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Dynamite Drink In The Summer [English], an Ano Natsu De Matteru hentai doujinshi, by Nekottoland

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And suddenly... SEX ! And suddenly... ZERO SCENARIO ! :D

Errr… what ?!? :D
Okay, this is ridiculous, but it was fun, and after all, if even the artist doesn’t care about practically anything, why should we :lol:

So, yeah, here you are, with a “what-the-fuckesque” Ano Natsu De Matteru parody, featuring two of the characters, on a scorching summer day, and suddenly they become wild beasts. If the drawings are to your taste, please, dear perverts after my own heart, enjoy ! =)

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Pack Of 3 Works By Fukuyama Naoto [English, 87 pictures]

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Tons of love juice, everywhere, gaping holes, energetic sex... I LOVED IT ! ^_^

I gathered here three works by Fukuyama Naoto, brand new for one of them, a month or two old for the others, published under the Aka Usagi pen name for one of them.
They’re kinda nice, an odd mix of these ahegaos I don’t like but without evil mindbreak (that’s half of the reasons I dislike ahegaos, frankly), of wonderful sexy bodies, with juicy pussy lips (there’s an undeniable similarity with Fueta Kishi), of happy sex to which I couldn’t ever object, in wet and sloppy style, and of excellent drawing skill. All in all, I think they’re totally worth it :D

These works are :
Evening Temptation : highschool lovers, simply :D
Sena Wa Kimono Ga Kirenai : Sena, from Haganai, in a kimono, having happy carefree sex =)
Zessica To Ichaicha Suru Dake No Hon : Zessica, from Aquarion Evol, has happy sex with her lover. Tsk, all she gets in the ass is one finger, how about a dick, Fukuyama Naoto ?!?

And credits are for Desu, Darkfire and Flammz, and Raikoh from Doujin-Moe, thank you ! :)
The images being in high res, that’s a 129 MB large package for “only” 87 images. If you like, I’m also offering you another version with the images shrunk to standard 1600 px, this time it’s only 44 MB large :)

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Fukuyama Naoto’s works on Hentairules!)

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MP0 [English], a Dragon’s Crown hentai doujinshi, by Fruitsjam

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Hahahaaa, I had a good laugh reading that one :lol: MP0 is a fine example of one of these sides of hentai that I adore, when this is shamelessly and exhileratingly hilarious, and reason is thrown to the gutter without second thoughts : so long and thanks for the fish ! :D

I’ll try a summary : RGP-like characters, a warrior and a dwarf (both of them on steroids, and the dwarf on growth factor since conception, seriously, that was the tallest and buffest dwarf ^^;;) help their magician refill her MP, while the team’s wizard holds off a boss.

The sex is good, fun and all. Don’t except faptastic ero, the main point is to laugh hard, here ^^
I’m GLAD I found this manga, thanks a LOT to SMDC for this release :)

By the same artist, I also share Ura Mahou Sensei Jamma 17, on the hetero side, and, for the rest these are yuri hentai shares, Negima hentai doujin and a K-On! hentai doujin. Side info, if you managed to miss it until today, for heaven’s sake, read Maka-Maka, the BEST lesbian manga there is on Earth !

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X On The Beach [English], a very good Amagami hentai doujinshi, by UGC (Also Known As Sasaki Akira)

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The only times in my life I ejaculated too fast was when my partner wore a bikini. I love bikinis. I FUCKING LOVE THEM !!!

Hibiki Morishima, from Amagami goes to the beach with her lover, and the two of them have sex in a secluded area, in the open.
In my perverted opinion, the main character, here, is Hibiki’s bikini, it made her even MORE erotic, I always feel that a girl is more erotic with her bikini than bare naked :twisted:

Apart from that, there’s happy sex with mutual liking, very strong arousal (aaah, Hibiki’s flushed faces as she gives in to having sex in the open !), SPLENDID breasts (proud, pointed, splendid I tell you !!), and very well drawn enthusiastic sex, I’m plenty satisfied with this manga :D
My great thanks, for this release, are for Palaxius and Blue-Wingz, from LifeForKaoru ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Senpai Tte Ecchi Desu Ne

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Getsu Ka Sui Moku Kin Do Nichi FullColor 2 [English], a Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi, by Isao

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Well drawn that even comes with a sort of morale and a happy ending ? Dafuq, that exists ?!? O_o

In the volume 1 of this full-color Getsu-stuff series (wow, I’ve shared it 14 months ago, time sure flies !), we witness a lucky person (who needed a morale boost) be greeted into a Love Hotel, and every Sailor Moon heroine is going to have sex with him. Lucky bastard.

Good news : nothing changes ! :D (said no climatologist ever)
The same Sailor Senshi greet another man to their love hotel, and offer him a wonderful night, for free.

This is good full-color art, the girls are lively and cute. One regret, this time, it was only Usagi, Venus and Jupiter (in the previous volume, there were all the Sailor Moon girls, huhu.)
I was shocked, once again, in the end, I didn’t even “dare” hope for a clean, beautiful, promising conclusion. Good job Isao, good job ! :D
Credits are for Red Vodka, Phantom Renegade, Psyburn21, Almond and Lightshader, from Trinity Translations Team and LWB for the volume 1, while I just have no idea about the volume 2 ^^

I share the volume 2, and also a repack of the volumes 1 and 2 together.
For the list of my Isao shares, please follow that link =)

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Boku Wa Kotori-chan No Naka De 2 [English], a Love Live! hentai doujinshi, by Gust (artist Harukaze Soyogu)

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That teen was DELICIOUS to behold. Plus, great sex.

“Gust” is actually a name-holder, a doujin circle name used by two different artists, Gust-san and Harukaze Soyogu. Gust-san draw McHentai with always the same big-titted girls having braindead orgies (once in a rare while, that’s not bad, mind you. Like a McDonald’s meal, see the logic behind the comparison ?). This share is a work by the latter, my favorite, the one who pours soul into his works, Harukaze Soyogu :D
Here, the story is extremely simple, a Love Live! teen idol, Kotori-chan, wants to please a lot her producer and lover. OK, there is no story, but there are feels, in exchange, warm love, mutual caring, it was cute and felt good =)

This was released by Blue-Wingz and Burai Kitsune, from LifeForKaoru, thank you :)

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Pansuto Succubus (“Pantyhosed Succubi”) [English], a Darkstalkers Full-Color hentai doujinshi, by Midoh Tsukasa

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Seriously ? Sodomized THROUGH your pantyhose, girls ? The hell, juste tak'em off ! é_è

Morrigan, soon joined by Lilith, from DarkStalkers, decide to have sex with a group of sturdy well-hung men. Orgy time !

Basically, do you dig : pantyhoses ? Succubi ? Full-color hentai ? Quality anal and DP ? Answer yes to any of these, and I only need to add : ENJOY ! :D
Me, though I like nylon and lace underwear, I don’t see the point when it remains above genitalia, so that killed more than half of my enjoyment, but, well, to each his own, I guess :roll:

Thanks to whoever released this nice work :)

Pantyhosed Succubi came in faulty scans, with horribly irritating horizontal lines (in my own eyes, I would call this a syndrome of “once you see it, you just can’t stop frigging noticing it” – or “CANNOT UNSEE, MWAHAHAHAAA”, more familiarly :lol:). I tried to take care of them : BeforeAfter.
Also, besides the original 70 MB very high res version, I also offer you guys a resized-to-1600 px version, shrunk down to just 6 MB on the disk :3

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