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Forbidden Love, hentai OAV 1&2 (english, uncensored)

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Here’s a nice hentai anime from the newsgroups, I just watched it, felt like uploading it.
Title : Forbidden Love.

The scenario ? A girl from another planet crashes her UFO on a jap boy’s sex-addict’s house and then reveals him she is his sister but his memory had been erased so far. That guy was fucking his sister already, he doesn’t mind doing more sisters – because more sisters will come. End of the thrilling, breath-taking scenario.
Maid sister, big breasted sister, kawai pink-haired sister, lolita sister, blonde elder big sister, neko sister etcetera.

If you liked Sex Friend the hentai anime or the Sex Friend pictures set, the maid sister has a very strong resemblance with the red-headed Sex Friend heroine :)

Technical details : uncensored with english subs, format mkv, ~30 minutes per episode, story complete with two episodes.
MKV can be read if you install the mvk codec, or if you install the latest version of a codec pack like ffdshow, or if you use the VLC media player.

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Genesys Hentai Color Girls

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Years ago, I heard about “genesys”, discovered it was a hentai computer graphics pictures collection mainly centered around girls from fighting videogames (Street Fighter, DOA, Fatal Fury, and a bit of Nadesico, Darkstalkers, Battle Athletes Victory and You’re Under Arrest), mainly drawn by Arikawa. I gathered pictures for a long while on various sources and websites, then I found an html-structured version with almost all of my files, I added my files mimicking the original html structure, and… I forgot about Genesys :D – Until last week, when I found it on a hard disk /swt
They’re nice pictures, so here they come :)

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Step Mother Taste Is Natural, by Jamming

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Here is a nice english-translated english manga, “Step Mother Taste Is Natural”, by Jamming.

The translation was made by Tadanohito, you guys can be grateful :)

Expect very large breasts, step mothers, teachers and office ladies, there is also one futanari chapter, daring women making the first step.

For MORE, cf. The list of ALL Jamming’s Works on Hentairules :)

zip english hentai zip english hentai zip english hentai

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Pon Takahanada Mega Pack : 7 mangas !

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Here is a flood with my Pon Takahanada works.
Really that’s a great artist, I love bodies with great and realistic proportions, huge tits, he’s one of my top five mangakas !
Update : I just uploaded another hentai manga by Pon Takahanada :)

By the same artist, I also share Like A Rat [English], An Angels’s Marshmallow [English], and another manga in Japanese.

If you see something else by him that I have not posted here PLEASE tell me ! If you find an english version and forget to tell me where to find it, I promise evil worms are going to eat you alive, really, so you’d better tell me :D

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Sexy Symphonies 1-6 [English], by Solano Lopez

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This is Sexy Symphonies 1-6 by Solano Lopez. In english. Nice scenario, very good occidental-style drawings. All styles of sex are depicted : monstly teens around 18, but also elderly people, sado-masochism, rape, blond / brune / black girls, the sex is heterosexual or lesbian but there is a scene with dickgirls too. There is even a chapter with mythological creatures. Very very nice !

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