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Sponsored post – Hentai Heroes is launching an art contest! Over $3100 in cash and prizes!

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A short intro by Oliver: third sequel to this, where you’ll find an explanation. Short version, I like those guys’ work enough :)


$1200 for the 1st place winner !
$1000 for the 2nd place winner !
$600 for the 3rd place winner !
$200 for the 4th place winner !
15,600 kobans for the 5th place winner ($115 in-game money) !

7,200 kobans for the 6th place winner ($57 in-game money) !

To submit your work, go HERE

Deadline for submission: 15th of October

Now the story behind it. Before a year ago Hentai Heroes was only a slideshow presentation. Really, not a normal one, though ;) It got the 4 creators so excited, that they decided to take high risk and follow the hentai goddess of their dreams.The journey is amazing and full of everyday surprises. Storyboard is getting huge and girls in the game are multiplying each month…Hentai Heroes has become one of the top hentai games, that’s why we want to share the exact excitement with you. <3

The contest is our very first of the type. So, we decided that we are going to dedicate it to our main drive and inspiration, our girls!

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Yuudachi [English], by Kurokoshi You, has been DECENSORED! ^____^

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Amazing, right, right? [eager smile of the guy who'll knock your teeth if you don't share his enthusiasm]

It’s one of those shares combining a considerable list of things I like. Tanned skin, tanlines, happy sex, vanilla, swimsuit, a wet-shirt, and more. I shared it, two years ago.

The good news now: it has been decensored :twisted:
“A picture VS a thousand words“, etc: BEFORE / AFTER!! :kickass:

To get the new decensored version, follow that link :)
(I replaced the links in the post I made to share the censored version two years ago, rather than creating a brand new post.)

We owe this decensoring to our dear J.B.Random, thank you very much! ^_^

Low Return – Toshiue No Imouto [English, 205 pictures], by Hyji, has been DECENSORED! :)

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And in a yukata!!! Come to think of it, it's a fantasy I never made true, but that one, my wife might be open to the idea... :3

Good news on the decensoring front, while I was away on holidays hiking nearly every day with my family for the holidays, a kind person called “Rdbtpgdb” released the decensored version of Low Return – Toshiue No Imouto, a 205 pages long quality hentai manga with excellent artwork and interesting stories :)
Check it out, seriously, it’s worth it ^^

To get or read the decensored version, follow that link! =)

Sponsored post – Hentai Heroes celebrates his 1st Anniversary!

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A short intro by Oliver: second sequel to this, where you’ll find an explanation. Short version, I like those guys’ work enough :D

One year ago, Hentai Heroes was officially launched. The beginning of a big, big adventure for all the team behind the game. So now is the best time for us to throw a new event compiling all the special girls!

Afterall, it’s not a secret that we love doing events.
It’s like an addiction, once you do it, you could never stop repeating it again, and again…
How did it start?

We wanted to do more for our players, we wanted to give them more excitement and reasons to be wet ;) Our nasty minds came to the idea of stories in which our girls had to be involved. Interestingly enough… all those stories seemed so legit for the non-hentai eye. Like Halloween. What is Halloween about? Costumes, trick or treats, different traditions all around the world? No, no, no! Halloween is about wild hentai sex if it comes to us!!! It’s the time when Juliette, Housemaid and Kimie got their special skins, showing different sides of their character.

Of course, dressing our girls and giving them extasy wasn’t enough, so we added special event missions to spice it up.

Until the event came to its end we were totally nervous, we didn’t know if players are even gonna like what we did and if our efforts will be gone to the wind. Turns out, they did. They wanted more. So, that’s when the Xmas event was brought to life.

Only this time there we put even more efforts and even more event girls, waiting to be f…grabbed ;) Agate, Bunny, Ankyo, Arcana, Ninja Elf they were all in their horniest xmas moods, exactly how we wanted them. Another improvement we did is including a girl in our Daily missions, because, yes, Hentai Heroes is around you! We want you to have the biggest and horniest harem of all! Santa Claudia was obtainable only if you complete 12 of the 14 daily missions, nice, ah?

October and November were happy months, but we realized we don’t have enough hours and working powers for a January event. But we didn’t want to stop doing what players love. The most important thing for a game designer is the feedback he gets, so we gathered different opinions and we talked, and talked them over, before our Valentine’s event was born:

Again – 6 girls. Cupid-chan, obtainable only through event missions, Val Red Battler and Val Abraël, obtainable both from Pachinko and trolls, Val Jenny, Val Kelina, Val Spook – Pachinko only. Cupid-chan became one of the most liked girls ever.

The Valentine’s event only gave us more ideas and we did Spring Break and Easter in the same way only making them hornier.

Up until our Festival event, we were following the same patterns. It was end of April and we were in a process of gathering players’ feedbacks. Players wanted higher drop rate. No question, the team agreed and the 3xDrop rate was out!!!

Festival Titania received a lot of sweet lo-oove.

You can see why, right? ;)

What came next? Yes, the Music Party! In the process of doing it we were so f****ng inspired by our girls and by the voice of the unfamiliar girls whispering in our ears their secret desires.
Boki Mi Mai wanted to be in the Daily Missions, like a hidden flower, once you find her you can make her ‘bloom’ in a lot of ways.

Our rap star Nika, wanted to be only in Pachinko. Likewise: Juin Lelierre and Music Sylvia. This time we surprised our players with Pachinko, the 10x Epic Pachinko was providing only our event girls. Yey!

It’s how June went. Booze, parties, karaoke, rap battles, and a bit of sweet pot. Wtf.. Live your life to the fullest!!!!

July? What about it? We went Pokemon-style for our July event!

But it’s not finished yet! The surprises till the end of July, I swear in my hentai ass are going to be huge and amazing. More events, promotions, improvements, just wait and see! This is the month of our Anniversary after all, hence we are going to celebrate and be w.i.l.d.!


Holiday time! ^_^

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Hello everyone, I’m leaving for two weeks of (in my biased opinion) well-deserved holidays.

I have posts scheduled ahead, my blog is technically in good hands while I’m away, so things should be smooth for hentairules =)

Have a great month of July, guys, have fun, tolerate work, to each his own ;)

An Android question about SMS (text) messages, between an old and new phone?

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Yeah, that's me.

Time for another support question, sorry to bother, thank you so much if you have helpful suggestions ^^

To keep it short, I have a cellphone SIM card, that was inside an old nokia, non-smartphone (and now dead), that was migrated inside a recent android 7 smartphone.
Something was “lost” in the process: the SMS text messages that were exchanged during the lifetime of the old Nokia cellphone, they didn’t appear in the android smartphone’s text apps (neither Android Messages by Google, nor Messenger by Facebook, QKSMS or Signal). And yet, exchanging SMS messages worked, and the new messages were stored and shown. It’s only the pre-android SMS messages that disappeared.

My conclusion was: “RIP LOL the texts must have been stored inside the phone and not inside the SIM card”.

However, as I was using another program (Apowersoft Smartphone Manager) to synchronize data between the smartphone and a PC (and quickly update the smartphone’s list of Contacts, much faster with a real keyboard and a mouse), I saw there was also the option to explore the SMS messages…
And, in there, I saw the old SMS messages! The texts still exist! – Even if they’re not visible otherwise! :shock:

Which leads me to asking: would you have an idea on how to “restore” them into prim and proper state, so that they can be seen normally like the post-smartphone-SIM-insertion of the SIM card?

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