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Nihonomaru really sucks, and the admin’s a fucking hypocrite

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Oi there, I’m Oliver, from the hentai blog

Simply said : if you want to download MY quality stuff, chosen and uploaded by me, visit in the first place, don’t just use Nihonomaru, who’s making a proffit out of stolen contents.

Why this post ? You see, I’ve noticed that Nihonomaru is using my uploads, as it is using the contents of roughly 3 dozens of other hentai blogs, and posting it as Nihono uploads. The copies are made by users called Meme or Lulu, and those two users are working industrially, copying contents from many blogs and copying the download links, and next posting it on nihonomaru. The admin of Nihono told once that it was not his fault but the fault of simple users… Yeah right, if so how come those shares are also posted as site news on the main pages of Nihonomaru ? That admin’s a fucking hypocrite – and if thats a girl, here’s my free bonus, that’s a bitch who obviously doesn’t get laid often enough.

(Dozens of details can be found on my Nihonomaru Or The Asshole Way page)

I don’t own the copyright for those hentai works, and you sure can find them in various places, but at the minimum I expect respect from my work, and I don’t want that my work can be used industrially without authorization nor respect by others, not without credits and a link back. Otherwise all the time I spend on it would be wasted.

Welcome on if that is your first visit, take a look, I’m proud to share tons of good contents, all uploaded by me :)


Nihonomaru, or an example or the “asshole way”

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Some of you guys may know a place called Nihonomaru, a small hentai board with only a few shares, an average design, and occasionally some quality shares posted. Well, here’s the scoop : many of the good posts in there are unauthorized rip-offs ! Which means the admin of Nihonomaru copies the html from good hentai blogs, from pages where the author spent days uploading and making links, transforms it into BBcode and makes a post in his board with it.

That’s a long story, but to summarize, here’s the whole thing in two lines : In that story the admin of nihonomaru sucked so far, it harms both nihono and the website of the person who first uploaded everything, and you would be welcome to spread the word.
Now, for the details, please click the “open the complete post” link ! :P

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Any Great Teacher Onizuka hentai stuff around ?

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GTO hentai

Hello there, guys ! For once, instead of a share, a request !

I’m just wondering, would you have GTO (aka Great Teacher Onizuka) hentai pictures or mangas, maybe ?

It came to me that I never saw any hentai GTO pictures, that’s sad, the manga is totally cool and I’d love to see some of the characters in real hentai situations :twisted:

Oh, a remark, if you ONLY saw the anime made out of it, then you do NOT know what is really Great Teacher Onizuka. Read the manga, it is completely, totally, insanely hilarious :) If you wonder where to find it, I only found that scanlation website telling about IRC places where to get GTO. I proudly own the 25 complete volumes and I am not interested into IRC anyway, so I’ll let whoever wants to try it, try it.

Streaming restored for the X-Men Sex Video

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You may remember, I uploaded a long time ago an X-Men adult video. Users reported the streaming link was dead, and I myself didn’t reupload it because, the host, had banned my ass and there was no way I’d pay those fookers to have another account. Well, to my surprise, I was simply offered a megarotic account by a cool guy who wishes to remain anonymous. Thanks dude :D
Good point : I can do reuploads now :D

You may also appreciate that X-Men adult comic, full-color, in english, of very high quality too… If you read the comments, you’ll see that another cool visitor, Sean, even added in a zip additional pictures that weren’t originally included :)

Work, so much work -_-

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Hello folks, just a small heads up to say that I’m not dead, even though the lack of updates could have given you that impression. I’m just totally busy with two kids at home, a wife with a bad flu, a company to run, and a new version of the company’s website coming as soon as it will be finished :x
Some new updates are currently being uploaded, and fortunately the great people posting great links in the comments give new cool stuff to leech too, thanks guys :P

Bypass the limitations of depositfiles, Rapidshare and Megaupload

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A kind user, Soymon, has shared links (in a comment to that english anal hentai manga that I recomment to read :D ) to 3 firefox addons supposed to allow bypassing some or all of the limitations thta depositfiles, rapidshare and megaupload impose on downloaders.

I have premium accounts and honestly I’m a bit lazy, so I’ll skip the testing myself. But I give the links here, folks, so if that works flawslessly please confirm it :)
Thousands of users would benefit from it, so I do hope it works ^^

These are greasemonkey scripts (an addon for firefox to allow the processing of webpages differently from the normal way, following for this the instructions given by a script), and the scripts are those : Depositfiles – and -Megaupload – and -Rapidshare
Thanks Soymon ! :)

My Black Dog Collection is updated. If you’ve got others, share please ;)

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EDIT : this is a VERY late edit, three years after I first wrote this post…

I first shared a collection of all my Black Dog works, their version, their origin, their quality, and their language of course.

I gave up on it.

To be frank, it had become way too complicated to maintain, and it consumed too much time… Sorry, but I hope you’ll understand ^^

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