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Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi [English, Re-edited, High Res and Improved version] : Burning Down The House, by Black Dog

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My thanks to Freaky Deeky, a cool visitor who gave in a comment a link to this, the english-translated version of Burning Down the House, by Black Dog :P No need to introduce the doujin, this is by Black Dog, so it rules, and the picture above tells everything you need to know, there is no scenario anyway ;)

UPDATE : This is now the Re-Edited High Res version, meaning :
twice smaller censorship bars, and sometimes no censorship bar at all :twisted:
– higher resolution images, higher quality printing
– better-looking edits
All thanks to Zodd who re-edited, and Bubbadg who provided the high res scans, thank you ! :)

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

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Sweet Jam [English], a Kanon hentai doujinshi, by Mitarashi Kousei (AKA Mitarashi Club)

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Kanon english translated hentai doujin with free zip

I am not interested in watching Kanon, but this translated hentai doujinshi is just great, even if Kanon sucks :P

A housewife mother, her schoolgirl sister, a happy guy, must I really describe what happens ? ;)

(I share more stuff by this artist, Cf. The List of Mitarashi Club’s Works…)

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Hatsu Inu 1 & 2 (AKA Strange Kind Of Woman), Hentai Movie [English Subs], Divx/MKV versions + streaming links + added versions for cellphone (3GP), for PSP, Zune and Ipod (MP4) and for Nintendo DS (DPG), by Inu

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hatsu inu

I added 3GP, MP4 and DPG versions to the Hatsu Inu hentai movies, with more download mirrors, and now episodes 1 and 2 are shared with english subtitles inside :)

If you don’t know that movie yet, just WATCH IT FOR GOD’S SAKE ! This is one of the hottest hentai movies ever. Just an example, when the male hero, in a packed train, forced into contact with his fellow babe schoolmate in uniform, feels she has a vibrator inserted and working, she can’t resist and performs a hidden handjob, before turning around and offering her ass, her vibrator still working below. That scene made me a fan forever :P

Credits also go to HeroAP, visit their site, they’re cool.

 UPDATE, 10th of may 2009 : most of the links are dead, because fookers have a habit of reporting hentai movies at lightning speed, and I’m fed up with reuploading so often. The only non-dead links are the main divx links to the movies, however the streaming version and the “portable” (cellphone, psp, zune, ipod, DS) versions are dead, sorry for you. I removed all the dead links, letting only the still working links until now.

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Maybe I’m A Beast [English], by Yuki Seto

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Yuki Seto English Translated Hentai Manga

I was really pleased to discover a new english-translated story by the great Yuki Seto :)

Like during his previous schoolgirl stories, there are great faces, and great, very great oral action :P The current girl is also… unique… You will understand why when you read ! :P

(Remember to view the updated list of all Yuki Seto works on Hentairules)

UPDATE : I now share THE COMPLETE “Beast” cycle uncensored, including the present volume, ON THAT PAGE ;)

All Day And Night I Feel You, Chapter 7 [English], by Hagure Tanishi

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Hagure Tanishi free zip english translated hentai manga

A few days ago I had shared the 6 first english translated chapters of the hentai manga All Day And Night I Fell You, with also the complete japanese version. And a cool visitor, Andisan, had given a link to the translated 7th chapter. Well, thanks a lot Andisan, I add now this 7th translated chapter to the official shares :)

No big scenario in this new chapter, a bit of cute feelings, and next a candid schoolgirl in uniform has doggystyle sex with an internal cumming, no foreplay, the action must last 3 minutes, she still reaches orgasm : most traditional hentai :lol:

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Elements [English], by Kamogawa Tanuki

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free english translated hentai manga in a zip

Here’s a cool and well-known hentai manga for those who didn’t have it yet ;)

Very hardcore, many color pictures, schoolgirls, an incest chapter, this manga has fans :D

Update : I now share Innocence, another long english-translated hentai manga by Kamogawa Tanuki :)

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