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Pack of 2 [English] works by Oroneko, full of vanilla and WAFF :)

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Summer nectar. Enjoy your drink, mate!

More vanilla for you guys! Once again, it’s commissioned by Alexey, and scanlated by Bango, Kusojiji, Baran, Neith and Orla, from Hennojin. Thank you so much! ^_^

Today, these are 2 works by Oroneko:
Charming Strategy Love At the Beach. Bikini, confession, sex full of WAFF.
Onegai Maid-sama. A maid costume, footjob and domination of the male, then the obligatory turning of the tables, once again a heart-warming WAFF conclusion.

It’s only three years that I’ve been reading works by this mangaka, which isn’t much, and yet Oroneko is seriously growing into one of my all-time favorite artists. His girls are so full of life! And not only that, they’re endearing, each of them with their own adorable idiosyncrasies! :)
And again today, the girls are adorable, they’re matched with the right boys for them, the drawings match the stories, also full of life, never dull, not too censored (only a few black bras), that was quality as I love to read, and to share with everyone! :kickass:

By the same artist, I also share Complex Cosplex, Girigiri Nama Housou (“Last Minute Raw Broadcast”) and its sequel Sundome Raw Broadcast, Kaikan Jikken and Okuri Ookami Otome Ni Gochuui.

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Master No Tashinami [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order series, by Mizuhara Yuu

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I fear I'm alone in this rant, but FUCK FATE GRAND ORDER, turning so many historic figures into shit pixels without any background or worth

Wait wait wait… Cherrypicking a female warrior from celtic legends, Scathach, nobody cares, OK. But… JACK THE RIPPER? The cunts behind Fate Grand Order have adapted Jack The Ripper into a near-pokémon-like anime girl for their game?!?
Fucking hell.

I’ve got this bias against games in which the characters are “items”, that can be stacked, evolved, collected, discarded. Who have no soul, no personality, no… no depth. Be it pokémon or human characters, I dislike it; for me, you need to get attached to a character, and it’s not possible if the character “works” like a handkerchief that you use and throw away. Plus… Jack the Ripper, seriously? Tch.

Sorry for the personal fit of anger. Long story short, Scathach and Jack The Ripper, Fate Grand Bullshit version, are shown having sex. It’s quality full color art, excellent red and black bikini time, that ought to count, I guess.

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Raikou Wa Toutotsu Ni [English], a splendid hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order series, by Soba (aka Saz)

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Aw yiss

Can you resist the call of tanned skin, bikini and tanlines? Then you’re stronger than me :D

In this Fate Grand Order doujinshi, Raikou (the mental one, thinking she’s both lover and mother) spends a bit of private rest time at the beach with her Master, and the inevitable happens. It’s good sex, without complications, drawn pretty well, and the “multiple black bars” censorship method, if it was annoying, wasn’t that much of an issue this time. Hopefully, you should like to read it ^^

Thanks a lot, for this release, to our dear CellTF, who commissioned Axalon, MrWayne, Dark Mac, Demonbane1349 and Vixen, from! :jap:

By the same artist, going under the pen names of Saz and Soba, I also share Why Am I Jealous Of You, Houshoku Houen, Koushoku Houran, Doppori Zubu Zubu, Brother Soul, Hold Me Fawn On Me 1-2, Noushoku Houga, Always Sabotage, Sukitooru Sora, Teacher And Husband 1-2, Amakusa Moyou Na 7%, The View Of Her Walking Is Adult-Rated, Together With Komachi, Tanumimi Mozaic, Fumina Ready, Kokuyou Suika, Amakusa Moyou 1-2-3 + Geko Futoshi Max and Amakusa Moyou 4 Plus.

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Pack of 3 works by Kichirock [English, 119 pictures], all three Love Live! parodies featuring the idol Kotori

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Hot, but occasionally cringy

I gathered 3 volumes, showing the sex life of an adult Kotori, from Love Live:
Joshidaisei Minami Kotori No YariCir Jikenbo Case 1 (“College Girl Kotori Minami’s Hookup Circle Incident Record Book Case 1”)
Joshidaisei Minami Kotori No YariCir Jikenbo Case 2 (direct sequel to Case 1)
Kotori To Trouble Travel

There’s a complete contrast between the first two, and the last one, Kotori To Trouble Travel.
– In the first two, this is sad sex, Kotori was “broken” because she was poorly introduced to sex (booze, group pressure, betrayal of trust). She adores climaxing but can’t accept that she’s a sexual person, she lives it as a delicious corruption, her self-esteem must be crushed for her to climax. And the boys around, showering her with verbal abuse to make her feel guilty and dirty all along, grrr.
– And then there’s Kotori To Trouble Travel, in which it’s almost vanilla, it’s not related at all, Kotori visits an onsen with her boyfriend and they have great sex together, caring about each other, feeling good without any negativity in the middle. Such a GREAT relief, that last one! \o/

Graphically, it’s excellent. Intense, well drawn, rich with details, not burdened by too heavy censorship… Nice! :twisted:
Release credits, for those 3 volumes, are for Smith Johnson and Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Yumemigusa Nite Haru O Matsu, Kotori No Yukue (“Kotori’s Whereabouts”), Chiho Renbo, Moru Futten Joushou, Riko Wa Toriko, Crank-In, a bonus picture in the end of Decorate and The Scenery I longed For, Beyond The View Finder.

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Hitozuma O Mawasu 8-Tsu No Houhou (“8 Ways To Gangrape A Wife”) [English, 180 pictures], by Aoi Hitori

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That picture would deserve the insta-fap award

This tank is brought by our dear R-IC, a fan of the good old eromangaka Aoi Hitori.
What he’s done is:
(a) Compile the parts of the manga that were already translated here and there, as single chapters but never as part of a whole, and
(b) Translate the chapters from the manga that had not been translated yet (a complete named and numbered list is here.)
I’m not sure if there has been or not a: (c) Reedit to tank, in case of magazine scans, honestly here, no idea. The chapters come from plenty of sources, sometimes they’re uncensored… it’s a re-ordered mess ^^

The title of this tankoubon gave me veeeeery bad vibes, while actually, frankly, it was pretty good for the greater part of it. Each chapter is a single story, all of them but one deals with consensual and happy sex between an officially married wife and one or several men, there’s occasional psychological manipulation but nothing akin to rape or breaking. And the men… how to say… they may be obsessed pushovers revealing their true colours once aroused, but they’re not inherently evil, not even machiavelic scheming bastards…
A manga called “gangrape” having such tame contents, it’s a blessing, lol :lol:

Graphically, this is dope. Women looking like they’re between 25 and 35, with plump, meaty, generous bodies, heavy breasts, large hips, long hair flowing, sweaty slippery skin… On the one hand you’ve got frequent disrespect for anatomy as far as hips articulations are concerned (I giggled here and there ^^), on the other hand you’ve got fucking SPLENDID genitalia, detailed, realistic, enticing, and either uncensored or almost uncensored anyway :twisted:
(Side note: I retouched 3 chapters, that had too dirty pictures. The usual.

Release credits are for a fair number of people, namely: Touma, Varkatzas666, Mimc, Supershanko, Loressan, Saha, MidnightPass, Pollaco, and R-IC of course. Thank you very much!! :jap:

About Aoi Hitori… The other works that she released, with the appalling exception of Naburizuma (“Teasing Wife”), Jimi Tsuma Netorare Shigan, Gibo Nashikuzushi (5 chapters, 106 pages), and the Hitozuma (“Marrried Wife”) series, are more intelligent and sensible: Tutor Wife, the Yeah stories, Yaritai Hitozuma, as well as an older pack of various gathered works (Yaritai Hitozuma chapters 1-3 + A Bit Drunk + Helper + More Than Sister Less Than Brother + Sensei Belongs To Me.) Lastly, Zuma Chichi (“Breast Of Wife”, 219 pictures) is so-so, a bit of facepalm, but not too much.

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Micro Hibiki [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] series, by Gasayabu

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Zero complications, pure enjoyment: it’s all about watching Hibiki offering a glorious paizuri and then having sex. As long as the drawings are to your taste, enjoy! ^^

And the drawings: well, they’re not exceptional, but they’re already great as they are. Tanned skin, tanlines, a black nanobikini, very cheeky smiles and light verbal teasing all along… damn, that girl was hot :twisted:
(Fair warning, though, there’s a combination of whiteout and black bar censorship that’s a rightful pain in the ass, but no choice about that, eh.)

Thanks to Cgrascal for this release!

By the same artist, you may call him (her? No idea) Fuyube Rion or Gasayabu, I also share Aripai, Idol Bikini Sand, RitsuMitzu, Kinoko Power 14 and Kinoko Power 13.

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Lovey Dovey [English], a futanari hentai doujinshi parodying the Evangelion series, by Kawaraya Honpo

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Honestly, if you had told me ten years ago that I would eventually consider futanari X futanari as mainstream, I would have laughed in your face :D

It’s no secret I am not a futanari fan, however I’m a huge vanilla sucker, and for this reason, nevermind the dicks, I just love the Evangelion doujinshi by Kwaraya Honpo, including the newly released Lovey Dovey volume ^_^

Look, no need to write a whole novel, we have Asuka and Rei living their futanari live, having tons of sex, in bikini on the beach, and at home. Including huge breasts, lactation, countless declarations of love, and intense vaginal and oral sex.
There is some plot, but I’ll let you discover yourselves :3

Graphically, it’s a bit too censored (even on a bikini’s fabric, ffs), but still bearable. Oh, there’s one tiny drawing screwup you musn’t miss :lol:

We owe this release to Readtheln, Tim and Vixen Maipantsu, from Little White Butterflies, thank you!! :jap: (them too are recruiting.)

My other shares by the same artist are also full-futanari: Pokapoka Onedari Onsen, Oomisuka, Love Tutorial (223 pictures), A pack of 3 futa works (Princess And The Slave, Wokaerinasai, Woyasuminasai), Natsu No Omoide (“Summer Memories”), Kashidashichuu + Wokurimono, Flowers Breaking Through My Soul, and Tiero Il Piacere.

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