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Touhou hentai doujin [English] : Sanatoriumu, by Shironegiya
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25 May 2012

This story isn't sad. It is downright irritating !

Sanae, the Touhou heroine (in one of those adaptations when she’s in relation with a human male, orz, why not), discovers that having sex with a douchebag feels super good, much more than with her official boyfriend. She resists, but she can’t resist this new anal and vaginal pleasure.

Incidentally, she also fails to imagine trying the same with her boyfriend, but hentai heroines are selected for their boobs, face or ass, not for their IQ, I’m inclined to believe.

Slight netorare feeling, the boyfriend doesn’t suffer, but the girlfriend definitely gives up on him, you’re kindly warned. And thanks to Cgrascal :)

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Strike Witches hentai doujin [English] : Delicious Witches, by Kuroneko Akaribbon
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23 May 2012

Yeah, Ken Akamatsu fans should definitely dig it !

The story is ridiculous, but since this is just “happy who cares fap’n’go hentai”, this doesn’t matter ;)

In short, Strike Witches heroines face an unexpected “attack” that boosted the libido of their male crew members, and the only solution is to dive headfirst into a giant orgy with everyone. Happy sex follows in multiple combos, this is highly enjoyable, and the drawings are pretty good too :)
If you’re a Negima fan you might enjoy it even more, several girls have “nekomimi or something alike (bunny, etc…)” ears :o And thanks to Cgrascal for the release !

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Senran Kagura hentai doujin [English] : Pink Hibaru, by Jouji Mujou
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23 May 2012

Nice tits, but why the hell that middle ribbon ?

Oliver’s #1 reflex : HMMMM, BIG TITS ! I SO would like to loose myself in tits like this !

Reflex #2 : yum, an ass plump enough to fully enjoy it if only it were real and mine to enjoy !

Reflex #3 : hey, wait, why in blazing hell does she have a ribbon in the middle of her hair, come on, it’s useless ?!?

Reflex #4 : impossible to notice anything anymore save the useless ribbon, damn you, brain, why are you doing it to me ! :gfy:

In case you missed the boobies, Senran Kagura is a fighting female ninja highschoolers with tits videogame, basically. The heroine has a delicious face, managing to stay candid longer than I thought,
And the doujin in itself is a sort of mild mind-break through lots of pleasure story. Nothing really shocking, more stupid than shocking. It’s just sex, haha.
Credits are for Raikoh and The Tsuuyaku, thank you :)

By Jouji Mujoh, I also share the uncensored version of Super Weak, the uncensored version of Pour Me Milk, the uncensored version of Solo Mugi, Secret Room, Ura Mugi, and a pack of 3 works.

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K-On! hentai doujin [English] : Yui Azu Tinpo Mugi Anal, by Jishaki No Sunaba (a team composed of the artists Porosuke and Mitsuo)
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22 May 2012



There’s a ninja turtle, a manga artist drawing himself as Freddie Muercury or so I thought during a minute, there’s a…. And then there’s…. Ah crap, how should I even dare trying to summarize this doujin, lol ^^ Let’s keep to the basics : the K-On! girls end up having a few spare dicks, and assfucking, mainly, begins. Enjoy, friends, even if you’re not into futa I think it’s a fine read, Mugi-chan totally takes it good in the ass ^_^
Thanks to Kamikakushi for this release :)

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Evangelion hentai doujin [English] : C-FREAK, by Saigado
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21 May 2012

That's how to live. Get a blowjob and not even have to take the girl to see a musical.

So, I’ve never actually watch  Evangelion before. This is also the first time I ever read a Evangelion doujinshi. So pardon me if I get something wrong since I’m not familiar with the characters or how they behave.

Shinji get blowjobs from Asuka because she is apparently addicted to cocks, but Shinji doesn’t like only being the one sucking so he tells her she can’t suck his dick anymore until she lets him lick her vagina (and suckle on her tits). After doing that for MONTHS, Asuka rationalizes that because Shinji is the only guy nearby, he’s the only one she can have intercourse with and let’s him stick it in using a condom. Unsatisfied after only having sex once and because she only had one condom, they then have unprotected sex with Shinji pulling out and cumming outside. STILL unsatisfied they do it again and end with a creampie (because by this point Asuka is finally admitting to herself that she’s in love with Shinji)~

Thanks to LittleWhiteButterflies/Imari/Nemesis for this translation~

(For more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The list of Saigado’s works on Hentairules

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Nanoha hentai doujin [English] : Me and Nanoha in a Room (“Ore to Nanoha to One Room”), by Type-G (aka Ishigaki Takashi)
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19 May 2012

Dat ass.

Ohai. Oliver forgot to mention that he won’t be having access to the Internet until sometime on Monday. So he asked me (that guy who goes by the name “HurpDurp” in the comments) to update the site while he’s AFK.

I’m not so good at being able to describe things that well, so forgive me if I suck at it as I apologize in advance.

I also apologize for these being late, I was having trouble uploading to those sites :( (Hopefully it won’t happen again tomorrow, but I think I’ll start uploading those now :V)

One more apology: The amount. There’s nothing I can do about that. I’m well aware that some of you like using galleries instead of downloading the zips. Oliver didn’t tell me the information for the FTP, so I can’t just go and upload a gallery on this website like he does. I had to use “Gallery-Dump” (which is also a site Oliver runs) to make galleries, but they limit certified dumpers (like myself) to only 6 galleries a day :( Therefore I can only share 3 mangas if I want to have 2 galleries for each. D:

Anyway, to the story! In this COMIC1☆6 manga, Nanoha has sex with Fate’s husband (who is played by the roll of “you” – that is to say “the reader” – the character’s name is even “You-kun”!) after Fate gets drunk, starts complaining about how her husband only likes sticking it in her asshole and won’t put it in her vagina (she’s trying to get pregnant), then passes out.

It starts out with Nanoha sitting on you, causing you to get erect almost instantaneously because she has a gigantic ass (which apparently we have a fetish for). After which, she gets up, takes off her panties and you start licking her asshole and she gives you a blowjob. After cumming inside of her mouth, she spreads her anus open wide so that you can stick your dick in eventually leading to an anal creampie. And all of this happens right next to your sleeping wife. You sick-disgusting-cheating-pervert, you. :( Completely unexpected, plot-twist ending! (I guess it might be considered “NTR” by some, so here’s a warning or something -  I personally consider it an adultery story however.)

It seems this is a sequel to this. This apparently also has a sequel but it has not yet been released.

This was a collab between Afro Scans and Team Vanilla/Wrathkal (Doujin-Moe has also released a version translated by watisit, but I didn’t notice it until after I already uploaded this so I didn’t bother to compare to see which sounds better – But I was able to get the translation of the title thanks to him!), thanks for translating this guys~

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High School DxD hentai doujin [English, Uncensored version] : Crimson DxD, by WIREFRAME
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18 May 2012

It's a tolerable manga. And a better doujin.

After a pleasant Sena full-color bonus picture to start this doujin under good Omens, a brains-free fap’n’go story takes place, showing standard sex between the male and female heroes or the HighSchool DxD manga.

And… and that’s all :lol: But the drawings are nice, they’re also decensored, so, it’s good enough ! ;)

(One note, I wish I had converted the pics to grayscale, sorry about that, I forgot.)
For this release, thanks a lot to Phantom Renegade, Wrathkal and Blurk, adding an anonymouse Japanese-nicked decensored, and the Team Vanilla and Trinity Phantom Scans groups :)

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