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Pack of two works by Bakunyu Fullnerson [English]

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A hot female dark elf. I demand MOAR !

I gathered here two rather nice works by the hentai artist Bakunyu Fullnerson (or you may spell it Bakunyuu Fullnelson if it makes you feel better).
Those works are :
Hebi Ichigo. I grayscaled the images in that one, they were a weird greenish tone, but the scans would have deserved a professional cleaner, I had to leave in place the grey (and not white) backgrounds for fear or killing innocent pixels in the shades.
The story ? A female elf having happy sex with mutual respect with her underlings, three male humans : oral, paizuri, vaginal, anal, double penetration.
Secret Job. A big-breasted highschool megane with braids hides, under a peaceful appearance, a big slut. I was going to warn you against the “cum dumpster” and “dumb as a brick girl” themes, but there’s a plot twist in the end, I didn’t see it coming (and it reminded me it was a Bakemonogatari parody).

Would you know who to thank, for these releases ? :)

By the same artist, I also share Now Aging, Paradise, Sangri-La, One More Time With The Beautiful Sister, Seiken Koutai, Bikou Shoujo (under the Magoroku pen name), an Emma hentai doujin with a title too tiring to write again, and Exotic Syndrome ! Let’s add the full tank Sensual Scent Proactive Legs.

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Koushoku Houran [English], a To Aru Majutsu No Index hentai doujinshi, by Soba

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Even in hentai, I'm particularly fond of hot blondes, brunettes aren't as good ^^;;

Misaki Shokuhou, from the To Aru Majutsu No Index multiverse (I typed that from memory without checking for typos, this is close to internet suicide ^^), proceeds to having sex with the male hero, Touma. And that’s about it as far as the scenario is concerned :lol:
The rest is rather good sex. The girl really looks good, a blonde with glorious proportions and a meaty body :)
Thanks a lot to BlueWingz and Von from ! :)

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Namu-PaiPai [English], a full-color Touhou hentai doujinshi, by Shimoyakedou

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Hijiri, a sort of priestess in the Touhou universe, visits a man and has sex with to thank him for his shrine offerings. Yeah, that’s the gist, but, basically, the scenario does not matter at all ^^
What matters, is the quality of the full-color drawings, with sweet and well done colorization, gentle drawings, a beautiful girl, and good sex :)

Unless my memory fails me, this is a Cgrascal release, thank you !
By the same artist, I also share Kotori-san, Please [email protected]#$ Me, Hakygyokurou De Gokyuukei, Black And White Trick Girls, Kasen-sama To H Na Shugyou Wo Suru Hon, Eirin No Kusuri, Yukaran Ran and a pack of 17 other English-translated works (602 pictures).

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Pack of 4 works by Okito Endo [English, 185 pictures]

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This artist ROCKS. Seriously, check it out :)

I gathered here 4 works by Okito Endo :
Elven Bride, a full-color story
Elven Bride chapters 1-3, this time a grayscale publication developing the story we were presented in the full-color opus
Dragon And, in full color, a Dragon’s Crown parody ? Medieval fantasy hentai.
Kaiserin To Ikkakujuu, also in full-color, a Twelve Kingdoms parody, thus taking place in ancient China

The art is FABULOUS. Okito Endo pays considerable attention to the faces and the hair, and also to the backgrounds (reminding me of Yuki Seto in that regard), and then there’s a unique touch, with care for the breasts, the positions, the colorization that is one of its kind. I miss the words to depict this, take a look, will you ?
As for the stories, they’re not very serious, a mix of care for each other, love and comedy, with Elven Bride developing at least a slightly more “serious” scenario, with occasional futanari bits…

Credits are for a whole lot of people, namely : The Tsuuyaku, YQII, Art and Conan, Masamune, Knightkeb, Kirby (from Team Vanilla), and Inaoki, None123, KirbyDances, Red_Piotrus, PeopleDontDanceNoMore and Hihohahi (from EH-Cove). Thank you very much, all of you ! :jap:

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That’s A Very Instructive Lesson, Dunois-san [English, full color], an Infinite Stratos hentai doujinshi, by Slice Slime

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You too, you'd like to place something else between those soft mounds. Don't lie. I know.

A scenario was not needed in this Infinite Stratos parody, it’s “only” Charlotte Dunois putting on an adorable sexy outfit, and moving on to having sex with her beloved, Ichika. She’s got a cute mood, an adorable body, a cute face, and excellent sex follows :twisted:
I won’t tell more, it’s entirely up to your tastes, check on the drawings ! :D

Thanks a lot to Stark, Button and Ddaggebi, from Rapidswitch ! :)
By the same artist – the present share is its sequel – I also share How To Train Your Rabbit.

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Sakusei Janshi [English], a Saki hentai doujinshi, by P-Kan

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"deflowering-in-3-2-1.jpg" - I bloody love naming my big preview pics, lol ^^

Sweeeet ! :D No need to know anything about Saki (good thing : I don’t) to enjoy this doujinshi !

As long as you don’t dislike the idea of a young higshchool boy having happy sex with mutual liking with two super hot big-breasted class mates, wih zero-scenario getting in the way, please, enjoy ;)
Graphically, the girls really strongly reminded me of the style of Yasui Riosuke in Shocking Pink, with big natural looking breasts, and generous shading, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I came to read in the future comments that P-Kan is Yasui Riosuke under an old pen name ^^

For this pleasant no-brainer read, thanks a lot to Houko, H-kun and Aris5467, from LolipopScans ! :)

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[email protected] [English – seriously, what a WEIRD name O_o], a Code Geass hentai doujinshi, by Kaname Aomame (Also Known As Blue Bean)

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Tons of sex. Don't ask questions, even the girls don't ask.

Kallen Stadtfeld, Shirley Fenette, CC, Milly Ashford and Nina Einstein, are gangbanged by a whole lot of men, and amids the sex galore, it seems pleasant.
Frankly speaking, that manga left me speechless. There was no scenario, there were no feelings, and on top of all every page is full with an overwhelming number of penises and tons of very intense hardcore action (oral, vaginal, DP), stifling all reasoning for the readers or the characters, and the carefree and nonsensical though occasionally funny dialogues don’t help. There’s a possibility it’s mind break or hentai rape, but it didn’t “feel” like it, IMO.

So, yeah, it’s rather well drawn, and that’s that, if you like the drawings, just go for it, I guess ^^
My thanks are for Kalevala Scans, and Imari, Z6595, Svines85 and Wavedash, from LittleWhiteButterflies ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Iroka No Himitsu (196 pictures).

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