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Sweat And Tears [English, 170 pictures], by Hayabusa Shingo

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And no censorship at all on that panel. Gotta love the old mangas.

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin.
Sweat And Tears is about a dance school where a shota and his female teacher become lovers, but there’s much more than that… Two couples, intertwined love stories, ballet, blackmail, forgiving, redemption, sex with love rewarded with the sweetest ending, a fair load of WTF, a maximum “nineties” feeling stemming from the art, the costumes and the story type…

I thought I wouldn’t like the manga, because it’s old, because there’s a part of blackmail and cheating, because lots of it are ridiculous… I was wrong. I ended up forgiving all those weird bits, and loving it as a whole. Check it out maybe? :)

Graphically, it’s also nineties-flavoured. Massive tits, hairy bushes, fancy outfits, lactation, little censorship, it’s not bad ^^
Also: Anyone with a leotard fetish? Come on, there must be? :D

The manga was scanlated by Friggo, thank you! ^_^

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Kedamono No Ie (Gekan) (“The Beast House (Gekan)”) [English, 214 pictures], by Hakaba

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And now, I'm going to read some WAFF vanilla to make up for the mental scars

Here is the sequel to Kedamono No Ie (Joukan). We’re in the same village filled with degenerates lacking any sense of morality, where mindbreaking, humiliating, torturing with/by ecstasy is still the rule. However, this time, I’ll commend the effort to bring the story to a dramatic but final close, a surprising but not inconsistent “happy” ending.
Napalming everyone would have been better, still.

The last 54 pages are another story. Making the main story arc look like WAFF vanilla. It is entirely about breaking a girl, torturing her until she isn’t human anymore, corruption as a means and a purpose. WHAT THE FUCK SERIOUSLY?

I detested the manga. Girls with eyes so distorted they are less human than goat-like, nasty ahegaos, contorted bodies expressing displeasure and pain in the very same time as ecstasy, all meat and no soul… Even if the sex is very hardcore (oral, vaginal, anal, DP, etc) and hardly even censored, urgh.

But, if YOU dig it, well, my negative review also gave the themes, feel free to enjoy if that’s your stuff, to each his own.
Credits are for Doujin-Moe, thanks are an order.

By the same artist, I also share Kedamono No Ie (Joukan) (211 pictures), Break me (219 pictures) and A Special Class.

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Hitori To Futari To Sakamichi O [English], by Gentsuki

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It's one of those mysteries. Handjobs look super arousing, once watched, but kinda suck once experienced IRL. Go figure.

I sometimes tell myself we’re lucky women can be patient, because sometimes, we, the men, we can be as dense as a brick.

In the present share, a graduating highschooler leaves his lover (and also sister), away from the countryside, because he wants to become someone worthy of her, and come back as a Man. One year of extenuating and disappointing adult life later, he’s back with his morale in tatters… And that sweet idiot simply can’t believe his girl is still OK with him as he was, that she still accepts him with his weaknesses and all. Good job girl, for getting your feelings through his titanium-reinforced thick skull :D

Vanilla ending and all, fear not, this was moving. After all, in real life, it’s usually like that, we need someone to accept us with our failures and inner weaknesses, someone to remind us our value might not lie in our achievements alone…

Graphically: a few black bars, sure, but quality original art, masterfully done. With, as great bonus, near-acrobatic positions :twisted:
Dopeswaggu and Yuzuru Katsuragi are behind this release, thank you! ^__^

By the same artist, I also share Henai Heroism (198 pictures), Finder, Nigakute Amakute Tsurai Toge (“The Bitter, Sweet, and Painful Thorn”), Tender Equation and a pack of 2 works (Sanae-shiki Miko No Oshigoto 1 + Exclusive Maid Sakuya’s XX).

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Amanojaku Ga Koi O Shite [English, 202 pictures], by Maruta

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In hentai, when they climax, boys and girls cry "I love you too!" - in the real world, we cry "HNNNNNG HUUUUUUUUURRRRRRHHHH NYAAAARHUUUUUOUOUOU", which is slightly less sexy

Ah, fuck YEAH!! Quality vanilla incoming!! :D

The girls in Amanojaku Ga Koi O Shite have realistic bodies (as always with Maruta), small to average-sized breasts, a bit of pubic hair, and seriously cute faces, blushing furiously, with thick eyebrows :twisted:
The sex is drawn with more of a “real sex” focus than a “pornographic eye” mindset, if you see the idea. What I poorly want to convey is that you won’t see gaping widened genitalia on every panel, and it’s actually better like that, here, it feels real.
I warn you though, most of the images are in small resolution, 1400 px, and it negatively affects the overall picture quality and level of details – deal with it T__T

Story-wise, each chapter is a different story, but basically we’re watching inexperienced teenagers who like each other but have poor communication skills, they’ve finally gathered enough courage to take the leap of faith, and show their feelings. And then they’re trying their best to please each other while they only have the spontaneity of their desires to guide them. It’s cute, they’re not pros, reason battles with impulse, mutual care is present…
Most of the time this is mutual love between highschoolers, but you’ll also have a bit of sister incest, a bit of bittersweet love :)

Release credits are for a fair number of people. Namely: Ladrason who repacked and edited it as a whole volume, and then Katsudon, Sukiyaki, Seorul and Koro, from Japanzai; RedVodka, Calyx, Nemesis and Altereggo, from Team Vanilla; and Cczzdhx, Freudia, Nero, EcchiNeko, Amalthea, Constipat8 and Manchewable, from Team Koinaka. Thank you VERY much, all of you! ^_^

By Maruta, there is also Kimi No Sukina Onnanoko No Katachi (189 pictures), Kanojo Ga Koibito Wo Suki Ni Natta Riyuu (199 pictures), Yuri Zuki Kanojo Wa Yuri Kanojo ga Dekinai 1-5 (that’s the complete series), Utsusemi Kouhen + Utsusemi Zenpen (x2), Gogo Wa Koucha Yori Kan Koohi De, Kashiwasaki Miki Wa Ironna Basho De Zenra Sanpo Shitemita (218 pictures), Bokura No Himitsu Kichi, Ojou-sama No Kuchizuke De Shoujo Wa Me O Samasu (“The Girl Awakens With A Kiss From The Princess”), A Good Reason For Less Friend, Nadeshiko Hiyori (1-7) and One Piece Envy.

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Imouto Wa Boku No Ayatsuri Ningyou (“My Sister Is A Puppet”) [English], by Takuwan

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It's easy to tell this is a fictional story not inspired by true events. Not because of the cursed doll, who am I to pretend I know anything about them. No: because it shows an otaku NEET managing to have sex :D

That one’s gonna win the right to compete in the 2018 WTF hentai championship, at least.
I mean, there are typical sex fantasies, such as stopping time and having sex with every girl on sight, or having mind control and convincing a bunch of girls every day that they are suddenly super hot for you and want you to impregnate her (just don’t forget to wipe their memories in the end.) The classics and they’re damn great.

But here… this is the doll curse. A brother transfering the movements (and sensations, lick lick!) he forces on a cursed doll to his bitch sister. She may protest vocally, but she obeys nonetheless. As the sister is an abusive spoiled bitch, she kinda had it coming, didn’t she? Didn’t she… no, okay, this is rape, but fuck it, this is fantasy hentai anyway :D

By the same artist, I also share H.Ero – Sei No Kyoushitsu (“Classroom of Sex”, 243 pictures), Turning Point Anniversary Edition (234 pictures) and Honor Student Ooshima Yuna’s Neglicence.

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I, My, Me, Mine [English, UNCENSORED version, 199 pictures], by Arsenal

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I had SO much difficulty, choosing which picture to place on top of my post!

Aw, fuck YEAHHHHHHHH!!! :twisted: :woot:

Here is an awesome complete tank, and uncensored at that =)
In I, My, Me, Mine, you will only find brother-sister sex. While the love is always mutual, the story canvas (you have a bit of a large arc at first, and then these are chapter-long oneshots) is always oriented towards light comedy ^^ The girls and boys have strong and clearly weird personalities, I’m confident you’ll be surprised a number of times, huhu.

So, yeah, it’s funny and original. But graphically? Great shit too!! :D Well, it’s still noticeable the mangaka was lacking a bit in skill here and there, but it’s largely made up for by those damn FINE asses, the thighhighs, twintails, those smooth vaginas, and all the girls have quality hourglass figures, not to mention it’s uncensored vaginal and anal sex, it was great!! :)

I made and added in the end a credit picture summing up to whom credits are due. Namely, actually, two separate groups. For the chapters 1-6, it was translated and decensored by Poke2201, Shadow42085 and Patch, from Lunatic Translations. And for the chapters 7-10, it was translated by Tigoris Translates, decensored by J.B. Random, and commissioned (both operations, translation and decensoring) by MHM.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to MHM who volunteered to see the tank finally done; I doubt we’d have ever had the manga finished and decensored if it weren’t for him :)

By Arsenal, I also share Hatsujou Sex Days (“Mating Sex Days”, 198 pictures), Devil Cherry Pie (198 pictures), In The Kneesocks Girl (210 pictures), What His Little Sister Likes, Honorable Young Lady’s Knoweledge On Sex, I My Me Mine chapter 1 and Hajimete No Otojou Jiri.

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Kyoudai No Himitsu No Su [English], by Aoki Kanji

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Sister incest best incest

How about some decent enough wincest? The art is good although it somehow lacks those gleaming “exceptional” features I’ve seen in other works by Aoki Kanji, in my opinion, I’m sorry, I don’t find the proper words. It still delivers quality :)
Also, it’s one of those rare cases when siblings took the time to seriously consider the implications of incest, it’s soooo rare! :shock:

Sorry I’m always so wordy. Wincest. Rather well drawn. Quality work on the girl’s face. Go for it! ;)
Thanks to Solobrick, Freudia, Amalthea, Axalon, Cadenza, Constipat8, HayateK4L and [email protected], from Team Koinaka!

(For MORE, please see the list of Aoki Kanji’s works on Hentairules!)

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