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Infinite Stratos hentai doujin [English] : Ryakushite IS, by Studio Tiamat

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CREAM-PIE ! (lol)

–> CREAAAAM-PIE ! :lol:

(Sorry I chose a non-fappable picture as illustration, but, hey, wasn’t it fun ? ;) )
Allright, credits are for Cgrascal, now that has been told already.

Ichika and Charlotte Dunois, two of the Infinite Stratos heroes, have sex, and that’s all there is to say about the scenario. Graphically, this is good, very good, the heroine has really cute, delicate and/or intense facial expressions, shy, passionate, beautiful, I’d have wanted to caress her cheeks a good number of times.
Something that made Charlotte cuter than of usual with a hentai doujin, I think, is the fact that she was more “realistically imperfect” than your average hentai girl. A bit plump, with breasts sometimes looking weird, just like a real girl could be ! And I loved it like that :)

For MORE, cf. The list of Studio Tiamat’s Works on Hentairules

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Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru hentai doujin [English] : Love Love Kon Senpai, by Nobita Graph

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Sore Machi hentai. I doubt I'll read the original manga.

There’s a it of comic relief in this Sore-Machi hentai doujin, all thanks to the male character.

While the female side is a cold-looking reserved girl (you KNOW she’s going to end up melting and being hot, don’t you), the boyfriend has a straight-forward attitude, teasing, not accepting “no”es, pushing forward, he’s more than obsessed, lol ^^

The drawings are rather nice (even if the censorship varies between light and really too heavy), it’s cute and well-done teen-in-school-uniform sex, and I loved it like that =)
Thanks a lot to No4h and Phantom Renegade from Trinity Translations Scans ! :)

About Sore Machi : wikipedia it, or simply read it ;)

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Pack of 3 works by Takeda Hiromitsu : Doritama M, Doritama R, and Mayo Tama

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Fuck you, Takeda Hiromitsu

Fuck you, ShindoL. – Er, no wait ! I’m sorry ! It’s not ShindoL !
Let’s fix it :
Fuck you, Takeda Hiromitsu.
Haaa, there, now it’s better :)

The picture above tells everything that must be said, I’m afraid, look at that expression.
Those three Mayo Chiki and Dream Club hentai doujinshi feature mind-break and slave-to-cock bitch training, with additional netorare in the Doritama volumes.
Seriously, you’re warned, I still share it because the drawings are good, but as for me, I could never fap to this.
Oh, why has Takeda Hiromitsu strayed so far from the so WONDERFUL Tsundero, why ?
Credits are for Saha and Raikoh, thanks in the name of the voiceless fappers who enjoy this !

(Don’t miss The list of my shares by Takeda Hiromitsu !)


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UNCENSORED version of a good K-On! hentai doujin [English, Full-Color] : Solo Mugi, by Jouji Mujoh

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Mugi-chaaaaaaaaaaaaan ! :D

If you add to this my Kabayakiya shares, then, really, Mugi-chan is the unbeatable full-color hentai K-On queen :D

This time, it seems she’s a sorta idol, rewarning a bunch of her fans with groupsex. First as a high school student, then as a waitress, a bunny girl and, eventually, in school swimsuit. At this point, Yui-chan joins to share some of the sun, sorta. It’s not as great as my previous full-color shares by this artist, I feel, but it remains great nonetheless ! :)

Thanks a lot to Pagan, Altereggo and Kudo, from LWB, and Anonymous Scanner and Masamune ! Update : and to Belldandy100 for the decensoring ! :)

I’ll have to write a redirection page, by Jouji Mujoh, I also share the uncensored version of Super Weak, the uncensored version of Pour Me Milk, Secret Room, Ura Mugi, and a pack of 3 works.

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AnoHana and, somehow, Highschool Of The Dead hentai doujin [English] : Anal of The Dead, by Sameda Koban (under the Snob Nerd Works pen name)

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I just LOVE that crossover idea. It calls for ANYTHING of the dead ;)

Excellent, that idea ! A crossover between HOTD (incidentally : HOTD is already drawn by an hentai artist ^^) and AnoHana.

We’ve got the AnoHana heroes surrounded by zombies, and when you’re facing individual extinction, what are you after ? Exxxxactly, spreading your genes ! Good anal and vaginal sex with Anaru, the heroine with large breasts, pigtails and a predestined name, follows ;)

(Just a note, don’t worry, here be no guro, no blood splattering everywhere, and no disgusting ending.)
Now that I think of it, ANYTHING of the dead would be awesome. Even – on top of all ! – the most improbable. Can you imagine Hello Kitty Of The Dead ? Or Pokemon Of The Dead ? Huhuhu :twisted:
Thanks a lot to Crimson Leo for this release !

For MORE hentai greatness, cf. The list of Sameda Koban’s works !

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Bakemonogatari hentai doujin [English, available in High and Average resolutions] : We’re Having Mindless Sex, by Shinji Nora (Also Known As Pooca)

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Great anal, and great sex !

Page 1 (the cover) : « hmmmmmm, yum yum yum, that’s a sweet girl »

That was my prime reaction to this doujin :)

In short, Araragi and Hitagi Senjougahara, two Bakemonogatari characters, have sex. Lots of sex. Great sex. Oral. Finger play. Anal. Vaginal. And more, and some more. The drawings are good, intense, well-done – RHA YES ! :D
My most grateful thanks are for Anonymous Scanner, Conan and Fuke, great job you three, thank you !

By Shinji Nora/Pooca/Pooka, I also share No Condom SexRio Sexy GateKozumikku Trans, the nice Ga-ChukuVirgin Killer and Paso ga Nai.


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Pack of 2 works by the doujin circle Labomagi [English, Full Color]

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There was remarkably low censorship, this time

15 girls in total (I think, +/- one), lots of colored rubber dildos, and improbable combos. In short, that’s what I’m sharing here. I have gathered two translated doujinshy by Circle Labomagi (Or Rabomagi, or K-Kan, or… damn, I’m lost).
Don’t waste time searching for a scenario, girls can have sex, then have it. If the drawings are to your taste, go for it ! :)

Credits and thanks are for Cgrascal, and bamboo and Undeadjelly from Little White Butterflies (incidentally, this is LWB’s third birthday, congratulations to all of the team !!)

The two works shared here are :
– Byakuren-sama No Ossharutoori Ni
– a K-On doujin whose title remains unknown

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