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Seto no Hanayome hentai doujin [English] : Nayamashi Quartette, by Hikakuteki Simple na Panty

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free hentai groupsex doujin

You won’t see that very often, unfortunately : a great orgy between one lucky bastard and 4 marvelous hentai babes :twisted:

Who cares about a scenario when you can see such nice groupsex :D
I have another english hentai doujin by this artist somewhere in my recent downloads, as soon as I find, I share it.

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Chapters 7-8-9 of Mizuki Kanojyo in a single zip [English, 42 pictures], by Bosshi

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teens and glasses for quality free hentai manga in english !

Brought to us by the great Ero-Otoko, here are 3 new chapters of Mizuki Kanojyo, by Bosshi, in a single zip. These chapters are “Wash Girl”, “Heartbeat Upgrade”, and “Sending A Lovely Hand”. As always with Bosshi, these are stories full with humour, great clothes and outfits, very hardcore hentai drawings, including a cute nanobikini and a wonderful meganekko, yummy :D

(Remember to view the updated list of all Bosshi’s works on Hentairules)

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Futari Hanabi [English], by Yakiyama Line

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free hentai rape free zip download Did I already mention that Ero Otoko rules ? :DFutari Hanabi is a schoolgirls hentai rape story. The hentai world is wonderful : two schoolgirls, in exchange for money, show themselves naked to adults who, even though they’re not allowed to touch, fail to resist, and gangbang them (oral, vaginal, double penetration, creampies). And even if it looks like a rape, the girls are in fact enjoying it and plan to do it again in the end :roll:

(MOAR ! Don’t miss The List of ALL My Yakiyama Line Hentai Shares !)

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Princess of Darkness [English, 186 pictures], by Tanuma Youichirow

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princess of darkness free hentai manga in english with free zip link For all old geezers (translation : anyone older than 25 years old, who didn’t start hentai will very high rez uncensored ultra-high quality stuff :twisted: ), here’s a good ol’ hentai manga, with old-school drawings, Princess Of Darkness.I’ll warn you, this is a very dark scenario, with some violence and hentai rape, but Good always prevails ( :roll: ), and in compensation, you’ve got an interesting scenario, a girl with hidden dark powers, a sort-of demonic guardian angel coming to her rescue…

Update : by the same artist, I also share Participet

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Black Lagoon hentai doujin [English] : Pink Lagoon EX, by Studio Engram

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black lagoon free hentai doujin english translated

For all Black Lagoon fans, here is a nice new doujin, Black Lagoon EX, with “normal” and then anal scenes between Rock and the heroine.

I’m not too sure about the artist’s name, Studio Engram, even though this is the name printed in the doujin… The scanlator named it “by Studio Enigma”, and the previous volumes of the Pink Lagoon serie were by “Mochie Kingdom”. Go figure :roll:
And there’s also my Motchie Kindgom MEGA-pack.

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