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A few newbie questions about Windows10, sorry to ask…

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Hey guys :)

For a variety of reasons, I may have to reinstall my OS one of these days, and it’s gotten me to consider replacing my Windows 7 with Windows 10. Before that, I’d really like to ask some newbie questions, please…

First, a confession: I never paid for a Windows licence in my life (excluding the occasional OS shipped with a new machine, but those don’t count, right?), I’ve been pirating it since the old days of Windows 98.

However, I would like to “go legit” at long last, and use a genuine OS.

Why, you may ask? Simply because it would be one less “only slightly worrying thing” sitting in the corner of my mind, not having to ask myself if a new Windows Update would break the loader ( <3 forums), not having to trust blindly a pirating third-party software. I mean, it’s only a minuscule thing to worry about, of course, but life is complicated enough already so, in the long term, the less useless things I have sitting in a corner of my mind, the better. Oh, and now there are other reasons (for security, just in case.)

And it leads me to the questions I’m asking now:
1 – In that case, is it the only solution to go and buy Windows from an online store, be it CD/USB/Key number?
2 – Or is it possible to download from Microsoft an official .iso and use a licence key/number provided by someone that’s not a commercial vendor?
3 – Are there options in which you can be worry-free (no need to renew, rebuy, recertify, rewhatever) even after you replace your motherboard and/or system disk?
(Putting it into a context, the last time I knew for sure how things worked, it was with Windows 98, so I only got obsolete info here ^^ I googled around of course, but the replies were beyond confusing, conflicting answers, responses contradicting each other…)

Lastly, and here I’m getting my hopes high, unless it doesn’t work like that anymore (honestly, no idea!), are there still people with unused keys they don’t need who could gift one to a friendly hentai webmaster? Or maybe now it’s not possible anymore to gift them, or they’ve stopped being a commodity every sysadmin had plenty to liberally give around?

Sorry to ask it here, thanks if you guys can help me getting this mess less confusing ;)

Sorry about the Fakku torrent! Obviously, yeah, it was a fake for April’s first :)

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Sorry, but not sorry ^^

Everything is in the title, but if you’re like me and you read titles only after one or two chapters of the posts, I may as well write it again: I’m sorry for the false hopes, but yesterday’s Fakku super torrent wasn’t genuine, it was an April’s fools joke for the first of the month :)
Not everything I wrote was false, a large part of my criticism was a shout from my very soul, the thought that if you can’t pay you should be forbidden to read strikes me as revolting and reason enough to browse certain other torrent sites I cannot mention.

I’ll be sorry for wrong and legit reasons.

– Sorry for wrong reasons: those of you who didn’t see it coming because for you it was still March 31st. Or because in your country there is no pranking on the first of April (or only tame lightweight pranking – I don’t see the point, for me pranking is either done with, metaphorically, a nuclear weapon, or there is no point at all). Doesn’t matter: not my problem :D

– Sorry for legit reasons: I screwed up something.
My plans were to (1) create a torrent for something absurdly huge, (2) start seeding it, but (3) have my utorrent client configured to stop emitting data after a hard cap of 100 MB.
This way, you guys would see a seeder with 100% of the content trying to seed it to you all, but you’d be only trading with each other the first 100 MB, a volume that I deem mostly harmless. While my own client would be “yep, I’ve got it for you guys, but nope, I’m not uploading, keep on believing I’m going to resume uploading any second, still”.
However, I don’t know why, even though I double-checked I ticked the proper configuration options, my utorrent kept on uploading past the 100 MB limit and I had to close the program around 400 MB of uploaded data. At this point, 400 MB just for the lulz, this became a cruel joke harming those with capped internet, I am truly sorry about that. Also, it stopped lying that there was 1 seeder with 100% of the data, which is a pity :twisted:

You can delete what you got of the torrent, it wasn’t actual stuff anyway.

I hope you had a nice day and read funny shit on the internet to make it a merry day, me, my favorite was this one from Torrentfreak :3

Side notes:
– my gigatorrent will come in the medium term, again. It freaking died twice because my hard disks have suicidal tendancies this year and I ragequit the second time (I didn’t even wanted to talk about it anymore, getting angry whenever the topic came up and refusing to talk), but as it’s been over one month and a half without a new dead disk I’m good to finish preparing it. I’ll need seedboxers again, but I’m sure it’ll work.
– Also, I’ll have to kick myself in the arse and remember to make a post about the good shops to buy English hentai around, fakku, 2d-Market and project-H, with links, opinions and all. Please, if you’ve got feedback regarding 2D-market and Project-H, contact me, I’m curious to compare what I think I know with other people’s experiences (like: do Project-H still offer ridicuously small 1500 px digital versions and are they still censored, or, what are the native resolution images for 2D-market and do they really not ship paper versions…)

Fakku, Tanks + Magazines: THE COMPLETE TORRENT

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Totally not an april’s fools joke prank. Not my style.

Grab it while it’s hot!
—> here :)

So, boys, girls, aliens, here is my hand-made complete Fakku pack, complete as far as the 27th of March 2017.
I know you can find here and there small packs, but I don’t think I ever saw anywhere.

Why, you may ask? Because fuck it all, not everyone has a fuckton of money, and the hypocritical argument that then if you can’t buy you can’t read sucks big hairy stinky monkey balls.
Fakku used to allow everyone to discover troves of marvels from Japan, they were a beacon. And then, when they went both free scanlations + paying, I thought “THIS is what we all needed”, money for the creators, and the free bait to bring even more people to discover the greatness of hentai… But then they went full hypocrites, sent everyone tons of DMCAs as a Wani agent, and took down the free scanlations, now they’re just a biz like any other biz. They’d be nowhere if not for the free scanlations.
I understand it’s good to bring more money to the creators. I also understand it’s wrong to betray the past entirely and go full hypocrite telling those who can’t pay to suck it and leave.
Well, you know what, here’s for more free contents now.

This torrent contains:

– All the Fakku magazine subscription content (I forgot to count. Like 1300 chapters or so), the new chapters from magazines they release every day, all of them uncensored.
I grabbed them personally using a private python script (I used to have a script handed by someone else, and when it broke down, I paid a coder to rewrite something else entirely, a script simulating a super-large chromium browser viewing the contents as a premium user, screenshotting page by page, saving to disk in 1:1 size without shrinking by fitting to screen, storing the chapters in separate folders, the 375$ cost of the coding of the leech script was split among other interested buddies)

– All the Fakku published tankoubons, 29 volumes in total. I hope I didn’t miss any of them.
Their list: Metamorphosis by ShindoL, Pandemonium by NaPaTa (that one was… GODLY!!!), XXX Maiden by Meme50, The Job Of A Service Committee Member by Inoue Kyoshiro, Fresh Pudding by isao, TiTiKei by Ishikei, Love Ridden by NaPaTa, Melty Gaze by Hyocorou, Welcome to Tokoharusou Apartments by Gunma Kisaragi, Peachy Butt Girls by Bosshi, Alluring Women by Cuvie, Puni Kano by Pyon-Kti, Renai Sample by Homunculus, Ecchi Sketch by Leopard, Bashful Break by Homunculus, Porno Switch by Hisasi, Let Loose Lewd Boobs by Mojarin, Non Virgin by Oda Non, Saitom Box by Saitom, Kogal Sluts and Whatever by Gujira, Let’s Do It by Saitom, After School Vanilla by Key, It’s A Straight Line Once You Fall In Love by Gunma Kisaragi, Ima Real by Takeda Hiromisu (A.K.A. “the volume that wasn’t lost their investment”), Meaty Minxes by BoBoBo, Kira Jira by Hamao, Shoujo Material by Naruco Hanaharu, Carnal Communication by Mogg, Super Dimensional Love Gun by Shitaro Kago (a super weird thing, impossible to fap to this.)

The images are in original full resolution, however they have been recompressed to jpegs, to reduce the size they occupy on disk.

Enjoy folks! And now that you’re stuffed, remember to buy shit – when you can :)

Click HERE to get the .torrent, and remember to seed!

Anata Ga Watashi No Yuusha-sama [English, Now UNCENSORED, fucking WOOT!], by Mitarashi Club

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It's like Mitarashi Kousei thought "You know what, here, I'll create a picture panel in which EVERYTHING is perfect. Yeah, let's do it."

When Anata Ga Watashi No Yuusha-sama came out, in 2015, I was enthusiastic, thrilled, overjoyed.
How do you think I feel now in 2017, when that same doujinshi has been decensored by Belldandy100 and has a new (supposedly? Well, I suppose?) improved translation? :D :twisted: :woot:

Anata Ga Watashi No Yuusha-sama, now uncensored, is available HERE, dear folks ^_^
And thanks a LOT to Axalon from The Lost Light (who told me of this update!) and Belldandy100! :jap:

In reaction, about ShindoL and TSF Monogatari

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Hey guys.

I have received partly negative feedback, in comments and email, also from persons I respect like Mederic64, regarding the share I made yesterday, TSF Monogatari. It’s true I wasn’t particularly tender towards the mangaka, to quote myself, in addition to all the times I compared the manga to a huge pile of shit:

a pregnant girl cumming from having her womb electrocuted – shit, cut the crap and go fuck yourself, ShindoL !! :gfy:

I wonder, was that excessive? I would have been an hypocrite if I pretended to remain even partly neutral to this manga that horrified beyond words – well, that’s my defence. Respect doesn’t equal servility.

But I’ll do better than split hair about respectfully telling fuck you. I’ll give you the link to Metamorphosis, the newest manga by ShindoL, that you can find on Fakku, HERE.

You see, in my opinion, Metamorphosis is way better.
– Graphically, the art is amazing, reaching new heights of perfectly controlled excess
– Artistically, this is not just despicable shitty porn (like TSF Monogatari, in my biased opinion), there is a true story, touching us to the deepest core of our soul. HUGE WARNING: you will be left despaired, sad, empty, you’ll need many days to recover once you’re done reading. Calling the ending “sad” or “depressing” doesn’t even come close. But that’s how true art works, we’re touched, we’re moved, it doesn’t have to be all cute smiles. The paintings by Goya, or – a contemporary local reference, sorry only few will be able to access it ^^ – the Chair d’âmes by Nedjar, they’re harrowing, beautiful, and artistic.
Metamorphosis goes way further than the shit we see in TSF Monogatari. But, unlike TSF Monogatari, this is truly artistic and totally worth it.

In your opinion, guys… What is the BIGGEST LIE in hentai?

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So, yeah, what do you think is the biggest lie we read in hentai?

Personally, I’d go for “Just the tip!“.
I’ve read other nice ones, for instance that cumming inside feels good for girls, or the hips moving on their own, or the tale that teaching sex to women makes them spread their legs…

And you, you’d have other funny lies to mention? ^^

Ane Naru Mono 4 & 4.5 and Jingai Shunman 10 Plus Updated Packs!

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Free Image Hosting
Hey, Troops! Delta’s back! I know it’s been a while since I’ve been out of contact, so let’s start with 2 updates: Ane Naru Mono 4 & 4.5 and Jingai Shunman 10. Listen to what I have planned for the next following weeks and trust me, you will be saying: “WE DON’T WANNA!!! GIVE IT TO US NOW, CURSE YOU!!!” Sorry guys, but a little patience won’t kill you. Actually you will be more virtuous and there is no greater reward than to savor the spoils once you get to taste it. X3

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