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Please Help Yourself Master 1-10 [English, 185 pictures, Complete series], by Maidoll (Also Known As Fei)
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28 July 2014

Maidoll fans, enjoy ! ^_^

It sure took a long time, but there we are, the series is complete :)
I guess this one will be really popular among maid fanatics, haha ^^ In short, and without any scenario, a young guy enjoys the services of two devoted maids, blonde and brune, sex included, many times every day day. Both women have very big breasts, meaty bodies, sensual lips, beautiful eyes.

Well, you know the idea : busty maids, lingerie, nylon, slice of life scenes… just the norm. If you love the preview pics, just go for it ^^ Me, frankly, I was only half-enthusiastic, I have the impression the drawing style of Maidoll has lost its edge at some point in 2013, the “magic” doesn’t operate on me as it did before. Still, I reckon the art is very good nonetheless :)

Behind this release are several highly talented persons : Conan and Fuke, Mumei from MumeiTL, Psyburn21 from Funeral Of Smiles, and Maipantsu, Altereggo, Harmonian, Nemesisd and Blurk from Team Vanilla. Thank you so much, all of you ! :)

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 4 works (Makinami Strike, Twin Monogatari 1-2, and Kiss Of The Dead 1, sorry for the double), Highschool Of The Dead 1-4, a pack of 3 works (Important Pointers For Selling At A Convention, Heavy Wing Liberate The Guardian Princess A Maiden who Liberates the Stars, Inside Enemy Zone), Aria The Aquamarine, and a 2-works pack ( Anaru Anaru, Aria The Aquamarine After Story).

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Little Sister X Swimming [English], by Hinotuki Neko
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25 July 2014

I don't see how a part of the "customer base" in Japan can enjoy stories like that, but, hey, to each his own :[

That story was bad, but more on the pathetic side than the rage-inducing side. It’s about a hottie popular sister who treats her overweight older brother like scum, calling him a pig and abusing him. Instead of telling her to fuck off (and, maybe, start working out), the brother takes advantage of the sister’s incredibly plausible flaw, that she must sleep 24 hours in a row once a week, and that she can’t resist anything that’s done to her during those hours.
So, yeah. Facepalming hard. But, though… dat girl, she had a hot body :roll:

My thanks, for this release, are for Saha and Atlasranga ! :jap:

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Miniskirt Alliance [English, 167 pictures], by Yuki Yanagi
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24 July 2014

Haaa, Yuki Yanagi's girls. I could fap to their breasts alone. Wait, I did that, alreadyi, in the past !

Here is a really good manga, freshly released by Tadanohito, and backed by his kind and numerous donators. Thank you so much ! :)

In Miniskirt Alliance, each chapter or pair of chapters is/are a single story, and the manga features a balanced mix of styles : sad, beautiful and moving… or funny and really creative… or mediocre… or simply uncomplicated happy sex with mutual love or liking.
I, at least, for the moving chapters, am VERY glad I read it ! :shock: :D

Despite the censorship affecting the tip of the penises, the art is good, Yuki Yanagi does not disappoint. On top of all, in my pervy eyes, there are the girls’ breasts. Their beautiful, amazing, mesmerizing boobs. That moment when we first see the naked breasts of a girl drawn by Yuki Yanagi, I’m always holding my breath, ’cause this is awesome.
Also, please meet the best job in Japan : swimsuit advisor for shy busty ladies ! :lol:

(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Yuki Yanagi’s works)

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UnisiS (“Uniform Sister”) volume 3 [English], + a repack of the volumes 1-2-3, by Saitom
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24 July 2014


Unisis is all about sisters enjoying happy sex with their brother, a new sister with each volume. Well, this time, our sister is a petite highschooler, with TANLINES, fuck yeah !! :twisted:

There’s no plot at all, she’s just having happy sex with love with her onii-chan, first in school uniform, and second with her new one piece swimsuit.
Even with the thick black bar censorship, O Raptor Jebus, that girl was HOT, imagining her burning from desire, in that room in the middle of scorching summer… hnng !! :shock:

For this release, many, many thanks to Von, from Facedesk, Freudia, and AOC, for team Koinaka ! :)

By Saitom (also known as Kabe No Saido), I also share Houshi No Daishou, Mayonaka Karute, Honban please ! (Sex please !), Midsummer Game, Homemaid Girl + Overboard Girlfriend, Hajimete No Kokuhaku, Zangyou Wa Nani No Aji, Neighbour Rhapsody, Perfect Girl, Unisis 1 and Unisis 2.

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Tabetai Nametai Danchizuma (“Scrumptious Wives”) [English, 194 pictures], by Kira Hiroyoshi
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18 July 2014

Too much of a mixed bag for me to really enjoy, but good porn at least !

I felt lost. Tabetai Nametai Danchizuma is a mishmash of stuff oddly joined, with some scenario lines more or less developed, unfollowed leads, surprises or not…
The global theme is adultery, men & women having sex outside of marriage and only feebly and vaguely feeling it might have been wrong at some very obsolete point. The bonds are weak, the libido is strong, and some women just want to watch the spouses fuck around. Sex feels good, carries no emotional bonds or implications for the future.

All in all, even though I liked the drawings (Kira Hiroyoshi has a unique drawing style that takes a long time to get used to, but, eventually, it’s pleasant), the highly energetic sex with almost no censorship, I couldn’t really enjoy the manga :(

PS : girls ? Remember to eat your veggies.

Well, to each his own, will you like it ? See for yourselves :)
Thanks a lot to Tadanohito and his kind donators ! :jap:

By Kira Hiroyoshi, I also share Love Letter (208 pictures), Nympho Hole (197 pictures), Planet Of The Lewd Women (210 pictures), The Noble Illusionist (183 pictures), The Lecherous Membrane (177 pictures), Beware of Wakana Sensei (174 pictures), Musou Sentai Itemaunjya (210 pictures), Chun-Ketsu, The Dead Angle Of Somersault and Arousal Of The Dark Hadou.

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Megabody Night – Watashi No Oniku wo Meshiagare (“My Voluptuous Body & Mom Love”) [English, 175 pictures], by Yokkora
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16 July 2014

Obese women in porn. I'll pass.

Now I know how the commentators on TV documentaries about animal reproduction must feel.

I’ve quick-browsed the manga (you’ll notice I chose my 3 preview pictures and my big preview picture within the first chapter… ^^;;), I reckon there is graphical talent and creativity… But, frankly, fat, obese women having sex ? To hell, I don’t give a fuck ! Or a fap !

To each his own, I can perfectly imagine others are going to enjoy it, and, if you’re one of those persons, this is cool, I’m – sincerely – glad for you :) That’s why I’m still sharing it, heh.

Credits ? They’re for Keiyzo, Grey Fox, Desu, Tiptop, Laruffi, Flammz and the EHCove team. And to Ashiya who mentioned to me this tank, while it had completely slipped under my radar, I wouldn’t be sharing it if it weren’t for him. Thanks to all :)

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Aoi Crisis [English], by Yakiniku King
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14 July 2014

I take the brune one. And you ? :D

AWWW ! The drawings are SUPERB, the male hero’s sister is SUPERB, and the sister’s female competitor is SUPERB too. Let’s add to this happy vaginal and anal sex with love & with mutual care (sister & female friend), almost no censorship (only very thin small white lines), and we’ve got a splendid porn nugget right here to enjoy ! :twisted:

Also, I wish I could comment on the scenario, but that’s the kind of story that would greatly lose from spoilers, so I must shut up, I’ll only say : it’s worth it, and in the end, chances are you’ll go chuckling irresistibly, at least, I, I did, with a strongly fulfilling sensation of being glad I read it all =)

No, seriously, that was awesome, read it ^_^
My great, GREAT thanks, are for Dudemandude, sugoi !! :D

By the same artist, I also share Dream Road

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