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Sweet news: Sexy Mentalism, by An-Arc, is now Uncensored! :)

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Crude and well done. No complaints =)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, MHM is a Shokuhou fan. So, how much of a surprise must it be, to find he has commissioned the decensoring of a Shokuhou doujinshi? ^^
Ahem. So, yeah, Sexy Mentalism, decensored by JB Random, is now available, thank you VERY much MHM, and JBR! ^_^

To get the uncensored version, simply follow that link! :)

Chibikko Bitch Full Charge, By Tamagoro, is now Uncensored, and retranslated! :)

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I'm not saying these make for amazing fap materials, but... Oh, who am I kidding, these are amazing fap materials.

So long, the black censorship bars and the cute hearts in the crucial areas.
Welcome, an additional thousand pixels of height.
Welcome, now translated sound effects and a new English translation.
Boys, girls, I’m glad to say I replaced Chibikko Bitch Full Charge with its new version, kindly done by Belldandy100 :)

The new version of Chibikko Bitch Full Charge is available right HERE :)

A tiny update: the Shining Musume volumes 1 to 6, a total of 1218 pictures, are now UNCENSORED :)

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Jebus H Christ.

So, yeah, I should have made that update before, but it slipped my mind and you know how it is, things pile up upon each other over time *cough*

Cutting to the chase: I’ve replaced the volumes 1-6 of Shining Musume with their decensored versions, all thanks to Maiko who went through them, I can’t thank him (er, him? Her?) enough! :jap:

The art is great in the beginning, and, from the volume 4, becomes simply hentai god tier, with the volume 6 being an absolute apotheose of hentai hardcore godhood. There is a volume 7, true, but it’s made of short unrelated stories, the “big plot” is over, and oddly perhaps, I felt the art was lacking in comparison. For the hardcore fans, Shining Musume, this is a six-volume series :D

Seeing it decensored, sharing it decensored… this means something, for me, I don’t even have the words.
I hope you guys will like it if you didn’t have it yet :)

Shortcuts for it all:
Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4  – Volume 5  – Volume 6


(Edit: I didn’t think of it, but I’ve been asked for a single-zip link for all 6 volumes. Why not: mirror #1, mirror#2, mirror #3.)

The Clesta / Etcycle TOTAL PACK has been updated!

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Awesome pack, that said in all modesty

A big update this time, I updated my Clesta Total Pack with 31 volumes, a total of 1079 pictures :)
Among them will be, TBH, 15 small volumes of less than 10 pics.

– 21 volumes are entirely brand new, never shared here before
– Among those 21 volumes are 3 sets of CG pictures that “artifically inflate” the total, with their 660 images
– 10 volumes come as an improvement or replacement over previous versions (they’ll be decensored, and/or translated, and/or simply a newer version with better scans)

My opinion is necessarily biased, of course, but I believe this is AWESOME hentai, hopefully you’ll agree and enjoy ;)
To visit the Clesta Total Pack, simply follow that link!

(Needless to mention it? You’ll have download/gallery links for the complete pack, of course, but also to “only” the new stuff, at your own convenience.)

Good news: Inma No Mikata (“Succubi’s Supporter”) [English, 241 pictures], by Fue, is now UNCENSORED! :)

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Sssssplendid! :D

BEFORE / AFTER! :twisted:

I really loved this manga when it was first released, and now, thanks to a super kind person called Darkwaro, it has been frigging DECENSORED, woohoo!! :kickass:
Same excellent drawings, now with fully enjoyable art, it’s giving me ideas, not you? ^_____^

Long story short, Inma No Mikata, now Uncensored, is still available HERE :)
Slightly longer story: previously, we had magazine scans with full whiteout for most of the manga, and a bar-censored final part, meaning the improvement is massive; but on the other hand we lose in image resolution, from 2400-2500 px to slightly below 1900 px.

Inbaku Byoutou [English, 212 pictures, in a retouched version], by Funabori Nariaki, has been DECENSORED :)

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In hentai Japan, they are taught this is how intimate hygiene is done

Hello everyone, I’m back from holidays, and I finished catching up on things after my return, I hope you have been well on  your side, and enjoyed this summer so far :)
And with that, I’m back to hentai sharing ^^

I wasn’t a big fan of the manga, but, well, a decensored complete manga is still a win.
So, dear hentaiers, here’s the news, Inbaku Byoutou, a manga with awesome art and a facepalm-grade story (from my pure maiden’s POV), has been fully decensored by a good sir called bientaimon.

I kept the old post and simply updated its hyperlinks to now point to the new version, soooo: simply follow that link for the now Uncensored version of Inbaku Byoutou :)

Or click this dropdown list to choose a precise page: