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Nice pack of 5 hentai works by the Studio Big-X [English, 191 pictures] : Mousou Theater volumes 28, 31, 35, 37 and 43

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A cheerleader in groupsex ? Yes, please :3

Operation: let’s save time and catch up on stuff! ^^
I repacked here five pleasant volumes of the Mousou Theater series, in which anime heroines have sex, basically. They display nice drawings (from average to damn excellent! – it varies), with anal, vaginal, lots of DP too, and mostly happy sex with good feelings.
Credits are for Doujin-Moe, This Shouldn’t Have Happened, AsssinZASsasin from FateBurnFamily, and an unknown translator, thank you! :jap:

Those five volumes are : Mousou Theater 28 (an Oreimo doujinshi), 31 (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), 35 (Sword Art Online), 37 (Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai) and 43 (Nisekoi).

By the same artist, I also share Lens No Uragawa, Happy Christmas and, under the Studio Big X pen name, Mousou Theater 22.

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Made In Heaven – Mercury [English], a Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi, by Black Dog

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I'm hoping for a version with better scans, eventually :)

Black Dog lately : a Sailor Senshi gets separated from her group and exhausts her energy in a youkai lair where, oddly, middle-aged human men are free to walk without being threatened. From there on, the middle-aged men escort her back to safety, while protecting her orifices from being raped by tentacles by sticking their penises inside it instead.
This time, it’s Sailor Mercury. She’s almost my favorite, she’s nerdy and occasionally shown with tanned skin (page 3 :, however this time I’ll reckon the doujinshi didn’t do her justice, the images were a bit average (let’s blame either the scanning or the printing) and, at times (not always) the scanning was made with blurred mosaics, argh.

Still, it’s happy threesome time with Ami Mizuno, she makes nice faces and enjoys a good DP, it’s not like it’s bad :D
Thanks a lot to Doujin-Moe to have brought it to the internet :)

(Remember to view The updated list of all Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)
(I just finished fixing that page, now it’s complete again, phiew.)
And there’s also the Black Dog TOTAL PACK :shock:

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Isuzuppai [English], an Amagi Brilliant Park hentai doujinshi, by Fukuyama Naoto

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I'm not into milking, but I am ready to give her breasts a chance.

Give your neurons a break: read hentai! :D

Here, Isuzu, the main heroine in Amagi Brilliant Park, eats an ice-cream that makes her start lactating, and then she starts having happy sex (with love ? no clue) with Kanie, the series’ male hero. Why? For the glory of porn, of course.
The art is striking, with lots of energy, however this wet and sloppy style, the milk and sperm flying around, the heavy breathing, made the images quite painful to “read”, to figure out what is what, I feel…

This is another Doujin-Moe release, thank you :)
(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Fukuyama Naoto’s works on Hentairules!)

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Digital Action volumes 90, 91 and 92 [English], a pack of 3 works by the hentai artist DL Lover

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Sweet vanilla, served by sweet drawings. Good job, Digital Lover! =)

I really wish I could spend more of my daily time on my hentai shares ^^ Let’s catch up on two missed releases, add a brand new released one, and make it a pack of three DL Action volumes :)
Every time here, this is happy sex with mutual love. Kinda carefree in the first case, more passionate and – is that allowed to say it about a videogame ? – moving, touching. I felt refreshed and I was sporting a broad smile, when I finished reading them :)

The three works I share are :
DL Action 90 : wedding night between the traditional Shota admiral in Kantai Collection, and Kaga
DL Action 91 : Rin, from one of the [email protected] series, develops feelings for her producer, and they become lovers
DL Action 92 : Rin and P-Kun again, in love, finding at last new time to indulge in each other. Is it me, or is P-Kun a male tsundere ? ^^;;

Thanks to YQII and Art, for those releases, I’m grateful! :jap:
For More Digital Lover, cf. The Updated List Of Her Works !

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New NanoFei School volume 6 [English, Full Color], a Nanoha hentai doujinshi, by Studio Huan

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If the real anime was like that... nah, I don't want to write a description, it should be obvious :D

Do you remember our heroines in the previous volume 5 ? They’re still at it, having tons of sex with our male hero and trying to get impregnated. My inner hentai voice tells me that If I were the guy, I’d get neutered just so that I can bone them forever ^^
The scenario is uninteresting, but the drawings, GAH, they’re very good. The girls’ varied frilly sexy outfits, their falsely candid faces, and having hardcore sex… it’s good :twisted:
Release credits are for Shakezoola (the commissioner, arigato ^^), Super Shanko and Desudesu, thank you :)

By the same artist, I also share New NanoFei School 5, a pack of 2 works, Batsugunda volumes 1-2, New MahoDom and Beni Kan.

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New NanofeiSchool Houka 5 [English, Full-Color], a Nanoha hentai doujinshi, by Studio Huan

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Today's share will confirm it is possible to fap while shrugging. At least at some points in the world ^^

Fate and Signum, two very big-breasted girls in the present Nanoha parody, blond-haired and purple-haired, are the proud lovers of some boy from their school. I didn’t understand the specifics, if ever there is one. Basically, they want his dick, and they submissively obtain it :roll: Oh, and there are 4 pages for Nanoha in the end, same idea.
Oh, wel, the art is good, very generous, in full-color, not too censored (thin white lines), I guess that was okay ^^

Credits for this release go to Desu and Shake, thank you :)

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 2 works, Batsugunda volumes 1-2, New MahoDom and Beni Kan.

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Y [English] a Full-Color Touhou hentai doujinshi, by Takeponian

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That image is perfect. It's also perfectly irrealist if you've got a good eye, what a pity... but I don't care!! ^^

One letter. Shortest doujinshi title EVER :D
Not much to say here, this share is about the sunflowers-girl in Touhou, Yuukarin, having happy sex with mutual liking with a human.

The art is in “decent enough” ful color, it starts with footjob, kneesocks (namely, although, aren’t they thighhighs instead ?), paizuri and, at last, vaginal sex :)
I’m not sure who to credit, thanks to whoever is behind it !

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