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One Piece hentai doujin [English, High and Standard Resolution] : Nami No Ura Koukai Nisshi 7, by Acid Head

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Even acting on instinct, Nami is adorably hot

Here, we see the most primal dimension of sex, its wild, animalistic, essential dimension, when this is an activity entirely about lubricated holes, penises thrusting vigorously, and self-satisfaction.

I hope this catchy phrase caught you, because, basically, to get back to Earth, this is just about Nami, from One Piece, unconscious, being gangbanged, and staying unconscious even though her body responds 120% to the pleasant sensations. There’s oral, vaginal, anal, DP. Graphically, this isn’t amazing art, but it conveys a high erotic intensity :shock:

Credits are for Raikoh, from Doujin-Moe, thank you ! :)
This manga came in 59MB huge high resolution scans. I decided to also offer you a 11 MB large version with the images resized to standard res. Me, I’d have gone for that other version ^^

By the same artist, I also share a MASSIVE pack of 21 works and a smaller pack of 7 works.

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Sword Art Online hentai doujin [English, Full-Color, now Uncensored] : Sex Again Please, by Wata120%

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The beginning of this story takes place before Asuna and Kirito, in Sword Art Online, became lovers and decided to become married. Verrrrry shortly before that ;)
And, simply… sex happens. Yeah. It’s happy sex with mutual love, so I guess brain-free vanilla isn’t bad ^^

As for the drawings, YUM, this is good (even if the muddish color tones looked weird, in my eyes), and the censorship level is “only” at the infuriating level (sadly, I must say we’re all used to seeing much worse, aren’t we).
My great thanks are for Maipantsu and Nemesis, from Team Vanilla, thank you so much :)

Update : and now, thanks to my dear Belldandy100, this sweet gem is UNCENSORED, and the images have better color balance, it’s looking even better ! :D

By the same artist, I also share Shining Erotic Book, Tast Yui (uncensored), Mio On Duty (uncensored, gorgeous !), Mio + Ritsu and Pistonight (uncensored too, ain’t that sweet ^^).

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FULL-COLOR uncensored version of Mero Mero Girls New World [English], by Denki Shougun

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Haaaa... Boa, my favorite One Piece girl :3

A motivated person, called HAAI1717, has colorized the very nice and already uncensored Meromero Girls New World, by Denki Shogun (or Shougun), thanks a lot ! ^_^
As for the rest, well, this displays Nami, Boa Hancock and Nico Robin, who hit hard on the booze and enjoy a half-drunk (there is no abuse, don’t worry) sex party ^^ The drawings are very good and hardcore, going as far as double penetration. Me, I can’t say I’m totally fond of colorizations, but I can reckon that’s a well-done work :)

By the same artist, I also share Intelli Mushroom

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Idolmaster hentai doujin [English] : Yakimochi Escalate, by Naomi Nekomata

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AWWWW YEAAAAAAR !  (the "R" is a ref to something you may, or may not, know ^^)

Hah ! NOW that’s the GREAT Naomi Nekomata that I know and love, bless her ! :twisted:

Great drawings (the girl’s face ! Her smiling mouth ! Her ample breasts ! Her adorable little bush !), with lots of enjoyable details, good sex with mutual liking, a male character that is (and that, I tell you, is damn rare with this artist) proactive, this was a hell of a good Idolm@ster parody :woot:
Thanks a LOT to Lamlo32, NK and Garticuno, from Hit’N’Quit TL :)

Seriously, I really wish hentai artists thought of adding a paypal-like system on their websites, I’d be sending them money :D
(Regrettably, we’re not there yet, most Japanese still have to learn the “personal” internet isn’t about building websites with FrontPage2000, apparently -_-).

(I share MUCH more stuff by her, Cf. The list of Naomi Nekomata’s works…)

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GIGA PACK [1138 pictures, 22 volumes] with every full-color CG work I could find by the hentai artist Bakuhatsu Brs

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Haaaa, if only some of them were uncensored !  :D

I waited SO long to make this repack (I’ve been planning to do it since 2010 ^^) that new volumes were published while old volumes were published in better quality :lol:

So, lo!, my dear fellow hentai lovers, here is a hand-made repack with ALL the full-color CG works by the hentai artist Bakuhatsu Brs :) (Or, at least, all the works that I could find.)ma
The art is quite pleasant, these are anime heroines from various sources (Dragon Quest, Love Hina, Love Plus, Dead Or Alive, Keroro Gunsou, Kiddy Grade, Mahou Sensei Negima, Gurren Lagann, Sakura Tales, etcetera…) having sex or striking sexy naked poses.

I hope you may find these to your taste ! ;)

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Idolm@ster hentai doujin [English] : Festa, by Jaingai-Makyou

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It's good to see a girl knowing what she wants and doing what is required to obtain it :3

Minami Nitta, a Japanese female idol, organizes a trip with her most devoted fans, to thank them for their support. More precisely, she was starving for sex, and she’s served well :)
There’s oral sex, bukkake, and groupsex, going as far as DP.

The art is good without being exceptional, this is still quite pleasant, all made with mutual respect and carefree horny feelings.
Thank you, to whoever did that release ! :)

This manga came in high res, for a total of 42 MB. I decided to offer you, dear visitors and fellow pervs, a second alternative version, downsized to the standard 1600 px : it is 5 times smaller, 8 MB, with a cleaned better-looking cover :)

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Idolmaster hentai doujinshi [English] : Happy Star, by Water Drop

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Not incredibly good, but pleasant enough for a quick fap'n'go, I guess ;)

Miki, the blonde Idolmaster girl always calling her manager “Honey”, has sex with her manager, and, in a second part, she gives him a fellatio. Yes, there is no scenario, just happy sex. I can’t call the drawings very good, but that was still quite pleasant for the eye. Some simple full-color stuff like that is good in itself :)

For this release, credits are for Wrathkal, Rovencrone, Masamune, Altereggo and Nemesis, from Little White Butterflies. Thank you ! :)

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