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Kimi No Sukina Onnanoko No Katachi (“Shape of Your Favorite Girl”) [English, 189 pictures], by Maruta

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In 2017 it's possible to STILL get aroused by a school uniform, if that isn't being hopeless, I don't know what is :D

I’ve got a globally positive take on this newly released tankoubon.
The good sides: original enough story lines (that would have deserved more chapters to fully bloom, IMO), a shade of drama and mystery in the second half, and, most importantly, vivid, splendid, beautifully detailed drawings, with close to zero censorship, Maruta’s got major artistic skill, it’s massive pleasure for the eye :shock:
The bad sides: rant at me all you like, but I’m extremely uncomfortable with this manga because of the near-loli second half of the manga. It’s past that supposedly, but it’s almost there, and I felt it was a pity, a waste of opportunity to fully develop this second half’s potential for drama and poetry…

Kimi No Sukina Onnanoko No Katachi was commissioned by Job Truniht; the first half has been released by Flammz (proofreader), Job Truniht (proofreading), Kusojijii (translator), T.Starrk (proofreader) and Hurp Durp, from THMMY-Scans. The second half has been translated by N04h and edited by Herzer. Thank you very much, all of you :)

By Maruta, there is also Kanojo Ga Koibito Wo Suki Ni Natta Riyuu (199 pictures), Yuri Zuki Kanojo Wa Yuri Kanojo ga Dekinai 1-5 (that’s the complete series), Utsusemi Kouhen + Utsusemi Zenpen (x2), Gogo Wa Koucha Yori Kan Koohi De, Kashiwasaki Miki Wa Ironna Basho De Zenra Sanpo Shitemita (218 pictures), Bokura No Himitsu Kichi, Ojou-sama No Kuchizuke De Shoujo Wa Me O Samasu (“The Girl Awakens With A Kiss From The Princess”), A Good Reason For Less Friend, Nadeshiko Hiyori (1-7) and One Piece Envy.

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Seifuku No Oku No Kimochi Ii Toko [English, 205 pictures], by Chiyou Yoyuchi

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I left the censorship bars in place. Check it out, I insist :)

Doujin-Moe, thank you for this, has commissioned a quality h-manga, once again :) With Chiyo Yoyuchi, I always keep my guard up until I’m finished reading it a first time: I am glad to tell you can go for it, nothing is too fucked up, no rage hentai, no cheating, no mindbreak, it’s vanilla, what a relief ^_^
Some stories carry their load of kink (the first one about a WTF family where incest is commonplace), some others are cute and all (highschoolers, childhood friends).

At all times, we have quality art, with only minimal censorship, cute female bodies, large breasts and – IMO the mangaka’s best talent – very arousing horny female faces :twisted:

By Chiyou / Chiyo Yoyuchi, also known as Junkie, I also share Atama No Naka wa Itsumo Hiwai Mousouchuu (196 pictures),  Midare Hajimeta Karada (204 pictures), Sukidakara Shichauno (184 pictures and Uncensored!), Shokore – Gakuen Kaidan Hen, the uncensored version of “N”, Torogao Ni Kawaru Made, Capsella, and Kuro’s Aphrodisiac 1-3.
And then there are also the ones that made me facepalm, sigh or rage. Two works that are now part of (see above) Midare Hajimeta Karada: Haha Ha Toshishita No (facepalm adultery material that left me cursing DA FUQ JAPAN), The Lewd Scent In The Car and the 2011 version of Midaremau (that I labelled as “alien-class crap”) and – this is NOT the same work as Midaremau – Midaremau 1-3+conclusion.

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Himitsudere (“Secret Love”) [English, 252 pictures], by Neet

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Quite the devoted servant :3

Maids, servants, sisters, girlfriends, childhood friensd, there are various types of women here, but every time, we’re conveyed to memorable fuckfests full of love, of mutual care, not without the occasional spice of tsundere and/or gentle dom, with EXCELLENT art and beautiful female faces ^_^

The censorship is sometimes a bit strong (dark bars, alternatively thick or thin), we lose a second or two usually to figure things out, but it’s not enough to kill the enjoyment. Plus, every centimeter of the girls is awesome, they’ve got hourglass figures, large breasts and long hair, YUM :twisted:
Enjoy the vanilla hentai guys :)
And many, many thanks to Dynellen and everyone else involved, Momo Demon, Happiestmerchant, DrunkenWeeb, Darkknight, B.R.R., Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans, Salar and Ero-Sennin, it was a great job! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Mirahudere.

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Cooking Pakopako [English, 136 pictures, now complete with the parts 1-4], by Otochichi

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My favorite girl in the whole set.

Now, that’s a relief! I had been only moderately interested by Cooking Pakopako when it was two chapters long, we had been introduced to four girls but only two had sex, and out of those girls, one was OK (very plump, but bearably) while the second was uglily obese and not worth it.
With this final update, the two other girls have sex, one of them is reasonably plump (and the male MC’s mother: deal with it), and the other one is slender and by far my favorite, wonderfully slutty with horny bespectabled eyes :twisted:

Oh: if you only find out about Cooking Pakopako now, it’s about a male teenager catching the eye of his mother’s MILF friends, they each in turn ask him to come and provide help with home chores, etc… The girls have EXTREMELY erotic faces (they were stunning on multiple pages, and their eyes, their eyes, woah! :shock: ), and a natural charm of MILFs is that they’ve come full circle around hardcore sex already and aren’t afraid to enjoy an intense dicking session without playing the prude newbie maiden. But too much fat is too much, for the most of it :-/

We owe this release to Axalon,, Lied, Vlad, Maipantsu, JjustJ, Boggyb and Blurk, from LittleWhiteButterflies, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Shikijoukyou Oyako, Celeb Tsuma No Doutei Exercise, Hatsu Goukon Wa Mama Naranai (“My First Mixer Was a Real Motherfucker!”), Acupuncture Mystery Selection.

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Mama To Oneechan First Story [English, 74 pictures], by Souijou

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The only reason to bother yourself with this manga: that girl.

Amoskandy, thank you for this, brings us an old-school manga based on family incest. A brother and sister naturally having sex with each other, the mother lusting after them reunited with her own brother, and it ends with group sex. I don’t know… there are frankly bad points here, such as the low resolution (1059 px), the ugly drawing idiosyncrasies (men’s faces, ew), but on the other hand, it gives us a hardcore manga with practically no censorship and a super hot sister (braids, glasses, busty), at least…

Well, see for yourselves, and, if it’s to your taste, enjoy :)
(Inb4 someone asks, there won’t be a translation of the rest, unless another scanlator picks it up.)

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Onee-chan No Oshigoto (“Onee-chan’s Job”) [English], by Okumoto Yuuta

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That girl had perfect curves.

Me, while reading the manga: WOOHOO WINCEST YAY GO FOR IT BOI!
The girl “did you really cum inside me it’s my dangerous day”
Me: ah, fuck it into hell :gfy:

Still, if it weren’t for the surprise babymaking scud missile in our faces, it was as splendid share, in which a highschool little bro finally gives in to the temptation of his fleshy sister’s body. That girl had perfect boobs and a wonderful hourglass figure :twisted:

That was released by N04h, Herzer and Alexey, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Lesson For Me, Cool na Asobi + Souteigai Kanojo, Princess Training, Horoyoi Cherry-Pick, Dekoboko Lovers, Two Hunters, Double Lesson, Dual Shock, Fortune Lovers, Sweet March and Moody Home Teacher.

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Kinyoubi No Haha-Tachi E (“To Friday’s Mothers”) [English, 201 pictures], by Jitsuma

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That pic comes from, probably, the best chapter in the volume. Which is saying a lot.

This is a manga made of single-chapter “stories”, in which plump to obese women have sex with their shotacon sons.
And it was boring to death and beyond :facepalm: If you miraculously get resurrected you’ll die again. Maybe it’s just that it isn’t my kind of kink (hell not), or that the art wasn’t bland in my eyes only.

But, well, if you dig fat natural MILFs, with only very little censorship, hey, if you love it, I’ll be glad for you.
Moving on. Thanks to Desudesu, Amoskandy and Kusanyagi for all the work it took!

By the same artist, I also share Son Swapping (232 pictures).

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