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Oideyo Mizuryu Kei land The 4th Day [English], by Alice No Takarabako (A.K.A. Mizuryu Kei), + the full repack with ALL the translated Oideyo! volumes (272 pictures)

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Freckles! A GIRL WITH FRECKLES! *ahem*

The newly released volume 4 of the Oideyo! series comes back to more usual hentai roots, a group of highschoolers, the trying-to-be diehard boys, the varied kinds of girls, the friendly with boys one, the distant one, the stern class rep… who decide they’ll go to Mizuryu Kei Land to have casual fun :D
Tons of sex follow, proudly assumed wild sluttiness within predefined confines, and back to the norm at the end of the day with newfound romance to sweeten the conclusion, nice =)

In case you’re new to this series, allow me to introduce you to Mizuryu Kei Land, a theme park entirely based on sexual freedom. A place where everyone can have sex with everyone, where there’s no need to pretend, where we can listen to our lowly instincts and fuck like mad. Everyone is respected, nobody is brainwashed (to the contrary, some even understood at last the difference between genuine feelings and mere lust!), and the visitors are responsible adults who will resume being responsible when they leave. See the idea? An awesome park!

We need to make it real, why not Euro-Pornoland France?

And with the new volume, I also share a repack with EVERYTHING available in English, the volumes/Days 1-2-3-4-5;1.5-3.5.
In all those volumes, the drawings are good, full of freedom and energy, I found myself tolerating the ahegaos, to my surprise. Also, the boys are hunks, it’s not bad. Well, I hope you’ll enjoy it too :)

These volumes were released by several teams or members, namely: Striborg and Nefarious from Kombini Scans, Happy Merchants, N04H, Cronus91 and Herzer, and Mintvoid, An_chan and Neith from Thank you all!! :jap:

For more, see the list of Alice No Takarabako’s (also known as Mizuryu Kei) works on Hentairules

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Elf Shimai Control (“Elf Twins Control”) [English], by Tabigarasu

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Elves? Okay, I'm good, lol

“Fuck with the elves’ forest, get fucked by the elves”. Or something like that ^^
After human warfare destroyed the forests where they used to live, elves are forced into exile and their numbers dwindle. “Logically” (with massive airquotes), female elves must adapt to new ways of living, while making babies with humans they captured for breeding :D

I tagged this as raping, but frankly, the male, although forced at first and not allowed to roam free, is all for it all along, so I guess it’s cool. And graphically, two horny busty elves, a fine male stud, tolerable censorship, it’s quality elf hentai, enjoy! ^_^
This has been released by Constantly, thank you!

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Familia [English], by Sanagi Torajirou

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I don't think I saw girls wearing striped thighhighs like that outside of hentai

A simple share, the stereotypical story of a young man tutoring his slightly younger tsundere female childhood friend, having sex with her hot mother, then with the sister, and then it’s threesome time.
The drawings suffer from whiteout censorship, sure, and I’m not a great fan of ahegaos (seen in a few pictures, not that many), but I still pretty much enjoyed it, it had a pleasant vibe :)

Thanks to Dark Knight for this release! ^^

By the same artist, I also share Photorare Sex And Photograph (217 pictures), Aheochi 3Byou Mae (217 pictures), Fake, Cast Aoi (189 pictures), Kanyuu Shoujo and Asobare Dear Sex Friend (200 pictures, and uncensored).

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Yamato De Asobu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Alkaloid No Baketu

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Why does the blindfold make it so hot??

Welp. Great art, dark story. I’m not sure everyone will be able to enjoy it. In further details: the shipgirl Yamato, cheerful and all, is recruited by a shady admiral who quickly puts her to “training”, actual and intense mindbreak to turn her into a mindless cum dump. The doujinshi ends with a group sex and hints there was an evil mastermind plan at work.
I’m not too sure about this evil conclusion, as I don’t play the game, please tell me if I got it right, the admiral is actually working for the enemy side, this is it?

Graphically, on the other hand, no questsions asked, this is hardcore, this explicit, this is detailed, this looks damn good. Even if it’s mindbreak and I don’t like mindbreak, I was impressed by the art’s intensity O_o

A side note. Originally: that was 248 freaking MB large. Even when the images are 3500-pixels high res, for only 27 pictures, it’s far too much. How about 68 MB instead, with a proper recompression? :)

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Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri – Igyou Kaikitan [English, 223 pictures], an horror hentai manga by Jyoka

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I considered placing a spooky AF image on top of my post, but reconsidered, what of the people who will get seriously scared? ^^

Oh shit. Wow. I’m under a manic laughter right now, I can’t stop it, probably to protect myself – I was shaken :D

You know this feeling, after a good horror book or horror movie, when you’re glad you were scared to death? Bingo.
It’s strange, even. I don’t like horror mangas, the non-adult ones, I find them boring and lacking in intensity. They make me yawn.
But add sexuality and suddenly the soup thickens, the recipe works, the emotions become strong enough to overpower me and make me yield, I’m taken, I’m a captive, I have no choice but to read it and enjoy being creeped out :twisted:

So there we are, a uselessly long intro (sorry! My specialty!) for a horror hentai manga, with extremely intense sex (very graphical, with very little censorship, expect the women to be plump, busty and kinda realistic) and story twist after story twist.
Some stories were grotesque. Some were shocking. Some were disgusting (pages 144-168, the cow head chapter: I wish I didn’t read that one, honestly you may want to skip it). Some (yep, plural form) were beautiful and moving. Every single one of them was freaky as hell :shock: :D

Release credits are for for the scans, Saha for the chatper 3, RampantSerenity for the basis of the translation of the chapter 4, and everything else, translation and editing, to Mongolfier. Thank you, really. I’ll have a shitty night now, but it was totally worth it! =)
(Update: I didn’t know, it’s got an OVA O_o)

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Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Teisou O [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Konosuba series, by Hougen

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One of the best positions as a man, you enjoy the show of the girl experiencing pleasure, the girl can rub in all kinds of subtle different positions for max pleasure, and you, you can get some rest ^^

Aqua, from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o becomes Kazuma’s lover. And from there on, the “story” (airquotes are strongly recommended) takes an unexpected turn. Aqua becomes a slave for dick, lust took over rationality, self-mindbreaking. The girl’s insatiable lust becomes such a burden for poor Kazuma (over a dozen times every single new night, again and again) that in the end he sells Aqua’s prostitution service to groups of men, at least it’s not his body that’s taking the toll O_o

So, what? Weird story canvas, quality art? Yeah, I guess. Credits are for Nipplezits, Eno and Vilis, from Hennojin Scanlations, thank you!

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Chokkan Netorare Hotline (“Intuition Netorare Hotline”) [English], by Edo Shigezu

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I almost regret we know, in the next page, what is written on the paper

Rinruririn, Herzer and Anonymous, thank you very much for this, present us a nice share in which a bossy office lady, chief of a department, is caught having phone sex with her husband. The male employee who had that luck isn’t a scumbag, he “only” helps himself to the offered lusty pussy belonging to a woman unable to resist temptation after having been separated from her husband for too long.
Long story short, lots of sex, stealing a wife, and the wife enjoying lying to her husband. Morally meh, but I’ve read much worse anyway.

Graphically, it’s plagued by ugly blur-mosaics censorship (for me: arousal minus 75%), but served by excellent art, intense, well done, liberating, looking great.

By the same artist, I also share Netorare Saijiki Ootsuka Kyouko No Baai (trying so hard it became funny) and Settai Play (same shit as before but less funny because not trying hard enough.)

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