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Here ends a streak of 14 consecutive shares made of complete volumes only, I hope you guys enjoyed it, it’s not bound to happen again anytime soon ;)

Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea [English, 187 pictures], by Suzuhane Suzu, has been DECENSORED! :D

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Fucking a doll become alive: one of the less fucked up things in this volume, huhu

When I shared that manga, six months ago, I told I didn’t like this kind of scenario, and yet, I had to recognize there was a serious and quality effort in building a story, and mention the drawings were impressive, full of talent and showing lots of work had been poured into every page. Long story short, the manga was worth it in my opinion.

Well, here’s the good news, Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea has been decensored :twisted:
To get the uncensored version, follow this link! :)
The decensoring was made by Hayketo, thank you! :)

Asking just in case, would someone have a Rapidgator premium account for stuff? Oddly: not for porn ;)

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-Edit: thanks to Skunks, I’ve got the files now, you guys are wonderful ^_^
I leave the post, in case you’re interested in the files and/or in the music :)


Sorry to ask, but could someone with a Rapidgator premium account download something for me, and then reupload it to another friendlier file host?

I have found the DVD quality of a bootleg, the satellite recording of the BEST concert there has ever been by Van Der Graaf Generator.  You can watch it in low audio quality on Youtube, some songs in this one were already incredible in studio version, but in live, they’ve gone totally magical :shock: My favorites would be Wondering, Nutter Alert, and the obligatory Darkness :3
It’s lucky to have a digital recording in full quality of something that never got an official CD or DVD, that only got a satellite showing just once… but it doesn’t make it easy to find and then bring back to your hard disk :-/

The only full-quality original version I could find with still working links is on THIS page, with rapidgator links (edit: well, there are also Turbobit and Filefactory links, if anyone uses them). But without a premium account, damn, it would take forever to download it.

So, I was hoping a kind soul with a RG premium could download it, and, in turn, upload it to depositfiles, uploaded, or maybe, and then share the links for me to get them… I have an account with DF/UL/K2S personally, so they’d still be my hosts of preference ^^

Well, that’s it. THANK YOU SO MUCH if someone can help! :)


I just thought, I can give the links directly here, after all :)
File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5 File 6 File 7 File 8 File 9 File 10File 11File 12File 13File 14


-Edit: thanks to Skunks, I’ve got the files now, you guys are wonderful ^_^
I leave the post, in case you’re interested in the files and/or in the music :)

Sponsored post – Hentai Heroes is launching an art contest! Over $3100 in cash and prizes!

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A short intro by Oliver: third sequel to this, where you’ll find an explanation. Short version, I like those guys’ work enough :)


$1200 for the 1st place winner !
$1000 for the 2nd place winner !
$600 for the 3rd place winner !
$200 for the 4th place winner !
15,600 kobans for the 5th place winner ($115 in-game money) !

7,200 kobans for the 6th place winner ($57 in-game money) !

To submit your work, go HERE

Deadline for submission: 15th of October

Now the story behind it. Before a year ago Hentai Heroes was only a slideshow presentation. Really, not a normal one, though ;) It got the 4 creators so excited, that they decided to take high risk and follow the hentai goddess of their dreams.The journey is amazing and full of everyday surprises. Storyboard is getting huge and girls in the game are multiplying each month…Hentai Heroes has become one of the top hentai games, that’s why we want to share the exact excitement with you. <3

The contest is our very first of the type. So, we decided that we are going to dedicate it to our main drive and inspiration, our girls!

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Yuudachi [English], by Kurokoshi You, has been DECENSORED! ^____^

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Amazing, right, right? [eager smile of the guy who'll knock your teeth if you don't share his enthusiasm]

It’s one of those shares combining a considerable list of things I like. Tanned skin, tanlines, happy sex, vanilla, swimsuit, a wet-shirt, and more. I shared it, two years ago.

The good news now: it has been decensored :twisted:
“A picture VS a thousand words“, etc: BEFORE / AFTER!! :kickass:

To get the new decensored version, follow that link :)
(I replaced the links in the post I made to share the censored version two years ago, rather than creating a brand new post.)

We owe this decensoring to our dear J.B.Random, thank you very much! ^_^

Low Return – Toshiue No Imouto [English, 205 pictures], by Hyji, has been DECENSORED! :)

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And in a yukata!!! Come to think of it, it's a fantasy I never made true, but that one, my wife might be open to the idea... :3

Good news on the decensoring front, while I was away on holidays hiking nearly every day with my family for the holidays, a kind person called “Rdbtpgdb” released the decensored version of Low Return – Toshiue No Imouto, a 205 pages long quality hentai manga with excellent artwork and interesting stories :)
Check it out, seriously, it’s worth it ^^

To get or read the decensored version, follow that link! =)

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