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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia hentai doujin [English] : Shikabame, by Kachuu Musume

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Hooo, that smile =)

« No matter how, got laid », that could be the cynical conclusion of this Dusk Maiden of Amnesia parody. But let’s add a mise en abyme, shall we ?

According to Wikipedia, this series is drawn by… Maybe ! The Maybe, the hentai mangaka xD I laughed hard when I read that, seriously, that’s so rare, here is the hentai parody of a non-hentai work that a hentai artist made ^^

(By Maybe, I share, on top of all, the uncensored and fair res Mankai Otome, 208 pictures long, and The 7th Generation Tomari.)
And, by Kachuu No Musume, I also share Kanade No Pastoral.

As for the story, well, a boy is in love with the ghost of a female highschool girl, she turns naughty and they gradually start doing things. Caring, cheerful and trusting sex follows. Haaa, adolescence~~~
The drawings are MUCH better than I would have first thought, with censorship staying at tolerable levels, bits of humour, and a nice care to set up a story before sex begins. Good dope, that is :)
Thanks a lot to Kusanyagi and Natto_F for this pleasant release :)

Oh, I also applied a retouching to the images, cf the usual Before / After comparison, I think the images are more lively, have more impact, like that.

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To Love Ru hentai doujin [English] : Chou Love-Ru Harenchi, by Tsunken

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That girl is cute, too. Almost as much as the blonde teacher, Tearju. A big Almost.

Coming as a SWEET continuation to Chou Love-Ru Black, we can once again enjoy the most severere and self-repressed heroine of To Love Ru, Yui Kotegawa, finding the “strength” to indulge in tons of damn good sex with the male hero, Rito, until she becomes totally addicted and – at last ! – honest with herself :)

The drawings are quite good (a high schooler girl in several high schooler outfits, having happy sex in several positions, doing oral and vaginal ? Hey, I can only approve !), the censorship was mostly bearable, it’s just a pity, maybe, the scans or the prints were too “whitish”, I have the impression Tsunken has used us to having better skin tones… (But I may be wrong, about that last point.)
Credits are for Vaako Benihime, Knightkeb, Almond and JjustJ, from Team Vanilla, thank you ! :)

Update : talk of the devil ? DAT SINK ! :lol:

(For MORE of this, Cf. The list of ALL Tsunken’s works on Hentairules)

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Sword Art Online hentai doujin [English, slightly retouched] : Suguha To Fairy Dance, by Mugenkidou (Also Known As Shunsaku Tomose)

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I've been lazy, I picked the picture that didn't need decensoring

Apparently, this is a basical “I love you bro – I also love you sis – hey let’s fuck – oh yeah!” Sword Art Online parody. Now that we’ve seen how overwhelmingly brilliant the scenario is, we can simply focus on enjoying the drawings – that is, if they’re to your taste ^^

Before / after : as you can see, I tried to improve a bit the grayscale pics, I’m not fully satisfied, but I think it’s an improvement nonetheless :)

Thanks to whoever released that one, I, at least, enjoyed reading it ! :)

By Mugenkidou, I also share Asuna To Online, a LARGE pack of 14 works (450 pictures), Boku To Rinjinbu To Umi No Year, and Soft meat.

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Okusan hentai doujin [Engrish] : Good Wife, by Finecraft69

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You can't define the Japanese as xenophobic. Do you define water as "wet" ?

Huhuhu. This is ridiculous :D
But ridiculous in such a biased and extreme manner that it becomes, once again, funny; funny at the expense of the Japanese side :roll:

I must warn you, scenario wise, the story sucks big hairy unclean monkey balls : a busty Japanese woman is hentai raped and mindbroken by two dirty, vulgar and uneducated westerners, a white and a black.
They don’t speak proper Japanese, have no morality, in other words, they’re filthy foreigner pigs defiling a desirable proper Japanese woman.
Saying the Japanese are xenophobic is an understatement :D

See what I mean ? This is ridiculous.
I don’t know if you’ll dig that story, but me, I laughed while reading it, and the drawings are good nonetheless, so, thanks to Lolotax, Masamune, Psyburn21 and Anonygoo, from Little White Butterflies :)

By the same artist, under the Isako Rokuroh and Finecraft69 pen names, I also share the uncensored versions of Love Key and Buruma GirlMy Head is Filled With Thoughts Of Mako-Chan, Let’s Have An Adventure and Sibling Lust (decensored by me ^^).

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Touhou hentai doujin [English] : The Gatekeeper Lady Is Punishing Me, by From Scratch (another pen name for the artist Johny)

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I've been lazy, chosing a big preview pic that didn't need decensoring to look good ^^

Hong Meiling is with a human male (warning, this is borderline shota), and, guess what, she has sex with him. That’s about as far as the scenario goes, the rest is oral and simple vaginal sex : it’s entirely up to you, do you like the drawings or not ^^

Credits are for Hong Meiling and Kinsei, from UMad, thank you :)

By the same artist, I also share The Library Lady Is Bullying Me, The Gatekeeper Lady is My Partner and The Maid Lady is Exploiting Me.

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Dragon Quest V hentai doujin [English] : Tenkuu No Hanayome-tachi, by Casmania (Also Known As Mozuya Murasaki)

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Will we some day read a tank drawn by this artist ? It would be nice :)

Continuing a previous Casmania share, the female heroines of Dragon Quest 5 (Bianca, Flora and Deborah) gang up on the male hero, and start a full-throttle no-brakes orgy, in order to maximize the chances for even a single one of them to have, at last, a baby. And, of course, since they’re hentai world heroines, they start with a footjob that lets the man ejaculate through thin air : my brain cried for mercy, decided to cease operations until the reading was over, only letting power inside the lower cortex handling primitive emotions and lust, and that was well enough to enjoy the hentai.
You see, the scenario is of no importance when there are three TOTALLY cute girls, with an arched back, lovely faces, lingerie, and blushing aroused faces. The lower body responds, the primitive brains enjoys. I did.

POLYGAMY FOR THE WIN !! :D And thanks a TON to Gerbil and S2501, from my dear Life4Kaoru ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Happy Wedding, the uncensored version of You Are My Venus, Touch And Go, the uncensored version of Sister VS Masturbation hall, and Rotten Me I Have Eyes Only For My Little Sister.

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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san hentai doujin [English] : Kiruko’s Womanly Power-Up Epic Battle, by Bobobo (Also Known As Abradeli Kami)

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Weird image, huh ? For a few seconds, it looks like her arms are her legs - I picked that image for that reason ^^

What the f-, seriously, I can’t stop giggling, this parody is delightfully stupid ^^;; I wouldn’t grant it ten erojoules because I don’t really dig, ero-wise, Bobobo’s huge girls, but, as for the story, I couldn’t stop smiling :lol:

Oh, how about a summary ? The main male hero and the heroine of Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san (summarized here, that you can read there) finally engage in sex. But since Bobobo’s behind it, there is a trick, it starts as a sexual harassment, except that the girl doesnt realize at all this is just teasing, and she actually takes it to the extreme… and it ends with great happy sex while I’m laughing :D The faces made by the heroine, the inner pervy thoughts of the “molester”, that was fun !

By Bobobo, also known as Abradeli Kami, I also share the excellent PLDK, Answers Checking, and a good pack of 8 works. I also made a Crazy Censorship Contest using one of his pictures.

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