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Kaa-san No Ijou Na Aijou chapters 1-2 (“Mom’s Abnormal Affection”, 74 pictures, Higher Res quality reedit) [English], by Qdou Kei

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Ah, the era when censorship was designed to he hard to find

Usually, I give mother incest stories the stinkeye. But not this time.
This time, it was royal, a splendid piece of WTF, with quality masterfully done art, only burdened by very light censorship (a few white bars), and on top of all with a deliberately comedic setup. The son unwillingly plays the straight man role, while his mother is the crazy unpredictable chick with moments of twisted genius in her :D

I could write more, but I’ll let you discover it. Seriously, check it out, it’s not often that we have a character crazy enough to make anything enjoyable to read ;)

Credits and details: the original release was done by Saha a number of years ago, however the present share is a reedit using quality higher resolution scans, which comes thanks to Salar and Cockblockula. Thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Okaa-san To Issho and Mama Wa Omitooshi.

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Koe Dakede Icchau [English, DIGITAL Tank version, 197 pictures], by Ozaki Akira

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I made my best to crop the guy's balls out of the picture. I don't know why, I HATE having them in a pic, ew, gross

Here’s a cornelian choice, if I’ve seen one. Should we go with:
– a high resolution with horrible maximum whiteout censorship (that I shared here), or
– a low resolution version in which there is only very light censorship?
I made you a comparison, in actual image size: FormerLatter.

The latter is the present share: a kind soul, Baha815, has taken the hyper-censored high res version, and applied it (that sounds easy? Think reediting a full volume, for hell’s sake, it’s a ton of work!! Thank you Baha815!! :jap: ) to a Digital Tank version, that had sucky low resolution but was miraculously only burdened by semi-transparent bars per genitalia.

Going from 2500 px high to only 1532 px high, trading whiteout that hid everything for fully visible sex with transparent censorship, is it worth it? I can’t decide for you. Your call: I share both versions now :)

And now, because I’m a lazy ass, for a description of the manga, please refer to what I wrote in the super censored version half a year ago ;)

Side note: I batch processed the images to remove useless white bars above and below the images, 54 and 21 px high respectively. No idea why they were there to begin with, but they were a waste of screen.

By the same artist, I also share Koe Dake De Icchau (high res super censored version, 197 pictures), Rewrite + Clinic volumes 1-2 (362 pictures), Hitozuma Bakunyuu Announcer Yuriko-san Vol 1 (196 pictures), Hitozuma Announcer Nama-Honban (195 pictures) and Dear Shitamachi Princess volumes 1-2 (394 pictures).

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Senpai-chan To Ore + Senpai-chan to Ore Bangaihen – (Moto) Shinbunbu Ga Senpai-chan No Usui Hon O Tsukuttemita [English], a pack of 2 works by Otaku Beam

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Light sadism: you won't see the rest of this picture, the most juicy bits, right now :D

I gathered here two works by Otaku Beam:
Senpai-chan To Ore
Senpai-chan to Ore Bangaihen – (Moto) Shinbunbu Ga Senpai-chan No Usui Hon O Tsukuttemita

– In the first one, we have DIABETES-inducing adorable vanilla, between a tsundere, girly and lovely, but also a tactical nuke of unpent violence at school, and a big boy who looks calm and composed when he’s not discreetly obliterating delinquents ^^;;
I would detest explaining too much, please, do read it, it’s adorable, and plenty funny ^___^ (There are even hidden Crows references ^^)
– And then we have the bangaihen volume, in which three nerds from Senpai-chan To Ore draw a doujinshi in which classmates give a sedative to the heroine and have sex with her in her sleep. I mean, this counts as rape, but this is officially just a fantasy, a mise en abyme (*), so it’s no big deal.

Tigoris Translates, Fated Circle and Redunit10 are behind those two releases, thank you, thank you VERY much! :)

By the same artist, I also share Sorako No Tabi 1-2-3-6 (soon an obsolete link, I have to make an update), Spiritual Lunch and Stay By Me Zenjitsutan Fragile S.

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I, My, Me, Mine [English, UNCENSORED version, 199 pictures], by Arsenal

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I had SO much difficulty, choosing which picture to place on top of my post!

Aw, fuck YEAHHHHHHHH!!! :twisted: :woot:

Here is an awesome complete tank, and uncensored at that =)
In I, My, Me, Mine, you will only find brother-sister sex. While the love is always mutual, the story canvas (you have a bit of a large arc at first, and then these are chapter-long oneshots) is always oriented towards light comedy ^^ The girls and boys have strong and clearly weird personalities, I’m confident you’ll be surprised a number of times, huhu.

So, yeah, it’s funny and original. But graphically? Great shit too!! :D Well, it’s still noticeable the mangaka was lacking a bit in skill here and there, but it’s largely made up for by those damn FINE asses, the thighhighs, twintails, those smooth vaginas, and all the girls have quality hourglass figures, not to mention it’s uncensored vaginal and anal sex, it was great!! :)

I made and added in the end a credit picture summing up to whom credits are due. Namely, actually, two separate groups. For the chapters 1-6, it was translated and decensored by Poke2201, Shadow42085 and Patch, from Lunatic Translations. And for the chapters 7-10, it was translated by Tigoris Translates, decensored by J.B. Random, and commissioned (both operations, translation and decensoring) by MHM.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to MHM who volunteered to see the tank finally done; I doubt we’d have ever had the manga finished and decensored if it weren’t for him :)

By Arsenal, I also share Hatsujou Sex Days (“Mating Sex Days”, 198 pictures), Devil Cherry Pie (198 pictures), In The Kneesocks Girl (210 pictures), What His Little Sister Likes, Honorable Young Lady’s Knoweledge On Sex, I My Me Mine chapter 1 and Hajimete No Otojou Jiri.

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Paicchu [English, 213 pictures], by PIero

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Impossible to resist the charm of dark skin

It’s not every day I have the chance to share 3 tanks in a row (and I’m keeping a fourth one for tomorrow), so after two disappointments, you won’t mind that I kept the best one for my last share of the day, a tank with happy sex that doesn’t make me hate the characters :D

So, boys and girls, here is the newest to be scanlated tankoubon by PIero, Paicchu. The manga is made of single-chapter stories, save one story arc, “telepathy”. With the exception of three chapters (a swimsuit girl raped by every boy she meets, a crazy female student bending her teacher to her will, a scumbag boss milking his female employee), it’s all about mutually highly pleasant sex.
I liked that the characters were always kind of weird in the head ^^
We sometimes have weird themes (milking? For pete’s sake), we sometimes have delightful comedy (the “telepathy” arc, packed with weirdos and hentai quotes material :lol: )…

But… on top of all… we have BOOBS! Tons of paizuri! Gigantic pleasure domes! :woot: :kickass:
I know they’re unrealistic as fuck. Everyone knows. But that doesn’t stop them from being awesome, why not have crazy fantasies from times to times, right? ^_^

The manga was a seriously great read, I was all smiles, I hope you guys too will love it! ^_^
We owe this boobs galore to Dynellen, Brolen, Svines85 (from B.E.C. Sccans) and, thank you very, very much! :)

By the same artist, whose name is written Piero, PIero or Pi-Ero, and who also uses the K.F.D. pen name, I also share Chounyuu Daifungoku (214 pictures), Chichiyoku (dark tonatlity, 170 pictures), I Love Nyu (mostly positive vibes, 186 pictures), Atatamete Kudasai, a pack of 2 works (Chichiana + Musubi-tan Dai Pinch) and Hanekawa-san No Chichi Doujinshi.

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Otome Ni Omakasex (“Leave “It” To Miss Otome”) [English], by Giuniu

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Damn, her lingerie was so HOT O_o

Huhu, that was a cute hentai share, that one, combining multiple “tricks” in a smoothly flowing story. You have the makings of vanilla, you have comedy, domination fetish, kickass lingerie… I’d say, unless you simply can’t stand it when the woman is in charge and gets off being the leader (hey, to each his own), go for it! :D
Also: I apologize, but I deliberately avoid giving details. Please trust me, it’s better to find out yourselves while reading :)

Dynellen, Taco1942, Progste, Freudia, Manchewable, Constipat8, Amalthea, Crystalium and EcchiNeko, from Team Koinaka, are behind yet another quality release, I am deeply grateful :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Tsunagikko and Kigurumix

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Futsuu No Onnanoko (“Non-entity Girls”) [English, 194 pictures, we reach maximum WTF levels, it’s fantastic!!], by Gesundheit

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Yep, yep, you noticed the face of the sensei. One little surprise among a thousand others :D

This is mad, bizarre, AWESOME shit!! :D

This manga is made of single chapter stories, each and every one of them weird, hot, slightly disturbing, full of twists, rich with comedy I never saw coming. You can’t make more WTF hentai than this particular volume. Girls will rape, be raped, enjoy both sides of the coin, there’ll be (sex) fights (everything is sexualized, instead of a delinquant girl playing with her butterfly knife she’s showing off her dildo rotation skills, you see the idea?), absolutely crazy ideas of all sorts…
Man, I just can’t properly convey the feeling of delight and shock I had while reading ^^

I think my favorite arc is the one in which the mangaka, Gesundheit, depicts himself as one of the manga’s characters, a slim, manly figure with a sci-fi gas mask, served by an army of women and manservants, an admirable and hilarious combination of mise en abyme (delivered like a boss in this volume) and breaking of the fourth wall :shock: This is between pages 145 and 167 (included), please: you HAVE to read it :shock:
Mind you, half of the chapters in this volume would have deserved to be favorites. Like the chapter 1, introducing the hentai equivalent of STANDS, ffs lol.

Graphically, I regret I must mention there is massive blur-mosaics censorship on all genitalia. Other than that, the girls are cute, on the (mostly) realistic side, save for when they’ll have a giant penis (there’s like 20% futanari), and have extremely extreme sex, with maximum dilatations, legendary creampies, and more. As I already wrote before, I don’t care this is grammatically incorrect, the sex is extremely extreme, period :D

Release credits are for Sneikkimies, EnDy_S, Satoshi, Jay19, Tim_, Gilgamesh, Minty, Bagels, Yumino, Shalltear, Miya, FlatJustice, Amaterasuthird, Rizel, Vixen and Bride Of Sin, from All The Fallen translations, thank you very much! ^____^

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