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Miss Mochizuka’s Martial Love [English, hilarious faces], by Konchiki

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hilarious faces english hentai manga with free zip and complete pictures gallery Update : good news, this post is now obsolete !

This share now belongs to the amazing
Oidemase Nyan Nyan, available on THAT page :)

My thanks to Warlord Kentax from hentaibbs for sharing the link with me :) If you guys have links to more stuff by this artist or other translations of his works, you’re more than welcome to share the info in a comment in in WK’s thread on hentaibbs :)

Evangelion hentai doujin [English, Very funny] : Yammy, by Kuro Tengu (circle Tengu no Tsuzura)

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funny and hardcore evangelion english translated hentai doujin

Here’s a nice Evangelion english translated hentai doujin, well drawn, and very funny.

Honestly, if you want better, in terms of scenario (cf the “oh my god thank you for letting it exist” Re-Take Serie) or of hardcore quality (cf this or that), you can find.

But the story here is well arousing, and very cute, very funny, it’s nice enough for me :)

By this same artist, there is also Asuka Trial [English] and Merry Box [English]

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Puberty Crazies chapter #2 [English], by Konno Azure, released by Tonigobe and DTM

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anal school girl hentai manga puberty crazies free zip

This chapter 2 is the direct continuation of my previous Puberty Crazies [English] share (also free for download).

It’s another release by DTM and Tonigobe, props to them, anal fans will rejoice :)

Anal hentai fans will rejoice, but personally I confess I’m a bit ill at ease, a friend requested that I would share it as soon as found (great thanks to Steed who gave me the link, along with other things I don’t have time to share alas !), but that’s too borderline in terms of age, I feel, I really hesitated about sharing that one :(

anal hentai

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Innocence [English], by Kamogawa Tanuki (186 pictures)

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innocence, english translated hentai manga with anal fucked schoolgirls

In my previous share of Elements, another long english-translated hentai manga by Kamogawa Tanuki (it is available here), I wrote that apart from Elements, I didn’t like the other works by Kamogawa Tanuki, either much uglier, or lolicon-centered. Well, I recognize I was wrong, I didn’t know Innocence and that time, this is a nice hentai manga too :D

It contains mostly schoolgirls (you gotta love very thin girls, I prefer them plumper, personally), mostly normal sex (including anal and double penetrations :P ), and a tiny bit of sister incest and futanari. Don’t ask too much about the scenario, these are independent chapters not related between each other. A great release all in all :)

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Zero No Tsukaima hentai doujin [English] : Ruizumu, + To Love Ru hentai doujin [English] : Mikkusufurai HaruLala, both of them by Takuro Art Works

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takuro art works english translated free zip hentai

Here are two nice hentai doujinshi, translated into english, by the artist Takuro Art Works. One is parodiating To Love Ru, the other is about Zero No Tsukaima. Don’t bother searching a scenario, each doujin is divided in the fuck scene (various positions and costumes) and various sex illustrations after it. I must confess I was a bit sad when I understood Ruizumu wasn’t a Harry Potter hentai parody, that the cover girl wasn’t Hermione :P

By the same artist, I’m also sharing a 2-works hentai pack :)

translated hentai translated hentai

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