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Pack the UNCENSORED versions of two pairs of works, “Kowaremono Risa + Paper”, and “Kowaremono Risa Plus + Paper” [English], by Yoshiron (A.K.A. Kusari Caterpilla)

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Aphex Twin mode: I can fap to this :E

The finely DECENSORED version of an old share that had a disturbing scenario paired with spectacularly arousing and well drawn art. Woot! :D

If not for the annoying confusing names, I would have shared it a long time ago.
Kowaremono Risa. Followed by a small bonus, Kowaremono Paper.
Kowaremono Risa Plus. Followed by a small bonus, Kowaremono Paper Plus.
Deal with it, aaaaargh and lol, even now it annoys me :D

(And now Lazy Oli is going to copy-paste the description written two years ago ^^)
The theme could be very dark, and yet it is presented in a mostly “eeeeh, it’s okaaaay” light, so to say. In short, a problem teenage girl is in chaotic conflictual relationships with her parents, and she finds shelter at her single uncle’s place. Eventually, the uncle rapes her and they become lovers. The girl very quickly enjoyed this twisted situation, and adores the sex despite verbally protesting against it, she’ll come back for more, tsundere-like, without having been broken or anything.
So, well… is that OK, finally ? O_o I mean, the uncle’s an asshole, but the girl’s kinda fucked up in the head herself too…

Graphically, at least, I can vouch, you’re in for a splendid porn treat. The girl’s body, fucking YUM! Not too thin but not plump, pubic hair, a cute face, beautiful natural-behaving breasts… :twisted:
This is a Doujin-Moe release, thank you!
I don’t know who decensored it, though, would someone know?

By the same artist, under the names Yoshiron and Kurasi Caterpillar, I also share Toraware Bow (201 pictures), Kowaremono (no ties with the Kowaremono Risa volumes), Sonikano, Dorei Kishi, Into Shower, Elves Shaker and Ontama Lovers.

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Moe Nyuu (also known as “Moe Chichi”) [English, 215 pictures, UNCENSORED version!], by Mitsuya

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Yep. It's gold. Or platinum at least.

More good news from the decensoring front! Another complete h-manga: Moe Nyuu, 215 pages long, by the great mangaka Mitsuya! ^_^

I’m a bit less enthusiastic than 8 years ago when I shared the censored version, the 1200 px resolution seems extremely obsolete now. But even then, it’s a visual festival, lots of cute girls, in a “constant universe” (an high school, students, teachers, living their lives and occasionally interacting with each other), having quality sex, either vanilla (loving, feelings) or with mutual care at least. With a wincest final arc.
Smiles, adorable eyes, blushing, extremely cute girls, there’s nice materials :)

To whom do we owe it? For the original release, Rapture Scans guys, SoyleB, MaxBigfoot and Kidneys, and Brad33 for the decensoring, with Superlatanium adaptating this decensoring to the English-translated version.

And now please allow me to be brutally honest. While it IS better than the previous version that had thick black censorship bars, well, frankly…
The decensoring is badly done :(
Half of the time it’s okay, most of the rest of the time it’s awkwardly noticeable that there’s been a decensoring attempt that didn’t fully blend in, and many times unnatural areas are sticking out.
I feel bad to voice that criticism, it’s not like I could have done better, or tried to, right? But then again, throwing blind praise would be lying to you guys. I feel like a dick :-/

Sorry for the wall of text, you were gonna download/read it anyway, hmm? ;)

By Mitsuya, I also share Oppai Collection (228 pictures), Majo No Kimochi, Ikenai Lesson and Miss Dentist + Love Assistant, don’t miss it ! Miss Dentist and Love Assistant also belong to the present Share, Oppai Collection, but in their older standalone share Love Assistant is (1) Uncensored for the win!, and (2) based on a different translation, so I’m keeping it as a standalone share too.

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Kyonyuu No Onee-chan Wa Suki Desu Ka (“Do You Like Big Sis’ Tits”) [English], by Moon Night Kitten (AKA Kouki Kuu)

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Oh, the dream

I really wonder. WHAT is the typical audience for shota? Mangakas take regular advice or orders from their editors or publishers, and they print to sell, so if there are lots of shota releases, it means there’s a real audience ready to pay up. Weird, no? I mean, even the existence of a market for lolicon hentai makes more sense to me, than a market for shotacon hentai :shock:
If anyone has a solid explanation, I’m taking ^^

EDIT: hey, there were very interesting comments to answer my question! :shock:
Now, I kinda understand why some may go for shota, and oddly perhaps, it’s stopped disturbing me now that I understand, it simply became yet another thing I have no interest in.
It’s too long to summarize, read the comments discussion below :)
Thank you very much to the kind commenters who helped!

Ahem. Other than that? A shota, his elder sister with boobs, happy sex, all that, the usual, with an art reminding me of Yasui Riosuke. It even taught me a handy proverb when it comes to porn, “in for a penny, in for a pound” :lol:
Release credits are for Axalon, MrWayne, Dark Mac, Shoku and CellTF, from and, thanks for this!

By Moon Night Kitten, I also share 2 other doujinshi (Full Sexual Daemon Kageaki Maid Chapter + Seikou Akki Kageaki Muramasa Donburi Hen), Seikou Akki Kageaki Hebereke Usagi Hen and Supersoniko No Saikyou Support Center.

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Watashi No, Onii-chan volumes 1-4 + Watashi No, Kareshi-kun [English, 136 pictures], a yandere hentai pack by the mangaka Ties

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Freud time!

N04h, Herzer and Markumarkythethird, thanks for this, released upon us this yandere series in which a sister successfully steals her brother from his girlfriend. Basically, she exploited his psychological lack of strength and instilled mental domination, repeatidly having sex with him behind the GF’s back, verbally abusing him, and pushing him into pits of self-loathing for (factually, it’s true) being a piece of shit human. The little devil even managed to mentally break the girlfriend too.
This is sick. This is corrupt. It sucks. This is good yandere.

Graphically, it’s hardly worth more than a “meh”, I feel. I care very little for pettankos, and even less when it’s from a story in which I’d want to give every of the 3 characters a high five in the face with a metal chair. But, heh, if YOU like it, go ahead and read it, no worries ^^

A now usual note about the file sizes, I don’t feel good about mangas taking so much space on our hard disks, not when it can be avoided. I allowed myself to very slightly recompress the full-resolution pictures in this share. No difference at all to the naked eye. But a total zip size that shrunk from 539 MB, initially, to 193 MB, now. I don’t know, I may be biased, but five short volumes, half a gigabyte? It felt wrong to me.

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Hahaoya No Mukashi No Mizugi Sugata No Shashin Ga Do-Strike Datta [English, Full color], by MILF Shobou

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Looking good, eh? :D

The son: « Using my mother’s picture like this, I wonder what’s wrong with me… But for a teenager’s libido, there is no such thing as taboo! »
The drunk mom, who caught him: « Come to think of it, your dead father liked this as well, I guess an apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree »

This is the stuff of comedy and good faps, the story isn’t taken seriously at all, narrated from the POV of a son who finds hard to believe what is happening, with amusing dialogues and a TON of sex, drawin in quality full-color, the woman’s face (short hair = kudos++) and her breasts were especially good.
I’ll let you guys see for yourselves, I think that, even despite the huge censorship and the mother incest theme, this qualifies as very good hentai :) Thanks a lot to Amoskandy for this release! ^^

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Mama No Yuuwaku (“Mama’s Seduction”) [English, Uncensored version], by Penicillin XI

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At least, the boobs are great

Teddy Bear has decensored Mama No Yuuwaku, a modest mother-son incest hentai work I quickly forgot about at the time of its release. Now it’s censorship-free, it’s become shareworthy, I think. Not that I’m going to make a huge deal of its release, just, it’s something enough of you guys like now, maybe :)

It’s an Amoskandy release, thanks for the work, and of course, thanks to Teddy Bear for the decensoring :)
By the same artist, I also share Result Of Vibrator Lessons, as part of the Yokujou Boshi (“Desire Mother And Child”) compilation.

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Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea [English, 187 pictures], by Suzuhane Suzu

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No choice but to reckon, the drawings were good when they weren't fucked up

Magical girls are betrayed by the tiny cute creature who introduced them to the world of pretty magical vigilantes, and one thing leading to another the world falls prey to global domination by tentacular mindfucking WTF invaders.

I’ll have to reluctantly praise the manga, for, despite going a route I dislike (tentacles, mindbreak, every-hole-is-a-goal, impregnation, and more), an impressive amount of work has been poured into most of the pages, served by actual great talent and weird imagination. The drawings are impressive, most of the time. The scenario, too, it’s not just a “let’s fuck with girl brains and holes, hurr durr”, far from it.

I think this is a Doujin-Moe release, right? Thanks for this!
Update: turns out it’s also got an anime!

By the same artist, I also share Doll and Cos Wa Midara Na Kamen.

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