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Sindrian Nightdream [English], a Magi hentai doujinshi, by Ayuest

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Haaa, if only Alibaba had more balls... JUST DO IT MAN !

I fear half of the interest of this hentai share will be lost if you aren’t familiar with the story of Magi (you can read it HERE on Batoto, for instance, it’s totally worth it !). And so, if you know at least the basics of Magi, then, rejoice, for this share is all sweet and lovely :D

Morgianna has sex with Alibaba, but calls it “thank you” sex, out of obligation. Alibaba – here, given more balls than in the actual manga – recognizes this is an awkward facade and presses her until this is officially happy sex with love. See, that’s short, it takes two lines to express it. But the meaning it conveys, the meaning… awwwwwwww =)
(Oh, and graphically ? Good drawings close to the original series, also taking the comedy traits. Icing on the porn cake, there’s not a lot of censorship !)

Release credits are for Luckfire, Shinko and Leo730, thank you ! :jap:

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Evagelimoon [English, HIGH QUALITY SCANS, additionally retouched by me], by Mogudan

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It's not impossible that I REALLY, I mean, as in ACTUALLY, fapped to this one a hundred times. Do you even know how life without internet at home was ?

In 2007 already, I was begging the community, aren’t there anywhere better scans for this hentai monument of olde, dating back to the very ever first English hentai translations there were, Evagelimoon ? (Or, as I used to mis-spell it, Evangelimoon ?)
This nice old cross-over between Evangelion and Sailor Moon, with Mogudan’s blessed old drawing style (you know ? Before the super fat asses and XXXXXL hips), with happy sex and pleasant drawings… it’s here ! :D

The scans are in good quality, in high enough resolution, and in English of course. Kind souls called Rubber Ferret, DMX and Floripes have brought these to us : thank you, really, thank you so much, the old geezer of hentai that I am is extremely grateful !! I’m moved T__T

I allowed myself to add a bit of retouching (beforeafter), and I also tried to join better the double page of the doujinshi (it went well, except for the inside of an elbow, no idea how these fuckers look like, I couldn’t redraw that).

For more Mogudan, there is Inka, Ayanami Dai Kai 4 (+ omake bon + postcards), Ayanami Dai 5 Kai, Himitsu + Himitsu After, Secret 2 (FYI, “Himitsu” = “Secret”), and for the rest, I recommend you check the MEGA-pack I made with EVERY English-translated Mogudan work till june 2012.

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Hang Up [English], a Brynhildr in the Darkness hentai doujinshi, by Kurosawa Pict

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Some men are lost in thoughts. That boy is lost in boobs.d

Gokukoku no Buryunhirude, or Gokukoku no Brynhildr, or Brynhildr in the Darkness (call it however you like, here’s its Wikipedia entry, and you can read it on Batoto), is a super weird series, with lots of gore, with superpowers, with nasty shady plots for power and supernatural domination, starring cute teenage girls painfully facing the cold hard reality of a universe in which hentai mangakas must invent crazy shit in order to earn a living.
I still don’t know why I’ve read it ^^;;

And you know what ? All that I wrote above is pointless, this doujinshi is only displaying a good sex scene, without any single relation to the Brynhildr story at all, and even the characters (Kotori and the male MC, Murakami) aren’t very resembling :D
That said, it’s good sex ! :roll: :lol:
Thanks to whoever is behind this release ! =)

By the same artist, I also share Bitter Orange + Orange Girls, Holiday Party 2-3 + Orange Girls, Mami Yome, Hiyori Otoshi, Shikinami Shiki, Angel Breath, Kyouko’s Secret Box, Pool Daisakusen, Hitomi Magica, the VERY imaginative Holiday Party vol 1, and a pack of 6 works.

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Okusawa Wa Idol Miki To Shoya Hen (“My Wife is an Idol – First Night With Miki Chapter”) [English, Full-color], an [email protected] hentai doujinshi, by Maruwa Tarou (Also Known As Atelier Marie)

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A hont blonde with green eyes, a cheerful nature and proud tits. HNNG !

HNNNG ! Miki, my hyperfavorite [email protected] idol, with her adorable combination of green eyes, blond hair, proud breasts and cheerful mood, has just married her producer, and they’re now having their first night as newlyweds.
That girl… Even with the thick black bar censorship, she’s a total hentai goddess :3

Credits are for, thank you very much ! :)
By the same artist (call him Maruwa Tarou or Atelier Maruwa, as you like), I also share Dededere girls Girl Hino Akane, My Wife Is An Idol – Kikuchi Makoto Chapter, Tofu Girl, Shoujo Nostalgica, My Wife Is An Idol – Akiho Yugiwara chapter, My Wife Is An Idol – Akizuki Ritsuko chapter, Kitsune No Yomeiri (The Fox’s Wedding), Deredere Girls Girl Natalia, and some stuff here and there.

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Epilogue 2 – Kaoru Tanamachi – [English, UNCENSORED version], an Amagami hentai doujinshi, by Aduma Ren

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Thin. Supple. Lively. Unbreakable. With sexy tits and pubic-like hair. I love that girl.

Here is the last of Oxido’s cool decensorings, with Epilogue 2 he has decensored ALL the translated works by Aduma Ren. And that kicks ass.
Great job, Oxido, thank you very much ! ^_^
I know that most of the leechers won’t comment at all, but, no doubt about it, Oxido, decensoring all of Aduma Ren and of Abe Morioka’s works, you’ll have made a lot of people happy, and there’ll be unvoiced gratitude :)

As for the summary of this story… Junichi, the male hero in the amagami dating game, hears his girlfriend Kaoru badmouth him. So, he plays soft bondage on her, attaching her to a desk, trying to get a fellatio, making her climax with a vibrator, until, at last, happy non-bondage sex with love follows.
That was cool even with a poor canvas like that, because Kaoru wasn’t broken, far from that. She remained snappy (huhuhu), and even pulled a right one on Junichi in the end :3

Graphically ? That was really good, Kaoru’s full of character, and her thin body’s still hosting a cute pussy and beautifully shaped breasts, yum !
Also, the decensoring : before (original version) VS after (Oxido’s version). :twisted:

By Aduma Ren, on, there is also the awesome Koimitsu Fragrance (219 pictures), Girls Switch, Babysitters volumes 1-2, Hiiro, Epilogue 2 and Sweet Girls. And, yes, ALL of these works are uncensored, thanks to Oxido =)

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Futo-chan No Nude Satsueikai De Kikiippatsu [English], a Touhou hentai doujinshi, by Palm Sunday

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Cute and innocent, isn't she ? DP three pages later.

Futo-chan, a Touhou heroine, wants to make money, so she seeks an employment in the human world. A clumsy airhead like her only finds work as a gravure idol, and, as the shooting crew gets more and more aroused by her hot body and her candidness, her salary increases, she’s asked to take off everything, until, for a hundredfold the originaly pay, it’s time for sex !

To my surprise, this did not turn into hentai gangrape, the men were, by hentai doujinshi standards, mostly gentle. (Meaning : Futo got a page of foreplay and kind smiles before her first time was a DP, and she enjoyed every bit of it.)

There’s not much to add, if the art suits your taste, well… enjoy ? ^_^ Fair warning, there isn’t much sex, I’m sharing this mostly as a nice arousing comedy-relief manga.
Thanks a LOT to the person(s) behind this release :)

Post scriptum : the black guy’s eyes on page 12. His eyes.

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IS Incest Strategy volume 4 [English], + a repack of the volumes 1-2-3-4, an Infinite Stratos hentai doujinshi, by Akari Tsutsumi

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BODEWIG. Her name is Laura BODEWIG. I kept on reminding me of Ingalls, when I wanted to remember her name. LAURA INGALLS FOR PETE'S SAKE !!

« – Instructor ! I caught a moron ! »
– Good job, Laura. You may now fuck my little brother.

I really like those Incest Strategy volumes, they’re seriously funny, unpredictable (oh, Ichika’s face…), VERY original in their making and musing, and, bonus, they even feature great porn displaying Laura Bodewig and Chifunyu Orimura ! :shock: :D

And the volume 4 must be the funniest of all, it’s like the artist gave up on everything and went full comedy. Ichitaka falls into his dream universe, where only his fantasies and the wicked character of the real girls dictates reality… how could this even go bad ? – Yeah, of course, it will go bad :lol:
This nice hentai gem came from Abs, Stark and Oslight from Rapidswitch, thank you very much !

(Remember to view the updated list of all Akari Tsusumi works on Hentairules)

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