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Erika Telekinetica 1-5 [Spanish], by Ismael Ferrer

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Ismael Ferrer has a funny style, trying to imitate japanese manga drawings, in color. This is the spanish version here, the most complete (and colored !), for the english version open that link.

I’ll release more of his works in the future, until then, here’s my favorite of his works, Erika Telekinetica.

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English & Original Hentai Manga Pack, by Matra Milan

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Here comes a new big pack of mangas, all drawn by Matra Milan. I plan to post a second pack by this artist later, with the other half of my works by him. The specialty of that artist can be summarized in two words : pantsu and costumes. You’ll nearly never see a girl wearing normal every-day clothes. Girls will always wear crazy clothes that would perfectly fit a high-quality japanese cosplay contest. Only one common point : panties can be seen 90% of the time. The displayed girls have most of the time supernatural powers or a high degree in weapons mastery, and yet they endlessly fall in love with the manga’s male hero, who is the typical japanese comic wimp (Keitaro, Shinji, etcetera).

Update : I uploaded the first english translated chapter of Angelical Pendulum on this page !

One of the books, Palladium Garden, is in english, released by Hmanga-Project. The three others are original works.

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Spotlight on a site

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A very fast note to make a little spotlight on a site, Hentai Comic Books, my fav hentai blog, and incidentally, the first hentai blog I’ve seen when I started being interested in h-blogs. That’s a cool site, rare contents of quality very often updated, no useless talk, no ads.

My taste goes more to plenty of useless talk, etetera, but that is just a question of taste indeed;)
So, well, I thought that site, at least once, deserved to be highlighted, isn’t the only quality provider ;)

Alraune English chapters, temporary post

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A visitor offered links for the parts of Alraune that I don’t already offer in english. The rules for sharing stuff on hentairules are rather strict in order to avoid abuse (see page “share your stuff on hentairules”), so I’ll do that only once. But Alraune is a great hentai comic, so until then, I can still offer the links.

Those links are : parts 4-5-6-7-8 in english, parts 1-2-3 in color.

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Bombshell Boobies [english], by Yukimino Yukio

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yukimino yukio

(I share more stuff by this artist, see The Updated list of Yukimino Yukio’s works)

After the english hentai manga Dimples Down Below and the hentai movie in 4 episodes Kininaru Kimochii, this is now another english work, the manga Bombshell Boobies [english], by Yukimino Yukio.
There is a small smell of almost-incest (stepmothers, beware !), female teachers who only dreamt of being raped get raped, waitresses have their skirt removed for a start, etcetera. My favorite part is when a girl and a boy get accidentally locked in a very small locker and realize that’s something pretty exciting. Yukimino Yukio is a great artist in that sense that he concentrates on exciting situations and moods.
That manga also includes the “Pheromones On The Street Corner” pictures serie, in which the artist concentrates on flashes of woman flesh as we sometimes can accidentally see them in the street.

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