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Brother And Sisters [English, Uncensored], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Bakemonogatari series, by Bloody Okojo (mangaka Akutagawa Manbou)

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Yes, you are not dreaming, it says ''Only because you are my sisters, I feel safe to tease your crotches''

Karen and Tsukihi don’t have sex with their male hero, the main character in the Bakemonogatari series. Yep, I did use a negative form, when I read the last of the 35 pages I was in shock, what, so he didn’t even get to shove his dick inside them?!?
However, he fingers them a whole lot till they cum hard and spit out lines that if he continues they won’t see him as a brother anymore, the drawings come censorship-free and we have amusing comedy. That ought to matter, right? :D

That kind of hentai work leaves me nonplussed, both very pleased, and terribly frustrated, haha. That was the obvious intent of the mangaka, to tease us hard and deny us the hopes to see actual sex place, so: good job, mangaka-san, good job!! :twisted:

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Dandan Fukaku [English], by Shirono Mahiro

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It's hard to tell who I hated more of the two chars in that picture

If you dislike cheating on a hard-working husband who comes home every evening and loves his wife, don’t read my share, and move on. Please, spare yourself the anger, your time is better spent not brooding over something you’ll regret to have read.

So, this share. A very beautiful young housewife follows the tempting kind words of advice of her husband’s coworker, and takes guidance lessons to improve her skills in bed and make her husband happier. Eventually, she willingly becomes a slut who enjoys cheating on her husband with the scumbag coworker. That’s the kind of slippery slope you don’t even want to start taking, bitch.
I was able to tolerate it almost till the end, when she choses to discard a chance to spend quality time with her husband and prefers to meet the coworker, grrr.

I’m not saying that I hate the male coworker in this story. I’m just saying that if he were on fire, I’d steal a fire truck and run him over.

The drawings are a feast for the eyes, on the other hand, slutty underwear, ecstatic facial expressions, very huge boobs with pointy nipples, a bit of pubic hair, almost plump, tolerable censorship… The visual part was good, at least.

Release credits are for Cedric777 and Rudy Omega from Triple 7 Scans, and, and Thank you! :jap:

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Konya Mo Anata To [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Shimoyakedou

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Cute and nice. Yuri lovers, enjoy! ^_^

Anya and Minami, two of the [email protected] girls, are lovers, and have sex at home on various occasions (kissing, rubbing, fingering, tribadism). No scenario here :D
The drawings are sweet, in pleasant full color, done with skill and, I think, great liking for the characters. I felt it while reading, a certain feeling of tenderness for the girls, the desire to represent them not just having lesbian sex, but also loving each other, becoming even more in love… Calling it “pleasant” is an understatement :)

We owe this release to Firelily, Patamon, Shinji, from, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Namu Paipai, Kotori-san, Please !@#$ Me, Hakygyokurou De Gokyuukei, Black And White Trick Girls, 2013 Natsu Kan Kan Musume, a pack of 2 works (After Lessons + Bungaku Shoujo To Kowaku No Gogo), Kasen-sama To H Na Shugyou Wo Suru Hon, Eirin No Kusuri, Hibiki X Takane No Secret (as part of a larger full-color pack), Yuyugoto, Yukaran Ran and a pack of 17 other English-translated works (602 pictures).

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Akuma De Ikenie [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Erostellus

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Is she a succubus, or not?

MAXIMUM WARNING: the end of the story is brutal. It is not explicitely represented, but had it been, it would have qualified as guro.
And the story while showing quality sex is also brutal, it’s about a human, lost in the Gensokyo universe, and taken in by the vampiric group of the Touhou heroines, used for sexual pleasure, and destine to be their food one he expires from too intense sex.

So, yeah, the story is a huge WTF.
I’m still sharing it because the art is OK and I know many people can discard the scenario to just appreciate the drawings, and also because I felt like showing another of the sides of hentai… How to say: as for all Japanese-made things, you’ll never be able to tell that you’ve seen it all, there will always be weirder shit to come, lol ^^;;
Release credits are for Desudesu.

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Gal Shota Cinderella [English], by Nanakagi Satoshi (under the “Nanatsu no Kagiana” pen name)

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Would you look at those boobs. It's as if they're alive! HNG!

For reasons that are unimportant, a super HOT gyaru, with a carefree easygoing attitude, huge boobs, provocative clothes and delicious-looking tanned, dark skin, has become the friend of a super rich shota, who invites her and they end up naked in the (giant, of course) bathroom. Sex follows.
The scenario doesn’t matter so far, but maybe there’ll be added spice eventually, as the story ends on a “to be continued”… :3

Okay, the great thing now: the drawings. I’d say: as long as you can tolerate shotacon (a huge “meh” for me), this share is GOLD. Lots of sex, and the girl’s awesome, her lively boobs, her aroused face, the most often tolerable censoship (black bars)… It was good :shock:

Well, I’ll let you check it out ^^ Thanks a lot to Dynellen, Kuma-pun, Genit and Pepejpn! :)

By the same artist, I also share Toaru Himitsu No Chounouryokusha S, Transform, Toritate Namaniku and a pack of 5 works.

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Story of the N Situation – Situation #2 Kokoro Utsuri [English], by Mashira-Dou

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The feels. I recalled how it felt at that age, so much hesitation, fear to fail, fear to misunderstand, so many excuses for cowardice...

That story was beautiful, moving, harrowing, it felt *too* realistic, the kind of thing that can happen in real life, in which there is no villain, only humans with their weaknesses, their complex feelings and occasional bursts of courage.

I think I can spill the guts this time: we’re in a concluded love triangle, one girl, two boys, a childhood friend and a new boy who fell in love with the girl and conquered her heart after much effort. The girl was “stolen” by the new boy, and that is entirely due to the childhood friend’s lack of confidence and fear of failure, he didn’t dare to respond to the girl’s open feelings, he prefered to tell himself he wasn’t good enough for her.

It would be very tempting to blame him and call him a faggot, an herbivore, insert any silly insult you like. I can’t agree. He was weak and indecisive, but, hey, aren’t we all, especially at this vulnerable teen age, didn’t we fail many times, us too?
It would be very tempting to hate the new boy, but to the contrary, he was earnest, honest, his feelings are pure and he chose to be courageous even at the risk of losing everything, he deserved the girl more.
As for the girl… she was the most courageous of the three, trying to pull the childhood friend, and deciding she could move on and love the new boy…

Last thing, the title. This “N” letter bothers me. Netorare (cheating on the GF/BF in a manner that leads to him/her knowing it and hurting a lot from it): I can’t agree, at all. Nobody wanted to hurt, or enjoyed it. No existing relation was broken by force. Netori (stealing a BF/GF): well, that, perhaps. The new boy’s courage won the girl’s flickering heart, so, let’s say it’s netori, eventually.

A detail that marked me… The hand she stretches, on page 31, and that is caught, and pressed tightly by her lover… Haa, that was moving. In my eyes, that was shoujo hentai, full of feelings, what mattered was less the porn that the untying of the knot of emotions.

Sorry for the wall of text, hey, I’m me.
Long story short, it’s moving, complex, and totally worth reading IMO :)
Biribiri, Axalon and Rudy, are behing this release, thank you so much! :jap:

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The Femcage [English], by Sanbaizu

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I was really tempted to pick another image with silly inexperienced android talking, but I feared it would make you guys run away too fast ^^;;

Haaa, that title, that misleading title! It reeks of femdom. Of caging unwilling humans. And more vile stuff.
While, to the contrary, we have a protagonist that reminded me of Louis Armstrong. Not the musician. The Hotel manager, Boichi version – while I’m at it, please, DO read Hotel (I give the link again, you can read it online on Batoto), it may not be scientifically accurate, it was still an incredibly touching, moving and beautiful story.
We also have super weird female androids.
And a final plot twist that, perhaps not blew my mind, but at least shocked me in a very positive manner, « WELL DONE!! », I thought :D

A bit less subjectively, to describe it… A young man discovers he is in possession of a secret androids factory in which inexperienced but willing artificial women are eagerly waiting for him. Sex happens of course. But it’s more than a harem story. Hehe, you’ll see ^^

We owe this release to Cgnov, Dark Mac, MrWayne, Axalon, HellWolf and CynicW. Thank you :)

Bonus quotation: « Does my reproductive organ feel good??? » – Jebus, lol.

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