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Rakka Shunshou 3 [English], + a repack with the volumes 1-2-3, by TwinBox

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It's like the main character is the chinese dress.

There’s a distressing atmosphere of guilt, anguish and fear, in this Rakka Shunshou series. To sum it up, a beautiful girl, wearing incredibly sexy chinese dresses, forfeits her dreams and becomes the servant of a usurer to whom her parents owe a large unpayable debt. She will marry him soon, however he has already began “training” her, having sex with her day after day, without love, without caring about her at all, as his only intention is to impregnate her.

Her last hope is her former fiancé, she hopes he will come back to shoulder her debt and save her from this sad life. In the end of Rakka Shunshou 2, she was struggling to remember those old ties, as pleasure was gradually erasing her memories of a past life…
And now, in the volume 3, well… fuck her, the poor girl :roll:

If you like (or can tolerate) a dramatic story, then I’m confident the girl’s chinese dress should please you greatly :3 Graphically at least, it’s worth it :D
Release credits are for Na-Mi-Da Translations (the volume 1), Herreis, Vilis, Vayne and Orla from Hennojin (the volumes 2-3), thank you! :jap:

Side note, I retouched the volume 1, comparisons: BEFORE / AFTER , or, another example: BEFORE / AFTER.

By the same artist, I also share Asuna Ni 100% Nama Nakadashi Shimasu (“Cumming Inside Asuna 100% Raw” – it’s in full-color! And uncensored!), Wife – Hitozuma, Shinsuki Ni Dama De Nakadashi Suru, Yahari Shojo No Watashi Wa Machigatte Ii Janai and a pack of 2 works (Homuhomu Eromagica + Newly-Married Couple’s Secret Diary).

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Aru Hi No Futari MelBlo Hen (“A Certain Day with Each Other Melty Blood Hen” – Look, it’s not just me, that title doesn’t make sense in English, right?!?) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Tsukihime series, by Tsurui

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A breeze of nearly old-school, coming from the drawings, I can't quite describe it...

Tsukihime. It had been a long time I didn’t read hentai featuring characters from that game.
In the present doujinshi, with zero scenario getting in the way, five of Tsukihime’s girls (Satsuki Yumizuka -Sacchin-, Sion Eltnam Atlasia, Miyako, Nanaya and Kohaku) have sex with Shiki Tohno, the male MC. Good feelings, without complications.

They’re all kinda petite, there’s a fetish for pantsu, “only” thin white bar censorship, and, well, this is it, for the rest, it’s up to you ^^
For this release, my thanks go to lHenTie and LzyAtoms :jap:

By the same artist, called Tsurui or Plant, I also share Ritsuku To Stretch , AZ Memories, Hibiki To Pool and Oshiete My Honey Volume 1 and Volume 2.

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Marriage China [English], by Isorashi

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Payback, bitch. Shit, you're a masochist!


Most regrettably, we have yet to read this dialogue in hentai. But we’ve come close enough this time, lol ^^

A girl used to bully a lot a boy when they were students, from grade school to the end of highschool. Even as an adult, she’s still a bitch with an ice-cold mouth throwing deadly insults to any available man with every breath she takes – but bully-kun holds a special place in her heart.
Well, justice (you know, WITH THE DICK! kind of justice) is coming to her. And, as the – totally obviously, come on – secret masochist she is, we’re headed towards an inescapable good ending =)

What else can I say? Enjoy the cute faces the girl do, and her very nice chinese dress! :twisted:
This scanlation has been released by Fated Circle, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Itazura Temancho (“Finger-bang Mischief”, 194 pictures), Doki Doki Kateihoumou, Chiharu No Fuwari, All-Out Desire Girl (very funny and very original, below average graphically), Koisuru Hot Pants and the uncensored version of Bath Secret (extremely good graphically, boring incest scenario).

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Inniku Hanten parts 1-2 [English, 70 pictures, Complete!], by Shimotsuki Juugo

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Chinese dress, anal and braids. No complaints.

In this share, a highschool girl has a secretly perverted side, arousing men with her her good-looking body in a chinese dress and, as things escalate, having group sex with lots of people (the ending of the chapter 1, an orgy with other boys and girls, YUM!!). There’s a bonus kink, she and a classmate develop feelings for each other, but they need to find a common ground, between the boy’s aspirations to an exclusive relationship, and the girl’s exhibitionism and desire to be filled by dicks in every hole.

A good read, I believe, enjoy, fellow chinese dress lovers! ^_^
Release credits are for Agidyne (who translated it from Japanese to French) and Kurogane222 (who translated it from French to English), thank you! :jap:

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Rakka Shunshou 2 [English], by TwinBox

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If there's something we must thank the Chinese for regarding porn, it's the Chinese dress.

If the Chinese dress on the cover didn’t immediately affect your lower region circulatory blood system, at least a bit, I’ll question your sexuality :D

Sadly, the manga to which it belongs didn’t leave me with an everlasting impression, because of the confusing mix of drama and hope, mild corruption and sadness.

In this volume, a cutie with an adorable Chinese Dress has been forced to marry an asshole to protect her indebted parents. The husband doesn’t care about her, he’s only using her body to have a child; the girl forces herself to show him a smiling face and pretend to like it while she’s waiting for some (not explained enough) “miraculous knight in shiny armor” solution (the story remains vague.)
However, as time passes, the girl loses sight of her initial purpose and begins to love being a sex relief tool, she starts loving this feeling of filth and corruption.
Bittersweet open ending.

Anyway, at least we had a chinese dress! \o/

This has been released by Herreis and Vilis, from Hennjin Translations, thank you! (They have a patreon, BTW.)
And, before you ask, rather than a sequel, this manga is like a re-take of the first volume of Rakka Shunshou, I felt.

By the same artist, I also share the first volume of Rakka Shunshou, Asuna Ni 100% Nama Nakadashi Shimasu (“Cumming Inside Asuna 100% Raw” – it’s in full-color! And uncensored!), Wife – Hitozuma, Shinsuki Ni Dama De Nakadashi Suru, Yahari Shojo No Watashi Wa Machigatte Ii Janai and a pack of 2 works (Homuhomu Eromagica + Newly-Married Couple’s Secret Diary).

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Mamire Chichi – Sticky Tits Feel Hot All Over – Smeared Breasts [English, 218 pictures, now in a better version!], by Andou Hiroyuki

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That girl. She's having a threesome while wearing a chinese dress. SO MUCH WIN!

Woah :shock: :D :twisted:

Long story short, the present share uses a digital source and comes as a replacement of the version of Mamire Chichi that I shared in 2013. The 2013 version had pictures from various origins, in various sizes (between 1400 and 1660 px) and the images were in lesser quality.

A comparison, if you want.
The (now former) 2013 version… VS… the new (present share) digital version.
That was cropped from manga pictures, vertically, but not horizontally, it’s full pages width. You’ll notice the slightly stronger censorship, the way the former version was excluding part of the drawings on the right and the left, and (look at the areolas for instance, it shows well in them, the combination of differences) the way the new version has better printing, with smoother lines, no pixel pollution and better shades.

… and now, a summary, there we go! ^^
Here is a long manga (218 pages) bursting with very intense sex. Tons of paizuris (I mean it: EVERY CHAPTER COMES WITH PAIZURI, WOOHOO!! :D :woot: :kickass: ) and vaginal sex with many girls, with hardly any scenario at all (basical happy sex canvas with minor variations, usually the girl initiating the sex).

Some things may get in the reading pleasure of a few, such as the hyper veiny dicks (they’re drawn as massive, so it’s even more visible), or the few stories with cheating in them. But as long as you don’t mind that, it’s a full manga bursting with pleasure to draw hentai for you :)
(Side note, pages 198–203, don’t miss the mini-story in which the mangaka represents himself wanting to have sex with the 2D girls he drawn ^^;; )

Release credits are for Genl, Misael and Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Orgasm + Creampie = Zero, Koisuru Purin-pai (188 pictures), Nigai Milk (“Bitter Milk And The Smell of a Female Animal”) (164 pictures), and also The Energetic Girl And her Medic(k)al Treatment. And there’s also Oneppyu (221 pictures) and a double-manga pack : All I Want Is A Hole + Pai Nuki (337 pictures).

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Boredom Of Seguchi Yuuka [English], by Son Yohsyu

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Damn, it must feel good.

It’s a simple but cute little story we’ve got here. Perhaps calling it a “redemption” story would be far-fetched, but at least, the idea is that sex with the proper person makes life enjoyable again.
The manga follows a dark-skinned very hot gyaru, with twintails (I’m seeing lots of releases with twintails lately, I hope it becomes a popular trend :D ), large breasts, who is kinda lost. She’s used to spreading her legs for the cool guys in class, to have an easy carefree life in exchange, but it comes at a cost: sex is boring, life is boring, noone loves her for who she is and she has no true friends. There’s just one boy ready to take her for who she is and still love her; the manga is focused on how the girl’s feelings will change as she accepts she can be loved. It was, yeah, it was cute :)

Graphically, I have nothing to rant about. Dark skin, big boobs, twintails, happy sex, woot!! ^^
Thanks to Biribiri, Axalon and CellTF for this release! :jap:

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