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Dead Or Alive hentai doujin [English] : Kasumi-chan To Nobetumakunashi 3, by Sirius

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I could fuck her just for her face, lol

Oh that cover, it almost shattered my retinas. Oh.

In this doujin, Kasumi shows one of her hottest faces, if not THE HOTTEST FACE EVAR. *cough*, sorry, I’m letting myself being carried away, enthusiam, all that.
It’s true the scenario sucks (Kasumi has sex and loves it, neither her nor her partner don’t give a fuck about impregnation risk), it’s true there’s annoying black bars censorship, but, god, Kasumi’s faces were priceless :)

Thanks a LOT to Dark Knight, for the perfect work and also for the translation choice :)

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No More Heroes hentai doujin [English] : One More Heroes, by Under Control

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I laughed a lot with that doujin ^_^

Two characters from No More Heroes, a Wii game, have sex. But it’s not the happy brainless usual sex, oh boy, oh no :D
First, the heroine has a sharp tongue, or should I say she’s spitting soul-crusing daggers with almost every word she says, a bit like Maria in Arakawa Under The Bridge :twisted: Second, her male partner, is out of this world too, his reactions are excessive in all regards, and it provides lots of comic relief.

And the ending, the ending, ah LOL !! :lol:

OK, there’s annoying censorship, but I definitely believe this manga is worth reading !

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Infinite Stratos hentai doujin [English, Full Color] : ORIMUland, by Nise Midi Doronokai (Also Known As Ishikei)

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/omg - /OMG !!

Me, when I see a pic like that, when I read it’s a new translated work by Nise Midi Doronokai (AKA Ishikei), I don’t give a fuck about the description anymore, I jump at the download links ! :twisted:

Enjoy the brand new goodness, and a zillion thanks to Catharsis, Nemesis, Blurk, Micah and Gurumao from Little White Butterflies ! ^_^

Update : and now, thanks to Belldandy 100, this is UNCENSORED ! :woot:

(For MUCH more stuff, see the LONG list of ALL my shares by Nisemidi Doronokai)
(Or there’s also
my Nisemidi Doronokai Total Pack)

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai hentai doujin [English] : Soft Meat, by Mugenkidou

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Sena is just too cute (but that, it's another doujin ^^) - Hit F5 if the picture doesn't load !

« GROSS ! So that’s what it looks like without the mosaic… » – said the heroine, Sena, while looking at a thick black-bar-censored penis. No, seriously… ^^;;

This is a fap’n’go hentai story between Sena and Kodaka, two characters from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, having happy sex with – as it leaks out pretty fast – love :)

I love good vanilla, I love happy sex, I love breasts like that (I’ve written it elsewhere, for that Sena girl already, but despite having HUGE breasts, her chest is not grotesque, unlike the girls drawn by some other artists, it’s a relief), so I recommend you that doujin, hoping you’ll love it too :)
Credits are for Crimson Leo, commissioned by Raikoh from, good job ! ^^

By Mugenkidou, I also share a LARGE pack of 14 works (450 pictures). And also, it’s not the same artist but it’s strikingly similar, there is also Hisasi’s I’m In Trouble Because Sena Is Just Too Cute.

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IdolM@ster hentai doujin [English] : Atsui Hi Daradara (“Idling In The Heat”), by Takemura Sesshu (Sessyu), under the “Chotto Dake Aruyo” pen name

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That one blew my mind, BRILLIANT ! O_O

Two Idolmaster heroines (Miki and Makoto) accompany their producer to a place they discover to be far away from civilization. Heck, too bad, apart from sex there’s strictly nothing to do. And there’s nothing left to eat but a cucumber, except that they didn’t even eat it eventually.
Non-stop sex all day, carefree action with good feelings of affection (not love, more like mutual understanding and respect), no restrictions or socially advised bigotry, let’s add a bit of humour… This doujin blew my mind, I ver strongly recommend it to you ! O_O

The drawing style is unusual, very contrasted darks and lights, no fuss and no compromises, showing the “animality” of sex, it produced a visual shock, a pleasant one.
I’ll repeat myself, I recommend you this doujin :)
Thanks a whole lot to Dark Mac, Gurumao and Tornomer, it’s not every day, not even every month, a hentai manga makes that effect on me ! :)

UPDATE : and thanks to Afro Thunda, I can now mention this doujin is actually drawn by the great Takemura Sesshu. Damn the use of pen names.

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Steins;Gate hentai doujin [English] : Nano Da Ze, by Hi-Per Pinch

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Assfuck in all its glory

Graphically, this was an eye-imploding fuckfest of great quality with great oral and anal action, I’d have loved the girl to be less borderline but it was still OK I think, and for the scenario, I suppose in the present case having one would have just been a waste of space :o
Go for it if the drawings are to your taste, me, I’ll be thanking Xavier, Red Vodka, Yakuri, BluMeino, Afro Thunda and Dark Mac, from LWB and, in BluMeino’s case, Chocolate Scans :)

By the same artist, I also share a BIG pack of 10 works, a pack of 3 works, and a To Heart doujin.

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Pack of 4 nice works by the artist Kanyapie (AKA Kanyapi, Kananyapyi, Kaniya) [English, 84 pictures]

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Spoon, not poontang, let's avoid misudnerstandings ;)

Being absolutely DELIGHTED at a new release, Sweet Delivery, by Kanyapie (AKA Kanyapi, Kananyapyi, Kaniya), I searched just in case for other realeases by this artist – and I found some, woot ! The other ones aren’t as arousing and graphically awesome, however they’re funnier, and a good laugh is worth several good faps unless you’ve got urgent needs ;)

It’s always happy sex, without love. I hope you’ll love that pack ! =)

This pack contains :
– Sweet Delivery
– Private Design
– Nodoka Hiyori
– Tsundere School Swimsuit
Credits and zillions of thanks are for Blurk, Masamune, Altereggo and Dark Marc from LWB, Areshiones, Vincent and Caska from HFH, Gammando and Yoroshii !

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