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Seka X Seka chapter 2 [English], by Tomohiro Kouda

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tomohiro kouda, zip download, english translated hentai manga
And here comes the 2nd english translated chapter of Seka X Seka, by the great Tomohiro Kouda :)
The first chapter can be found here, but for your convenience, I also give a zip link to the chapters 1 & 2 together. There’s no scenario progression in this chapter, just another great fuck scene in the bathroom, I’ll let you see for yourselves :o

(Remember to view the updated list of all Tomohiro Kouda’s works on Hentairules)

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Chance Exposure [English, Uncensored], by Hellabuna Giant Comics

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Hellabuna Giant Comics English Translated Free Zip

A nice schoolgirl, slightly plump, with great tits and a cute face, is an exhibitionist, walking without panty, and enjoys the shiver of risking to be caught… Until, heh, she ends up being caught by a school pal – and, of course, he only agrees to shut up if she complies to his sexual needs, oh-what-an-incredible-surprise :roll:

Here comes another english-translated hentai work by Hellabuna Giant Comics, and this time, sadly, that was the last translated one I had not shared already. If you know of others translated works not yet listed in my Redirection Page (cf the link below), please share the links in a comment, I’ll be very interested :D

(Remember to view the list of ALL Hellabuna Giant Comics’ works on Hentairules)

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Alice in Sexland + Alice In Sexland Extreme [English and Spanish versions, 601 pictures, some futanari], by Mashumaro Jyuuabori

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Alice In Sexland Extreme English and Spanish complete zip versions

I was suggested to share “classic hentais from the days of yore”, by a visitor called Wadauo. Well, you’ve been heard, man, here’s another “good ol’ hentai” :D

Alice In Sexland hasn’t lost in quality with the years, this is still a classic for all the fans of “unusual hentai” : unusual, because it contains for instance futanari, furry, twisted sexual tastes without inhibitions, living sexual toys, double penetrations… And these are just examples :P

I share the English and the Spanish versions for both Alice In Sexland and Alice In Sexland Extreme.

The scenario is an excellent rewrite of the boring “Alice In Wonderland” story. I never liked the book (horrible style) or the movie (a sickening atmosphere), but this hentai version is a winner ! Wonderland becomes Sexland, the heroes and heroins become interested in sex, Bunny and Chesshire are just too cute, nice new characters appear, the land offers plenty of occasions for funny and original inventive situations. To my great surprise, the scenario is not bad, and even breathtaking in the end ! Definitely good shit, if you ask me :twisted:

(I share more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Mashumaro Jyuuabori’s works…)

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