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Pack of two delicious The Idolm@ster hentai doujinshi [English] : In The Harem A and B side, by Shoujo Kishidan
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27 June 2012

I tell you, a doujin like that, I wouldn't have objected if it had lasted over 100 pages !

The drawings are gorgeous, the girls are cute and smiling, and the two volumes work under a simple principle : each Idolm@ster heroine (including two lolis, fair unavoidable warning) has two pages. On page 1, she’s fully dressed, then stripping. On page 2, she’s delightfully fucking in various ways and outfits.
This is high quality fap’n’go, is that pleases you, that will make me glad, enjoy ! :)
And thanks if someone can tell me who should be credited for this release, I really loved that one and would have been glad to be able to express proper thanks :)

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Ano Natsu de Matteru hentai doujin [English, Full Color, now UNCENSORED] : Ano Natsu No Okinawa-Hen, by Redrop
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27 June 2012

Fullcolor goodness like that ? Any time, baby !


Simple, with zero complications and no scenario, in full color, drawn with wonderful art, displaying excellent hardcore hentai, two Ano Natsu De Mitteru heroines in casual clothes and bikini, YYYYEEEAAAH ! :D
Dear readers, with many thanks to Cgrascal, here is ReDrop’s latest release, and it kicks ass, enjoy ;)

UPDATE : and now, thanks to Belldandy100, this sweet gem is UNCENSORED ! ^_^

(Fore more ReDrop, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules !)

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Aquarion Evol hentai doujin [English] : Combine Dependence, by Goromenz (Also Known As Yasui Riosuke)
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27 June 2012

I have the weird feeling that even if I had watched Aquarion Evol, I wouldn’t have understood a single fuck as to what happens in this doujin, it sounds confused. Apparently, the heroines “suffer” from a disease that turn them into brain-free nymphomaniacs, hence sex satisfying the body but not the soul follows.
Oral, vaginal, anal, DP, large hips and large breasts.

I’ve got mixed feelings toward this doujin, I can enjoy several panels, but the gloomy “story” (for lack of a shallower term) line ruined most of my fun.
What about you ?
Credits are for Kizlan, thanks ! ^^

(Don’t miss the list of my shares by Yasui Riosuke, also known as Goromenz !)

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Isekai No Seikishi Monogatari hentai doujin [English] : Seikishiyokujou, by Musansodou
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27 June 2012

I'm lost, with that Tenchi Muyo ecosystem

I never watched and certainly will never watch Isekai No Seikishi Monogatari, a Tenchi Muyo GXP and Photon sort-of spin-off (“wow, he can read Wikipedia”). But since this is a happy fap’n’go uncomplicated parody, I guess it doesn’t matter : you don’t need to understand anything, just enjoy the show :)

Credits are for Kalevala (from Kalevala Scans, Tazman, Altereggo, MrakyMrak and Youngfolk from Little White Butterflies, and Trinity Translation Team’s Phantom Renegade, thank you ! :)

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Evangelion hentai doujin [English] : Spiral Staircase, by Bakuretsu Fusen
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26 June 2012

Yuuummm =) Ritsuko (blonde, big tits) and Maya (brune, likewise) are having great vaginal and anal sex with a virile partner, simple as that, I love that doujin :D
OK, there is only one anomaly, the virile partner is Shinji Ikari. Shinji who, must I emphasize, in the real Evangelion anime, is a hopeless wimp only able to get a boner when in front of an almost dead female corpse.

My thanks, for the good hentai, are for Raikoh from Doujin-Moe :)

By Bakuretsu Fusen, I also share lots of other stuff : Kasou Ryouiki (Ritsuko anal hentai, HNNNNN), Kakuu Shoujo, Mugen Kairou Eternal Gallery, Dual Wing, Max Heart (quite average), a better Ayanami Tokka Shiki (way better), a Street Fighter doujin with a wonderfully fucked up detail, Denkuchi Buru Makkusu, Occult Academy and a Fate Hallow Ataraxia doujin.

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K-On! hentai doujin [English, Super Hardcore] : Empire Hard Core 2009 Summer, by Type 90
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25 June 2012

I accept fresh eyeballs, thanks in advance

Can someone lend me a pair of new eyeballs, please ? I have the impression mine have imploded after reading this doujin :shock:
I had forgotten that, when Type90′s rolling, double penetration is a good start.

In short, the K-On! heroines have a super hardcore sex orgy week-end. Oral, vaginal, anal, double, triple, multiple, real huge cocks, several dildos, faces torn with ecstasy, this is Type 90 at his best.
In case you missed the info (*cough*whogivesafuckaboutmilitaryshit*cough*), the Type90 is also a battle tank, and it suits pretty well the mangaka’s style for a pen name, much better than, say, FluffyCareBear” or something like that. At least, when a mangaka’s named after an assault tank, you can safely bet this isn’t softcore stuff.

A warning, a part of the doujin focuses on the younger member, Azunyan, this is hardcore loli action.
All in all, I’d still recommend you this, it’s not everyday you can enjoy such hardcore action drawn with talent, wow ! :shock:
Credits are for Anonymous Scanner, Blu Meino and ACF from Chocolate Scans, and the Anon who commissioned the scanlation, thank you very much ! :)

(I share MORE stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Type90′s works…)
(Thanks a lot, HurpDurp, if YOU have time to udpate that page ^^)

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Pack of 2 hentai works by the artist Yukimi : Predation + Chie Tomoe [English]
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23 June 2012

In Predation, the scenario looks dark, but it's fascinating !

To save time, I repacked together two works by Yukimi even though there are zero common points behind them.
The first, Chie Tomoe, is a standard happy sex Persona doujin.
The second, Predation, is a fascinating (but dark, very dark ! I you can’t stomach a twisted story, be very wary !) story about human-cat creatures with psychic and body-control powers… I’m not sure you’ll like it, but it makes the brain work harder than the wrist, so to say :o

Credits are for Xenex and the Little White Butterflies team, thank you ! :)

Yukimi is a special hentai artist, producing great as well as terrible works, if you care, by this mangaka, I also share : the exhilarating Like A Beast, Sore Wa Atode, Stay Seeds chapter 1, the Uncensored version of A Lovely Night To Fall In Love, Lilium, Kano Bano chapters 9-10, the Complete version of Birthday, and the Uncensored but Incomplete version of Birthday.

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