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Zutto Suki Datta [English, 209 pictures], by Yuzuki N Dash, has been updated to TANK SCANS and had bonus improvements

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Unable to fap to this

Well, yeah, this isn’t Yuzuki N Dash’s best h-manga, to make one of the greatest understatements of the year.

But, still, an improvement of that caliber is welcome: Zutto Suki Datta, that used to come as a patchwork of chapters in varied qualities, mostly using magazine scans (glossary), has now been reedited by a kind person. No idea who, but thank you!

Now, we have much better scans, and the dialogues were bettered, if I can even say it like that, huhu.

The new version kept the old location, you can get it HERE! :)

Momoiro Triangle [English, 107 pictures], by Sabashi Renya, has been reedited into a much better version, with an extra chapter! :)

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Only thing she'd beed is a hairband. Don't know why :D

Time for better hentai! ^_^
Before I write a wall of text, in short, no retouching, no resizing:
(Please view it in full-size, without fitting to screen. See the rich details, the better surfaces, the sharper look, the typesetting, the texts.)

Let us kiss goodbye to the 2014 version of Momoiro Triangle, that was made with poor and low-res (1300 px) scans.
And welcome the new version, that comes with those changes:
– improved the scripts (replacing p*ssy with pussy, for instance, means a lot, it stops breaking the immersion)
– ported the English to much superior tank scans, with better image quality, as little censorship, and much higher (2400 px) resolution
– added an extra chapter in the end, yay, more hentai!

Full credits are for: PROzess-H, CrowKarasu, Flammz, Lord Of Evil and Ser Maggot.
What can I say. THANK YOU GUYS!!! ^_^

The new version of Momoiro Triangle can be found HERE

Netorare New Heroine [English, 216 pictures], by Kon-Kit, is now UNCENSORED! :D

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Would you look at that? Who wouldn't want to fap to death to this work of beauty?

I’ll be brief, I binge-watched the first season of the Flash series plus a bit of the second season and it ate away most of my free friday :D

Here’s some good news, fellow hentai lovers, our dear Belldandy100 has decensored Netorare New Heroine by Kon-Kit.
The story isn’t what I thoroughly love, to make an understatement. But the drawings, HNNNNG they’re exploding the fapometer.
There used to be fairly annoying thick black rectangles, and now, *poof*, all done. It sooooo looks better :twisted:

Netorare New Heroine, now decensored, is available HERE!

A new version of Paco X Paco, by Agata, has been released. With tank scans. I’m sharing it, but recommending you don’t download it, actually.

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Cheerful, original, crazy and WTF at the same time

Oh, hey everyone. It’s complicated, and I don’t know how to make it simple, I’ll apologize in advance.

So, here’s the thing, it’s for the manga Paco X Paco (228 pictures), by Agata.

Paco X Paco was scanlated using the magazine scanlations. Usually, as explained in my glossary, magazine scans totally lose to tankoubon scans.

However, this time, it’s not the case. A very kind soul (I regret to say I don’t know who) reedited Paco X Paco from the magazine version to its tankoubon version.
And it’s now “less good” than before.
My two reasons to say that:
– (1) the censorship is hardly better, if not occasionally worse, sometimes we now see a clitoris that we didn’t before, but sometimes the censorship becomes slightly more annoying, and
– (2) the images are now smaller than in the original version, with no other sort of improvement that would be visible to the naked eye.

Three examples, cropped without retouching or resizing. I placed first the most advantageous example in favour of the new version, damn too small now but displaying a case of net loss of censorship. Gotta try to be fair.
Example 1: until now / new. Example 2: until now / new. Example 3: until now / new.

And yet, I’m sharing it.
Because I simply don’t see why reedit a whole tank into an inferior quality, so I’m thinking, maybe I’m missing the obvious, maybe I’ve got shit in the eyes and it’s actually a real improvement.

You will find the new tank-reedited version in the original Paco X Paco post.
It does NOT replace the previous version. It is a new set of links added at the bottom.

Still, if you’ll follow my advice, simply skip it, and keep the old version.

Sakura Democracy [English, 205 pictures, by Takatsu, is now UNCENSORED, woot!

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Nice news, gentlemen and gentlewomen, Sakura Democracy is now uncensored!!
That makes it a 205 pages long complete quality tank, entirely free of censorship bars :twisted:

We owe this to the combined work of Eroguro55, who decensored the Japanese version, and TheRobotsGhost, who combined it with the English scanlation. Thank you very much! :jap:

Sakura Democracy is available HERE :)

Flappy Cat [English], by Momi, has been reedited to superior TANK SCANS!

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I’ll be brief: the very good Flappy Cat, by Momi, has been remade into tank scans :)

The previous version was suffering from massive whiteout censorship hiding everything of the genitalia, enjoy huge white holes instead of pussy shots, enjoy white batons instead of dicks, and the image quality wasn’t exceptional (although quite decent.)
The new version:
– has 4 additional full-color pages,
– offers superior image quality and, on top of all in my eyes,
– has much less censorship, as we “only” (OK, it’s still a pain in the ass in itsef ^^) have thick rectangles in which the drawings are darkened that cover like one third or one fourth of the genitalia.
It’s a net improvement :D

Original credits, for the magazine scans previous version, were for Cedr777 from Triple Seven Scans. For the new version, well… I don’t know, I’m sorry O.o

I simply updated the old post with the new version,
you can get it HERE, enjoy, folks! ^_^

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