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Onee-chan Koko Nureteru Yo [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Fujisaka Kuuki

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I loved her best in a bikini, page 4

Kashima has to babysit a ground of early teens. Who are all, already, sexually active, as she will discover soon enough.
As it’s shota, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d have hoped, but I’ll gladly praise Kashima’s delicious breasts and angel face, damn, she’s a looker :D
Striborg and Nefarious, from Konbini Transations, are behind it, thank you! :jap:

Also, I’ll take this chance to mention it, there’s been a very enlightening series of comments about shotacon, from hentairules visitors telling why they liked the genre. A lot of reasons I didn’t foresee, and the topic stopped being a total mystery to me, it felt good to read it. Check it out if you like, it’s here ^^

By the same artist, known under two names, Fujisaka Kuuki and Imperial Chicken, I also share the How To Go Steady With A Nurse 1-4 series, Oz, Nurse Nene-san, Mio, Noise and Arcana Homerun, Forbidden Game and Meat’s Tearful Face is Too Irresistible.

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Mahou no Juujin Foxy Rena Pack + Spinoffs [283 Pictures, English] by Amakuchi

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Hey Troops! Delta here with a share I planned to post on April Fools’, but real life sneaked up on me again and I had to put certain things in my life on hold. I’ll try to be more active, but I can’t promise anything until summer hits. Anyhoo this was the share I promised to do on April Fools’ and as I promised I’ll do this type of shares once a year since I doubt there are any Furry-Lovers among you. Still this is a nice treat for y’all, Amakuchi’s still ongoing series: Kemono of Magic: Foxy Rena and stories inside that very universe.

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Mittsu Me Wa Betsu No Kao (“My Third Face”) + Kuraku Shimetta Doukutsu De (“In A Dark, Damp Cave”) [English], by Takatsu

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Those eyebrows :3

Dunno how I should present this share, the repack of Mittsu Me Wa Betsu No Kao (“My Third Face”) and its sequel Kuraku Shimetta Doukutsu De (“In A Dark, Damp Cave”). As something heavy, dramatic, a spiral into corruption? As a play with taboos and the acceptation of the need to be a dominated slut treated to shameful pleasure? A bit of both.
Oh well, the facts: a housewife is blackmailed by her teen son’s friend, and has to accept being his bitch. A day later, she’s addicted to being fucked hard by a dominant male, as she was in her earlier years. And so on, at home, at the beach, taking joy in cheating on her husband and having to fake to still care for her son.

I’ll cast moral aside concerns to note the drawings are great, Takatsu’s talent is impressive. An almost plump lady in her thirties, with dark skin, tanlines. The whiteout censorship managed to only ruin *part* of it, it’s an achievement already lol ;)

Credits! They’re for a good number of people here ^^ Namely: Dynellen, Drozetta, ntwst, Strayblue and Revered3 for the first part, and still our dear Dynellen, Happiestmerchant and God Revan for the second part. Thank you dearly :jap:

For MORE, I recommend you The list of Takatsu/Takatu’s works on HentaiRules

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Kakizaki Fitness [English, Uncensored version!], by Fukumaaya

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Huhu ^^

Hell yeah! :D
We start off with a nice comedy setup, a total klutz candid female MC, plump, cheerful and spontaneous, with a near-tsundere male MC in a straight-man position. Next, battle-sex (in the form of stacking points) takes place, naturally ^^

I can’t say I’m a total fan of the drawings (I feel Fukumaaya has done better in his other publications, here it was less refined, more blunt), but the pleasant comedy and the loveable characters totally made up for it… and please don’t miss the conclusion on the final page :lol:

We owe this release to Crystalium (scanlation) and J.B. Random (decensoring), thank you very much! :)

By the same artist, I also share Uiuishii Imouto (Uncensored version), Overrun, Ofupako Chuui and Ari No Mama Kyouiku.

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Naisho No Ouma-san Gokko (“Secret Horse Play”) [English], by ShiraishiNsuke

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That's how you repel lustful demon invasions. Perhaps. Worth a try at least!

A simple share, for a change, not needing a long description ^^
A younger brother really wants to study for exams over the summer holidays, but his lustful demon of an elder sister keeps going after his dick. Even the presence of their much younger little brother may not be able to stop her…

Happy almost carefree sex, no issues, no dramas, touches of comedy, it’s an easy read, enjoy! :)
And thanks to for this share =)

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Elf Shimai Control (“Elf Twins Control”) [English], by Tabigarasu

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Elves? Okay, I'm good, lol

“Fuck with the elves’ forest, get fucked by the elves”. Or something like that ^^
After human warfare destroyed the forests where they used to live, elves are forced into exile and their numbers dwindle. “Logically” (with massive airquotes), female elves must adapt to new ways of living, while making babies with humans they captured for breeding :D

I tagged this as raping, but frankly, the male, although forced at first and not allowed to roam free, is all for it all along, so I guess it’s cool. And graphically, two horny busty elves, a fine male stud, tolerable censorship, it’s quality elf hentai, enjoy! ^_^
This has been released by Constantly, thank you!

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Santa Jouji (“Santa Affair”) [English], by Karma Tatsurou

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On Christmas eve, naughty mothers also deserve a present from Santa :3
Enjoy the lovely MILF, friends, and thanks to whoever released it! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Goro Dynamite (207 pictures), Yonayona (216 pictures), Eve To Love (204 pages long), Hitozuma (233 pictures), Gags and Erotica Made Fresh Daily + Oh Lovely Pretty Sexy Misaki, Rainsnow and another pack of 3 works

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