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Rider Or Die volume 8, + a repack with all Rider Or Die volumes 1-8 [English, 244 pages], a great hardcore series of Fate hentai doujinshi, by Kaiki Nisshoku

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Rider, from Fate Stay Night, as a total anal slave addict. I approve.

Brought to us by Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh, here is the 8th volume of the Rider Or Die series, by Kaiki Nisshoku :)

The story doesn’t change, we’re shown Rider, teased, dominated and assfucked by her master, and the both of them like this relationship as it is. In this 8th volume, there’s a cam filming them, to raise the Rider’s arousal level.

The drawings are exceptionally intense, both in style (strong contrasts, deep dark backgrounds) and in action (masturbation, deep frenzied expressions on Rider’s face, highly intense anal sex).

If you like wet, sloppy and intensely anal hentai, you’re in for a treat ! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Holy Infinite, Villetta Sensei Ni Moeru Hon and Oscilloscope.

Besides just the volume 8, I’m also sharing a repack of all the 8 volumes, for a total of 244 pages. It’s intense from beginning to end :twisted:

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Mizugi No Valkyria (“Swimsuit Valkyria”) [English], a Valkyria Chronicles hentai doujinshi, by FukaFuka Tenshoku

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A super fighting heroine, proudly sporting a swimsuit to deafeat enemy soldiers, and then coming home for sex. Seems legit.

Maximilian and Selvaria, from Valkyria Chronicles, have sex. The latter, despite being a mighty warrior, is psychologically submitted to the arrogant haughty prick giving her orders (like “hey, go fight with a bikini on you, to trouble the enemies even further”).
So, yeah, I prefer relationships based on an “equal ground” status, but in the present case, both the man and the woman had what they aspired to, and are satisfied, with an explosive happy ending… maybe I should stop complaining, then ^^;;

This was commissioned by Doujin-Moe, thank you ! :)

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UNCENSORED version of Weekly Island [English], a full-color To Heart hentai doujinshi, by Tear Drop

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I'm a sucker for sex on tropical islands. OH GOD YES !

Weekly Island, that I first shared 2 and a half years ago is now UNCENSORED, thanks to L’Autaquou ! :)

Remember “Class Rep”, from Aqua Blue volumes 1 and 2, a splendid brune with a tall body, neither anorexic nor plump, with perfect curves ?
She’s at it again, with her boyfriend, this time it’s them alone on a deserted island. Full-Color white bikini sex : GET ! :D

Thank you very much to Arial and Arth6250, from Pineapplesrus ! And, of course, to my dear L’Autaquou for decensoring it ! :)

By Tear Drop, I also share Physical Education (Uncensored, and reedited into higher resolution), C2 (repacking two works formerly known as Connect and Re-Connect), Aqua Blue volumes 1-2, and Charm

Just a note, I tried smoothing a bit the cover picture, I left behind the original (that will be the second picture of the volume) in case you prefer it.

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One Night Salvage [English], a Suisei no Gargantia hentai doujinshi, by Fullmetal Madness

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Tanned, dark skin. Boobies. A penis. The combo of the 3 is a GENIUS IDEA ! :D

To protect Ledo (from Suisei no Gargantia) from losing his virginity in a shady red light district, at the hands of a professional who won’t care, Bellows, a delicious dark-skinned big breasted girl, decides she’ll be the one in charge. How kind of her. And happy sex with mutual liking follows =)
The art is very strongly focused on Bellows’ HUGE breasts, they were even a bit too big for my own taste, but, to hell with it, dark skinned paizuri is awesome by definition !! :D

And that’s that. Mutual liking, lots of titfucks, a bit of decent vaginal sex. Coming to us thanks to ACF and BluMeino, from Chocolate Scans, thank you ! :)

By the same artist, and featuring the most enthusiastic paizuri EVER, I also share Kaiketsu Shoujo.

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One Night Summer [English], an Infinite Stratos hentai doujinshi, by Chibikko Kingdom

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4 bunny girls to have sex with. FOUR ! I'm in porn heaven.

Haaa, the good old magic of hentai. An average depressed otaku is offered a mask showing the face of Ichitaka, the Infinite Stratos male hero. Success ! Now, the four main IS heroines (Charlotte Dunois, Cecilia Alcott, Lingyn Huang, Laura Bodewig) are going to have 5P sex with him =)
The girls quickly put on bunny girl costumes, and the rest is brains-free happy sex, drawn with talent, showing delicious girls (two busty blondes with blue eyes, two petite ones) in oral, titty and vaginal sex. I loved it like that :D

The conclusion was funny, too… you will see…

By the same artist, I also share Last Train X Dead-Drunk Big Sis Chifuyu.
This was released by Tigoris, from Tigoris Translates (and if you liked it, you too, you can commission translations from him, did you know ?), thank you very much :)

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Ayanami Tokka-Shiki [English], an Evangelion hentai doujinshi, by Bakuretsu Fusen

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I wish I was in Shinji's place, to assfuck Rei like that :D

I had COMPLETELY forgotten I shared that one 3 years ago, and yet this is an excellent Evangelion doujinshi.
So, why share it again ? Easy : this version, here, is based on MUCH SUPERIOR scans !! Rei is better looking, there are more details, better contrasts, and the images are in better resolution (2000px VS initially 1280 px.)
I’m offering you a comparison, see that picture

Credits are for Cgrascal for the translation, and, I think, a kind person called Folker for porting it to the new superior scans, thank you very much ! :)

Will you care for a summary ? After a delightful full-color opening scene, showing Rei, in a plugsuit with a hole in the right place, having sex with Shinji, we continue with… more of the same ! The second sex scene is a reprise of one of the actual scenes of the Evangelion anime, when Shinji visits Rei’s place, finds his father’s glasses, and a naked Rei catches him, and there is a 3rd scene on their school’s rooftop.
I don’t need to write much more, with little censorship, there is good vaginal and anal sex, the rest is up to you ! ^^

But wait! There’s more! Check it out, The list of Bakuretsu Fusen’s works!

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Pack of 4 excellent works by Shiwasu No Okina [English, 125 pictures, partly Full-Color and Uncensored]

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Her expression of joy while having sex... Precious =)

I must apologize, I’m three Shiwasu No Okina releases late, so let’s catch up while a 4th work has just been released, shall we ?
I’ll cut the unnecessary “OH MY GOD IT IS AWESOME” lines ;)

The 4 works that I post here are :
Aibuka ! Club Activities As An Idol chapters 2-3 (sequel to the chapter 1).
Its chapter 3 is brand new and features, to my bewildered hentai loving happiness, quality yuri time ! :shock:
Tsuika Oppai x 2 To Anatasia (decensored)
Perverted Body Measurement And Sex Check-up (also called “H Na Shintai Sokutei & Sex Kenkou Shindan”) (that one was was still in its censored version on HentaiRules, from now on, it’s the Uncensored version)
Peace Hame! Ge Tokusei Shousasshi (that one was was still in its censored version on hentairules, from now on, it’s the Uncensored version)

Credits are for a LOT of people. Not enough for a game of soccer, but enough for a whole lot of awesomeness :
Dr Gynaecologist , Njmanga and Lusty Lady, from The Lusty Lady Project, Painload, Lasertym, Kirbydances, Z6595, Cold, AfroThunda, and Canavi, Almond, Altereggo, Carnage, Dayman and Belldandy100, and, lastly, Marzipan. I’m very grateful, to you all :)

For MUCH more stuff, cf. The List of ALL Shiwasu No Okina’s Works !
And of course there’s My Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL Pack =)

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