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Big pack of hentai mangas by James Hotate

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Teens with very intense lust in the eyes, on the face, crude drawings, something really unique in the style, that’s what I love with James Hotate. The drawings aren’t exactly realistic, but it is very rare to see girls express such a level of desire with just an expression of the face of a position of the body even with their clothes on… James Hotate has made plenty of works, here’s an almost random choice among my collection. I hope you enjoy them, I even took the time to add megaupload mirrors, that makes a total of 6 complete hentai mangas !

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Sailor Moon “real” doujin [English], A-Zone 4, by Azuma Kiyohiko

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If you have read the Glossary, you know that a doujin does not have the obligation to be hentai. It just has to be a non-professional comic. Common use had it be that doujinshi (plural form) are defined as non-professional parodies, but even that, strictly speaking, isn’t an obligation. (Even if, in the hentai world, a doujin is defined as a sexual parody, period.)

Well, here’s a cute illustration of what a great doujin can be : this is A-Zone 4, English version, a Sailor Moon doujin drawn by Azuma Kiyhiko (if the name sounds familiar to you, that’s the artist behind Azumanga Daioh !).
This is not hentai, just a tiny bit ecchi (read the Glossary if you’re lost), but that’s a cool thing to read and that’s damn funny, even more if you’re a Sailor Moon fan :) – actually, THAT is a real doujin ;)

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