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Hari Hari Honey [English, now fully UNCENSORED], by Abe Morioka
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24 April 2014

That girl is supposed to be Santa. Yeah.

I believe this is the 3rd complete tank that I had commissioned, from my favorite scanlator, Desudesu0. It’s 210 pages long.
It’s full of hilarious or sweet chapters and badass characters. And good drawings.

And it’s now been UNCENSORED by our dear Oxido !
Seriously, Oxido, THANK YOU, YOU RULE ! :D :jap:

My dear fellow hentai lovers, I now present you the fully decensored version of Hari Hari Honey, by Abe Morioka =)

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Enough For Me [English], by Osuzu Akiomi
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22 April 2014

Osuzu Akiomi, AKA : I can fap to the way he draws smiles.

The vanilla is strong with this one, as expected from my beloved Osuzu Akiomi :D In this one, we “simply” get to enjoy the happy sex with love between a young teenage boy and his ten years elder female cousin, a hottie with a long jumper gloriously enhancing the shape of her breasts, with entrancing eyes and beautiful dark wavy short hair.

To be frank, the art wasn’t as good as previously with Osuzu Akiomi, but it will still very good in itself. I hope you may enjoy this ! ^^
Credits are for Von from Facedesk, Freudia and Palaxius, thank you ! :)

By the same artist, I also share First Love (195 pictures), and there are also the movies, First Love 1-3.

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Imouto Wa Boku No Koibito – Temari No Yakimochi Hen (“My Sister is My Girlfriend – Temari’s Feelings of Jealousy”) [English], by Studio Pal (Also Known As Nanno Koto)
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22 April 2014

Her face, those breasts ! UHHGGNGYEH!

Here is the sequel to My Sister Is My Girlfriend volumes 1-2, and we meet once again the same sister with pigtails and large manga eyes, still madly in love with her brother and enjoying having sex with him :)

This time, she is jealous because her brother bought a figurine. After some cute pouting, the brother reassures her, so she melts, and so… well, just the norm ^^

This has been translated by The Volsung, I believe, thank you ! :)

By Nanno Koto, also going by the Studio Pal name, I also share : Little Sister’s Whisper (150 full color pictures ! :shock: ), Inran Kyonyuu Senshi, a pack of 4 works, Imouto Wa Boku no Koibito 1-2 (“My Sister Is my Girlfriend”), Imouto Sememonogatari, a fat pack of raw mangas, a fullcolor Evangelion doujinshi and a nice sister incest story.

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Koikishi Purely Kiss Episodes 1+2 : the HENTAI MOVIE with English Subtitles
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20 April 2014

Later, they all go to their wedding. Because apparently "siblings simply can be with each other after all".

Hurp here, wishing you a Happy Easter! Would’ve been nice to share a bunnygirl h-anime, but I had no such luck.

Oh look, it’s the greatest h-anime of all time. Too bad the sequel didn’t live up to the original like every other sequel in existence. The animation wasn’t even good! Was it that bad in the original? Maybe I just didn’t notice until now. :(

This time he fucks his little sister. There is no connection between the first and second episode other than the cast being the same. It’s based off a visual novel, which has multiple endings, and each episode is a different route. First was preggorz wife, this time it’s not pregnant little sister. Also, she is not a loli.

Both episodes are from Erobeat, mostly because I can’t be arsed to download Subdesu’s version which most likely isn’t too different anyway. Shoutouts to MrMew the timer (epsiode 2), ShocWave the typesetter and encoder, Snake the translator and v1touch the timer (episode 1). I dunno if Subdesu’s had it or not, but Erobeat subbed the ending theme song. So… yeah.

Episode 1 Episode 2

Can’t get shit to work? Then install CCCP.™

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Binetsu Switch [English, 214 pictures], by Azuma Tesshin
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19 April 2014

I positively ADORED reading that one. Both hilarious and super arousing ? FUCK YEAH !!


Binetsu Switch is a really sweet complete hentai manga, exclusively dealing with happy sex, with love most of the time (awwwwww, the main arc, so amusing, and so cute in the end !!), at least with mutual liking.

These happy sex scenes are served with talent, with LOTS of humour, with fresh imaginative funny dialogues («- What the hell, Kurimoto ! Why are you always cock blocking me ?! – Why is your cock always out and waiting to be blocked !!»), and the characters themselves are quite the weird ones, never boring, frequently taking us by surprise :)
Last but not least… the censorship. There’s so little of it ! Rare thin black bars, not hiding anything ! :kickass:

For this great release, thanks a LOT to Tigoris, from Tigoris Translates ! :jap:
For MOAR, please see the list of Azuma Tesshin’s works on Hentairules…

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Chichi Iro Toiki [English, 198 pictures], by Goban
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15 April 2014

A teen having missionary sex in hentaid

2Hip is like a magician of hentai to me, pulling out of his Magical Porn Hat wonders that I just didn’t see anywhere before he shared a link, repackings, complete compilations suddenly (“Shazam !”) making up a complete volume… Seriously, 2Hip, thank you so much ! :jap:

And so here comes, thanks to our dear 2Hip, the complete Chichi Iro Toiki, showing happy sex with mutual liking or love between youngsters of highschool age mostly (and a few adults), without any complications or useless scenario. All the girls have HUGE breasts (too huge to look natural, fair warning), and it’s paizuri, oral and vaginal sex. Half of the pages display horrible whiteout censorship, the other half displaying small rectangles not hiding much the glory of the hardcore drawings :twisted:
Many of the girls are tsundere (me : HNNNG ! YAY YAY YAY!), there are a lot of school uniforms and of pigtails. just saying :D

Besides 2Hip, credits, and my gratitude, go to Desudesu, Darkfire, Flammz, Kusanyagi, Crimson Leo, Kura and Amaimono ! :)
By the same artist, I also share Zettai Nyuuki (“Absolute Breast Kingdom”, 201 pictures).

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Ane Bullying [English], by Nagare Ippon
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15 April 2014

Isn't family wonderful, when a brother and sister stop fighting ?

For those of you shivering in fear, I’ll say it at once, this is one of those mangas in which Nagare Ippon doesn’t fall into NTR or other scary shit ;)

Simply, we’re shown a sister “bullying” her brother (playing with his penis, making him come without his agreement, not letting him to farer than that), until, at last, the brother grows a pair and jumps his sister. Happy sex with love follows, it seems the sister was only waiting for this.

The drawings are nice, with Nagare Ippon’s idiosyncrasies (quite detailed sex, relatively sagging natural large breasts, small bits of ahegaos), and also – alas – with several black bars of censorship every time, aaargh. Oh well.
For this release, my great thanks are for Covertopboobs and LazarusLP, I’m going to love them like old friends :)

(Remember to view The updated list of Nagare Ippon’s works on Hentairules)

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