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Gyaruko Ah Galko Ah [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the “Oshiete! Galko-chan” series, by UU-Zone

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Hello sunshine!

Don’t make your older sister angry. She’ll drug you and it’s with a giant dick up your ass that you’ll wake up. Well – at least, in this hentai parody of Oshiete! Galko-chan :D
That said, it wasn’t a real problem, apparently both the younger and the older sister are huge sluts who love anal :roll:

I’m done here, lol. Check it if that’s to your tastes, me, I didn’t dislike it, that was full of energy and had good anal pounding :)
I didn’t find credits or releaser information, so, thanks to whoever is behind this release!

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Boku Wa Seieki Ga Ooi Node [English, Full color, Uncensored version], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai series, by Ohtomo Takuji

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Sometimes, it's a tempting fantasy, to be the MC in hentai stories like this, right ?

Sena and Yozora, from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, compete over who’s going to be Kodaka’s (he’s the male MC) favorite. With their bodies.
End of the summary of the thrilling and complex plot, the rest is action ^^

The drawings are fully uncensored, in full color, and nearing awesome level. I don’t have to say more, just see for yourselves =)
Credits, for this nice one, are to Belldandy100, who decensored it, and Doujin-Moe, for the commission. Thank you! :)

By Ohtomo Takuji, also known as Number2, I also share the excellent Drinking Virgin (186 pictures, Uncensored), Idol Sister (191 pictures, tank version), Katekano (146 pictures), Karumina, Takuji Hon 1-2, Idol 100% Naka Live (full-color and Uncensored), Ore No Jimiko Ni Nama De Ryaku and a big pack of 7 other works.

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Ore No Kanojo Ga Kawaisugiru No Ga Warui (“It’s My Girlfriend’s Fault For Being Too Cute”) [English], by Spiritus Tarou

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I bet you didn't even notice there was a penis in the picture, at first. Fucken censorship.

What a little devil. I would almost (not at all actually, fucking bastard he’s too lucky :twisted: ) feel sympathy for the unfortunate male hero in this share, his school grades are dropping and his girlfriend won’t let him not have sex with her all the time. When he announces sex is banned until the next exams, she imemdiately counter-attacks with her old middle school bloomer uniform and swimsuit. Her victory :D

I fear that one will not interest many people, though. Sure, the story is cute, but the girl is small and not very busty, and on top of all, there’s this dreadful blur-mosaics censorship. The decision is up to you, as always, anyway ^^
Credits are for Almond, MrWayne, Axalon and DerEx, from CasaWayne, thank you :)

By the same artist, I also share Kanchigai, Spinning Her Wheels, Bukiyou Koi Moyou (“A Clumsy Love”), a pack of 2 works (Kawaii To Iwanaide + Senpai Wa Oshi Ni Yowai), Global Panic and Hajirai Shoujo

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FE If Harem [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fire Emblem Fates (in Japanese: Fire Emblem If) game, by Tachibana Omina

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I'm always ready for more harem, when it comes from Tachibana Omina

In this Fire Emblem Fates parody, three cheerful, confident and busty women compete to become the male hero’s bride. End of the too long summary, let the group sex session begin, with the Harem Master, Tachibana Omina, lending his drawing skills ^^

We owe this new release to Cgrascal, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, under the Tachibana Omina, Shimapan and Ominaeshi names, I also share Ikinari Harem Life (219 pictures), Boku Wa Minna No Kanrinin (“I Am Everyone’s Landlord”, 203 pictures), Boy Meets Harem, a pack of full-color pictures, Harem Variety Pack and DOA Harem volumes 1 and 2.

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Ookiku Naritai No Wa Soko Janai [English], by Sirokuma

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This is not a pipe. Not a penis either.

You know what’s worse than being a pettanko with a complex over her bust size ? Having a mad scientist sister pretending she wants to help you.
And so, here’s a comedy about pettanko, bakunyuu ( = huge boobies), robotic tentacles and temporary futanari :D

I’m tagging this as “hentai rape”, because technically the younger sister never asked for anything, but, frankly, don’t let that one rub you the wrong way, it’s presented like it’s no big thing at all ^^
Thanks to Orenji-kun from Yuri-Bot Scans for this release! :jap:

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Get Caught [English, Uncensored], an hentai doujinshi parodying the League Of Legends game, by Sieyarelow

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Weird, but nice ^^

I imagine some of you are playing League Of Legends ? I never played it myself, online games with a potential for being addictive are a maximum threat for me and I don’t dare play them anymore, they cost me two years of my life, which is enough already ^^;;
In this LoL parody, we watch Zac and Riven mating. No complications, it’s casual sex pleasing both parties, and I guess this is it, huhu.

Enjoy! And thanks to whoever it is that made and released the doujinshi :)

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Anemone Star Mine chapters 1-2 [English], by Narusawa Kei

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I know I should have shared Anemone Star Mine earlier, but, come on, a few hours after I share the chapter 1, the chapter 2 has been released, for Pete’s sake ?!? :blblbl:
So, here’s a new post with the chapters 2 and 1-2.
And now, let me copy-paste & update the summary I wrote yesterday :roll:

Three highschoolers. A boy, and his two older sisters. They grew up together, they discover sex together. Family is a beautiful thing.
At first it’s the boy and the two sisters together, and next it’s just the boy and the “should be ara ara” sister wanting to be a bit selfish today.

The drawings are nice, not too censored, the sisters are lovely (near-tsundere with big breasts, or smiling blonde, the kind of blonde that goes “ara ara” in other mangas), and the brothers remembers to be an alpha when it matters. Good stuff ^^
Please, would someone know who to credit for this release ?

By Narusawa Kei, I also share Ero-Koi in its Uncensored version, The March Rabbits Of An After-School Club 1-2, Tsuyo Kano, Changing Miracle, Sis Lover, Head Shot Bakery, Hanabi Yori Dango, Kumagiri-san Wa Dere Nai chapter 1 and Relationships Wanted

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