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The Great Escape – World À La Carte [English], by Miray Ozaki

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Wincest + anal. Just that, this is already fucking too rare. MOAR, I tell you, MOAR!!

☑ Ai Sugimoto
☑ Wincest
☑ Anal sex
☑ Only thin black bar censorship
(while, nowadays, if you want Miray Ozaki stuff, it’s all abominable blur mosaics)
☑ Quality non-commital sex
(as opposed to the negative vibes of netorare/netori I’ve been getting from the Himitsu and Fushidara VS Yokoshima subseries of The Great Escape)
☑ Little bonus, Ai sugimoto letting her hair down for a change ^^

Basically, these are the reasons I went and commissioned from Desudesu the scanlation of this volume of The Great Escape, it’s the best I saw in a pretty long time ^^
I enjoyed it a lot, I can only hope you guys too will have a good time reading it :woot:

I was also a bit intrigued, there were two girls on the cover, there was a lengthy mangaka’s afterword, so I wondered if there wasn’t something special or different. Would you imagine, if Ai had a sister, and she possessed the same inner, ahem, talent? Oh boy. Turns out, no, I was mistaken. The second girl must be from another of Miray Ozaki’s series, Boy Meets Girl, would you agree?
Additionally, I’ll mention we have a few pages with the male MC from Boy Meets Girl having sex with Ai. Good bonus.

For MORE stuff, Cf. the list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules)

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Futei Koubi Zuma Honoka ~ Hakkaku Hen (“Cheating Wife Honoka ~ Caught Red-Handed Edition”) [English], by Orutoro

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I did my best picking a picture without the horrible censorship

Hentai first: it’s about a housewife welcoming home her fuckbuddy once her husband and son have left, they have tons of sex and then the boy leaves. The censorship is ugly as fuck (blur mosaics all the way), but even despite this, the drawings are very intense, and the woman is seriously hot. Deepthroat oral, vaginal, anal, more vaginal.
In the end, the fuckboy deliberately left clues and the husband understands and confronts his wife.

The scenario, now. In my eyes, it’s less about cheating, or your netorare fetish, than about hypocrisy.
At first sight, oh, sure, it’s soooo easy to go with a “burn the witch, I wish there were two more pages in which the husband clobbers the wife and throws her out in the street” or the like.
But, erm, sorry to mention, sex is a two-persons occupation. If you think the wife should burn, her partner would deserve the same, and a personal torture session before the fiery fun begins, as if he had not left clues, maybe a family (even if fictional) wouldn’t have been destroyed.

(Did my description and hypocrisy calling trigger you? If yes, please take a look at the discussion in the comments of that post ^^ If not, no worries — I’ll try harder next time :twisted: )

Sorry for yet another wall of text :D THanks to Calicko and Webdriver, from, for this release :)

By the artist, I also share Koko Ga Tanetsuke Frontier ~Daichi no Shou~, Sensei Shiyo Shiyo and Wagamama Steady.

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Gekkakou No Ori Ichi [English, 212 pictures], by Sanbun Kyoden

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Begone, fucking piece of shit

I can’t even really explain why, but I loathe anything done by the mangaka Sanbun Kyoden.
The stories, the art, the atmosphere, it makes me feel like I’ve walked through a bigass abandoned dusty spider’s web that clings to my face, I feel dirty.

Call me a faint of heart (bitch please), blame me (rightly so) for falling into irrationality, I don’t care, I gave up entirely on this mangaka. However, still… Not even one occurence of the accursed Sanbun Kyoden on Hentairules? That’s cold.
So, hey, just once, because it was released this week, I’ll share something by Sanbun Kyoden. And then, never again.

There you are, with a manga brought to us by Ragdoll, MintVoid, Tulkus, Graitbait and Baha 815 (the manga was older than that, but Baha815 reedited it to tank scans). Thanks are an order.
It’s about raping, stealing a wife, destroying family ties, and sullying what used to be pure.
If YOU like it, hey, seriously, I’m glad for you that I can offer it. Me, I’m sooooo fucking done, I’m gonna read a WAFF vanilla hentai tank to rinse my eyes.

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Yaruki Switch (“Aphrodisiac Switch”) [English, 198 pictures], by Nikusoukyuu

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Dayum, this is my favorite page in the whole manga

In this share, for undisclosed (till the end) reasons, a female mad scientist gifts a creepy loner man a very special gift: he can view on women a symbol of their sexual frustration, and act upon it to place them in a state of hypnosis, with various follow-up effects (always including sex, naturally.)
There’s true potential to this idea, however, to my regret, this newfound power went to the male MC’s head and, eventually, using D&D terminology, he switched from chaotic neutral to chaotic evil. As the saying goes, “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton.) With a form of justice in the end, at least.
Long story short, there’s mutually pleasant sex with no harm done, mutually consented domination (going both ways), so far so good, but also netori, netorare, and even rape, it’s kind of a pity.

Graphically, though, this is damn GOOD! At times it reminded me of the early works of Shunjou Shuusuke (before his girls started eating five meals a day, something about the eyes perhaps…) Very little censorship, very good-looking girls, if you’re here for the faps, you’ll have quality materials aplenty :twisted:

We owe this release to Sailor1980 and Desudesu, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share GyaruImo.

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Oba-san No Karada Ga Kimochi Yosugiru Kara Kouhen ~Boku No Oba-san Wa Chou Meiki Datta~ [English, 121 pictures, Full color], by Kuroneko Smith

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Thinking of it, it's exceedingly rare, women with thick lips, in hentai. Even thick eyebrows are more frequent O_o

There is Kouhen in the title, so there’s a first part – but, frankly, now that I’ve read it (at first, I didn’t find it and thought it wasn’t translated, thanks a lot to the commenters who told me of it!) the first part is mediocre and not worth much. It’s simply the story of an aunt with her nephew, she let the teenage brat use her body whenever he pleases, and as he’s got endless stamina, she’s in for constant fucks. Eventually, she becomes pregnant, has a quickie with her husband for an alibi and more sex with the newphew follows.
Don’t search for any form of morality, it’s all about satisfying lust and drawing it well.

The art, precisely, is AWESOME. I sure resented the thick blur mosaics censorship and the too small dick of the male protagonist, but it’s all water under the bridge when we can behold such a superb female specimen, a woman in her thirties, with erotic huge lips and adorable thick eyebrows, and a passive body welcoming male lust. She’s like the perfect masturbation subject :shock:

Thanks to Cc0Dykid and Mr. Yoso for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Cumming Inside Mommy’s Hole Volumes 1-2 (251 pictures).

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The Great Escape Extra volume 2 [English, 70 pictures], by Miray Ozaki

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the fact this girl made it into highschool is already a miracle in itself

After Extra 1, here comes the second mini-volume featuring various episodes of the life of Ai Sugimoto :)

I’m running out of time to prepare my shares today, so a mega-hurried presentation follows:
– each chapter has its own amount of censorship, which is unsettling, from abominable to bearable. The drawing quality varies, maybe a bit less dope, but fairly good, still
– this time, Ai is two times each with her boyfriend and an English or American teacher
– and it’s been released by Potato, Vilis, ElecDrago and Yang, from Hennojin, many thanks naturally :)

For MORE stuff, Cf. the list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules)

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Daily Sisters chapter 4 [English], by Tsubaki Jushirou

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For fuck's sake, woman, SHAVE A BIT AT LEAST!

Ooookay. It’s a chapter 4, so I’m clearly missing on the big picture, okay? Apparently, the male character is frequently switching bodies, from one brother fucking his sister, to a new brother going to fuck his sister. Deal with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And today’s sister is a housewife. With a very strong sex drive. Whose husband has been a way for an entire month for work, and won’t be back before another month. She also lusts for anal, which her hubby refuse to provide. Once again: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s good sex, a bit weird at times (that girl’s got quite the bush down there, half my libido died), with vaginal and anal, and very little censorship, not bad at all :)
SMDC and a kind Anonymous are behind this release, thank you! :jap

By the same artist, I also share Sister ⇔ Sister (186 pictures), Real Sister Incest Root chapters 1-5 (“Jitsuane Soukan Root”, 103 pictures) and Katei Houkai Inshi.

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