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Oh Girl [English], a Kill La Kill hentai doujinshi, by Bakunyuu Fullnerson

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I chose this picture for anatomic reasons. Try to imagine the shape and required length of the girl's spine, on this picture... :3

Earlier today I tweeted about eromangakas obviously taking drugs.
Well, here is the source of that image, a newly released Kill La Kill hentai parody, brought to us by Mederic64, thank you so much, man ! ^_^

Background info, Cgrascal made a version of this thing before. Mederic64 retranslated it again from Japanese (making much more sense) and reedited it more nicely, releasing it in French (his native language) and in English (I helped a tiny little bit for proofreading).
Mederic64 didn’t stop at that, he also decensored every bit he could decensor. The end result is really very good, huge props :)

As for the story ? Two male weirdos engage in sex with two “almost as weird” girls from the Kill La Kill universe. They’ve got their weirdo reasons, and apparently that’s enough justification to hentai rape the girls, who, quite obviously (because hentai, as always) get to adore it at once and stop resisting, wanting more and more and more.
Graphically, that’s quite good, the dialogues bring weird spice, and scenario-wise… joker !

By this artist, under the names Bakunyu Fullnerson, Magoroku and Kokuryuugan, I also share good and bad stuff : Ashigami (235 pictures), Now Aging, Paradise, a pack of 2 works, Sangri-La, One More Time With The Beautiful Sister, Seiken Koutai, Bikou Shoujo, an Emma hentai doujin with a title too tiring to write again, and Exotic Syndrome ! Let’s add the full tank Sensual Scent Proactive Legs.

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Neko Futatsu Kurai Ni No Maki [English], a Puzzle And Dragons hentai doujinshi, by Venom (a group name for Rusty Soul and Alto Seneka)

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I loved these girls' faces :)

– Update : my bad, that was a parody of Puzzle And Dragons, not Pazzle… That’s why I didn’t find the source ^^ Thanks to those who commented to clarify it ! :)  Anyway : here is a graphically nice share, drawn by two artists under the Venom doujin circle name.

The first artist is very well know, this is Rusty Soul, the one behind the Brandish series.
The second artist, Alto Seneka, very vaguely rung a bell, maybe it’s a pen name for something that’s better know…

Oh well. Anyway. We have cute slender bodies, horny fine faces, and lots (I mean : LOTS) of great sex, either yuri with dildos, or (less of it) vaginal and anal heterosexual time. With zero dot zero scenario getting in the way :D
Thanks to ElecDrago and Qbtranslations for this share ! ^_^

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Dragon Queen’s [English], a Dragon Quest hentai doujinshi, by Motsu Ryouri

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I would be almost paralyzed if I had to choose between the two of them. HNNNGGG !!!

Once again, Manya holds a brothel for the Dragon Quest heroines to please the lust of men, in exchange of lumps of cold hard cash. We follow some male hero, who explains us the different sections of the “Puff Puff Club”, first the pole dancing area (without a single pole, WTF ^^), then the “sofa” area dedicated to blowjobs and copping feels, and, at last, the VIP-est section, the bed, in which sex takes place with Bianca and Flora.

This is happy “yay we’re braindead, only thinking about diiiicks !” kind of sex, without complications. Oral, vaginal, anal.
The art style wasn’t too bad, it was oddly extrely close to, both, Alice No Takarabako (Mizuryi Kei) and Insert/Ken (one of his works is here, if you don’t remember him).

Thanks a lot to Ogodei-Khan and BluMeino, from ChocolateScans ! :)
By the same artist, I also share Tou Juku Next and Kaku Musume 11.

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Juujunyoukan Wa Iranai Ko Nanka Ja Naindesu [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Kusui Aruta

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A chubby voluptuous blonde wearing the outfit of the official slutty loli of the troop ? Brains will explode.

Atago, the big-breasted slightly chubby blonde female battleship, is growing worried that her admiral isn’t using enough the heavy cruisers of the troop (if that phrase sounds totally crazy to you, welcome to Kantai Collection). (To the point that some of them have grown moss, lol :D )
So, what’s the solution ? An evening raid into the admiral’s bed, of course ! And so, sex follows, with Atago wearing most of her uniform, and then naked, and then (here, if you listen closely enough, you’ll hear the brains of the lolicon fans explode in the distance) wearing Shiikaze’s uniform.

The sex is drawn rather well, in a generous a bit crude fashion, with the unusual censorship almost highlighting the genitals rather than hiding them. At least, it’s worth a look ^^
Thanks to Cgrascal for this release ! :)

By Kusui Aruta, I also share the nice and decensored Another Dimension, Houkago Himegoto , Yuki Rika, Renai Holic 0-3 (warning, outdated, I ought to share an updated version) and Love Hiyori 1-4.

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Karorful Mix EX11 [English, Full-Color], a Shingeki No Kyojin hentai doujinshi, by Karomix

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Mikasa had a fragile side, this time, that made her cuter, less intimidating...d

Mikasa and Eren, the heroes from Attack On Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin (you can read it online on Batoto, if you want to watch the anime go find the torrents yourself), take shelter in an old abandoned shack. One thing leading to another, they warm each other, with benefits. Simple as that, feeling good, well drawn, with mutual liking, and a cute humorous note in the end ! :D

I liked that one, I hope it may please you too ! ^_^ For this, thanks a lot to Shinko, Kouya913, Xenn, from EhCove ! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Karorful Mix volume 8, volume 9 , and volume 10.

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Clesta CL-Orz shares for August 2014 : 5 new excellent full-color volumes, enjoy ! ^_^

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Chubby like that, she looks incredibly comfortable... :3

I’m catching up on lost time, so here are 5 new volumes of the CL-Orz series, by Clesta/Etcycle. They’re great, featuring awesome full-color sex, without complications, between anime/manga characters.
This time, the parodiated series are Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, Kantai Collection and Love Live!

The volumes I’m sharing here are :
– in English : CL-Orz 29 (before today, I only had the Chinese version), CL-Orz 35 (oh my god, that cover ! RHA !) and CL-Orz 36 (if you had a thing for Mio in K-On!, it features Atago, the blonde bimbo from Kancolle strongly resembling her, she was drawn kinda chubby, though)
– in Chinese : CL-Orz 34 (no English yet, and finding the Chinese version was a total pain in the ass already)
– in Japanese : CL-Orz 37 (no English yet, rather easy to find, but as it features loli I’m in less of a hurry to find it translated)

Concurrently, I also updated my Clesta / Etcycle TOTAL PACK, with these new volumes, and, also, with the 3 other volumes (31-32-33) that I had shared as single shares but that I had forgotten to update to my Total Pack at the time of their releases. You may not realize this, but repacks such as the present one take A HELLUVA MORE TIME to make than the simple action of preparing a new share from a freshly released zip… much, much more time T___T

I really hope you’ll enjoy these new Clesta volumes :)

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Clover 1 [English], a pleasant Yotsuba-To hentai doujinshi, by Kansai Orange

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You're not falling in love son. It's oxytocin high.

Fuuka, from Yotsuba-To, gives a paizuri to Yotsuba’s daddy, and then, later, she has sex with one of her male class friends who is in love with her. And, perhaps, in the end, is she starting to feel not just friendship, but love…
The art, as for it, is good without being exceptional… and yet… aaargh, I don’t have the proper words to express it, there’s a really PLEASANT feeling coming from the drawings, as if the artist really loved the characters… There’s human “warmth” poured into every one of these drawings…

My description isn’t helpful, right ? I apologize I can’t convey how it feels, see for yourselves ? T__T
This pleasant read has been brought to us by Gairaigo, thank you ! :)

–Update: this share has become obsolete (plus, all links but one had died.)
Please, see this more recent post with Clover volumes 1-2-3-4 :)

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