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Rikusepa Kuchikukan Hamakaze No Bonnou Kyousei Shidouroku [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Mofurentei

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The hearts in her irises!! :3

I’m almost done with the Hamakaze anniversary doujinshi that Constantly has released, after this one, just another left ^^ (Well, there’d be a few others, but I only kept the ones I deemed the most shareworthy, relying on my own biased feelings.)

In Rikusepa…, the Admiral successfully convinces Hamakaze to put on sports gear (bloomers and matching sports bra), and the rest follows naturally ^^
There’s decent art, the obligatory paizuri, and good enough vaginal sex. Thanks to Constantly, again :)

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Bankara-chan Joshi Chikara Up Love Daisakusen [English], by Futoshi Slim

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Damn, she was cute ^^

How about some cute vanilla, not for a change? ^___^
This time, it’s a delinquant with a kind heart girl, quick to find and win fights, who wants to look cuter for her boyfriend. A bit of comedy relief, and then, bam, vanilla hentai, no big surprise here. The drawing style had a fresh feeling, and was also a bit more realistic with the girl, seeing the shape of the hip bones is very rare O_o

Ah well, enjoy! And thanks to Alexey, Bango, Bpal and Kyonko802, from the prolific Hennojin group! If you like how they scanlate stuff, check out the link I just gave for them :3

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Pack of 2 works [English], by Gold Koman Sex

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Hoo, those eyebrows!!

Two more volumes have been released in the Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid series, woot! ^_^
Their names:
Daitensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! (“Great Genius! Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid!”) (With bloomers and shota. Not so awesome, in that one the maid gives the shota who likes her what he craved for for so long)
Ganso! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! (“Eureka! Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid!”) (first actual volume, in a chronological story order, it shows how the maid came to work under her master and how their relationship immediately went south, huhu :lol: )

I will shamelessly copy-paste the description I wrote for the 2 previous Gold Koman volumes ;)
They’re about a household in which the dark-skinned maid is an adorable tsundere, being in a stormy relationship with her master. She openly rants, pouts, plans (unsuccessful) revenges, until she at last receives “punishment”. Let us add her people have a rare condition where they lactate aphrodisiac milk once aroused.
There will be lots of teasing, tsundere’ing, boobies fetish and anal sex, all of that with an original drawing style :twisted:
Seriously, guys, go for it :D The dialogues are spicy, very funny, the maid and her master play a well tuned game, it’s a pleasure to read it ^^

Release credits are for Dynellen, professional commissioner of awesome, and Friggo, Progste, RaccCITY and The Tsukuyomi. Thank you very much, I’m grateful ^_^

By the same artist, called Baksheesh AT and Gold Koman Sex, I also share Besshitsu Shidou + Tokubetsu Shidou and Tensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! + Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! Baka ka!.

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Pack of 2 works [English], by Baksheesh AT

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I can't tell what is the most erotic in that picture. Her mouth? Her eyebrows? Her boobs? Her position? HNNNNNG!!

Here come two very good hentai works scanlated by our dear NecroManCr, thank you so much ^^

Those two works are:
Besshitsu Shidou, in which a stern female Public Morals Committee president falls in tsundere love with the highschool’s bad boy (with a good heart hidden deep inside, naturally), in the end they become a (secret) couple. The girl loves to be pushed around, and is (to her own surprise) a huge anal freak.
Tokubetsu Shidou , sequel to Bosshitsu above, our two lovers having more sex at school. The dreadful blur mosaics censorship is replaced by less annoying black bar censorship, and yet I found the art wasn’t as good. But on the other hand, we’ve got more tsundere, love, and the girl doesn’t waste pages she doesn’t like a dick up her ass, it’s nice too :3

Brace yourselves, we’ve got thick eyebrows, braids, big breasts, anal sex, furious blushing and embarrassing love, it’s an excellent combo :twisted: My only gripe would be with the blur mosaics censorship in Besshitsu Shidou, but, ah, come on, it’s not the end of the world =)

By the same artist, called Baksheesh AT and Gold Koman Sex, I also share Daitensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! + Ganso! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! and Tensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! + Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! Baka ka!

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Sayonara, Oppai [English, Uncensored and in Tank scans, 205 pictures], by Aoki Kanji

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I am delighted to share it with you all, Aoki Kanji’s very first tankoubon :)
Some context, if you’ll allow me. Some of its contents were scanlated when they were first published in magazines (I shared a few of them, some are 100% new to me :shock: ), and then came the tankoubon. What leads to today’s version is an additional work of either translating or porting the scanlation to the tankoubon scans (reediting), and of decensoring :woot:

The contents: 100% vanilla hentai, most of the girls are pettankos (sometimes regretting it, sometimes cool with it). The girls are kind of cute tsundere oddballs, each of them with unique lovely personality defects, while the boys are good-natured normal perverts, hehe. You have good feelings, moments of laughter, moments of WAFF :) My personal favorite part: four new Setsuko-san chapters, so much love and warm feelings!!! ^__^
Graphically, it shows that we’re with the mangaka’s first tank, the art frequently looks amateurish, but the hints we’re with a grand artist are already here, and guys it’s freaking UNCENSORED, it’s worth it :D

There are a great number of people to credit, eventually it comes down to Team Koinaka for the final tank reedit and decensoring, but before that, and more people than that. Namely: Hardicondor, Samwais, Crystalium, Freudia, Cadenza, HayateK4L, [email protected], Palaxius, Rin, CellTF, AoC, Hitokiri84, Noraneko, Rin, V O N, Yosh and the one who reedited and decensored it, Amalthea. What a list :D Thank you very, very much, all of you, I’m sincerely grateful!! ^_^

(For MORE, please see the list of Aoki Kanji’s works on Hentairules!)

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Pack of 3 works [English, 122 pictures], by Blmanian

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That girl is a massive squirter, as you will discover, lol

I gathered here three works by Blmanian, they’re very good, each of them with their own tone. Those works are:
Kan Ochi, in which two judo practitioners turn their randori into a sex bout. I was impressed by the proper rendering of judo moves and the fine details like how the kimono folds go, frankly. The tone in that one: tsundere using domination to hide warm feelings, comedy and sexual prowess undo it.
Seishokusha No Sei, in which a teacher blackmails a student to have sex and “awakens” her to sex. She’s slim, pettanko, with tanlines, a maximum squirter, and she’s cute in a nanobikini, but the “blackmail is love, blackmail is life, it’s not wrong” tone got under my skin.
Takeshiryuu Shin Kenpou Gaiden Yurika Ikimasu 1-2, the best of the 3 works, and also the longest, it’s 3 “usual” chapters worth, starring the hentai version of Sakura, the Street Fighter girl with bloomers. Tsundere and vanilla mix up with comedy bits, there’s even a bit of a nice scenario, woot! ^_^

Graphically, it’s crude and yet very eye-pleasing art, I hope muscles aren’t a problem for you though ^^
We owe those releases to Fated Circle, commissioned by Garass, thank you very much! :)

By the same artist, I also share the awesome Buruman (216 pictures, Uncensored), and Beropi (“Tongue piercing”), Black Community Service, Sakura Motto H Mo Ganbaru, Sakura H Mo Ganbaru and Gyaru Katekyo Maji Mawaii.

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Ryouyaku Wa Kuchi Ni Amashi [English], by Sukiyoshi Shinji

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If you look carefully, you will notice where there is censorship :3

So, there’s a guy who accepts to join a female volleyball club (the girls dress him up like a woman, with fake pads and all), he spikes the tea of the club girl he fancies and sex follows but it’s all cool because the girl was in love with him anyway.

Ahem. Anyway, there’s good sex, drawn with an original style that reminded me hentai of 15 years ago (something about the eyes , probably?) and very little censorship, it’s not bad at all =)
This hentai manga has been released by N04h and Zwarrior2, thank you! :jap:

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