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Suzumiya Haruhi hentai doujin [English] : Earnest Heart, by Shunjou Shuusuke

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Is that really Yuki ? O_o

Boy, I didn’t expect that, halting Shunjou Shuusuke’s recent trend of adulterous MILFs, and discovering that artist has also done a Suzumiya Haruhi SOS Brigade hentai doujin O_o

We see Yuki having sex in super sexy underwear, and also in uniform (giving head, actual sex).
My thanks for this surprising and pleasant release are for Darknight, great job, thank you ! :)

Mind you, graphically, even if the female heroine is younger, it’s the usual stuff : delicious hips, great aroused faces, lots of sex, I can’t say I’m willing to complain. If I really wanted to bitch about something, I’d have to mention the annoying censorship as well as the fact the actual Nagato Yuki is nothing like that (smaller, much thinner).

(For more works by Shunjyo Shusuke, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules)

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Monster Hunter hentai doujin [English] : CL-Orz Volume 17 [English, Full Color], by Etcycle

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I SO love this artist =)

Woot, a new CL-Orz volume ! :D That means happy full-color sex drawn with GREAT talent :)

Credits are for Cgrascal, thank you :)

Today’s menu, before the unavoidable scene with “usual” sex (vaginal, anal, suprinsingly no oral), includes a bit of humour, and a double footjob.

The unavoidable suggestion, I also share a HUGE repack with ALL the CL-Orz volumes to this day, entirely in full color !

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To Aru No Majutsu No Index hentai doujin [English] : The View Of Her Walking Is Adult-Rated, by Saz

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I didn’t read Index long enough to discover who is this Orianna Thompson “for real”, but, well, at least I can tell she’s a smoking hot blonde :twisted:

To keep in short, the male hero of the Index series bumps into her by accident, and then they have sex. That woman is a great tease, I’m amazed I didn’t see more of her in the hentai doujinshi I’ve seen around :shock:

I share more works by the same artist, but I confess I’ve completely been making a confusion between Saz and Kamoro-Saz, two different persons. Their styles should be obviously different, and yet, I’m always getting lost between them two. So, use the search engine (searching “Saz” might give too many results, but then search “by Saz” with double quotes), find more by yourself !

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Pack of 2 works by Tsukino Jyogi : Yasashii Oba No Shitsuke Kata (a Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko hentai doujinshi) + Love Vacation+ Yuunou Bijin Hisho Ogawa-San No Yuutsu (a Kurogane no Linebarrels hentai doujinshi)

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Whateverz ¬_¬

I repacked two works by Tsukino Jyogi released together a few days ago, thanks to Yoroshii and Ricado.

These works are :
– Yasashii Oba No Shitsuke Kata (a Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko hentai doujinshi)
-Love Vacation Yuunou Bijin Hisho Ogawa-San No Yuutsu (Kurogane no Linebarrels hentai doujinshi)

Scenario-wise, man inserts penis, woman becomes an obedient slave because she’s just an inferior being. I’m as fucking murderously annoyed as of usual, and even though I know I shouldn’t judge people by their fantasies, I can’t help feeling a strong contempt for the audience buying the books because they love to imagine women can be mindfucked like that. Grrr. Hey, kind words to the 6% of women visiting HentaiRules, please, if you meet a guy believing that, kick him in the balls on my behalf, thanks.
(And if the expression of my opinion hurt your personal feelings, remember, I acknowledged I am in no position to criticize private fantasies, and besides, if you have the right to voice your opinion in a comment, then I do have the same right, it’s my blog :D )
Graphically, it’s the usual Tsukino Jyogi stuff, strong insertions and ahegao-style ecstatic expressions on the faces of the women losing their free will from the orgasm shock.

(Just a note, if you want happy non-brainfucked happy sex inside a Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko doujinshi, there’s this.)

(For much more stuff by this artist, Cf. The List of Tsukino Jyogi’s Works…)

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Vocaloid hentai doujin [English] : Abunai Luka Sensei, by Chinpudo (Also Known As Marui)

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Vocaloid hentai, it's SO rare

The strongest point of this doujin isn’t the actual sex scene (well, the sex wasn’t bad either !), in my opinion, but the very funny way the artist brings this scene into taking place.

The heroine is VERY delusional about a lot of things, and once she realizes how mistaken she was, even her excessive reaction is very funny :)

I can’t write much more, I wouldn’t want to spoil you everything, your reading pleasure is precious. Thanks a lot to Perrinu and Sion from A Japanese Maid Cooking Spaghetti Production !

Update : it appears I was mistaken, the artist’s name is Chinpudo, and not Chipundo, my mistake, sorry if the Zip file is incorrectly named ! And thanks to Alejandro for the notice :)

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Pack of two Bakuman hentai doujinshi [English, 60 pictures] : Bakunew volumes 2-3, by Tetrodotoxin

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Bakuman hentai =)  (If that picture doesn't load for you, please hit F5)

OK, these two volumes aren’t as funny as the first one, but still, they’re nice :) There are funny and highly unexpected twists in the end of each of them, so let’ just say it would be pointless to rage or pass judgements on what you witness in the beginning, OK ? ^^

It’s still pleasant Bakuman hentai, carefree, happy, and the characters end up happier so I guess it’s OK ;)
Credits and thanks are for Raikoh, from !

(Useful precision, knowledge of the manga Bakuman is required to really enjoy this doujin)

By Tetrodotoxin, I also share Bakunew 1, Hanai And Tajima’s Last Night Fantasy Tales + Momokan My Japanese Prostitute Girlfriend and Hot Sweaty Summer.

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Pack of 3 recently released works by the artist Alice No Takarabako [English, 178 pictures]

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Ahegao avenue

I repacked 3 works by Alice No Takarabako in the present share, they were recently released :
– Maria-sama Prostitution 4 + 1-3 Recap
– MC High Yojigenme
– Mercury Shadow

Don’t bother searching a scenario, it’s simply women of various origin (either Maria-Sama Ga Miteru or Sailor Moon doujinshi, or an original creation) and for various reasons (a hypno belfry, or Natural Born Sluts), who turn into total sex whores enjoying to have as much sex as they can, enjoying the depraved glow of it all. Graphically, it’s countless ahegao faces and girls, happy ecstatic sex with reason deliberately thrown to the pits, nothing extreme, though.
You love the drawings ? Go for it, there’s lots of hentai to enjoy ! Otherwise, move on, you won’t miss anything else anyway ;)
Credits are for Anonymous Scanner, Desu, Wrathkal and Blumeino from LWB and Chocolate Scans, and Ackeejag and Arth6250 from Pineapples’R’Us :)

By the same artist, I also share a HUGE pack of 12 other English works, MC High volumes 1-2-3, another shorter 2-works pack (that included, already, MC High 1, sorry :-/ ), and NTR Rinko, Manaka and Nene Plus, and finally another 3-works pack. Wow, it piles up, eventually ! O_o

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