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Hardware problems = less updates :x

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Hello folks,
I have currently hardware problems, and to summarize it, my computer’s best running-time before a complete freeze occurs is 40 minutes. That explains why there are less updates lately, I hope you will understand, be patient, and bear the fact that were will be less uploads for a short while ;)

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Is the site looking OK for you ?

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I was told that hentairules wouldn’t display correctly for very very few firefox users. I already asked people’s opinion here. I made a few edits to the site, reducing widths for each of the columns, checking the paddings, removing one </div> that had no reason to exist, triple-checking the float attributes, and other things too.

So please : is the site working fine for you ? A non-working site would be like that :

If it’s not like that, then it is working :)
Please, tell me if you have a problem with the layout, and if yes, it would be great if you could provide a screenshot and info about your browser ;)

Megaupload mirrors added to the Haruhi 19 Doujinshi + Porn Movie Giga Pack

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Remember my Giga Pack about Haruhi, containing 19 hentai doujinshi (a bit in english) and the real adult movie cosplaying Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsi, called “Hahiru” ?
Well, I have added megaupload mirrors for the people bothered by my usual host, depositfiles. I hope megaupload will work better for you :)

For the 19 hentai parodies and the adult Haruhi movie, click here, and enjoy the new mirror :)

Display problems ?

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A visitor told me the’s display was focked with him. Please, if that is your case too, can you leave a comment to inform me ? I NEED to know if many people have it or not. Please, i’ll be grateful if you help me with a bug report (I might even grant you an “upload this please”)

Edit : on that page I’m asking the question again, because I made a few modifications to the code, so the discussion continues there ;)

Totally non-hentai flash-Game : Nanaca Crash, the best flash game ever !

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Yeah, I know, some people could object this is a hentai site. But why would I speak only of it ? I feel like sharing the best flash game ever to me : Nanaca Crash. I still play that game more than two years after discovering it !
(click the “open complete post” if you don’t see the flash game)
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