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ZigZag Line [English], by Minasuki Popuri

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So close, so very close!


Cockblocked Oliver speaking. This is a good share about two highschoolers pushing at last their boyfriend-girlfriend relation to new heights, kissing, fondling, foreplay, handjob… and almost vaginal.
This was extremely frustrating in my eyes, but I have to commend the artist for the cute faces and the deeper than usual depth of the characters, the girl’s gradual loss of hesitation and gain of confidence, the boy’s gradual loss of control and then abandon of initiative… It felt less unrealistic than most Hentairules shares =)

By the same artist, I also share Kyoukaisen. That has penetrations.

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Junai Memory (“Pure Love Memory”) [English, 194 pictures], by Labui

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I could have picked worse for a preview picture, but I was slightly sadistic, if you look carefully, you do see a screwup

Quite OK for a first tank :)
Boys, girls, here is a new complete tank. Yay :D

The drawings feel like a mangaka’s first commercial bout, frequently accidentally murdering anatomy (look at the top of page 61, lol, for an example) or going overboard, with matching stories, lacking depth but making up for it with innate good style and enthusiasm ^^
I hope the way I depicted it just above didn’t sound too harsh, there are lots of good things to enjoy, and the censorship is really hard to find, it’s good hentai :)

Story-wise, it’s super basic, youngsters (and a few adults) finding they’re mutually attracted to each other, in various setups: highschoolers, school nurse, working women, sister, etcetera. Two “not like the others” chapters I should mention: one with gender bender, the other with brother-sister sex.
I hope you may love this release, and thanks to whoever is behind it! :jap:

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Ojou-sama No Kuchizuke De Shoujo Wa Me O Samasu (“The Girl Awakens With A Kiss From The Princess “) [English], by Maruta

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Awwwwwwwwww =)

Awww =)
That’s the kind of hentai that I could read while listening this peaceful live version of The Miracle Of Love, by Eurythmics. Peaceful, beautiful, naturally flowing and adorable hentai :)

This share is about two girls in highschool age, attracted to each other, shying away at first, caring but not daring believe this is mutual, becoming lovers at last, growing stronger ties… Nothing exceptional, and yet as pleasant as always :)
The drawings do the story justice, we can trust Maruta on this. A gentle touch, exceptional faces, beautiful bodies, intense expressions. Wow =)

We owe this fine release to NecroManCr, thank you very much! :jap:

By Maruta, there is also Kanojo Ga Koibito Wo Suki Ni Natta Riyuu (199 pictures), Yuri Zuki Kanojo Wa Yuri Kanojo ga Dekinai 1-5 (that’s the complete series), Utsusemi Kouhen + Utsusemi Zenpen (x2), Gogo Wa Koucha Yori Kan Koohi De, Kashiwasaki Miki Wa Ironna Basho De Zenra Sanpo Shitemita (218 pictures), Bokura No Himitsu Kichi, A Good Reason For Less Friend, Shape of Your Favorite Girl 1-5, Nadeshiko Hiyori (1-7) and One Piece Envy.

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Momozono Gakuensei Kagaku Jugyou Houkago Fuck [English, 173 pictures], by Higashimidou Hisagi

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I would like to say something about one of the girls in the picture, but... nah, lol. Fap first.

That’s the kind of manga I don’t like to describe, because, argh, it’s a mixed bag of everything ^^;;
Each chapter is a different story, with a different style. There will be a lot of mutually feeling good sex with or without romantic implications, there will be a lot of rape but a lot of the time this raping will turn out to be nothing serious at all and it won’t be an issue or find a comical conclusion, there are hints of femdom here and there, there’s one futanari chapter (pp50-65), there’s a bit of crossdressing…
See the idea? A huge mix bag, with a carefree noncommital spirit, for easy-reading, let’s say :)

The drawings are totally old-school, which is good (strong contrasts, strong impact, no BS, straight to the point, detailed genitalia) and bad (low resolution, I’m not a fan of pubic hair). Still, with an abundance of boobs, glasses and lingerie, it’s got fine redeeming qualities =)

Thanks to whoever brought us this manga! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Haha Mitsu (164 pictures.)

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Yuuwaku Terror [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Yasui Riosuke (AKA Goromenz)

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I could very very easily call those girls fapworthy. Cough.

It’s something, in hentai, you wake up with your arms attached behind your back, naked, and hot girls who love you are going to give their best to offer you the time of your life. It’s already happened, and it will happen again :lol:

So, this time, it’s the male producer in one of the [email protected] games, and three of his naughty idols, Syuko Shiomi, Shiki Ichinose and Frederica Miyamoto. It’s not their first time having sex according to the narration, but it sure is the first time they’re having a “french surprise”, as the girls voiced it :twisted:
Good drawings, very hot, little censorship, meaty generous bodies, cute cat-like smiles… there’s lots to enjoy to the art too.

I hope you’ll enjoy it! ^_^

(Don’t miss the list of my shares by Yasui Riosuke, also known as Goromenz !)

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Imouto No Naka [English, 213 pictures], by Brother Pierrot

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As I always say, it's best that I don't have a sister, hentai would have given me weird thoughts ^_^

OH FUCK YEAH!! :twisted:

Here is a quality hentai manga, entirely focused on sisters loving their onii-chan and having lots of sex with him. The sisters will be in various roles and positions, sometimes dominant, sometimes dominated, sometimes comedy partner, sometimes loved, sometimes just mutually horny… At the very least, all the time, it’s a mutual caring and liking situation. Simple, and efficient =)

The art is also the simple and efficient style. The girls are busty, meaty, sometimes almost plump, with very very little censorship. Oral, vaginal sex, mostly, with bits of this and that occasionally (like anal or DP).

I fear my description may not make the manga justice. Check it out, it’s good! :)
Side note: I didnd’t tag the manga as “comedy” because none of the chapters was designed for comical purpose, and the comic relief pages weren’t numerous. But… still… OH MY GOD, check page 124 :D :lol:

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Nanase-san Ni Yokorenbo + Zoku Nanase-san Ni Yokorenbo [English], two hentai doujinshi parodying Kindaichi Case File series

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To each his own fetish

I’m lacking all and any context, so I cannot pretend I really understood what is going on. Here’s the thing: I share two hentai volumes inspired from The Kindaichi Case Files (you can read some of them on Batoto.)
Those volumes are called:
Nanase-san Ni Yokorenbo
Zoku Nanase-san Ni Yokorenbo

The two volumes revolve around, well, around the corruption of what used to be straight and pure.

Kindaichi, starring in a series of detective stories, is, here, completely oblivious and naive. His female childhood friend is so dumb she’ll become her cousin’s cum dump and, later on, the cum dump of all the boys around her (who only need half a page to stop being good guys too.) And the more mature woman on whom Kindaichi has a crush, for some reason, has to obey the abovementioned cousin and has insincere first time sex with Kindaichi, as a form of indirect cuckhold.
I kinda wanted to facepalm.

But on the other hand, I can vouch for the drawings. Sure, white-censored to death, but, damn, they’re hot, generous and compelling.
Mintvoid and (it stands for Doujin-Moe, I imagine?) D-M, are behind this release, thank you!

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