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Kimikiss hentai doujin [English], Mao Level 5, by Hellabuna Giant Comics

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Hellabuna Giant Comics is a great hentai artists circle, representing various anime heroines with bigger breasts and plentiful bodies, performing blowjobs or having sex, with amazing lust expressions on their faces (another example is that other Hellabuna Giant Comics hentai doujin, Rei Slave To The Grind 1, a DOA hentai doujin). Here, I share the only english-translated one in my possession, Mao Level 5, a Kimikiss doujin.

(Remember to view the updated list of all Hellabuna Giant Comics’ works on Hentairules)

hellabuna english hentai zip hellabuna english hentai zip

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Hatsu Inu #2 [English subs], hentai movie by Inu

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hatsu inu After Hatsu Inu #1 (Strange Kind Of Woman), by Inu, here comes the second episode, released by the glorious HeroAP team, thanks a bunch for the work ! Visit their site, they’ve got tons of awesome releases, in torrents !In this second hentai episode, more various hentai scenes, more positions, an additional new girl with strange purple eyes brewing aphrodisiacs as a hobby… Oh, just watch it, ‘k ? :D There are english subtitles and the quality is DVD-like.
I give two download links (depositfiles and rapidshare).
If you’re not sure it’s worth it, I made a gallery of about 30 screenshots :)

This hentai episode was made after the hentai manga (printed, then) Hatsu Inu, 2 complete volumes, partly translated into english.

Update : I created a more recent page with updated download links for this hentai movie, with additional mirrors, and additional versions (3GP for cellphones, MP4 for Zune, Ipod and PSP, DPG for Nintendo DS), and with also the download links for the first episode.
That’s easier to maintain if only one page contains the links, so :

Please move to the new page with the hentai movie, thanks :)

Haha Mitsu [English, Chubby women, one incest chapter], by Higashimidou Hisagi

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Haha Mitsu BBW Chubby Hentai

Such stuff isn’t in my tastes, but after all, maybe some other guys will appreciate it. I’m talking about “chubby” or “bbw” women (definition).

Haha Mitsu by Higashimidou Hisagi (english-translated) depicts various women : mothers, teachers, train hostesses, japanese priestesses, christian nuns (my favorite !), and more.

By the same artist, I also share Momozono Gakuensei Kagaku Jugyou Houkago Fuck.

bbw english hentai bbw english hentai bbw english hentai

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FLCL hentai doujinshi [English] : Heavenly 8, by Takuma Harazaki

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The scenario of FLCL (aka Fuli Culi Kururin, or Fooly Cooly in the US) has never made more sense, nor does the scenario of that FLCL hentai doujin, nevertheless there is great hentai art and that’s what really matters :D
That doujin has been translated by ZeroXLancelot of http//, thanks for the great choice :)

By the same artist, Takuma Harazaki, I already share the 5 volumes of Golden Stage and the english-translated 174 great pages of Shell.

For more works by this artist, please see My Takuma Harazaki Redirection Page

Takuma Harazaki draws young thin teens having rough straight and anal sex, mostly. There’s two zip links and a pictures gallery.

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Super Mario RPG hentai doujin [English] by Horikawa Gorou + SuperMario RPG English SNES ROM

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Have you played the Super Mario RPG english video game, on Super Nintendo, aka Snes, aka Super Famicom ? I had enough chance to emulate it with zsnes years ago, it was a very great game for the Snes – that is, if you like RPGs of course.

Well, here’s the only good Super Mario RPG english hentai doujin that I have. Actually, that’s the only good Super Mario hentai doujin that I know of anyway.

With hope that can interest RPG fans, I added the Super Mario RPG ROM to the hentai zip archive, so that you can play it if you like :)

super mario RPG hentai super mario RPG hentai

You’ll see that doujin is great. It’s english translated, it is totally funny (the graphical style reminded me of Okuyasu from Jojo’s Bizarre adventure, cf that picture – warning that picture is a spoiler for Jojo volume 46 –). The artist, Horikawa Gorou, is very special, most of his works venture into hard rape, torture and destruction; fortunately, here, this is just a regular hentai doujin, a bit of anal, that’s all.
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