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Solitude [English], by Shunjou Shuusuke
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29 June 2015

That was a seriously erotic jumper

Woopsie! Even though her nephew had to come to help her unpack her cartons after she moved to a new home, she was walking naked and had no idea in what carton her clean clothes were disposed!
yeah, right :roll:

Long story short, a plump (near fat) woman looking like she’s 30-or-so deflowers her glad nephew. I found a certain rekindling with how the male hero saw his first real “apricot”, me that happened like that when I was a young teen with my older cousin’s wife… except that his wife was around 45 at that time and the show had nothing arousing at all, urgh ^^;;

So, there you are. A decent story, although the full-white-on censorship got in the way. Check it out, and thanks to whoever released it! :)
(For more works by Shunjou Shuusuke, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules)

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Pack of two [English] works: Floriography ~Statice~ and Floriography ~Lyon~, by Crank.In (Also Known As Tooru Mizutani)
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27 June 2015

I could have picked an image not showing the censorship, but I viewed it as another indicator, to help you decide whether you'd want to download it or not :)

Here are two nice mangas by Crank.In, an artist with sweet, beautiful drawings, that still feel like pencil art, not just drawing tablet stuff, packed with talent, it’s really pleasing the eye :)
The story ? Wincest between cousins in a slice of life setup.

This time, I REALLY shall say no more, I don’t see the point. If the art and the happy sex theme suits you, go ahead! ^_^ And thanks a lot to Tigoris Translates for these two releases! :)

By the same artist, with the same striking drawing talent, I also share Floriography ~Marmelo~ and ~Rose~ and a pack of 8 works (made of Floriography ~Cattleya~, ~Dendrobium~ and ~Freesia~, Materialize 1-4 and Concertante).

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Anehama [English], by Kurokawa Izumi (Also Known As Odin)
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23 June 2015

You'll notice that the less experienced a male hero is, the larger and longer his cock is.

Haaa, that cover. At first, it is SUPER hot, look at that, a very busty hot babe, in extremely arousing bits of clothes, looking at “us” with a smile on her face. But then we realize she has two hands holding her breasts, two hands in front of her pussy… oh god she’s got four arms… It’s only in the end you tell yourself there’s someone holding her godsent boobs, someone on whose she’s sitting, most definitely not doing something safe for work… a very lucky someone indeed ^^

This share is about a young boy, I’d say in highschool age, working for the beach café held by his two slightly older female cousins. The oldest, most straightforward female cousin wins the game by boldly making the first step. Her mischievous smile, her large breasts, her summer hat (I didn’t know I had this fetish in me :3). There is paizuri and vaginal sex, with a hope for a sequel eventually with the second female cousin, who knows, in the future!
I hope you’ll enjoy that one (me, I sure did :twisted: ) and thanks a lot to Makita Misaki and Constantly ! :)

By The same artist, I also share Nagomi, Kinoko No Sasoi volume 6 and Kinoko No Sasoi volume 5.

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Enjo Kosai [English, now fully Complete: 219 pictures], by Toguchi Masaya
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19 June 2015

Mostly mother incest, sigh.

I’m glad I can share a tankoubon with you guys, but I cannot pretend this is THE kind of tank I dreamt of. Here comes Enjo Kusai, a tank whose main story line is weak and crappy, a love triangle between a loser boy (who also becomes open buffet for MILFs), his mother and the mother’s female friend. Following this are single chapters, with cheating, shibari and nurse play.
Nothing to merrily dance about, see ?
(Impossible not to buthurt people on the internet, sooo: if YOU like it, hey, cool, I’m merely expressing my personal feelings, etc.)

The art, at least, is better. Very huge breasts, long flowing hair, horny faces, not too much censorship, plump MILF bodies. If you only come for the MILFs and can focus on the art only, then not all hope is lost :D
Overall credits are for, Lord Of Evil, Desudesu, Grey Fox, Flammz, Xarathustra, thank you :)

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The Older Sister Experience For A Week chapter 1 [English], by Michiking
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17 June 2015

It's like this crazy hot butt was actually talking to us: "come in, quick!"

… … wat ?
OK, that’s a share outside of my comfort zone, however I feel it should please a ridiculously large number of people, if I’m not mistaken, so, let’s roll! :roll:

The story starts in a typical manner, an otaku male brother and his three condescending scornful tsundere little sisters on which he openly fantasizes hard. The tsundere in chief sister is especially adept at pummeling his face, and she is naturally the first one to fall for him once he’s transformed into a shotacon by the magic of some weird erogame the brother just installed…. Deal with it! (⌐■_■)

And there we are, with a story totally full of WTF but served by great art (an elder sister with twintails, very big tits, an Hisasi-like feeling and a meaty generous body, with very little censorship and sometimes no censorship at all). Maybe you will like it :)

Thanks to Tech, EdMX, Kita, Sunadokei, Swerve, Tech and Axalon, from the Phoenix Syndicate, for this share :)
By the same artist, I also share Abstinence Club chapter 1, Yuuwaku Suimin, Hasande Kudasai Okuu-chan and (featuring one of the most arousing doggystyle invitations ever) Hatsujou Shimashita Kagerous-san.

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Enjo Kosai (chapters 1-3 + Prologue + Epilogue, apparently, that’s complete ?) [English, 142 pictures], by Toguchi Masaya
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17 June 2015

Let's try to focus on what they are: hot MILFs, rather than who they are

– Update : there we are, that post is now obsolete.

You can find the COMPLETE Enjo Kosai manga, 219 pages long,
on THAT page of Hentairules! :)

Wasurena chapters 7-8 [English], + the COMPLETE (at last! ^^) repack of the Wasurena volumes 1-2 (316 pictures), by Zero No Mono
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15 June 2015

A very good wincest story, not falling into idiotic blessed mindless joy, but instead filled with drama and adult feelings.

Last spring, I shared an incomplete version of the two Wasurena volumes, lacking the chapters 7-8, the two first chapters of the volume 2.
A kind person called Amoskandy translated those missing parts, Wasurena is now complete, at last! ^_^ Amoskandy, thank you very much, I’m grateful :)

In this manga’s long story, a brother and sister are physically engrossed with each other with deep passion, while they’re aware it’s a problem, they’re siblings. Wasurena goes the realistic way, with social and “real world” pressure preventing them from just doing whatever the (actual and frequent) fuck they want, so it takes a long time for them to sort out their feelings and make a courageous decision.

Visually, this is something ! There’s an odd and strangely pleasant old-school feeling, coming from the artist’s drawing style, from the way the shades are done, and the drawings are even more intense thanks to the character development, pouring soul into their drawings…
I loved it, to make it short :D
Release credits, besides Amoskandy, are for Desudesu, K11K and 2Hip! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Chii Mama, Synchrome, Iregui, Kuroi Ito and Save Point.

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