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“Be Mine Hero ! I Refuse !” hentai doujin [English] : Secret Love, by Kouchaya
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20 January 2013

First time I'm disappointed in Kouchaya drawing some Kouchaya

I must say, to my surprise, I wasn’t really thrilled with this Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (“Be Mine Hero ! I Refuse”) parody.

But maybe that’s because I know too much the original series from which this hentai work has been inspired. I should recommend you to read that series, it’s an interesting one :)

I can tell the heroine is lacking firmness in the chest and amplitude in the hips area (the “real” one has an unforgettable body, oh god she has), the male hero’s eyes and hair are different and he lacks some form of charisma…
Yes, that’s strange : I’m disappointed because it is visible this is drawn by Kouchaya, who technically cannot help using his usual (and delightful) style, who didn’t get closer to the original. — Isn’t it paradoxical.

As for the present hentai parody, well, it’s happy uncomplicated sex with love between the two main characters, accepting each other’s love and lust, and having a good time :)
This release comes from Dark Knight, thanks a lot once again ! :)

Originally, the archive for this was 69 MB large, for 51 pictures. I added (not replaced, ok ?) a recompressed version, this time only 21 MB, and without a difference visible with the naked eye, knowing it should help quite a few of you out there :)
(I share TONS of other works by this artist, Cf. The list of ALL his shares)

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To Love Ru Darkness hentai doujin [English] : Dojikko Education, by Maniac Street
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18 January 2013

I can fap to this, definitely.

Oh. Fuck. YEAAAAAAAHHH ! :woot:

At last, here’s the BEST pair in To Love Ru, the two hottest girls of the whole series, Momo and Tearju ! :twisted:
The scenario doesn’t matter at all in the present case, the male hero is simply blessed with the chance to have a threesome with those two girls, and I call that having a wonderfully great time :D

A lots of thanks go to Cgrascal for that release :)

I also allowed myself to perform some retouching on the images (before / after), the scans were in dull colors, not grayscale but polluted with color nuances, they really didn’t do the drawings justice.

By Maniac Street, I also share Momoiro Passion, Momoiro Operation, Don’t Say Piggy (just average), and (better), Plug In Baby (cuuuuute !), and a pack of 3 other works

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Infinite Stratos hentai doujin [English] : IS Incest Strategy 3, by Akari Tsutsumi
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18 January 2013

Akari Tsutsumi is back with bunny girls. Let's raise something to celebrate :)

Huhu, I liked a lot that one ! Not only it is the first time in a damn too long time I’m hearing of Akari Tsutsumi, but this also displays a funny story, shameless characters, great drawings bearing easy to ignore censorship, threesome action (hot by principle and definition) and an absolutely fappable-to elder sister, a brunette with wonderful breasts, in a bunny-girl suit !
I laughed, I was aroused, I loved it =)
I hope you’ll also enjoy it, and thanks a LOT to Loressan, Midnightpass and Palaxius ! :)

(Remember to view the updated list of all Akari Tsusumi works on Hentairules)

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Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai hentai doujin [English] : Poyopacho CC, by Poyopacho
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18 January 2013

"argh-i-just-saw-the-thin-censorship-white-bar-lol.jpg" : I hope nobody notices ^^;;

Not much to say about this Chu-2 parody, the male hero wakes up to find his female childhood friend is feasting on his dick, and things keep on progressing smoothly :) (cf the bottom of this hentairules post for a slight spoiler, though…)

I think the drawings have a gentle, lustful, cute side to them, it was happy sex without complications, that was enough for me to enjoy it ^^

By Poyopacho, I also share Poyopacho NA, a pack of 4 works, and also Poyopacho W.

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Touhou hentai doujin [English] : Mariho, by Hiroya
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18 January 2013

Rape is bad. Booh. (But, erm, if it's only for a fast fap, hmm ?)

Graphically, this is very good Touhou, scenario-wise, I can’t hide this is straight hentai rape, sigh :( The storyline : Patchouli asks Koakuma to rape the disobedient Marisa, and Koakuma gladly obliges, as the unsatisfied sex-crazed futanari she is.
I’ll leave the rest in your hands (I’m not speaking about your penises, okay), to see whether you like it or not !

My thanks are for Beotkkot and The Elegant Succubus :) I’m GLAD to hear again about Elegant Succubus, when I saw Elegang’s blog had shut down I felt saddened, an old and respected hentai place had gone…

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Queen’s Blade hentai doujin [English] : Kaiketsu Shoujo, by Fullmetal Madness
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17 January 2013

Most. Enthusiastic. Paizuri. EVER.

« A pirate’s tits are just like the ocean ! Feel the soft, slippery pressure of my tits ! »
HARRR ! It’s pirate time ! :lol: (Pirates speaking, don’t miss THIS or, worse, THAT !)

This parody’s got a carefree humorous setup, I liked it ^^ In short, a female captain returns, only to find it’s been so long her crew’s gone, leaving only skeletons behind. Until some form of magic brings them back long enough for an orgy to take place, and then at last their souls can depart.
Let’s remain down to earth and enjoy the humour, the spectacular paizuri, and the vaginal and anal sex ^^;;
And thanks to Raikoh and Fuwafuwaru for this release :)

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Evangelion hentai doujin [English] : Ayanami Dai Kai 4 + Omake Bon + Postcards, by Mogudan
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16 January 2013

Haaa, I still regret the early drawing style...

Big-ass, extrawide-hips and huge-titted Rei Yanami, a bit in full-color and otherwise in quality grayscale, wearing her eternal schoolgirl uniform, plugsuit and bikini, is having sex with various teachers and an underclassman who thinks he can call himself her boyfriend even though she’ll forget him to superfuck any man who’s asking her.

In other words, here’s a brand new Mogudan volume ! :lol:

You probably already know my opinion, the drawing quality is a considerable loss compared to Mogudan’s early works (when they were more visually similar to his brother’s, Nakayohi Izurumi), while the scenarii remained as braindead as before. I feel as if Mogudan lacks any motivation to improve or innovate, I don’t feel “life” from his works :-/
But if YOU dig them, please, please enjoy, there’s no reason not to :)

Credits are for Imari, Blurk, Nemesis, Maipantsu and Pink Socks, from Little White Butterflies, and Psyburn21, from Funeral Of Smiles. Good job, bound to please countless fans, thank you ! :)
For more Mogudan, I recommend you check a MEGA-pack I made.

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