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School Rumble hentai doujin : Harimaro [English], by Nisemidi Doronokai

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school rumble english translated hentai doujin with free zip

Nisemidi Doronokai has got talent, you ought to recognize it :P

Two schoolgirls from School Rumble have sex with the male hero – great doggystyle positions for sure, but maybe my first Nisemidi doujin without anal hentai :shock:

(Remember to view the updated list of all Nisemidi Doronokai’s works on Hentairules)

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Hentai Movie : Bible Black 1 [English subs, Uncensored]

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To be frank, I never watched the first Bible Black episodes until yesterday, even though this is a must-see, or so I read. Well, they’re quality but weird… I chose to share it with you anyway, and added a poll to know if you wanted to have the rest of the Bible Black episodes shared here as well :) As of usual, I share the english uncensored subbed version, but also the 3GP, MP4 and DPG versions for cellphone, PSP, Ipod, Zune and Nintendo DS.

I couldn’t upload the whole movie to streaming, because there is a sacrifice scene that might be taken badly and I don’t want my account banned (not again *_*). So I only uploaded 2 extracts.
Streamig Extract #1 (loading may take 1 minute, click here if it doesn’t work) :

SAD UPDATE, 12th may 2009 : lots of dead links, only the main movie and the mp4 version are still working, I removed the other links.

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Kijyou No Kuuron [English, some incest and anal], by Senkai

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English Translated Hentai Manga

Here is a cool 100% schoolgirls english translated manga, highly recommended for uniform and schoolgirl fans :)

The story contains two incest chapters and one anal chapter, the girls being dominated half of the time, and boldly taking the lead the rest of the time (once with a teacher ^^). The drawings are veny nice, with awesome tits proudly pointing, and as for the scenario… hmm, what scenario ?

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Shining Musume volume 3 [English], by Shiwasu No Okina

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Shining Musume english translated hentai

UPDATE : I’m now sharing an IMPROVED version of Shining Musume volume 3
! It contains several improvements, including better picture quality :)

You’ll find it on THAT page!
I removed the download links of the current page, to avoid unnecessary confusion.

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DOA hentai doujin : Rei Slave to the Grind 4 [English], by Hellabuna Giant Comics

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Hellabuna Giant Comics english translated hentai

And here comes another great Hellabuna Giant Comics Dead Or Alive doujin, taking place in a fantasy world in which Kasumi and Ayane, sisters, enjoy sexual freedom and hentai rape.

Forget the scenario, Kasumi and Ayane have large tits and hips, that’s the main point :D

(Remember to view the updated list of all Hellabuna Giant Comics’ works on Hentairules)

–Update: screw those old posts full with dead links.
Get the full repack, volumes 1-7, right here! :D

Redirection page : Hellabuna Giant comics’ works on Hentairules

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THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Hellabuna Giant Comics that I share on Hentairules.

These are the covers of the works available on hentairules, scroll down for the list ^^

      hellabuna english hentai  hellabuna english hentai zip    flash hentai      english hentai  english hentai      english hentai  english hentai    english hentai  english hentai english hentai english hentai  english hentai      english hentai  english hentai    english hentai                        

If you see two versions of a same cover, it means there will be different versions, typically: original grayscale, and colorized by fans.

The girls in the doujinshi by Hellabuna Giant Comics are far from the usual thin (or should I write famelic) schoolgirl seen in most hentai doujinshi. The heroines have big tits, big hips, large thighs, they are, if I may use the word, “plentiful”. Not fat nor chubby, mind you, simply, your hands would be quite happy with lots to grab if you could have those girls for real. Panties artistically surrounding a bulging pussy is another specialty of the house. As for the works, it’s mainly doujinshi about DOA and Soulcalibur, and a few other series as well.

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