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Coming of Age [English], unknown artist

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This is a nice short story, where the narrator reminds himself his first experience, with an opulent high town adult girl, compared to the almost peasant teenager he used to be. It’s amusing, the way the discoveries the narrator makes are described, I’ll let you see… Special mention to the heroine’s floating breasts :D
I didn’t randomly chose that manga, you see, I really want to know who has drawn that, thanks a bunch if you can tell it to me in a comment ;)

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The Venus Files Episodes 1 & 2, Hentai Movie : english, uncensored

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A great movie, The Venus Files :) Mix of voyeur and straight sex, young teens and office ladies with huge tits, domination or mutual love, great uncensored sex, and the choice to have english subs, to have english or japanese audio, that’s a treat too. The scenario isn’t that wonderbar, but it’s not trash as with other hentai movies.

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Yuria 100 Shiki (English, Hilarious !), COMPLETE, by Shigemitsu Harada And Nobuto Hagio

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This hentai manga is well-drawn, and even better, it has a great scenario, really really funny, toying with the “rules of hentai”, where two characters thinking a lot about sex try (sometimes desperately) to resist having it for real. Very funny :) As of usual, I offer a full pictures gallery, a zip link, a rapidshare mirror.
You might have seen various versions of this manga on internet, the one I offer contains the complete volume 1, with the last chapter, chapter 8, released by Solaris the 24th of july 2007.

The complete list of the Yuria 100 Shiki volumes :
vol. 1vol. 2vol. 3vol. 4vol. 5vol. 6 vol. 7vol. 8vol. 9

(broken preview pictures, argh, sorry -_-)

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Streaming added for the hentai english movie, Little Monica episodes 1 & 2

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If you want do download Little Monica 1 & 2 (uncensored, english subs and english audio as options), this is on that page.

This post is aimed at telling that I have added a streaming version hosted at (adult version of megaupload, same system), the best preview there is :) And if you have a megarotic premium account like me (let’s not discuss why I first purchased one :D) you can also download the movie from megarotic, click the play window one more time while playing, it will open a new window with a “download original link”.

(if you don’t see episode2’s window, click “open the complete post”)

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Fate Hollow Ataraxia anal doujin, ROD2 (Rider Or Die), by Kaiki Nisshoku

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If you like hardcore hentai mangas, then that doujin will really please you, this is not often that I see hentai content so beautifully drawn, so hardcore (anal power !), and with big breasts to please me even more ;)

By the same artist, There is also Brittania No Hito [English], Momoiro Toiki , and Ponytail No Kanojo, but this one isn’t translated, unfortunately.

As of usual, I give a pictures gallery and 2 zip links (rapidshare, depositfiles)

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