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Tsuyudaku Kajitsu [English, 146 pictures], by Type90

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29 July 2014, by Oliver

500 milliliters and 1.5 liter bottles. Above. And below... OH GOD I WANT TO GOUGE OUT MY EYEBALLS.

Argh. Ouch. Ow.
Here is a complete English-translated manga by Type90 : yay !
But the scans are low res (1200 px), badly scanned (I improved them a tiny bit, enhancing the contrasts and removing a bit some pollution), and we’re witnessing the “old” Type90, for which quadruple penetrations with massive belly dilatation means nothing. I must be honest, that didn’t make my day, and I don’t think I should recommend you the manga, this time…

Well, see for yourselves, as always :) Note,there is a sequel to Oh Miss Nanase.
And thanks to whoever released this tank ! :jap:

(I share MORE stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Type90′s works…)

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Futo-chan No Nude Satsueikai De Kikiippatsu [English], a Touhou hentai doujinshi, by Palm Sunday

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29 July 2014, by Oliver
Cute and innocent, isn't she ? DP three pages later.

Futo-chan, a Touhou heroine, wants to make money, so she seeks an employment in the human world. A clumsy airhead like her only finds work as a gravure idol, and, as the shooting crew gets more and more aroused by her hot body and her candidness, her salary increases, she’s asked to take off everything, until, for a hundredfold the originaly pay, it’s time for sex !

To my surprise, this did not turn into hentai gangrape, the men were, by hentai doujinshi standards, mostly gentle. (Meaning : Futo got a page of foreplay and kind smiles before her first time was a DP, and she enjoyed every bit of it.)

There’s not much to add, if the art suits your taste, well… enjoy ? ^_^ Fair warning, there isn’t much sex, I’m sharing this mostly as a nice arousing comedy-relief manga.
Thanks a LOT to the person(s) behind this release :)

Post scriptum : the black guy’s eyes on page 12. His eyes.

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Please Help Yourself Master 1-10 [English, 185 pictures, Complete series], by Maidoll (Also Known As Fei)

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28 July 2014, by Oliver

Maidoll fans, enjoy ! ^_^

It sure took a long time, but there we are, the series is complete :)
I guess this one will be really popular among maid fanatics, haha ^^ In short, and without any scenario, a young guy enjoys the services of two devoted maids, blonde and brune, sex included, many times every day day. Both women have very big breasts, meaty bodies, sensual lips, beautiful eyes.

Well, you know the idea : busty maids, lingerie, nylon, slice of life scenes… just the norm. If you love the preview pics, just go for it ^^ Me, frankly, I was only half-enthusiastic, I have the impression the drawing style of Maidoll has lost its edge at some point in 2013, the “magic” doesn’t operate on me as it did before. Still, I reckon the art is very good nonetheless :)

Behind this release are several highly talented persons : Conan and Fuke, Mumei from MumeiTL, Psyburn21 from Funeral Of Smiles, and Maipantsu, Altereggo, Harmonian, Nemesisd and Blurk from Team Vanilla. Thank you so much, all of you ! :)

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 4 works (Makinami Strike, Twin Monogatari 1-2, and Kiss Of The Dead 1, sorry for the double), Highschool Of The Dead 1-4, a pack of 3 works (Important Pointers For Selling At A Convention, Heavy Wing Liberate The Guardian Princess A Maiden who Liberates the Stars, Inside Enemy Zone), Aria The Aquamarine, and a 2-works pack ( Anaru Anaru, Aria The Aquamarine After Story).

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Fuck Or Be Fucked [English], by Kino Hitoshi

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28 July 2014, by Oliver

Why am I even such a huge fan of afros ?

That story… was awesome ! First, this is great comedy (about the rich spoiled daughter of a yakuza eloping with one of the yak’ underlings), with lots of big or little details to enjoy. Second, the flow of the story was unpredicatle. Third, the male hero’s face was comedy gold, he was making all kinds of expressions, reacting strongly, and on top of all his head is crowned by one of the most glorious afros I’ve seen :D :D :lol:

There’s also sex, yeah. Badly censored. But, frankly, just for the fun, I ask you, I beg you, please, try read it ! ^____^

Also, something struck me, the male hero’s faces, sometimes it was entirely reminding me of the facial drawings we can read in Liar Game, as if Kopikura had entirely changed its style :shock:

My great, GREAT thanks for this delightful share, are for Schmidt and Natty, from Natty Translations, really, thank you so much :D
(Remember to check The list of my shares by Kino Hitoshi, A.K.A. Kopikura)

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Koi-Kan [English], by Kikurage-Ya

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28 July 2014, by Oliver

Yes. The dick is glittering.

Koi-Kan is an “highschool sex with bits of mystery” story, we’re “simply” shown two highschoolers having happy sex with mutual love, with the triggering (for this specific scene) of a magic book found and opened by accident. On top of all, the heroine has an adorable face, nice long hair, and breasts I’d love to fondle : graphically, Koi-Kan was a huge suggest :twisted:

This release comes from KFC Translations, thank you very much ! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Senpai Wa Sugokatta, Yukko To Zukkon Bakkon, I Want To Have Lewd Sex With Nibutani-san, Watashi Wo Tsukatte and Watashi Ki Ni Narimasu, and the four of them are great dope =)

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Wetly Wife [English, 192 pictures], by Rio Yanagawa

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27 July 2014, by Oliver

Now, that's a reason not to hate adultery.d

Tadanohito rules. And his donators too. YET ANOTHER GEM ?!? SERIOUSLY THANK YOU GUYS !! :D
Wetly Wife is a tank in which every chapter is a single story, and it’s always the same pattern, the woman is super hot, her husband lost interest in her years ago, until lucky circumstances brought a compatible young man with whom to have great sex with mutual liking and care.

Both men and women are between 20 and 30 (a rarity, since Rio Yanagawa is mostly into shota hentai), the women are blessed with big breasts, lovely faces, they kept their bush down there. There are never strong bonds, no emotional impact, only vague promises to keep on in the future, so it’s all about the drawings, this time. And they’re really good, these drawings, with little censorship, hardcore action (oral, paizuri, vaginal), that was a pleasure to read it :twisted:

(For more stuff by this artist, cf The list of Rio Yanagawa’s works on Hentairules)

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Inran Saddle (“Lewd Saddle”) [English], by Saida Kazuaki

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27 July 2014, by Oliver

Huhu, that panel was fun ^_^

A young man with little cycling experience manages to keep shortly behind the girl he likes despite her much superior talent. Because she’s got an awesome ass to behold ! I fully agreed on him on this :D
Following this is happy sex, the girl having a cute naughty look on her face as she’s taking charge and teasing the boy, while her body looks AWESOME in her skin-tight biking suit !! In your opinion, was it sex with mutual liking, or just a fling ? I wonder, really, I wonder…
And that’s about all I need to say, for the rest, see for yourselves ^^
Credits are for Schmidt and NattyTranslations, thank you ! :)

I joined the pages 16 and 17 (that was a poetic mix of calm and vitality, of the long term cycles of nature with the frenetic short-lived ecstasy of coitus), however I miserably failed at properly joining the sky and the reflection of the sky on the water… And this lack of photoshop skill bothers me to no end.
Please, if YOU know your photoshopping, and you manage to properly do the joining, would you be kind enough to write in full lengths, in a comment, how you achieved that ? That’d be super cool :jap:

By Saida Kazuaki, I also share Pattsun X2, Virgin Hunt (177 pictures), Paipain, VIP Room and the uncensored version of Kui Communication. All great stuff, don’t miss it !

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