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Aoshi No Musubizuru [English], a Samurai Spirit hentai doujinshi, by C.R.’s Nest

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When the girl is THAT girl, even if it's futa, I will never have complaints :3

Who wants some futa ? Because here is some futa. Enjoy :D

Apart from that, this is a happy sex with love story, two Samurai Spirits heroines (Rera and Mina, what adorable tanned skin she has !) meeting up by chance, and enjoying the night because they’re in love and one of them has a bonus penis. The end is relatively bittersweet and open, but, hey, no spoilers.
This has been released by a group I didn’t hear about until today, Salty Hometown Boys, made of OneDeate and PoppaRockHard, thank you ! :)

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Pack of two nice Full-Color works by the hentai artist Satomachine [English]

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Sadly, the real Touhou isn't like that ;)

I gathered here two nice full-color works by Satomachine. Both of them are scenario-free, and simply display a Touhou girl (Sakuya and Yukari) having happy sex with mutual liking with some man. The drawings are kinda nice, and I have a suspicion they should make plenty of people happy from just watching :)

Those two works are :
Private Square

Credits are for Hot Soup, from Sharpie Translations, and Wrathkal, Meth, Kirbydances, JjustJ and Imari, from Little White Butterflies. Thank you ! :jap:

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We Gathered 6 Big-Titted Beauties To Do Porn For Us [English], by Blastbeat

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I take the one on the left, okay ? Pink hair, I never tried :3

It couldn’t be simpler : this doujinshi features 6 popular manga/anime girls having groupsex with a lot of men. The drawings are decent, and in full-color, while credits are for Doujin-Moe, thank you :)
The girls are Super Sonico (a music mascot who underwent a fugly revamp in 2014 argh), Popura Taneshima (from Working), Nodoka Hamamura (from Saki), Zange (from Kannagi), Sena Kashiwazaki (from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Tsukunai) and Mayuri Shiina (from Stein;s Gate).

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Pack of 2 very nice full-color hentai works by the hentai artist Shimoyakedou [English]

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I gathered here two very pleasant full-color works by Shimoyakedou, in which the full-color art was finely done, and the censorship was kept to a minimum :
After Lessons : An [email protected] parody, featuring beautifully big-breasted Takane and Shizuku, in schoolgirl and cowgirl costumes, having happy sex with mutual liking. The oral sex and paizuris were world class.
Bungaku Shoujo To Kowaku No Gogo (“Afternoon Of Seduction With The Literature Girl”) : An [email protected] Cinderella Girls parody (a sort of sequel on another platform, if I remember right), showing Sagisa Fumika, also blessed with big breasts, having happy sex with mutual liking. Her headband made her twice more erotic, please tell me I’m not the only one with a weird fetish like that ?!?

I liked them. Plenty :D I hope you too will enjoy them ! :)
They were released by Doujin-Moe, thank you :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Namu Paipai, Kotori-san, Please !@#$ Me, Hakygyokurou De Gokyuukei, Black And White Trick Girls, Kasen-sama To H Na Shugyou Wo Suru Hon, Eirin No Kusuri, Yuyugoto, Yukaran Ran and a pack of 17 other English-translated works (602 pictures).

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Nagomi [English], a Saki hentai doujinshi, by Kurokawa Izumi (Also Known As Odin)

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I could fuck those boobs all day and night.

Nodoka used Turtle Stew. This is super effective !
Two characters from the Saki series (on that page about its anime, check the illustration picture, worth a hundred faps – I added it to the Zip I share -, and that’s not even supposed to be an adult manga ?!? O_o Alternatively, there’s also the original manga version, readable here) eat a meal supposed to have highly “invigorating” effects, and indeed, two pages later, they can’t help it, they’re going at it like mad.

I wanted to write they were going at it like minks, but some googling convinced me not to ;)

The drawings are SUPERB, full of energy (I’d say we reach the million erojoules here) and enthusiasm. Nodoka keeps on her uniform (erojoules++), her large breasts appear unaffected by gravity (erojoules++ : nobody wants super large dream boobs to behave like the laws of physics would require, sagging and shit), her flushed face, her hardly censored vagina… hnnnNNNNNNG ! :twisted:

This nice doujinshi has been released by Houko and Aris5467, from Lolipop Scans (their group is recruiting, if you liked this share, I’m mentioning it…), thanks a lot ! :)
By The same artist, under the Odin pen name, I also share Kinoko No Sasoi volume 6 and Kinoko No Sasoi volume 5.

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Babysitters volumes 1 and 2 [English, UNCENSORED versions], two K-On! yuri hentai doujinshi, by Aduma Ren

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Good yuri. Even though they should have used good actual dildos, rather than just improvising with what they had on hand.

Here is a pleasant read, and fully decensored to make it even better, two volumes with sweet, sensible and subtle Yuri love, between Ui and Nodoka, two K-On! heroines. They have sex with each other, taken by adolescent frenzy, and with it comes the hesitations, shyness and moments of liberation, that wasn’t “just” porn, so to say, it kinda relieved my soul to read it :)
(A small question bothers me, though… why this title, “Babysitters” ??)

Credits are for Cgrascal for the translation and Oxido for the decensoring, thank you so much ! ^_^ I’ve got more Aduma Ren from Oxido to share, hopefully I’ll have time to share them soon :)

If you wonder, I was previously sharing the censored version of the volume 1, and the volume 2 is new to me in all regards.
Also, the volume 2’s cover and backcover gave me headaches, because my usual viewer, ACDsee Classic, seems to have some weird color management problems, check that image O_o I ended up forcibly reconverting the covers to .bmp and back to .jpg to have that shit gone, I really wonder what that stems from ^^;;

By Aduma Ren, on, there is also the awesome Koimitsu Frangrance (219 pictures, Uncensored by Oxido) Hiiro (still paired with the censored version of Sweet Girls, Epilogue 2 and Sweet Girls.

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[email protected] [English, Full-color, and Uncensored], a Code Geass hentai doujinshi, by Kaname Aomame (under the Blue Bean pen name)

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This is heroism : the girl threw herself into a massive orgy. While still a virgin.

Kallen, Milly and CC, from Code Geass, disguise themselves as nekomimi and bunny-girl and take part in an orgy, with lots of sturdy men full of energy. Tons of oral, vaginal, double penetrations.
Graphically, hmm… that was okay, I guess ? I’ve seen better drawings, I’ve seen worse too, but at least that was full of energy. And, of course, there’s the fact that was decensored and colorized, this is an added value :)

Release credits are for Dumah88 (for the colorization and the decensoring), and to Imari and Nice People from LittleWhiteButterflies. My thanks to them :)
By the same artist, under the pen names Kaname Aomame or Blue Bean, I also share Iroka No Himitsu (196 pictures) and [email protected].

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