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Kyonyuu Mama To Kinshin Soukan [English, Uncensored], by Senor Daietsu

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Tons of MILFs, and it's uncensored.

Mrinku has translated and decensored this hentai manga, thank you very much! :jap:
I’ll want to warn you immediately, you are going to read something fairly unusual, not too weird regarding the story types, but very out of the norm when it comes to the drawings. The women are MILFs between 35 and 50 (hard to tell, sometimes), they’re between plump and obese, with lots of excess meat, gigantic boobs, while their male partners are drawn as insanely muscular with forearm-long world-class dicks. Weird :shock: O_o

That said, it’s not bad, it’s just something you get used to, or not, depends on your tastes. I don’t even know if I should call it “old school”, or if it’s just a personal style and that’s that ^^;;
As for the storylines, each chapter’s a different story, most of the time the MILF is forcibly pushed into sex, most of the time she quickly changes her mind and decides she loves it, and let’s say that, sometimes, none of her male partners is her son (but that, that’s rare, lol).

I’ll finish with my favorite WTF quote of the volume, enjoy ;)
« Th-This feeling! It’s like the time I put my finger in a sea anemone! It’s the ultimate snapping pussy!! »

By the same artist, I also share the much more WTF Kyonyuu Jukubo No Abunai Kaikan (“Dangerous Pleasures Of Fat Bottomed MILFS”, 211 pictures).

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Mama To Boku (“Mama And I”) [English, Uncensored version], by Denki Shougun

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It takes control, to say no

Love. A mole. Glasses. Pubic hair. Lingerie. Black thighhighs. Big breasts. Nearly 100% uncensored drawings (just a few rare black bars forgotten here and there.)
And a typical facepalm story in which the highschool boy takes the place of his deceased father so that his mother has a dick to rely up on :facepalm:

Well, at least the drawings are good, lol, it may be worth a nice fap.
Biribiri and Doujin-Moe are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Intelli Mushroom, Trap Trap, Academi Girls (a huge WTF, that one) and The Uncensored and Full-Color version of Mero Mero Girls new World.

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ILIAS – Kyouen No Utage [English, 166 pictures], by Nanase Mizuho

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Graphically, YUM!

The pros:
❤ A full tank
❤ Nearly invisible censorship
❤ Very well drawn sex
❤ Hardcore sex (oral, vaginal, anal, double penetration) between adults (save 1 shota chapter)
❤ One or two chapters fully qualifying as happy sex, a first third qualifying as “As long as they agree I guess it also counts as happy sex. Right? Right?“.

The cons:
💀 Most of the manga (made of short arcs or single chapters) is depicting very dark story lines, with more than half hard rape, and a lot of mindbreak, the mangaka even went as far as to create vague story canvases to increase the dramatic effect.

In my opinion, if you are able to selectively discard what you don’t like without having your read wasted, I think the manga is highly worth it, if only for the dazzling graphical quality and intensity.
Thanks to Biribiri for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Princess Force (168 pictures), Older Sister Little Brother Older Sister (Uncensored, a 2-chapters complete story), Teitoku No Oyomesan 2, Shinshi To Ore (packaged with the chapter 1 of Oyomesan Wa maou), Oyomesan Wa Maou, and Succu Life.

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Chibokyuu [English, 213 pictures], by Fuusen Club

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My son became a scumbag despite my honest efforts. I’ll let him sodomize me because that’s definitely how he’ll become a good boy again.

The drawings are hardcore, the domination and training-based story scenario makes a speech by Donald Trump sound intelligent in comparison, and, well, the rest is in your hands. Me, I sighed far too often to be able to feel arousal, to be honest – sigh.

Starting page 105, the double-facepalm story arc ends, fortunately, followed by equally unconventional, but less “fuck that ridiculous shit” stuff.
Saha and Lhytiss are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

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Natural Mama [English], by Nakayama Tetsugaku

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Damn, that MILF, she was super hot O_o

Desudesu and Kraid42, thank you!, bring us a shotacon story with EXCELLENT drawings. Which makes it a real sad waste, why go for shota?!? T__T
Anyway, those who dig that theme should have a great time ahead, as the scenario is simple (the son brings a friend home, a threesome with mama begins) and the drawings are very well done, packing in a punch in terms of intensity, and are very little censored.

By the same artist, I also share Please Hold Me (complete, 216 pictures), Milk Doll chapters 1-4, Tapu Love chapter 1, My Very Own Tengu, Wife Is Wonderful (that one is part of a larger pack of full-color works) and Braids Slave.

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Fuyu no Hashikko [English], by Makio

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Sadface T_T

This story is beautiful, sad, moving, and erotic. I’m tagging this as “drama”, but don’t expect absolutely crazy shit; we’re simply focused on a brother and sister who grew very close in a pure fashion, as a way of sheltering them from the pain of watching the marriage of their parents disintegrate.
Eventually, they become lovers, but this is less a matter of arousal than of emotions, even then.

And, as with all story-driven hentai shares, I found myself lost in thought for a loooooong time after I finished reading, trying to imagine how the story could unfold after this, writing myself long mental novels, refusing to let go of the characters… come on, please don’t let me think I’m the only person like that, right???

There is annoying blur-mosaics censorship, true, but the drawings are beautiful, full of sensibility, doing the mature story justice. I believe it’s worth reading :)
Thanks a LOT to NecroManCr for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Irogoto – Love Affair.

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Itoko Shuurai (“Attack On Cousin”) [English], by Inomaru

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OK, I screwed up. Two works by Inomaru were released today.
Me, at first, I only saw the first of the two (I didn’t scroll down enough.) I immediately grabbed it, read it, prepared my share: zip, upload, collect links. And then I saw the other one.
Screw this, it will be two separate shares. Still, sorry :D

Here’s the second Inomaru work that I saw, Itoko Shuurai, in which a male teen finds his one-week-alone-at-home-may-the-fapathon-begin! interrupted by the invasion of his elder female cousin. The two of them have a twisted relation, he’s attracted to her, but she’s a near-bully that plays with his nipples until it became a weak ero point for him.
And then, as he tries to drive her away… she offers to have tons of sex, no questions asked.
He accepts.
There was no trap (save for a lifetime commitment agreement of sorts – no impregnation though).
Enjoy! ^____^

Thanks to Cedr777,,, from Triple Seven Scans! :jap:

By Inomaru, I also share Itazura Senyou Hanahira Seitokaichou (222 pictures), Camellia (227 pictures), Indecent (198 pictures), Sex Education (209 pictures), Hazukashime (211 pictures), and Houkago Chokyo Housoshitsu (218 pictures). There’s also Waldstein’s Academy Current Headmistress Kumashiro Maya Shocking Debut, Thrust Rumble (recompiled with other stuff later on found to be belonging elsewhere, grrrmbl), and Blooming Minchi.

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