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Sword Art Online hentai doujin [English] : Asuna No Neteru Ma Ni, by Crazy9 (aka Ichitaka)

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What a crazy load of creampies. Wish I had that much of sperm stored for the big fuck opportunities, lol

Sooo… The male hero has a sleeping women fetish, and he proceeds to fucking sleeping Asuna (don’t ask me, I never watched Sword Art Online ^^). However, when she wakes up halfway (for, of course she’d wake up), instead of turning the male hero to a mass of bloody pulp, she simply complains doing her in her sleep was no fair, let’s continue while we’re awake because we both love each other apparently. Me : « sigh. »
Oh well, at least the art is pretty good, a big breasted girl, having happy sex and loving her male partner, with lots of creampies, easily bearable censorship…

I hope you may find it to your taste ! :) Credits are for Valdtan, Psyburn21, Mrakymrak, Altereggo and Blurk, from Little White Butterflies, thank you !

By the same artist, I also share Alice In Underground, a pack of 3 works (Shouko to Yuuji to NTR + Shoujo ga Sora Karaochita Riyuu + The Girl That Fell from Space), Her Choice, Yuki Yuno Ai No Mirai Nikki + 2011 Winter OmakeOosame Kudasai Kenshin-sama, Gomen Ne Papa, the super-long-titled Kyou-Chan To Kyousuke To Manami No Akarui Kazoku Keikak and (under his “Ichitaka” name) Oshiri De Aishite.

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Medaka Box hentai doujin [English] : Kujira Box, by Yamane Akira

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At least, this is some Medaka Box with improbable characters :)

To be blunt, this doujin’s drawings are poor. And yet, there was no way I could NOT share it : there aren’t enough Medaka Box doujinshi, and seeing one with the most improbable pair, Nase X Kumagawa, was exhilarating :D
This doujin’s a good mix of the hentai stuff (sexual arousal, sex) and of the original Medaka Box stuff (the complicated personalities, the scenario twists), even if, hentai oblige, the ending radically strays off from the original manga (hint : naked aprooooooon ! – lol).

If it had been drawn by a great artist, it would have been GREAT. As it is, I still deem it good enough material — as long as you know and enjoy Medaka Box, that is (otherwise, you may with to skip that share) :)
Kujira Box was translated by an Anon, with “Krizalid!Gacktw2/py!!Nucelyevkai” (dafuq O_o) doing the rest of the editing tasks, thank you :)

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Dragon Quest hentai doujin [English] : Kenja-san Puff Puff, by HigumaYa

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Simple. Efficient. Fappable. I liked it :)

A DragonQuest Sage class woman feels down because she sucks at fighting, so she visits the game’s Hero for a night affair. She thought she’d just prove she’s good at comforting Hero between her breasts : Puff Puff. But it turned out Hero pushed things a level or two further than that.

Happy sex follows, with vaginal action in various positions ^^

The story is simple, feels good to read, I guess that’s enough reasons to enjoy it ^^ Thanks to CowrKool and ProjectH for this release :)
Just a note, 57 MB for 27 pictures was kinda hardcore I think, so I’m also offering a version recompressed to 22 MB, without a visible loss in image quality.
Almost same name, don’t forget the excellent “Paff Paff” manga !

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Touhou hentai doujin [English, Full Color] : Do You Like Horny Older Sisters, by Tiramisu Tart

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Yum. Usually, I'm not a DP fanatic (imagining doing it for real creeps me out), but I reckon that one's promising

The backcover, showing the heroine in chinese shadows art, with the shape of her tits clearly visible, made me think of something, that stayed on the tip of my tongue for far too many minutes before I could recall what it was about. And this is it, actually : Batgirl ! :lol:

Here, we simply see Yukari Yakumo, from Touhou, visiting a well-built human and proceeding to having lots of sex. A good mood, zero scenario, it’s enjoyable :) By the same artist, I also share Dakyou Sakuya, but that other one, despite having better drawings, enraged me, this is genuine facepalm material.

By the same artist, under the names “Tiramisu Tart” and Kazuhiro, I also share Error (in which for the first time I was YAY ! GO RAPISTS ! – it’s a weird idea I know), Yariman Ni Koise Shi Okasare Doutei, Botsuraku Reijou No Seiteki Maid Gyoumu, Anal Choukyou No Hibi, Dakyou Sakuya, Lewd Wolf Awakening and NTR Game.

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To Heart hentai doujin [English, Full Color] : Tama Oneechan Epic Love Battle, by Tamashii Max

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Redhead. Me gusta.

This is funny, the well-known CXC Scans group now has a hentai counterpart, XCX Scans, apparently made of CXC persons. Why not, the more, the merrier, and we’ll have more hentai to enjoy, welcome, XCX Scans ! :D

That was one of the reasons I’m sharing this doujin. The other reasons being the art was decent, and I wanted some nice redhead to enjoy for a while, I’ve had it with this To Heart doujin :twisted:
The doujin’s contents : no scenario, a readhead girl having sex, in full-color, nothing special or unusual in itself. And credits are for DoubleMaille, TzMarko and Yuki, from the welcome XCX Scans team :)

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Hunter X Hunter hentai doujin [English] : Nefelpitou’s Ero Selection, by Atmosphere

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So, shall we bet, whether we see first a new HxH hentai doujin, or a new HxH chapter ?

To this day, I still haven’t see a GOOD Hunter X Hunter Doujin, and only a handful of vaguely decent ones. Let’s say the present doujin is a decent HxH doujin, in itself, this is already a feat, and it makes it worth sharing, don’t expect a masterpiece, OK ^^;;

Here, Nefelpitou, the manga’s nekomimi (more yandere than anything, lol, she’s a brutal killer in the manga :o ) tests a bunch of men to see if they’re good at sex, and they fuck her good. Yep, that’s it all.

This doujin was translated by Saha and commissioned by Terpsichore, thank you ! :)
The next bet to take is, whether we’ll see first another decent Hunter X Hunter doujin, or a new chapter of this manga. Seeing as Yoshihiro Togashi has a reputation for getting depressed on any oppurtunity and then emoquitting his mangaka work for unspecified amounts of time, I’d bet on the hentai doujin. If you want to discuss this topic or you have more insights into this mangaka’s disappearance, I suggest discussing it here

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