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FULL-COLOR uncensored version of Mero Mero Girls New World [English], by Denki Shougun

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Haaaa... Boa, my favorite One Piece girl :3

A motivated person, called HAAI1717, has colorized the very nice and already uncensored Meromero Girls New World, by Denki Shogun (or Shougun), thanks a lot ! ^_^
As for the rest, well, this displays Nami, Boa Hancock and Nico Robin, who hit hard on the booze and enjoy a half-drunk (there is no abuse, don’t worry) sex party ^^ The drawings are very good and hardcore, going as far as double penetration. Me, I can’t say I’m totally fond of colorizations, but I can reckon that’s a well-done work :)

By the same artist, I also share Intelli Mushroom

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One Piece hentai doujin [English, Full Color] : Grandline Chronicle Colorful Sainyuu, by Majimeya (AKA Isao)

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Those eyes ! Sometimes, two eyes can get me aroused like there's no tomorrow. Gasp.

Nami, the hottest One Piece girl after Boa Hancock, has good sex with happy residents of Bikini Bottom Fishman Island. And that’s all ^^
If the drawings are to your taste – they definitely were to MY taste at least ^^ – then, ENJOY ! :D
Credits are for Vaako Benihime, thank you ! :)

For the list of my Isao shares, please follow that link =)

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One Piece hentai doujin [English] : Kuusou Zikken 9, by Circle Kuusou Zikken

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That rough, draft style, is pleasant in its own way

Usually, “Circle Kuusou Zikken” means “a mix ofa various heroines giving head, all over and again”.
This time there’s a bit more of it, and this is one girl only, Boa Hancock :) She gives head, true, but she also has sex in the usual ways (oral, paizuri, vaginal, anal, DP, fuck yeah !).

Just a note, the usual Kuusou Zikken scans are always super grey (not gay, grey, okay ?), and that gives the pictures a certain “draft drawings” charm. This time, however, it pissed me off, so I ran a bit of adusting the picture levels. Thus we end with two versions, the initial one with the draft-looking drawings, and the one with my levelling.
Thanks a lot to Kizlan for this release ! :)

I share MORE works by Kuusou Zikken (main artist Munehito), cf. this repack :)

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Pack of 3 One Piece hentai doujinshi [English, 92 pictures], drawn by Kurionesha, featuring the sweetest vanilla love there is to enjoy =)

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Awwwww =) I really like Boa Hancock !

Awwwwwwwww =)

Featuring :
– Instincts
– Meromero Ha~rem
– Nyougashima Yori Warawa Wo Todokeni Mairimasu

Repacked by my loving hand, these, dear visitors, are three of the sweetest, vanilla-est One Piece hentai doujinshi I’ve seen, featuring my favorite One Piece female character, Boa Hancock, being all cute and mellow and touching and amusing, with a Luffy that’s doing better than in the real manga ^_^
There are laughing moments, cutesy moments, and, of course, good hentai. What more could we ask for ? I know : MOAR ! :D

Thanks a real lot, for the delicacies, to Yuribou, Jinukug, Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh, Cgrascal, Makasu, and the Fuwafuwaru guys :)

By Kurionesha, I also share a BIG pack of 8 works, Syunsyoku Holiday, Love Flavor, I’ll Be The Wife Of The Pirate King and Sexual Desire Cascade Sex Empress (displaying excellent Boa Hancock action).

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One Piece hentai doujin [English] : Nami And Hancock, by Kaki Zaru

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My four favorite One Piece titties :3

<– My 4 favorite tits in One Piece, gathered together :3

Nami and Boa Hancock whoring themselves for the good and the fun of it, nothing more, nothing less :D The drawing style is rather pleasant without being awesome, but even then, a Nami X Boa Hancock X men is a huge fantasm of mine, so I loved this doujin a lot anyway :twisted:
Credits are for Crimson Leo, Raikoh and Jinukug, thank you ! :)

(A silly note, I’m sorry, I uploaded this doujin with a wrong name, calling the artist Kika Zaru instead of Kaki Zaru, I’ll leave the fixing to you ! :jap: )

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UNCENSORED version of a pretty good One Piece hentai doujin [English] : Mero Mero Girls New World, by Denki Shougun

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I hope you’ll enjoy the news, one of my favorite One Piece hentai doujinshi has been UNCENSORED by a glorious anon (anyone knowing who must be thanked is more than welcome !), meaning we can now enjoy a good Nami, Robin, Boa Hancock X lots of guys orgy :twisted:

Mero Mero Girls New World, now UNCENSORED, is available HERE, enjoy ! ^_^

EDIT : on second thought, here’s a Before / After animation, you’ll make yourself an idea of what has changed :)

BIG pack of 8 works by Bobobo [English, 212 pictures], an artist also known as Abradeli Kami

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There's no way I can fap to this, but I can LAUGH to this ^_^

There’s no way I can fap to this, but I can LAUGH to this ^_^

At first, I saw that a new doujin by Bobobo, under the Abradeli Kami pen name, had been released. I had a vague suspicion I might have forgotten a previous Bobobo release around november or december.
So, I dug around a little bit.
And… HOLY PASTAFARI ! I was missing truckloads of stuff ! :shock:

Update : a new version of one of those works, “That’s My Girl“, now fully decensored, is now available HERE :)

So, after the best digging I could achieve, here’s a new pack of 8 works by Bobobo, hopefully this time I won’t be missing anything :)

Mostly, it’s happy sex with a slight of strong humorous feeling. The girls are nothing short of plump, and at times (in my opinion : when the artist screws up, drop LSD man !) straight BBW. And the unavoidable note, I’ll insist that if you like plump/BBW girls, there’s another artist NOT to miss, called Tetrodotoxin, I’m sharing a bunch of his works on Hentairules.

il quotation : « I’m so happy I’m about to cry… Along with my tears… My semen will also… COME OUT ! » Eeeew :D

These works are :
– Abura Shoukami Tsukane No 04 Hatsukoi Jotei (One Piece doujin, with Boa Hancock)
– Abura Shoukami Tsukane No 05 140000000 (One Piece doujin, I forgot the piratess’ name, Boney, something like that, one of the 4 Emperors of the Sea…)
– Akuma Ko (One Piece doujin, with Nico Robin)
– Chichikage Hanjouki (Naruto doujin, with Tsunade, totally ridiculing the “real” Naruto story, prrrrecious !)
– Chotto Matte To Iwaretatte (One Piece, Nami VS Futanari Meganekko Nico Robin :shock: )
– Eromance Down (Uncensored version ! One Piece New World, Nami, it’s a surprisingly good piece of hentai, that one ! And Nami giving deflowering instructions was deliciously brutal, dirty talk rules !)
– Shinsekai (One Piece, Nami in a bride’s dresse, cute)
– That’s My Girl (Original manga, Mega Rocket Tits)

By BoBoBo, I also share the EXCELLENT PLDK ! :)

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