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UNCENSORED version of School Idol Shoot-Off [English], a Love Live hentai doujinshi, by Jenoa Cake

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Jenoa Cake. Whatever is published under that name is a huge win =)

I liked this share, back in 2013.
And now, thanks to Aphral, IT IS UNCENSORED!! :twisted:
Aphral, thank you! ^______^

Oh, and the summary ? No plot. A blonde from Love Live, having happy sex, first in uniform, then (not long enough) as a cheerleader. The art was extremely arousing, the pencil-drawn looking drawings were strikingly skillfull, Takayaki packs up a whole lot of talent :D

For more delicious hentai, see The list of ALL TakayaKI’s works on Hentairules!

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Shishi Ane [English], an Akame Ga Kill hentai doujinshi, by Koppe

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Haaa, AT LAST, the Akame Ga Kill hentai doujinshi will flow :D

The first Akame Ga Kill English-translated hentai doujinshi I find is a good one, wheeee ! ^_^
If you’re familiar with the series, we see here Tatsumi and Leone getting it on, with a good first time for our young lad. The mutual liking feelings make it sweet, however the brutal heavy black rectangles censorship killed a large part of the arousal I was hoping for, pity, really :-/

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :jap:

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Call Me, Alice [English], a pleasant Touhou hentai doujinshi, by Awayume

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Awww =) A blonde like that must only exist in the hentai world.

Aww, that’s cute vanilla hentai, again, today =) In the present share, Alice, a beautiful blonde with blue eyes, gives shelter to a lost human, and they fall in love. Eventually, yeah, sex happens. With mutual loving, mutual care, mutual understanding, and growing enthusiam :3
I don’t know who to credit for this nice release, would you know ?

Now, I should write that “by Awayume, I also share Yawaraka Lip No H Na Sasoi“, however, I find this puzzling, the art doesn’t look similar to me, so I wonder if it really is the same artist…

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Together With Ami [English], a Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi, by Mitarashi Club

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Poor Ami-chan, villains transform her boyfriend into a tentacular rapist monster. Fear not, she knows how to bring him back to normal, and you too you know exactly how it works. In the second half, once he’s back to being human, they resume sex, without tentacles, but with feelings of mutual love =)

Graphically, this is good, reminding me of Mogudan’s earlier years, when his Sailor scouts still looked like teens instead of looking like 35-year old American porn actresses believing a ton of makeup, fake boobs and pigtails would make us believe their aged and plump bodies are fresh meat :lol:
The censorship is kinda bad (annoying black bars) but I’ve seen worse.
I hope you’ll like it, and thanks a lot to Kizlan, who translated it, and to Azrael0070 who suggested this release to me :)

For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…

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Citrus Lemon [English], a Grisaia no Kajitsu hentai doujinshi, by Ayanokouji Haruka

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I wonder if this kind of swimsuits is genuinely erotic, or if it's just that h-mangas have contaminated by mind

Let’s throw a male student in the middle of an all-female mysterious highschool – oh god, not again :roll: – Update : perhaps there is miraculously more than that to Grisaia No Kajitsu , according to comments. Anyway, here, in this related hentai share, the male hero has sex with one of the girls.
Petite. Blonde. Twintails. Cheerful. School swimsuit.
The drawings are a bit above average, and the censorship bars were thin enough to allow us to “guess” the missing bits, that was good enough :D

Thanks to Cgrascal for this release :)

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Dear My Darling [English], an [email protected] hentai doujinshi, by Mikandensya

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Glasses ? Braids ? Idol ? I'm sold :D

I’ve already seen this brunette a few times in [email protected] parodies, Ritsuko, apparently she is both an idol and an idol agency office worker. Doesn’t matter : here, she has oral sex with her producer in the office, and then vaginal sex a bit later, she put on an idol outfit and they resume where they left off ^^

The scenario is worthless, the drawings are so-so, but there’s no way I could pass on an idol with glasses and braids having happy sex :twisted:
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release ! :)

I made another version of the cover, I’m not sure if it’s better or not. Well, I think it is better, otherwise I wouldn’t mention it, but I’m not confident enough to replace the cover present in the zip/gallery I’m sharing.

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Anata Ga Watashi No Yuusha-sama [English], a splendid Dragon Quest hentai doujinshi, by Mitarashi Kousei

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I rarely loved a Dragon Quest so much. AMAZING!

I wonder if this isn’t the very first time I see a GOOD hentai representation of the hero in Dragon Quest. Not a shota, not a wimp, not a manipulative twisted dickhead. But a dark, overly manly, vengeful, troubled man. He meets the calm, composed and responsible Minea, who immediately falls for him. Manya is the first to claim his penis (hey, it’s a porn share, what did you expect), but Minea gets the best of the exposure.
This is happy sex, first tender, a bit moving, and then intense, and again, and again, and again, in varied positions, drawn with grace, talent, skill, not tarnished by too much censorship… oh fuck, that . was . AWESOME!!!

Thanks a lot, a whole lot, to Axalon, MrWayne, Dark Mac and Wavedash, from Team Vanilla!!
For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…

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