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Pack of 2 very NICE hentai works by the mangaka Mikokuno Homare [English, 136 pictures, retouched version]

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I gathered here two VERY pleasant works by the hentai mangaka Mikokuno Homare.
In both cases, we have two very close youngsters (case one: childhood friends, case 2: brother and sister) who see their “growing more and more intimate” stage not interrupted by a surprise change of sex (case 1: switching bodies, case 2: the man becomes a woman, is briefly both – futa time! – and is back to being a man in the end), courtesy of a naughty and kind angel.

Usually, I feel ill at ease with gender bender. Not managing to really like it, feeling bothered to be presented as “hopefully” arousing a former boy.
This time, there were no such awkward feelings, thanks to the quality storytelling: the characters were loveable, they deeply care about each other while properly understanding each other, the change didn’t mean drama or havoc, and the readers are guaranteed warm and fuzzy feelings, and smiles. Big, big smiles :)

Those two works are:
Iyo to Makoto No Jijou (“Iyo And Makoto’s Situation”)
Yuzu To Takehiko No Jijou (“Yuzu And Takehiko’s Situation”)

Side note: I ran a retouching on those two works. Working on levels, on surfaces, on hints of what was printed on the other side of the pages, and on background pollution. I don’t claim I did great, I had to choose how far to go before it would be too much, but I believe it’s bringing a valuable improvement. Here’s a before/after comparison, the images are best viewed in full-size without fitting-to-screen: beforeafter.

We owe this release to Cygnus, thank you!
By the same artist, I also share Osananajimi.

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Junai Memory (“Pure Love Memory”) [English, 194 pictures], by Labui

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I could have picked worse for a preview picture, but I was slightly sadistic, if you look carefully, you do see a screwup

Quite OK for a first tank :)
Boys, girls, here is a new complete tank. Yay :D

The drawings feel like a mangaka’s first commercial bout, frequently accidentally murdering anatomy (look at the top of page 61, lol, for an example) or going overboard, with matching stories, lacking depth but making up for it with innate good style and enthusiasm ^^
I hope the way I depicted it just above didn’t sound too harsh, there are lots of good things to enjoy, and the censorship is really hard to find, it’s good hentai :)

Story-wise, it’s super basic, youngsters (and a few adults) finding they’re mutually attracted to each other, in various setups: highschoolers, school nurse, working women, sister, etcetera. Two “not like the others” chapters I should mention: one with gender bender, the other with brother-sister sex.
I hope you may love this release, and thanks to whoever is behind it! :jap:

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Imouto No Naka [English, 213 pictures], by Brother Pierrot

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As I always say, it's best that I don't have a sister, hentai would have given me weird thoughts ^_^

OH FUCK YEAH!! :twisted:

Here is a quality hentai manga, entirely focused on sisters loving their onii-chan and having lots of sex with him. The sisters will be in various roles and positions, sometimes dominant, sometimes dominated, sometimes comedy partner, sometimes loved, sometimes just mutually horny… At the very least, all the time, it’s a mutual caring and liking situation. Simple, and efficient =)

The art is also the simple and efficient style. The girls are busty, meaty, sometimes almost plump, with very very little censorship. Oral, vaginal sex, mostly, with bits of this and that occasionally (like anal or DP).

I fear my description may not make the manga justice. Check it out, it’s good! :)
Side note: I didnd’t tag the manga as “comedy” because none of the chapters was designed for comical purpose, and the comic relief pages weren’t numerous. But… still… OH MY GOD, check page 124 :D :lol:

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Ureta Karada No Hatsujouki [English, 209 pictures], by Takasugi Kou

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All hail the glory of MILFs!

First of all, thanks a lot to my dear Ehud, after Ane Zukushi, he gave me another hentai peace, the complete volume I share here, Ureta Karada No Hatsujouki, by Takasugi Kou. It must have flown under my radar, thank you Ehud ^_^

So, what have we got here. A complications-free complete manga, made of single chapters or short story arcs, in which women of MILF age or officially MILFs have lots of quality sex, either with their sons (like, the two thirds of the chapters, starting from the beginning of the volume) or with various other guys (the final third of the manga). It’s always consensual, with a kink at times. The mood is set to joyful sex with mutual liking and at times odd combinations of love and liking. No drama, no cheating, no issues.

The drawings are kinda okay, not Takasugi Kou’s ultra-best, but they deliver what is promised. Women between 30 and 40, slightly plump, with reasonable pubic hair, having oral sex, with occasinoal bonuses like oral, too few rare anal pages, one chapter with anal and DP. The amount of censorship varies: the manga was made from a combination of separate releases from various sources, so it goes from super small white bars to sometimes mosaics or whiteout.
We owe this release to Desudesu, thank you! :jap:

For MOAR, check The (long) list of Takasugi Kou’s works on Hentairules.

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Ane Zukushi [English, 196 pictures], by Yuuki Homura

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I'm a sadist in disguise. This picture, looking fine, right? I chose it because once you look at the hips very closely... imagine her spine... look at her belly... there we are, YOU CANNOT UNSEE IT BITCH, one of the very rare screwups by the mangaka! ^_^

Here is a fine, a great tankoubon, that is at last complete, thanks to the combined efforts of Mintvoid, and of LustyLady00 & BlackRussian from The Lusty Lady Project. Thank you very much! ^_^ I’ll also include my friend Ehud in those thanks, as he gave me the final chapters 5-11, whose release I had not noticed.
(Just to be clear: I was sharing the chapters 1-4 of Ane Zukushi until today. Ehud hit me up with MintVoid’s final chapters 5-11.)

Ane Zukushi is a DELIGHTFUL manga about sisters. Wincest FTW!! Big sister, little sister, pettanko, busty, meek, dominating, tsundere, but in the end, they all have a soft spot for their beloved onii-san and have lots of love to share :)
(Fair disclaimer, two chapters in the end aren’t about sisters but about married life between highschool girls and their young male teacher.)
The drawings are good, with very little censorship, sometimes “only” good (either with average art, or with printing not doing the volumes and contrasts justice), sometimes seriously great, it depends on the chapters. And the censorship? Hah! The censorship is almost invisible, not even getting in the way :twisted:

I hope you may enjoy it! Hardly even censored quality vanilla bursting with WAFF and wincest, that’s too rare =)

By the same artist, I also share Pipiruma (206 pictures, AWESOME vanilla), White Canvas (more ero than pr0n, but delicious vanilla) and Mozart Ni Koishite (rather average).

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Onii-chan! Onanie Kinshi! [English, Uncensored], by Picao

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Oh boy. I could bust a whole basket of nuts from reading it again

Get caught fapping by a sister.
Hentai world: « You suck! You suck! You suck! You already have me and yet you’re looking at this garbage! »
Real world: I feel pain and distress just by trying to imagine it, oh god :D

And so, here is a very nice share, in which a sister catcher her brother, and, well, because hentai, things become totally sexual. That girl isn’t right in the head, and it’s for the best, she’s tsundere, determined, super horny, and has just the perfectly wrong values :lol:
Graphically, with her clothes on she looked plain, but once she takes them off, DAYUM! A nice butt, huge round breasts (where was she hiding them under her clothes?!?), and an adorably naughty face =) Adding to it the fact the drawings were uncensored (little effort was made in regards to her vagina, though), it becomes great :twisted:

I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did ^_^ Thanks a LOT to Frogstat, from Chikanji Translations! :jap:

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Wagamama Iinari! Saimin Date! (“Selfish? Submissive!? Hypnosis Date!”) [English], by Akitsuki Itsuki

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Fingering in public. A fetish I never brought to reality - fucking fortunately, lol, impossible not to get caught

I should have hated the story. I couldn’t help liking it, probably thanks to the drawings ^^;;

Here’s the gist: we have a tsundere little sister and her prankster “not” (with huge airquotes) evil brother pretending he can hypnotize her. Of course it doesn’t work, it’s just a joke.
A joke that will lead the little sister to find it perfectly natural to be the bro’s girlfriend, to enjoy being teased in public and in private, and to have very hot sex.
In the end, no harm done save a ruined reputation and a creampied pussy, since he tells her to forget.
So, all’s good, right? *cough* OK, OK, I know it’s bad.

Ah well, at least, it looks good ^^ The girl somehow reminded me of the women in Nisekoi, not because of her face, but because of her body, she’s thin, has very little hips and an impossible thigh gap. (No shit, in Nisekoi, the girls could have a third invisible leg between their two legs.) Weird, but not bad for a change.
I did a minor retouch, also. A comparison: beforeafter!.

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! And if someone among you guys know who I ought to thank, please, do share the info :)

By the same artist, I also share Where Love Is Bound, Korekara Nakayoku Shimashou Ne and its sequel Zettai Sukutte Misemasu Kara.

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