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Alice in Sexland + Alice In Sexland Extreme [English and Spanish versions, 601 pictures, some futanari], by Mashumaro Jyuuabori

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Alice In Sexland Extreme English and Spanish complete zip versions

I was suggested to share “classic hentais from the days of yore”, by a visitor called Wadauo. Well, you’ve been heard, man, here’s another “good ol’ hentai” :D

Alice In Sexland hasn’t lost in quality with the years, this is still a classic for all the fans of “unusual hentai” : unusual, because it contains for instance futanari, furry, twisted sexual tastes without inhibitions, living sexual toys, double penetrations… And these are just examples :P

I share the English and the Spanish versions for both Alice In Sexland and Alice In Sexland Extreme.

The scenario is an excellent rewrite of the boring “Alice In Wonderland” story. I never liked the book (horrible style) or the movie (a sickening atmosphere), but this hentai version is a winner ! Wonderland becomes Sexland, the heroes and heroins become interested in sex, Bunny and Chesshire are just too cute, nice new characters appear, the land offers plenty of occasions for funny and original inventive situations. To my great surprise, the scenario is not bad, and even breathtaking in the end ! Definitely good shit, if you ask me :twisted:

(I share more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Mashumaro Jyuuabori’s works…)

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2 Final Fantasy 4 hentai doujinshi [English, Uncensored, 70 pictures] : Koishite Ii Desu to mo & Aishiteii Desutomo, by Youmedou

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final fantasy 4 english translated uncensored hentai doujin with zip and gallery

You’re in heaven when you read a good doujin inspired from an old RPG that you love, have you already felt like that ?
For me, an old “Final Fantasy 8 and 16 bits” fan, totally in love with Final Fantasy IV, that was it : this doujin is a gift from the heavens :D

Good uncensored hentai drawings, big tits, lovely faces, funny details taken from the game, nice artworks at the end, funny story… I like everything in it :P

In fact there are 2 doujinshi, one coming after the other in the storyline : Koishite Ii Desu to mo, and next Aishiteii Desutomo. I prefered to gather them in a single zip. It shows Rydia, Cecil and Rosa in hentai action.

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Iro Iro chapters 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 [English, 75 pages], by Nisemidi Doronokai

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nisemidi doronokai iro english translated free zip hentai

Gathered from various sources, none of them sharing it all, here are 7 english-translated chapters of Iro Iro, drawn by Nisemidi Doronokai :)

I hope you like the idea of an incestuous relation between a brother and his big tits sister, because that’s the plan ^^

As this is natural in an incest hentai manga, the sister is almost braindead, acts funny, and willingly has sex anyday anytime, but that’s no problem since there’s no scenario anyway. Fortunately, the quality of the graphics compensates the lack of a real story as long as you’re a big tits fan (and half of the pictures are full color, that’s nice).
All in all, that’s a good manga for a collection, IMHO :D

(For more stuff, check the updated list of ALL my shares by Nisemidi Doronokai)

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Sailor Moon hentai doujin [English] : Aqua Necklace, by Black Dog

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black dog english translated sailor moon hentai doujin

Here is another english translated new doujin by Black Dog featuring the great Sailor Moon heroines : Aqua Necklace. All my thanks go to Phantom for the translation :)
This doujin features the wonderful “please fuck my tits” Ami-chan, AKA Sailor Mercury… and also, regrettably, a pregnant woman and her too young daughter :-/
Concerning these two I really regret the choice Black Dog made, but just for this artist, I accept to make an exception and still share it. Many thanks to Redbone and Jack for informing me this new doujin was available :)

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

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Wondering where a manga comes from, anyone knows ?

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A friend uploaded that manga on her blog, “A Sweet Life Side Story”, but when I asked her where she found it, she point-blank replied « I don’t know, I forgot » v_v

I really liked that one, alas there is no additional information packed with it…
Would you have any information about it ?
The artist’s name, if it belongs to a longer manga, who translated it, if the translator has a website ?

I give her link, I may as well make a bit of promo : visit ! :D
This is the hentai blog of a female friend of mine, who started to discover hentai thanks to hentairules, and got pretty much addicted herself, to the point she wanted to start her own blog and share mangas she liked, with my technical assistance in the beginning.
I don’t think many women openly admit they love hentai, and even less share contents themselves, her selections are original, if you haven’t visited already, take a look ! Her design is 200% better than hentairules ( v_v ), and her selections, if they’re not always the stuff I love, are always good :o

– End of the promo. I really would like to know where A Sweet Life Side Story comes from (4chan or something like that maybe ? I’d prefer if it was a website full with rare quality contents :D), thanks a lot if you can help :P

Cage volume 1 [English, 203 pictures], by Suehirogari

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suehirogari english translated hentai manga with free zip

Translated and released by the cool guys at Munyu Heavy Industries (yeah, I know, WTF with that name, don’t ask me :lol: ), here is Cage, a nice hentai manga, drawn by Suehirogari :o

The heroine of this manga is a teacher forced to play the exhibition game, wear a dildo the whole days (ladies, is that humanly possible, I doubt it ?), have sex with other students and guys, including groupsex, and a bit of futanari… Of course, that girl is forced (lies and blackmail) but she fails to hide she totally loves it, it’s the hentai world, remember :D

If you liked Cage and just discovered Suehirogari, take a look at Tag [English], by the same artist…

(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Suehirogari’s works)

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