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Uncensored Hentai CG : Same He_art [158 hentai pictures]

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uncensored hentai cg free zip teen fuck

For a change, I share an excellent uncensored hardcore hentai CG complete pictures set, called Same He_art. Very nice variety of teen girls having great sex. They’re so cute I almost didn’t regret the lack of anal sex :P

I hope you’ll like it as much as I did, and happy leeching to you ! ;)

CG hentai

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Two GREAT translated hentai mangas by Suehirogari : Sexhibition [English, 156 pictures] and Sexcapades [English, 233 pictures]

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suehirogari english translated hentai manga with free zip

After my previous share of Tag [English, 208 pictures], by Suehirogari, I felt like sharing more stuff by this artist. I was horrified to see most of his other works were lolicon, with just Cage and the very old Sexcapades and Sexhibition as translated exceptions. I didn’t like Cage very much, so I make the bet a few of you, dear readers, don’t have it yet :
Sexhibition and Sexcapades, two excellent old-school hentai mangas :D
The drawings are ex-ce-llent, and stories are great too, based on sweet domination (no violence nor forced anything) in Sexhibition and a bloody hilarious scenario and many hardcore quality scenes in Sexcapades.

(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Suehirogari’s works)
Update : I now share a higher quality version of Sexhibition, cf the Redirection Page just above for the link to it.

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Firefox 3 is now available, try it :) — And a firefox3 weird question

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It has been two days I’m annoyed by enthusiastic guys saying by mail “hey, you’ve got a big blog, promote firefox for the win”, to summarize. At first I was reluctant to promoting it : my IE visitors are already displayed a big “get firefox” banner anyway, and second, I tested firefox3 the day it was out and was utterly pissed that 60% of my addons weren’t compatible with the newer version. But things have changed ! Now, my addons are 100% compatible, two days later :P So, I’ve got no problem anymore, so go on guys, try firefox3, it’s nice ^_^
Even the very ugly adress bar proves very cool once you get used to it and understand how it can be easily used.
If you never installed firefox before, if you want, download firefox with that link, google pays me 1$ for each new firefox installed with the google toolbar, even if I find that a waste of money on their behalf ^^

(update : I had asked help about a problem with local pages not loading, it was caused by the TorButton addon, case solved)

Conclusion : get firefox 3. Or don’t get it. Do as you wish in fact, as for me I feel refreshed, first time making a non-hentai post in quite a while :o

Kaerimichi The Road Home [English, Uncensored, 189 pictures], by Taichi Yamada

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uncensored hardcore free zip hentai manga

Here’s another VERY hardcore translated hentai manga – as the preview picture might have given you the impression, I hope :D It contains bits of incest, of “mutual love sex”, of hentai rape… The drawings are extremely hardcore, they’re the most detailed female genitals drawings I saw since 2007 – and, a funny detail, the artist seems to make a fixation on erect clitorises ^^;;

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Shiwasu No Okina Motion Comic (flash animated) : Sei So Tsui Dan Sha

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motion comic shiwasu no okina

After the success of my previous motion comic, Super BJ 1 & 2 (by Hellabuna), here is another GREAT animated hentai manga, made from one of my all-time favorite hentai mangas :
Sei So Tsui Dan Sha !!

Take the awesome babes from the original manga (available on that page, fully English-translated, 234 pictures), and make them full color, moving, moaning, shouting, screaming, licking… make them alive !

If it goes on, I’ll end up being a fan of motion comics :twisted:

(Remember to view The Updated List of ALL Shiwasu No Okina’s Works on HentaiRules)
My very sincere thanks to Mario for sharing this marvel with us, he’s the one who gave me the link :)

sei so tsui dan sha

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Suzumiya Haruhi hentai doujin [English, Full Color] : Haruhi no Marumaru 2, by Candyman

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english fullcolor suzumiya haruhi zip hentai doujin After my usual big hentai manga uploads, sharing a color Haruhi hentai doujin felt so refreshing I’m making it again, here is another full color Suzumiya Haruhi doujin for you guys – a longer one, this time :lol:

Some groupsex this time, the drawings less realistic but more various positions, and a worthless scenario without much of a surprise (the Suzumiya Haruhi anime didn’t make any sense anyway, just look at the order of the episodes, that were deliberately diffused in an almost random order *_*  …)

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