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Ookime Na Kanojo (“My Large Girlfriend”) 1-2 [English, Uncensored version, 42 pictures], by Isao

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This devil headband :D

Hey, nice, good news! The pleasant “My Large Girfriend“, that I shared five years ago, has been decensored! :woot:

In this two chapters long release, a shy but passionate girlfriend has the heart large enough to share her boyfriend with a bitchy tsundere blonde – basically ^^
It’s got great art, good characters, it will be even better without the censorship bars.

First: thanks to Teddy Bear!!
Second: Get the decensored version HERE :)

Three quick things ^^

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Hey guys. Two notes, in a hurry :)


You HAVE to try the new Firefox Quantum.

If you gave up on Firefox in the past, or if you simply don’t use it, come on, give the browser a chance.
This new Firefox Quantum isn’t just fast (comparisons with Chrome aren’t just a question of mere numbers, it feels faster and everything is smooth), it is superb, comfortable to use, giving an impression of immediate response and quality of use I had been missing for a long, very long time.
Even the UI has been nicely improved.
About the extensions I feared the apocalypse, I found that almost everything provided by the old XUL extensions was available, and the little I’m losing (DTA won’t be available in webext until 2 or 3 weeks, wrote its creator) is a worthy trade compared to all the goodness I’m getting in exchange.
Seriously, Firefox deserves love, the work that has been done is praiseworthy, try it out :)


Because I can, I want to share this simply stunning cosplay (source), found thanks to Kalevala :)
Reminds us of Takatsu’s Egyptians, somehow, right? :D

… And you know what? THERE IS MOAR! :twisted:
Edited: also, EVEN MOAR ON INSTAGRAM :twisted:


There’s been an update to the commenting plugin I use on Hentairules, it says you can now edit your comments. As a guy who almost always comes back to fix a typo or a mistake, I think the news would help :)

Thanks for the music suggestions, guys!

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I wanted to say, thank you very much for the flow of musical suggestions in reply to my last post, really!

Some of it was totally in my strike zone, some of it totally wasn’t (hehe), some of it was partly inside it and maybe I could get into it with a bit of patience and getting familiar (just like how we discover pretty much any musical genre, isn’t it?), it’s enriching, and there’s years of discoveries and branching away to do.

Thank you :)


Hey, throw your music suggestions, I’d like to broaden my horizons, and I share my own :)

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I feel like I’m turning in circles lately, in terms of music. I adore what I adore, sure, but when I try at random to discover new stuff, most of the time my attempts end up in boredom and lack of lasting interest.

Would you like to add a comment with suggestions, for songs, or bands, that are “special” to you, and you think would be worth discovering for others, be it me, or anyone else reading the comments in the future? :)

Personally, I only dislike rap and hip-hop (I still like a few songs in it, but an extremely small number.)
Other than that, I’m a huge fan of prog rock and metal, both the northern European and American branches; not so much death metal, I prefer understandable lyrics and focus more on music than grunting ^^
But, really, I’m extremely open to suggestions, in all genres, if it’s not metal/prog rock, absolutely no worries, maybe I’ll like it, or maybe someone else will be delighted to have read your suggestion :)

(I’m sharing my own special songs in the comments.)

A friendly push for the artist Atilio Gambedotti :)

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Just in case, a precision, I'm not paid or anything to make this post, it's a friendly move ^^

I don’t know if you remember, in 2014 (damn, three years ago already?), I shared a pack of various works by the Argentinian artist, Atilio Gambedotti.

I recently learned he was becoming busy again on the internet, not only taking commissions and publishing paper volumes as in the past, but now publishing his works on Patreon. For a small fee, you can get his newer creations. As I understand it, paper publishing died on him (his editor shut down), and it’s only recently he underwent this change to resume again his carreer, this time as a full-internet creator.
It’s a gamble, but if it succeeds, that means more greatness made in Spain will enrich the internet again :D
If you’re interested, just check his Patreon page :)

I believe this guy deserves more loving, there’s life in the girls he draws, the action he represents is compelling, drawing us in. I get good vibes from it :)


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Here ends a streak of 14 consecutive shares made of complete volumes only, I hope you guys enjoyed it, it’s not bound to happen again anytime soon ;)

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