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Eiyuuou ♀ to Nakayoshi ♂ Dekiru kana [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Zero series, by Kusogaki Teikoku

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Never forget to mention it: #Nohomo

We’re in the Fate/Zero series, and Gilgamesh has deliberately turned himself into a girl in order to have sex with Kotomine: #Nohomo

Now that I have successfully shrunk to approximately 200 the number of people still reading my lines, I’ll mention the poetic dialogues such as:
« You’re beautiful like a cow! (Sumerian praise for women) »

Oh, COME ON, why are there still people reading me?!? OK, OK, I give up, lol, the drawings are quite correct, it may be a good read even despite all the rest :lol:
Credits are for Desudesu and CaptainCaption, and Kalevala from Kalevala Scans, thanks for the read ^^

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Jupiter & Mars Freak [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Sailor Moon series, by Akapenguin

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I swear that if I had seen that picture when I was a young teen, I would have immediately creamed my pants, lol. When you take a step back and look at things honestly, hentai delivers us incredibly GOOD contents on a daily basis, actually :D

The cons: it’s shotacon. The pros: everyfuckingthing else :D
Look, I’ll make this presentation short, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars drop the good girls act and help themselves to two horny boys who expressed interest in having sex with them. The drawings are a successful combination of skillful art, falsely candid facial expressions, and excellent hardcore action (vaginal only, but, boy, those butts, those butts!!).

I hope you may enjoy it, and thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! ^_^

By the same artist, known as Akapenguin and Asahina Hikage, I also share a pack of 3 works (Haitenaino Erina-sama + Moon Freak + Moon & Jupiter Freak), Venus And Mercury Freak, Oneechan Chuuihou Hatsureichuu, Shota Teitoku To Nyuukyo Time, title=”Woot, Tadokoro!”>Shimei Shite Mo Ii Desu Ka Tadokoro-chan and Shibu-rin Ga Low Angler Ni Nerawareta You Desu.

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Himitsu No Photo Session [English, Strongly retouched version], by Tanabe Kyou

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Those lips, that face, HNNNG!

A composed and shy girl who loves making cosplay costumes reluctantly accepts to pose with them. A few sessions later, she finds her true self, a proud slut who loves arousing men and begs to be roughed up. The two male members of her club are eager to help.
The sex is nice (oral, paizuri, vaginal, anal, double penetration), and I was enticed by the girl’s smiles, when she bits her lips and the smiles becomes adorably lewd.
And… when she walks while wearing her nanobikini, with her wavy hair behind her… HNNNNNG!
However, look, I’ll be frank, there’s whiteout censorship and it’s killing at least half of the fun, what a pity T__T

This manga has been released by Tripwire, thank you! :jap:
I’ll mention that I ran a retouching on the images, as they were originally super bad looking. The result is far from perfect, but I believe its already an improvement. For a comparison, check those BeforeAfter! images.

By the same artist, I also share Little My Star.

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Tenshi Love Love Time [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Atariya Kyoushitsu (Also Known As Mokumokuren)

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Hinanawi Tenshi, one of the Touhou girls, accepts to have sex with a random buy asking her out. Sex follows. End of the thrilling summary :D

The drawings are either good, or very good. It’s a matter of drawing experience and talent, I can’t describe it well, I’m afraid, I must apologize for my lack of skill. Simply said: check it out, if the drawings suit your tastes, go for it! ;)
This release is to be credited to MintVoid, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Youmu-chan Love Love Sex, Alive To Love Love Life, a pack of 2 works (Alice To Patchouli No Yoasobi Time + Reimu To Love Love Life) and, in its uncensored version, Deriheru-jou Sanae-san Ga Yattekita.

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Redirection Page : Inomaru’s Works on HentaiRules

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Tons of girls having very hardcore uncensored sex. Yeehah.

When you read Inomaru, you know you’re going to be confronted to intense hentai.
The drawing style will be impactful and you will feel the mangaka has not been “lazy”, you’ll be served realistic art with lots of details, even at times the small details like the shape of the belly that doesn’t look *that* good – but I feel that having everything, as a package, makes for exceptional drawings, really.
And the stories… On the rare occasion they’ll be light-hearted, but most of the times the scenarii will be original, interesting, unusual… Sometimes on the positive side, sometimes on the dark, black side of life, and you’ll be left raging like mad, hating some despicable male characters. And yet, almost always, even in the darkest of times, Inomaru’s women… they’re strong, tough as nails, their spirit doesn’t yield – I admired them many times. Still, I’ll insist: notice my usage of the “almost” term; these “almost” cases were massive fits of rage and facepalm on my end.

Here is the page where I list everything I’m sharing by Inomaru, first the covers, and below, the list of the links :)

     english hentai            english hentai    

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Saint Yurigaoka Jogakuen Seido-kai chapter 2 [English], + the chapters 1-2 repacked together, by Fukuyama Naoto

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Ah, sigh. So much sighing.

You know what? I’m going to keep the summary I wrote for the chapter 1. Word for word, it is still perfectly valid. Copy-pasta incomiiiiiiing!!

Concerned over low birth rates, the government is now sending sex coaches in highschools. I believe it was self-implied that “coaching” meant “blackmailing normal girls until they become sex-craving mindless walking vaginas”.
Well, what can I say. Shrugging, complaining, facepalming, it’s all a matter of opinion, so I’m leaving it up to you guys, to each his own.

Graphically, on the other hand… I detested the choice of censorship (abominable and infuriating blur-mosaics), but I was forced to reckon the drawings were godly, even with the volume of ahegaos the talent was overflowing. Damn you Fukuyama Naoto, I can’t hate you even now! :D
Thanks to Cgrascal for this release!

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Fukuyama Naoto’s works on Hentairules!)

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Watashi No Suki Na Oji-san x Ore No Suki Na Iede Shoujo Ge (“My Beloved Mister & My Beloved Runaway Girl”) chapters 1-3 [English, the story is COMPLETE], by Miyabi

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I think I can call this one a masterpiece.

That’s one of my favorite kinds of hentai, when love is not just physical, when sex is more than just copulation.
The story of Watashi No Suki Na Oji-san x Ore No Suki Na Iede Shoujo Ge is built on the opposition between the mere satisfaction of carnal instincts, and the inner need we all have to build bridges between our soul and the loved one’s soul.

In this share, a broken girl had to discover what she needed wasn’t sex, but to be loved and accepted. Before she found it, sex was just copulation. After she learned it, at last, sex became something entirely different, more intense, more fulfilling, more healing, too. And it was wonderful :)

The drawings are of great quality, with censorship either average (thick black bars) or weak (thin black bars). The girl is the thin intense brunette type, with a form of inner elegance, a sense of self-confidence and zero grams of embarrassment in her, while the male hero is a serious good looker too, already a productive member of society with a leonine feeling to him.

Ah, I wrote yet another wall of text, sorry. Go for it, I whole-heartedly recommend you this hentai manga :)
Release credits are for Spirtohleb, Hentai2read, HentaiHere,, Metaphrastes and Cedr777, from Triple Seven Scans. Thank you so much, really! =)

By the same artist, I also share Joujou Shoujo Etcetera (“Pure-hearted Girl Et Cetera”) (203 pictures), Kagami, Present For You and Kanojo Ga Nekomimi Ni Kigaetara.

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