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Sailor Moon doujin, Pearl Jam, by Black Dog

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No, really, Black Dog rules.
Hentai Rules, remember ? Yeah ?
Well, Black Dog rules too, he’s one of the greatest hentai comic drawers ever, ever, and I mean it.

(Remember to view the updated list of all Black Dog’s works on Hentairules)

UPDATED : now that I share the ENGLISH version of Pearl Jam, I see no interest in reuploaded the dead zip links for the japanese version :D

Midnight Panther [english], by Yuu Asagiri

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Yuu Asagiri, the mangaka, draws a lot like Clamp. (You must know Clamp, come on… Clover ? Card Captor Sakura ? Magic Knight Rayearth ?) Except that Clamp never has drawn her heroines getting fucked ;)

This is classical drawing, though explicit, the mankaka has taken his time to make it nice, with a clear distinct line.
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Pleasure Paradise, by Mercy Rabbit

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If you like cute european-looking young women with very big tits, playing very hardcore games, then Mercy Rabbit is a mangaka you have to discover.

This is one of my seven mangas by Mercy Rabbit, called “Pleasure Paradise”.

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