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Puella Magi Madoka Magica hentai doujin [English] : Mami Yome, by Kurosawa Pict

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Creampie in 3, 2, 1...

This is a 100% guaranteed brains-free shre, the blondie with hair curls in Puella Magi Madoka Magica is apparently a housewife, welcome her hushand at home with a naked apron (almost, she’s got panties), and, what did you expect, they have sex, oral, tittyfuck, woman on top, missionary.
The drawings are kinda nice, in their contrasted style, with a smiling girl enjoying sex… I hope you may also like it :) And thanks a lot to No4h and Phantom Renegade, from Trinity Translations Team ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Holiday Party 2-3 + Orange Girls, Hiyori Otoshi, Angel Breath, Kyouko’s Secret Box, Pool Daisakusen, Hitomi Magica, the VERY imaginative Holiday Party vol 1, and a pack of 6 works.

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Pack of 2 nice works by Hiyoshi Hana [English] : SKB2 and (under the Kacchuu Musume pen name) Chinese Figure Four Lock

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Nice works, don't you think ? I'm sure some day we'll read a TANK or at least complex story by this artist :)

Holy cow, Kacchuu Musume = Hiyoshi Hana ! O_o I had no idea ! Woot, two good artists are now one ! ^_^
*cough* Erm, sorry, the enthusiasm kicking in :oops:

Soooo. Er. Well. Here is a nice pack of two works by the hentai artist Hiyoshi Hana, featuring happy sex, either with mutual love (first case) or mutual liking (second case). Nothing really kinky or weird, the usual sex, feeling good, even relieving the soul :)
Thanks a lot to Tsurupettan, Conan and Fuke ! :)

These two works are :
Chinese Figure Four Lock, a really good Witchcraft Works parody, heterosexual action between the main hero and heroine
SKB2, a Touhou parody, futanari-based

By the same artist, under the Hiyoshi Hana name, I also share Spend The Night, The Equation Of Him And His Little Sister, Woman’s Heart And Autumn Inn, and a pack of 2 works (made of : The Little Sister On My Lap, and, it’s a sequel to The Equation Of Him And His Little Sister, The Equation Of The Cat And Me). And, under the Kacchuu Musume pen name, I also share Shibakame and Kanade No Pastoral. There’s also Hexennacht, but that one looks to have been drawn by a different artist – no idea how and why.

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[email protected] hentai doujin [English] : A Certain Sexual Desire Of Haruka, by S-Force

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There will be days like that, when I grow fond of something amateurish for which I can only find negative things to say. Weird, huh ?d

I can’t call that one exceptional, just barely good. The drawings are kinda amateurish while the scenario won’t make an old demanding hentaier like my dear Ehud – or like you perhaps ! – jump from his seat in ecstasy (in short, this is a “oh, you popped a boner because I was wearing a bikini, no worries manager, let’s go and have sex in the showers, yatta !“.

And, even though I know it, I liked this story, that was refreshing, worries-free, and highly fetish-based, if you like the idea of a model in bikini with whom you could have sex in the showers, well, that’s right on target :)
Thanks to RunCrab for this Idolmaster parody :)

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Tales of Xillia hentai doujin [English] : Milla X Koi, by Kurimomo

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That picture is, by very far, the best of the manga. Don't hate me if the rest is inferior, okay ? ;)

I feel disappointed with this new release by Kurimomo, there’s the happy sex, however this time there’s not been lots of vanilla flying around, and the scenario is more lacking (meaning : poof, it’s gone, nothing remains) than of usual.

Yes, I know, a hentai parody of an existing series (here, Tales of Xillia) doesn’t need a scenario anyway, it’s metaphorically already on rails… but, come on, a good setup does add some welcome spice to it !

As for the drawings, we’ve got a hot blonde with nice breasts and a candid angel face, who’s on the verge of discovering what happy sex is like. I don’t have much more to add, see for yourselves ^^ And thanks to Shadow_moon from SMDC this release :)

Fore MORE, and the other ones are better, Cf. the list of my shares by Kurimomo !

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Queen’s Blade hentai doujin [English] : Niiduma Ichiban Shibori, by HLZ Sanom

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One cannot refuse love from a big-titted maid with cat ears.

Aldra, a Queen’s Blade female character, a cutie with an angel face, cat ears and a maid’s outfit, pictures herself having really good lovey-dovey sex with the man she loves, carefully tending after his sexual needs : french kiss, paizuri, woman on top, doggystyle.

And that’s all ^^ Thanks to Cgrascal for that nice vanilla-flavoured candy :)

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Highschool Of The Dead hentai doujin [English] : Saya Rei, by Human High Light Film

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Yep, that was quality hentai :3

Two of the cuties in HOTD, Rei and Saya (a big-breasted sexually aroused tsundere megane with pigtails wearing shimapan ? YEAAAAAAH!), have sex with Takashi, the male hero. First separately, and then, when their little initial drama is over, in threesome mode.

There’s not really any scenario to mention, while the drawings, as from them, might be the best I’ve seen so far by Human High Light Film ! They’re very realistic, with very little censoring, and it’s really well done, almost incredibly intense : hats off :shock:
Thanks a lot to Cgrascal for this release ! :)

(I share much more stuff by this artist, Cf The list of Human Light Film’s works)
But until my kind helper, HurpDurp, updates this page above (he’s kindly doing the job I don’t have any more time to do myself, so it’s hard to blame him when he is late ^^;;), you’ll find my other Human High Light Film shares here and there :)

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Sword Art Online hentai doujinshi [English] : D.L. Action 72, by Digital Lover

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Seriously, Digital Lover, you're a graphical genius ! WHY U NO MAKE A TANK ?

Most of my previous Sword Art Online shares showed the male hero (Kirito) with Asuna, his “official” woman. Sometimes with 5 women in total.
The scenario is deliberately vague about it, the male hero doesn’t understand what’s going on, after a scene with Asuna, these are Liz, Silica, Leafa and Sinon who have sex with Kirito, one after the other (indexed that, Google ? ^^), each of them introducing herself as his legit wife for the day and then jumping – metaphorically – on his dick.
Scenario-wise, this was weird and left me with a bitter-sweet aftertaste (there’s a vanilla ending, “at least”), but graphically, oh my eyes, what a delightful fuckfest, RHA LOVELY ! :twisted: There’s oral, vaginal, anal, with several girls, in several positions, big breasts, small breasts, nekomimi, all happy sex with mutual care, YEAAAH ! :3

My great thanks, for this release, are for KirbyDances, LS, HayateKBL, Rinon, HKryiusei, from EHcove and Life4Kaoru, great job ! :)
For More Digital Lover, cf. The Updated List Of Her Works !

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