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Ranma 1/2 hentai doujin [English] : Rablan by Garakuta-Ya.

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OK, that one won't make zero downloads, but 100 will be a miracle ^^

Ranma Saotome, as a martial expert, wants to experiment all the aspects of his body, including sexuality. Things get more complicated since he turns into a girl when he’s soaked in cold water.
Ranma 1/2 is the epitome of gender bender mangas. The male turns into a female, is surrounded by girls, ecchi is suggested… The present doujin perfectly explores this setup. I could never fap to this (I always picture myself in the action, and the idea that I’d be doing a man, aaaargh, or that I could have my ass suddenly threatened… brrrr !), but I think it’s still worth sharing, and it might please a few of you, who knows :)
This was released by Saha and Viper-San, thanks a lot ! :)

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Mashiroiro Symphony hentai doujin [English] : Yurikko Ga Kunka Kunka Shite Tara Uryuu Sareru H Na Hon, by Tarots

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I laughed hard ^^

One word : LOL. (OK, that’s three words technically, but don’t bug me :D )

This scenario relies on several comical relief keys, there’s a strongly delusional heroine, quiproquos, caricatural manga faces à la Lucky Star, caught-in-the-act embarrassment… It’s quite funny :lol:

Graphically, the heroine is the petite type, there’s not a ton of eroticism I think, still enough for *whatever you want it’s not my business*; but, mostly, I recommend this doujin for the kicks of having a good laugh :)
This was translated by Soba-Scan’s Yumeko-chan, and edited by my dear Conan, a great finder of sweet jewels to enjoy :)

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Touhou hentai doujin [English, Full Color] : Lovely Reimu, by Marked Two

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That blowjob was divine

Reimu, a Touhou heroine, has great sex with some random guy, happily gulping dick, and then proceeding to vaginal sex. Simple as fap that.
Graphically, I was a bit ill at ease, the girl is borderline, but I deemed her “still OK”. Maybe my uneasiness came from the fact that I remembered this artist to have released toddlercon in the past, in comparison to his past releases, this is almost granny porn :lol:
As for the drawings, they’re full of life (on second thought, writing “full of dick” would have been misleading), it’s happy sex, powerful, with occasional breathtaking moments (deepthroat of heaven, high five for that.)

This time I got the credits even though they weren’t written inside, thanks a lot to Sanjogahara and Super Shanko ! ^^

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Bakuman hentai doujin [English] : Aoman, by Fueta Kishi

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Aoki-san, the blonde female mangaka in Bakuman, is given ecchi tutoring to improve her ability to write shounen manga, since shounen mangas are mangas for boys. It perfectly makes sense.

Oh, whatever. She likes it immensely, at last discovering the pleasures of flesh. The ending disappointed me a little bit (happy sex : OK, sure, but not going as far as that…), Fueta Kishi’s drawing the pussy lips too big, but I’ll let it slip, it was the first time I read a REALLY good AND arousing Aoki doujin, her face showed incredibly intense ecstasy :twisted:

Funny note : just by their sheer presence… the power of ero-mangakas is awesome ! (we could almost feel the dreams of an ero-mangaka embedded into a fictional character :lol: )
Thanks a lot to Blurk and Gurumao from Team Vanilla, and also to Afro Thunda ! :)

By Fueta Kishi, I also share Chu Berozu and Fukuyama-san volumes 1-4.

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Touhou hentai doujin [English] : The Maid Lady Is Exploiting me, by From Scratch, a pen name for the artist Johnny

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I wouldn't object to being subject to a "man-eater" maid ;)

So, #RandomHentaiBoy is invited to a Touhou mansion by that maid character, and then sex happens. Basically, for this continuation of The Gatekeeper Lady Is My Partner, this is a valid and complete summary :D As the artist himself wrote in the final note, a girl on the attack is something great :D

The censorship is hard to miss, sadly, but even then, I kinda liked this doujin. Well, for the rest, it’s up to you :)
This doujin is a Troika Translations release, commissioned by Qazmlpok, thanks a lot ! :)

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Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere hentai doujin [English, Uncensored] : CL-Orz 20, by Etcycle

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Yum =)

This is a Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere doujin. I had never heard before of this light novel, but, wow, it’s only rarely that a summary (cf the “Plot” section in the Wikipedia page I hyperlinked) looked like such a massive ball of undiluted crap. Mind you, if I had written “Japan’s still in the Edo era despite having part of the XXth century’s technology, and it’s not Americans but Aliens who invade them”, it would also have looked like crap *cough* :lol:

Enough useless babble : CL-Orz 20 is here, banzai, chaaaaaaarge !! :D

New update : now replaced with a version displaying better uncensoring :)
To compare the decensorings, please refer to this before / after comparison :o

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Street Fighter hentai doujin [English] : Chun-Ketsu, by Kira Hiroyoshi, under the Peach Fox pen name

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It wasn't as bad as it looked first, especially thanks to the anatomy fuckups ^^

YAY, a chance to create another “Fucked up anatomy” picture, right after yesterday‘s ^^
Please, if you can respond to the questions in that picture, do it :lol:

OK, so, remember Arousal Of The Dark Hadou ? Good :D
This time, Chun-Li infiltrates a brothel for a criminal investigation, and to our total absence of surprise, she gets hooked up on dick (Cody’s especially), etcetera, blablabla…

Oh well, the sex is pretty good, with Kira Hiroyoshi’s delicious drawing style, with strong lips, juicy bodies, abundant sex, powerful creampies, and Chun-Li makes really arousing erotic faces :)
I can’t really tell this is happy sex, neither that this is hentai rape, and this isn’t very much about mind break either, so… halfway between all of this, maybe…
I hope you may find stuff to enjoy in this doujin, me, I did :)
This Chun-Li fuckfest was brought us by Raikoh from, thank you very much ! ^^

By Kiya Hiroyoshi, I also share Planet Of The Lewd Women, The Noble Illusionist, The Lecherous Membrane, Beware of Wakana Sensei, Musou Sentai Itemaunjya and Arousal Of The Dark Hadou.

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