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Sodachatte Okikunatte [English], by Okunoha

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I know you can't call this a marvel of skill and aestheticism, but it is so FULL of life, so fresh! I loved it as it was :)

At first I imagined it would be yandere, good thing I suck at guessing in advance :D
Simply said, Sodachatte Okikunatte features a very proactive childhood friend (a few years younger than the male MC, like 5 years or so), enthusiastic about sex and always eager to practice and improve :3 This is vanilla, fresh and enjoyable :)

The share begins with a new visit of the girl at the male MC’s place, his mother gallantly leaves the house (I love those hentai moms, always keen to help their son book a future bride), and the girl has free reins, huhu.
First footjob, and then good old quality sex, drawn with impressive energy, pent-up lust exploding live, giving us contorted faces and ahegao moments, something I kinda liked to my own surprise :shock:

Thanks a lot to Fated Circle and Garass! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Dokusenyoku No Kyouki.

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