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Fate Hollow Ataraxia anal doujin, ROD2 (Rider Or Die), by Kaiki Nisshoku

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If you like hardcore hentai mangas, then that doujin will really please you, this is not often that I see hentai content so beautifully drawn, so hardcore (anal power !), and with big breasts to please me even more ;)

By the same artist, There is also Brittania No Hito [English], Momoiro Toiki , and Ponytail No Kanojo, but this one isn’t translated, unfortunately.

As of usual, I give a pictures gallery and 2 zip links (rapidshare, depositfiles)

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Streaming added for the hentai movies Accelerando 1&2

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(Remember to view the updated list of all Yuki Seto works on Hentairules)

I added a streaming version for Accelerando hentai movies episodes 1 & 2. If you want to download Accelerando to your hard disk, the links are here : movie episode 1, movie episode 2, english manga zipped.

If you don’t see the window for episode 2, click “open the complete post” link.

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Any display problems ?

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I made small edits to the site’s css, trying to fix an issue, but I still want to be careful, so please, if suddenly, for you, displays weirdly or incorrectly, could you post a comment to explain it ? Thanks :)

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