by Yoshu Ohepe. I have some of them from when they were shared as single volumes, but here we have two volumes worth of it :)
In Sweet Popcorn, the male and female MC, and later her sister, lose no time and become sexually bonded. In the end, we’re kinda back on the real manga’s tracks, with a vanilla conclusion :) No shit: Sweet Popcorn gave Ane Doki the conclusion the series deserved :)
Release talking: the 2nd volume has been translated, the first, not, but I decided to share it nonetheless (there isn’t much plot anyway, so we can still enjoy the sex). No idea why, no idea if the volume 1 will be done some day.

You’ll have tons and tons and tons of wet and sloppy vaginal sex, Yoshu Ohepe’s specialty, when body fluids and sweat are literally flying everywhere, I’ve always loved that style :D
I’ll add a negative note: while the standalone chapter-long shares of works now recompiled in the present share (Seventeen 1 and Seventeen 5, both now in the volume 1) had very little censorship, here, this tank version comes with gruesume megahuge blur-mosaics censorship of death, what a bloody pity!! T____T

For MORE stuff by Yoshu Ohepe, don’t miss The list of his shares on Hentairules!

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Pack of 8 works by the eromangaka Yanagi (AKA SSL) [English, 194 pictures]

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Such a fine ass, and a fine woman too! :3

Me, two days before I saved this post: “Oh, a new doujinshi by SSL? Come to think of it, haven’t I missed one, a month or two ago? Better check, to be sure…
… oh shit, lol”

And there I am, making a huge repack and call it a day, here is EVERYTHING I had yet to share by the hentai mangaka SSL, or Yanagi, call that skilled person however you like, one way or the other you’ve got a HUGE load of Shirou X Rider hentai coming your way ^_^

Those eight works are:
Natsu No Yono Yume (“A Midsummer’s Night Dream”)
Rider-san To Kaisuiyoku (Rider-san and the: “Beach”)
Rider-san To Kyouei Mizugi (… “Swimsuit”)
Rider-san To Natsumatsuri (… “Summer Festival”)
Rider-san To Onsen Yado (… “Hot Springs”)
Rider-san To Onsen Yado Sonogo (after story, I guess?)
Rider-san To Shichakushitsu (… “Dressing Room”)
Rider-san To Tate Sweater

Every time, this is with Rider, the tall, slender, braided, busty, bespectacled hottie. Some volumes are barely average, some others are spectacular (such as Kyouei Mizugi, Natsumatsuri or Onsen Yado :twisted: ). Besides the purely sexual parts (oh boy, Rider’s butt, breasts and face!!!), I also took a great liking to how we guessed there were sweet feelings between Shirou and Rider, even though no words were pronounced to give us a confirmation…

Release credits are for many people, the ones I identified being: Red_Piotrus, Ultimaflaral, Vilis and Shinko, from the E-H Cove, Cgrascal, Phantom Renegade, Doujin-Moe, Shuten Doujin Translations, Von and Hihohahi from (the now late group) Facedesk. Thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, under the pen names SSL and Yanagi, I’m also sharing Rider-san To Love Hotel, Rider-san To Kuro Stocking (“Rider-San’s Black Stockings”), Rider-san To Gakusei Fuku (“Rider-san With Highschool Uniform”), a pack of 2 works (Rider-san To Maid Fuku + Rider San To Ofuro), and Sakura-san’s Smile is Crazy.

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Pack of 2 [English] works by Oohira Sunset, parodying the Kantai Collection and Granblue Fantasy games

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Oh boy.

I gathered here two very nice hentai doujinshi by the eromangaka Oohira Sunset. Both of them are between consenting partners loving a lot what there’re at, with spectacular drawings packing a massive punch. Check them out, and enjoy! ^^

Those two works are:
KashimAnal: brilliant! An hentai volume dedicated to “best girl” Kashima, making a fiiiine use of her ass. Anal hentai lovers, past the obligatory juicy paizuri, rejoice! :twisted:
Natsukaze Wa Hitohada De: the title made me thing at first this would be another Kancolle doujinshi (“Natsukaze”), but, no, this is a Granblue Fantasy one, featuring Narmaya, drawn plumper than in the game, providing quality paizuri, and then having vaginal and anal.

By the same artist, I also share Nyuukan Squeeze (“Bust Feels Squeeze”) (169 pictures), Lewd Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Versus Takao, Tentama, Majin Wa Negai O Kanaetasou Ni Kochira O Miteiru, 202-Goushitsu No Yuurei-san, Okitsune-sama Wedding and a two-works pack, Dizzying Relaxation + Incubus No Kusuri.

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Kokoro Wa Karada De Dekiteiru [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order series, by Sumiya

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Rin, Ishtar or you mom, doesn't matter who is possessing that body, she's smoking hot as it is, and highly fuckable. *cough*sorry*

Call me silly, but I can’t really like games based on the use of “disposable” heroes that you can summon or discard. It slightly impedes my enjoyment, to read doujinshi in which those characters have a personality and a romantic life, because I’ll think they might be summoned away like you’d toss a handkerchief in the trash can.
Well, that doesn’t prevent enjoying, when it’s good enough quality, like here :D

In Kokoro Wa Karada De Dekiteiru, Ishtar (petite, pettanko, possessing the body of Rin Tohsaka) and Archer (tall, manly, dark skin) have sex. There are vanilla implications I couldn’t grasp for lack of knowledge of the series (Tohsaka X Archer, something like that?), maybe you guys won’t miss it. The drawings have a high quality polish, full of nice little details in the faces, the bodies, I think it’s very much worth reading =)

This doujinshi has been released by Summerloving, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Akujiki Na Ba To Ka, Monsters, Sky Night Idols’ Backstage and Мой любимый ~Watashi no Aisuru Hito~ .

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