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Itachi No Nikukyuu Taizen + Itachi No Nikukyuu Taizen Extend [English], two Naruto hentai doujinshi, by Arcon

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WTF Sasuke, aren't you supposed to be fighting evil or committing evil while planning your vengeance ? Stuff like that ?

What ?!? Sasuke, the angry brooding emo ninja from the Naruto series, seems to be living with a cat and a nekomimi, and mating with the latter… That’s about everything I managed to understand to this super weird setup O_o
Seriously, could someone enlighten me about what the heck is going on here ? I read from times to times new chapter releases of Naruto, when I’m curious to see where the series is heading to, so I think I should have a basical understanding of the series, but, here, this nekomimi thingy, I don’t see what it’s coming from :shock:

Update : thanks for the helpful comments, guys ! Turns out the nekomimi was a gender bended Itachi. I should do drugs, it wouldn’t feel so weird maybe.

On the other hand, the drawings are good. They’re not professional work, fit for industrial-level publishing — but, precisely for this reason, it’s pleasing for the eye, it’s got unique talent, abilities and originality on display, and it was eye-pleasing, kinda reminding me of the old works by Manga Super (Nekoi Mie)…
Oh well, see for yourselves ^^ Credits are for Reimstein, SectTrack, Laruffi, Mik*I, Lolotax, YellowHezard, OmegaSuperm3, Assde, Mikoi and WistVernzou, thank you !

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Pack of 4 works by the hentai artist Yahiro Pochi [English, 86 pictures]

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That picture gave me shivers in the nether regions.

It’s happy sex with mutual liking time, at last ! :twisted:
Here are girls with an extremely candid faces, perhaps only slightly blushing, while their lower area is already dripping wet. And all along, as sex becomes more and more enthusiastic, they keep their beautiful face, now openly lusty. Add to this the really sexy bodies of the girls, their shapely breasts, and the happy sex with either mutual liking or mutual respect… that felt good to read :twisted:
In that mindset, I’m sharing with you four works by Yahiro Pochi, I hope you’ll like them :)

These works are :
Kaga-san Nuretemasu (a Kantai Collection parody)
Kongou Haruna-chan Kai (also Kantai Collection)
Milky Yankee (the only original one, not a parody, about a falsely yankee girl, who’s all cute and mellow on the inside, having privately lovely sex with the boy she bullies in public)
She Is A Technician (an Infinite Stratos parody, foursome time !!)

Credits are for many people : Axalon, MrWayne, AnonTL and Wavedash, from Team Vanilla, Akinokaze, H-Kun and Aris5467, from Lolipop Scans, and Kuwagata, Stark (RS), Hayate, Hezard and Mrwayne, from LifeForKaoru. Thank you so much ! :)

By Yahiro Pochi, I also share So Lovely Irrumatio (224 pictures, quite nice), Tadashii Majutsu No Asobikata (“The Right Way Of Playing Magic”) chapter 1, Ecchi Shiyo, This is Harlem, Ano Anaru The Netorare Manga We Read That Day, Lovematio Sena and Lesson Minchi.

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Call Girl Venus And Girlfriend Jupiter volume 2 [English], a Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi, by Honnou To Yokubou No Gyuutan

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I SO wish I were the one pounding Venus like that.

Oh, what a beautiful hentai universe to live in. Sailor Jupiter, besides her Sailor Scout occupation, is also a call girl, and also the girlfriend of a lucky bastard. However, because her boyfriend’s libido is unstoppable and she gets weary after the 9th time, Sailor Venus comes to help (« If we concentrate the power of the planets in our pussies, the Sailor Scouts can fuck forever ! »), and shows them what a real sex pro is like. This is amazing, amusing, and an ABSOFUCKINGLY AWESOME threesome ! :twisted:

Great drawings, a funny introduction, cheerful happy sex (there is no feeling of “exclusivity” from Jupiter, so it’s all cool), excellent oral and vaginal sex, a threesome that seems endless, packed with splendid action… I hope it will please you as much as it pleased me ! :woot:

For this share, great thanks are due to ACD and BluMeino from Chocolate Scans, and the Little White Butterflies team :)
By the same artist, I also share the volume 1 of this story (it has been given a different name : Sex Service Romance Venus And Jupiter) and a pack of 2 works (Rika Sensei No Hachimitsu Kyoushitsu Jissen Hen, in its uncensored version + Saru No Hito To Dekkai Hou Tono Yatsu).

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Sweet And Sweet Chu-Pet [English], a Love Live! hentai doujinshi, by Yakisagi Ginza

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Don't trust the preview picture, the male hero is a wimp, he didn't tear the nylon himself

I only recognized in the end that was a Love Live! parody : no need to use your brains for that share, there is no plot, no scenario, it’s entirely about enjoying two cute teens sexually teasing their obedient “toy fuck buddy”, and then having sex with him later on. There is nanobikini play and sex in highschool uniforms.
That counted as femdom, poor dude, the male character had zero guts, being toyed with — just go and dick-skewer them and claim your win, seriously !! Grrrr !! That destroyed most of my own reading pleasure, it’s too bad, it started so greatly with the nanobikini session !

Enough said, I’ll let you see if you find it to your liking ! ^^

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Sky High [English, NEW VERSION based on TOTALLY better scans, and with new improved editing], by Black Dog

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Sailor Mercury. Anal, NOW !

BEFORE – versus – AFTER.
… okay ? :D

As for this share, in itself, this is GREAT dope. It starts with light comedy (always a pleasure), and then, it’s time for sex. Sailor Mercury is teased, of course, she has vaginal sex with a teacher, with three male classmates, and then with her teacher and a youkai (of hilarious design, imagine Spongebob’s Patrick turned into a rape monster). Mercury’s body is HNNNNNG awesome, those long legs, those boobs, this arched back, her tongue, her lips, her flushed face as she hardly even tries to resist sex and pushes her body toward the penis going to do her… HNG !! HNNNG !!
Oral, vaginal, anal, double penetration, you got it ! :3

So, yeah, I heartily recommend you that share :twisted:
I don’t even know who I should really thank for this great improvement of this great release, please, would you know ? :)

(Remember to view The updated list of all Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)
And there’s also the Black Dog TOTAL PACK :shock:

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Pack of 11 works by the artist Scofa [English, 211 pictures], parodiating the League Of Legends video game

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It was a very good surprise, turning out much better than I had expected =)

That share is mostly directed at the League Of Legends players/lovers, and has been pushed by a good internet friend, Mousse, thank you man :)

Here is a pack of 11 works by the artist Scofa. These are not professional works, these are amateur parodies.
I’d say these are first and foremost LOL (for League Of Legends, this abbreviation gave me headaches during two weeks before I understood what it was about ^^) comedic parodies, with additional porn bits.

As such, there are almost no backgrounds and most of the time the drawings are mere sketches, so please browse them with an open mind, it’s not professional published stuff, it’s a whole different spirit and it’s cool like that.
On the other hand, the art is occasionally EXCELLENT, and/or the stories are hilarious ! :D
Even I, not knowing shit about LOL, I laughed my ass off many times, that makes me believe the people knowing the game are bound to adore Scofa’s works, hopefully ! ^_^

(Side note : should fill in if you want more League Of Legends stuff ;) )

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Sakura H Mo Ganbaru [English], a Street Fighter hentai doujinshi, by Blmanian

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Yeah, that's Sakura. And, against all expectations, it's with Hibiki that she's having sex.

Finally, in Street Fighter, it seems like Hibiki is good at something, who would have thought ! He gave good sexual training to Sakura (on her own demand, I must highlight), and now she excels at oral and vaginal sex. That doujinshi was a somehow puzzling mix of comedy, of training, and of powerful sex, it had a certain charm, I felt…

Thanks to Krizalid Translations for this release ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Black Community Service and Gyaru Katekyo Maji Mawaii.

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