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Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai hentai doujin [English] : Sena-sama Fuhihi, by Kaniya (Also Known As Kanyapyi)
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15 February 2013

I liked very much the idea of a girl getting gradually fond of real sex...

Sena, the big-breasted main commercial selling point in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, strikes an agreement with a schoolmate, he develops for her an ero-game, and in exchange, she’s taking care of his dick.
First just oral and paizuri, and, at last, the main piece.

We never really get to see what the male parner looks like but it seems he wouldn’t win beauty contests.
On the other hand, Sena is a real cutie, and she nicely falls into perversion, gradually losing interest in her ero-game and finally chosing real dick over digital fantasies, yum !
She doesn’t end mindbroken, but close, and not by the man’s fault, it’s all her own chosing, so, it’s happy sex, but with a weird aftertaste O_o

By the same artist, I also share Just As Planned, and also a pack of 4 works (made of : Sweet Delivery, Private Design, Nodoka Hiyori and Tsundere School Swimsuit). Kanyapyi has also done several loli works, but you’ll have to find these other ones without my help if you’re interested in them.

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Tales Of Graces hentai doujin [English] : Cherish, by Kurimomo
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14 February 2013

A butt of that quality, trembling in anticipation, YUM ! MITARASHI KOUSEI SAUCE !

As of usual with Kurimomo : Awwwwwwwwwww ! =)
This Tales Of Grace parody is cute and arousing in the same time, drawin with a lot of care, showing cute happy sex with adult love, YUM !

The scenario is paper-thin, two of the heroes, Cheria and Asbel, have started living together. The influence of hormones and hentai physics laws later, sex follows. The censorship didn’t get in the way (one thin white bar, quite easy to not notice), the sex is nicely hardcore (masturbation, oral, foreplay, vaginal – yep, no shit : foreplay). Enjoy ! ^_^ And thanks a lot to Robertertert and Chaossora from a new group, named Unlimited Vanilla Works ! :)
(Side note, I performed faint retouching on the pics, smoother and a tad darker, just mentioning.)

Fore MORE of this, Cf. the list of my shares by Kurimomo !

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Pack of 3 works by Kaientai, Also Known As Shuten Doujin [English, 101 pictures, warning : not for the weak of heart]
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14 February 2013

These drawings... These stories... My right hand and my brain disagree on this matter

I repacked here three works by Kaientai, AKA Shouten Douji :
– Asuka Ga Yasashiku Fudeoroshi Shitekureru
– Confu Fantasy
– Marionette Queen 3.0.0

The shortest summary I could come up with would be Picard-flavoured : “what the fuck is that shit, tons of talent such storylines ?!? O_o”
A longer summary, now. Popular heroines, FF7’s Tifa, Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami and Asuka Sohryu Langley, through various means, are hypnotized (by hypocrites, my bonus pic !) and brought to enjoy being cumdumps. It’s only in Ayanami’s case the storyline is interesting, in my eyes, since the girl is liberated from manipulative assholes in order to fall into another group of manipulative assholes, with a few shackles removed nonetheless, is that worst or not, I wondered.

And that is served with effin’ GOOD drawing talent. The girls can make superbly arousing or teasing faces, their body is supple, their breasts are proudly pointing…

As such, that left me puzzled, but I still think the art is worth it, for all of you who can bear (or even enjoy of course !) such story lines.
Credits are for Anonygoo, TDV, Darc Mac, Afro Thunda, Lolotax, Imary, Psyburn21, Nemesis and Masamune, from Funeral Of Smiles, AfScans, Little White Butterflies and late Ragemanga, thank you !

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Nanoha hentai doujin [English] : 767B, by Cyclone
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14 February 2013

I hope a few of you enjoyed discovering this artist, because I have no plans to ever share some Cyclone again

That one will be an unusual share for me, but I’ll sometimes try to share stuff outside of my comfort zone. Here is a hentai work by the artist called Cyclone.

That’s probably be the last time I share something by Cyclone, but maybe this will interest people who didn’t know of Cyclone’s existence ! :) (There are plenty translated works by Cyclone outside, but just find them yourself, kthx)

767B is the softest, tamest, Cyclone stuff I’ve seen. Usually, the works by Cyclone describe mental crushing and physical disgusting hard rape of anime heroines, this is nasty stuff. Here, this is “only” a Nanoha heroine accepting defeat and yielding to her body’s needs, apparently : it’s almost softcore in comparison, it can barely be called mind break !
Graphically, this isn’t bad, we’ve got a man, a futa girl, and the Nanoha heroine who gradually stops lying to herself and enjoys being a sexual thing. Credits are for Saha, Makasu, and Sansker, props to them !

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Pack of 3 works by the hentai artist Katamichi Kippu [English, 101 pictures]
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13 February 2013


<– I know this is utterly unrealistic, I know… But, fuck, if, just once, I could bury myself in breasts like that, enjoy a paizuri from them…. HNNNNNNNNGGGG !!!

Today, I was not in a mood to deal with complicated stuff, between fatigue and real life stuff. Turns out nothing got in my way or forced me to face my problems, even my kids were adorable, the hentai releases of the day that I found met my tastes, uncomplicated pleasant stuff. Today was a good day :D

We may start with this pack of works by Katamichi Kippu, one of them just released today (Senamilk 2L), and the others grabbed from the past (Senamilk 1, and Sonna Gensoukyou).

Nothing complicated here, two manganime heroines have harmless happy sex, in slice of life type stories (ending with love, in one of them), Sena (from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai) and Reimu (from Touhou). The drawings are rather pleasant, drawn with love for the heroines I thought I could feel. The Touhou parody is quite funny, the Sena volumes were not, on the other hand they displayed a non-pregnant-but-lactating big breasted heroine O_o As such, breast milk doesn’t excite me, but, well, to each his own fetishes, right.

Credits and well deserved thanks are for Patch, Neko Arcueid Brunestud, Phantom Renegade, Vaako Benihime, Imari, Cold Kiwango, Tornomer, from Trinity Translations Team and Team Vanilla, and Desudesu :)
By the same artist, I also share Konna Gensokyo.

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To Love Ru Darkness hentai doujin [English, 81 pictures] : KTOK 4, by PTD (Also Known As Tatsuhiko)
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12 February 2013

The drawings aren't true to the original, but they're real sweet nonetheless, in my opinion :)

One could wonder how Rito, the male hero in To Love Ru Darkness, survives his daily trial. After all, he lives surrounded by teen girls constantly flashing at him their panties, underwear, titties and even bare smooth pussies. (And yet, how is that miracle is possible, TLR-D is published in all all-ages magazine, lol.) Any normal boy would be fapping at least five times a day, if not two times more, under such heavenly pressure. But Rito can’t secure safe spots, the girls are always all over him.

Well, in the present parody, we have a reply : Rito is living under constant crotch emergency :lol:
The “gist” of this volume is that he is caught by Mea, a girl with a body manipulation technique, and also the talent to read minds and communicate from mind to mind. Mea starts the ecchi game to tease him, but mind communication goes both ways, and they grow intoxicated with each other until they’re fornicating like rabid rabbits.

Scenario-wise, there’s not much, but everything was brought at the proper pace, Rito’s predicament was developed long enough to provide welcome comical relief, we don’t jumpt straigh to “penis-pussy pumping”, it was fairly good. Graphically, however, will you like it ? The two characters aren’t very similar to the “real” manga ones, plumper. Me, I liked it, but, well, I’ll let you guys decide for yourselves ! ;)

I grayscaled and retouched a bit the images, it’s now 35 MB instead of 108 MB.
This pleasant share comes from Tigoris Translates, many thanks Tigoris ! :)

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Sword Art Online hentai doujin [English] : Cliche, by John Sitch-Oh
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8 February 2013

I wish I could remove this frigging thick black bar, grrrr !

One of the numerous “#1 rule of the internet” candidates states that “unless you know her IRL, no matter what you read, that person on the other side of the network is a male“.

And yet, when you play a MMORPG and there’s a girl asking for help, the minimum one could do is to show some courtesy, give help, unneeded equips, or tank for a few minutes. I mean, female gamers DO exist, you never know, it might even be a girl living close to your place ! (Yeah, I know that’s being wildly optimistic, but look, there are also people playing the lottery on a regular basis, after all, and nobody blames them.)

So, why would the Sword Art Online main heroine find herself reducted to whoring herself in order to gather funds for her levelling up ? Simply : because she loves dick. End of the long summary, the rest is her enjoying dick.

Credits are for Swity Woot and Hentaifromhell’s Caska, thank you :)
By the same artist, I also share Schoolgirl Encyclopedia (176 pictures), Swimming Club Capriccio chapter 1, Versus Onnanoko chapter 1, and The Creek Of Mild Fever.

25236650_00just_farm_idiot_ww.jpg 25236652_00just_farm_idiot_ww.jpg 25236653_00just_farm_idiot_ww.jpg

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