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Daitouryou No Inbou (“President In Vogue”) [English], by Hachiya Makoto

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Only one absence, no grabbing by the pussy :D

Donald Trump is in a hostess bar. He wonders what the hell he’s gonna do now, as he didn’t think he would actually become President of the United states. A younger Hillary Clinton confronts him, a Japanese PM starts having sex with Hillary, Trump cosplays as the pen pineapple pen guy, a Mexican immigrant (who actually is the President Enrique Peña Nieto) comes out of nowhere and starts having sex with the girl that was comforting Trump, Trump takes back Hillary and makes sex with her great again, and at this point I have totally lost it lol.

The whole scene is hugely filled with bad jokes and puns about politics, I doubt it can be used for fapping (unless…), but for a good laugh, that was totally worth it :D :lol:

By the same artist, I also share Laundry, Lady’s Service and From Rooftop For Heaven.

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W.C. – Wet Children, by Pinvise, is now available in MUCH SUPERIOR version, uncensored, high res, and reedited :)

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Meganekko + bikini? I'm in faphaven

Open those two pictures in full-size, without shrinking to fit display.
Nice difference, right? ^^ A new version of Wet Children is upon us :)

First is the previous version I used to share. Blurry, small, censored, occasional odd typography (although that last point doesn’t show in the image).
Second is the new version coming as a replacement. High enough resolution, sharp, neat, not censored, fully OK and unobstrusive typography.
We owe this great improvement to a kind person nicknamed 1234Megapixel, thank you very much! ^_^

You can get the new version HERE, enjoy :)

Merry new year 2017, everyone! :)

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After a long and eventful year 2016, both personally and for the rest of the world, I really hope 2017 will be cooler and better. And you?

Well, we’ll see, right? I wish you all a GREAT 2017! :)

Take care along the way :)

Merry Christmas, folks! :)

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Cheers! ^_^

I wish you all, boys, girls, aliens and weirdos, a merry christmas holiday! Take it easy, enjoy, and be well, my dear pervs! ^_^

Hentairules is ten years old. Dear me, dear us :D

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Source: my beloved Gintama manga =)

Just… wow. was created on the 17th of december 2006. (I almost caught the birthday date on time, not bad.)

Ten years in hentai sharing.
In hentai loving.
In hot talking, discussions.
In pieces of life. I made friends, became a father and again, funded a company, shut it down, changed job, changed job again (current status: worryingly failing to find a new source of income, sigh, I’d take anything).
Giving, and receiving. Learning.
Watching the hentai scene grow larger, and larger, and larger.
Watching it grow also more “legit”, with developments like Project-H, Fakku, and others like 2D-Market also. Which is good, those Japanese mangakas deserve to make a better living.

I don’t have the proper words to tell how grateful and proud I am to have been there those ten years, in contact with everyone. Visitors, friends, helpers, geeks, coders, scanlators, editors, translators, proofreaders, commissioners, connoisseurs, commenters.

So, a bit emotionally perhaps, I’ll end this post abruptly,
with a massive THANK YOU LOVE YOU to all of you!!!
Hugs :)

I need seedboxing help for my incoming Gigatorrent. Who can help? :)

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Hey guys!

Every year, I publish a new version of my Gigatorrent, in which there is everything I have shared on Hentairules since the blog’s creation, far back in 2006.

Those last years, I received the excellent help of my friend Kuzko, he seedboxed the torrent and set it up for a great start, until the torrent could live its own life all over the year, with enough seeders who had it fully or partially.

However, this year, there’s an issue, Kuzko can’t seedbox. Ouch.

So, I need seedboxing help, from one or several persons.

Could you help? The requirements are that:
– you have a server ready to seedbox (knowing already how it works would be ideal)
– you have enough size (we’ll hit in the half TB)
– you are OK with a huge bandwidth usage (as seedboxing implies helping enough people get the torrent for a sensible amount of time)

Personal home connexions, even quality fiber, can’t replace the kickstarting brought by seedboxing, so, yeah, one or several seedboxes is a necessity IMO.

Please, contact me if you think you can help? I’ll welcome all help :)

You can contact me on the good old oliver [ @ ] addy.
I have a massive backlog of unread hentai emails, because real life and work come first, I read the rest when I have time (a time I’ve been lacking lately). But I’ll add filtering to make sure I don’t miss emails with the word torrent ^^

Zutto Suki Datta [English, 209 pictures], by Yuzuki N Dash, has been updated to TANK SCANS and had bonus improvements

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Unable to fap to this

Well, yeah, this isn’t Yuzuki N Dash’s best h-manga, to make one of the greatest understatements of the year.

But, still, an improvement of that caliber is welcome: Zutto Suki Datta, that used to come as a patchwork of chapters in varied qualities, mostly using magazine scans (glossary), has now been reedited by a kind person. No idea who, but thank you!

Now, we have much better scans, and the dialogues were bettered, if I can even say it like that, huhu.

The new version kept the old location, you can get it HERE! :)

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