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3D Porn Comic : The Kids And Dad

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For a change, here’s a cute english-version 3D porn comic, incest story, if you like it, enjoy :)
As for me, to be honest, I feel that lacks the human touch that makes a hentai manga so interesting, when the drawing, with all its imperfections but with the human drawer’s touch, looks finally more alive than reality, if you see what I mean. But it’s a personal opinion, I’ll respect the fact that some people like 3D porn.

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Love Selection [English, COMPLETE version], by Gunma Kisaragi

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(Remember to view the updated list of all Gunma Kisaragi works on Hentairules)

UPDATE : I’m now sharing AN IMPROVED VERSION OF LOVE SELECTION, with better scans, with some uncensored and colorized chapters :twisted:

It is available on THAT page, hurry up, it’s awesome !

Helping Bro [English, Incest], by Gunma Kisaragi

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(Remember to view the updated list of all Gunma Kisaragi works on Hentairules)

UPDATE : this page is now Obsolete, Hina Project (the real name of the thing previously known as Helping Bro as a rewrite, before it got really translated in Hina Project) now belongs to the great manga Giri Giri Sisters :)


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215th feb.2013 update : at last a new working Zip link ! Thanks to EnneDM91, who reuploaded it :)

I uploaded a GIGA PACK centered around the anime Haruhi Suzumiya :

19 doujinshi and a japanese porn movie parodiating Suzumiya Haruhi the anime :)

(Yeah, a movie, not an anime, with real human characters cosplaying the anime characters having sex)

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Pack of 7 mangas by Makibe Kataru

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Here come 7 mangas by a great artist, Makibe Kataru, enjoy :) If you should have more of his books I am VERY interested, and I mean it !

Makibe Kataru is an interesting hentai drawer, with very hardcore drawings (“double fucks ? Orgies ? Sure, no problem. As long as you don’t ask me to draw cute kittens or to censor my pictures, i’ll draw anything“) and a good drawing style. Man, I do LOVE the old-school drawing style. I also appreciate the “straight” style (with the minimum possible pictures wasted with dialogues or fake scenarios, here, globally, this is “hello, glad to meet you, let’s fuck“), and the fact that the displayed girls are daring and don’t even think of resisting (fake or true rapes are a too frequent in hentai IMHO, so I like when this is not the case, like here). And big tits rules *cough* And group sex in many double-pages rules. Just download the books, ‘K ?

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Make a donation ?

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If you want to donate a bit of cash, you’ll be more than welcome, I always appreciate proofs of gratitude :D

Mind you, I’ll be honest, money is not needed, hentairules has advertisements and the zip hosts share a part of their revenue with me, with it I can already pay my blog’s hosting and the other fees, there’s even a bonus left. So if you donate, that’ll “only” be a bonus over the rest, but of course that will be greatly appreciated ^^

Paypal isn’t an option. They block anything porn related and aren’t idiots. Still, if you want to do it privately without mentioning site site, contact me.

Instead, if you want, you can join one of my sponsors. That is simpler, it costs you less money, and paypal isn’t required. Bonus, you win access to quality porn :lol:
They’re typical sponsors : I display their banners and when someone follows their banners and joins their paying programs, I earn money. I thought that with 50 000 daily visitors I’d make more than one or two registrations per month, it turned out that’s the average :roll:

The first and cheapest sponsorĀ  is the one behind,, and If you sign up a trial account to his service, it costs you 1$ and it will earn me 25$.
Be careful: their business model is based on people forgetting to terminate their membership before the free trial expires. Don’t fall into their trap!
That isn’t insane, it is uncute business : they bet that you’ll get hooked on and accept to become a paying member after the 3-day trial time ended, and if such sponsors exist that is because usually people DO become paying members and don’t cancel their membership.
Basically, stay a member or not, after all, it’s up to you, after you sign up to a trial. You’ll have lots of hentai movies that you can watch or download, and the like, while it’s true that I don’t share hentai movies anymore for instance – do as you like, hey, it’s your money ^^

Another option to join Live Jasmin with my reflink, that’s an online webcams girls website. You’ve got gigantic lists of girls who are live streaming themselves naked or in sexy underwear, you can actually talk to them, suggest they do sexy stuff, and most of them will be doing sexy stuff already. You can chip in to make them do more bold things, masturbate, dildo play, or do it with a guy, all of it in public, or in private if you want a show just for you with you giving her instructions.
The pay rate is crazy, me, I get 222$ if you sign up and then purchase credits that you can give to the girls.
Crazy, you say ? But, well… The only time I tried it, I ended up spending around 250$ in a week and I ended empty of every nanodrop of semen my balls were able to produce, so please be careful, if you discover it’s to your taste, it’s like a drug :shock:

Lastly: maybe your money can be used instead to commission the translation of hentai mangas, and you can tell send me a copy of the release once it’s done. This way everybody will have benefitted from your kindness :)

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