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Some dead pictures

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Hello dear visitors :)
I noticed that some of my galleries aren’t working, them being located on the pictures host I don’t really see why (doesn’t look like hardware problems, it’s “all or nothing” for the pictures of a gallery), I hope it’s just temporary.
Until then, spare your time, if the pictures are hosted at largeimagehost and not one shows up, it’s useless to add a comment to report the pictures being dead, I’m alreawy aware and waiting to see if the need for a reupload exists, or if it’s just temporary :-/

Hana’s Holidays chapters 1 and 2, English, by Saigado Comics

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(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Saigado’s shares on hentairules)

Ever heard of Tonigobe ? Lurker at ABPEA (great hentai newsgroup, i was known as “Sabin” on ABPEA, until I stopped uploading in there six months ago), occasional translator for one and a half years ? I just found he released the two first chapters of Hana’s Holidays, a great hentai manga by Saigado Comics showing the sexual adventures of a hot exhibitionist office lady, and he made that with the quality of work of a great professional, thanks dude :)

(if you’re curious, he also translated Yarase, by Isutoshi)

When I have more time, I’ll share all that I have of Hana’s Holidays, there are much more than two chapters after this. For now, I’ll share (zip link and gallery) the two first english-translated chapters.

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Display problems, for a change : HELP !

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I tested hentairules with Internet Explorer, just look at that (click to enlarge) :


I trust you will notice the slight problem with the central column :D

Please, if you use IE, is it showing the same problem for you ? Please, even more if you have the prob indeed, report it to me. (And if you’re a pro at webdesign and you know what’s the prob, i’ll be glad to hear ;) )

Streaming added for the hentai english movie, Little Monica episodes 1 & 2

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If you want do download Little Monica 1 & 2 (uncensored, english subs and english audio as options), this is on that page.

This post is aimed at telling that I have added a streaming version hosted at (adult version of megaupload, same system), the best preview there is :) And if you have a megarotic premium account like me (let’s not discuss why I first purchased one :D) you can also download the movie from megarotic, click the play window one more time while playing, it will open a new window with a “download original link”.

(if you don’t see episode2’s window, click “open the complete post”)

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Any display problems ?

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I made small edits to the site’s css, trying to fix an issue, but I still want to be careful, so please, if suddenly, for you, displays weirdly or incorrectly, could you post a comment to explain it ? Thanks :)

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