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Kenshin hentai doujin [English] : Jinchuu, by Shinji Yamaguchirow + a Bonus : gallery of hilarious Kenshin parodies

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kenshin english translated free zip hentai doujin kaori fucked

Here’s a very nice Rurouni Kenshin hentai doujin, english-translated, drawn by the talented Shinji Yamaguchiro

Her drawings (Yep, it’s a “her” !) are very subtle, with grey nuances instead of the usual black lines against vivid white, a nice insistence on the faces and expressions… Quite a nice change :)

I uploaded a bonus, in memories of old time, I explain why in the end of my post : a gallery with funny Kenshin parodies (non-hentai), check it if you’ve got time and you liked the original anime/manga ;)

(by the same artist, you can also view Aitou XX, also english-translated)

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P Total Bio-chemical Laboratory [English, Dickgirls, Anal, 180 pages], by Rate

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dickgirl free zip english translated complete hentai manga

I did it. Oh no, please, forgive me, O Great Pastafari, forgive me, I did it. I am truly sorry, but there were so many requests…

OK, pervs, now all of you guys who asked me more futanari (dickgirl), just give the emails a rest, allright ? That’s it, I finally made up my mind to upload a long quality uncensored complete dickgirl hentai manga :twisted: … even if that’s not my taste at all :(

Now, I consider my deed is done, next is finding a long Yuri (lesbian) translated hentai manga of quality to share… OK that will NEVER be as good as Maka-Maka, but I promise, if I find quality stuff, I’ll post it too !

By the same Artist, Rate, you can also find lots of similar stuff.
(Remember to view The list of All Rate’s works on Hentairules)

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Code Geass hentai doujin [English] : Kuro no Kishidan Bureikusuru, by Kensoh Ogawa (aka Fukudahda)

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anal code geass hentai doujin by kensoh ogawa

One more translated hentai doujinshi by Kensoh Ogawa, parodying Code Geass :)
Since this is by Kensoh Ogawa, there is some anal, some big tits, some internal cumming, some lactation – and, unfortunately, some pissing, ew. Take a look ;) BTW, I found some cute fullcolor illustrations by Kensoh Ogawa on his homepage, give them a look, they’re great !

(Remember to view The Updated List of ALL the Works by Kensoh Ogawa on HentaiRules)

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Libido In The Beaker [English, 182 pages], by Morris

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free zip uncensored english translated hentai manga with incest

Here’s a nice english translated hentai manga, mostly “normal” sex, with also 1 incest chapter, 1 futanari chapter, 1 groupsex chapter (with double penetration).

The drawings are OK (close to zero censorship), the scenario sucks balls but is very funny at times, that compensates :)

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Cute, teasing, sexy and hardcore hentai pictures #24

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pack of free color hardcore uncensored fuck hentai pictures

For a change, I present you another pack of random quality hentai pictures. They were certainly hand-picked at a time, maybe even by me long ago, now it’s just a pack of 100 hentai pictures that I know to be of quality :lol:

As of usual, there’s the zip links, the complete pictures gallery, pick whichever one you like :)

free hentai free hentai free hentai

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