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Cute, Teasing, Sexy and Hardcore Hentai Pictures #57 (300 Uncensored pictures !)

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Open-air sex with a DAT ASS! kind of hentai girl ? I wouldn't detest the idea :3

That’s one of the good things with my picture packs, it offers a welcome change from my hyper lengthy descriptions in the rest of my shares ;)
Thus: 300 pictures! Of mixed origin! Uncensored! ENJOY! :D

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Three Point Reversal [English], by Bonten

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Shimapan + Dat Ass! = rapture. Simple math.

There’s a tiny bit of comedy, a lot of love and of oppai in this share, kindly brought to us by Drozetta, Brolen and Dynellen, thank you! :jap:
I think I’ll manage to write a short summary this time: two highschoolers finally confess their love to each other, and have outdoor sex in a park at night. The girl’s soft lips, her voluminous shapely ass, her huge breasts that anyone would want to lick and squeeze… even if there weren’t the heart-warming feelings (oh, yeah!!), it would have been a nice read :)

By the same artist, I also share Hinako-Senpai One O One and BBS – Big Boobs Sisters.

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Kaneshiro-san Wa Gaman Ga Dekinai (“Kaneshiro-san can’t take it anymore”) [English], by Sasaki Maru

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Before that share, I would have never imagined I'd once save one of my preview pictures as "pile-of-flesh.jpg" ^^;;

Don’t search for common sense here. The male hero catches the highschool’s female Japanese-American exchange student masturbating with a dildo, and from their awkard conversion two conclusions follow : (a) the girl is dumber than an American creationist (I shit you not), and (b) she had no idea massaging her breasts is a source of pleasure. Disregarding her low IQ, the male hero bravely proceeds to helping her discover in what manners boobs are an erogenous zone.
And so, yeah, sex. Massaging, paizuri, vaginal.

The art was certainly excessive, the girl had unreal gigantic breasts, and – see, I’m frank! – the blur-mosaics censorship is strong. And yet, there is a certain charm in drawings like that, when you’ve given up on having a worthy story anyway, a sense of a “glorious WTF”… ^^
Maybe you’ll like it :)
Credits are for Desudesu and Ozma, who commissioned it, thank you! ^_^

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Love Hole [English], an Aquarion Evol hentai doujinshi, by Fantasy Wind

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A busty megane bunnygirl ? I was downloading it before I understood what the story was about ^^

Mix and Andy, two Aquarion Evol characters, are having sex. Yeah, basically, this is it ^^
Mix has glasses, very big breasts, performs paizuri, puts on a bunny girl costume, and then it’s vaginal penetrations time.

The drawings are OK, maybe lacking a bit inspiration and vitality compared to previous Fantasy Wind shares, but if you’re here for a good bunny-girl megane fap, these should be plenty fine materials already :o
Credits are for Dynellen, Drozetta and Brolen, thank you! :jap:

By Fantasy Wind, I also share Goddess Of Victory, SigsigEX and Pirates Feast :3

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New MadoHom Full Color Soushuuhen [English, Full-Color], by Studio Huan

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These girls need a magic "wand" :3

The original version of this Nanoha parody weighted 319 MB. I hope you won’t blame me, I decided I had had enough bullshit today and recompressed it to a smaller 76 MB version. If you manage to find a difference between the original and my 76 MB version I’m offering you a “sexy” selfie of me with my leopard string and my pink LED nipple pasties.

Hmm, that share, shall we mention it, now ? ^^ There’s no real scenario, we’re simply shown shots, in short series of images or one-shots, of the heroines having sex or posing with their pussy exposed. Basically, if you love the drawings, go for it ! ^^
The drawings are frankly good, generous, the girls have nice bodies and large breasts… however, there’s the censorship that gets annoying most of the time, so I don’t know how much I should be recommend you that manga… Well, see for yourselves, I guess, and I hope you may enjoy it :)

This is a Doujin-Moe release, thank you!
By the same artist, I also share New NanoFei School 5, New Nanofei School 6, a pack of 2 works, Batsugunda volumes 1-2, New Nanoha-san + Shamal-san Fullcolor Hen, New MahoDom and Beni Kan.

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Suzuya Level 125 [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Neko No Kone

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Next thing we know, there's going to be a Tinder for female battleships.

The Kancolle shipgirl Suzuya dozes off while masturbating to the image of her beloved admiral, and when she wakes up there are two admirals, naked, fully erect, and ready to serve her. Sure, one could start asking oneself what the hell is happening. Not our shipgirl, she directly jumps into action ^^

There we are, happy sex without complications, Suzuya telling she loves her admiral although not receiving a “me too” answer. There’s oral, vaginal, double penetration, with multiple creampies. That girl was a good looker, with large hips, a thin waist, big breasts, long hair… OK, that’s not unforgettable hentai, but I figure that could provide you a good time if you’re in the mood *cough*
Thanks to Na-Mi-Da for this release! :)

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Otawamure [English], a Danmachi hentai doujinshi, by Z-Front

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Enthusiastic sex like that, with a meaty babe ? Oh god, that's fappable material. *cough*

We’re in Danmachi. Hestia comes home late, the lights aren’t lit in her house, and Bell-kun starts having sex with her in the dark, something that arouses her even more than of usual.
Of course, of course, it won’t be Bell-kun actually, but worry not, that is treated as comedy ^^

Hestia, in this volume, is not shy at all, is making really exaggerated faces, funny, caricatural, with weird irises, sporting a gloriously depraved delightful expression, her eyes reminded me of Mizuryu Kei. As for her body, HHHNNNNGGGG! Not too censored, a bit plump, gorgeous, busty, generous, lively, a marvel to fuck, undoubdtedly :twisted:

Thanks to Cgrascal for this release! :jap:
By the same artist, under the Kagato and Z-Front pen names, I also share Love Ablaze, a 4-works pack (Eris’s Boobs, Newaza No Yoichi, Returning The Favor To Otsuu-San and Toytoy Christmas) and Pai-Rela.

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