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Senshadou No Uramichi St. Gloriana Jogakuin [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Inu

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Shocking, that amount of censorship, right?

Just… WOW!! :shock:
That must be one of the best Girls Und Panzer doujinshi I ever shared, if not THE best altogether.

The story is very simple (the four usual girls, Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe, Assam and Rosehip, provide pleasure to a male teacher), everything resides in the fine quality of the drawings. You will have splendid detailed lingerie (garterbelts? GARTERBELTS!! :D ), beautiful girls with horny faces, a variety of body shapes, from pettanko to busty hourglass, quality vaginal and anal, and all of that with very, very little censorship :shock:

That was totally dope :twisted:
Thanks a LOT to Cgrascal for this one, I have been amazed while reading it :shock:

(There’s MORE ! Cf. The Updated List of ALL Inu’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Bitch Gal Pako Hamex [English], by Stemun

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I would so gladly tap that

Two gyarus pick up an available salaryman and make him their flatmate and sexbuddy, simple and enjoyable :D
The girls have GODLY breasts (they make good use of it), sport cheerful smiles and enthusiastic behaviour, the drawings are okay (a bit too many thick censorship bars, IMO), it was a real pleasure to read it ^_^

Thanks a lot, for this one, to our dear Biribiri, Axalon and CellTF! I’m grateful :)

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Senpai Before After [English], by Bifidus

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Starting this post with a splendid graphical screwup, it's glorious :D
It’s as if the mangaka thought:
“If I’m making a shit story, I’m also going to fuck up my drawings, YOLO!”

Oh, wow, that’s the worst hentai Bifidus brewed. It starts as of usual, a man and a woman growing closer, this time the woman is the dominant type, making the boy asking her out a huge favour when she says “yes”. A pair of pages later, the boy treated the woman to lots of restaurants, she became fat, her masochistic tendencies awoke and the boy suddenly feels inspired, calls her a cow, his personal pig, and she proudly agrees.
So, yeah, ahegao, domination, but I can’t call it mindbreak when, repulsive as it is to me (to you, suit yourselves, to each his own and we’ll be in peace), the girl simply awoke to what she was apparently truly aspiring to o_O

Oh well, if YOU like it, etcetera, right ;) – We owe the release to Doujin-Moe, thanks ^^

By Bifidus, I also share Kashimamane Kashima Ga Rikujoubu No Mane Kara Mama Ni Naru Made, Hikari-san Kaihatsu Nisshi, Okumiya-san Wa Otearai Ni Iru (“Miss Okumiya Is In The Restroom”), Yuri-nee To No Shujuu Kankei, Roshutsu Ni Hamatta Kashima To Houshou, a pack of 2 works (Koushu Benjo No Hanazawasan + Rikujoubu Ran-chan No Yuuutsu) and (that last one is awesome) Matsubara-san To Onsen De.

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Ayanami Dai 8-Kai Kanojo Hen [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Evangelion series, by Mogudan

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I mean, this sweater is cool, sure. But... it will NEVER beat Rei's one-piece dress-up :D

Mogudan unleased every weapon of mass hentai destruction he could muster, in that volume :D
– better art than before, even if we stay in the “super mega meaty Rei” series (me, I regret the era when he drew thin girls)
– mutual liking, not braindead sex without any feels at all
– the much-hyped (I don’t really see why, I mean, it’s sexy, but to make it such an object of veneration?!?) virgin-killer sweater
– glasses on Rei :twisted:

Well, that’s it, Rei with a guy liking her and being liked back, tons of sex, etcetera. I hope you will like this release, my dear pervs :)
Thanks to Imari of 7 Beers Ago, the Chinese team 靴下汉化组 and Dynellen! :jap:

For more Mogudan, there is Inka, Ayanami Dai Kai 4 (+ omake bon + postcards), Ayanami Dai 5 Kai, the HIGH RES and hand-retouched version of Evagelimoon (that I used to write as Evangelimoon), Himitsu + Himitsu After, Secret 2 (FYI, “Himitsu” = “Secret”), a pack of 7 works (Ayanami 5 Meirei Hen aka Rei 5 Full Color + Ayanami Dai 3.5 Kai Uncensored version + Hira Hira – Ayanami Rei part + Hotarubi Vol 02 Omakebon + Omakebon Kagerou Vol 01 + Private Lesson + Rei Vol 03 Kaijou Genteibon Limited Edition), and for the rest, I recommend you check the MEGA-pack I made with EVERY English-translated Mogudan work till june 2012 (35 volumes, no less).

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Everyday Sisters [English], by Ashiomi Masato

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The male MC had plenty of fucks to give

A young boy was adopted in a family where, actually, the parents are never here and it’s the two sisters who look after him. Soon enough, a weird relationship settled, he would provide them the sex they crave for, they would cherish him and love him. Why not, it’s nice like that ^^
That said, the whiteout censorship was kinda off-putting, honest warning.

Thanks to Cc0dykid for this release! :)

By the same artist, I also share D-Medal, Loveles Labyrinth, Coffin Of Cerebrum (190 pictures), Emotion Island (213 pictures), Dream Channel (212 pictures), Illusion Girls (212 pictures), Pink Links (215 pictures), Secret Schedule, and Warning Morning.

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Shinzen Shoufu + Sana Extra [English, 68 pictures], a Touhou hentai doujinshi (plus its short bonus booklet) by Armament Calcium

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Does Reimu levitate? We don't see her held anywhere, or else it's the solidest dick in the entire history of hentai, to nail her in position by the anus ^^;;

Reimu and Sanae serve as divine “prostitutes” for a group of men. I’m putting the word between double quotes, as this is not the usual prostitution where a man trades money for sex, we’re in the archaic meaning, in which some of the women serving the god offer their body to the male worshipppers. It could be the indian devadasi, the sumerian priestesses of Ishtar, and, I imagine, plenty of other cases everywhere. Money may or may not switch hands, but if it does, it’s in the form of offerings to the cult. Long story short, there’s no way I’m tagging this post as “prostitution” :D

The men treat the two girls with very little respect, but, I don’t know, it’s as if it was part of the “game”, the local rules of cult, so I couldn’t view it as too shitty.
Ah, well, anyway, see for yourselves, at least the art is good, not too censored, and kinda hot =)

Striborg and Lord Gross, from, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

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Kimi No Sukina Onnanoko No Katachi (“Shape of Your Favorite Girl”) [English, 189 pictures], by Maruta

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In 2017 it's possible to STILL get aroused by a school uniform, if that isn't being hopeless, I don't know what is :D

I’ve got a globally positive take on this newly released tankoubon.
The good sides: original enough story lines (that would have deserved more chapters to fully bloom, IMO), a shade of drama and mystery in the second half, and, most importantly, vivid, splendid, beautifully detailed drawings, with close to zero censorship, Maruta’s got major artistic skill, it’s massive pleasure for the eye :shock:
The bad sides: rant at me all you like, but I’m extremely uncomfortable with this manga because of the near-loli second half of the manga. It’s past that supposedly, but it’s almost there, and I felt it was a pity, a waste of opportunity to fully develop this second half’s potential for drama and poetry…

Kimi No Sukina Onnanoko No Katachi was commissioned by Job Truniht; the first half has been released by Flammz (proofreader), Job Truniht (proofreading), Kusojijii (translator), T.Starrk (proofreader) and Hurp Durp, from THMMY-Scans. The second half has been translated by N04h and edited by Herzer. Thank you very much, all of you :)

By Maruta, there is also Kanojo Ga Koibito Wo Suki Ni Natta Riyuu (199 pictures), Yuri Zuki Kanojo Wa Yuri Kanojo ga Dekinai 1-5 (that’s the complete series), Utsusemi Kouhen + Utsusemi Zenpen (x2), Gogo Wa Koucha Yori Kan Koohi De, Kashiwasaki Miki Wa Ironna Basho De Zenra Sanpo Shitemita (218 pictures), Bokura No Himitsu Kichi, Ojou-sama No Kuchizuke De Shoujo Wa Me O Samasu (“The Girl Awakens With A Kiss From The Princess”), A Good Reason For Less Friend, Nadeshiko Hiyori (1-7) and One Piece Envy.

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