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The Femcage [English], by Sanbaizu

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I was really tempted to pick another image with silly inexperienced android talking, but I feared it would make you guys run away too fast ^^;;

Haaa, that title, that misleading title! It reeks of femdom. Of caging unwilling humans. And more vile stuff.
While, to the contrary, we have a protagonist that reminded me of Louis Armstrong. Not the musician. The Hotel manager, Boichi version – while I’m at it, please, DO read Hotel (I give the link again, you can read it online on Batoto), it may not be scientifically accurate, it was still an incredibly touching, moving and beautiful story.
We also have super weird female androids.
And a final plot twist that, perhaps not blew my mind, but at least shocked me in a very positive manner, « WELL DONE!! », I thought :D

A bit less subjectively, to describe it… A young man discovers he is in possession of a secret androids factory in which inexperienced but willing artificial women are eagerly waiting for him. Sex happens of course. But it’s more than a harem story. Hehe, you’ll see ^^

We owe this release to Cgnov, Dark Mac, MrWayne, Axalon, HellWolf and CynicW. Thank you :)

Bonus quotation: « Does my reproductive organ feel good??? » – Jebus, lol.

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Kanyuu Shoujo (“Girl Inside Home”) [English], by Nectar

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FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP ... erm, what, you want a witty image subtext? Sorry, I'm busy.

Errrr… Somehow, I think I don’t get it. Or, rather, I’m trying very hard not to get it.
Here are the facts: a niece of highschool age visits her uncle’s place, asks him to stay the night because she had a quarrel with her dad, and offers to have sex. When the deed is done, she phones her dad and says that all has gone according to plan, sup dad good evening see you tomorrow kay.
Me: wut. What in the immense universe have I read? WHAT? :shock:

Please, if you understood it better than me, I beg you, enlighten me.
Oh the other hand, there’s no room for confusion about the sex. It’s drawn extremely well, with very little censorship (& frequently none at all), and it’s clear the girl fully enjoys it, that part was not faked. Jebus that adorable teen body, hnnng. Awesome.

Kanyuu Shoujo has been released by Rin, Oops and Desper, from Rin Scans, thank you! :jap:

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My Dear Maid [English, COMPLETE VERSION, with the new final chapter 5], by Takatsu

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Hitting all my buttons at the same time. HNG!

Well, that was a great ride: boys, girls, here is the end of My Dear Maid :)

In the former chapters, a young rich boy, looking younger than his highschool age, abandons his family manor to live alone in a commoner’s flat. Dear, as is called his tanned busty maid, follows him, they make an odd but quality couple, the maid’s poker face and the boy’s tsundere manners can’t hide they’ve got a thing for each other. Later, a pure-bred ojou-sama with thick eyebrows joins, followed by the boy’s mom, because, I don’t know, because hentai ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The 5th and final chapter abandons the harem route, and goes full vanilla. At last, feelings (and not just of lust) are confessed, tenderness is shown, it was cute. Of course, we had our long fill of steamy hot sex, outdoors and at home.
With, in the end, a plot twist I would have never seen coming, good job Takatsu-sensei ^_^

There’s a slight note of comedy, good drawings, tanned skin, a threesome, vanilla, if not for the shota and mother themes, I’d be totally fine with it, huhu.
I don’t want to make false promises, so, yeah, there’s whiteout censorship, and Takatsu does us a Takatsu, frequently screwing up his drawings and making the male hero suddenly look like a grade schooler during sex O_o.
Credits are for Dynellen as the generous commissioner, Lovepupils, Drozetta, JFJF552, Alex68785, Scagli, Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans, SXIndy27/tsukuyomi, and, lastly, for the chapter 5, to Kuma-pun and Genit. Thank you very much!!! :jap:

By Takatu (or by Takatsu, as you like), I also share the uncensored version of Sore Wa Rekishi Ni Kakanaide (204 pictures, full of awesomesauce), Sakura Democracy (204 pages, great), Let’s Go To The Petting Zoo, Watashi No Pharaoh-sama (pharaoh-sama series episode 1), Motto Watashi No Goshujinsama (pharaoh-sama series episode 2), Snow Knight Whitey (30) (208 pictures), Hame Fes (216 pictures), Demon Hentai Shrine Of One Hundred Wives (217 pictures), Mamma Mia chapter 1, Slutty Senpai and also SOS From The Snowy Mountains.

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Osaekirenai Kono Kimochi [English, 215 pictures, Complete!], by Shunjou Shuusuke

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Bask in the glory of proud MILFs

My dear Loplop, a pal who provided me help and clarifications several times, has been kind enough to repack and send me the complete Osaekirenai Kono Kimochi, the latest tankoubon by Shunjou Shuusuke. Loplop: THANK YOU! :D

This manga, save two chapters with fresh girls, is entirely based on MILFs of ages between 25 and 35 according to their appearance (story-wise it would be more like 30-50, but adieu realism, the looks are everything here) who have extremely pleasant, enthusiastic and intense cheating sex without any feeling of remorse. Each chapter is a single new story, there are never complications, we very quickly step into sex. The women are on the plump side (from slightly plump to totally plump), with large breasts and excessively huge butts.

While I love the drawings, I must be frank and reckon the art by Shunjou Shuusuke has worsened over time: the asses get larger and larger and less and less realistically pleasant, the faces seem to convey less emotions and subtilities of arousal than before. It’s still great dope (enthusiastic sex, little censorship – the chapters 1 and 3 are even uncensored!, it ought to count), however it used to be even greater shit, if you’ll forgive this colloquial conclusion.
Fair clarification, this is a repack, I cannot even dare hope this is entirely based on tank scans.
And some exceptions perhaps: there’s only one chapter only with blackmail (the rest is full-throttle happy sex), one chapter only with a girl of highschool age, another only with a young adult woman (the others are MILFs).

I hope you may enjoy that one, and thanks a whole lot to the kind translators, editors, commissioners and proofreaders behind the manga! :jap:
Edit: namely… Striborg and Ranzu (for Solitude), Forbiddenfetish and Ranzu (for Tabi no Haji wa Kakisute – “Once You’re Away From Home, You can do anything”), An_chan (for Iinchou wa Hatsujouki, Omimai Sityauzo, Fleeting, Hanare Rarenai – “I can’t live without him”, and Naisho no Jouji – “Secret Affair”)

(For more works by Shunjou Shuusuke, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules)

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Meikko Ga Kuru [English], by Ahemaru

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Damn she's hot

Here is your “moral conscience” box: you can safely store in there your sense of good and evil, your feelings of guilt, and then proceed to reading and enjoying the manga. Once you’re done with Meikko Ga Kuru, you can fetch them back from the box.

So. This share :D
It’s about an uncle gradually turning his hyper sexy tanned teen niece into a nympho. He spikes her drinks with aphrodisiacs, massages her, eventually it’s her who asks for dick.

Putting asides all moral questions (thank you, moral conscience box), the drawings are quite good, the girl is tanned (+ tanlines!!), busty, meaty, and there’s not too much censorship.
However, the image resolution is damn too low, only 1200 px, that would be the greater hindrance here.

Thanks to SoothKinKiwi and Constantly for this release! :jap:

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Tousaku Heaven [English], by Yomotsuka Tsukasa

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OK, I hesitated about sharing that one. The drawings are average (not bad, but not fantastic, relatively flat and lacking impact), and and the story is creepy.
At least, I’ll reckon the yandere setup is relatively unusual. The male hero is an exceptionally cute young man, so cute that everyone grew jealous of him and rejected him, his parents included. Only his sister showed him affection, but her twisted yandere mind drew her into brainwashing him into only loving her and only needing her, she revels in his signs of needing her embrace.

We owe this release to our dear NecroManCr, thank you! :)

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Yukemuri Jouwa [English], by Tsukino Jyogi

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One of the few ahegao faces I can almost tolerate

Would you remember Mitogame Jouwa? As Dynellen kindly explained in the comments of that post, that story was actually a second chapter.
And the first chapter is here, right under your eyes, this is Yukemuri Jouwa :)

We’re blessed with the good side of Tsukino Jyogi: a male teen and a one-generation older woman docilely and gladly satisfying his sexual desires, the sex is consensual, the liking is mutual, and the drawings are great!
I can’t say I loved everything (ahegao: meh; unrealistic x-rays: meh – yeah, no doubt, it’s a Tsukino Jyogi manga), but, still, at least, there was no drama or netorare, this calls for a sigh of relief =)

We owe this release to Happiestmerchant from Happy Merchants, commissioned by Zero, thank you :jap:

(Remember to view The Updated List of Tsukino Jyogi’s Works on HentaiRules)

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