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Ane Naru Mono 4 & 4.5 and Jingai Shunman 10 Plus Updated Packs!

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Hey, Troops! Delta’s back! I know it’s been a while since I’ve been out of contact, so let’s start with 2 updates: Ane Naru Mono 4 & 4.5 and Jingai Shunman 10. Listen to what I have planned for the next following weeks and trust me, you will be saying: “WE DON’T WANNA!!! GIVE IT TO US NOW, CURSE YOU!!!” Sorry guys, but a little patience won’t kill you. Actually you will be more virtuous and there is no greater reward than to savor the spoils once you get to taste it. X3

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Derenuki 2 [English], a Ghost In The Shell hentai doujinshi, by Tuna Empire, now in a COLORIZED version

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The most fuckable major ever.

This is not a replacement, no need to start a revolution, allright? It’s an addition, of a different version ^^

A kind person, going by the nickname of Beerus97, has colorized Derenuki 2, this hentai UFO parodying Ghost In The Shell. I have been impressed by the results, it was well done, and, ah, how to say, I felt that it “respected” the original, not going overboard.
A real reading pleasure, thanks, Beerys97 :)

Now, forgive the lazy ass that I am, but for a valid description of the contents of Derenuki Volume 2, because you’re in for a severe – but quality – mindfuck, please read the description I wrote for the grayscale version of Derenuki, thank you ^^

For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Tuna Empire shares

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The chapter order in Milk Dip [English, 210 pictures], by Itou Eight, has been rearranged to match the “official” tankoubon’s flap order

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The best refill a woman can ask for: sperm

A quick and small update :)

When I shared Milk Dip, one month ago, a nice guy called Battousai124 told in the comments that the chapter order was wrong, not matching the tankoubon’s table of contents. Not stopping at that, he rearranged it himself and gave us the link. Battousai124: thank you! :jap:
So, with a delay (and with my usual apologies for the delay), I’m updating my share, to have this new version, with the chapters in the official order :)

As you can see it’s not a phenomenal update, updating or not is entirely up to you ;)

To get Milk Dip, simply follow that link! :)

My Dear Maid [English, 212 pictures], by Takatsu, is now available in FULL TANK SCANS! – And it is gloriously better :D

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Must... Not... Fap... YET!!! :D

Before! … aaaaaaaaaaaand… AFTER!.
Before I even write a wall of text, that’s the gist, hehe ^_^

So, yeah, thanks to Svines, My Dear Maid has been reedited, from the original hyper-censored and average magazine scans, into the newer high quality neat and barely censored tank scans, and Kuma-pun has translated an additional chapter. Great, right? :D
(By all means, please don’t miss the right side of the page #6, this is new to the tank.)

Credits are for Dynellen and Gludir as the generous commissioners, Lovepupils, Drozetta, JFJF552, Alex68785, Scagli, Kuma-punGenit, The RobotsGhost, Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans, SXIndy27/tsukuyomi, and Salar from HentaiCore. Thank you very much, all of you!!! :jap:

To get the new Tank version of My Dear Maid,
follow that link!

Kouzen Waisetsu Kanojo (“Indecent Exposure Girlfriend”) [English, 183 pictures], by Shiomaneki, is now FULLY UNCENSORED! ^_____^

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Another reason to love hentai: girls keep their glasses during sex ^^

It’s alays a good time for awesome hentai news :D
There we go: a kind person called Recil has decensored Kouzen Waisetsu Kanojo, the funny, original and super hot tankoubon by Shiomaneki!! ^_____^
Thank you very much for this, recil :)

Just as I did on the original censored version, with the newly decensored version, again, I ran a faint retouching on the scans, to slightly darken the images (there were no blacks, just dark greys) and reduce the amout of white dots pollution. Make yourselves an idea, before / after.

You can find the newly decensored version HERE, enjoy! :)

Ran♡Kon, by Hanzaki Jirou [English, 194 pictures], has been reedited to TANK SCANS =)

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Fapworthy :D

Compare this picture with this other picture. Okay? ^^

Boys, girls, here’s some sweet, sweet news, the Ran♡Kon manga, by Hanzaki Jirou, full of awesome sex, is now available in TANK SCANS!
Previously, the version we had was relying on magazine scans, and they were far inferior: bad printing quality, horrible huge whiteout censorship, too dark, missing shades, etc…
The new version has much less censorship (rare semi-transparent black bars) and better printing quality. The dialogues were also reedited to be better-looking.

We owe this most welcome reedit to CustomX, thank you very much, I’m grateful! ^_^

And with that, for the new version of Ran Kon, follow that link! ;)


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