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Mousou Bukatsu Shoujo Volumes 1-2 [English, 76 pictures], by Peachpulsar

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The only way gymnastics would be interesting to watch

Those two volumes are a collection of unrelated chapter-long stories featuring highschool girls in clubs. They like each other (love? I wouldn’t say yet, no idea frankly), lust after each other, and after mid comedy relief, they get to it at last ^^
It’s not the best technical side of Peachpulsar, the drawings are kinda amateurish (quickly made? Or an earlier production?), but there is such an amount of good vibes coming from those two volumes, I like it as it is :)

Anon, Bango, Baran and Dabor, from Hennojin, are behind this release, thank you! ^_^

By the same mangaka, who uses the pen names Peachpulsar and Mira, I also share Cutie Beast Complete Edition (150 pictures), Moroshita And Ai’s Romance, OL-san Ga Oppai Dake De Icchau Manga, Nurunuru Shitaino, Oppai-chan To Chippai-chan Ga Irekawaru Hanashi, Himitsu No Yuri Esthe, a pack of 2 works (Konya Wa Watashi Ga, which is a sequel to OL-san Ga Oppai… and to Nurunuru Shitaino + Himitsu No Yuri Esthe Friend Course, which is the sequel to Himitsu No Yuri Esthe), Aiiro Ningyo (“Indigo Mermaids”, 107 pictures), Earth Girls, Hime-sama To Dorei-chan, Elf – Tsuki No Mahou, Drive Dekinai, Dryad No Hanayome-tachi and The Sea, You And The Sun.

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Beautiful Curse (“Utsukushii Noroi”) [English], by H9 (Eichi Kyuu)

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And, DONE! Another gender bender share wrapped up! *cough*

-Update: my apologies, I made a stupid mistake and confused the Japanese title (“Utsukushii Noroi”) with the mangaka’s name (“H9 – Eichi Kyuu”). I fixed it in the post of this share, but it still shows in the .Zip that I share. Really sorry for the screwup!

If your classmate becomes a woman because he wrapped himself in cursed bangages, better lose no time and initiate sex at once, what if the transformation doesn’t last, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It’s your “typical” gender bender share, the only way to preserve mental sanity is not to take it seriously, giggle, and enjoy it or not, as you like, huhu ^^;;

So, yeah, here, bandages are the trick. Why not! The drawings are sweet and all, with very little censorship :)

Just like several recent similar shares, this has been released by Desudesu and commissioned by Espeon, many thanks! =)

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Overtime Vol. 2 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Overwatch game, by the artists Abi Kamesennin and Hirame (making the “Bear Hand” circle)

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The more D.VA hentai we get, the better, anyway :D

Frankly, I was much more impressed by the previous volume, Overtime volume 1. This new release suffers from drawings that aren’t as good (in my subjective opinion, etc), the scans are also more “damaged”, and I feel the comedy is lacking.
It’s still good, mind you. But I can’t call it awesome, not like the volume 1, there’s the idea :)

Anyway, if you care for a good few laughs, and for maximum badass pounding inside a D.VA that will welcome any fucky situation initiated by a Sombra gradually losing all hopes, go for it ^_^ There’s a policewoman D.VA VS Roadhog scene in the end, featuring the heaviest anal in an extreeeeemely long time :shock:
This has been released by Atomicpuppy, thank you! :jap:

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Yoridori Bitch [English, Compilation version, 193 pictures], by Kon-Kit

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From one of the few chapters with tank censorship ^^

Oh, WOW! A Kon-Kit complete manga without a single emotional rollercoaster, only good vibes, with zero afterthoughts, plenty of WTF comedy moments (my favorite), and a massive truckload of enthusiastic energetic sex, WOOHOO!! :kickass:
Also, we kept on having characters from previous stories, sometimes metting at last… Nice!

I must, still, warn you, this is a compilation of chapters from various sources, many of them using magazine scans. The Yoridori Bitch tankoubon came after those magazine scans were scanlated, and the tank counterpart of those chapters has yet to be reedited with the English version. When it is done, there will be much less censorship. Some chapters are with tank scans apparently, but only a few.

I’ll insist: unlike other tanks that gave me bad vibes and made me feel ill at ease and/or pity the characters, here, I laughed from beginning to end, only elation, nothing negative. It was AWESOME :twisted:

Credits are for Andrew (who linked me to the tank!), AceOneTwo and Tee from Bouyatachi Translations, Cedr777, RudyOmega,, and Anonymous from Triple Seven Scans,, erc_ and Ser_Maggot from the EH-Cove, and the 4chan community, many thanks to you all! ^__^

By the same artist, I also share Midara Books (193 pictures, complete, tanked, heavily retouched by me), Bitch Trap (Uncensored, blissfully hilarious and original, 197 pictures), Netorare New Heroine (216 pictures, now Decensored!!), Involuntary But Consensual Sex (200 pictures), Ningyo Ga Petto Ni Natta Hi (uncensored and hilarious ! Also existing in a still censored version in Netorare New Heroine), Kaya-Nee In Her Mourning Dress, Honey Dip (complete, re-edited and decensored, 181 pictures), Honey Dip Second Love (197 pictures, also uncensored!), Yurushite Anata (208 pictures), Kaya-sis At The Beach, The Prank Night, and Unconfirmed Falling Object 1-3 (whose chapters 1-2 belong to Bitch Trap, while the chapter 3 is newer).

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Saimin Gokko [English], by Spiritus Tarou

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It's the first pic I saw for this manga, I was immediately conquered ^^

The best hypnotism stories are the ones in which hypnotism doesn’t work :D

I apologize, but I have no intention to give away more than that about the story, it’s pleasant, it’s funny, and even if there is hideous blur-mosaics censorship and average art, I am quite confident it will give you a good reading time, enjoy! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Kanchigai, Spinning Her Wheels, Bukiyou Koi Moyou (“A Clumsy Love”), a pack of 2 works (Kawaii To Iwanaide + Senpai Wa Oshi Ni Yowai), Ore No Kanojo Ga Kawaisugiru No Ga Warui (“It’s My Girlfriend’s Fault For Being Too Cute”), Global Panic and Hajirai Shoujo

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Doutei Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seifuku (“Setting Out On A Parallel World SEXUAL Conquest After Dying A Virgin”) [English], by Kousuke

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It sure would have been different if that had been an evil demon king, heh :D

“Stop, I can’t get any more pregnant ♥”
– I love silly comedy like that ^^

So, in this share, an evil witch working for an evil demon queen creates a homunculus, an artificial body with special properties, to help in the war against an human heroine.
Those special properties revolve, basically, around making the person you choose crave for cock and become submitted to you: guess who is going to turn the tables and become the new supreme ruler of the land of evil? :lol:

Let’s add to this kinda nice art, excessive and full of life, I imagine it should please many of you guys ^_^

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Break Blue X Marriage [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the BlazBlue game, by Studio Tiamat

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I know it doesn't show, but the girl was a virgin 20 seconds ago ;)

Bullet and Celica, as well as four other girls from the BlazBlue game, are all over Ragna, the male MC, and their common goal is to get impregnated and, I don’t know, become his #1 beloved or something. Long story short, there are lots of nice sex (honestly, I feel the pure “sexual drawings” part was better in other Tiamat volumes), and a good number of funny WTF moments in which comedy relief happens, especially with the weird faces Ragna and another guy are doing :lol:

We owe this release to TLAnon (their Patreon), Tzerna Airlines and Hecatom, thank you dearly :)
(I’ve got just one regret: the cover was a lie, there are no bridal dresses!)

For MORE, cf. The list of Studio Tiamat’s Works on Hentairules

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