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Shimakaze A, Atago-chan Deshita Ka [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Mozuya Murasaki

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Plump girls are wonderful. So much more than girls who are so thin you're hurting yourself on their bones.

A deliciously plump and awkward, shy, embarrassed and cute blonde girl from kantai Collection, with a lovely bunny ears-like headband, has sex with her admiral. No scenario, none at all, just happy brains-free sex :D
Thanks a lot to the person(s) who released it :)

By the same artist, using the names Casmania and Mozuya Murasaki, I also share Tenkuu No Hanayome-tachi, Happy Wedding, the uncensored version of You Are My Venus, Touch And Go, the uncensored version of Sister VS Masturbation hall, and Rotten Me I Have Eyes Only For My Little Sister.

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Helena-sama And I [English, Full Color], a DOA hentai doujinshi, by Aki Kitahara

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Helena, from DOA, placing hersef in doggystyle position. I dreamt of things like this, many years ago, as I was playing that game.

In this DOA parody, we see Helena, the tall classy blonde, having sex with a groom boy, and then with a male billionaire. First the candid unexperienced enthusiast, second the disillusioned mature adult achieving one last dream. Unlike most of Aki Kitahara’s works, there wasn’t forced sex, rape and shit like that, so I don’t really know why this one left me with a bad aftertaste, would it be just the lack of intensity, the dull, soul-less eyes ?

The drawings were OK, in good full-color, with a strange period fetish, the man in the second half had droopy eyes curiously reminding me of the art of Naoki Urasawa… Nah, it’s strange, I should have loved that one a lot more O_o

Still, thanks to whoever is behind that release :)

By the same artist (also using the Secret Society M pen name), I also share Senpai Ga Benki, Torikage No Joou, Sayonara Nene-san, Inyoku No Kan 2199, Shintaku No Kairou and A Pack of 9 other works.

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Pack of 2 [English] works by Alice No Takarabako (AKA Mizuryu Kei) : Halloween Night Bitch + Umi To Teiso Zero Oyako

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Ghosthouse =/= Whorehouse, please don't make useless confusions
(Ghosthouse =/= Whorehouse, watch out for the confusions)

I gathered here two freshly pleasant translated works by Alice No Takarabako :
Halloween Night Bitch, this is a full-color CG pictures set, showing Maria-sama ga Miteru girls playing the Halloween bitches. Even with the CG mosaics censorship, that fap’n’go brains-free one was quite pleasant.
Umi To Teiso Zero Oyako : ah, wait, that one has become obsolete ! You’ll find it, in a better version, inside Teisou Kannen Zero, a splendid 278 pages long full tank.

I liked them more than the average Alice No Takarabako releases :) Thanks to CGRascal for translating both!

For more, see The List of Alice No Takarabako’s Works on HentaiRules.

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Bust Survivor [English, Full-Color], a Shin megami Tensei : Devil Survivor 2 hentai doujinshi, by Nakano Sora (circle In The Sky)

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Sixty-nine sex. The beginning of great things, usually ^_^

As I was reading it, my emotions gradually evolved.
“Hmm, good”.
“Hoo, nice, a competitor for Wata120%”
“*Gulp* Those grey eyes, these braids !”
“Those breasts ! I’M UP FOR THE CHALLENGE !”

Let’s keep it short, this Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 hentai doujinshi was quite good full-color hentai, full with good stuff, and the censorship didn’t get too much in the way, I’d recommend it to anyone ^_^
Thanks a lot to whoever is behind this great release ! :)

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Yukko To Zukkon Bakkon [English], an Aiura hentai doujinshi, by Kikurage-ya

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No idea who she is, but she's hot as fuck ! And is given lots of fucks *cough*

This Aiura parody sure is nice ! This is entirely brains-free (so don’t expect a thrilling scenario or even the soothening flames of mutual love), simply showing sex between a girl who can’t say no and definitely doesn’t hate lewd time, and a boy who gathered his courage to ask the unaskable.
And, on top of all, those 35 pages are full with arousing, intense, enthusiastic and barely censored well-drawn sex :twisted:

I’ll leave the rest in your hands, and please don’t ask me if “the rest” is a metaphor for male penises. Thanks a lot, for this pleasant release, to Von, KuroHentaiOuji and Mfs, from ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Senpai Wa Sugokatta, I Want To Have Lewd Sex With Nibutani-san, Watashi Wo Tsukatte and Watashi Ki Ni Narimasu, and the four of them are great dope =)

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Hentai Fantasm [English], an Aquarion Evol hentai doujinshi, by Fullmetal Madness

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Haaa, those paizuris... TIFUCKS FOREVER !!  ^__^

Errr… Look, I may have failed to understand the story of this Aquarion Evol parody. Apparently, one of the female characters is love-depressed, so some sort of female mangaka decides to cheer her up… by drawing her having sex. Yay for eromangakas, but how would that be relevant or likely to bring comfort ?
Oh well, we had ero drawings to enjoy at least ^^;;

The art is focused on the heroine’s huge breasts, with massive creampies when vaginal sex beings (is it a penis or a semen hosepipe ?!?). It’s rather average-looking, but lively and passionate at least.
Credits are for Akuma, Psyburn21 and Afro Thunda, with Doujin-Moe commissioning this, thank you ! :)

By the same artist, and featuring the most enthusiastic paizuri EVER, I also share Kaiketsu Shoujo, and there’s also One Night Salvage.

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So Smile [English, Full Color], a Supersonico hentai doujinshi, by Cross Hearts

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Haaa, a white bikini, on a cute girl smiling at you... oh god, she's using a bat, WHACK. I loled.

Sonico (Soniko ??) , the Nitroplus music festival mascot (more info may be found here), is on the beach, wearing a splendid white bikini, and smashing her cameraman’s skull with a bat. Accidentally.
To apologize… beach sex ! =)

This has been released by SMDC, thank you very much :)

By the same artist, I also share Mad Tea Party.

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