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School Rumble full-color hentai doujin [No Text], Meido Eeri Tan Full-Collard, by Archives

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This is a full-color hentai School Rumble doujin, hardcore and cute.

It features one of the characters as a hentai maid, sexually used by her master, smiling.

The artist who made that is called Archives. Thanks to Anonfor telling me the name :)

I offer a zip download link, another zip mirror, and a full pictures gallery.

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Streaming added for the hentai movies Kininaru Kimochii 1-4

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(Remember to view the updated list of all Yukimino Yukio works on Hentairules)

I added streamig versions for the Kininaru Kimochii 1-4 english hentai movies, centered around sex in elevators :)

Kikinaru Kimochii 1

(For the 3 other episodes, click the “open the complete post” link).
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4 hentai doujinshi by Maruarai, about Kimikiss and School Rumble

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I want to share with you a few Kimikiss and School Rumble hentai doujinshi drawn by the artist called Maruarai. His style is very different from the usual hentai drawings, all in delicate thin curves, fast, without many details, and that’s funny, his style is all in suggestion, while depicting very hardcore action anyway. Simply said, I like him :D

the stories I share are : Kimisuki 2 (Kimikiss doujin), Benkyou no Jikan (School Rumble), Mousou Shoujo and Mousou Shoujo 2 Heroines (School Rumble). Expect young schoolgirls in hardcore action, naked, with sports clothes, as maids or with parts of their school uniforms. IMHO, the non-hardcore drawings are just awesome with talent.

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Sex Friend episodes 1&2 (hentai anime) – STREAMING

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As I said, i’ll be adding streaming preview versions for my hentai movies, this time this is for Sex Friend, Episodes 1 & 2. The original video contains both english and japanese audio and optionally english subs, I will soon discover what the flash video conversion kept of those settings :D

Sex Friend Episode 1

17th July 2007 update : updated the code, if it still fails with IE, please, tell me in a comment…
If you don’t see Episode 2 window, you need to click the “open the complete post” link ;)

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