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Scramble Girls chapters 1-3 [English, Complete], by Moketa

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16 April 2014, by Oliver

Who would you pick, sister or girlfriend ? Or... WHY NOT BOTH !

It’s the usual, with good drawings :D A brother and sister, the sister resists her craving for her onii-san until another girl becomes his girlfriend, and then, jealousy takes over, she jumps on him, and it ends with a threesome sex battle. On the one hand, a petite girl, almost flat, with fair hair and a beautiful face, on the other hand, a busty sister with dark long hair and yandere tendencies. Rounds one, two, three, fight ! :lol:

I liked it, will you ? ^^ My thanks, for this pleasant release, are for Kenren, Hihohahi and Nozomori, from !
By the same artist, I also share Onatsuma.

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Nanako-san Teki Na Nichijou Dash volume 1 [English, 163 pictures], by Kawara Keisuke

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16 April 2014, by Oliver
Panties, where art thou ?

Let’s be straight, I was very disappointed :
- A full-volume ? ==> Yay !
- With only rare panty shots, some cleavage, and some average (only occasionally good) comedy ? ==> Fuck ! :(

Still, hey, it’s a full-volume, and it allows casual worry-free reading, if you like it, then that’s cool ^^ Credits, for this release, are for The Tsuuyaku and Conan, thanks a lot, you two :)

If that’s all Kawara Keisuke can do in the hentai/ecchi business, it’s good he eventually quit. Kawara Keisuke is more widely known as Sanbe Kei, for his non-adult ventures that met a much larger audience, and in which his style and potential for interesting mystery/horror stories flourished at last. On Batoto, among these, there is Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Cradle Of Monsters and Hohzuki Island, and then there’s Kamiyadori on a less reputable site.

By the same artist, I also share Nanako-san Teki Na Nichijou Re (263 pictures, it’s like a second volume for Nanako-san, only much funnier, better drawn, and more hentai-oriented) and Espresso.

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Nice pack of 2 works by the hentai artist Sameda Koban [English]

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16 April 2014, by Oliver

A petite teen, a genius at physics, and sex !

Have some Sameda Koban, it’s fresh ! :D
The two works that I share are :
- Hyperballad, what a poetic title ! (been released just today, cute vanilla with a petite-looking genious girl having as much sex drive as a normal girl)
- Mon Mon Steady (a falsely shy bombshell, only revealing to her beloved boyfriend how much of a sex-crazed maniac she is)

In both cases this is happy sex with love, not just temporary flings, and the drawings, even despite the censorship (either almost uncensored, or full whiteness), HNNNG, they were good ! :twisted:
Release credits are for Team Koinaka (composed of Bpop, Amaimono, Thira, Von from Facedesk, Freudia, Aoc and Anonymous), and Random Bubbles, thank you very much ! :jap:

For MORE hentai greatness, cf. The list of Sameda Koban’s works !

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Chichi Iro Toiki [English, 198 pictures], by Goban

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15 April 2014, by Oliver

A teen having missionary sex in hentaid

2Hip is like a magician of hentai to me, pulling out of his Magical Porn Hat wonders that I just didn’t see anywhere before he shared a link, repackings, complete compilations suddenly (“Shazam !”) making up a complete volume… Seriously, 2Hip, thank you so much ! :jap:

And so here comes, thanks to our dear 2Hip, the complete Chichi Iro Toiki, showing happy sex with mutual liking or love between youngsters of highschool age mostly (and a few adults), without any complications or useless scenario. All the girls have HUGE breasts (too huge to look natural, fair warning), and it’s paizuri, oral and vaginal sex. Half of the pages display horrible whiteout censorship, the other half displaying small rectangles not hiding much the glory of the hardcore drawings :twisted:
Many of the girls are tsundere (me : HNNNG ! YAY YAY YAY!), there are a lot of school uniforms and of pigtails. just saying :D

Besides 2Hip, credits, and my gratitude, go to Desudesu, Darkfire, Flammz, Kusanyagi, Crimson Leo, Kura and Amaimono ! :)
By the same artist, I also share Zettai Nyuuki (“Absolute Breast Kingdom”, 201 pictures).

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Fukanzen Kazoku, Kanzen Kazoku (“Imperfect Family, Perfect Family”) [English], by Pyon-Kti

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15 April 2014, by Oliver

I COULD FAP TO THAT FACE ! If it weren't for her tits. And panties. AAARGL

That was some quick emotional rollercoaster, from cold rage to adorable vanilla making my heart melt in just a few pages. Wow :shock:
As the story presents some interest this time, I’d rather avoid any possible spoilers. Let’s say that, despite the initial negative setup, love and lovers win in the end, with sweet vanilla !

Graphically, AWW, Pyon-Kti’s got great talent ! The censorship is relatively heavy (numerous black bars), and maybe because of this I came to spectacularly LOVE the way the heroine’s face and body was drawn.

Hey, that reminds me of my first days discovering hentai, beint aroused like NEVER before in my life by images of girls who weren’t even naked, with their vagina covered by a thin layer of cloth… Is that cause (the manga being saved by the quality of the drawings everywhere, not just around the genitalia) or consequence (no way to focus on the genitalia, let’s look around too, oh, hey, it’s good too !), but, graphically, that was close to the greatest mangakas I know. Hats off :)

This has been released by Von and Hihohahi, from, thank you ! :)
By the same artist (also known as Pyonkichi), I also share Cross Sister, Puni Kano, Crawling Darling, Versus, Dogful Days and the first half of Dhezeall.

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Ane Bullying [English], by Nagare Ippon

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15 April 2014, by Oliver
Isn't family wonderful, when a brother and sister stop fighting ?

For those of you shivering in fear, I’ll say it at once, this is one of those mangas in which Nagare Ippon doesn’t fall into NTR or other scary shit ;)

Simply, we’re shown a sister “bullying” her brother (playing with his penis, making him come without his agreement, not letting him to farer than that), until, at last, the brother grows a pair and jumps his sister. Happy sex with love follows, it seems the sister was only waiting for this.

The drawings are nice, with Nagare Ippon’s idiosyncrasies (quite detailed sex, relatively sagging natural large breasts, small bits of ahegaos), and also – alas – with several black bars of censorship every time, aaargh. Oh well.
For this release, my great thanks are for Covertopboobs and LazarusLP, I’m going to love them like old friends :)

(Remember to view The updated list of Nagare Ippon’s works on Hentairules)

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Kisei Juui Suzune volume 5 [English, 191 pictures], by Haruki

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14 April 2014, by Oliver
Can you imagine, if that had been decensored ? BONERZ !

Oh boy. Haruki’s drawing talent is, simply, beyond words (beyond my own words at least ^^;;). Such perfect talent for shades, proportions, erotic faces, facial expressions, the pent-up desire, the escalating ecstasy… Hnnnnng ! :shock:

The volume was translated by Tonigobe, and commissioned by Dark Lord. Thanks a LOT to Tonigobe, and… Praise the Dark Lord !!! :D :lol:

(And if you wonder, eventually, the other volumes will be translated too. No idea when, but, well, most of us should see it within our lifetime ;) )

And now, there’s the story. It’s an interesting mix of things that (a) I didn’t understand, (b) I didn’t understand and (c) I didn’t understand. There’s a story about humans becoming stronger because they’ve got an insect residing within their body, but on the other hand they want to mate like mad. Add politics, the military, mad scientists, and the typical “WTF JAPAN ?!?” touch. The final note, add the fact the commissioner wanted the first volume of the series to be released would be the fifth.
Conclusion ? Many faps, not many understandings.

There are tons of arousing drawings without sex or genitalia. Lots of sex without love or genitalia. Either happy sex or without the approval or the cumming like crazy victim (let’s say, half-half ?). Yeah, there’s “that particular” level of censorship, and so I made this bonus pic (fair warning, displaying decapitation by dick… …. … :3 ).
Fortunately, at least, save one chapter with humans displaying tentacle thingies, there are no bugs, insects or other disgusting shit.

See for yourselves ? Although, just for the art, I’d say “go for it ! 8)

(For MORE stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Haruki’s works on Hentairules)

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