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Tales Of The Abyss hentai doujin [English] : Meshimase Miso Parfait, by Aerial Soul

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Awwww =) Sweeeeeeeeeeet =)

Aww, cuuuuute ! =) Even if I become sick with diabetes, I’ll always welcome more vanilla hentai, like here, a Tales Of The Abyss doujin featuring two young adults having great sex with love, with in mind the dream of becoming parents. Aww :)

My sweet thanks are for Nandeyan, Chance and Stark, from the great Life4Kaoru team ! :)

Just a note, I made two changes to this doujin, compared to how I found it. First, I joined the front and back cover, there was little redrawing to do and it had a pleasant artistic feeling (don’t you think ? Cf the pictures gallery…). Second, I applied a strong darkening levels correction, I feel that correction made the pictures look much more “lively”, they were initially so pale the drawings were greatly losing in intensity.

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Sengoku Basara hentai doujin [English] : Hada Kasuga, by Activa

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I happen to love exhib hentai, I think ^^

A blonde ninja with a very revealing costume is actually a full-fledged exhibitionist who loves strolling naked at night, masturbating in empty streets, and she has, at last, sex with a pair of guys catching her while she’s at it.

I don’t know why, but I always feel as if exhibitionism is a refreshing theme, and the heroine was good-looking too. There’s a “boxed blur around the borders between genitalia” censorship that’s a bit annoying, and the levels could have done with a lot of darkening, but even then, I kinda liked reading this doujin :)
Thanks a lot to my dear Munyu guys who brought us lots of good things already, Malone, CNHN and Kam ! :)

PS : to hell with Naruto and the gay ninjas wearing orange coats and silver shiny stuff on their forehead, to hell with the present half-naked exhib ninja girl ! If you REALLY want to lose faith in ninjas, you’ve got to read that page, and click the picture to read the following picture :D

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Final Fantasy hentai doujin [English] : Ohigebon 60 Pun 10000 Gil Ni Narimasu 1, by Ohigetan

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Those eyes ! Those boobs ! Those lips ! HNG !


Let’s throw reason down the gutter, all that matters here is that several hotties from several Final Fantasy episodes are gathered for sex with a bunch of guys, this is high resolution full color hentai art, and the drawings are oozing energy from everywhere :shock:
Tifa, in full color, french kissing while encouraging to massage her breasts… The very first picture I opened sold me, as for the rest, there’s french kissing, bukkake, vaginal and anal, awesome ! :shock: :D :twisted:
This fine porn jewel was most kindly brought to us by Nemesis, Imari, Blurk and Altereggo from Little White Butterflies, thank you so much ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Photographs Of My Classmates

 english hentai    english hentai  english hentai

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Macross Frontier hentai doujin [English] : Sexual Pleasure Songstress, by Sago Joh

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I humbly apologize that I left two censorship bars ^^

A man pays for sex with two Macross Frontier heroines. With these ten words, I’ve told all I could tell about the scenario, sorry but I never watched Macross Frontier, I’m already satisfied with the good old very first Macross, first season, and the great Macross Plus (best dogfight there will ever be. Spoiler evidence.)

I liked the drawings, there’s a blonde and a brune girl (they’re supposed to be disguised as bunnies, but that didn’t strike me), the female body proportions are sometimes off, but it’s good intense sex :)

By Sage Joh, I also share an excellent Zettai Karen Children hentai doujin, Macrozz.Zip, and 3 other, not as excellent, hentai doujinshi (here, there and there).

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon hentai doujin [English, Full Color] : CL-Orz 19, by Etcycle (Also Known As Clesta, and as Kure Masahiro)

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As I always say, UNCENSORED HENTAI RULES ! ^_^

I have no idea what Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon might be about. I didn’t even bother to read its wikipedia page.

Heck, who cares !
This is a new CL-Orz volume, for pastafari’s sake ! Let’s kiss the scenario goodbye, and enjoy the penis-throbbing hentai action with 3 new girls, woohoo !! :woot:
I hope you’ll enjoy it ! ^_^
(And would you know who to credit for this release ?)

UPDATE : and now, this doujin is UNCENSORED, thanks to Belldandy100 ! :woot:

The unavoidable suggestion, I also share a HUGE repack with ALL the CL-Orz volumes to this day, entirely in full color !

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Pack of 4 works by the hentai artist Kagato, Also Known As Z-Front [English]

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Santa Girl FTW ! :D

Very well pleased by the discovery of the hentai work called Toytoy Christmas, by Kagato, I went hunting for other translated works by this hentai artist. And luckily, I found 3 other ones.
So, have a decent 4-works pack ! :D

To be frank, the very best one of this pack is, precisely, ToyToy Christmas. The other three are doujinshi of lesser quality. They’re still decent, but not great, if you see the nuance, they provide a bit of comical relief and tolerably good hentai, but don’t expect too much from them, okay ? ;)

Another link, don’t you miss the excellent Pai-Rela, my previous share by Kagato/Z-Front ! :)

These 4 works are :
– Eris’s Boobs (a blonde nekomimi having happy sex ? I approve !),
– Newaza No Yoichi (a silver-haired big-breasted girl in a chinese dress),
– Returning The Favor To Otsuu-San (brunette braindead maid in a maid café), and
– Toytoy Christmas (a blonde GF playing Santa Girl)

Now, if you loved the Santa Girl in ToyToy Christmas, I’ll allow myself to highlight that the tattooed wicked Santa Girl in Hari Hari Honey (the in chapter 2, the manga isn’t fully done yet) is even better :3

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Working! hentai doujin [English] :Otomari Mahiru-san, by Takemoto Seisaku

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while($arousal<=9999)   {    $boner++;   }

That picture above…
Geek version : $boner++;
Human version : Awwwwwww, so CUUUUUTE ! >.<

I hope you don’t object to occasional DFC (“delicious flat chest”), cause you’d be missing something really pleasant :) In short, two characters from the manga Working finally have a proper occasion to mate, and they discover they’re in love with each other and – oh! – they’re already having great sex :) Besides the sex in itself, they express love and mutual respect in a really cute way, it’s SO into vanilla hentai that I’ll die from diabetes, some day, you’ll see !

My excessively sweet thanks are for Nandeyanen and Chance from Life4Kaoru, thank you very much, really ! :D BTW, just so you know, dear visitors, Life4Kaoru is actively recruiting translators !

(If you’re into DFCs, don’t miss that other one, that I decensored)

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