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Natural Mama [English], by Nakayama Tetsugaku

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Damn, that MILF, she was super hot O_o

Desudesu and Kraid42, thank you!, bring us a shotacon story with EXCELLENT drawings. Which makes it a real sad waste, why go for shota?!? T__T
Anyway, those who dig that theme should have a great time ahead, as the scenario is simple (the son brings a friend home, a threesome with mama begins) and the drawings are very well done, packing in a punch in terms of intensity, and are very little censored.

By the same artist, I also share Please Hold Me (complete, 216 pictures), Milk Doll chapters 1-4, Tapu Love chapter 1, My Very Own Tengu, Wife Is Wonderful (that one is part of a larger pack of full-color works) and Braids Slave.

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Fuyu no Hashikko [English], by Makio

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Sadface T_T

This story is beautiful, sad, moving, and erotic. I’m tagging this as “drama”, but don’t expect absolutely crazy shit; we’re simply focused on a brother and sister who grew very close in a pure fashion, as a way of sheltering them from the pain of watching the marriage of their parents disintegrate.
Eventually, they become lovers, but this is less a matter of arousal than of emotions, even then.

And, as with all story-driven hentai shares, I found myself lost in thought for a loooooong time after I finished reading, trying to imagine how the story could unfold after this, writing myself long mental novels, refusing to let go of the characters… come on, please don’t let me think I’m the only person like that, right???

There is annoying blur-mosaics censorship, true, but the drawings are beautiful, full of sensibility, doing the mature story justice. I believe it’s worth reading :)
Thanks a LOT to NecroManCr for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Irogoto – Love Affair.

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Itoko Shuurai (“Attack On Cousin”) [English], by Inomaru

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OK, I screwed up. Two works by Inomaru were released today.
Me, at first, I only saw the first of the two (I didn’t scroll down enough.) I immediately grabbed it, read it, prepared my share: zip, upload, collect links. And then I saw the other one.
Screw this, it will be two separate shares. Still, sorry :D

Here’s the second Inomaru work that I saw, Itoko Shuurai, in which a male teen finds his one-week-alone-at-home-may-the-fapathon-begin! interrupted by the invasion of his elder female cousin. The two of them have a twisted relation, he’s attracted to her, but she’s a near-bully that plays with his nipples until it became a weak ero point for him.
And then, as he tries to drive her away… she offers to have tons of sex, no questions asked.
He accepts.
There was no trap (save for a lifetime commitment agreement of sorts – no impregnation though).
Enjoy! ^____^

Thanks to Cedr777,,, from Triple Seven Scans! :jap:

By Inomaru, I also share Itazura Senyou Hanahira Seitokaichou (222 pictures), Camellia (227 pictures), Indecent (198 pictures), Sex Education (209 pictures), Hazukashime (211 pictures), and Houkago Chokyo Housoshitsu (218 pictures). There’s also Waldstein’s Academy Current Headmistress Kumashiro Maya Shocking Debut, Thrust Rumble (recompiled with other stuff later on found to be belonging elsewhere, grrrmbl), and Blooming Minchi.

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Oyako Kurashi [English], by Takasugi Kou

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I can't even explain why. I saw that image, and I immediately knew: it HAD to be my big illustration pic
We get it, we get it: you multitask.

“Mom is sad because of her divorce with dad. Sex is the natural way to comfort her.”
The present share begins a few days after this absolutely hentai conclusion has been reached.

The rest is uncomplicated filial love :roll: The drawings are nice, with a feeling reminding me of the mangaka Tohru Nishimaki at certain times, for instance when the mother smiles on page 19. A necessary warning before I finish, there is whiteout censorship and the mangaka’s attempts at avoiding to have to deal with the censorship resulted in a feeling that, save a few pages, it’s more ecchi than hentai.
Thanks to Desudesu for this release!

By Takasugi Kou, I also share My Mother (211 pictures – I find this deeply disturbing to have to write I’m sharing my mother ^^;;), Mama To Sensei – Tsukuzuku Onna Genashi (202 pictures), Etsuraku No Tobira (217 pictures and Uncensored!), Madam Palace (175 pictures) Dream Reality (222 pictures), Leave It To Angel (192 pictures), Immorality Love Hole (213 pictures, Uncensored!), a pack of 2 works (Himitsu Club + Toying With The Woman Teacher), Ingi Ni Hate volumes 1-2 (177 and 176 pictures), Oki Ni Mesu Mama (203 pictures), Sweet Days (191 pictures), Boku No Suki Na Obasan, Abno Madams (196 pictures), Otona O Karakatte Wa Ikemasen, Ame No Hi No Gogo, Sweet Pain, MM2-Gou (161 pictures), Ketsuen Jyukujo (232 pictures) and Cafe E Youkoso (“Welcome To A Cafe”, 211 pictures).
(And, yes, one day I’ll make a Takasugi Kou redirection page. It takes less time to maintain when there’s a new release but a whooole lot more time to initially create. And you know I’m a lazy fuck. Hopefully, a loveable lazy fuck?)

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Pack of 6 full-color works by the mangaka KinoEbi [English, 82 pictures]

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Lovely =)

I have something neat and pleasant for you guys, a pack of 6 translated full-color works by an artist called KinoEbi :)
This is always happy sex with zero complications. In five out of six chapters, it’s with love, between brothers and sisters. The only exception would be the Secret Vanilla volume, in which this is sex without love, and with a married wife, so if you find this a salty theme, just avoid the volume.

The drawings have a pleasant vibe, the colors are rather well chosen, giving a soft and yet lively impression, with a mostly realistic touch. The censorship is relatively huge, fortunately the overall quality makes up for it. I hope you’ll like what you discover :)

Those works are:
Brown Sugar
Melty Khaki
Orange Beat
Ruby Shot
Secret Vanilla
Wet Crocus

LeGenjutsu is behind those releases, thank you very much! :jap:
I must be honest and warn you guys, you’ll find the grammar isn’t perfect. But, all in all, it’s quite bearable.

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HUGE pack of 27 “Angel’s Stroke” volumes [English, 521 pictures], by AXZ

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Damn, that precise picture was super hot O_o


It had been forever I told myself I had to catch up on the Angel’s stroke volumes, since I last shared a catch-up-on-scanlations pack, back in 2012.
And there we are. With no less than 27 volumes! :twisted:
What next? Catching up on Nana To Kaoru & Arashi? Argh, hmm, that, that’s still terrifying me at the thought of the amount of work it will be T___T

The volumes I share here are: Angel’s Stroke 45 – 54 – 55 – 58 – 61 – 62 – 64 – 65 – 66 – 68 – 69 – 70 – 71 – 72 – 73 – 74 – 76 – 77 – 78 – 79 – 80 – 81 – 84 – 85 – 86 – 88 and 89.

What to expect, from those volumes. A bit of everything of course, some minority cases like Futa and forced sex.
But, on top of all, there are TONS of happy sex between popular anime/manga/game characters without complications of any sort.
The girls are drawn with a very unusual, and very pleasant style, that still feels “hand-made”, that doesn’t look it’s so computer-assisted all soul and originality have disappeared (something for which I privately press the blame on many mangas). They have “exaggerated” figures, long legs, thin, extremely large breasts with wiiiiide areolas, and one or two final pages with ahegao in the end usually.
The sex is mostly oral + vaginal, with a great hardcore touch, it’s intense action.

Enough said. I hope you will enjoy it, and thanks to all the scanlators! ^_^
While I was at it, I fixed the zip links for my past AXZ shares.
My previous shares by AXZ, precisely, are: a pack of 6 works (Application Error 1208, + Angel’s Stroke volumes 36, 44, 48, 49 and 50), a pack of 11 works (Angel’s Stroke volumes 10, 13 , 22, 33, 41, 46, 51, 52, 53, 56 and 59), Angel’s Stroke 40 and a pack of 12 works (Angel’s Back, Under Blue 11, Angel’s Stroke volumes 06, 09, 15, 17, 19, 20, 25, 27, 38 and 39).

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My Dear Maid chapter 4 [English], + the chapters 1-4 repacked together, by Takatsu

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I picked a fairly honest preview pic this time, showing the censorship and the woman's age

« You’re his mother. This is well within your rights. »
And so, dear pervs, here is the 4th chapter of the My Dear Maid series, by Takatsu.

In the former chapters, a rich male highschooler, looking younger than that, abandons his family manor to live alone in a commoner’s flat. Dear, as is called his tanned busty maid, follows him, they make an odd but quality couple, the maid’s poker face and the boy’s tsundere manners can’t hide they’ve got a thing for each other. Later, a pure-bred ojou-sama with thick eyebrows joins. And at last, here comes now the newly released chapter 4, in which it’s the turn of the mom. Because, I don’t know, because hentai :roll:

There’s a slight note of comedy, good drawings, tanned skin, a threesome, if not for the shota and mother themes, I’d be totally fine with it, huhu.
I don’t want to make false promises, so, yeah, there’s whiteout censorship, and Takatsu does us a Takatsu, frequently screwing up his drawings and making the male hero suddenly look like a grade schooler during sex O_o.
Credits are for Dynellen, Lovepupils, Drozetta, JFJF552, Alex68785, Scagli, Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans, and SXIndy27/tsukuyomi. Thank you very much! :jap:

By Takatu (or by Takatsu, as you like), I also share the uncensored version of Sore Wa Rekishi Ni Kakanaide (204 pictures, full of awesomesauce), Sakura Democracy (204 pages, great), Let’s Go To The Petting Zoo, Watashi No Pharaoh-sama (pharaoh-sama series episode 1), Motto Watashi No Goshujinsama (pharaoh-sama series episode 2), Snow Knight Whitey (30) (208 pictures), Hame Fes (216 pictures), Demon Hentai Shrine Of One Hundred Wives (217 pictures), Mamma Mia chapter 1, Slutty Senpai and also SOS From The Snowy Mountains.

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