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Glossary and explanation of the words

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Update : I moved everything on THAT other page of Hentairules :)

Depositfiles (zip downloads) help and explanations

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I use 4 hosting services for my zip files : rapidshare, megaupload, easy-share and depositfiles. Rapidshare works fairly well, and if you can change IP (lucky bastard, I’ve got a persistent IP that changes once per year), an IP change will kill the long wait between two downloads from them. Megaupload and easy-share sometimes load a blank page when you want to start the download : try again and it will work. Easy-Share sometimes downloads a 1 kb file : try the download again (“shit happens”). The big piece is depositfiles, though !

There has been people having problems with my zipped download links, hosted at depositfiles, so I have gathered here some explanation links, written by me :

– depositfiles (like all free hosts) will try to make you believe you have to pay or install a toolbar. False : you can download without paying, without installing a toolbar. Read the whole explanation on why depositfiles is doing it

– what if the mirrors are dead and, for the main (first) link, his own link, depositfiles demands a payment ? That started happening recently, when their download link (not the mirrors, THEIR link) is replaced with a payment page.) There is a way to download the file without paying or installing anything. Read the whole explanation

– there is a tool to resume broken depositfiles downloads, very handy for people with slow or bad connexions, Read the whole explanation

– depositfiles and the mirrors : depositfiles offers now, if his own links are not available, mirrors at rapidshare, megaupload, mytempdir and moolad. So that means I don’t need to mirror my files anymore, I feel !

Because I’m honest, I also inform you that I have chosen depositfiles and not other hosts because, with equal quality, they give me a bit of money. In february, that paid me and my wife and kid a restaurant at the end of the month, for instance (“tagliatelli salmonata”, yummy). You can also use depositfiles like that, read more if you’re interested.

Problems with the .zip downloads ?

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(This page is a part of the “explanations about depositfile and zip downloads” group of pages.)

There are sometimes people saying my zip and avi download links don’t work, or believing they are paying links.

I have depositfiles as a host, but every free file hosting service will use the same tricks. Learn those tricks to avoid them, and understand what they mean, the explanation comes.

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Depositfiles want you to pay, don’t give a fck !

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(This page is a part of the “explanations about depositfile and zip downloads” group of pages.)

I was VERY angry to see that many of my recent uploads had turned into links that would only work if you would pay for them, while the mirrors were not all working.

More precisely, when you click the “download” button, after you wait the usual 45 seconds, there are three download links offered, one from depositfiles and two other mirrors. And here, there are two options :
– the depositfiles link is the link to the zipped file, wonderful, that’s still what happens most of the time.
– the depositfiles link is called payment.php and offers no downlaod capacity, only payment options. It sucks. And if the mirrors are dead, it sucks even more.

So I took a bit of time and found an easy solution for you :

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Hentai Rules : work in progress !

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OK guys, I’m in the process of making the website work again, with a new blog and an improved layout.

It’s still gonna take some work, but we’re getting closer :)

If you’re new here, for your info, I had my blog at before blogspot kicked me out, too much traffic on a porn blog containing advertisements. I then decided to buy my own domain, pay for my own hosting, and here I am :o

If you have suggestions, feel free to post a comment !

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