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Evangelion hentai doujin [English] : Servant Asuka, by Studio Wallaby
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22 July 2012

Haa, Asuka ~~~

I’ve read many Evangelion doujinshi in my life. Many. But only a handful of them featured something as improbable as what’s happening in Servant Asuka. Shinji is a rich guy living in a mansion, and Rei Ayanami and Asuka are part of his maids. Asuka is playing the tsundere but she fails to lead the game, this is instead Shinji, brimming with manly self-confidence, that dominates the following sex scene.
What did I just read O_o

Apart from that, well, if a teen maid and/or Asuka are likely to turn you on, here’s to hoping you’ll love the doujin, kindly brought to us by Imari and Nemesis from LWB ! ^^

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The World God Only Knows hentai doujin [English] : Lets Have a Good Clean Fight!, by Chikugen (aka Chikutakudoh)
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21 July 2012

Totally fucking worth it.

@DurpHurp here.

I planned on posting a Touhou doujinshi today, but then I realized a couple images were named wrong (I’m anal retentive) and I was able to find the name other groups use for the mangaka (Kusojijii translated the dude’s name).

That’s fine and dandy, and quite easy to fix (took like 2 seconds?), the only problem is now I don’t have link that’s attached to Kusojijii’s Bitshare account :(

So I can’t share it until he gets back… Here’s hoping someone else doesn’t translate it before then. But considering it original came out in 2009 and still isn’t translated, I doubt anyone will be doing it.Ā ā”ļ¼ˆĀ“ćƒ¼ļ½€ļ¼‰ā”Œ

And so here’s a TWGOK doujin. I started reading the source material after Bakuman finished, I’ve enjoyed it so far so I recommend you go check it out as well. Although I can’t help but feelĀ likeĀ it’s days are numbered…

If you haven’t read the manga/watched the anime and plan to, do not read this doujin. This is an alternative version of an actual scene from the manga/anime, and reading it could possibly spoil yourself on the actual story. :(

Anyway, now with that spoiler alert out of the way… This is apparently an alternate take onĀ Katsuragi’sĀ captureĀ ofĀ Kusunoki. If you recall,Ā Kusunoki’s problem was that she couldn’t/wouldn’tĀ embraceĀ herĀ feminineĀ side, despite deep down in her heart she wanted to. Obviously the best way to make a girl think she’s a girl is to stick a nice, long, thick and hard cock inside her, then have it ejaculate into her womb, amirite?

This release is brought to you in part by the letter “L”, which stands for “Life4Kaoru”. It’s also brought you by the letters “N” (Nandeyanen), “D” (Derek) and another “L” (LS).

Ā Ā 

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Code Geass hentai doujin [English] : Mojimoji School Life, by Kurimomo
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19 July 2012

cute, loving and super arousing, I LUV IT !

In my hentai book, Kurimomo means : extremely cute and caring sex between Euphie and Suzaku, two Code Geass characters :)
And this is it, uncomplicated, cute, loving, slightly teasing sex between those two chars. The drawings are good without being exceptional (plus there’s doujin censorship, sigh), but the cuteness, at least in my eyes, strongly makes up for the censorship, and some panels are real hot ^^
There are a few bonus sex scenes in the end, but they’re drawn by other artists and neither of them caught my attention.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, me, I did :D
My thanks are for the StrangeCompanions and LittleWhiteButterflies teams, including, this time, Firstclassjellyfish, IShoutedAl, Calxy, Masamune and Supernumary Charioteer !

Fore MORE of this, Cf. the list of my shares by Kurimomo !

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Two Touhou hentai doujinshis [English] : Touhou Gensou Houkai 1-2, by Alice no Takarabako (aka Mizuryu Kei)
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18 July 2012

The one thing I remember clearly.

HurpDurp here.

I mentioned that I was going to post a CG today. I actually just finished QCing it (it’s 3:00AM) andĀ theĀ translator isn’t on, so I can’t show him my rewrites for the script. Besides, I’m not even sure what name I’m supposed to use for him on the credits page…

So instead I present to you two TouhouĀ ahegao doujinshis. (Oliver shared the first one in a pack of three a year ago.) Apparently a third is on the way at some point, so maybe Oliver will post that.

So this story is… Hmm, how do I put it? Oh, I know! Odd. ApparentlyĀ doujinshiĀ (yes, that thing you are about to download and read) have caused Touhous to lose their powers and materialize in the real world. Wut.

Now stuck in this human place, they all have to adapt to their new surrounds. SoĀ obviouslyĀ this means they need to become hookers and dress up in cosplay and fucking a bunch of otakus.


Anyway, the story is fucking deep (and Oliver agrees according to the his post with the first volume in it). Seriously. I don’t even like Touhou and I can’tĀ waitĀ for the last part, totally sucked me in (when ignoring all the sex with was all unneeded – but probably some of Alice no Takarabako’s best works).

For more, see the list of Alice No Takarabakoā€™s works on Hentairulesā€¦

Whoops-a-daisies, forgot to credit who translated this! Silly me! All my thanks goes out to Little White Butterflies,Ā Afro ScansĀ andĀ Kalevala Scans. But more specifically, Wrathkal for the translations of the manga, Rinruririn for translating the afterwards on the 2nd doujin (why didn’t you do the first one too? :(), Afro Thunda for editing the images, Kalevala for scanning the RAW and Gurumao, Altereggo and Blurk for QCing this quality work.


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Fairy Tail hentai doujin [English] : Chichikko Bitch, by Funi Funi Lab
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18 July 2012

I'd love to read a Natsu x Lucy vanilla hentai release, some day

Lucy, the blonde bimbo from Fairy Tail, is hentai raped by a whole group of men. This starts as typical hentai rape, and ends in a “typical Lucy way”, with her concluding on her complete victory over her sex partners :lol:

The scenario is worth its worth, on my side, I’ll just highlight we can enjoy a very big-titted blonde teen having energetic good sex and starting to adore it halfway already. There’s titty, oral, vaginal and DP. Don’t miss the final Erza bonus page, lol :D
Credits are for Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh and An-chan, thank you :)

By the same artist, I also share Little Bitch Hunter volume 1 and volume 2.

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Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt hentai doujin [English] : Chocolate, by Fukunoren
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17 July 2012

I like this soft, gentle drawing style. And you ? :)

There’s not much to say about this doujin, the story is quite simple (the two heroines of the Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt go after some sort of exorcism consisting of having sex with a guy), it’s all about enjoying the drawings and doing whatever you want with them, that’s what I call fap’n’go ^^

Many thanks are due to the Trinity Translations Team and Little White Butterflies staff, made of, this time, Mtzy, Phantom Renegade, Imaru, Blurk and Altereggo :)

Graphically, there’s good and bad, but overall, I think it’s worth it :)
The drawings are box-blur-censored, and box-blur censorship is the toughest motherfucker in town when it comes to killing woods, it’s true, sadly true. And yet, the drawings, with their soft shades and their amateurish feeling, they give off a very good and refreshing vibe, I can’t explain…

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Touhou hentai doujin [English] : Himegoto 2, by Mochi-ya
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15 July 2012

I didn't fully decensored the pic, if you look carefully, sorry ^^

A girl stumbles on a guy, chases away his own woman like a boss, and sex begins. Then a second man joins, and a third, and the sex continues, nice oral, vaginal, anal, DP, without too much censorship (thin black bars). The girl is a sort of nekomimi, I couldn’t be entirely sure of the specy, though.
I could have given such a simplistic scenario, if I wanted.

On second thought, this is enough, lol, I don’t see what I would need to add ^^;;

Thanks a lot to Sharpie and HotSoup for this release ! :)

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