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Ayashii Haha To Midara Na Oba (“Glamorous Mother and Indecent Aunt”) [English, 195 pictures], by Morris

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Well, that one had an extra-strong old-school feeling, the stories, the art, the image resolution, everything :D
Here is Ayashii Haha To Midara Na Oba, 195 pages long. The first chapters are a short story arc about incest with an aunt and then a mother, while the rest of the manga is made of chapter-long stories. Most of the time this is about mother incest, sometimes aunt or stepsister incest, some times (yay! Better!) the focus will turn to adulterous housewives. Occasional shota to mention, though most of the men are of age.

I’d say the stories were dull and unworthy, however the drawings have a certain charm, sometimes practically uncensored. The women look kinda realistic (with occasional abs lines) and know what they want. Plus some rare occasional comedy.
All in all, it was an OK read, I feel, haha ^^

Credits are for AGL, Amaru007 and Johny Mnemonic from late Hentai-Enishi (chapters 1-3), and for Amoskandy for the rest of the manga. Thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Libido In The Beaker (182 pictures), Majokko Mama (185 pictures), Hitozuma Box (Uncensored version) and Chiryou.

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Nee-san Fuku o Kite Kudasai (“Nee-san, Please Put On Your Clothes”) [English, Uncensored], by Uradora Mangan

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« For some reason », the non-blood-related stepsister of the male hero of this share decides to live at his place. « For some reason », she never wears clothes at home. « For some reason », duh, they become lovers :D

The bad point here, is the image dimension, tell me what year 1073 px was considered high enough res ?
The good points would be the decent enough drawings, and the fact everything is uncensored :twisted:

Thanks to Desudesu and ChriSenpai for this release! :jap:

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Chihiro Gakkou Ni Ike [English], by Kozakura Kumaneko

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A brother is kind enough to take care of his shut-in sister, until she gets a crush on him, initiates sex, enjoys it immensely, and accepts to get her shit straight to please her onii-san and keep him having sex with her.
… oh boy, that gave me conflicted feelings. I really wished I could slap the shut-in sister in the face , throw her garbage away, resell her electronics and kick her ass out of the home to make her get back to real life. I have little patience to chunibyou bullshit or shut-in issues, even in mangas it’s making me cringe. But, on the other hand, the soft method used by her brother worked better, much better, so I was, theoretically, proven wrong to be short-tempered. Hrrrrrrg, it’s frustrating :D

Graphically, there are good and bad things. The blur-mosaics censorship is gruesome, and only a few of you will love a plump figure like the sister’s. On the other hand, she has a beautiful face, really beautiful hair, and the sex has a “realistic” natural feeling to it that was quite eye-pleasing…

Thanks to Lotto09 and Tetron for this release! :)

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Jukubo Yuugi – Itoshii Hito [English, 173 pictures], by Umino Sachi

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Those smiles everywhere are seriously creeping me out :D
(See how it felt just now with my emoticon, as if that wasn’t the proper emoticon to place at the end of a negative sentence giving the idea of being shocked and scared ? Yeah, that’s it for me, when I read mangas by Umino Sachi.)

As for the manga, this is simply about sons having sex with their mother. No shame, no second thoughts, all’s merry and carefree. Personally, I would call this “boring as fuck” but that is probably my prejudice against the general theme speaking, I wouldn’t mind it if it were sisters (what has hentai done to me ?!?), cousins, or non-family members.
The women are moderately plump, busty, have abundant (although trimmed) bushes, the art is uncensored in almost all of the pages ( :shock: :kickass: ), and everybody’s smiling.

We ow the release of this manga to Amoskandy, thank you very much, once again :)
By the same artist, I also share Kindan Soukan – Haha To Ko No Tawamure (“Forbidden Relations -Mother Son Frolics”) (170 pictures) and R-18 (170 pictures).

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Seiya No Haha No Tehodoki [English], by Chocopahe

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Real world: mummy pays a surprise visit to her teenage or hardly adult son for christmas, teases him while asking if he has a girlfriend, he tells he lacks the courage to confess to a girl, the mother encourages him until he manages to do it at last, happy ending the girl and him are going out in the end.
Hentai world: same deal, except that she has sex with him to encourage him.
Seriously, Japan ?!? :D :roll: :lol:

Well… it worked, after all, I guess ? And the art is quite good, with very little censorship ?
I’ll leave it to you, and thanks the excellent Axalon, Psyburn21, Wavedash and MrWayne! ^^;;

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Hanshin Omocha chapter 3 [English], by Psycho

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Oh god lol :lol:
I can hardly believe this is a sequel to the grim two previous chapters of the Hanshin Omocha series, in which – no change here – girls work as sexual relief hostesses, placing themselves across holes in a wall, with the male customers able to enjoy their butts without seeing their face or chest. This the story was resolutely comedy-driven, as a gyaru teen girl (dark skin, bad manners) finds there’s her lousy father among her customers, but she won’t dare raise her voice to avoid getting caught. The girl’s behaviour, the father’s poor excuses… that was dark but actual humour :D

As for the drawings ? I’d say, anyone with a butt fetish and not pushed into murderous frenzy at the sight of mosaics, has a strong chance of enjoying it ^^
Many thanks, for this release, to Imari from Statistically NP! ^_^

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Henai Heroism [English, 198 pictures, excellent!], by Gentsuki

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AW FRIGGING YESSSS!! I totally LOVED this manga!! :twisted:

Henai Heroism is made of chapter-long stories (one exception, two chapters), in which the overall canvas is exceedingly simple, a young man and woman overcome an obstacle and have either more or better sex.
These are the details that make it magical: here, sex is more than just copulation, it’s a means of conveying or confirming feelings, a way to build bridges between souls. Here, the stories are either simple vanilla (happy sex with lots of loving, with optionally comedy), or some stories are even emotional, beautifully moving, as we (well, I, at least) watched with a wide smile humans suffering from solitude and lack of trust find, at last, the partner they needed to feel whole. To say I found it heart-warming would be an understatement :)

As for the art ? Top tier. Refined drawings with lots of details everywhere, good-looking girls (looking like they’re between 16 and 25, most of them with large realistic breasts and hourglass figures), perfectly drawn genitalia not suffering too hard censorship… what a treat, brothers and sisters, what a treat!! ^_^
Thanks a LOT to Doujin-Moe for this one, I really loved it, and hope you’ll love it too =)

By the same artist, I also share a nice pack of 2 Touhou hentai doujinshi.

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