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You & Me Make Love, complete series : volumes 1-2-3-4-5+Sweet Love, by Miray Ozaki

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Here I present an artist with many pen names (like Perfect Crime, Beat-Pop, SailorQ2), but i’ll use his latest pen name : Miray Ozaki.

His style is gorgeous : teens going very hardcore, all holes filled and they like it, the drawing curves being, yet, very soft, caring about drawing nicely. In the western world, most drawers tend to believe that as long as their drawings are hardcore, it becomes useless to draw well – how silly.
And on top of all, the girls he represents look very pure and candid, while they have the souls of were sluts. I love that.

Update, 8 years after I first wrote it. I’m reuploading the whole six volumes together as a single pack. Enjoy :)

y&m1 01   y&m2 01c   y&m3 01b  y&m4 01  y&m5 01  y&mswv 01

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