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The silliest hentairules post of the year (but fear not, the year is still young)

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I sometimes use the “UHHNGGNGYEH!!!” expression on Hentairules, to express deliberately exaggerated ecstasy, but I realized some time ago it was absolutely obscure for, well, everybody actually.

So, behold: the origin of that, an image.

I’ll reckon this is lame. But I don’t care, I laughed until my ribs hurt the first time I saw it, and even now it holds precious sentimental value in my eyes, deal with it :lol:

Hyrule Hanei No Tame No Katsudou, by Morittokoke, has been updated with high resolution quality scans!! :D

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Another reason to save Hyrule.

Good news for the Zelda fans, the thick eyebrows lovers, and the members of the Church Of The Glorious Booty, a new high resolution quality version of Hyrule Hanei No Tame No Katsudou is now available, all thanks to CellTF who paid for it, thank you dearly :)

Check those comparison pics: Before / After.
If you let your browser fit the image to screen, you’ll notice better surfaces, screentones and lines. If you force full-size display you’ll notice the gigantic leap in image dimension :)

The new version is available HERE, enjoy! ^_^

Milk Dip [English, Now in Tank scans, and with re-edited dialogues, 207 pictures], by Itou Eight

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This is one of these CustomX reedits, when the low res magazine scans are replaced with higher res tank scans, and the dialogues are either brought back or reedited inside by CustomX.
Which is always a good thing :D

In the present case, more specifically… The version of Milk Dip that I shared one year ago was a compilation of mostly magazine scans, and there were only 43 pictures, covers included, that were in at least decent image resolution. From now on, there’s only the last chapter that is still in relatively low res (no idea why lol, don’t ask me ^^), the rest is high res :)
There are small improvements in typography in many places, also in dialogues, it’s mostly visible in the formerly Cgrascal-TLed chapters.
However, as far as image contents go, it’s the very same, no more or less censorship.

In my eyes it’s still pretty much worth it (the manga was AWESOME, in my biased eyes. Not even mentioning all those thick eyebrows.), I hope you’ll enjoy it too. I want to thank CustomX for all the dedication that represents, I’m grateful :)

Long story short, please click HERE to get the new Milk Dip :)

The Hentairules Gigatorrent, 2006-2017 Edition, is available ! ^_^

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Enjoy the torrent, guys =)

Hello everyone!

Here is my new Gigatorrent, containing almost EVERYTHING shared on since its creation in december 2006 until the 31st of December 2017, 533 GB of data :)
I made that torrent from my blog shares, with also the Audio materials provided by Hurp Durp and the occasional mangas posted by Delta-Oblivion.

(2018 change: please, no more Āµtorrent. Please, use Qbittorrent instead, it works on ALL platforms, doesn’t have the connexion problems or zero-downloding of utorrent with gigantic torrents, and is lighter on your system.)

I hope you’ll like it! ^_______^

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Let us bid 2018 a warm welcome, and hope this new year won’t fuck us up :D

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I wish you all, my dear hentaiers, a quality year 2018 :)

Be well, be cool, don’t be cunts to each other, and I’ll pretend those recommendations don’t need to apply to me :D

If you wonder, there will be a gigatorrent. I gave up on it last year after a series of hard disk deaths burying the in-progress gigatorrent every time, but the odds it would happen again are slim enough. Give me a few days (less than a week) and it’s up.

Enough said. PARTY WELL MY MERRY PERVERTS! Good luck with the hangovers, it’s something I am almost immune to, so I will have no sympathy for, mwahahahaaa :twisted:

Merry Christmas everyone! ^_^

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Bikini santa, and Tear Drop. That's my xmas present for you guys :D

I hope you’ve been very naughty all the year, and that you’ve been rewarded accordingly… Because in those cases the sin is the reward in itself :twisted:

Merry christmas, folks! ^____^

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