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BIG pack of 8 great hentai mangas by various artists [anal, uncensored, color, softcore, uniforms, schoolgirls, etcetera…]

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hentai big zip pack

I recently leeched the newsgroups, and found a few marvels, hentai mangas that I really really liked… And I simply decided to share them here :)

All kinds of styles are represented here, there’s some anal (yummyyy ~~~), some schoolgirls, some exhibitionism, some bikini sex on the beach, some great fullcolor works, some very realistic, etcetera. And zero incest in that pack, incredible ! :D

Each manga comes with two zip links (megarotic and depositfiles) and a pictures gallery, as of usual. My preference goes to Aqua Bless, by Yamatogawa, in the bottom of the page… Which is your favorite manga of that pack ? I added a poll, feel free to vote ;)
If you prefer english versions, you’ll like to know some translations of these mangas were released later on. They all concern the artist Yamatogawa (his “Aqua Bless” is shared in japanese here), so :
(Remember to view the updated list of all Yamatogawa’s works on Hentairules)
And next is the pack ;)

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3gp and PSP (mp4) hentai videos, anyone ?

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Hello there !

I’m just wondering if you guys would be interested if I added to my hentai vids a 3gp version, so that it can be viewed on mobile phones ? To play on your computer normal formats are better, but if you want it on your mobile phone, it’s got to be 3gp. I won’t add 3gp versions unless I get enough positive replies, so here comes the poll ;)

Do you want 3gp hentai videos on hentairules ?
Fuck, YEAH !
No, I dont’ care free polls

(to view the results, click here)

Edit & update : In the comments, Playstation Portable (PSP) videos were suggested too, so here comes a second poll – as for me I wouldn’t mind, conversion is as easy for me.

Do you want PSP hentai videos on hentairules ?
Yeah, I want it
No, I’m not interested free polls

(to view the results, click here)

Edit & Update 2 : Thanks for your participation, guys (and girls ^^) ! I received enough positive replies, so I’ll try to add those versions :) Please, tell me if they worked for you ! The first hentai video with additional 3GP and mp4 is here :)

Pack of 5 works [Dennis The Malice, Tomb Raider, Dragon Ball Z, The Jetsons] by Pandora, also known as Pandora’s Box

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Pandora's Box Adult Zip Pack

I receive many requests for more Pandora, so let’s call it a christmas gift, here’s a pack with 5 of his works, chosen among his various “representative styles”.

There’s shota of course, but some american-style, some incest, some “neutral” style, some hentai style, some color, some pen-drawn… Enjoy :)

pandora's box

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Merry Christmas, my dear pervs :)

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I wish you guys (and girls ?) a verry happy christmas, spent with people who love you :)

As for me i’m very busy with work ATM (selling babycare products and gifts, christmas means business), so it’s rather exhausting, sigh…

In The Express Train [English], by Hanakami Kaeru

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schoolgirls english hentai manga

Here’s a funny sex-in-the-train hentai story, in which a shy, virgin maths teacher (but with a huge rod, we’re in a hentai story, heh) is almost raped by the students who, most casually, explain they do that to relieve themselves off the stress.

That’s amusing, to see an adult dominated by innocent-looking schoolgirls :D

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Hentai CG, Cheer Moe Watashi Ouen shiteru kara

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free hentai CG

Haaa, cheerleaders ~~~

These uniforms… Smiles… Well-trained bodies… I’d bet your hand that everybody has dreamt, at least once, to grab and fuck a cheerleader. Or a group of them, even better :P

That hentai CG set contains 6 or 7 young cheerleaders :)

I update this post with a link to a an english-translated cheerleaders hentai manga :
Cheers, by Charlie Nishinaka :)

CG hentai CG hentai

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Totally non-Hentai : Cheerleaders take it hard ;)

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I’m busy uploading a hentai CG set about cheerleaders, and that reminded me 2 hilarious videos viewed online. After all, I can also share non-adult contents on the occasion, so here it comes, folks, enjoy ! :lol: And when you finish laughing, if you want to see fucked hentai cheerleaders, proceed to the hentai blog note ;)

Video 1 :

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