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Yamikoi Saimin [English], a Nisekoi hentai doujinshi, by Kaminari Neko

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Yeah, I kid you not, that's Nisekoi netorare material. And I don't even care ^^;;

If I had a swimming pool, I feel I’d be able to fill it with the tears the hardcore Nisekoi fans must shed after reading this :D :twisted: :lol:

This is the story of a male otaku getting his hand on an easy to manipulate hypnotizing device, and he steals every girl under Raku’s nose – basically. The sex and the drawings are on the better side of hentai (I tend to associate dark scenarii with crappy art, fortunately, here, that was mostly OK).

On top of all, I was laughing. But, hardly more seriously, I couldn’t entirely dislike this share because it attacks and destroys something I don’t like much : harem mangas.
In my eyes, this branch of manga sounds even less credible than crazy shit like magical loli girls. When you think of it, there is something revolting, cruel with harem mangas. The women are magically brainwashed (hah ! Brainwashing, again !) into being head over heels for just one boy and made to rival each other, the whole point of their lives become the boy they yearn for. First, it’s unfair for the rest of the male popuplation, and, second, on top of all, it’s unfair to the heroines : eventually, the male hero will end up choosing one girl only, leaving all the other girls heartbroken and without a reason to live, feeling they’re unworthy of living.
Damn it, Raku deserved it, vengeance !! :D :lol: (I know it’s bad, but, ah, come on ^^)

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Panty [English], by Shiwasu No Okina, has been colorized, with quite worthy results, I think :)

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It may look like WEIRD but, trust me, the original series is even weirder than that, and it really looks like that :D

Panty And Stockings With Garterbelt (youtube link, help yourself to some episodes ^^) is one of those Japanese UFOs, and maybe only Shiwasu No Okina could draw a worthy and matching hentai parody of it. Except for the parts where the porn gets real enough for us to see boobs and genitalia, the original series is REALLY like that :D
(Oh, yeah, the story ? The two heroines, Panty and Stocking, decide to have a « big black megacocks » orgy.)

Three – no, almost four – years ago, I shared the grayscale version of this manga.
Today, that’s the news, here is its COLORIZED version :D
Usually, colorizations are bad ideas, as it results in a relative loss of details, a certain flattening of the image’s volumes, and it kinda makes lots of things go closer to a western comic. But, hey, that fits the Panty And Stockings With Garterbelt original style, precisely ! So, yeah, that colorization looks weird, but I don’t find it a bad match. It’s a potentially worthy outcome.

I’ll let you read it and (hopefully) enjoy ! And thanks to whoever did the colorization for the community, as well as to Blurk, Nemesis and Nashrakh, from Little White Butterflies for the original scanlation :)

For MUCH more stuff, cf. The List of ALL Shiwasu No Okina’s Works !

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The End Of Dream [English, Full-Color], a Touhou hentai doujinshi, by Sai-Gon

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Better focus on the drawings than on the dialogues :3

– If you browse it fast for a good and quick fap/schlick, this looks like a Christmas-themed (because of the green and red colors, they’re just the girl’s – Hina’s – colors) Touhou doujinshi.
– If you read the dialogues, it becomes pleasantly (like in a scary movie, you see the idea, when you’re playing the game and accept it) creepy, and even a little bit disturbing in the end. I could explain everything in one more line, but I think this would be a waste to write this spoiler so early, it’ll feel better discovered while reading :twisted:
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release :jap:

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Boku Wa Sena To H Shitai [English, Full-Color, AWESOME], a Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai hentai doujinshi, by Kikurage-Ya

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Awesome, don't you think ? :3

*Deep breath*. Cmon Oli. You can do it without drooling on your keyboard.
This share is simply TOTALLY AWESOME FOR FRACKING HEAVENS SAKE ! EVERY PAGE IS NEW EXCEPTIONALLY USABLE MATERIAL !!! (argl! gotta breathe.) We simply watch Sena having happy sex, so the plot is of no relevance. But the drawings… the drawings…

The art blows our eyes, shocks, deeply impacts our libido without any initial warning. It’s hardcore, not too censored, very well drawn, even for the varied clothes : once again, awesome materials :twisted:
Enough said, thanks to Doujin-Moe, and fap on, my friends, fap on. *cough*

By the same artist, I also share Koi+Kan volumes 1-2-3-4-5 and (it could be Koi+Kan 3.5) Mutsuki-san Bikun Bikun, Sempain and Katase-san, Senpai Wa Sugokatta, Yukko To Zukkon Bakkon, Kuro No Riiman To Yousei Hime Eruniisu, I Want To Have Lewd Sex With Nibutani-san, Watashi Wo Tsukatte and Watashi Ki Ni Narimasu, and they are great dope =)

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Ice Cream Cherry Blossom [English], a Hyouka hentai doujinshi, by Nakano Sora

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When her breasts appeared at last... HHNNNG ! :D

Oreki, a male character in Hyouka, is visited by his female classmate Chitanda, she wants to take care of him because, poor thing, he’s got a fever. And yet, everything she’ll be doing will contribute to raising Oreki’s body temperature, that was just irresponsible, what a shame ! A (tiny) bit more seriously, let’s say this is a cute and successful first time for the both of them, with love, french kisses, fondling, and good vaginal sex :)
I also liked the ending, in a typical case where the boy wonders if it was real life or just a fantasy, the girl admirably placed him back on track : that was real and just a beginning =)
Side note, I strongly retouched the images, to bring them better tones, contrasts and surfaces.

By the same artist, I also share Bust Survivor and a pack of 4 works.

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C9-10 Soni-Ero [English], a Super Sonico hentai doujinshi, by Crazy9

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To make Sonico fall for him despite his super weird mask, that manager must truly be a man with a heart of gold. Right ?

What the hell is this mask that Sonico-san’s manager is wearing all the time ?!? I mean, I have already seen various similiar “vengeance oni” masks and faces like that in manga, it’s not an uncommon occurence. But, here, WTF, the manager wears it all the time, and everybody seems to find it normal ?!? ^^;; Please, if someone knows… share the information in a comment ?
Apart from this, that share. Sonico is in love with her masked manager and needs his embrace to smile on photo sets. But she needs more and more, until things gets totally sexual. And then, yeah, sex ^^

The drawings are decent without being “OH MY GAWD” material, it’s weird (because the mask) vanilla hentai, in short. I hope you may enjoy it, and thanks a lot to Biribiri, CellTF (the commissioner, arigatooo !!) and Afro Thunda ! :jap:

For more: check The list of ALL the Crazy9 shares on Hentairules!

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Suzuyaism [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Agoitei (Also Known As – apparently – Mikuro or Sankuro)

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Fap'n'go hentai. You can now unplug your brain and enjoy the relaxing time :)

Here, have some brains-free fap’n’go vanilla hentai, it’s on the house ! ^^ This time I can make it short, Suzuya, from Kantai Collection, has happy sex with mutual love with her admiral. It feels good, they’re content, her body is adorable even despite the murderous black bar censorship, we’re done, hoping you enjoyed it ! :D
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release :)

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