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Youkoso Taiyouken E (“Welcome To Taiyouken”) [English], by Bakuya

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Lord knows I'd smash that

Ah, noice, that one flipped a lot of my switches ^^
On top of all, I’ll mention a pleasant story line, and a original art style, with very “lively” facial expressions of all sorts (not just sexually speaking), plus a damnably fine ass to behold! (Mind you, there’s full whiteout censorship, to dampen our joy.)

It’s the story of the female owner of a noodles stand, who is terribly scared of the lightning, and needs sex from her male employee to cope with her fear. Outside of thunderstorms, she’s the undisputed boss. But when she needs it, the boy exerts dominance, blindfolds her, fucks her brains out, which is exactly what she needs: it’s a functional, working couple :D

N04h and Herzer are behind this release, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Flexible.

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Kedamono No Ie (Gekan) (“The Beast House (Gekan)”) [English, 214 pictures], by Hakaba

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And now, I'm going to read some WAFF vanilla to make up for the mental scars

Here is the sequel to Kedamono No Ie (Joukan). We’re in the same village filled with degenerates lacking any sense of morality, where mindbreaking, humiliating, torturing with/by ecstasy is still the rule. However, this time, I’ll commend the effort to bring the story to a dramatic but final close, a surprising but not inconsistent “happy” ending.
Napalming everyone would have been better, still.

The last 54 pages are another story. Making the main story arc look like WAFF vanilla. It is entirely about breaking a girl, torturing her until she isn’t human anymore, corruption as a means and a purpose. WHAT THE FUCK SERIOUSLY?

I detested the manga. Girls with eyes so distorted they are less human than goat-like, nasty ahegaos, contorted bodies expressing displeasure and pain in the very same time as ecstasy, all meat and no soul… Even if the sex is very hardcore (oral, vaginal, anal, DP, etc) and hardly even censored, urgh.

But, if YOU dig it, well, my negative review also gave the themes, feel free to enjoy if that’s your stuff, to each his own.
Credits are for Doujin-Moe, thanks are an order.

By the same artist, I also share Kedamono No Ie (Joukan) (211 pictures), Break me (219 pictures) and A Special Class.

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NieR _ 2BR18 [English, Uncensored!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the NieR Automata game, by the artists Abi Kamesennin and Hirame (making the “Bear Hand” circle)

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One day, I'll play the game. I must. For that body.

That was super intense, and a bit crazy, that NieR Automata doujinshi ^^
The story, basically: 2B (if, like me, you didn’t play the game: the megababe with a godly ass) provides sexual relief to a lot of men, 9S (the near-shota) watches with envy, another woman from their organization takes advantage of his pent-up lust, and in the end 2B and 9S prefer to do it together etcetera. Nothing special, but it does the job =)

And graphically? This is overkill :twisted: Each panel is cluttered to the maximum with action. It’s like it would have been a sin to leave blank spaces without half naked bodies copulating :shock:
Somehow, it makes the action a bit hard to “read”, it requires greater focus to get a hang on of what is happening, I felt. But that wasn’t much of an issue, in exchange, to have such intense action, and fully uncensored to boot, YUM!! Of course, having a blindfold and/or shapely ass fetish, it helps :)

By the same artist, I also share the buttastic Overtime volume 1 and volume 2.

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Kedamono No Ie (Joukan) (“The Beast House”) [English, 211 pictures], by Hakaba (Also Known As Dairiseki)

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Betrayal, blackmail, force submission, sadism, mindbreak, the corruption of what used to be pure, schadenfreude, bondage, shibari, strap-ons, anal and vaginal sex, a world where everyone is or will soon become corrupted… Who the heck can either masturbate or find aesthetic value in something so fundamentally rotten?!? Beats me.

But well, I mean, to each his own, it’s not like I am supposed to be able to get everyone’s fetishes.
So, here we are with this full-volume story in which there’s a rotten family in which it’s tradition to blackmail and sexually torture the weak, occasionally pitting the weak against the weaker and still innocent, at first you think it’s just a family, but you realize the entire village is rotten to the bone. Ah, those were the good days when it was allowed to napalm asian villages in the face.

The drawings are splendid in their own kind, at least. Save for two chapters (mosaiced) there’s only minimal censorship, and you’ll have tons of shibari, latex, binding, dildo play, strap-on play, group sex.
Chocolate Scans is behind this release, thanks are an order.

By the same artist, I also share Break me (219 pictures) and A Special Class.

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Otome Ni Omakasex (“Leave “It” To Miss Otome”) [English], by Giuniu

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Damn, her lingerie was so HOT O_o

Huhu, that was a cute hentai share, that one, combining multiple “tricks” in a smoothly flowing story. You have the makings of vanilla, you have comedy, domination fetish, kickass lingerie… I’d say, unless you simply can’t stand it when the woman is in charge and gets off being the leader (hey, to each his own), go for it! :D
Also: I apologize, but I deliberately avoid giving details. Please trust me, it’s better to find out yourselves while reading :)

Dynellen, Taco1942, Progste, Freudia, Manchewable, Constipat8, Amalthea, Crystalium and EcchiNeko, from Team Koinaka, are behind yet another quality release, I am deeply grateful :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Tsunagikko and Kigurumix

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Namaiki JK Onsen Ryokou 2-haku 3-kka (“Cheeky Female Highschool Student Hot Springs Trip”) [English], by Shiki Takuto

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And here my regret I'm not skilled enough to redraw the missing part is clearly showing ^^;;

A highschool girl targets a middle-aged salaryman as he’s going to an onsen, follows him, and lets herself be invited on his tab. The poor guy was so taken aback he didn’t even think of protesting, lol. As the story unfolds, she offers him to enter a compensated dating relationship with her, and they make a well assorted couple: the girl is unexperienced but has inner masochistic traits (never refusing the escalating demands, welcoming more, blindfold play, public sex, in the end she’s the one who suggests strangulation fetish), the man isn’t quite the shee he first appears to be.

It was quality sex, not just the drawings (it IS quality, drawn with tons of talent), but also because it healed the soul of the two protagonists, in the end they found solace, their strength was restored…
(Side note, I joined four double-pages.Shittily.)

Release credits are dor Yuzuru Katsuragi and Dopeswaggu, thank you! :)

By the same artist, and I think these two works are MUCH better than this one, I also share two quality works, IF – The Puppy Story and IF – The School Story, and a garbage well-drawn volume, Honey kiss with NTR and yandere.

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Sensei Dake Ni (“Only For Sensei”) [English], by Kiiroi Tamago

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This combination of love, domination and blindfold play was very arousing, I felt :)

Just because a girl has slightly threatening eyes, she imagines she’s got Sakadko’s face. Fortunately, she has her boyfriend who’s there, to tell her how cute she is, and prove it to her with words and actions.

I know, it sounds trivial, but when you’ve got a complex about your body, it’s blissful luck when the one person you love is loving you, the things you dislike included. In my eyes at least, it turned something that could have been just average, into a full-fledged quality vanilla read :)
The rest is sex with love, with blindfold play, in a dominant/dominated setup. The drawings could have been better, but, let’s say, they’re good enough :)

Alexey, Potato, Tester and Dabor, from Hennojin, are to be credited for this one, thank you! ^_^
By the same artist, I also share Zutto Mae Kara.

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