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Yobai Ane [English], by Orz

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Frogstat, from Chikanji Translations, brings us quality wincest today ^_^
Sure, the scenario amounts to nothing and doesn’t try to sound convincing, but we’re treated, nonetheless, to nice wincest time between an elder sister and her little brother, who become lovers at last. It was cute, drawn well enough, and full of warm and fuzzy feelings. I hope you’ll like it :)

By the same artist, I also share Senpai, Sukidesu.

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Setsunasa No Mukougawa [English], by Kawaisounako

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In the hentai world, it’s pointless to try to escape from your sister fantasies. Let go all you like, that won’t be the end of it, your imouto will look for you, will find you, and will fuck you.

Apart from that, it’s happy wincest, with love, and good enough drawings. They had a good feeling, and were almost censorship-free, a bit more professional polish and they’d have been simply “great”. I forgot to make a before/after illustration, but I’ll still mention I ran a faint retouching on the images to increase their contrast and strengthen their darks, for stronger visual impact.
I hope you may enjoy reading it, and thanks a lot to Frogstat, from Chikanji Translations! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Deep Snow 1-6, High Jump Love, Bukiyou No Kanojo (“Clumsy Girl”), Please Sensei, Chokketsu Accelerating and Half Time Together With chapters 1-2.

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Delivery Mama – Midara No Ore No Gibo-san chapters 1-3 [English, COMPLETE story], by Maimu-Maimu

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I’m not sure that was intentional from the mangaka, but I had a good heartfelt laugh in the second half of the story ^^

It’s difficult to draw the line between a presentation and a series of spoilers reducing the reading pleasure, this time. Hmmm… Let’s say we’ve got a widow stepmother doting on her stepson currently in med school. She secretly works as a high grade escort to pay for his studies, he finds out… And… well… at this point we’re straying real far from the usual hentai tropes.
Things could have gone bad at several points, like when there’s hypnotism involved, but every time the mangaka chose the healthiest route, so to say :)

I’m sorry for the unhelpful description, I think this share is odd, fun and well-drawn enough to be worth reading, take a look maybe ? ^^ And thanks to Desudesu and Izur for the story, I smiled enough to be glad I’ve read it =)

By the same artist, called Maimu-Maimu and also Box Representation In A Cat
Kokuritsu Hitozuma Gakuen (204 pictures), The Teacher For Making Kids, Beast + You Can Not hentai and Mgirl.

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Oishii Oniku No Meshiagarikata (“How To Eat Delicious Meat”) [English, 233 pictures], by Ryo

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Errr… What the… Holy hell! O_o There are a lot of good things in that manga, but of bad things too. As I’m not a “mixed bag” lover, I felt awkward, ill at ease, and couldn’t really enjoy the manga….

Let me defuse those 232 pages for you, hopefully if you download it you’ll do it while knowing what’s coming.
Bad side: a good deal of (either) netorare, netori, femdom, forced sex, sex without feelings, female domination, shotacon, several mindbroken or mentally unhealthy female characters.
Good side: almost constant comedy, hardcore upper-tier hentai drawings with little censorship (from oral to DP, realistic female bodies), each chapter’s a different story so there’s variety, the sheer awesomeness of mister Macho Gentleman, crazy imagination, characters with a strong, well defined personality, occasional good endings, lots of dialogues to instill life and interest into the chapters.

Credits are for Maipantsu and Ero Manga Girls, Boggyb, Krizalid, Dark Mac and Lapan. Given the number of dialogues, it was a massive amount of work. Thank you very much for this! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Imouto Nashi Ja Ikirarenai.


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Okaa-san To Issho (“Always Together with Mother”) [English], by Qdou Kei

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What… the… hell :shock:
We start with a hot MILF having steamy hot sex with her husband… when their son comes to see why they’re making such a ruckus. Not troubled at all, the (totally) pimp dad thinks it’s a perfect chance to introduce the young’un to the joys of sex, who would be more qualified than his mother and father to teach him, right ? And so, threesome.

I would have been tempted to call this a huge piece of garbage, if it weren’t for the quality of the drawings, the “wise pimp sage” face the father keeps on doing, and the constant carefree, slightly humorous feeling we get from every page. At some point, I just gave up on common sense and went with the flow, like that, it was okay ^^;;

There you are, good drawings, with only little censorship, MILF X Shota, MILF X Husband, realistic art, happy sex, threesome and comedy, maybe you’ll like it :)
Thanks a lot, for this release, to a lot of people: Simpleton8, Marien (Uzuki), Super Shanko, Tkhang, S.A.V., SjaptaJn, Shinangels, Kenzaki Kazuma, Viacheslavovich and Uut! :jap:

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Ikenie No Haha [English, 209 pictures, Full color], by Yojouhan Shobou

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–Edit: What the feck, Japan, you make it into a movie ? Check that link.

I recently shared Voodoo Squad Zombie, a rapists mindbreaking zombies story. Well, between Ikenie No Haha and the zombie story, I’ll take the latter a hundred times over without a single second thought.

Let’s spill the beans, a highschool boy is bullied, and his busty mother becomes the sex toy of the assholes bullying him. She’s humiliated over and over, while the helpless fucker doesn’t have any guts to do anything. At this point, I was madly angry at everyone, the wimp, his idiotic mother, and his uninvolved father. Let them all die in an apartment fire, fuck it.
Still, I can respect if other people like it, it’s 209 pictures long, I can share it and wish joy to the weird people loving that stuff. To each his own.

Besides the drawings that may appeal to many and the fact that it’s in full color, there’s one good thing about this share. The file size. I got it as a 426 MB gigantic shit, I transformed it for you in a 106 MB more reasonable shit. No point in wasting bandwidth, right ?

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Haha X Gibo (“Mother VS Stepmother”) [English, 120 pictures, Uncensored], by Hagiwara Yutarou

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We start with a classical harem buildup, a young man lusts after his stepmother… and then some Alien teleports us to WTF-land.
First, Here comes the real mother for the first time in ten years (‘sup!), to check up on her son’s dick. Next, comes the 12 years older sister (or cousin ?), same deal. Next, the stepmother schlicks while watching. Next, the real mother becomes her yuri lover. Next, everyone with everyone. Next – yes, there’s a fucking next, fortunately that was the end of it!! -, time to learn about fisting :shock:

At least I’ll mention the drawings, they’re fully uncensored, and they’ve got a nice feeling, a decent-looking male hero, good-looking older women too, a tiny bit plump, with OK faces. It was worth the sight :)
Thanks to Amoskandy for this release! :jap:

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