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Overshoot [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Overwatch game, by Ringo Koubou (Also Known As Shirokiringo)

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Dibs on Mercy

I never played Overwatch (I kinda would like, but you gotta cough up the money first, I might find I suck, and there’s always the matter of not having enough time in my life), and yet I find myself very attracted to the girls in the game. The devs made a good job on their looks ^^
So this new translated Overwatch hentai doujinshi is more than welcome :D

First, this is Mei (a thick girl with glasses, generous boobs, oh how lovely is she!), and next is a scene in which Mercy and Ana work at a soapland and provide sexual service to a shota. Lots of paizuri, and decent vaginal, all of that in decent full-color art :)
Thanks to Atomicpuppy for that one! ^^

Side note. Page 8. What the fuck.

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Sex Assistant [English], by Nazunaya Honpo

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Heart-shaped irises, HNNNNNG!!!

Quotation time. The female MC, climaxing like mad: “Ero mangakas… Really are horny motherfuckers…” – Must we believe this is autobiographic? ;)

Here is the funny tale of an eromangaka whose super sexy, busty, tanned female assistant, isn’t helping at all. At least, he asks, let me fuck you then. To his surprise, she gladly accepts :D
There is only minimal censorship (thin lines, only few of them), the girl’s providing paizuri and vaginal sex, with occasional ahegaos (me: too bad). All in all, it was very good, I feel :)

We owe this release to Constantly, thank you! ^_^

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Tousen No Utage [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Ikkitousen series, by Kimura Naoki

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Wild guess, the mangaka has had his ass handed by those two girls while playing the game.

Sonsaku Hafuku and Kanu Unchou, from the Ikkitousen series (manga and game), fall under the hypnotic domination of your average hentai scumbag Joe, are trained to follow the way of the cum dump, and have their self-awareness (not control) restored just as a group of horny old men are allowed to fuck them, turning it into a “let’s rape those super horny girls who hate loving it” session :roll:
Still, I can’t deny the drawings are hot and impressive.

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release!

By the same artist, I also share The Cow Demon (Uncensored version).

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Yuna Sensei Wakakarishihi no Kurorekishi (“The Black History of Yuna-sensei’s Youthful Days”) [English], by Insert

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I sometimes wonder if this peace sign fashion is a real thing in the real world, or if it only happens in hentai

Honest confession. I’m pretty sure I missed a pair of releases of works by the mangaka Insert, but I’m totally lost with these, the links between the volumes are loose at best. So here I’m just going with the flow, I see I’ve got one work “right now” by Insert, I feel like sharing it, I share it :D

Here, we follow one of the characters revolving around the main character in the rest of Insert’s works. Watching her early days, when she went from probably normal to total dark gyaru whore – and learnt some men are scum.
Compared to past works by Insert, the story and the art are quite meek, so it’s a safe read, check it out if you haven’t read it yet! ^^

By Insert, I also share Boku Dake No Bakunyuu Ona-maid – Yuna Sensei No Junan, My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid : Himeno Raika Arc and four nice packs : here (Flirtation + Limited Edition Book + On Loadn + Oral Goddess + X2), there (2007 Winter Gentei Hon Garnet MacLaine + Dream Club Rui + My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid – CumDumpster Chapter 2-R), here (Kuchishuu Benki Hen 2 + Mousou Hen) and there (Blowjob Lovers Only + Everyone’s Big Breasted Maid Original + Kirche + Manya the Whore in the Puff-Puff Room + My Own Huge Tit Maid).

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Futanari Drive [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid series, by Diogenes Club

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Kinda makes you want to introduce her to the joys of heterosexual sex

Two women from the Valkyrie Drive media franchise have sex. And I don’t know if I should tag it as yuri or not, as the single reason for their coitus is the miraculous appearance of a fully working dick on one of the girls ^^
No, seriously, is it still yuri, in additional to futanari, if there’s a dick involved?

We’ve got onahole play and then vaginal sex, a plump tanned busty girl on top with a cute face with a petite busty futanari girl with braids… it was not bad =)

(For MORE, don’t miss The list of the shared works by Diogenes Club !)

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Maid-san To No Seikatsu [English], by Kasei

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Biribiri, Axalon and Zathael, thank you so much for this, bring us a story that I loved more than I can say. It’s odd, perhaps, as the story didn’t start well: a master asks his maid to visit him at night for sex, we learn she used to be a slave and he bought her freedom…
But then, come night, and unspoken feelings become obvious, the mutual attachment, the mutual care, the warmth they find in each other’s embrace, the tenderness in the end… Haaa, it warms the heart, it’s great :)

Graphically, also, we’re with high quality hentai. The drawings have a unique style, made of good shades, a super cute female face (I never saw noses like that, huhu, with the shining tip ^^), with a good focus ont he outfit’s erotic potential… Good stuff, I’ll repeat myself =)
Well, enjoy, dear fellow hentai lovers, enjoy! :)

By the same artist, I also share Okitsune Winter.
Pardon me, I’m not sure, I would like to humbly ask for a confirmation, guys. Kase Daiki (that you can see here), you’ll agree, this is NOT the same mangaka, right? – EDIT: ditto, confirmations received, it’s not the same person. Thanks a lot guys! :)

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Oni Gal Ni Shiborarechaimashita [English], by Ahobaka

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Please tell me I'm not the only one seeing a similarity with Distance's Joshi Luck series, graphically, right?

It starts as prostitution, and ends as great friends with benefits. What can I say? Woot! :D
Oni Gal Ni Shiborawaitwhatsomething is a decent story, with awesomely hot art. The female MC is an oni, a sort of monster-girl looking fully human, save a horn on her forehead. Me, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of French kissing, I don’t care ^^
She’s near-plump, has dark skin with tanlines, a cheerful grin, huge lively boobs, and enjoys dick a whooooole lot =)

The art really won me over. Here’s to hoping more works by Ahobaka will be released in the future! ^_^
So far, my only share by Ahobaka is Scylla Onee-chan to Boku (posted by Delta Oblivion.)
Thanks a lot to Doujin-Moe for this release!

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