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Boy Or Chicken [English], by Naruko Hanaharu

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naruko hanaharu zip english full color

(Remember to view the updated list of all Naruko Hanaharu’s works on Hentairules)

That’s a great short story by Naruko Hanaharu, english, full-color, I wish it were longer :D Simple story, a housewive having sex with a neighbouring student while her husband is away.

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Pokemon doujin, Takesi No Mousou Diary [english], by Gambler Club

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Gambler Club (also known as Kaito Aoume) has made great hentai doujinshi on various subjects. I regret the second part of this Pokemon English Hentai Doujin becomes lolicon (and more and more of his works are now loli :( ), but the first part is simply great. That’s a perfect english pokemon doujin, at least the first part :)

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Tuna Empire [English, Spanish and Original] Big Pack

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Here’s a great pack of hentai mangas by Tuna Empire (also known as Maguro Teikoku), all very hardcore, with rough sex, double penetrations, anal sex, etcetera. But even if it’s rough sex, the girls are never forced, never show pain, but pleasure instead, that’s agreable to see in a way.

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL the works by Tuna Empire on hentairules)

2015, march 13th update :
most of these works are now obsolete, shared in more complete or translated versions on other pages of the site.
I’m only listing the ones that aren’t yet shared elsewhere :
– Family Circumstances (English version)
– Family Circumstances (Spanish version)
– Die Wissenschast die Jungensellen (Japanese version)
– Shiri Chichi (Japanese version)
– Hatsu Date (Japanese version)
– Minna To Issho (Japanese version)
– Imonatsu (Japanese version)

tuna empire  tuna empire    tuna empire

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Mai-HiME hentai doujinshi [English] : Amai Himegoto Nikaime, by Kensou Ogawa (aka Fukudahda)

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An agreeable Mai-HiME hentai doujinshi in English, hardcore enough (double orals, double penetration, two girls), with “false rape” (i.e. the girl actually begging for it, even if she has to be pushed in the beginning). The translation won’t bring anything much new, but after all, it’s a Mai Hime doujinshi, and there’s only Sunrise (the producing studio) who pretended the scenario meant something anyway. You want a summary ? OK : half-naked lesbian students and maids fighting bloody battles and having heartache problems :D The doujinshi is wiser, and shows just the fuck scene ;)

(Remember to view The Updated List of ALL the Works by Kensoh Ogawa on HentaiRules)

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Immature Mama [English, Incest], by Tanaka Ex

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Fast update : by the same artist, I also share Tonari No Kanririn [English]

I found interesting that long story of 173 pages, in english. It’s a compilation of short stories, mostly incest, but with real scenarios, for once, that’s a change. I’ll let you make yourself your own idea…

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Elder Sister (a.k.a “Aneki”) [English, Incest], by The Seiji

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OK, the real title (and the one used on the zip) is “Aneki”, which means “elder sister”. Not all sister-incest stories are funny, this one is definitely. Imagine, a sister being turned on reading her brother’s incest comics, and asking him to read the comic aloud while… erm, cough.

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