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Love Kachuu (“Lover’s Time”) [English, 221 pictures, Complete], by Kai Hiroyuki
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23 January 2015

I don't share often enough a volume filled with so MUCH quality porn. I'm rather glad :)

Awwww… YEAH !!!
Love Kachuu is an AWESOME complete tank, featuring excellent happy sex with either love or mutual liking (there’s only one chapter, pp 87-104, with bad sex), between adorable young women (tall, hourglass figure, round eyes), sometimes sisters, and good-looking men ready to serve :twisted:
The drawings are good, mostly about oral, paizuri and vaginal, there is almost ZERO censorship (as Aer told: « ah, the good old time of 2010 »), and even with zero scenario (every chapter was a single story, with once a double-chapter), there was always a good atmosphere, with women either taking the initiative or being in the mood right from the start =)

My GREAT thanks, for this release, are for Sei-Jin, Lusty Lady and Black Russian from The Lusty Lady Project, who made the beginning chapters, and then to Biribiri, Afro Thunda and their commissioner CellTF from Biribiri Translations, who did most the volume, and who also reedited the first chapters to the tank scans ! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ane Haha Kankei (214 pictures), Bitch High School (199 pictures), My Mountain Village Journal (230 pictures), Manatsu No Hanazono (216 pictures), Amai Sasoi Ni Goyoujin, and Female President’s Seductive Interview.

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Nice pack of two [English] works by the hentai artist Saemon
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22 January 2015

Not the sexiest pic, but that one moved me, for some reason...

I gathered here two nice hentai works by my dear Saemon, they’re both based on happy sex with mutual love :)
The drawings are splendid, hardcore, full of energy, strongly reminding us of the artist Hisashi :twisted: The censorship is either minimal (yay) or full whiteout (aaaaaargh – deal with it T_T).
Those works are :
Costte Iku-san : Iku-san, one of the Touhou heroines, visits her boyfriend and accepts to wear a bunnygirl outfit to please him, with immediate consequences (a priestess costume follows)
Dekoboko Complex : brother-sister wincest, when the sister’s love for her big brother finally grows stronger than her embarassment at being taller and more tsundere than him

Release credits are for Raikoh, from, and Samwais, Palaxius, Cadenza and Freudia, from Team Koinaka, thank you ! :)
By the same artist I also share two works strongly resembling each other, Iku-san To Onsen De Ichaicha Shitai (“I Want to Flirt With Iku-san at the Hot Spring”) and Yukata Iku-san To Ichaicha Shitai.

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Hana Mizuki [English], by Akino Sora
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19 January 2015


The wincest is strong with Akino Sora :twisted:
Here again, this is it, a brother, his cute sister, and – I’ll spare you every little detail – they have lovey dovey sex with each other.

The drawings are good (I LOVE Akino Sora’s art, these generous curves, those female smiles !! And the sister, with blonde hair, pigtails and a blue hairclip, yum !), the scenario simple and nice. One thing maybe, it’s obvious Hana Mizuki is part of a bigger something, but I couldn’t find any English-translated trace of it, at least… would someone have more information about it, maybe ?
My great thanks, for this nice share, are for Blue-Wingz and Hihohahi, from Facedesk ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Maihime (210 pictures), Asukara, Iinari, The Beginning Of Spring and With A Klutz (improved edition).

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Sunao Ni Natte Yo [English], by Ayakawa Riku
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13 January 2015

Not many emotions, but still vanilla-based. Enjoy ! =)

We’ve seen brothers and sisters in love plenty of times. We’ve seen one of the two resist the urge to copulate like mad because it’s bad plenty of times.
But have we ever seen the girl imagine having an imaginary air boyfriend and go with “him” on dates ?!? :D :lol:

You’ve got this shares’s canvas, will the brother win ? ^^ I’m surprised, though, we have great comedy material here, and yet the artist, Ayakawa Riku, doesn’t really” take advantage” of it, it could have been even funnier or more moving, ah, well, that was decent already, especially considering the minuscule censorship ^^
Thanks to Samwais, Palaxius and Freudia, from Team Koinaka, for this new release :)

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Ane Kyun (“My Sweet Elder Sister”) [English, 226 pictures], by Yuzuki N Dash
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10 January 2015


Oh god, this is some MAJOR hentai release we’ve got here :twisted:
Here is a full tank by Yuzuni N Dash, entirely based on happy sex, drawn with great talent, featuring splendid vaginal sex, and a bit of anal sex too, I’ll also add two of the chapters are fully uncensored :twisted:

Half the (ten ? eleven ? Argh, I lost count) girls are elder sisters, the others are childhood friends, friends and classmates. And half of the time it’s happy sex – with love. Unlike plenty of other shares by dear Yuzuki N Dash, there aren’t twisted sick scenarios here :)

I also brought minor changes to the volume, compared to its original released state (the manga is made of the compilation of separately released chapters, with strongly varying quality).
What I did was : (1) retouch three chapters to improve the contrasts and quality of the darks (+ occasional sharpening against blurs or soothening to make surfaces stop looking shitty), and (2) bring back the deleted credits pages, when I had them on hand.

I really STRONGLY recommend you that manga ! ^_^ My great, great thanks, are for Melez, Von and Palaxius from LifeForKaoru, Lustly Lady00 and Filby from The Lusty Lady Project, Desudesu and Flammz, Hentaicore, Zee from Z-hentai, and Dudemandude :)

(MOAR ! For more works, Cf. The List of Yuzuki N’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Gohoubi Wa Okaasan No Karada De [English], by Hatakeyama Tohya
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7 January 2015

Haaaa, if only she had been a neighbor instead of a mother ! Then I'd have cheered :D

Not much to say about that one, the mother-son incest story didn’t thrill me to the slightest, but I must acknowlege the drawings were quite OK, almost uncensored, in full-MILF mode.
So, if you dig that kind of incest fantasy, or you love the art enough, maybe you’ll like it :)
Credits are for Tkhang and Bojownicy Pokoju, thank you ! :jap:

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Pure Days [English, 236 pictures, Fully UNCENSORED version based on TANK scans], by Makinosaka Shinichi
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5 January 2015


After various versions of this manga (gradually from magazine to tank scans, that even made me offer you a Hentai Game Of The 7 Differences between this picture and that other picture), at last, yesterday, a kind soul called Aphral posted on the internet his DECENSORED version of Pure Days, based on the tank scans ! KICKASS ! Thank you Aphral ! :kickass:

Pure Days is a fine, brilliant hentai manga, I am very fond of it, and I really hope lots of you will have a great time reading it :)

There are cheerful and energetic girls in love, their characters are usually “over the top” (leading to this epic quote : «Now scram, you pile of boobs !»), there’s a good sense of humor all along, an effort to create original storylines (sometimes, it’s still 250% cliché, though ^^).
Physically, the girls can be petite or tall and busty with wavy hair, or as tanned as if heaven had decided to open a branch on Earth. A peculiar note, the drawings are actually full of flaws when you really pay attention, but even those flaws make the drawings more arousing, the faces more attractive, the girls cuter, it’s good alchemy, I say :D The penises are another topic, they look like giant living organisms plugged to the males, they looked SO unreal :lol:

Don’t forget to check out The List of My Makinosaka Shinichi Shares !

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