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Cado [English], a Fate/Stay Night hentai doujinshi, by Niwacho

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I don't think that one is going to make many downloads. But I don't care, it was original and featured an unusual drawing style potentially worth discovering, that, in itself, made it worth sharing =)

That should be one of the rules of hentai : a schoolgirl staying late to masturbate in class will always be caught in the act. And if she’s using the desk of the boy on whom she has a crush, the person who will discover her will be that boy.
And so, happy sex with mutual liking (or love ?) commences ^_^

The drawing style isn’t good, quite amateurish, and yet that is presenting some sort of charm in itself. Enjoy ! :)
This share was relesed by Wehasband and Izur, thank you ! :jap:

The hentai artist Niwacho also uses the Trip Spider pen name, and he/she has also printed works with Takenoko Seijin under the Takesatorispa name. By this artist, I also shareNaisho No Omamagoto + Sakura Rains and Rose Hip.

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Tsuru No Maioru [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Ayuest

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Kantai Collection, with more emotions than porn. And yet, it's pleasant ^^;;

I like mangas like that, when the artist manages to bring drama and HUGE feelings into the initially quite hollow canvas of a casual video game. Here, we’re in the Kancolle universe, and – I’ll refrain from spoilers, gotta resist the temptation, hrrrrnnnng! – love blooms as a refutation of the deep sadness coming with mourning.
So, yeah, in short, it’s good sex, with good drawings (starring Shoukaku), with feelings and stuff :D

By the same artist, I also share P.S. Altria and Sindrian Night Dream.

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No-Jn-No-Life Datte Sukidakara [English], a Tales Of Abyss hentai doujinshi, by Shinsengokuraku

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Because of the printing method, this preview pic really loses to its full-size image. Seriously, try reading it, it's splendid :3

At first, I thought “oh well, it’s just a doujinshi, a parody of something else, not an original creation, and it’s only 20 pages long. I should skip it, and check tomorrow if I haven’t forgotten about it”. Still, just in case, I opened a picture.
One gaping jaw later, I was telling myself “I MUST SHARE THAT DOPE ON HENTAIRULES !”
… There you are =)

If you still care for a summary, it’s Jade and Natalia, from Tales Of The Abyss, having pleasant and intense sexy time. The drawings have an adorable touch, it’s happy sex with love (I’m assuming ? Or at least mutual caring), the facial expressions are passionate, the sex is hardly even censored… HNNNG ! :twisted:
That fine porn nugget was brought to us by RedJamm and Shinko, thank you !!

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Oshigoto After 2 [English], an [email protected] hentai doujinshi, by Andou Shuuki

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Sure, you'd better have a thing for girls with realistic body hair. Me, I don't mind it =)

Let’s take a cute and bushy Hibiki from The [email protected], add a proudly perverted and admittedly kinda dumb male producer, let’s spray shameless comedy to spice it up, and throw it all into our Pornificator2000 machine. *Ding* : there we are, let’s enjoy ! ^____^

Thanks a lot to Nomake Wan, Ace The Bat-Hound, Robin and Batman, from Batman Scans ! The page 9 is a treasure of creative quality editing :)

By the same artist, I also share Oshigoto After 5, Oshigoto After 7, Oshigoto After 8, After 6 and a pretty good pack of 3 works (made of : Oshigoto After 4 + Nan Kuru Nee Nichi-Nichi 2010 + Oikawa Bokujou No Chichi Shibori Taiken Tour)…

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Michitarita Lonely [English], a Love Live! hentai doujinshi, by Yo (Also Known As Brio)

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ZBOING ! As long as genitalia are drawn and there's more sex than talking, I'm all for yuri hentai :D

Knowledge of the Live Live! franchise is not required to enjoy Michitarita Lonely – lucky me :lol:
Here, we simply see two female highschoolers (names are Elichi and Nozomi) who finally gather enough courage to mutually accept each other’s feelings and enjoy at long last lesbian love.

I may regret the lack of penetrations in yuri hentai (dildos, why u not use them ?), but this time it was fully OK. Two hot teens like that, with their gorgeous bodies, their french kissing, HNNNNNNNNG !!
I hope you’ll enjoy it ! :twisted: And thanks, a lot, to Nandeyanen, Nouz, Patamon and Mayjapiaya, from Yuri-Ism ! :)

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Teitoku-san Tank Ni Ana Ga Aichatta [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi

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I hope you weren't drinking something, or else there's a chance you just splattered your screen with it :D
(Kinda feels like an oppai missile scene of old, doesn’t it ? ^^)

Just like yesterday’s Nami X One Piece parody, I’m mainly sharing this one thanks to one crazy hilarious picture, even though I don’t know if I should recommend you to download the whole zip ^^
The art is still much better than in Benten Kairaku 24 Nami Nori Kame, but, well, even then, I wouldn’t deem it very good, only above average. It’s a mix of sex (an elderly Admiral and two female members of his crew, Agano and Atago, a bit of vaginal sex, a huge focus on breastmilk – even if it’s artitifial breastmilk) and of strong comedy comedy based on the overwhelmed Admiral’s reactions.
See for yourselves, and at least you’ll have had the best picture of the volume already ^____^

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Lustbreeders 2 [English], a Yotsuba-to hentai doujinshi, by Mousou Deguchi

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"Please be gentle" - ORA ORA ORAAAAAAAAAAAAA : I'm almost seeing it, lol ^^

Five weeks ago, I was sharing Lustbreeders. Here comes the second volume, it is a sort of prequel showing the first times between Fuuka and Yotsuba’s father. Good happy sex with mutual care and comedy, and a good combined effort to reach together the climax point.
In this regard, the transition between the pages 3 and 4 was glorious, lol, I have a hard time resisting throwing a spoiler… :lol:

Release credits are for Crystalium, Wavedash, MrWayne, Axalon and Almond, from Team Vanilla, thank you for this one ! ^^

Update: that fucked up detail, LOL ^_^

Mousou Deguchi is a circle name for a team made of two hentai mangakas, Unou and Oomori Harusame.
By Oomori Harusame, besides Lustbreeders 1, I also share A Strange Couple, Mishiro-san Hassurusu, Watashi No Oshigoto Toranaide, Kanako To Ojisan, Do You Need An Extension, More Than Siblings, Less Than Lovers and the uncensored version of Hiiro No Ano Musume Nya Te Ga Desenai.

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