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Steins;Gate hentai doujinshi [English, Full Color] : Kurisu-ism, by Nase (under the pen name 7senchi)
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26 July 2012

A moe Christina is fine too.

Nolongerahikikomoridurp here. The concert was amazing. Met several otakus who recognized the clothes I was wearing. Felt good man.

So I originally planned on sharing a Todd Special Steins;Gate doujinshi today that a nice commenter linked me to a couple of days ago.

But he neglected to mention dicks going inside dudes, or how sick and twisted that shit was.

So instead you get this full color dj.

Kurisu complains to Okabe that they’re lovers, but they don’t have sex. So he fucks her, cums inside her, inserts his dick into her anus, cums in her again, puts it back in her vagina and then once more gives her a creampie. Shit, I described 19 pages of hentai in one sentence. Faaaaaaaaaawk.

Life4Kaoru sure loves it’s Steins;Gateo, though. And since I love my Steins;Gateo, I guess I should be thankful to Nandeyanen for translating, Lightshader for cleaning and Memoryleak for typesetting this.


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Pack of 2 doujinshi by the hentai artist Toriniku Seikatsu [English]
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26 July 2012

Foot or breast fetish, you chose, lol

On a day I didn’t know what to pick to prepare shares, I received this email with a plea for Touhou foot fetish hentai. Just the day before, I had seen a doujin by Toriniku Seikatsu fitting the criteria : okay, that’s one share chosen :D

And let’s make it a pack, there was another doujin by this artist, also featuring the same Touhou girl, Kasen, this time not in foot fetish but in paizuri hentai.

Apart from that, I don’t have much to say, there is no scenario, this is fap’n’go hentai. The girl is drawn in a pecular fashion, she’s not SD, she’s got a well-endowed body, but she’s drawn as a very little person, it’s weird but I think enough people will dig it ;)
These two works are :
- Christmas Night Fever
– I Want Kasen-can To Step On Me Then Stick It In

Thanks to Hot Soup for his translations!

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Touhou hentai doujin [English] : Neko No Kimochi, by Avion Village F
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26 July 2012

Why do I even found the nekomimi are super hot ? Oh well, they are.

I don’t remember seeing that female character in Touhou before, perhaps she’s a minor character, or an entirely invented person ? Oh well, anyway, all that matters is this : NEKOMIMI SPOTTED, CHAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGEEEEE !!! :D

Oral, titty, vaginal in various positions (good missionary and doggystyle), the usual follows, but this is well drawn and with surprisingly low censorship : I APPROVE ! :D
Thanks to Desudesu for translating and editing this :)

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Two MOAR Steins;Gate hentai doujinshis [English] : Melancholy Romance and Melancholic Love, by Hannama (aka Serere, Soine)
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25 July 2012

I guess she doesn't care that her boyfriend just fucked her friend while she was out shopping.. :(

Hope this title isn’t so long that it breaks Twitter…

Fuck, it was.

Speaking of which, it seems my hypothesis about the tags breaking Twitter seems to be right. So I won’t be tagging things anymore, because having tags makes it not get added onto Oliver’s Twitter feed.

Apparently not the case as it still didn’t add my first one today.

Welp, now for two more Steins;Gate djs. Because I fucking love this series and I’m gonna jam if down your fucking throats until you do too.

In other news, I won’t be home at all today because I’m going to a concert (wait, wut. Ain’t I a hikikomori!?) So, yeah. I dunno if I’ll be back in time to set up stuff for tomorrow, because if I’m out all day I might be too tired to be bothered to do it…

So, just thought I’d give you a warning in case something happens like I die from going outside for the first time in years.

So I bet you’re wondering what I’m gonna say about these, since I poured my heart and soul into the last blog entry, right? Yeah, no. Kurisu masturbates to Okabe, then stops denying herself what she wants and rapes him the next day (well, he gets into it pretty fast (took about.. a panel), so it’s not really rape). There’s no story besides that, honestly. And in the other one, they immediately start fucking without having any reason to at all.

I must admit, I liked the masturbation scene. I like watch girls masturbate. Also, according to Christina’s text she says as she’s touching herself, Okabe is dating Mayuri, so when they have sex later Okabe is cheating on Mayuri. If you’re not into that sort of thing, then you probably won’t wanna read that doujin. (Although, giving the above image, it seems she knows and just doesn’t give a fuck.)

I believe you’re supposed to read “Melancholy Romance” before “Melancholic Love”, but I could be wrong. She’s a virgin in both of them, so it’s impossible to tell which you’re supposed to read first. My assumption is it’s happening on two different world lines… Either way, Romance was released two months before Love, so let’s just go with that.

Oliver has previously shared two Hannama doujins, and guess what! That’s right, they were both Steins;Gate doujinshis! Which means if the links were dead, they are now fixed because I fixed them the other day! Woo!

You can get the Mayuri (she’s better than Christina :3) goodness on Mayu Mayushii’s and ChuChuRu’s blog entries.

Both of these were (much like the two above) were translated by Kibitou4Life, but they’re now known as Life4Kaoru. Let’s all thanks Hayate/LS for cleaning, Wasuremono/Nandeyanen (whom also supplied both raws) for translating and Chance for typesetting these!


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Two Steins;Gate hentai doujinshis [English] : OCD and OMD, by Yukimi (under the pen name EnumaElish)
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25 July 2012

Best panel in the whole story once you read the omake.

Do I need to say “HurpDurp” in every post? I think by now it should be obvious who’s me :(

So I asked the other day if you guys wanted me to post a bunch of Steins;Gate doujins because Oliver apparently hasn’t shared that many. 3 people said yes, no one said no. SO I’M DOING IT HURRDURR. Should’ve read my damn notes if you didn’t want them :(

So let’s start this shit off with my most favorite doujinshi (regardless of the series it is based off of) ever, OCD.

Okabe tricks Kurisu into fucking him by proving Daru doesn’t know anything about female anatomy. Now I know what you’re gonna say… “How is that original or interesting at all?” That’s what I thought! Then I read the omake on the credits page. Then my eyes were watering because I was laughing my ass off so much I was literally crying. This is honestly the most in character doujin I’ve read seen in my whole life. I’m having difficulty just typing out this message because it’s making me remember the story and I’m laughing my ass off and causing my eyes to tear up.

So read the whole story, from page 1 to page 15. Then go back and read it again with your newfound knowledge from the omake. You WILL be reading a whole different story, despite it being the same story.

Also, OCD has major spoilers for Steins;Gate, so don’t read it unless you’ve seen up to episode 13 or don’t plan on ever watching it (WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE THIS?!).

Now I read that a long time ago, having recently seen OMD got translated I was ecstatic for another quality release (I mean, I LOVED OCD just as much as I loved Steins;Gate, the series it was based off of!)… And I was not disappointed. Okabe and Daru make a onahole based on Mayuri’s vagina, then Christina catches them talking about it and makes them explain (they talk about how they fucked like bunnies to collect data to make the onahole). Kurisu eventually decides she wants one made of herself, only to find out they already made a fuckdoll based on her. Oh God, what I wouldn’t do to get a hold of either of those… This story was enjoyable (and the art is amazing and erotic), but it’s sadly not anywhere near as funny as OCD is. But other than that it’s great. Even more so because Mayuri’s in it~ :3

I also have a rewrite of OMD, which was enjoyable because it was really funny (if the story translated version was as funny as this was, I would have loved it more than OCD). I can share it if you want, but it’s significantly shorter because most of the “experiment” on Mayuri has been removed (from 32 images down to 19.).

All of love goes out to _ragdoll (and the anonymous from /a/ who requested it), because he did OCD. But I must also thank Tonigobe for translating and editing OMD (I remember when all he did was edit, goddamn that was a long time ago!) and whoever the anonymous who paid him to do it was.

Yukimi is a special hentai artist, producing great as well as terrible works, if you care, by this mangaka, Oliver also shares (sorry if the links are dead, I don’t have time to fix them, just let me know which are and I’ll do them on Thursday) : the exhilarating Like A BeastSore Wa AtodeStay Seeds chapter 1, the Uncensored version of A Lovely Night To Fall In LoveLilium,Kano Bano chapters 9-10, Pack of Two Works the Complete version of Birthday, and the Uncensored but Incomplete version of Birthday.

Edit: I now own physical copies of both of these. Go me.


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Steins;Gate hentai doujin [English] : Paso ga Nai, by Shinji Nora (under the pen name Pooca)
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23 July 2012



It’s me, HurpDurp. The Organization is right on my tail, but I have a few seconds to tell you something. I’ve always hoped I’d be able to post a Steins;Gate doujin while maintaining the site for Oliver. Even if it was only one time, I really wanted to do it really, really, really badly!

You see, Steins;Gate is my most favorite anime. I love it. I can’t figure out why, but I do. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I watched it. Hell, I even hacked the wifi of the motel across from my own (Mine didn’t have wifi.. Or cable.. Or a bed for me to even sleep in) while I was on vacation at the shore during its initial airing just so I could download and not have to wait until I got home to be able to see the episode.

I wanted to let you guys know this and to instruct you to go watch it.

Seriously, go watch it.

So Moeka does what she does best. That is to say, she gets tricked into fucking people (this time it’s two random dudes she ran into on the street) for information on where to acquire an IBN5100, even taking it up her ass. WILL SHE SUCCEED IN HER MISSION AND MAKE FB PROUD!? READ IT AND FIND OUT!!!

She’s totally out of character in this. She never even once used her cell phone (if you exclude the one flashback panel)! What is this shit?! NOT CANON, NOT CANON AT ALL >:O

If you haven’t watched the anime or played the visual novel (WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE THIS YET?!) and planned to do so eventually, this might have some slight spoilers for you. In particularly the very last page with Okabe and Christina.

I haven’t a clue who to thank for this. It wasn’t included with the download I got from Nyaatorrents :( *cough**cough*Helpmah2Hipplox*cough**cough*2Hip saves the day once again! Apparently this was translated by QB translations, thanks bros! And if I were you, I’d recommend including a credits page from now on…

Just like Oliver, I also enjoy Shinji Nora (aka Pooca/Pooka). Anyway, Oliver has also shared his No Condom SexRio Sexy Gate (despite the title, it has nothing to do with Steins;Gate!? It’s a Super Black Jack / Rio Rainbow Gate dj), Kozumikku Trans (Haruhi dj), the nice Ga-Chuku (K-On dj), We’re Having Mindless Sex (Bakemonogatari dj) and most recently Virgin Killer.

I went back and fixed all of those links, as well as all of the Steins;Gate doujinshis Oliver has shared thus far that needed fixing. Have fun! :3 (And I swapped all of my links to I’m told by a commenter that it’s rather fast, so maybe you should try it and see if that is indeed the case?)

In case anyone is wondering, my favorite Steins;Gate doujin is “OCD”. It’s so fucking hilarious and completely in character (hell, it could’ve even happened! It’s not like we’d be able to know!). Which is weird, because I like Mayuri more than Kurisu. It seems Oliver has never shared it here, however. Perhaps I should make a day of it and post a bunch of Steins;Gate doujins…?


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Pack of 3 works by the artist Ooishi Chuuni [English]
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23 July 2012

"i-know-this-is-crazy-but-heres-my-butt-so-fuck-it-maybe.jpg" - I love the name I gave to that pic ^_^

I gathered three nice works by Ooishi Chuuni, all 3 of them display brain-free happy sex, with girls doing their best to be impregnated. The drawings are real, real sweet (oral, titty, vaginal) with close to zero censorship, and that’s all I feel relevant to write :)
Enjoy the goodness ! ;)

These works are :
– Impregnate Me Seiryu-Kun,
– PoyoPoyo Oppai Summer,
– Shiritsu Dorikura Gakuen
(And, yeah, I know about the useless page 19 in “Impregnate Me Seiryu-Kun”, but removing it, reuploading, getting new zips, would take too long, just delete that pic yourself :D )

By the same artist, I also share W-Dessert (173 sweet pictures long) and Pure Devil.

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