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Gibo Nashikuzushi [English, 106 pictures, parts 1-5: Complete series], by Aoi Hitori

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Oh noooooo. It's clear she totally doesn't want it.

We’ve got a courageous female MC here.
Her son in law has MASSIVE libido, too much for his wife… but he respects his wife’s wish that he won’t masturbate anymore. (Who would forbid a man to masturbate?!?)
So, to comply with her daughter’s and son in law’s desiderata, the female MC decides… to become the secret sex sleeve of the son in law, he will release all his leftover lust inside her.
Why not, instead, IDK, maybe, suggest the wife to let her husband fap it away, no? Ah, anyway, why am I even getting irritated :roll:

Other than this cheating and adultery canvas, this is a quite satisfactory hentai manga.
Five chapters long, a complete story, and intense, meaty, Rubens-esque art with tolerable censorship.
R-IC is behind this release, thank you! :jap:

About Aoi Hitori… The other works that she released, with the appalling exception of Naburizuma (“Teasing Wife”), Jimi Tsuma Netorare Shigan and the Hitozuma (“Marrried Wife”) series, are more intelligent and sensible: Hitoduma Katei Kyoushi, Dousoukai, Tutor Wife, two Yeah stories, Yaritai Hitozuma, as well as an older pack of various gathered works (Yaritai Hitozuma chapters 1-3 + A Bit Drunk + Helper + More Than Sister Less Than Brother + Sensei Belongs To Me.) Lastly, Zuma Chichi (“Breast Of Wife”, 219 pictures) is so-so, a bit of facepalm, but not too much.

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Saimin Choukyou Gakuen [English, 197 pictures, complete tank], by Hoshino Ryuuichi

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Let's be honest, if we had those hypnotism skills we'd spend most our days with our balls empty.

Side note, before I forget: I took the liberty of completing Saimin Choukyou Gakuen into a fine complete tank version. As I found it, it was two separate releases, for the chaptesr 1-2 and 3-10, with the “end of tank” contents, but not the “beginning of tank” and interstitial pages ^^

This is a manga based on hypnosis, in which the male hero is a smart man, skilled in reading people’s mood and gifted in manipulating them, who will use his hypnotism skills to gather a harem and establish himself in society.
Frankly, that male “hero” is a nasty piece of shit, caring only about himself, to him, everyone is either garbage (the men), or a tool and a hole (the women, they’re all secretly masochists who love being teased and bullied.) It’s all about himself, his ego, and he’s into mind games to become the dominant person in the school, plotting, blackmailing, reverse-blackmailing.
… But please, try to endure the read till the very end, I would like to know how many of you saw a certain plot twist coming :twisted:

Graphically, I’m torn, the censorship is hideous blur-mosaics, and it’s a real sad waste, because the art is awesome. Only adult women, busty, almost always wearing hot lingerie, with well-proportioned bodies, visibly loving hard vaginal and anal sex, this was SPLENDID :shock:

Release credits are for Everflame for the chapters 1-2, and Desudesu and sailor1980 for everything else, thank you very much!

By the same artist, I also share Until She Becomes A Slutty Teacher (178 pictures), Yuuwaku No Toshiue Apartment chapters 1-2, and Hitozuma Kanrinin Kyouko.

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I Already Have a Huge Titty Girlfriend, But Now My Busty Junior, Hami, Has Come to Entice Me [English, Uncensored!], by Kuusou

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Unless I am mistaken, this is only the second time I see a woman with *officially* false boobs in an hentai manga

Ahem. On the one hand, there is “ugly” cheating, cheating behind the GF’s back, turning one’s back to the whole world by losing oneself in pussy, which makes sex look kinda sad.
On the other hand, DAYUM THIS DOUBLE RATION OF BOOBS!! :D Plus, it’s uncensored :3

There isn’t an actual scenario to mention, first the male MC with his “official” GF, then with another woman with larger (giant) boobs who netories like a pro, intense sex, well, this is it.
Thanks to Ancient Archon for this release, and give those boobs a chance, check it out, the paizuri and vaginal sex were excellent =)

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The Great Escape Extra volume 1 [English, 70 pictures], by Miray Ozaki

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I would gladly join the "I boned Ai" club. No, honestly, just once.

Sweet news, a new Miray Ozaki -mini- volume has been scanlated, in which we watch Ai Sugimoto have vaginal and sex with four persons, including her boyfriend and her brother :)
Look, I’ll be your usual lost cause Oliver, and borrow the description I wrote two years ago in another Miray Ozaki post ;)

Please, allow me to quote my friend Zathael, who gave a perfect summary of Ai’s behaviour :
« Ai Sugimoto is one of the cutest and sexiest totally brain-dead women in hentai. She has sex with people other than her boyfriend *all the damn time*, and yet, we forgive her. She doesn’t do it out of malice towards her boyfriend, she does it because she has extremely sensitive nipples, and absolutely *no* common sense. She is so cute and sexy, she could probably have sex with an entire football team, the marching band, *and* the waterboy, and we would still love her. »

The drawings are hot as fuck (her boobs, her beautiful face with eyes becoming slanted during sex, her arched back, her beautiful figure, haaaa), I adore Ai’s nature, so I won’t mind ^^
One thing, though, the censorship has gone seriously bad, this time it’s bluured mosaics, argh!

Release credits are for ElecDrago, Potato and Vilis, from Hennojin, thank you! :)

For MORE stuff, Cf. the list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules)

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Boku No SeFrie Wa Seisokei [English], by Zaki Zaraki

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Who needs a job anyway

As I already wrote before, one of the best things about MILFs is they know exactly what they want, how they want it, and how to get it. No false pretence, no hesitations, self-confidence and skill at catching male prey :twisted:
In this share, an apparently respectable married woman noticed the young salaryman next door was eyefucking her every time they met, and she seized the opportunity to enjoy some fresh dick. Simple as that ^^

Honest warning if you’re in the mood to complain, yeah, it’s adultery, and also, the censorship is bad, whiteout. But even like that, there was something glorious about a proud MILF scoring herself an available young man, I really liked it :D

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Mesu No Tadashii Haramasekata [English, 202 pictures], by Maki Daikichi

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I can almost HEAR all the instant boners from this picture

Hey, it’s a fairly decent new complete tank we’ve got there, many thanks to Doujin-Moe for the treat :)

The manga is, on top of all, good for the faps (plenty of different girls, all of the meaty, busty, loving sex a lot, with splendid butts and not too much censorship).

But it might leave you with a bad impression if you’re a hardcore vanilla lover. The girls are dumb beyond words, are naturally yearning for dicks, so they’re easily turned into cum dumps by the horny boys around them. If only the girls had been smart and/or had had any sense of pride, I would have had to tag this post as mindbreak. Furthermore, most of the boys (OK, except in 3 chapters) are scumbags who take pleasure, not just in emptying their balls, but in corrupting and humiliating women. Sigh :roll:
So. It’s up to you as always. I know I threw a barrage of negative criticism, but it’s mostly easy to ignore most of the time (remember: the girls are so dumb they’ll welcome anything, and the three worst tags that I added to this post, blackmail, cheating and netorare, are only present in two chapters) and if you only care for the drawings and how hardcore they are (here, as far as DP gangbang style), it’s very good.

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At Home Harem Fudeoro Sisters [English, 217 pictures], by Tachibana Omina

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If you look carefully enough, you can find the male partner ;)

Oh… wow. Graphically, this is DEFINITELY the best hentai manga created by Tachibana Omina :shock:
The girls are splendid, they’re all meaty babes with hourglass figures and large breasts, only the bust size, the face and the expression on the face, from predatory to meek, vary ^^ There’s very, very little censorship (tiny rare bars), very intense vaginal sex, a wealth of little details everywhere all the time, quality anatomy (save this cute fuckup) allowing complete immersion… really, WOW!! :shock:
Allow me to drop the biggest compliment I ever wrote for Tachibana Omina: in this volume, frequently, the drawing style reminded me of the mangaka Mitarashi Kousei.

Scenario-wise, there’s a large arc about a shota (soon leaving that age category, no choice but to deal with it) and his maid welcomed into a family of three women. No real scenario. And there’s a two-chapter arc about a MILF, her daughter, and the boy between them, that one was intense, touching, and fucking SPLENDID (plus: braids. UHHNGGNGYEH!!!)

Look, I wrote a long enough wall of text, it’s in my eyes the BEST Tachibana Omina out there, so, enjoy! ^____^
Release credits are for Biribiri, Anonymous, Axalon and Pure Energy, thank you, thank you so much :jap:

By the same artist, under the Tachibana Omina, Shimapan and Ominaeshi names, I also share Ikinari Harem Life (219 pictures), Boku Wa Minna No Kanrinin (“I Am Everyone’s Landlord”, 203 pictures), P5 Harlem, P5 Harem Futaba Edition, FE If Harem, Boy Meets Harem, a pack of full-color pictures, Harem Variety Pack and DOA Harem volumes 1 and 2.

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