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My Dear Maid chapter 4 [English], + the chapters 1-4 repacked together, by Takatsu

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I picked a fairly honest preview pic this time, showing the censorship and the woman's age

« You’re his mother. This is well within your rights. »
And so, dear pervs, here is the 4th chapter of the My Dear Maid series, by Takatsu.

In the former chapters, a rich male highschooler, looking younger than that, abandons his family manor to live alone in a commoner’s flat. Dear, as is called his tanned busty maid, follows him, they make an odd but quality couple, the maid’s poker face and the boy’s tsundere manners can’t hide they’ve got a thing for each other. Later, a pure-bred ojou-sama with thick eyebrows joins. And at last, here comes now the newly released chapter 4, in which it’s the turn of the mom. Because, I don’t know, because hentai :roll:

There’s a slight note of comedy, good drawings, tanned skin, a threesome, if not for the shota and mother themes, I’d be totally fine with it, huhu.
I don’t want to make false promises, so, yeah, there’s whiteout censorship, and Takatsu does us a Takatsu, frequently screwing up his drawings and making the male hero suddenly look like a grade schooler during sex O_o.
Credits are for Dynellen, Lovepupils, Drozetta, JFJF552, Alex68785, Scagli, Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans, and SXIndy27/tsukuyomi. Thank you very much! :jap:

By Takatu (or by Takatsu, as you like), I also share the uncensored version of Sore Wa Rekishi Ni Kakanaide (204 pictures, full of awesomesauce), Sakura Democracy (204 pages, great), Let’s Go To The Petting Zoo, Watashi No Pharaoh-sama (pharaoh-sama series episode 1), Motto Watashi No Goshujinsama (pharaoh-sama series episode 2), Snow Knight Whitey (30) (208 pictures), Hame Fes (216 pictures), Demon Hentai Shrine Of One Hundred Wives (217 pictures), Mamma Mia chapter 1, Slutty Senpai and also SOS From The Snowy Mountains.

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Ishiki No Kyoukaisen 1-3 (“The Ley Line of Consciousness”) [English, Complete story], by Mutsuki

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Highschool uniforms make everything hotter

– Share an alcoholic drink with your sister even though you’re all super-weak to alcohol in the family
– Notice the sister is totally passed out after a glass, prank time!
– Vanilla hentai conclusion

This “???” left me puzzled and torn between contradicting feelings. Fucking an inconscious person over and over (as it turns out, whenever she sleeps, even without alcohol, nothing will wake up the sister) can only be called rape and is a scumbag’s privilege. Discovering the sister unconsciously grows burning hot feelings of affection and lusting for the brother looks like a hentai version of the Stockholm syndrome.
And yet, I was glad that it ended with vanilla, with an earnest apology that was accepted.

At least, although badly censored, the art was cute. Well, I’ll let you deal with it, see for yourselves! And thanks to Herreis and Vilis, from Hennojin Scanlations, for this release :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Promises.

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Gitei Otoshi – Trap – Younger Brother-In-Law Pack [140 Pictures, English] by Cannabis

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Free Image HostingHey Troops! Delta’s back with another Trap Pack. Honestly this one I forgot I even had it, so Kudos to sanzo1 for throwing ideas in my “Elf Brothel” Share. Here’s Cannabis Trap Qua-trilogy: Gitei Otoshi.

Free Image HostingFree Image HostingFree Image HostingFree Image Hosting

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Shoujo No Toge ~No Girl Without A Thorn~ + 8P Shousasshi [English, 222 pictures], by Hisasi

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I’m almost short on words to describe this volume.

Shoujo No Toge is a manga made of numerous chapter-long stories, all of them are made of sweet vanilla hentai, with deep or superficial liking. There are all kinds of girls; in body: flat or super busty, slim to plump, hourglass figure or not; and in character: from calm to passionate, from dominating to submissive, from tsundere to determined…
I only occasionally felt deeply moved, but every time, still, those were smiles and elation that I felt.

As for the drawings… We’re with tank scans, which means quality and moderate censorship. Frequent nearly opaque black bar censorship is a bother, but it’s much better than whiteout.
On top of all… OH GOD THAT LOOKED AWESOME!! :shock:
Those boobs, hips, asses, and on top of all, those faces!! :shock:
Hisasi is a god-level master, no less.

Thanks a LOT to all the involved parties, I’m grateful! :jap: I know there are Nandeyanen and Palaxius from Life4Kaoru; Blurk, Tornomer, Nashrakh, Altereggo and Gurumao, from Team Vanilla; Runan92, Azu-tan and Conanak99 from VlTrans, I wonder if there wouldn’t be also Facedesk, and perhaps Cgrascal (one chapter had bad grammar)… If someone has all names, I’ll gladly update my post.

But wait ! There’s more. Cf The List of Hisasi’s Works on HentaiRules!

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Kyuuai Mental (“Romance Mental”) [English, 203 pictures], by Asamine Tel

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Dayum, that was some seriously delightful stuff

Well… Wow. Awesome. N04h has released it so FAST, chapter after chapter! Great job, thank you!! :)

And so, there we are my dear hentaiers, with the COMPLETE version of Kyuuai Mental, 203 pictures long, and full of awesomesauce =)
The stories would belong in the “complex vanilla” genre, I think.
– The first half (that I was already sharing) is a long story arc, in which one of the prostitutes in a high-class whorehouse falls in love and exits the sex trade, however she has to come to terms with her body being pleasured even when she’s forced (for, before the vanilla conclusion, a D-bag former customer will do bad things to her). Warning: this chapter “triggered” many cheating-detesters, even though I personally don’t understand their infuriation, not here.
– The second half (new on Hentairules) is made of smaller unrelated stories, with nice vanilla. Fair warning, one of the stories starts with cheating with a married husband (but reaches a happy ending with the wife actually glad to share – me, I didn’t buy that ending to be honest).

And the art ? Oh boy, it’s splendid. Not too much censorship, adorable bodies, with normal-to-huge breasts, cheerful girls, mostly oral and vaginal… I’m quite confident you guys should like it! :)

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Nee-chan no Sakauramix (“Nee-chan’s Unjustified Ragings”) [English], by Aoki Kanji

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How to cure a psycho: give her the D

What would you do, if your big sister became a shut-in, was gradually losing her grip on reality, and started considering violent action against uncertain targets, maybe you, maybe herself… and then asked you to have sex with her?

We’re not in an old bonus picture situation.
We’re in a much more twisted, comical, and what-the-fuck-esque situation. Eventually, everything ends well, although I wouldn’t dare call it vanilla ^^;;

I’ve written enough. See for yourselves =) The drawings are quite good, much more, well, “varied” than in usual Aoki Kanji mangas: almost ahegaos, a complex female personality, not too much censorship…
Behind this release, we have for the scans, and Samwais, Amalthea, Cadenza, Freudia and HayateKBL from Team Koinaka for the scanlation: thank you!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Gimme A Hug + Gimme More Hugs + Lemme Hug You, Yume Ni Made Mita, Imouto Lesson, Only You – Template and Chocolate, Active Canine And Bikini De Ojama, Ane Ga Shibashiba Tsuyappoi Kao O Suru, Nekkyou Quiet (“Quiet Obsession”), Onee-chan No Te O Totte, Ouhi-sama Hacchake Asobasu, Momioka No Hatsujou, Ichi Ni No 3P, Imouto No IIwake, Yaritai Kisetsu Shinryoku No Sakari (“Season of Desire – Only You”) (uncensored version), Dramatic Couple and Seishun Wild Pitch plus, of course, the Bride Setsuko-san +Fetishist Setsuko-san + Niiduma Setsuko-san + Kanojo Wa Setsuko-san series.

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Shota Eater [English, 228 pictures], by Yuuki Ray

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That image has impact, right? And... THAT ASS!!! :D

Oh well, here’s a massive shotacon fest for those with this special taste :shock:

All along, it’s mutually satisfying sex, with welcome frequent comedy bits (two sneak peeks: here, and there ^^); each chapter is a new story, and the scenario is just a minimal canvas for a comedy bonus and lots of sex. The dominant/initiating ones are usually the older women (from teen age to MILF), but occasionally, it will be the boys, while domination reversals happen, or the dominated may actually enjoy being taken in charge.

Many themes are displayed, see the list of the tags, huhu ^^
If I may, I’ll “negate” some tags I added: hentai rape, elf, furry and tentacles. These only show in one chapter, the final one. My biggest issue was with the practice of fisting, shown in only one other chapter fortunately (pages 83-102), ew, fucking gross.

As for the art, it made shota bearable. The girls are total babes, cheerful, slutty, very busty, with great huge butts, and have quality sex, with oral, paizuri, vaginal, anal, DP :shock: :D
Release credits are for Biribiri, helped and/or commissioned by Khalikryst, DrtyBird, Afro Thunda, Axalon, Blohx3 and Job Truniht. Many thanks! :jap:

Kuro Gal Mama No Junan (“Black Gyaru’s Mom Suffering”)

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