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Kanzen Kuppuku Saimin Reimu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Mosquitone

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Don’t piss off an hypnotist, calling him a sham. Don’t accept to let him try to hypnotize you because you believe it will demonstrate he can’t really do it. A lesson physically learnt by Reimu.

It’s also always weird to me, when deciding which tags to add to this post. Hypnotism, mindbreak, OK, sure. But “happy sex”, or not? Originally, the will is bent, but then the girl is happy being treated like a living onahole… O_o

Graphically at least, no questions asked, THIS IS AWESOMESAUCE. A plump meaty body, with large breasts, and tons, tons and tons of sex (mostly vaginal.) Feast your eyes :)
And thanks to whoever has released it! :jap:

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Uchi No Sarasa No Oppai Ga Kininatte Shuuchuu Dekinai (“I’m Bothered by Sarasa’s Breasts So I Can’t Focus!”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, by Muneshiro

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Eventually, I'll remember Granblue Fantasy as an eroge, even though - or because - I never played it ^^

Today, I deal with simple works not taking too much time to read or share ^^ In this one, Sarasa, the Granblue Fantasy character, has sex with her captain, simply =)

I don’t know how she really is in the game, here, at least, she is presented as an adorable airhead, cheerful and not to keen to use her neurones on operations more complex than, say, walk or have sex.
The drawings (vaginal sex only) are quite nice, Sarasa’s meaty body, her unrealistically large breasts, her smiles, it gave off an easygoing pleasure-welcoming ambience :)
I allowed myself to slightly retouch the images: BeforeAfter.

Release credits are for ObsoleteZero, thank you! :jap:

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Osanazuma Bakunyuu Nurunuru Soap-jou (“Big-Breasted Soapy Massage Giving Young Wife”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Guilty Gears series, by Erect Sawaru

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Why focus on a second handjob when you've got vaginal awaiting, dude???

Kurage, from Guilty Gears, works in a brothel, and gives a young virgin male a quality deflowering. End of the summary ^^
What else to add? Hmm, she is very plump, enjoys the sex, has unreal huge boobs, and is presented as whoring herself behind her husband’s back.

For the rest, it’s entirely up to you, whether you love Erect Sawaru’s generous Rubens-like style, or note. Thanks to Dark Knight for this release! :jap:

By Erect Sawaru, I also share Oppai Infinity (250 pictures), Seme Chichi (187 pictures), Pandra 1-2 (417 pictures), Shinkyoku No Grimoire + Side Story (250 pictures) and Mugippai.

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Gran Nyuu Fantasy Magisa Hen – Granboob Fantasy – Part Magisa [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, by Kuro no Miki

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Haaaa, paizuri, the one personal sexual fantasy I probably won't satisfy in my life...

Woah. It’s the kind of hentai release that leaves me with a parched throat. When it’s intense, good-looking, and it keeps on going longer and longer for more.

The story: the male MC in Granblue Fantasy has been poisoned, his body now produces unreal amount of semen that must be let out for his own good. Yeah. The female crew volunteers to help, and the sorceress Magisa wins the first turn. Tons of sex follow.
And the drawings, rhaaaa they were good. The girl is plump, busty, volumous, spontaneous, hot, arousing, a natural at sex =)

There’s been only one WTF note. The stomach pussy :shock: :lol:

This is a release we owe to JustHereForThePics, thank you dearly :)

By the same artist, I also share Magokoro Hold, Kaiten Eigyouchuu, Taiyou No Hime, Go in My Way, Break The Complex + Sleeping Beauty, Kaiten Eigyouchuu (“Afternoon Tea”), Sunny Drops, Big Sister’s Heart And Spring Sky, Tousian E Youkoso and 2 Balls Into Marriage.

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Secret Recipe 1 [English], + a repack with the volumes 1-2-3, an hentai doujinshi parodying the Shokugeki No Soma series, by Loflat

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Hooo, Erina, my favorite tsundere ojou-sama

The release order was weird. First the volume 2, then the volume 3, and now finally comes the volume 1 ^^
We witness at last how Erina Nakiri, the tsundere ojou-sama of the Shokugeki No Soma series, a lovely highly delusional teen at the peak of her hormones spurt, becomes Souma’s lover :D
There’s a slight comedy note, and – something I was looking forward to, as an avid follower of the real Shokugeki No Soma series – we have a scene in whiri Erina tastes Souma’s cooking, loses her clothes and climaxes :twisted:

I have little more to add. Enjoy, folks! ^_^

Besides the volume 1, I also offer you a repack with the volumes 1-2-3. The volume 2 is my favorite (a bunny girl threesome!!! :woot: With Alice and Erina!!), the volume 3 is more comedy-driven and displays Harato and Alice.
Well-deserved thanks are to be credited to Anonymous, Cedr777 and Ruby Omega, from Triple Seven Scans, for the volume 1, and Dark Knight Dynellen, Kirikka, Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans and NicheUploader for the volumes 2 and 3 :)

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Zoe De Asobou (“Let’s Play Zoe”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, by Tachibana Yuu

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The story really goes against the girl's godly body

Zooey, one of the female characters in the Granblue Fantasy game, is presented here as a complete idiot, gullible beyond all common sense. She needs little persuasion to start having sex with men and lacks the brains to process the feelings of abandonment and rapture frying her neurons. Next thing she knows, she’s got dicks in every hole and her hands busy on more dicks :roll:

Still, great art. Oh boy, she has a body done for sex, it’s got to count, the drawings are nice.
Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :jap:

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Kayoubi No Yurameki [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Sailor Moon series, by Black Dog

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Probably the only picture without abominable gross censorship

It’s not even a silver lining at this point, the Sailor senshi have been SO used to getting rapist dick, they’re now honest to good masochists who get off best when they pretend to let themselves be forced ^^
Welp, so, there we are, with my thanks to Desudesu, with a new Black Dog share only a pair of days after I shared Made In Heaven – Moon. We are lucky :)

The story: Sailor Mars rides a train and lets people have her way with her, in exchange she gets intel on youkai groups. A middle-aged man’s turn comes, the story is told from their mutual POV. Chikan time.
That said, hold your horses, this volume is inferior to the previous one, the drawings lack a bit in terms of intensity and, on top of all, there is abominable, gruesome, disgusting censorship, made of huge blocky mosaics censorship. Ew, fucking gross. Look, I know I shouldn’t look a gift-horse in the mouth, but I’m laying my feelings bare, I think that if I get that reaction myself, it’s likely to displease most of you guys too, so maybe it’s not worth your hard disk, I don’t know, your personal call.

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

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