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Panicle Chronicle, by Kikkawa Kabao [English, 202 pictures, COMPLETE version, at last ! ^^]

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“Take that !! The blow of justice !! This is the end, I’ll cleanse you with my holy juices !!” – Congratulations if you guessed right, this is a manga by Kikkawa Kabao :D

Complete english hentai manga, with free zip, great stuff :D

Hey, where’s the snow, the merry decorations and the fat weirdo dressed in flashy winter clothes ? Panicle Chronicle has been completely translated, and it’s not even christmas, how come ?!?

Thanks to 4dawgz, at last, this new delirious work by Kikkawa Kabao is fully available. If any other artist had made this manga i’d have concluded the scenario sucked balls, but with Kikkawa Kabao, this is hilarious as usual ;)

Happy leeching ! ;)

(Remember to view The updated list of all Kikkawa Kabao’s works on hentairules)


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He Is My Master hentai doujin [English] : He is My Brutal Master volume 3 + volumes 1-2-3 in another zip file [English, 114 pictures]

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perverted maid :D

I think I must warn you, this doujin is the closest I’ll ever get to non-consented sex, I still share it because it’s a funny parody of He is My Master, a popular harem anime, and because it is made by a great hentai artist, Itoyoko.

This time, a 4th maid joins the team, a blonde dominator, who becomes dominated with the help of powerful drugs…

This volume 3 comes after Brutal Master 1 and Brutal Master 2. I share the volume 3 as a standalone download if you already have the previous volumes, otherwise I also share volumes 1-2-3 together, as you prefer.

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New : Hentairules as a search plugin into your browser ^^

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I found a funny addon, that proved to be interesting after I had finished laughing : Firefox users, you can now add to your search engines in your browser :D

If you want to search some hentai content, no need to open and then enter your query in the hard to reach upper-right search field ! Whatever page is currently open in your browser, chose hentairules among the offered search engines or your browser, enter the keywords required, and there you are :)
It works with Firefox (all versions), and in Internet Explorer 7 and 8. If you know of a trick to allow adding Hentairules Search to Chrome, I’m interested.

How to install it : Firefox screenshot
(screenshots in other languages are welcome too, throw comments ^^)

The idea sounds good to me, I hope you won’t find it entirely stupid on your side ;)

About the movies with dead links, and the lack of new hentai movies

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I receive many emails to suggest I should add new hentai movies on hentairules.

So here’s a reply : the copyright holders are leading a massive cruisade against all sites sharing hentai vids, both contacting the uploaders to ask us to remove the files, and contacting the hosts to request that the files be removed.

Any hentai movie that I (re)upload lasts in average 2 weeks before it is deleted, honestly I don’t feel like reuploading all my movies collection twice per month.
I am sorry, but if you meet a dead link, I won’t reupload it right now.

On my side, until that shit quiets down, I intend to keep a low profile in order to avoid big problems, I am certain you will understand this :)

Conclusion :
– if the link to a hentai video is dead, I’m sorry for you but I will NOT reupload it
– do not waste time asking for a version in another format, I’m not reuploading hentai vids

Mako chapter 4 [English] + Mako 1-2-3-4 in a single zip file, by Fuuga [English, 110 pictures]

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naked schoolgirl ready for sex

To my surprise, the translation of Mako, by Fuuga, didn’t end with the three first chapters, even though they looked liked like a complete and finished story to me. A fourth chapter is coming, with more chapters later on to come.

Mako 4 is about yet another love sex affair between a student and a teacher, this time a female schoolgirl and a teacher.
Despite some GTO reminisciences because the teacher isn’t exactly a model teacher, the story turned very Fuuga-like, with characters fucking while keeping a distant and distracted look on their faces… I find that really weird, personally :shock:

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