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Sex Friend Hentai Movie : english subs and audio

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I feel a bit ashamed to confess it, but I didn’t realize my HQ version of the hentai movie Sex Friend, that I was offering, contained english subtitles and english audio, as options. A cool visitor, Ultimaniac, had to tell me that, bless him.

You have to use a player like the VLC player (video lan client, i’ll let you google it), or for linux users like me, like Kaffeine. And simply chose “english” from the subs list, or “english” from the audio tracks list. Damn, I blame myself for not realizing it before.

The movie can be downloaded here :)

Kikkake Wa Maru Maru [English, hilarious], by Kikkawa Kabao

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Really, I start liking a lot stories by Kikkawa Kabao, FINALLY we’ve got an artist for who the translation really brings a bonus ! Maybe the last time I felt so happy to have a translation was with Sei So Tsui Dan Sha and Nerusen, by Shiwasu No Okina.

(Remember to view the updated list of all Kikkawa Kabao’s works on hentairules)

In this story, Kikkake Wa Maru Maru [English], by Kikkawa Kabao, no incest, just a girl who’s furious because she doesn’t excite her boyfriend as much as his hentai videogames. And when she tries to imitate the “videogame braindead girl” attitude, of course, she fails :D

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Evangelion hentai doujin [English]: Asuka Mono, by Kohakutei

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I was very happy to find a new English hentai Evangelion doujin by Kohakutei : Asuka Mono.
Not much to say about the scenario, Asuka and Shinji having sex all day. Period.

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Kohakutei’s shares on Hentairules)

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