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Delusion Diary Returns (“Mousou Diary Returns”) [English], by Tsukino Jyogi
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2 March 2015

I may like decensoring my preview pictures, but, sorry, this time it's beyond my abilities. Still hot as fuck, though :D

There were only seven years between the scanlation release dates of Delusion Diary and of its present sequel, Delusion Diary Returns. A breeze ! :D
And so, once again, we meet the tsundere sister, violent and angry at her shamelessly hentai brother, although at the same time cute and tender with him, and never actually turning down any of his offers for sex. That’s all, to be fair, we find them having sex again after a short comedy introduction. And it was great like that already ^_^

Thanks a lot to Tonigobe and Happyoo ! ^_^

(Remember to view The Updated List of Tsukino Jyogi’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Tonari No Megane Iincho [English], a Gundam Build Models hentai doujinshi, by Fumizuki Misoka
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2 March 2015

Haaa... Paizuri... The one burning sexual fantasy I most likely won't experience in this life T__T

That one left me extremely puzzled. The main heroine of this Gundam Build Models parody is the class rep, she tells herself the boy she likes wouln’t like a big-breasted glasses-wearing slut like her, so she takes for boyfriend another otaku with an insatiable sex drive. In my eyes, she’s simply unable to join her romantic thoughts and her own inner desires for being treated like a slut. At least, her boyfriend gives her what she aspires to.
Let’s add four or five bonus pages in the end where the boy she romantically dreamt of is woken up by his mother decided to see how good his cock was.

All in all, I was : …what the fuck ?!? O_o :shock:
The drawings, at least, are fapworthy, sometimes not too much black bar censorship, and a voluptuous megane is always welcome :3 Thanks to Dynellen, Maipantsu and Lawl1 for this one ! ^^

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Ai No Risshou Houshiki [English], by Takashi
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28 February 2015

Fuck that motherfucking fucker, grrrr!

I’m sharing this for those of you who can’t stomach vanilla or are bored of it, but, fair and serious warning, this material is hardcore in many regards.
Graphically : even though it’s “only” oral and vaginal, it’s strong sex.
Scenario-wise : totally rage-inducing, an infatuated brother is so fucked up inside he believes the best way to thank his sister who sacrificed herself for him is to mindbreak her and turn her into his possession, and so he organizes her group rape.

I almost regretted the art didn’t suck, then I wouldn’t have deemed it worth to share. And so, with all due warnings, for those who’ll dig it, there you are !
Credits are for Biribiri, Afro Thunda and – I didn’t imagine he’d commission stuff in that niche – Flammz, thanks are a given :jap:

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Saikin Hatsuiku Guai Ga Ki Ni Naru Meikko JK Ni Suiminyaku Wo Nomasete Yaritai Houdai [English, Full Color]
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21 February 2015

Fear not, Japanese herbivores, for here comes Douchebagman !

Allright, we’re NOT on shaking moral grounds. More like: totally on the wrong side. Basically, here, a bitchy ingrateful highschool girl (petite, brown hair) lives off her uncle for a while and believes she can be bitchy with him, going as far as blackmailing him while teasing him with flashing panties. However, with a Batman-like sense of justice (actually, he’d be more like Douchebagman), the Uncle is actually feeding her sleeping pills and using her as, I quote, « a substitute for a fleshlight » :roll:
The drawings are rather nice, though, even with the “camera” effect and the pixelated censorship.

Side note, as I was searching for a larger cover image (which I couldn’t find, but I found a large wallpaper making a splendid cover), I found this DMM page if you want to buy it. It also contained this dazzling, shining, admirable – okay, unbearable – “translation” of the title : « As much as want to serve niece kid JK worried about growth condition a sleeping drug recently! » :lol:
Translation credits are for a ehentaier called called Naxusni, thank you! :jap:

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One X Shosho [English], by Yoshida Inuhito
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20 February 2015

This share will be a test of prowess: can you manage to enjoy hentai just for the drawings and discard WTF storylines ?

A super-horny perverted little stepbrother turns his boring plain and hard-working highschool sister into a penis-loving gyaru. In short. That was a huge WTF ^^;;
How could the girl let herself become perverted so easily, is the brother a puppetter, a douchebag or just a typical healthy Japanese boy (not), is it corruption, falling into depravity, or just opening oneself to sex… I honestly want to give up, tonight’s shares leave me confused :roll:
The dialogues were too rididulous for me to take it seriously, they were hentai quotes material on several occasions.

The drawings, at least, deserve a mention, they’re really good, hardcore, the sister is hot. I regretted she mated with shotas instead of adults (quite a waste of gyaru pussy, I say!) and one panel was so badly failed I laughed hard :lol:

I made some small retouchings, see here these beforeafter pictures.
That was a Happy Merchants release, my sincere thanks! :jap:

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Ane Ecchi volumes 1, 2, 3 and 5 [English, 83 pictures], by Matsurija (Also Known As Nanaroba Hana)
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19 February 2015

I must confess I'm taking a vicious pleasure in saving this image as "sister.jpg", maybe that will affect Google Image's results ^_____^

Here’s a nice brother-sister incest series, brought to us by SMDC-Translations, thank you ! ^_^
In these four volumes, 1-2-3 and 5 (#4 isn’t available for translation at the moment), we are simply witnessing how Ryou and Kano, two siblings, are having happy sex with love on various occasions. At school, at home in casual clothes or still in uniform, in the bath. They’re always confirming their mutual love and vowing to stay together, always. Hardly any neurons involved ^^

The best is the art, it’s very well done, the sister is petite and busty at the same time, yum :twisted: In the first two volumes the censorship is minimum, it goes whiteout after.
Enough said, I believe it’s highly enjoyable ;)

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Deep Snow volume 6 [English], + a complete repack with the volumes 1-6 (166 pictures), + the Soushuuhen bonus, by Kawaisounako
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16 February 2015

A semen bridge still connecting two girls' mouths, from very recent oral and kissing action. God, that's perverted and erotic!

A brother and sister taken from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei have sex. He : having a condition where he can’t freely express his emotions but, fortunately, hentai oblige, his actions speak for themselves. Her : a total bro-con. And so, sex, in school uniforms, in plain clothes, in bikini, at home, at school. A second girl joins later, with the sister’s threatening blessing.
This is happy sex with mutual liking, the sister is cute, but I resented the lack of mutual enthusiam, even if it’s imposed by a commendable respect for the original plot.
The newly scanlated volume 6 is disappointing (more censorship, poor action), though.
Free gift, a vaguely related bonus pic, about wincest ^^

It’s still pleasant to read, I hope you’ll have a good time with these pages :)
Many thanks, for these releases, to LustyLady00, AnimeLov3rxXx and BlackRussian, from The Lusty Lady Project, and Hardicondor, Shinko and Ie730, from the EH-Cove ! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share High Jump Love, Bukiyou No Kanojo (“Clumsy Girl”), Please Sensei, Chokketsu Accelerating and Half Time Together With chapters 1-2.


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