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New Nanofei School 1-2 All Full Color Soushuuhen Shinsouban [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Nanoha series, by Studio Huan

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The mangaka totally aced that panel, and knew it. And then, as it was time for a well-deserved break, came the "SHIT I FORGOT THE EYEBROWS - fuck them, a line will do, lel"

If there was a scenario, I didn’t find where it was hidden :D
Here are 44 quality hentai pages in which some lucky random anon has the three main girls from the Nanoha series, Fate, Hayate and Nanoha, constantly lusting after him and gladly offering their holes for his extended usage. We have tons of intense sex, oral, vaginal, anal, and even (thanks to cloning magic) double penetrations. The art is excellent, full of life, of energy, and with only very, very little censorship :twisted:

‘Nuff said. Enjoy :D
Release credits are for Shakezoola, SXIndy27 and The Tsukuyomi Project, thank you ^_^

Thanks to whoever released the volume! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share New NanoFei School 5, New Nanofei School 6, a pack of 2 works, Batsugunda volumes 1-2, New Nanoha-san + Shamal-san Fullcolor Hen, New MahoDom, Batsugun Da! Full Color Soushuuhen, New MadoHom Full Color Soushuuhen and Beni Kan.

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Egg or Chicken Zenpen + Chuuhen + Kouhen [English, 97 pictures, the story is Complete!], by Rocket Monkey

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An ass like that... I fucking APPROVE!! :D

Sorry I took so long before sharing this one, I never have enough time on my hands, and the release of the entire story, not just the first part but all three parts, slipped away and out of focus for me. Humble apologies, all that. A clarification: Zenpen, Chuuhen, Kouhen, means first part, second part, third part (as explained here.)

This share is exceptional, mostly because this is a manga, by Rocket Monkey, based on VANILLA. And, coming from this mangaka, that’s as unlikely as snow in the middle of august (in the northern hemisphere, heh.)
Not basic vanilla, the best there is, happy sex soothing the soul, in which stranded adults find solace and renewed happiness once they, at last, become close, haaa =) :shock: :woot: :kickass:

In more details, we have a depressed adult young man who has just been rejected by his frivolous girlfriend because he is boring, too straight up and dedicated to being responsible. The housewife he compassionately helped some years ago will show him he is a good person, and a good fuck too, as it happens. Next, the daughter joins, and it ends with a threesome and a long-term much-expected solution.

Sure, there is dreadful whiteout censorship, but even then, as long as you dig MILFs or nearly-adult teens, and you don’t dislike plump women, that was a sextival to enjoy :twisted:
Thanks a lot to Anonymous, Cedr777 and Ruby Omega, from Triple777Scans, and to for the raws! :)

By the same artist, I also share Jun-Ai Trickster (211 pictures), Sunao Ni Nareba, a pack of 5 netorare works (Her True Self + Hisashiburi + I Want To Become Prettier + Jogging Mrs + Nozomidoori), a pack of 4 cheating works (Girigiri Idol – Girigiri Girl + Girigiri Idol 1+2, Shisen No Saki Ni), Kikimimi – Risou no Kanojo (“The Ideal Girlfriend”) and Himitsu No Bitch-chan, Kikimimi – Risou no Kanojo and I’m Fine By Myself.

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Hishokan No Oshigoto Ura Jijou [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Mizuwari Neko

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That ass makes me want to plug it with something I own

Just the cover was enough to get me. Meaty bodies. Huge breasts. Hourglass figures. Smiles. AH YISS :D

The rest is good, although not exceptional. Kamoi making it her duty to relieve her Admiral of his abnormal (in frequency and intensity, not in practice) sexual needs, the last part of the volume is a threesome with the addition of Hamakaze. There is oral, vaginal and paizuri, with entranced female faces, occasionally as far as ahegao, and the censorship is pretty meek, we don’t miss much.
That said, it was mostly emotional-less less, so it didn’t “tick” as much with me as it could have, but that, that’s entirely a matter of personal tastes =)

We owe this release to… er, wait, to whom, actually?? Please, if you know, leave a comment with the info and I’ll update my post with the proper thanks :)

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Saimin Choukyou Gakuen [English, 197 pictures, complete tank], by Hoshino Ryuuichi

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Let's be honest, if we had those hypnotism skills we'd spend most our days with our balls empty.

Side note, before I forget: I took the liberty of completing Saimin Choukyou Gakuen into a fine complete tank version. As I found it, it was two separate releases, for the chaptesr 1-2 and 3-10, with the “end of tank” contents, but not the “beginning of tank” and interstitial pages ^^

This is a manga based on hypnosis, in which the male hero is a smart man, skilled in reading people’s mood and gifted in manipulating them, who will use his hypnotism skills to gather a harem and establish himself in society.
Frankly, that male “hero” is a nasty piece of shit, caring only about himself, to him, everyone is either garbage (the men), or a tool and a hole (the women, they’re all secretly masochists who love being teased and bullied.) It’s all about himself, his ego, and he’s into mind games to become the dominant person in the school, plotting, blackmailing, reverse-blackmailing.
… But please, try to endure the read till the very end, I would like to know how many of you saw a certain plot twist coming :twisted:

Graphically, I’m torn, the censorship is hideous blur-mosaics, and it’s a real sad waste, because the art is awesome. Only adult women, busty, almost always wearing hot lingerie, with well-proportioned bodies, visibly loving hard vaginal and anal sex, this was SPLENDID :shock:

Release credits are for Everflame for the chapters 1-2, and Desudesu and sailor1980 for everything else, thank you very much!

By the same artist, I also share Until She Becomes A Slutty Teacher (178 pictures), Yuuwaku No Toshiue Apartment chapters 1-2, and Hitozuma Kanrinin Kyouko.

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2 Angels Summer Sex [English], by Ash Yokoshima

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I'd go for the tanned one first, but, damn, that's a tough choice to make.

In the past, I had occasional reserved opinions about the story in 3 Angels Short and its sequels, occasionally it was either or both nonsensical, lame or fucked up. None of this here applies, this is enthusiastic happy sex, free of any complications, woot! :woot:

Basically, Snowbow, Kaede and the male MC, Ikeyama, are at a summer hut and enjoy an intense threesome, this is it! ^_^
The two girls are AWESOME lookers, tanned and fair of skin, with horny, lustful, mischievous expressions on their face, their beautiful slim and yet meaty bodies alluring like mad… RHA FUCK YEAH!!
My only gripe would be the thick black bars, it gets a lot in the way for the vaginal sex, still annoys for the anal sex that follows, no choice but to deal with it, sob.

Well, enjoy, folks, enjoy ^_^
We owe this release to Dynellen, Arkngthand, Svines85 from BEC Scans, Bjrlife, Sharpshooter450, Crazyjapan, Atomicpuppy and Slobber, thank you very much! :)

The previous Ash Yokoshima volumes: Three Angels Short (234 pictures), Three Angels Short Full Passion (230 pictures), and the pack made of 3 Angels Short Full Blossom, 0.8 Cafe Au Lait + 01 Milk Cocoa + 01b Linearis, + Full Blossom 2.

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The Great Escape Extra volume 1 [English, 70 pictures], by Miray Ozaki

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I would gladly join the "I boned Ai" club. No, honestly, just once.

Sweet news, a new Miray Ozaki -mini- volume has been scanlated, in which we watch Ai Sugimoto have vaginal and sex with four persons, including her boyfriend and her brother :)
Look, I’ll be your usual lost cause Oliver, and borrow the description I wrote two years ago in another Miray Ozaki post ;)

Please, allow me to quote my friend Zathael, who gave a perfect summary of Ai’s behaviour :
« Ai Sugimoto is one of the cutest and sexiest totally brain-dead women in hentai. She has sex with people other than her boyfriend *all the damn time*, and yet, we forgive her. She doesn’t do it out of malice towards her boyfriend, she does it because she has extremely sensitive nipples, and absolutely *no* common sense. She is so cute and sexy, she could probably have sex with an entire football team, the marching band, *and* the waterboy, and we would still love her. »

The drawings are hot as fuck (her boobs, her beautiful face with eyes becoming slanted during sex, her arched back, her beautiful figure, haaaa), I adore Ai’s nature, so I won’t mind ^^
One thing, though, the censorship has gone seriously bad, this time it’s bluured mosaics, argh!

Release credits are for ElecDrago, Potato and Vilis, from Hennojin, thank you! :)

For MORE stuff, Cf. the list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules)

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Mesu No Tadashii Haramasekata [English, 202 pictures], by Maki Daikichi

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I can almost HEAR all the instant boners from this picture

Hey, it’s a fairly decent new complete tank we’ve got there, many thanks to Doujin-Moe for the treat :)

The manga is, on top of all, good for the faps (plenty of different girls, all of the meaty, busty, loving sex a lot, with splendid butts and not too much censorship).

But it might leave you with a bad impression if you’re a hardcore vanilla lover. The girls are dumb beyond words, are naturally yearning for dicks, so they’re easily turned into cum dumps by the horny boys around them. If only the girls had been smart and/or had had any sense of pride, I would have had to tag this post as mindbreak. Furthermore, most of the boys (OK, except in 3 chapters) are scumbags who take pleasure, not just in emptying their balls, but in corrupting and humiliating women. Sigh :roll:
So. It’s up to you as always. I know I threw a barrage of negative criticism, but it’s mostly easy to ignore most of the time (remember: the girls are so dumb they’ll welcome anything, and the three worst tags that I added to this post, blackmail, cheating and netorare, are only present in two chapters) and if you only care for the drawings and how hardcore they are (here, as far as DP gangbang style), it’s very good.

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