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Meikko Ga Kuru [English], by Ahemaru

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Damn she's hot

Here is your “moral conscience” box: you can safely store in there your sense of good and evil, your feelings of guilt, and then proceed to reading and enjoying the manga. Once you’re done with Meikko Ga Kuru, you can fetch them back from the box.

So. This share :D
It’s about an uncle gradually turning his hyper sexy tanned teen niece into a nympho. He spikes her drinks with aphrodisiacs, massages her, eventually it’s her who asks for dick.

Putting asides all moral questions (thank you, moral conscience box), the drawings are quite good, the girl is tanned (+ tanlines!!), busty, meaty, and there’s not too much censorship.
However, the image resolution is damn too low, only 1200 px, that would be the greater hindrance here.

Thanks to SoothKinKiwi and Constantly for this release! :jap:

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Tousaku Heaven [English], by Yomotsuka Tsukasa

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OK, I hesitated about sharing that one. The drawings are average (not bad, but not fantastic, relatively flat and lacking impact), and and the story is creepy.
At least, I’ll reckon the yandere setup is relatively unusual. The male hero is an exceptionally cute young man, so cute that everyone grew jealous of him and rejected him, his parents included. Only his sister showed him affection, but her twisted yandere mind drew her into brainwashing him into only loving her and only needing her, she revels in his signs of needing her embrace.

We owe this release to our dear NecroManCr, thank you! :)

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Yukemuri Jouwa [English], by Tsukino Jyogi

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One of the few ahegao faces I can almost tolerate

Would you remember Mitogame Jouwa? As Dynellen kindly explained in the comments of that post, that story was actually a second chapter.
And the first chapter is here, right under your eyes, this is Yukemuri Jouwa :)

We’re blessed with the good side of Tsukino Jyogi: a male teen and a one-generation older woman docilely and gladly satisfying his sexual desires, the sex is consensual, the liking is mutual, and the drawings are great!
I can’t say I loved everything (ahegao: meh; unrealistic x-rays: meh – yeah, no doubt, it’s a Tsukino Jyogi manga), but, still, at least, there was no drama or netorare, this calls for a sigh of relief =)

We owe this release to Happiestmerchant from Happy Merchants, commissioned by Zero, thank you :jap:

(Remember to view The Updated List of Tsukino Jyogi’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Koushuu Yokujou Ane No Yu (“Steamy Bathhouse”) [English], by Agata

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Fear is upon you now, Diczilla has ascended


I couldn’t stop giggling from beginning to end, huhu :D
Steamy Bathhouse is about a shotaboy going to a public bath house with his sister, and getting a raging boner at the sight of all those adult female bodies. The girls, although they weren’t expecting a boy his age to show such a world-class Tower Of Power, quickly take advantage of it: LET THE COMEDY ORGY BEGIN! :twisted:

All along, it’s happy sex (the boy doesn’t have much of a say, but he enjoys it and takes active part in the action so it should be cool), with a sense of exhileration, and of comedy too: nothing is logical, nothing makes sense, and eventually to hell with common sense anyway, let’s enjoy instead :lol:

There are all kinds of girls, from the MILF to the university students, there’s even (fair warning) a loli, and the censorship is kept to a minimum: ENJOY! ^^
We owe this great, this excellent release, to, Axalon (from The Lost Light), MrWayne (from Casa Wayne), CellTF and Dark Mac. Thank you so much, all of you =)

By the same artist, I also share Mama X Paco (228 pictures), the HILARIOUS Secret Olympics, Dick Training Quest – Little Hero’s Conception Journey, Naisho No Kakurenbo (Uncensored version) and OneShota Volley Shigoki Heya de Mou Tokkun.

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Kasumi To Ren-nii-chan [English], by Akinao

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Less wincestous than cousins, but still pretty damn hot :D

That. Was. Cute! :D

In this share, a stepbrother and stepsister finally take the forbidden step, after being attracted to each other for avery long time. This is the best wincest, when it has the sweet perfume of taboo without any of the *actual* issues usually coming doing it for real.
There’s an adorable feeling of cuteness, of cheerfulness, of human warmth, of caring and mutual attraction. The girl’s personality is also designed to pierce our defences, she acts all chidish, except when she’s serious at last with tears in her eyes – that is unfair!

Only one reason to complain, that would be the lack of censorship. Lacking, because the genitalia aren’t drawn, the best we got are a lightsaber here and there, to give you an idea, let’s count it as ecchi rather than hentai ^^;;
Release credits are for NecroManCr, thank you! ^_^

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Aneman [English, 194 pictures], by Nanase Mizuho

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That tanned sister, with her white swimsuit... HNNNNGGG!!!

Nice :D
Here is Aneman, a complete (194 pictures long) manga in which brothers and sisters spend quality bonding time together because they like each other and aren’t even afraid to make babies. Wincest FTW!
From beginning to end, this is wincest, consensual, mutually pleasing, and without any emotional drama. (Except maybe one femdom chapter. Just one.)

The drawings are seriously GOOD, the sisters are hot, most of them are tall and busty, there’s a lot of talent poured in this manga, a lot of accumulated skill, it shows. For the perverts, I’ll mention two of the girls are the tanned, dark-skin type, yum :3
As for the censorship, there is almost none, sweet, right? ^^

We owe this great release to our dear Biribiri, commissioned by Flammz and Zebon20, with help from Afro Thunda and PureEnergy. Thank you!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Princess Force (168 pictures), Older Sister Little Brother Older Sister (Uncensored, a 2-chapters complete story), Teitoku No Oyomesan 2, Shinshi To Ore (packaged with the chapter 1 of Oyomesan Wa maou), Oyomesan Wa Maou, ILIAS – Kyouen No Utage (166 pictures), and Succu Life.

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Kemomimi! Volumes 1-4 [105 Pictures, English] by A.O.I

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Free Image HostingHey Troops! DeltaOblivion here posting a share that’s about over a month overdue. Kemomimi Volumes 1-4. Be for warned I’m not including Volume 5 since Oliver posted it himself, so if you want it then click HERE to get to Volume 5.

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