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Evangelion hentai doujin/CG [English] : Cherry 01, by Sentou Kaiiki
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5 July 2012

ASUKAAAAAAAARGL ! (She's ten times hotter than Rei Ayanami, seriously)

Asuka and Shinji have excellent sex with mutual liking in this full-color work halfway between a doujin and a CG set (I don’t want to look prejudiced, but there’s too much “soul” and no stupid layers abuse in this to allow me to dare call it a mere CG set of pics ^^). Period :D

I liked a lot this work, Asuka is really cute, with her slightly tsundere nature, and I really also liked the way she was drawn, how her body and her face expressed pleasure, it was arousing, it was beautiful :)
Of course, there’s the matter of the CG-type censorship (I think it is called “box blur” in Photoshop), but fortunately, if you seek arousal, there’s plenty of other things to look at apart from Asuka’s pussy, that’s what good drawings also imply ;)

In other words : I could fap to this, I hope you’ll enjoy too ^_^
(Oh, and if you know who to thank for this nice release, thanks to share the info !)

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Oreimo hentai doujin [English] : Bunny Sisters, by ArcS
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3 July 2012

I'm a bunny-girl-con, lol

At first, it is boring. But then the bunny girl costumes appear, and my inner pervert yelled “FUCK YEAH !” :D

I must reckon the drawings aren’t very good (check the pictures gallery before going for the zip, just in case, okay ?), the scenario sucks hairy monkey balls (not lame, just boring), but, here I am, a bunny girl fan, so having two of the Oreimo heroines in Bunny Girl outfits enjoying sex/wincest, I loved it anyway :D

Credits are for Wrathkal, Phantom Renegade, Altereggo, Red_Vodka and Rinruririn, from Team Vanilla and Trinity Translations Team, thank you ! :)

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Sora No Otoshimono hentai doujin [English] : Hiyori Otoshi, by Kurosawa Pict
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1 July 2012

Not the best by this artist, but cute enough ^_^

Hiyori, a Sora No Otoshimono female character, has a lucky oppurtinity to be alone with the male hero, so she makes her move and jumps on his dick, basically, the rest being great happy sex.
This is as far as the scenario goes, but, oh my eyes, the drawings were great, cute and arousing ! :D

This has been scanlated by Fritzky, thank you very much :)

By the same artist, I also share Angel Breath, Kyouko’s Secret Box, Pool Daisakusen, Hitomi Magica, the VERY imaginative Holiday Party, and a pack of 6 works.

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Street Fighter hentai doujin [English] : BF Champloo, by Bakuretsu Fusen (under the Denkichi pen name)
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30 June 2012

Sorry, no bug with 3 hands, this time ^^

I fail to see what “champloo” stands for, in that title… Mixing heroines like mixing ingredients in Okinawan cuisine ? Or an obscure reference to the anime Samurai Champloo ? No idea O_o
On the other hand, the doujin could have been called “apple green combine harvester”, I wouldn’t have cared less, anyway, this is a fap’n’go doujin simply showing lucky Ryu having sex with Cammy and Sakura, period ^^

So, if you love Bakuretsu Fusen’s drawing style (juicy female bodies, curved backs, great doggy in vaginal and anal, big breasts, happy brainless sex), go for it, this is a highly enjoyable doujin :)
And thanks to Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh and Yuribou ! :)
A last note ? Because of the most fucked up detail ever seen in this old Bakuretsu Fusen Street Fighter hentai doujin, I couldn’t help myself, I read the present doujin (same artist, also Street fighter !) while carefully counting the hands on the pictures, to make sure the fucking up didn’t come back ^^

By Bakuretsu Fusen, I also share lots of other stuff : Spiral Staircase, Kasou Ryouiki (Ritsuko anal hentai, HNNNNN), Kakuu Shoujo, Mugen Kairou Eternal Gallery, Dual Wing, Max Heart (quite average), a better Ayanami Tokka Shiki (way better), a Street Fighter doujin with a wonderfully fucked up detail, Denkuchi Buru Makkusu, Occult Academy and a Fate Hallow Ataraxia doujin.

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Bakemonogatari hentai doujin [English] : Homemonogatari, by Ink Complex
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29 June 2012

YUM ! I've love that sort of blowjob, any time :)

Hanekawa Tsubasa, a Bakemonogatari female character, visits the house of the main male character, in order to have sex with him, because she loves him a little. And, guess what, sex follows.

I won’t pretend the scenario left me a stronger impression than Inception (not even stronger than Thor the movie, and yet that was one monument of boredom to me, that one), but it “did its job”, and pretty well at that :) The heroine has a great body, nice hips to waist ratio, large breasts, her face is a mix of candidness and sluttyness, in other words, it was pleasant and arousing ^^

Thanks a lot to Wrathkal and Phantom Renegade :)

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Pack of two delicious The Idolm@ster hentai doujinshi [English] : In The Harem A and B side, by Shoujo Kishidan
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27 June 2012

I tell you, a doujin like that, I wouldn't have objected if it had lasted over 100 pages !

The drawings are gorgeous, the girls are cute and smiling, and the two volumes work under a simple principle : each Idolm@ster heroine (including two lolis, fair unavoidable warning) has two pages. On page 1, she’s fully dressed, then stripping. On page 2, she’s delightfully fucking in various ways and outfits.
This is high quality fap’n’go, is that pleases you, that will make me glad, enjoy ! :)
And thanks if someone can tell me who should be credited for this release, I really loved that one and would have been glad to be able to express proper thanks :)

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Ano Natsu de Matteru hentai doujin [English, Full Color, now UNCENSORED] : Ano Natsu No Okinawa-Hen, by Redrop
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27 June 2012

Fullcolor goodness like that ? Any time, baby !


Simple, with zero complications and no scenario, in full color, drawn with wonderful art, displaying excellent hardcore hentai, two Ano Natsu De Mitteru heroines in casual clothes and bikini, YYYYEEEAAAH ! :D
Dear readers, with many thanks to Cgrascal, here is ReDrop’s latest release, and it kicks ass, enjoy ;)

UPDATE : and now, thanks to Belldandy100, this sweet gem is UNCENSORED ! ^_^

(Fore more ReDrop, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules !)

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