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Yokujou Boshi (“Desire Mother And Child”) [English, fully Uncensored, 167 pictures], an anthology of mother-and-son incest stories, by various artists

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Mother-son incest hentai, where the average IQ of the characters is lower than average rectal temperature

Decensored by a kind person called Amoskandy, here is a complete volume, a compilation of mother-and-son incest stories, 167 pages long. Thanks a lot, Amoskandy! :jap:

The detailed contents are:
Result Of Vibrator Lessons, by Penicilin XI,
Complete Aid, by Minako Nami
Abnormal Family, by Rokuroh Isako
Mother Is A Prostitute, by Shiraishi Nagisa
Bullying My Mother, by Kuon Michiyoshi
Night Visitor, by PURUpyon Saitou
Red Spider Lily, by Yuzuki N Dash (I didn’t even recognize it was by her O_o)
Mother’s Beautiful Ass, by Tange Suzuki
Wet Mother, by Shoryutei Enraku
Heart Space, by Mikikazu

Story-wise, as expected, the stories are essentially retarded materials. Two exceptions, Bullying My Mother was tragic, Red Spider Lily was both dramatic and heart-warming, a moving chapter.
Graphically, some chapters were fairly good, with lots of good stuff. Although to be frank, in average, duh, the art is average :D One exhilerating note: this glorious semen bending panel ^^;;

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Hitoduma Ane [English], by Yuzuki N Dash

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Yuzuki N Dash + Sisters = win. Simple as that.

A young man, ronin for a year, has to live at his newly married sister’s house for a year. Day 1: he’s already having sex with her again (they were like horny rabbits as younger teens), that was fast, huhu ^^
Scenario-wise, I must warn those faint of heart that this is adultery, since the sister is happily married… me, I didn’t care much, but I know that’s a touchy topic, and I can respect that.

Graphically, well, what can I say, Yuzuki N Dash has always been excellent at drawing sisters, bless her ^_^ There isn’t a lot of censorship, and I also made a lot of work on the scans.
Originally, the images were blurred, grey, and in absurbdly high res, over 6000 px for something like 120 MB in total. I retouched the shit out of the images to make them look good again, levelling, cleaning surfaces, sharpening. I also unilaterally decided to provide you with, instead, a 3000 px version: now, it only takes 18 MB =)

I hope you’ll enjoy reading that one, thanks a lot to Farfallavendetta for this release! I must warn you, the translation looks poor, but it’s not like I could do better, so I’ll just STFU and enjoy what I was freely given :)

(MOAR ! For more works, Cf. The List of Yuzuki N’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Pack of 8 pleasant hentai works by the artist Ken-1 (from the hentai circle “Cior”) [English, 103 pictures]

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Misara, rarely seen in such a lewd disposition

Prepare yourselves for good-looking hentai :twisted:
I gathered here eight works by the hentai artist Ken-1, 4 short full-color works, and 4 longer hentai doujinshi parodying the Railgun series and Kantai Collection.

Scenario-wise, I’ve got nothing to say, this is happy sex without much brains involved, and also without particular emotions or feels. The selling point (manner of speaking) is how GREAT this whole stuff looks. The art goes from good to EXCELLENT, with a brilliant use of the grey shades (occasionally reminding me of Otsuka Kotora‘s own touch), with plenty of small details everywhere, the drawings were definitely not done hastily, we can see a great lot of care and talent has been poured into every page.
Credits, from what I could infer, are to Simhauu and Doujin-Moe, thank you! :)

Those works are:
(In full-color)
Ai Color
Ane X Imouto
Hitodzuma Cosplayer Hitomi
Viva Hokenshitsu
(Longer volumes, parodying Kantai Collection and Railgun)
Beautiful Harp Volume 1 (warning, that one’s loliconish, Misaka’s jealous friend)
Beautiful Harp Volume 2
Fleet Girls Pack Volume 1
Fleet Girls Pack Volume 2

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Ane Ga Shibashiba Tsuyappoi Kao O Suru Node, Totemo Dogimagi Suru (“My big sister often has an amorous look on her face, and that makes me very nervous”) [English], by Aoki Kanji

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Phiew, that was a long title :shock: Here is a nice share, in which the relationship between a brother and sister goes from “awkward” to “forbidden”, basically.
The main interest, for me, wouldn’t be the drawings (and yet, they were quite good, almost uncensored, and the sister’s got a feeling of maturity on her face and a fresh body), instead, it would be the sister’s attitude. She splendidly played with ber brother, sending him mixed signals to confuse him, being candid and yet sooooo appealing, occasionally letting her true colors flash for a second, an expression of lewdness and self-confidence…

Thanks a lot to Dammon for this release! :)
By the same artist, I also share Gimme A Hug + Gimme More Hugs + Lemme Hug You, Yume Ni Made Mita, Imouto Lesson, Only You – Template and Chocolate, Ichi Ni No 3P, Yaritai Kisetsu Shinryoku No Sakari (“Season of Desire – Only You”) (uncensored version), Dramatic Couple and Seishun Wild Pitch plus, of course, the Bride Setsuko-san +Fetishist Setsuko-san + Niiduma Setsuko-san + Kanojo Wa Setsuko-san series.

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Ienai Himitsu + Ienai Asobi (“An Unspeakable Secret + Unspeakable Play”) [English], by Nekoi Hikaru

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Ready or not, here comes sister incest! Kudos to who finds where that quote comes from ^_________^

An almost caricatural little sister: petite, small breasts, twintails, apparently candid, invading her older brother’s personal space and immediately stumbling on his porn. This share relies on heavily standardized materials proven to yield great effects at the expense of a minimal volume of grey matter :lol:

So there you are, with imouto wincest, without complications. This share is composed of two parts, first Ienai Himitsu and then the shorter Ienai Asobi, but it’s the same deal every time. Graphically, there are thick black bars first, whiteout censorship later, and I couldn’t help but notice amateurish occasional screwups (like on page 7 of Asobi, look where the sister’s left leg is attached, lol), so I cannot pretend everything is perfect. Still, there’s a highly pleasant impression the art style was inspired from Hisasi’s, it’s got to matter :3
Thanks a lot to Nandeyanen, Patamon and Peppermint, from Flatopia, for these two releases! :)

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Chotta Matte Yo Suima-chan [English], by Tsutsumi

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What a curse, to fall asleep after fucking that dream teen just once. Three times would be the minimum she deserves. The minimum.

Why ? I have no idea. But it seems the heroine, Suima-chan, wants to have sex with her older brother because he’ll always fall asleep after sex, and she wants him sleeping with a log and failling his exams. Dunno why, for the greater glory of Satan, something like that maybe.

Well, anyway, we end up with a thin cutie with pigtails and a devilish smile, doing irresistible advances, giving head, and having great vaginal sex. Why not after all ^^
Credits for this nice share are for Jungy, Kage15 from Life4Kaoru, thank you! :jap:

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Fella Hame Lips [English, 222 pictures, simply AWESOME!!!], by Fue

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Woah :shock: That… Was… AWESOME!! :shock: :woot:
I think I can safely tell Fella Hame Lips is the best blowjobs hentai manga I shared on Hentairules. Ever.

The manga is made of one story arc about a young man purchasing an onahole entirely looking like a real woman, and having endless sex with her, followed by a compilation of single chapters afterwards. Every time, we have the same combination of mutual liking, smiling and mutual trust… and infatigable enthusiastic sex :kickass:
There’s a LOT of oral sex, the big deep heavy gulping one would call irrumatio, skullfucking or throating (I guess), with a fine fetish on tongue play, but oral sex and paizuri aren’t left out, don’t worry ^^
Graphically, this is splendid :D Very good art, no big screwups, huge breasts, generous hips, faces lost in ecstasy… Oh boy, that was super intense!! :twisted:

Seriously, go for it, THIS . IS . GOLD !! =)
A lot of people are behind this manga, among them: Desudesu, Darkfire, Flammz, Grey Fox, Maipantsu from Ero Manga Girls, Nandeyanen, Palaxius, HayateKBL and Darkfire from LifeForKaoru, Red580 and Fated Circle…. Thank you very much! ^_^

By Fue, I also share Fera Pyua ~Mitarashi-san Chi No Jijou~ (“Two Siblings Fela Pure”, 231 pictures), Sakaki-san Satisfaction and Fela Pure Episode 1, the movie.

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