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OneShota Volley Shigoki Heya de Mou Tokkun (“OneShota Volleyball Intense Training in the Training Room”) [English], by Agata
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25 May 2015

I also chose that picture to give you an immediate idea of the level of censorship in this manga. No lies, no false promises :D

Can’t say I felt thrilled with this one. Let’s make a group of girls immediately jump on shotaboy’s penis right after his sister introduced him to the female volleyball club members, that didn’t “do it” for me. Maybe YOU will like it, though, the rest is happy sex with zero scenario and the boy never being in the lead, frequently represented in “dwarfed” proportions to make his shota side show even more.
As for the art, there are all body types for the girls, from the pettanko to the tall tanned, the kind receiving sister, the commanding megane…

Credits, and thanks are for Lazarus LP and CovertOpBoobs, from Lazarus-H :)
By the same artist, and much, MUCH better, I also share Secret Olympics!

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Mama Soap [English], by Haru Wamusato
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19 May 2015

What should we call it ? ThreeMilfCest ? Nope: MILFFEST! NOW that sounds better :D

I will quote Dynellen’s own words to describe this hentai manga : « horny mother and her friend teaming up to get rid of her son’s virginity before he becomes a terrorist » :D
Honestly, I don’t see how I could describe it better, lol ^^

I’m not hot for mother incest, but the mother teamed up with her equally hot and horny female neighbour, this is deliciously carefree, and this is comedy gold, so, YAY for MILF soap ! ^_____^
Thanks a lot, a whole lot, to Dynellen (the commissioner, bakunyu specialist, with quality tastes!), Maipantsu and Super Shanko! :)

For MORE, cf. The updated list of Haru Wamusato’s works ! :D
Among those works, there is Conveni-N, that I regard as comedy GOLD, check it out if it’s new to you !

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Mune Wa Taizai [English], an Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere hentai doujinshi, by Friendly Sky
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17 May 2015

Friendly bear-hugs to you if you read the hidden text on these pictures! :)

Tomo Asama, a sex bomb from the Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon series, has sex with a boy, maybe her brother. No idea.
Honestly, the only thing I cared here was her bikini. A nanobikini. Very tight on her. Oh god, that made her erotic :D

There’s no scenario of any sort, just see if the drawings can please you or not, and thanks to Tigoris Translates for this one =)
By the same artist, I also share Sanae-san’s Cream Bread

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Pack of 3 pleasant works by Tsuruta Bungaku [English, 62 pictures]
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16 May 2015

When did I stop viewing sister incest as something even remotely taboo ? Oh god

I gathered here three VERY pleasant works by Tsuruta Bungaku, one brand new, and two old ones I didn’t have time to share at the time of their release :)
Every time, there’s this feeling of positive bonding, of mutual respect and liking, a natural yearning that is satisfied in a very satisfying manner, with mutual care… Graphically, teen nice sex like that is pleasant, the bodies are quite natural, but I must warn you against the abominable blur+mosaics censorship!

Those three works are :
Nakayoshikojyoshi : a girl receives deflowering help from her two best girl friends, and a friendly – and treated well – male classmate, isn’t friendship beautiful =) With bits of yuri :twisted:
Nakayoshikojyoshi Yuu : in which we discover one of the female friends from before is actually having sex with her own brother at home, the guilt fades away while the feelings become stronger
Otoshigoro : in which a highschool girl has sex with a male childhood friend, a compibation of lucky opportunity and untold mutual feelings. I can’t explain why, but I found it extraordinarily arousing that she kept her uniform on save the panties, and we couldn’t even see her breasts, HNGI!! :shock:

Release credits are for NecroManCr and Avashiki, thank you VERY much :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Hon No Shikaesi, Bath Flower, Hanahira Torori, Mama-Pao and The Spider’s Web.

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Cow Cow Sister [English], by Tonnosuke
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16 May 2015

If I had a sister like that, I'd bang her on sight, on every occasion. I'm so lucky I was born an only son, lol

Is that a form of extreme tsundere ? Violent, angry and kinda hypocritical in public, and a willing sexual pet in private ? O_o
Doesn’t matter. That sister is just SO aroused, and arousing, it’s time to punish her for being (a) a sexual bomb, (b) repeatedly stealing her brother’s ice creams, (c) begging her brother to treat her like a sexual pet :twisted: :lol:
The sex is very intense, the sister is a living lust machine, I’d say this is a rewarding share =)

Credits are for Jungy, Nandeyanen, JBK and Palaxius, from Team Koinaka, thank you!

By Tonnosuke, I also share Katase Kachou wa Mazo doRei (“Chief Katase, the Masochistic Slave”).

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Anoko To Iikoto [English, 201 pictures, Complete], by Toruneko
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11 May 2015

Me fapsta. I really loved it :D

I see another hentai Master incoming, there is a LOT of promise, and already a whole lot of delivery, in Toruneko’s art :twisted:
Here is, fellow hentaiers, Toruneko’s first complete tankoubon, of which we saw a few glimpses in the previous months with former single releases. And it is brilliant! :D

The tone : happy sex all along, in a variety of highschool life setups, plus a few adult life situations. Some chapters are good, some others are excellent, starting bland and gradually becoming really intense, erotic, heart-warming and, frequently, with a (frequently) faint or (occasionally) strong comedy spin to make everything even better :)
As for the art, I’d say it’s very good with hints of greatness, not too censored. Something unique to Toruneko’s girls’ eyes : under their pleasantly thick eyebrows, above their witty smiles, the girls seem to be looking at us with a glint in the eyes telling we’re already a step behind, they know something and all is going as they’re wishing with promises of imminent rapture… Rha!!

Credits are for AleArg and the EHCove, thank you so much! :jap: I noticed some chapters were re translated, re edited, although they were already done by translators with good reputation, but, ah, well, go figure why.

By Toruneko, I also share Yaritai Koto O Yarimashou 1-2.

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MY (Imouto) Doll [English], by Sawano Akira
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10 May 2015

Well-done, imouto-chan, well done :D

Wincest, all the way, and excellent comedy additionally :D
Let’s see the story : a brother with a strong fetish on his little sister orders a super-realistic sex-doll modeled after her exact specifics, this way he’ll satisfy his sexual dreams without hating himself, going to jail and/or jumping off a bridge. That’s admirable, in itself, right ? But come the sister, who was curious, discovers the doll, accidentally damages it beyond repair, and, in a hurry, thinks wise to disguise herself as the doll.
Don’t go facepalming, sure, sex follows, but it was (a) drawn well enough (a bit of a let down compared to the other works by Sawano Akira, but decent enough), and (b) super fun, even the ending was comedy gold :D :lol:

I hope you’ll enjoy it, and thanks a LOT to my dear NecroManCr! =)
By the same artist, I also share Ani Omou Yue Ni Imouto Ari Genteiban (210 pictures), Yumemigokochi and Ani + Imouto = Love (210 pictures too).

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