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Secret Fan Meeting [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live series, by Ringoya

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There’s no scenario here. For some reason, three Love Live idols offer one of their fans a private thanking session, and the fan finds himself greeted by the three girls disguised as nekomimi and telling they want to do ecchi things.
Hey, why not! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The drawings are quice pleasant, with only thin censorship bars over the girls. I hope you can enjoy your read, and thanks to Nakuke for this release! :)
Side note, I grayscaled the images, they had a very faint reddish taint.

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Climax Liberator Orga chapter 3 [English, is looks like the series is now Complete, right ?], + the chapters 1-3 in another Zip file, by Batsu

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Hollywood has Orgazmo (Never heard of it ? Then, I beg you, find that movie, and watch it. Today.), the hentai world has Orga! We need more superheroes saving the world with their dick and wits :D

In the chapter 1, we were introduced to the characters, the brainwashed female supervillains rescued by Orga’s ability to give them seismic orgasms removing their programming, ending with Orga’s failure to liberate his loved childhood friend from her brainwashing. The chapter 2 shows Orga undergoing training with a hot and busty female professor. And at last, the chapter 3 brings us a vanilla-coated closure with a final duel :)

The art is quite good, very original, however I’d say, on top of all, what counts is the CRAZY story, it’s really original, and funny. I totally lost it when the double edged magnum was introduced ^____^ Come on, try reading it, it’s nice ^^
This has been released by 5AM Translations, thank you :)

By Batsu, I also share Momo X Oni Conquest and Tentacle Training.

About hentai sentai, never forget this image: HENSHIN! (source)

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The Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL PACK has been updated, 2 GB of awesomesauce and 3922 pictures !

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A quick update for you Shiwasu No Okina fans,
I updated my Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL PACK !

My Total Pack, simply said, contains ALL THE ENGLISH TRANSLATED WORKS by Shiwasu No Okina, plus a few occasional untranslated goodies. Neat, huh ? ;)

My Shiwasu No Okina Total Pack is HERE :)

Today’s updates are :

The addition of
Peace Hame! Ge, the tankoubon, fully translated, and uncensored
Peace Hame! Jou, the tankoubon, fully translated, and uncensored
– Haru Hame, that I won’t share as a standalone work, because it’s a “meh” loli addon for Peace Hame :/ That one was present in the now obsolete magazine-based Peace Hame release (at that time, called Pisu Hame), however it wasn’t integrated in the two tanks when they were published.
Panty, the colorized version, coming in addition to the already existing grayscale version
Aibuka! Club Activities As An Idol chapters 1-6, the complete magazine series (previously the Shiwasu Pack only contained the chapters 1-4)
The removal, because it is now obsolete, of:
– Aibuka! Club Activities As An Idol chapters 1-4
– “Pisu Hame Complete”, as I called it, because it was based on the magazine scans and the Peace Hame Ge/Jou tanks have come after this
– Pisu Hame SP, made obsolete by the better printed and uncensored Peace Hame! Ge Tokusei Shousasshi already present in the total pack

Painted In Girls Colors [English], by TS No F

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Magical powers put to good hentai use *cough*

It had been a while since we last had gender bender on Hentairules, didn’t we ? There you go, thanks to a scanlator called Goat, you have a quite decent one :)

The story: a highschool boy is magically transformed into a girl, against his will, and there’s a nasty trick, whenever he does something girly (like: masturbate his feminine body, or have sex), he forgets more and more about being a boy. Also, this isn’t your everyday gender-bending magic, he has become a girl with full sexual experience, living in a girl’s room, wearing girl’s clothes and so on… reality was rewritten, woah. I found this story, oddly perhaps, more “convincing” than most within that niche.
Goat, thank you for this release, I hope lots of people will get to enjoy it! :jap:

A note regarding file size. I got this one as a 149 MB large archive. For 30 pictures. That sounded kinda bloated to me, so, instead, I’m offering you two versions, weighting 34 MB and 8 MB. Sounds better ?

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Hishokan Wa Ooyodo-san [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying Kantai Collection, by Parin To Wareru

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I like her thighhighs

Here’s a simple, uncomplicated Kantai Collection one, in which Ooyodo is caught masturbating by her beloved Admiral – apparently, they’re already lovers – and solo time becomes duo time.
Frankly, I can’t call this doujinshi exceptional, the story is pleasant but tame, the art is “good enough” and that’s it… but it’s good in itself already, if you’re after a fap’n’go, if Ooyodo’s physique can please you, with her beautiful eyes, her glasses and her inverted nipples, hey, enjoy! =)

For this release, thanks a lot to Tech, Maya K., Inkblot, Shoku, Axalon and Wayne, from The Phoenix Syndicate! :)

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Ninkatsu Senkan [English, 106 pictures], by Polinky

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This manga is a compilation of three works by Polinky, all of them parodies of Kancolle.

As for the themes… bah. Meh. A real pity, considering the drawings were good – although the massive mosaics blur-mosaics censorshp was nothing short of ridiculous.
The shipgirls become the cock-slaves of shotaboys turning them into sows. Mindbreak, domination, impregnation, cheating, netori, training… I LOATHE pathetic shit like that, but, to each his own I guess, right ?

(For more works by this artist, cf. The list of Hori Hiroaki’s works on HentaiRules)

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Nudist Beach Ni Shuugakuryokou De chapters 1-9 [English, 244 pictures: THE MANGA IS COMPLETE, AT LAST!!! :D], by Shiwasu No Okina

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Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god OH MY GOD

I can believe it: IT IS COMPLETE, AT LAST!! :twisted:

Shiwasu No Okina’s Nudist Beach has had its 9th and final chapter translated.
It’s time to catch up from where we left 10 months ago, at the chapter 5 :twisted:

The story is simple, a Japanese highschool class goes to a nudist beach, and one of the boys, the male hero, is unable to stay decent and sports a splendid erection. He’ll have sex with all the girls, all too eager to help. One by one, in small groups, in huge group, he’s infatigable. And splendid in this role. What a stud, a splendid, admirable stud (#nohomo).

There are all kinds of girls. Tall, petite, plump, slim, shy, slutty gyaru, experienced, virgin – but they all want the D and love sex immensely.
As for the art… Ah, boy… Shiwasu No Okina is such an IMMENSE artist! The day SNO’s tanks reach the western market at last, I’ll throw my money with glee (until then check this). The girls are more than splendid, absolutely fapworthy, beautiful, erotic, their faces, bodies, the details, everything is bursting with godlike skill.

Credits, for this manga, are for NogardNogard, Other guy, Sands, Steph18 and !amNjNJWXH2. Thank you, really, thank you so much for this scanlation :)

For MUCH more stuff, cf. The List of ALL Shiwasu No Okina’s Works !
I also share the French version of the chapters 1-2 on that page.
And of course there’s My Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL Pack =)

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