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Anata No Shiranai Watashi No Koto [English], a post-Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi, by Jingrock

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Sailor Mercury, you must know her as a super cute slender blue-haired teen girl, right ? Let’s imagine her something like fifteen years later, married with a child.
Fiat porn! They are crumbling under debts because the husband is a moron with money, so Ami-chan decides to meet again with the members of her fan club, in exchange of a contribution she’ll be having lots of sex with them. Needless to say she finds in there the bliss of being a woman she was yearning for.

Putting moral values aside (if you can’t put them aside, just don’t read it, you’ll be hurt), I loved the drawings, this is quality MILF sex, Ami’s pleasure faces are something :twisted:
Thanks to whoever released this doujinshi! :)

(For more works by Jingrock, Cf. The list of Jingrock’s works on Hentairules…)

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Denpa Gaaru Futago (“Electric Brain Waves Twin Girls”) [English], by Kojima Saya

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Cgrascal scanlated this story from magazine scans 4 years ago, and today, a kind person with the name Akiba-kei re-released it with the tank scans as a base. Thank you very much! :jap:
The differences ?
– Slightly better visual quality
– A joined double page
– Less censorship ^_^

And the story, now ? Well, that’s an unfair attack on my libido. I really didn’t need that. I fantasize hard enough on the idea of twin sisters without an eromangaka adding the idea that they’re telepathically sharing their feelings of pleasure with each other :twisted:
The beginning was deliciously teasing, with the “sterner” sister resisting as well as she could the sensations she was receiving during class, trying to look normal even though she felt herself having sex. And then, gangbang time, a good one, with caring males treating nicely the girls, woohoo!! ^____^

The drawings are very good, but that might be because I’m extremely partial to the theme, huhu. We had oral, vaginal and double penetration, very well represented. But maybe I should call it quadruple penetration, as both sisters share each other’s sensations 8)

By the same artist, I also share Gakuen Seikatsu (222 pictures), Tonari No Wotako Ha Ore No Yome 1, Shibuya Rin SM, Tsundere Maid, Goshuujin-sama No Oose No Mamani (also with a maid) and, without maids but with a great scenario and great drawings, Kou, Betsuni Jokyoushi Ga Ota Demo Ii Deshou (“There’s Nothing Wrong With A Female Teacher Being An Otaku, Right?”)… And, under the Yuriru Rarika pen name, there is Shujou Seikou and In No Miko.

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Soredemo Boku Wa… (“Even so, I…”) [English], by Marui Maru

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The father of a rich highschooler has brainwashed for him the girl on whom he had a crush, just because he wished to see his grandchildren quickly. Hey, what a fucken scumbag, right ?
Still, how much could we blame the son, when he’s presented the girl he dreamt of, and she’s wearing slutty clothes and jumping right on his dick ? His faint resistance only lasts a few pages, after which, sex follows. As long as you’re in for a fap, you’ve got a sexy plump teen girl with a dream butt, I think it’s the good stuff, thanks to Dynellen who brought it to us, with Drag00noid (translation) and Drozetta (editing) :)

Honestly, I don’t have it in me to blame the son, he’s a teen male in highschool, if I had been in his shoes I would have horribly scorned myself, but I would have probably, still, taken what was offered. And you ?


Let's say you are in the son's shoes, presented with a brainwashed total sex bomb

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By Marui Maru, I also share Double Wife Sand (236 pictures), Dangyakukei Joshi (“Femdom Schoolgirls”) (184 pictures), Hips MuchiMuchi Cream Pie, Self Sex, Love Hole, Until You Go Blank, The Woman In The Corner Room, Makai Ryuugaku, Hattara Yarachau! Ero Seal ~ Wagamama JK no Asoko o Tatta 1-mai de Dorei ni ~ 1-3, Sensei ! Urusai ! and PakoPako Douwa – Ookami-chan Cho Bicchi.

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Take Out chapter 2 [English], + a repack with the chapters 1-2, by Tamagoro

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I like to imagine it exists in the real world, this kind of girl.

Sluts aren’t bad :D
Here is the second chapter of Take Out, by Tamagoro, in which the extremely fuckable we met before continues having sex with the middle-aged man she likes. He was first her customer (she prostituted herself), but apparently now they’re doing it because they’re addicted to it, even if the guy is broke and can’t pay they’re cool with it. Although, there’s a twist (perhaps should I call it a catch… or a hook…) in the last page :3

The heroine is exceptional as a slut. Dark, tanned skin. Large breasts. Provocative clothes. A face enough to damn an angel, horny, shameless, proudly lusty, her gyaru manners only make her more tempting. And an insatiable sex drive, welcoming tons of sex and of creampies :twisted:
Thanks a LOT to 5AM Translations for this release! :)

By the same artist, going by the names Tamagoro and Funi Funi Lab, I also share Fuckbuddy Collection, Thank You Very Bitch (214 pictures) and special, Arakuru Tanoshiku Seikatsu Gakari, Chichikko Bitch volume 1, Chichi Chichi Chichiyoda, Chichikko Bitch volumes 4-5, Chibikko Bitch Try, and Little Bitch Hunter volume 1 and volume 2.

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Kuroinu – Kedakaki Seijo Wa Hakudaku Ni Somaru – The Comic chapters 3-4 [English], + the chapters 1-4 in another Zip file, by Ootsuki Wataru

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Haaaa, at last, a change. Elvers aren’t raped, humiliated and forced to endure attempts to mindbreak them in those two new chapters. This time, it’s a female human knight enduring it.
I’ll have to recognize the art is quite good, on the other hand, be it just oral, vaginal or DP, the girl, Alicia, has a splendid body, and the fact she does not break makes her even better.

Credits are for Kizlan, thanks in the name of the guys liking it! I’ll add something, Kizlan now has a Patreon, check it out! If you dig the twisted fantasies he translates, you might want to encourage him into bringing you even more of these…

By the same artist, I also share Koukishin Ha Neko Wo MoXXsu.

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Ghost Play [English], by Saida Kazuaki

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I liked a LOT that pic, and I decensored it to make it even better. Full-size ver. here.

Hehe, I liked the plot twist in the end :twisted:
Ahem, let’s stay spoilers-free: a pair of young adults go though a customary test of courage in a deserted place, which offers them a perfect chance to fuck privately without being disturbed. A third girl, who should have played the part of the scary pranksters team, joins, and the action resumes.
It’s very pleasant sex (oral, paizuri, vaginal), without romantic feelings, served by Saida Kazuaki’s talent for extremely lewd faces and well-drawn bodies :)

Thanks a LOT to Cgrascal for that one! ^_^

By Saida Kazuaki, I also share Pattsun X2 (202 pictures), Virgin Hunt (177 pictures), Inran Saddle, Paipain (187 pictures), Dried Fruit, VIP Room, Sister Bokujou and the uncensored version of Kui Communication (210 pictures). All great stuff, don’t miss it :)

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Nanairo [English, SPECTACULARLY ADORABLE], a Nisekoi hentai doujinshi, by Takumi Na Muchi

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Team Chitoge ?
This is THE Nisekoi parody you have been needing all this time.

This doujinshi shows Chitoge and Raku gradually growing closer, more intimate, as the days pass and their intimacy grows stronger, until, not as a surprise but as a wonderful conclusion, they become lovers.
Skinship, love, affection, cuteness, spontaneity… Rarely has a hentai doujinshi felt so “real”, so close to how relations happen in that weird place called the real world…
Oh, and then there’s the sex, too. Awesome too.

To sum it up:
– do you know of Nisekoi ? And love it ? THEN GO FOR IT THIS IS GOLD!
– do you like hentai anyway ? THEN GO FOR IT THIS IS GOLD!

My most sincere thanks go to FunyaNemui, Palaxius, Crystalium, Cadenza, Crystalium and HayateKBL, from Team Koinaka, great job, we’re in your debt! :jap:

By Takumi Na Muchi, I also share a pack of 4 works, a pack of 3 railgun doujinshi, the uncensored version of Choudenjihou No Mamori Kata Jou, a pack of 2 Railgun doujinshi, Kiniro No idenshi, Sanctuary, and lastly yet another Railgun doujin.

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