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Miho-ppoi No [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by NaPaTa

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A hot face on a petite body.

I spent most of the volume believing we’d be seeing something incredibly rare, an [email protected] girl having loving sex with another man than her producer. Well, nope, it’s still P-kun.
So. Here comes Miho, one of the idols. With her boyfriend. It’s criminal to use thick black bars on a work of art like that, and yet I didn’t really care this time, the best thing anyway was her adorable face, managing to be pure, sincere, honest, and extremely lusty at the same time. Haaa, those eyes…

Still, I don’t want to make false promises, if you exclude the fact this was produced by a great mangaka, all in all, the volume is pretty average. Not exceptional, “simply” feeling good… See for yourselves, all in all.
Bauxite and Coffeeboy from Unlimited Coffee Works are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By Napata, I also share Lovely Lover’s Love + Melonbooks Extra + Toranoana Extra (234 pictures), the awesome Vacation, Nanako-san, Onegai Yokoyama Sensei, Lilith + Pandemonium, Blush Kiss, Natsuyasumi, Yobidasare (the only non-vanilla one), Ranko-ish 1, Ranko-ish 2, Shiburin-ppoi (the Japanese -ppoi stands for the English -ish), Mikki-ppoi No, Kaede-san Ppoi No (same series and principle, the -ish and -ppoi), Mika-ppoi No 1, Mika-ppoi No 2, Holiday (which is the sequel to House-Sitting Plan, one of the chapters of Lovely Lover’s Love), and Miss Sage Level 14.

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Nurse De Oshigoto [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Tales of Abyss game, by Shinsen Gokuraku

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<3 nurses

No way I’ll get tired of Shinsen Gokuraku’s hentai doujinshi with Jade and Natalia from Tales Of Abyss, so much vanilla and awesomesauce :D

This time, Natalia is dressed as a nurse, with the tightly fitting uniform, the thighhighs and the garterbelt. I’ll simply let you enjoy the show ^_^
Thanks a lot, for this release, to Shinko, Solilogy, Flammz, Cockmaster69, Vilis and Mikol, from the EH-Cove! :jap:

By the same artist, I already share No-Jn-No-Life Datte Sukidakara, Hime-sama Obenkyou No Ojikan Desu, a pack of 3 works (No-Jn-No-Life + Oose No Mama Ni + Pretty Box), Biritai, Strawberry Honey and Miracle Flavors.

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HUGE pack of 12 works by the hentai artist Jack-Pot (AKA Jyura) [English, 305 pictures]

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Morally bad, but, damn, my dick has no sense of morality

:twisted: REPACK TIME! :twisted:

I gathered 12 works by Jack-Pot that I wasn’t sharing yet on Hentairules. For which I never had time, or that didn’t get priority when I had to choose what to share in my limited time.
The themes go from the pleasantly kinky (a whole highschool turned into a soapland, in which every girl is a bitch gyaru, lol) to less pleasant territories with hentai rape or adultery.
The eyes, the faces, are drawn in a mesmerizing manner, however I must mention the drawing style changes so much across the volumes I wonder if even the artist’s name “Jyura” isn’t a front for several artists working together :shock:

Those works are:

Hino Rei (30) Disposal of the Evil Spirit Arc
Kino Makoto (30) Shoutengai Zuma-hen
Mizuno Ami (30) Onna Kyoushi Hen
Monhan Erontier 1
Monhan Erontier 2
Monhan Erontier 3

Nyuugi Senyou Shimai
Obenjo Tenshi
Ryoujyoku Academy
School Fuuzoku
Tekken Mousou Ver
Tekken Suiminyaku ver

They are original creations, for some of them, or parodies of Tekken, Sailor Moon, Monster Hunter, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and Quiz Magic Academy.

By the same artist, under the pen names Jack-Pot and Jyura, I also share Junai Sadi Sukittu (195 pictures),  Tsukino Usagi (30) Uwaki Hen, Chibiusa – Enjo Kousai hen, Aiko Minako (Age 30) Fuzokujo-hen, a cheerful pack of 3 works (Love Nene + Lightning + Oppai Meister) and Entry Plug Injection.

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Tomoe Mami Wa Majo Dearu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, by Abe Inori

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Well, she's hot. Honestly, I'd fuck her.

Mami, the blonde schoolgirl in Puella, is so addicted to dicks one could say she has no head on her shoulders. So there she is, first with one man, then with many, unable to resist the tsunamis of ecstasy ravaging her.
No particular scenario to mention, in other words, while the art was very hot, generous, enthusiastic, powerful (from oral to double penetration, the whole deal) and not too censored.

Thanks to Mintvoid for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Anamawashi (205 pictures).

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Pack of 2 works [English], by the hentai mangaka Maraschino

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In real life, though, don't do ass-to-mouth or ass-to-vagina, there would be a risk of infections

Across two volumes, Houshou and her admiral live a fulfilling marital life and have lots of sex, especially anal. The drawings are decent enough, not *that* censored, we’ve had worse. There you go, I managed to avoid writing a wall of text, YAY!! :D :lol:

The two works I’m sharing here are:
Koukuu Bokan Houshou Desu, showing Houshou and her Admiral’s firt time practicing anal sex. They’re already married, so it’s about testing (and immensely loving) a new practice
Houshou-san No Love-Love Days in which, several years after the Kantai Collection wars are over, with a light comedy note, Houshou depicts her daily sex life (made of vaginal, anal, cosplay and more anal) to her former female colleagues, as if it were nothing special ^^

These two doujinshi were released by MintVoid, thank you! :)

By the same artist, under the pen name Takayama Chihiro, I also share Kanomana.

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Shibunama Volume 2 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] series, by Ken-1 (AKA Cior)

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Some idols are just unlucky :D
In Shibunama 1, Shibuya Rin is abused while in a vulnerable emotional state, and she loses her virginity with a sweet-talking asshole.
Here, in Shibunama 2, let’s reset the story! This time, a creepy group of otakus kidnap her, and when she wakes up the ringleader blackmails her into having sex with him.

As I wrote before, the story is genuine facepalm material (I think I’d dislike it even if I liked rape and blackmail themes). But on the other hand, the drawings are exceptional. Such a sweet work on shades, the beautiful volume of Rin’s breasts and curves, the neglictible amount of censorship not getting in the way… I feel even more angered that such splendid artwork serves such a bleak storyline, actually :shock:
This has been released by Cgrascal, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, besides Shibunama 1, I also share a pack of 8 translated works.

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