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Yurushite Anata [English, 207 pictures], by Kon-Kit, is now in TANK version, with better translations and an Uncensored chapter :)

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An image is better than a thousand words, so how about 4 images?
BEFORE! – and – AFTER!!
or, almost a hundred pages later,
BEFORE! – and – AFTER!! :twisted:

Long story short, Yurushite Anata, by Kon-Kit,
– has been re-translated, sometimes providing a sensibly better, more accurate translation, plus lots of improvements everywhere (look at the SFXes for instance! :shock: )
– is now in 100% tank scans. Before that, the first half of the volume was only available with hyper ugly blur mosaics censorship from magazine scans.
– has had its first chapter frigging decensored, for Pete’s sake this is godly!

You can get that new version HERE, I hope you’ll enjoy! ^_^ :)

Release credits, for this great feat, are for Itsjustme!!!, Sands, Ranzu02, 4chan people, Monsterbot, Anonymous, and Gansta, from Kon-Kit Translations, thank you very much! ^_^
They’re specialized in Kon-Kit and take donations to offer more, if you guys are into it :)

Shinmurou Kitan – Mistyhaven, by Takasugi Kou, has been reedited to TANK SCANS, and it is glorious :)

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Take the age of the three women, add it into one big number, and there you go, you have the number of SPS (strokes per second) of the people frenetically fapping to Takasugi Kou :D

Just look: BEFORE – vs – AFTER!

How about that? The ugly original version of Mistyhaven has been replaced with a new version based on tank scans.
– Previously, the images were smaller (or: much smaller, more like minuscule: 1200 px FFS), dreadfully either blurry or pixelated, and there was horrible maximum whiteout censorship hiding everything.
– But now, at last, the images are in high res (3000 px FTW!), don’t lack in contrasts, and are neat and hardly even censored (just a few bars here and there), this is a MASSIVE improvement :)

Release credits are, for the translation and tank reediting: to MisterJ167, and for the tank scans: to Salar and
Thank you, thank you very much! :jap:

I went and replaced the gallery and zip links in my Shinmurou Kitan – Mistyhaven sharing post, rather than make a new post about it.
So, to get the new version, simply follow that link! :)

I know, it’s retarded to share that link…

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So, yeah, it’s retarded to share that link, but this is MY blog, I do whatever I want, deal with it :D

I laughed like mad at a certain youtube video parody. The original is the opening of the Blend S series.

And the version I want to share, this is a parody made by a certain MowtenDoo.
Spectacular audio and video editing, with a spectacularly retarded theme, I regret sharing it already ^^;;

Gohoubi Time! + Zoku Gohoubi Time, by Ao Madousi, have been reedited to TANK SCANS! Adieu, ugly mosaics, mwahahahaaaaaaa!!

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Fuck YEAH, a glorious ass, and a swimsuit!!

In a nutshell: BEFORE / AFTER! ;)
Long story short, Gohoubi Time, and its sequel Zoku Gohoubi Time, have been reedited to tank scans.
Picture resolution goes up (from 2500 to 3000 px), details look better, and on top of all, censorship-wise the difference is simply MASSIVE for Gohoubi Time (see the Before/After comparison pics above) and light for Zoku (thick bars have been replaced with slimmer bars.)

If you want it, it’s in the original post, I simply went and replaced the zip and gallery links :)

Kare Kano Boshuu Chuu (“Relationships Wanted”), by Narusawa Kei, has been decensored! :)

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Admittedly, the original wasn't too censored. But every gain counts.

Would you remember my oldest Narusawa Kei share, Relationships Wanted? An original take on, namely, non-vanilla, although the outcome is 30000% obvious, huhu.

Well, here’s the good news, it has been decensored, thanks to Teddy Bear :)

I simply updated the old post, so to get it…
please follow that link! :)

Good news: Nanka Ii Koto Atta (“Did Something Good Happen?”), by Jorori, has been scanlated into proper English :)

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Yeah, it's a pic without dialogues, so the improvement isn't immediately noticeable, sorry lol

Were you guys here, for the release of Nanka Ii Koto Atta? A vanilla and WAFF bomb, adorable, lovely, drawn with talent and caring. But cursed by abominable English, so bad it destroyed everything.

Well, here’s for the excellent news, a new version has been released, this time with REAL English, plus proper editing and all. Please, bin your old version (if you were daring enough to still download it) and take the new version, this time this is TOTALLY worth it!! ^__^
This has been done by the Little White Butterflies team, THANK YOU!! :jap:

I simply updated the post in which I shared the cancerous version, replacing it with the new version, so, to get it, please follow that link :)

Ane-Koi [English, 251 pictures], by Yuzuki N Dash, is now UNCENSORED!! :D

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Exceptional news, my dear fellow hentai lovers, Belldandy100 has decensored Ane Koi, probably the best manga ever made by Yuzuki N Dash. Astounding drawings, incredibly hot, a huge variety of sisters and highschoolers…
Wow, simply… wow… this is awesome :shock:
Belldandy100: THANK YOUUUUU! ^_^

To get the newly decensored Ane Koi, just follow that link :)

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