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Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi [English, 188 pictures] : Star Platinum, by Black Dog

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Here comes a new doujin by Black Dog, english-translated, about Sailor Moon. Enjoy it my friends, that’s a feast !

(Remember to view The Updated List of ALL Black Dog’s Works on HentaiRules)

Sailor Moons heroines posing candidly, sucking or getting fucked (the anal stages will come in my next Black Dog english-translated uploads, already planned !), humoristic dialogues and pauses, you’ll get everything ! And since it’s in english, you can also follow a REAL scenario, that’s for the best !

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Why I Like Black Dog

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Here’s a small talk, just to share my feeling that Black Dog is an awesome mangaka and deserves to be fully discovered. I hope to convince you to discover Black Dog if you don’t know him yet :)

(Remember to view The Updated List of ALL Black Dog’s Works on HentaiRules)

He’s one of my five most favorite mangakas, really ! If you’ve seen his japanese works without ever reading a translation of his works, you’ve seen half of his talent. I share some of his works here on hentairules, I’ll share more in the future, use the search field (keyword “black dog”) to see it.

(you can see here The List to My Black Dog Collection, if you’re curious)

First, of course, he’s drawing awesomely hardcore pictures. I hate to say it, but many hentai drawers give me the impression they haven’t yet had sex, or else I don’t understand how they can draw so un-realistically. Black Dog knows how to be realistic, oh yeah.

He’s got something special when drawing oral sex, unlike many mangakas, he’s not only content with showing us girls totally swallowing a long rod, he can focus on other details, even more agreable than “big mouthfuls” when the girl knows how to do it nice.

Doggy style is also very well made, with girls keeping a candid look… That candid look will be always present, even when the girls can’t hide she likes what’s happening.

black dog

After too much waiting, finally he started drawing anal style too…

black dog black dog

Group sex is awesome, he knows how to show many girls together, few drawers can do it well…

black dog

And last but not least, he’s one of those few FUNNY drawers. Sometimes the characters will talk to you, telling, in fact “don’t worry, the talk is over, the fuck will begin”. Or he’ll draw for the pleasure funny scenes, or represent the heroines in Super-Deformed style…

black dog

When I think of it, I can think of nobody else but Black Dog, in fact, to have all those talents :)

Hentai Movie, Saint Seiya X

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Here’s a funny movie, Saint Seiya X. No scenario, the knights of the Zodiac simply decide they deserve a reward from that princess who can’t help being captured and needs to have her knights beaten the crap out of them in order to rescue her. Come on, she deserved that !

26th july 2007 update : streaming version added !

Details : 70 MB, 9 minutes, no language (just “ooooh, aaaah, RHAAAAH, OOOOH” ^^)

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Movie : ViperGTS episodes 1-2-3 (english subs, uncensored), DivX/3GP/DGP/MP4 versions

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Here are the three episodes of the great Viper GTS series, where humans fuck girls with small horns (devils) or great wings (angels), whatever, but fuck them nonetheless :P

For more previews, I googled and found 3 short clips from the Viper GTS movies :
clip 1 – and – clip 2 – and – clip 3.
Details : uncensored, english subs, average length 30 minutes, average size 200 megabytes.
Nature of the scenes : happy sex, with love in some cases

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Movie : Dragon Ball & Naruto together (full version + 3GP, MP4 and DPG versions)

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13th march 2008 Update : all links fixed and 3GP, MP4 and DPG versions added.

Here’s a small funny hentai anime, with Dragon Ball and Naruto characters having mixed sex.
I saw that one and instantly loved it ! SImple, short, no complications or useless talk. I just wish it was longer ! Fat chance, considering it is taken from… a gif !! :shock:
Details : Language : no language, just “ooooh, aaaah”. Size : 15 MB

Streaming version for Naruto Dragon Ball Hentai Video :
(loading may take 1 minute, click here if it doesn’t work)

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