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My Wife Is An Idol – Akizuki Ritsuko chapter [English, Full-color], an [email protected] hentai doujinshi, by Maruwa Tarou

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Too bad she kept her glasses but undid the pigtails :D

Okay, Maruwa Tarou really draws penis heads weirdly, lol. But everything else is damn NEAT, so I won’t complain ^_^

In this brains-free share, we’re simply shown an [email protected] heroine (the internet is scary : that page and all of its details O_o), married, and having happy sex with love with her husband. The art is nice, and the full-color side of things is quite unusual, with bright vivid colors everywhere, either clashing or in harmony… That was refreshing :)

And those glasses, how can a simple accessory arouse me more than boobs ? RHA !

This share is once again brought to us by Doujin-Moe, thank you ! :)

By the same artist (call him Maruwa Tarou or Atelier Maruwa, as you like), I also share Dededere girls Girl Hino Akane, Occult Girl Alice 1-2, Tofu Girl, Shoujo Nostalgica, My Wife Is An Idol, Kitsune No Yomeiri (The Fox’s Wedding), Deredere Girls Girl Natalia, and some stuff here and there.

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X In The Room [English], an Amagami hentai doujinshi, by Sasaki Akira (under the pen name UGC)

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Too bad there was too much censorship, but it was nice nonetheless ^_^

I like sweet stories like this one =)
Hibiki Morishima, an Amagami heroine, spends quality time with her lover at a Japanese onsen. We don’t see much of the onsen, huhu, it’s all about Hibiki having great sex, first vaginal, then anal.

The censorship gets horribly in the way, but fortunately it’s mostly made up for by the pleasant quality of the drawings, the natural shapes of Hibiki’s body, her cute face, the charm of a yukata gradually removed… Also, the male partner’s attitude got me fired up, he wasn’t trying to climax hard or fast, he was only focusing on giving pleasure to his the woman he loves, this tiny detail made the whole story much better in my eyes :)

Credits are for BlueWingz and Hihohahi, from LifeForKaoru. This is their group’s third birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY guys, and here’s to 3 more years, and even more ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Senpai Tte Ecchi Desu Ne and X On The Beach.

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Pack of 2 nice [English] works by Makinosaka Shinichi : A Little More Assertively + Cool Only

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Those works felt good to read, good for the dick, good for the heart ^_^

I gathered here two good works by Makinosaka Shinichi, one of them brand new, the other one forgotten since the end of 2013 I think :

A Little More Assertively : lots of AAAAWWWW =) in that one :D A shy introverted highschool girl and her boyfriend (they were ADORABLE-looking, being all amazed at holding hands, awww ! And the way their eyes are drawn !!) receive a friendly push from… what?!? A former girlfriend ?!? It’s time for the girl to strengthen her position. Hentai and fun ^^ Also, the girl looked petite with her clothes, but as soon as she took them off, JEBUS, curved back, nice hips, big breasts… where was she hiding all of that ? :lol:

Cool Only : this is an [email protected] parody featuring Ranko having happy brains-free sex with her producer. I really don’t recognize the girl I saw last in Ranko-ish 2 O_o After this, Anastasia/Anya and a third girl taste a bit of their P-kun too. (Makinosaka Shinichi wrote this under the pen name “Pe & Pi”.)

Both of them are very pleasant, and the first one is damn amusing, with real talent for comedy and funny faces, it’s worth reading ^_^

Don’t forget to check out The List of My Makinosaka Shinichi Shares !

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Eros And Agape [English], a Fate Stay Night hentai doujinshi, by Ikujinashi No Fetishist

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I was mesmerized. Witnessing one of those moments when porns turns into art. You may not leave it unscathed, but, please, try to read it ?

Wow, that is is so HEAVY :shock:

In this Fate Hollow Ataraxia doujinshi, we follow two characters of the eroge, Caren Hortensia and the Father Marlow, going through a dramatic, erotic and morally shocking adventure.
I really, really would like to write yet another wall of text, but spoiling you the story would defeat the whole point of sharing it. So : I hope you’ll be able to read it, you may not leave this unscathed, but it’s worth reading it ! O_o

Credits are for _Ragdoll, from Ragged Translations, thank you ! :)

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Hasta La Vista [English], a Touhou hentai doujinshi, by Fat Boy

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I laughed ^_^

I can’t take this one seriously ^^ A human is brought to some form of divine court where they’re judged to move on to heaven or to hell. He begs for a last chance to have sex.
Komachi (a self-confident busty gorgeous figure), followed by Eiki (petite and shy, lacking experience), two Touhou goddesses, gladly grant his wish. Hentai time !

This was released by Abukara, Fmko and Gio, thank you ! :)

This doujinshi was amusing, I can’t really explain why, though. The drawings were either serious or humorous. The human was muscular and tall and yet was a total virgin lacking self-confidence (this does NOT imply femdom, okay). The drawings were alternatively really good or butchering fundamental notions of human anatomy. And there’s the ending suiting the initial sentence… what??
Oh well, see for yourselves, I hope there’s a chance you can love reading it ! ^_^

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Dragon Ball H [English, Full Color], a pleasant Dragon Ball Z hentai doujinshi

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You steal daddy's glory ? I FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER ! Good job, Gohan.

Poor Satan. He steals the glory of the Goku family ? Son Gohan fucks his daughter !! :twisted: *cough*

Haaa, that one brought back memories ^^
I have no idea who were the persons that drew it, I imagine it was colorized freshly, so don’t ask me for any background. This is, simply, a very pleasant Dragon Ball Z hentai doujinshi, featuring Son Gohan and Videl (or Beedel as her name is written here).
The drawings are rather good for an old-school parody, the colorization brought it a pleasant touch, and for the rest, well, I’ll let you see for yourselves, I hope it may please you, and thanks to the persons behind it ! :)

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T-Moon Complex – Congratulations 10th Anniversary [English], a doujinshi based on the universe of Fate, Fate Stay Night and the following games, by Crazy Clover Club

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That was ecchi at best, but on top of all, this was pleasant comedy, cute and very funny :D In “T-Moon Complex – Congratulations 10th Anniversary“, the artist(s ?) behind Crazy Clover Club pay homage to Type Moon, the creators of the series of Fate/Stay Night/WhateverYouNameIt erogames.

We’re shown all the characters of the games gathering at an onsen, having comedy battles over penis/breasts sizes, simply chilling, enjoying life, and rejoicing they belong to a popular ever-growing game franchise. I’m not sure it qualifies more as a mise en abyme or as fully breaking the 4th wall, what would you think of it ?

Anyway. This is so carefree, pleasant, and fun to read, that I REALLY wanted to share it, even if there is no sex and just soft nudity ^_^
If you know the Fate/Whatever universe, I think you’ll totally enjoy it. If you don’t, it’s still funny, come on, try to read it ;)
This was apparently released by Exas, thank you very much ! :)

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