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Dead Or Alive hentai doujin [English, Uncensored] : H SAS 4, by Hellabuna Giant Comics

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Hentai rape. What else ?

Nothing complicated here, Ayane being gelly-hentai-raped in the first half, and in the second half, Ayane and Kasumi, schoolgirl style, having sex with random penis providers.

The art is close to astounding, Hellabuna means talent and experience, even when this is a theme I don’t dig much (mind you, I couldn’t resist making a bonus picture featuring George Clooney, pornified ^^). And, as with all releases by our dear Lynie and Kletian, the translation is good, the edit good, and the drawings uncensored. Good hentai, what else ? :3

More notes :
– I also retouched the first half that was in a desperately dull grey (before… and and after !).
– I also added to the initial very high res pictures another version, in “average resolution”. That other version was just 4 MB, so, screw it, I made it all into a single Zip ^^

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Hellabuna Giant Comics’ works on Hentairules)

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Fate Stay Night hentai doujin [English] : Rose Hip, by Takenoko Seiji and Niwacho, under the Takesatorispa pen name

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I like that preview pic. It kinda reminds me of the movie Jaws. Only, this time, pornified.d

Coming to us thanks to Cgrascal’s work, this present doujin is a sort of hentai UFO, born from the collaboration of two artists, mildly and wildly popular, and featuring tame Shirou home sex (Niwacho) and crazy, funny, potentially yandere (but not the really scarty time, it’s parodic) action (Takenoko Seijin’s part, featuring good anal).
I’ll let the pictures “speak for themselves” (unless you’re incredibly lucky and/or very high on acid, it’s just a manner of speaking), I hope you may enjoy this read :)

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Precure hentai doujin [English] : If I wasn’t There For You, by Minarai Zouhyou

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Yuri time. But not enough vagina.

How about a bit of yuri action ? This time this is lesbian action, with almost some vagina to enjoy. I suppose the yuri fans should love it, me, I’ll consider it more a good deed than fap materials, and, since the scenario is nonexistent, I’ll leave it at that ;)
Credits and thanks are for Nandeyanen, Nouze and Chansu, from :)

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Evangelion hentai doujin [English] : The Prank Night, by Kon-Kit

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An amazing Evangelion parody, so fun, and hardcore enough :3

Ikari, Nemesis, Tornomer, Blurk and Bamboo, from Little White Butterflies, many thanks to them, bring us a veeeeerrrrry nice Evangelion parody, by Kon-Kit :) From this artist, I know I can read the very best as well as poor crap, well, today’s from the very best side :)

Kensuke and Toji, Shinji Ikari’s only friends, decide to enjoy Misato Katsuragi’s body while she’s sleeping half-drunk. They chicken out halfway, leaving her aroused and naked. Misato wakes up, thinks Shinji is the culprit, and so she engages in having sex with him – obviously. And the rest is great sex :twisted:
The whole parody was full of humour, in the dialogues, the faces, the gestures, the situations, the little details, it was really fun to read ^^

By the same artist, I also share Bitch Trap (Uncensored, blissfully hilarious and original, 197 pictures), Kaya-sis At The Beach, Little Sister Figure, Midara Books 1-2, Unconfirmed Falling Object 1-3 (whose chapters 1-2 belong to Bitch Trap, while the chapter 3 is newer), and Suicide Man’s Tent 1-2.

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Sword Art Online hentai doujin [English] : Delphinium Madonna, by Kabayakiya (also known as Unagimaru)

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Not Kabayakiya's best, but good stuff nonetheless :)

Not much to say here, the scenario is either flat or unfathomable for someone who never watched Sword Art Online.

This is happy sex with mutual respect, period, basically ^^

As for the drawings, this is by Kabayakiya, meaning the art is good and all, though I wouldn’t call this one an exceptional milestone), oral and vaginal action.
My advice is : see by yourselves if the preview pics please you ! ^^
And thanks a lot to Phantom Renegade, Blurk, Derp and Almond, from Team Vanilla and Trinity Translation Scans ! :)

(For MORE stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Unagimaru’s works on hentairules)

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MASSIVE pack with ALL the translated works by the hentai artist Kansai Orange, also known as Arai Kei [English, 20 volumes, 625 pictures]

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Depressing stories for most of them, and yet I love the artist. I know, it doesn't make sense.

Here are ALL the translated (to this day !) works by the artist Kansai Orange / Arai Kei :
– Endless Summer 1-2 (Da Capo dj)
– Natsufuku (carefree problem-free enjo kousai, schoolgirl prostitution) (Yotsuba&! dj)
– Natsukaze 1-5 (drama-based enjo kousai, same Yotsuba-to girl, Fuka) (Yotsuba&! dj)
– Negative Love 1-3 (by the book netorare, but the best art in the whole pack) (Love Plus dj)
– Ogi-Ana 1-2 (really sweet Ogiue-san vanillla) (Genshiken dj)
– Oono Shiki 1-6-Plus (dramatically evolving Oono-san action) (Genshiken dj)

That’s a BIG repack I’ve been idly working on for a while now, taking my time, retouching when I felt retouching was needed (7 times), and I took today’s release of a new Kansai Orange volume as a green light : it’s time to upload and share it ! :D
A summary of my retouchings, it wasn’t easy to respect the original amateurish style and still fix what could be fixed : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

And yet, I can’t really explain why I’m compelled to create this pack. Most of the volumes are in a dark, negative tone, showing depressing downward spirals, or even straight netorare, the happy vanilla or carefree enjoyable sex volumes are a minority. The art isn’t that great either.
Maybe this is the drawing style that “convinced” me, it has a pleasant slightly amateurish touch, I think I could call this “art” and not just “industrial drawings”. Or it’s the fact Kansai Orange is almost the only artist releasing decent Genshiken and Yotsuba-to hentai…

TL;DR : I created this pack and improved it whenever I could, I hope you may find your own reasons to enjoy it ! :)

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Idolm@ster hentai doujin [English] : Bridal Tune, by Ngmyu

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Awwww ! A bride's dress, that's so cute !

Awwww, that one is cute =)
In short, an Idolm@ster heroine, called Makoto, has to play a role in a bridal dress., while her producer plays the groom’s role. And then they continue this privately, in the same outfit, in the heroine’s changing room. This is passionate happy sex with love, the heroine’s eyes are deeply compelling, and, I proudly confess it, I have a thing for bridal dresses, HGNNNNN they make a girl SO beautiful !
Thanks to whoever released it :)

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