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“You would read many more thanks if everybody wasn’t fapping so much”
– An italian visitor who convinced me it wasn’t so bad if I was rarely contacted.

If you want to contact me, send an email to it's me (the address might change if it becomes spammed too much)

(If you don’t see my email addy just above, click here)

Note : This is my (Read: OLIVER’S) email. Not HurpDurp’s. Please don’t email me if you’re trying to get in contact with HurpDurp, he’s always in the IRC so you should be able to catch him there if need be.

You may also hit me up on Twitter, simple stuff will be read and responded to faster.

Fair warning : I am super shitty with emails management, so ping me many times if necessary. I’m always racing with time, I never have enough time for everything I must do in a single day, so please don’t be offended if you don’t receive a reply, I may have forgotten to reply after I read your email (that happens too often -_-), “temporarily” skipped your message because this is too complicated to be dealt with quickly (and then, of course, I won’t remember to get back at it), or I may also feel that I have nothing intelligent or worthy to reply with. I apologize to the persons who never got a reply like that.
I’ll insist : don’t hesitate sending another email a few days later if your message was important and I didn’t respond to it, even I, I will be grateful for the ping and I won’t see it as harassment. I mean it, I’m so shitty with email management that I forget to reply to too many good people, and I’m grateful when you ping me instead of thinking I’m a bastard giving you the cold shoulder :(

If you are a copyright holder, and you have an issue with your material being on this site, please send a message providing enough information, and I will comply with your request (read more…).

I am open to link trades, and if you know a good place where to publicize my blog, I’m interested :)

If you wonder if you could post my stuff somewhere else, I can already reply, feel free to do so, I didn’t draw the mangas myself ! I made my blog to share the love of hentai, so if you spread it further, I’m more than cool with you, that’s awesome ! You’re not forced at all, but it will be sweet if you also give my website’s URL and/or use my links.
But please : do not copy the text descriptions and the usual big preview picture on top of the posts, Google would consider this as cloning another webpage and the punishment would be lower rankings for you.

No need to send me an email to report there’s a Nihonomaru forum user copying my posts and even changing his nickname to Oliver : this is not me, I have no relation with that fraud of a site, and I don’t even care that someone from that site did that, the internet contains much weirder shit.

I make my best to avoid dead links and misspelled URLs, but if you find one, thanks for letting me know ! For dead links and such, the best is a comment in the blog note, or an email is allright too. I made a gigatorrent to cover for dead links, check it out.

Advertisers, you are certainly welcome to contact me with offers for my possible ad placements (read more…). If you sell onaholes or sex toys, you may even send me free samples ! (hey, who knows :D)

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[…] other “not brand new” complete mangas I ought to share but that I missed, you’re welcome to contact me […]


Geez – Hit the contact link and scroll down and Voila' a clean canvas for comment.

Thanks for all the great content and pointers.

Merry Christmas Oliver – It's been another great year

Chuck ([email protected])


Oliver could you please rebundle Haru Wamusato’s Tropical Mother And Daughter mix 1-6 The one you’re already sharing with the new extra chapter… would really enjoy having the whole story in one zip thanks in advance and happy holidays



Since the new move to the server, have you been receiving any database (dBase) errors? I've gotten several so far, with 503 error codes above the plugin window (above the search box)…just curious.


Hello. Have you considered redesigning your website? Even a solid color background would be better than the dotted background you have going.

Aside from than that, thanks for all the great updates.


umm.. can i request…..i stumbeled a Hidemaru manga that make boin teacher and onsen, its title Become a Kid and Have Sex All the Time (Kodomonnatte okasimakuruyo).
can you PLEASE sharing it in this great site so i can download it..


Oliver, you might like this one

full of vanilla's sweetness


Firstly I wanna give you my thanks for the many many hentai i have downloaded since i discovered this 'fake' porn world nearly half a decade ago.

Now I have a request, could you please please

translate into English

the works of

Hino Toshiyuki ?


Hello. I'm here just wondering why I can't find on the site the chapters of "Elven Bride", by Endou Okito. I was sure that I downloaded the oneshot from here. So in the case you didn't read it, I recommend it. The art is gorgeous and very detailed. The story centers on a slice of life with a couple formed by an (ancient) Elven girl and a young man who bring her back to Japan from his expedition with the UN to the norse/scandinavian? lands. The oneshot was scanlated by YQII & 4dawgz And thetsuuyaku is translating the serialization


sorry can you
re downoloade th 11 collection it really gooode incest

You can share some of my translations here if you like.


u need a futa category. can u make 1?

The Provider

So I've got a crapload of different animations for the site.
Also, this post is too long for the comments, so I'll be making multiple posts.

Not all of these would go by the definition of 'vanilla' — but nearly all of them do. The ones that don't, I'll note why.
I've put many of these animations into multiple categories, instead of trying to make a spreadsheet-mess.
If you can't find these as shared files, I'm sure there are torrents that have 'em. Try searching on
I've noted the links on dl-site if I can, as reference.
Anything with a '*****' after the name is something that Oliver would need to review personally, as they're potentially controversial.
The information for each movie is:
NAME (english name wherever possible, to aid in searching)
STUDIO/CIRCLE (the group that made it)
dlsite URL
website of the group that made it (if there isn't one listed, there wasn't one listed on dlsite)
Any comments I added to give more information about the animation.

Confession One Summer Day After Class
Hamburg Gakari
This is from '07, so it's fairly old now, but it's still pretty good.


Okay, so ignore all that crap. The formatting is screwed up, the link didn't post properly, and shit happened to make it unreadable.

I need to find a way this can be formatted properly.


dear oliver. I've been a fan of this page as long as i could remember. im glad you gave links to download all the goodies. lately my internet provider is not doing so well so i would like to request if you could put up torrents files in if its possible. i do keep my torrent up so i hope it helps the others as well.


can you upload
Kaikan Onee-san full eng transleted


Hi Oliver,

Did you know that the megatorrent you assembled at the end of last year doesn't work with the latest build of uTorrent 3.4.1 (build 31139)? Rolling back solved the problem, but I'm wondering if you have a fix or an alternate torrent.

Also, are there any plans to make similar compilation torrents? Something like a yearly/seasonal/monthly compilation?



Hey Oliver
Your Cheers Collection is completely empty from all download sites


Can u post full series of oni chichi?


Hi Admin! Google Safe Browsing blocks hentairules. Massage goes like this: is distributing malware I'm unable to browse hentairules with chrome.


May I ask why you're leaving out on Ranma 1/2 doujin series called Mou ii Desu?
And why is there nothing from Nyanko Batake?


Oli download and share it’ll be worth it
The Center Of My World [Kasuga Souichi]



Miharudere [Neet]


And this just felt like sharing

Committee’s Role Model [Mikemono Yuu]


I kind of figured you might feel like tat but I’m pretty sure she is definitely a pettanko plus the story is one of my personal favorite vanilla hentai


Oli take a look at this really funny DECENSORED monstergirl share
Squid Love [Z-Ton]


Curious why you never shared the complete version of this

this doujin have a movie


Hey Oliver, I was wondering do you know if ss-brain is under the Wani umbrella? I've been trying to find the other chapters of Not my lover but I can find only the one chapter that's on ehentai, pururin, luscious and nhentai. I've seen four raw pictures from what looks like chapter two (original in Japanese) but that's all I can find. And that was from ss-brain awhile ago. Apparently it's been out for awhile but no new chapters. A couple of the above sights have said the English translated chapters were coming soon but that was back in May. And I believe that was around the time when the Wani thing went down. Can you give me any ideas of where to look? Any help you can give is very much appreciated. :D


Simple rule of thumb: If it's on E-H, it's not Wani.


Thanks HurpDurp. I was afraid it might be Wani and that I would never see the final chapters or would have to wait 6 months to a year to see it. I'm wondering what the hold up is with the other chapters. It's either boy completely looses girl to the chubby/ugly guy or boy wins girl back but with a price. I've heard a couple of different versions of how it ends so I'm eager to see the rest of the chapters. Plus it's in wonderful color!!!


I seem to remember some time back seeing a de-censoring tutorial. U still got ta link to that, or am I not properly remembering the site that I saw it?

Mr Gray

Hey Oliver.

Sorry to bother you, but at least one of your new advertisers has configured it's ads to download one of those FLVPlayer-Chrome.exe bits of malware whenever I visit your site.
I's been going on for the last week or two.
I generally don't have AdBlock/NoScript configured for your site(s) because I'd rather not deprive you of ad revenue, but if your advertisers keep this up I'll have no choice.

Thought you'd like to know.
Have a pleasant day.


Hi Oliver,

Your RSS feed started failing for me about a day ago. It now gives the following error:

XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity

Line Number 3, Column 1:<rss version="2.0"




Sorry I just got home. It’s working great. Thanks so much for looking into it and your time!


This being the internet, I’m sure you can find a fetish site for that.

You like that 404, don’t you, baby?


I have a question… Could you translate Kitsune Nyotaika Mono into English? Thanks!



I think you'll like Love Distortion by Yoshiura Kazuya. I recommend it. :)


Love the website Oliver. I'm super amused by those new messages asking if I was of legal age. Somehow you made the process of answering the questions fun. If you were bored enough, you could even change them up periodically.


Y have a great site about porn comics, all adult for download
Contact me please!!


hi, all links gone. is it possible to post again.… regards


so know how oliver hates manga with rape themes? this one will be right up his alley even if it is about rape title is Kanzai Toshi by jamming


Looking for someone who is working on Sunban Kyoden stuff. I have 16 raws that need translating



Just an FYI in case you weren't aware of it:


[inkey, Izumi Banya] Pai☆Panic ~Hasamareta Dekapai~ [Digital]
This is very short, only 25 pages. PLZ translate it. A girl gets herself stuck in a window (FULL COLOR) and only a lucky bastard can save her.

Page 183-204 of this PLZ!. Girl gets herself stuck in an opening in a wall and is unable to escape without the help of two perverted guys.

[Amano Kazumi] Ikumade Icchao? [Digital]
Just pages 65-80. Rude teacher chases rude student but get's herself caught in a fence and is defenseless, then gets taught a lesson.


Hello Oliver. I realy-realy thaks for you share. Its over a view years i follow yours share. Its not to often i check your site, its every 3 or 2 and half month i come back and check your site. i realy sad, that theres no more your list of the greatest hentai's, what i mean is the greatest of hentai, adult comic, and all work in this site, that you put ini the lower of every page on this website.
You introduce me to Yamatogawa and Gunma Kisaragi works. And i agree with you, that theres a soul in they works, that when i compare it with lot of non-hentai woks (whatever it is manga, comic book, novel, games or a movies), i can say they works is greater. And alot of great works from others artis. I realy happy and very grateful to you, to give me that list. Thank you.
In the past, i already copy your list, for my reference. But, sadly, i lost that, with alot of work from your list. Just Aqua Bless – Yamatoga is still left in my hard disk.
Oliver can i ask you to give me your list? Please? Your new list, if that not make you burder with that. Please. I hope you that to me.
Thak you very much.


I have been a fan of this website for years. I always use DepositFiles to download. And I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have put into this over the years. This is a well-organized and cross referenced website.


Hey Oliver, I see Sister Crisis chapter 3 is out but not translated yet. Have you heard any rumors about when it might get translated? I can't wait!!! Plus I saw another chapter of Kanojo de Ippai has come out. I love this manga!!!


Just wanna say thanks for all your hard work over the years. And that I really appreciate the fact that you hate the whole rape genre as much as I do.


Hentairules should start posting torrent links for visitors from india because we have shitty download speeds as well as a shitty government who is blocking sites like depositfiles etc. Please star posting torrents files too


The deposit files discount code does not work any longer.


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