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Good news: Nanka Ii Koto Atta (“Did Something Good Happen?”), by Jorori, has been scanlated into proper English :)

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Yeah, it's a pic without dialogues, so the improvement isn't immediately noticeable, sorry lol

Were you guys here, for the release of Nanka Ii Koto Atta? A vanilla and WAFF bomb, adorable, lovely, drawn with talent and caring. But cursed by abominable English, so bad it destroyed everything.

Well, here’s for the excellent news, a new version has been released, this time with REAL English, plus proper editing and all. Please, bin your old version (if you were daring enough to still download it) and take the new version, this time this is TOTALLY worth it!! ^__^
This has been done by the Little White Butterflies team, THANK YOU!! :jap:

I simply updated the post in which I shared the cancerous version, replacing it with the new version, so, to get it, please follow that link :)

Ane-Koi [English, 251 pictures], by Yuzuki N Dash, is now UNCENSORED!! :D

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Exceptional news, my dear fellow hentai lovers, Belldandy100 has decensored Ane Koi, probably the best manga ever made by Yuzuki N Dash. Astounding drawings, incredibly hot, a huge variety of sisters and highschoolers…
Wow, simply… wow… this is awesome :shock:
Belldandy100: THANK YOUUUUU! ^_^

To get the newly decensored Ane Koi, just follow that link :)

Amami Dokoro [English, 206 pictures], by Mutsutake, has been Decensored!!

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In a single day, I can share two complete uncensored tanks, boy, life is awesome sometimes :woot:

And so, fellow hopeless perverts, here’s for the great news, Amami Dokoro is now available in a gloriously Uncensored version, thanks to the efforts of a kind person called Dracon, thank you so much! :jap:
That’s a manga overflowing with vanilla, love for boobs, and splendid sex. Totally worth it, I promise :twisted:

The now decensored manga is available HERE, enjoy! ^_^

Shirisugita Naka [English], by Dorei Jackie, is now UNCENSORED

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No matter how old, if it's good, it deserves to be decensored

When what is, that I shared that one… Oh, woah, in 2008, ten frigging years ago!
Oh well. Long story short, it’s now uncensored ^_^

I welcome a manga based on fine ass every day of the week. However, in the present case, I have reservations about the quality of the decensoring TBH. A good number of times I felt the lips should have been larger and the vagina looked like a tiny hole copy-pasted with improper perspective. But maybe that’s just me, hey!
I’ll let you guys judge, you can get the decensored version HERE :)

(In case you need a comparison… beforeafter!=

Kemonokko Tsuushin ~ Nekomusume Nia (“Beast Girl Communications ~ Catgirl Nia”), by Jun, is now UNCENSORED! ^_^

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Makes you regret nekomimi only exist in fiction, right? :D

Woops, I almost forgot to share that one :shock: Let’s hurry making a post before I forget for good.
So, yeah, this delightful share has been decensored some time ago by Belldandy100. It was super hot already, and now, the only obstacle in the way of the preservation of our willing suspension of disbelief is gone: THIS IS AWESOME :twisted:

The uncensored version of Beast Girl Communications ~ Catgirl Nia can be found HERE :) Enjoy! ^_^
(yeah, I was already sharing the censored version, I thought it best to simply replace it with its decensored version.)

If you’re curious about the improvement it represents, check this before/after gif ^^

The silliest hentairules post of the year (but fear not, the year is still young)

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I sometimes use the “UHHNGGNGYEH!!!” expression on Hentairules, to express deliberately exaggerated ecstasy, but I realized some time ago it was absolutely obscure for, well, everybody actually.

So, behold: the origin of that, an image.

I’ll reckon this is lame. But I don’t care, I laughed until my ribs hurt the first time I saw it, and even now it holds precious sentimental value in my eyes, deal with it :lol:

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