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Chichi Iro Toiki [English, 198 pictures], by Goban
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15 April 2014

A teen having missionary sex in hentaid

2Hip is like a magician of hentai to me, pulling out of his Magical Porn Hat wonders that I just didn’t see anywhere before he shared a link, repackings, complete compilations suddenly (“Shazam !”) making up a complete volume… Seriously, 2Hip, thank you so much ! :jap:

And so here comes, thanks to our dear 2Hip, the complete Chichi Iro Toiki, showing happy sex with mutual liking or love between youngsters of highschool age mostly (and a few adults), without any complications or useless scenario. All the girls have HUGE breasts (too huge to look natural, fair warning), and it’s paizuri, oral and vaginal sex. Half of the pages display horrible whiteout censorship, the other half displaying small rectangles not hiding much the glory of the hardcore drawings :twisted:
Many of the girls are tsundere (me : HNNNG ! YAY YAY YAY!), there are a lot of school uniforms and of pigtails. just saying :D

Besides 2Hip, credits, and my gratitude, go to Desudesu, Darkfire, Flammz, Kusanyagi, Crimson Leo, Kura and Amaimono ! :)
By the same artist, I also share Zettai Nyuuki (“Absolute Breast Kingdom”, 201 pictures).

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Ane Bullying [English], by Nagare Ippon
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15 April 2014

Isn't family wonderful, when a brother and sister stop fighting ?

For those of you shivering in fear, I’ll say it at once, this is one of those mangas in which Nagare Ippon doesn’t fall into NTR or other scary shit ;)

Simply, we’re shown a sister “bullying” her brother (playing with his penis, making him come without his agreement, not letting him to farer than that), until, at last, the brother grows a pair and jumps his sister. Happy sex with love follows, it seems the sister was only waiting for this.

The drawings are nice, with Nagare Ippon’s idiosyncrasies (quite detailed sex, relatively sagging natural large breasts, small bits of ahegaos), and also – alas – with several black bars of censorship every time, aaargh. Oh well.
For this release, my great thanks are for Covertopboobs and LazarusLP, I’m going to love them like old friends :)

(Remember to view The updated list of Nagare Ippon’s works on Hentairules)

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Mousou Ekisu [English, 205 pictures], by Mahiruno Kagerou
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13 April 2014

And next is a threesome :)

This is thanks to Ehud that I am sharing this manga, I had completely missed it at the date of its release. So, Ehud, huge props to you ! :jap:

Mousou Ekisu is exclusively about highschool-age teen girls having happy sex, with mutual respect and liking, but without mutual love. The reasons leading to sex vary, but they don’t matter much anyway. Intro, oral, occasional paizuri, and then vaginal sex, and we’re done ^^ Also, save one groupsex with DP and one threesome chapter, it’s all duos. And there’s only one (sister w)incest chapter.

The drawings are pretty nice, nicely detailed, the amount of censorship almost reaches all-time lows, with only one censorship rectangle, not obstrusive, and completely missing on many pages. Even with a few ahegaos and the artist taking occasional liberty with anatomy and proper human bone structure rules, that was real eye candy :)

Besides Ehud, My great thanks are for Natty Translations and their commissioner, Mr Schmidt (and, also, to Loplop who told me who ought to be credited ^^).

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Aural Ecstasy #22
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13 April 2014

The much long awaited h-audio post is here!

Sorry to have kept you guys waiting so long. This time it’s a range of audios. We got hypnosis, non-h, incest and succubus! Waaaah!!!

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Pack of 2 works by the hentai artist Doumou [English] : Ahegao Sex-Sketching Encounter + the Suki-Suki series (Suki Suki Onee-chan + Bridal Chapter + After story)
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11 April 2014

A super hot sister in a bridal dress. With ber brother. Oh well.

In order to catch up on lost time, I gathered here two works by Doumou, one that has been released just today, the other that I didn’t have time to share last january. In both cases, there’s cheerful sex, an original story avoiding typical stereotypes (though, not making much sense or offering tons of interest ^^), humour, and happy sex.
In both cases, there is body painting, and the man is a special kind of asshole, cheerfully selfish, not meaning harm and not doing really evil stuff, but only caring about himself and firmly believing things will turn out for the best for him (and it does, because hentai) :roll:

But, still… The page 39 of the Suki Suki series, with a tsukkomi-based humour and an unexpected wildly dangling object, the faces of the people… OMG ROFL !!! :shock: :lol: ^____^
Also, one panel forced my admiration…. Palaxius, AWESOME TYPESETTING JOB !!
Credits are for, Blue-Wingz, Palaxius and HayateKBL, from LifeForKaoru, thank you very much ! :)

Those two works are :
- Ahegao Sex-Sketching Encounter (just one ahegao panel, though)
- Suki Suki Onee-chan + Bridal Chapter + After story (between a brother and sister)

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Fela Pure Episode 1 : the HENTAI MOVIE with English Subtitles, by Fue
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6 April 2014

FYI: She's talking about what food she eats.

And I’m back! For real this time!

Normally I’d write a long introductory post comparing this against the manga version, but I’ve decided not to waste my time. Why? Because you and I both know you aren’t even reading this text right now. The second you saw “Fue” you downloaded at the speed of fucking sound. Also, I haven’t actually watched it yet, so I can’t anyway. <_<

Thanks Erobeat! Even if you were a bunch of fags and released it originally as an April Fools prank! If you downloaded that one, this is the REAL one. At least

Episode 1

Can’t get shit to work? Then install CCCP.™

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Transit + Otometic (“Girly”) Overdrive [English], by Takano Yuki
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6 April 2014

Wincest, featured once again. Go brothers ! Go sisters !

Do you also have an imaginary hard drive ? That’s where I imagine I’m downloading and storing for good the fresh hentai releases… that is, if they didn’t contain so much censorship T__T

So, yeah, everything is pleasant in those two works repacked together since they’re featuring the same characters, Transit and Otometic (“girly”) Drive : happy sex with love (at last), wincest, a delusional tsundere inexperienced brother VS a slutty self-confident more mature sister, helpful friends who grab a taste in order to get the party started but who don’t go for the whole meal and leave the lovers alone, good drawings…
Except that there are many thick black bars as soon as things get interesting. And, although I can’t really tell why, this time it just ruined my fun :-/

I hope some of you guys may still enjoy it ^^ And credits are for Heran123, Faget, CellTF, Amaimono, Varsa and Freudia, thank you ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Otona No Anemone and Long Distance Relationship.

(Don’t let those pics mislead you, I’ll say it again, it’s happy sex, there’s no netorare of any sort ^^)

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