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Time Stripper Reika [English], a crazy and original story, by Gesundheit

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Funny, weird, hot, I love WTF hentai like that :D

That, dear friends, is a fine piece of WTF hentai :D

In this story, two young adults, male and female, are gifted the ability to stop time, by the devil. It’s amazing: you don’t get old, you’re not hungry, you can still interact with the outside world or use items, and the genitalia of people match your own flow of time (meaning you can fuck whoever you like, erection and lubrication will work.)
The female MC is a funny narcissic person, so self-centered, meticulously exploring the scope of her newfound abilities, and superfucking boys like there’s no tomorrow (well, technically…)

And the way the story evolved, and even more, the way it ended… WOAH! :shock: :D
No, look, I’d rather not tell you more than that. Please, try reading it, it’s really original and worth it, in my opinion :)

Sneikkimies, Miya, EnDy_S and Satoshi, from AllTheFallen, are behind this release, thank you! ^_^

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Pack of two [English] works by Mizuryu Kei (AKA Alice No Takarabako) : Promphoto (a Final Fantasy XV hentai doujinshi) + Souma Kurumi no Idenshi – Kurumi’s Gene

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WHAT A GLORIOUS SLUT! Look at those eyes! LOOK AT THEM! :D

I gathered here two nice recently released works by our dear Alice No Takarabako:
Promphoto: a FFXV hentai doujinshi based on the harem idea, basically, fuck each of the game girls one after the other and then in a final orgy. I allowed myself to strongly retouch the pictures, back to real black and white with correct surfaces and better contrasts.
Souma Kurumi no Idenshi – Kurumi’s Gene: we meet again our super-sluts family from Teisou Kannen Zero, this time focusing on the youngest daughter, the twintailed cute petite, feisting on her private tutor

Good art, good sex, adorable sluts, enjoy! ^_^
And thanks to Nisor (the FFXV doujinshi) and Cgrascal (Kurumi’s Gene)! :)

For more, see the list of Alice No Takarabako’s (also known as Mizuryu Kei) works on Hentairules

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Ofuro Trouble (“Bath Trouble”) [English], by Morishima Kon

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I never saw girls with that hairstyle, in the real world. I wonder if it's purely imaginary, or if it's something in Japan.

Niiiiiice! :twisted:
The story: the stormy relationship between a next-door shota and the energetic gyaru who loves toying with him (like teaching him respect for his mom, we don’t speak about bad stuff) moves on to the next level, sex! :woot:
The characters are likeable, while the art is awesome. Hardcore (vaginal and anal), detailed, very little censored, with detailed genitalia and lovely dark skin :3

I’ll let you enjoy, folks, it was dope ^_^
Herzer, N04h and Alexey are the ones who brought us this release, thank you very much :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Hot, Meaty Body and its sequel Shudouken Wa Docchi (“Who’s In Control ?”).

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Marudashi x Sister [English, 242 pictures], by Nakani

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There will be faps. I can guarantee it.

Woah :D :shock: :woot:
Boys, girls, tentacular aliens, here is one of the weirdest quality hentai tanks I saw in a very, very long time :)

The theme is generic and senario-free: wincest. Little sisters who love their older brothers, send signals, do weird stuff, and eventually get their dick and happy a ending.
But every detail goes against the usual norm. There is permanent super strong sexual tension; body language replaces verbal communication with mixed results; both boys and girls almost contstantly display striking facial expressions: shocked, frenzied, incredulous, mesmerized… :shock:
Mind you, I don’t say that’s shite, no, to the contrary, this is extremely original and refreshing, come on, check it out ^_^

Graphically, it’s nice, I don’t have much to say, blame my poor vocabulary, sorry. Little censorship mostly, and two chapters (“Imouto No Oppai Ga Marudashi Datta Hanashi vol. 3-4”, I was already sharing them on Hentairules) are uncensored.

The lists of credits won’t be short. Part of the manga was first translated from Japanese to French by Katsuragi Misato, helped by Complotiiste, Crimsontaka, Pairedebottes, Nanostructure, Alexandress, Rexremingod, Aredan, Rattle_Snake, Supertriskel, Halotrial3, Kouroxxx, Jujusteco, Freyjawion, Vankw. Then, the French part was translated from French to English by Bakapi. The other chapters were made by Bia Bia-chan, Wehasband and Izur, and Wenhui and Desudesu. Thank you very much, to all of you! ^^ :jap:

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Gal Shota Cinderella volumes 3-4 [English], + a repack with the volumes 1-4 (142 pictures), by Nanakagi Satoshi

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Why is it that a dark-tanned girl is so much hotter? Ah, go figure ^^

As I wrote for the volumes 1 and 2, the male MC is too young in my eyes (fucking meh, what a waste), but the female MC is a totally awesome sexbomb. Tanned, busty, cheerful, supple, loving sex, proactive, adorable, a kind soul inside the botty of a slut… wow :twisted:
In case you didn’t read it before, the story, well, a female gyaru ends up catching the eye of a very young rich kid, only his massive schlong tells more of his real age and capabilities, the rest is romance brewing, with, as bonus, also a busty fair-skinned maid ^^
To be honest, anatomy is nuked in some pages (an example, volume 4, page 25: this has become wrestling, lol), but it’s fun to watch :D

Dynellen, Kuma-pun Pepejpn, Lobotomista, 1/4-Based Anon, Whalbum and Genit, are behind this release, thank you very, very much! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Toaru Himitsu No Chounouryokusha S, Transform, Toritate Namaniku and a pack of 5 works.

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GyaruImo [English], by Nikusoukyuu

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I want to highlight I didn't decensor shit from the picture, it came as is ^^

And now, something (not so) entirely different :D A comic in which a brother hypnotizes his tsundere twintailed sister, has lots of sex with her while having fun disgusting her with his vile presence the rest of the time (and yet, he may be a lazy ass, he’s not a straight failure of nature or an ugly toad), and in the end a certain SFX and representation of moitness are here to show us the sister’s attachment to her brother will soon stop being just unconscious.

The drawings have a pleasant side (something about the eyes reminds me of ShindoL, wouldn’t you agree?), without too much (semi-transparent grey bars, sometimes no bar at all) censorship… It’s worth a look I think, enjoy! ^_^
And thanks to N04h and Herzer for this one :)

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Lustful Flowers volumes 1-2-3 [English, 121 pictures], by Miito Shido

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That weird time you're proud you stayed flaccid all the time you read something visually very hot

We’re in the universe of Lustful Berry, this time it’s different girls experiencing shit.
How should I say… Within its own hentai niche, Lustful Flowers is a high quality product, fulfilling every requirement and more. But you have to love that niche; me, sure, I don’t have a problem if that’s other people’s fetish, but personally I viewed it as a stinking pile of horseshit.
The themes: Corruption. Mind breaking. Blackmail. Girls are meat, made to be abused. Men are predators rightful to seize what they want. Gangrape girls long and hard enough, and they’ll become toys to play with. Blah, blah, blah, the usual weird (in my eyes at least) fap fantasy.

Graphically, it’s also within the best you can expect within that niche, very hardcore, oral, paizuri, vaginal, anal, double penetrations by the dozens, with very little censorship, entranced ahegao faces, no noticeable defect or wrong idiosyncrasy… I got to commend that. Save one infuriating flaw: who the fuck puts a blindfold on glasses, for fuck’s sake?!? Take the glasses off first, what is that blasphemy!
Anyway, if it’s up your alley, heh, enjoy! Release credits are for Shakuganexa, thanks for all the work :jap:

A note, about the file sizes. Those three volumes came in extremely high resolution (around or above 6800 px high!) for a massive file size on the disk, 717 MB. I honestly don’t view anyone needing it outside of scanlating raws, so I went and shrunk it to 3000 px, for a much more reasonable 136 MB. And if you have bad or capped internet, or limited disk volume, I also offer a 1600 px version, for only 37 MB.

By the same artist, I also share Lustful Berry (166 pictures) and Poppin’ Cherry (212 pictures.)

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