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Tonari No Miko-san Wa Minna Warau (“The Shrine Maidens Around Me Are All Smiling”) [English, 223 pictures], by Yaya Hinata

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Exorcize me, please ? :D

Here is a comple tankoubon, focused on Japanese priestesses :)
To be honest, I never really understood how “it works” in Japan, how any girl can put on the miko clothes, and, bam!, there she is, a miko. Isn’t it supposed to require training, belief, instead of looking like any other part-time job with a uniform ? O_o

The mood is set to light comedy, with in every chapter a new opportunity for the same characters (one lucky boy, and 3 maidens, a cheerful klutz, a slightly more mature-looking megane, and a stern pettanko) to have casual happy sex. One futa and double penetration chapter, lots of nekomimi.
An exception, the last two chapters are unrelated. First an original and, actually, interesting, story about a girl being compared to a guitar, how you make it vibrate, cry and moan, and last a crappy story about a stepsister with bad drawings and a loss of virginity causing the loss of like a liter of blood, that was ridiculous.

I’d say, save the last chapter, that was a good read, with nice drawings, almost fully uncensored. Worth reading and keeping, in my opinion :)
Biribiri, Afro Thunda, Axalon and Job Truniht, with Ryuu, the same Job Truniht and my dear Zathael as commissioners, are behind this release. Thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Girlfriend Friend 1-2.

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Anemone Star Mine chapter 1 [English], by Narusawa Kei

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Three highschoolers. A boy, and his two older sisters. They grew up together, they discover sex together. Family is a beautiful thing.

The drawings are nice, not too censored, the sisters are lovely (near-tsundere with big breasts, or smiling blonde, the kind of blonde that goes “ara ara” in other mangas), and the brothers remember to be an alpha when it matters. Good stuff ^^
Please, would someone know who to credit for this release ?

By Narusawa Kei, I also share Ero-Koi in its Uncensored version, The March Rabbits Of An After-School Club 1-2, Tsuyo Kano, Changing Miracle, Sis Lover, Head Shot Bakery, Hanabi Yori Dango, Kumagiri-san Wa Dere Nai chapter 1 and Relationships Wanted

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Kinshinsoukan no Yoru – Chichi to Musume ga Kouen de (“Night Of Incest, Father And Daugther At A Park”) [English], by Hinotsuki Neko

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If that didn’t come with a highly respectable Team Koinaka credits picture, I would have branded this as one of those bad rewrites (you know, in which all boys are called Shinji and it’s always incest) with surprisingly good typesetting, or an April’s fools joke.

But, sigh, this is the real deal. So: divorced daddy feels lonely, naughty daughter consoles him with her pussy and becomes the new waifu.
Fuck it I’m done. YOU, enjoy it if that stuff’s to your liking, seriously, to each his own.
And creds, for Whalbum, are to: Freudia + Yagamikisuke + Cadenza + HayateK4L @ Team Koinaka. /GG nonetheless.

My other shares, by the same artist, called Hinotsuki Neko or Jitsugetsu Neko, are way better. They are: Man X Koi Ero Manga De Hajimaru Koi No Plot, How To Pet Your Older Sister, Anetsu Summer and (chapters 1-3, it’s a complete story) Let’s Joubutsu.

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Merry Kozukuri [English], by Marui Maru

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They DARE call it warm-ups ^___________^

We have a small male adult, in his thirties but looking like he’s 16 at best, who still believes in Santa, and who tells his two younger sisters, who are infatuated with him, that he’d like a baby for Christmas because he’s in the age one becomes a parent.
Hentai intensifies, lol.

The rest is well drawn, quality wincest, mingled with comedy. I say, go for it without second thoughts, and enjoy! ^__^
Thanks a LOT to Chichai Mahousukai and Darporfe! :jap:

By Marui Maru, I also share Double Wife Sand (236 pictures), Muchi Muchi Cream Pie (226 pictures), Dangyakukei Joshi (“Femdom Schoolgirls”) (184 pictures), Self Sex, Love Hole, Until You Go Blank, Tanetsuke Inferno, The Woman In The Corner Room, Makai Ryuugaku, Hattara Yarachau! Ero Seal ~ Wagamama JK no Asoko o Tatta 1-mai de Dorei ni ~ 1-3, Soredemo Boku Wa, Sensei ! Urusai ! and PakoPako Douwa – Ookami-chan Cho Bicchi.

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Mama Shotaimu Kyoudai Hen [English, 145 Pictures] by Pink-Noise and a Repack of the Series [English, 830 Pictures]

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Free Image Hosting

Hey, Troops! DeltaOblivion’s here with something even I wasn’t expecting. Pink-Noise made a sequel to Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen: Mama Shotaimu Kyoudai Hen. However even though it’s a sequel, Shizue and her son, Shun are not the main characters of the story, but rather their neighbors: Yukawa Reiko and her twin sons, Mamoru and Makoto. For a single mother raising 2 boys that are at each others’ case is a handful; that is until one day as Reiko headed for work, she happens to notice both Shizue and Shun french kiss each other. That image burned into her mind from then to for days on end until…eh, why spoil it when you can see for yourselves how they started their threesome festival. I also updated the Complete Mama Shotaimu Hen Pack so pick that up if you are new to the series. Many gracious thanks to Amos Kandy for another Pink-Noise translation. Enjoy!

PS: Remember to cast your votes for Traps being here on HentaiRules and if it comes to pass, I’ll post a big full color share starring a Cute Vanilla Trap, a Chocolate Tsundere Trap and a Blueberry Pervert Trap you will all enjoy as the first one in a pack. I guarantee ya!

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Open the Complete Picture Gallery

Mama Shotaimu Kyoudai Hen: Mirror #1   Mirror #2   Mirror #3

Mama Shotaimu Hen Pack: Mirror #1   Mirror #2   Mirror #3

Cumming Inside Mommy’s Hole volume 1 [English, Full color, 120 pictures], by Kuroneko Smith

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Pfff. Bah. Whatever.
Boy becomes mother’s lover until she becomes pregnant, because she’s drunk and takes him for her husband and then the boy is unable to stop on every opportunity, with somehow a happy ending.

Good drawings, though.MILF powa.

Oh, yes, one thing. I got it as a 304 MB zip. I took the liberty to slightly recompress it for you, you wouldn’t find a difference with the naked eye, however the new zip is now only 61 MB large.
Thanks to Monas for this release, to hell with my negative reviews, I know some people will love this :)

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Sis X Bro [English], by Cotoji

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Boobs ? Braids ? Klutz ? Vanilla ? LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME PENIS!

Those boobs are weapons of mass seduction. THOSE BOOBS! :twisted:
Here’s a cute story, about a klutz big-breasted sister (baby face, braids, scandalously arousing huge boobs brandished like a loaded weapon) finally seducing her straight man brother. I loved it, and the censorship isn’t too bad this time, ENJOY! ^_^

A little reading help, a clarifically, if you will: the pages 8 (save its upper-right corner) and 9 are a memory flashback of something that happened some days ago and showed the sister her brother was into busty girls and was, thus, conquerable. Me, I didn’t understand at once, and, to my regret, it broke my immersion. I hope to spare you this problem :)
Release credits go to Van and Desudesu, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, but under the name Cotojikan and not just Cotoji (I’m 99% certain it’s the same person), I also share a pack of 2 works (Tifa’s Limit Break Lv2 + Lucca’s Trigger) and Hitomi No Naka No Sora.

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