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Mika-nee No Tanryoku Shidou (“Mika’s Guide To Self-Confidence”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Puyocha

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Crazy to say, there was no anal sex in that volume

Oh, those suppressed smiles, those bitten lips… HNNG, so erotic!
Here is a new volume by Puyocha, a mangaka seriously growing on me, with a style mixing elements from Doumou (the sluttier and sluttier smiles part) and Mizuryu Kei (for the “proud sluts” part).
We watch two [email protected] girls walking on the beach, wearing hyper slutty nanobikini cosplay-ish costumes (bunny and cat ears, fluffy tail-like anal plugs), to arouse men like cray, until they can’t endure anymore and have private sex with their manager. Supposedly, that was to grow more confident around people, I daresay that worked :D

The sex is full of life, drawn with talent, only a bit censored: ENJOY! ^_^
And thanks to Doujin-Moe :)

By the same artist, I also share Eroween Panic, Oideyo! Galko-chan! Galko wa, Mizuryu Kei Land Ni Ikutte Hontou Desu Ka, Kimi Iro Omoi, Mikomisa To Fukou Na Otoko and Russian Chaku Ero Pet Club.

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Cosplay Encounter [English], by Batsu

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Yum, that moment when you confirm there's a bit of pubic hair :3

Okay, that one is fairly average as far as drawing style and story go, but I had good vibes from reading it. You don’t need exceptional art or a griping story, when you can very easily sympathize with the characters and feel good to see they finally found someone weird just like them and accepting them just as they are, right? :)
(In the present case: two otakus, male and female, from the same class, who had no idea they were the same kind of weirdos with a passion for some random mobile game ^^)

Freudia, Constipat8, Axalon, Cadenza, Crystalium, [email protected] and Roroscopic, from Team Koinaka, are behind this release, thank you! ^_^

By Batsu, I also share Climax Liberator Orga, Momo X Oni Conquest and Tentacle Training.

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Part Time Manaka-san Wakazuma Enjokousai-ki Volume 2 [English, 182 pictures], by Saigado

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Please Saigado, would you consider making a modern equivalent of Athena And Friends instead? Hmm?

And the series is complete! ^_^
The manga is about Manaka, woman prostituting herself for money, because she and her husband need money. Yes: “… husband“. She is married, and happily married at that, with a man she loves and who loves her back. But welcome to the adult world where bills don’t pay themselves.

That’s where Saigado is toying with us, as we’re frequently led to wrongly believe Manaka’s feelings are swayed and she’s starting to fall for her customer of the moment. While she “simply” loves dick and feels tenderness and strong empathy to her customers, who need human warmth as much as pussy. I’m not an adultery hater, but it ended up getting a bit on my nerves, and Manaka’s relative lack of brains (her boss kinda swindles her) reduced the empathy I could have felt for her.

Frankly, the first volume was better in terms of art and erotic intensity. Too much whiteout censorship, and not those few fantastic pages with less censorship and superb shades we had before. But, well, it’s up to you anyway ^^ I’ll just conclude with a thanks to Doujin-Moe for this volume :)

(For more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The List of Saigado’s Works on HentaiRules…)

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Ochibure Charisma Cosplayer [English, Full color], by Rubi-sama

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Those guys are jerks, but the girl is super hot nonetheless.

WTF, lol ^^ This share illustrates the tough life of professional cosplayers, forced to let fans have sex with them in order to preserve their popularity. Well, somehow :lol:
Actually, it could be seen as something sad, but I’m not in that kind of mood, so, no!

Anyway, here we are with a cutie, petite but busty, wearing cute maid-like cosplay clothes and adorable panties, giving in to group pressure and having intense group sex, as far as double vaginal and then DP. Sweet full-color art and a cute girl like that, it makes a fapworthy match =)
Thanks to Constantly for this release! :)

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Part Time Manaka-san Wakazuma Enjokousai-ki [English, 183 pictures], by Saigado

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Screentones level: hentai god

Haters will love hating on that one, it’s about a woman in a happy marriage, replacing her poorly paying job with a better paying job – as a prostitute, to make up for her husband’s unemployment, mostly. “Mostly” as in: she’s into too much guilt to openly recognize she loves dicks, all of them dicks, she’s too naive to realize she’s being exploited (her pay rate, for prostitution, not for a desk job: only 3000 yen -that is 26 USD, 22 €- per hour, for full service this is ridiculously small in a rich country like Japan) and too dumb to understand she’s swindled (letting bogus debts piled on her.)
So, yeah, it’s possible to be annoyed and let anger disrupt your reading pleasure.

Graphically, at least, Saigado delivers a solid work, with consistent quality, with bearable censorsip, tons of decent oral and vaginal sex. Not genius, but quality hard work, let’s say. And the few pages with screentones are spectacular.
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! :jap:

(For more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The List of Saigado’s Works on HentaiRules…)

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GalPa! 2 [English], by KaigansenKaigansen (it’s a doujin circle, the mangaka’s names are Sakagami Umi and Ueno Meguru)

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Dark skin :3

A pretty nice share we’ve got here, with a simple setup: a dark gyaru and her boyfriend having sex, simply. The girl has splendid boobs and a nice natural body, enjoys being dominated, and has impressive sunken eyes in the end, wow :shock:

We owe this release to Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:
Inb4 someone asks: I searched and found no volume 1.
Edit: well, I already knew I suck at searching, but yet another confirmation has come. Thanks to XxxRick and Gimonfu, I’ll share the volume 1 in one or two days :)

By the same artist, I also share GalPa! volume 1, Butterflies and Passion Pink.

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Kimi-iro Days ~ Onnanoko No Karada Ni Nattara Nani O Suru [English, 188 pictures], by Taniguchi-san

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Switch body with a blooming female succubus? That might have its good sides :3

This is a “tankification” of sorts, a compilation of chapters that have been scanlated from magazine scans, plus the pictures of the tank in which those chapters were republished later on.
I’ll mention you the magazine scans seem LESS censored than the tank scans: you’re winning in this bargain. I added 2 comparison pics at the end of the gallery, see for yourselves :)
Some of these chapters were already shared on Hentairules, some of them weren’t.

So, what have we got here? A faptastic collection of stories revolving around mind swapping between (horny) men and (fucking gorgeous) women. The means and reasons vary, but “dirty deeds done cheap” kinda summarizes it well, lol, every time men need 0.05 seconds to adjust and enjoy their female body (no homo to take a dick if you’re a woman, right? Right?), while the girls take at least 2-3 pages to enjoy having a dick to use intensively.
The stories are morally dubious at best (the 2 worse chapters, we even have orcs kinda gently raping, and a thief stealing a woman’s body and then getting raped by thieves he meets on the road – hehe, we also have just one futanari chapter), but they don’t dwell in drama mode, nobody complains long and everybody enjoys it very, very fast.

Most importantly: the drawings… JEBUS THE DRAWINGS LOOK FANTASTIC!! Godly boobs, well-shaped women, lots of braids and nylon, magical panties sticking closely to bulging pussy lips, hardly any censorship most of the time… oh, wow :shock: :twisted: :woot:

Credits go for a large number of persons, I hope I didn’t forget some: Skitts, Guestoid, Dynam, maea, Yume, Anon (I’m not sure if it should be in singular or plural form), Kusanyagi, Chilla from Farhad TG Forum, AdolfBrix, Betzy, Button, Doujin-Moe, and Wastedman. Thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Trans-Sexual Fiction – The Girl’s Play – TSF Catalog (182 pictures), Tamashii Insert (“Soul Insert”) levels 1-5 and Kashi Mashi 2.

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