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Osananajimi To Musubareru No Ga Tadashii To Wa Kagiranai Kouhen [English, strongly retouched], by Mukoujima Tenro

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Would someone remember where I left my flamethrower, my chainsaw and my bulldog ants terrarium?

Ah ah ha.
Murder that fucking bitch.

Ahem. Rewind.
Osananajimi To etcetera is about a scumbag boy with a lot of female sexfriends who successfully made his bitch the girlfriend of another boy. The other boy is totally oblivious that his GF already knows about sex and practices with someone else. The girl is totally addicted to scumbag-kun’s dick and she agrees to break up with him in exchange for more sex.

The ending both brought a plot twist and caused me a visceral “NO! DON’T! BURN HER ALIVE INSTEAD OF HUGGING HER!” burst of inner rage.
Because there’s no trusting a girl like that: we’re in a situation different from the usual basical mangas in which it’s required (to make the scenario “work”) that the girl is a dumb cow and her idiocy makes her half-forgiven. Here, the girl made a moral choice.

Mascot and Insight are behind this release for which I spent more time writing a description than reading it lol. Thank you ^^;;

Ah, side note: I ran strong retouching on the images of this manga. Originally, the images looked flat, lacked contrasts, we kinda had to work our brains out with every new page to make out everything. I ran a combination of shadows/highlights and levels in Photoshop: now, the images look dark, but at least the volumes and details are back in town, I feel it’s much better.

By the same artist, under the names Mukoujima Tenro and Kotoshiki, I also share Virginity (205 pictures), a pack of 2 works (Shemei Sassou + Mutual jealousy : Kei & Yuriko), Senran Chichi Ninmai, Mutual Jealousy Mio & Shirou, and Mutual Jealousy Shinobu & Kazuya, and also a pack of 3 works (Chichi Hime Musou, Shin Chichi Hime Souha, and Senran Ninja Tits 2 Hibari VS Haruka).

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0930 Oku-sama [English, 226 pictures], by Takaoka Motofumi

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I love that ponytail :3

Mikakunin, thank you very much for this, brought us a fairly nice complete tankoubon, entirely focused on women in their thirties. All but two will be having sex outside of marriage.
Other than that, it’s hard to give a thorough picture, as the manga is a mixed bag of sorts.
Sometimes it’s consensual, sometimes it’s near rape. Sex is never on equal terms, there’s always a side dominating the other, most often men, but not always. Most of the time it’s uncomplicated cheating that doesn’t compromise marital life, but sometimes things get ugly and ecstasy comes with the perspective of future unhappiness.
These are lots of “most of the time… but sometimes…“, sorry ^^;;

Graphically, damnnit, we also fall in the “most of the time… but…:D
The art is good for the women, they’re meaty, busty, have good supple bodies and there’s practically zero censorship over the vaginal and anal sex (with average DP bonuses here and there).
But there’s an issue: honestly, the scans don’t look too good. The levels are correct at least, but for surfaces, there’s a horrible moiré effect over nearly every screen tone. (Edit: thanks a lot to the comment by Bububu, I didn’t know how to name it before.) As a result, the volumes look bad, and against all odds I found myself prefering the panels in which the mangaka drew the fewer volumes as shadows on the skin.

All in all, I think it’s worth a read, enjoy! ^^

There’s much more, Cf. Takaoka Motufumi’s Works on hentairules

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Secret Game [English], by Waves

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Another reason to dislike the male MC: he took off the girl's glasses midway through sex

That, that was typically hentai, the kind of thing that is not just unlikely in the real world but simply impossible. We start with a man going to marry soon, his soon-to-be wife has a little sister. And of course, the sister is a hidden yandere, she drugs him, he wakes up with his hands tied behind his back, she proceeds to have sex with him… and no problem, sure, the guy goes along and enjoys it. WTF is wrong with that guy?!?

The drawings are good, the sister has lovely twintails and glasses and her boobs look highly fondlable (yeah, I just invented a word, deal with it), the censorship is most of the time tolerable… but personally I just couldn’t enjoy the story because of the “lol, fuck my future wife” attitude of the male MC :shock:

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :jap:

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Hitokoishi Tsuma [English, 209 pictures], by Shunjou Shuusuke

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I could totally fap to this chapter several times in a row. Oooooh yeah.

… oh, wow. AWESOME!!
Boys, girls, tentacle monsters and Trump supporters, I’m glad to share with you this newly translated tank by Shunjou Shuusuke, in which 7 women have excellent sex!

The women look like they’re between 25 and 35 years old, have natural body hair (they may trim but not shave, and one of them even has armpit hair), are very busty and meaty (from fit to plump), and their natural self-confidence makes them shine =)
Scenario-wise, most of these girls are in situations of adultery, chosen without a care, I hope it won’t be a problem for too many of you. Let’s add to this a vague canvas, and proceed to sex without wasting time.

On top of all, the drawings are great. Graphically, the manga was very good with occasional bursts of total genius (like the naked apron page 150, oh my freaking god!!). Only a tiny bit of censorship, hourglass figures, an air of self-confidence, especially beautiful eyes and lips (it’s a unique touch I only find in Shunjou Shuusuke’s mangas and particularly cherish)… there were lots of things to love :kickass:

We owe this quality release to Desudesu and Kraid42, thanks so much! :jap!

(For more works by Shunjou Shuusuke, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules)

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Hitozuma To NTR Shitami Ryokou (“Married Woman and the NTR Inspection Trip”) [English], by Arakureta Monotachi

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I dislike the theme, but the art, HNNNG!

*cries in minuscule picture resolution – again T__T*

Save the matter of the too small image size, this is a really great release we’ve got here, although the theme will displease a large fraction of Hentairules visitors: netori.
It’s about a wife mildly trusting a man with good reason, as he pushes her into having sex. Hentai niche oblige, she discovers there were far greater pleasures to be found in sex than the poor joys her husband offered. Soon enough, she lies to her husband and only cares about getting more cheating dick.

The drawings, they’re the great thing about this manga. The wife’s drawings, the subtle traits contrasting with the intensity oozing out of every panel… I apologize, I lack the vocabulary to properly convey how it struck me, how original and good it is. Try reading it for a few pages, at least? :)

Please, would you know who to thank, for this quality hentai release?

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Pack of 2 pleasant hentai works by Hyji [English]: Momoka Gen And Kyouko + Natsuyasumi Mae

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One day, Hyji will release a loli h-manga and the entire internet will unplug itself out of disbelief.

I’m sharing here two recently released works by the great artist Hyji, in both cases this is pleasant happy sex, without second thoughts, without hesitations, with a straight focus on pleasing each other and reaching ecstasy. In both cases there is cheating, which is presented as a most menial thing.

The drawings are of Hyji quality: meaty women, with large brasts and abundant public hair, with frank horny faces, for paizuri, oral and vaginal sex. And there’s also a undescribable measure, perhaps stemming from the real genius part in the mangaka’s own idiosyncrasies, this feeling this is really fucking GREAT drawings we behold, orinal, full of love of life and sex… Like the scene in which a MILF and a highschool boy had sex, in a garden, under pouring rain, and they were so strongly at it they gave up on caring if anyone else in the world could see them… it was intense, and artful…

Sorry for the useless babbling. I kinda of want to share what I love if possible, and it gets to me, it’s hard to stay moderately calm ^^
Those two works are:
Momoka Gen And Kyouko: A highschool boy fucking (in turns) his cousin and her mother, his aunt, right under the mother’s eyes and the husband’s eyes. The ending has a comedy note, huhu.
Natsuyasumi Mae: a highschool boy is enticed into cheating by a hot MILF, first oral, and then vaginal sex becoming wilder and wilder, until we reach a scene that I deem as memorable, sex under a pouring rain, the way the woman’s body was drawn under that rain, hnnng, I get shivers. YAY MILFS!!!

By this same artist, I also share Kegare (195 pictures), Low Return (209 pictures), Juicy (193 pictures), S The Second Story Of Hyji 1-4 (100 pictures), Tempting The Husband, Omoiai, Fega, Asemizu (“Sweaty Women”) (189 pictures), Kazuki Donran, Kinjo Yuuwaku Mama Hen parts 1-2, Tsuma Hajike, Cho Danchizuma Keiko (175 pictures), Top Of The Bitch, Juicy (197 pictures), and Katekyoto chapters 5-8.

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Yukino Sensei No Seikyouiku [English], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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FIRE IN THE HOLE! - oh, come on, someone here has played Counter-Strike, right?

You know that feeling, when you end up with a smile, and you want to raise both of your hands on your sides, to express that, after all, who cares, it’s fine, right, yeah :)
So here we are with an hentai manga about a female teacher having sex with a student, and then with another, at school. Because they’re not serious enough with their studies and she enjoys the feeling they get hooked on her body and want to perform better to be praised and have sex with her again.

The story sends a mix of good and bad signals: we wrongly fear there may be stealing one’s woman and mindbreak (none of that, at all), we learn half-way the woman doesn’t see any issue with her being married (what happens in school, stays in school, basically), the huge censorship is dreadful. But on the other hand, the drawings are damn good, the heroine has a totally bangable fine ass, and her pride, shameless face, with her glasses, is adorable.

I’ll let you guys see how it’ll fare in your eyes, hehe. Me, I liked it, a lot =)
Many thanks are due to Axalon, CellTF, and CynicC, from The Lost! :jap:

I also share other works by this artist, under the pen names Shinozuka Yuuji, Shinozuka Jouji, and Shinozuka Hiroshi. Those works are: Hatsukoi Motion (222 pictures), First Touch (122 full-color pictures) and Oyako No Omoi, One Time Gal Kouhen + Zenpen, Fumajimena Tsuma.

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