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Soft And Wet Kanzenban [English, new and enriched version of Soft And Wet], a Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi, by Black Dog

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I call dibs on the one on the right. DIBS !

Let’s keep it short, “kanzenban” means “new edition”. And a new edition of Soft And Wet, that I shared last year, has been published, with the virtual addition of a new chapter’s worth of sex !! :D :woot:

There is no special scenario to mention, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Mars have lots and lots and LOTS of sex with two middle-aged horny men. Oral, vaginal, anal. I felt the panels with Sailor Saturn were wasted (well, the lolicons should end up with dry balls, to each his own, me, I pass, so this is an official loli warning, no choice but to deal with it). But, on the other hand, the Sailor Mars panels, OH THE VISUAL GLORY ! That ass ! Those long slender legs ! Those round breasts ! This entranced face !! :shock:

Well, I hope you may like it ! =)
This was released by Ogodei-Khan and Alearg, thank you very much ! I must highlight the “end-product” quality of the images is perfect, quite a difference from the previous version on which I had to make tons of work to make it look okay =)

(Remember to view The Updated List of ALL Black Dog’s Shares on HentaiRules)

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Eternal Love [English], an Evangelion hentai doujinshi, by Pannacotta

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Evangelion porn. They're all going to die, so they may as well copulate before !

Look, I’ll be frank, that Evangelion parody was rather average and disappointing as coming from Pannacotta.

I still share it, partly for masochistic reasons (yay, Shinji is not shown as a virile jock, at last, serves him right ! But, still, yeah, he has great sex with Mari and Asuka ^^;;), and because of the two funny and superbly arousing bonus pictures, in the end, drawn by Yokoyama Naoki. Those two pictures, they were… SPLENDID ! :shock:

Kalevala, HNTI, Art, Hihohahi and YQII were the kind persons behind this release, many thanks to them ! :)
By the same artist, call him Shono Kotaro, Shouno Kotaroo or Pannacotta, I also share Daydream Girl, Make Live, Koigokoro Bousouchu (“Rampaging Love”) and a pack of 4 works (Carnality Game, Renai Beginner + Paper, Makinami Hokan Keikaku and Effie’s Milk).

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Leopard No Hon No. 2 [English], a Witch Craft Works hentai doujinshi, by Dorepooru

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Haaa, that face !! =)d

What a weird setup for this Witch Craft Works ! The male hero, Takamiya, somehow got the tall and impressive female friend, lover and bodyguard Kagari, to become obedient to him and accept to be sexually trained by him. She accepts to ride the train in a school uniform many times too small for her, and accept to let herself be molested if a man comes onto her.
All is going according to keikaku !! (I insist : you’ll understand when you reach page #24, I even added a picture in the beginning to tell to wait for this picture.)

The scenario made me feel weird (I’m trying to help in that regard, but I can’t throw a spoiler), the drawings are kinda nice even though, maybe, Kagari was made a bit too plump this time… Also, huge props to the artist, Dorepooru, for killing as many censorship bars as he could with the addition of spraying fluid dynamics, lol, I guess hentai artists don’t necessarily like it either ^^

Thanks a lot to Tigoris Translates !
By the same artist, I also share Leopard Hon 21.

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Pack of Two sweet hentai works in [English], by Shadow Sorceress Communication Protocol

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Haaaaa, Asuna... That girl would make me want to play MMORPGs again !

I gathered here two REALLY SWEET works by the hentai artist using the circle name “Shadow Sorceress Communication Protocol” for his publications.
In both cases, after a short intro, there is happy sex with love soothing the soul and confirming the two partners they care for each other. The drawings are quite well done too, with sensibility, great care to represent beautiful faces, and only little censorship :D

Those two works are:
Sugoku Amai Onegai, a Sword Art Online parody, featuring Asuna and Kirito. For that one, I took the liberty to grayscale the inner image (they were printed in an unpleasant green tinted ink) and to offer an alternative more contrasted version of the cover.
Watashi Ga Oyome-san Ni Natte Ageruwa, a Kantai Collection parody, in which the Admiral (drawn with his face, as a caring responsible man) and Atago have lovely time.

Would someone know who should be credited for these great releases ?
By the same artist, I also share Kinkyuu Quest Uketsukejou and The Bullet Train To Heaven.

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Black Star [English], a Kill La Kill hentai doujinshi, by Kouchaya (Also Known As Otsuka Kotora)

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A brunette from Kill La Kill giving head and titfuck. Haa, I wish I was the guy.

The heroine from Kill La Kill, visits the house of some guy, and because she’s irresistibly attracted to him, they fuck link minks. That’s that, basically, as someone who never watched the anime, I’m at a loss, and I simply enjoyed the great happy sex drawings, that even the numerous black censorship bars failed to ruin, thanks to Otsuka Kotora’s drawing talent :)

My thanks, for this release, go to :)

I share TONS of other works by this artist, Cf. The list of ALL his shares !

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Yahaginist [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Hakone Odawara

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«Doesn't matter, had sex» ©®™d

I’ll be frank, I gave up on understanding the scenario, because it looked like it was “very” kantai-collection related, and unless you’re a history of battleships kind of nerd, well… I just didn’t care, there, sorry. But if you’re into that and you have the courage to read the TL;DR full-page of explanations in the end, you’ll see a dramatic note.
Me, I’m sharing it because, for some reason I can’t really explain, the drawings pleased me a LOT !

So, enjoy if you like, feel the drama if you’re into this, and let’s express many thanks to the Himahimaseijin team, made of Kouya913, Zeroblade and Hacaplus :)

By the same artist, under the pen name Vista, – Jebus, that was already four years ago ?!? I remember that one well O_o -, I also share Tonpuson Shimai No Are.

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Ayanami Dai 5 Kai [English], an Evangelion hentai doujinshi, by Mogudan

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A big titted Japanese heroine wearing a nanobikini and having doggystyle sex

Yeah, well, to be frank, I’m not thrilled by this Ayanami Dai Kai 5. It’s the usual (Rei, from Evangelion – although nothing from the original dramatic story line remains -, wearing a swimsuit or her school uniform, dumping her new boyfriend and getting back to her more manly former boyfriend, it’s happy sex with neither love nor brains). But I made a regrettable mistake, I browsed my old Mogudan volumes, in which the girls didn’t have yet those massive hips and legs and those helium-filled boobs, they were so much more natural and arousing. Argh. Bad move, Oli.

If you like it, something that shouldn’t come as a big surprise, then, please, do enjoy this, and thanks a lot to the Little White Butterflies team for this new release ! :)

For more Mogudan, there is Inka, Ayanami Dai Kai 4 (+ omake bon + postcards), Himitsu + Himitsu After, Secret 2 (FYI, “Himitsu” = “Secret”), and for the rest, I recommend you check the MEGA-pack I made with EVERY English-translated Mogudan work till june 2012.

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