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Hajirai No Puffy Nipple (“Big Puffy Nipples College Teen”) [English, 220 pictures], by Shioroku

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An extremely pleasurable position, that we don't see often enough in hentai :)

I wasn’t expecting that, or to love the manga so much ^^
The manga is divided in one or two-chapter long stories, unrelated to each other, and every time the mangaka finds a weird, silly, funny original idea to make it something we had not read before: hats off =) Some stories are silly (curing phobias with sex), some very creative (automatic teleportation to the girl to which you masturbate to, or portal polaroid photographs), some borderline WTF (and, thus, even funnier), it’s well done.

We’re served mostly vaginal sex, with half a chapter for anal only, the girls love it and are with boys who like them back, it shows on their faces. There’s only very little censorship, while the art is sometimes average (the mangaka just can’t draw bellies right ^^;;), sometimes brilliant with a realistic touch.
Well, enjoy, folks :) And thanks to Doujin-Moe!

Bonus: page 143, you’ll find the most absurd X-ray shot in the entire history of hentai :D

By the same artist, I also share Obedient Girl.

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Hattara Yarachau [English, 223 pictures, in Full color, the COMPLETE tank], by Marui Maru

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I really hope to read a sequel to this, some day :)

The full title is “Hattara Yarachau!? Ero Seal ~ Wagamama JK no Asoko o Tatta 1-mai de Dorei ni ~“, translated to “Commanding Stickers!? Ero Seal ~With One Sheet Selfish High Schoolers Become Enslaved to Cock“.

Two years after I shared the chapters 1-3, it is complete for sharing, at last :)
The story is repulsive at first, it’s about a middle-aged ugly man who uses magical stickers to hypnotize and fuck young women with buttastic bodies. But please, try to hang in there, eventually, it becomes relatively interesting story-wise and, more surprisingly, funny :shock: :D

The manga steps into the rare bathos humour territory, when the story is so ridiculous and excessive it reaches the funny from the other side. Usually it’s at the expense of an unskilled mangaka, this time, it’s in full collusion with the readers, it felt good :D Eventually, it becomes impossible to hate the MC, he goes so far beyond ridiculous and despicable we’re back to the shores of admiration. Huge respect to that guy :lol:
Only one regret: the manga doesn’t reach a true conclusion. Will a second volume appear, some day?

And graphically? Come on, this is Marui Maru. Cute faces, nice boobs, AND FUCKING GODLY BUTTS!!! :twisted:
Another fine Doujin-Moe commission, thank you :jap:

For more butts, Cf. The list of ALL Marui Maru’s works on Hentairules!

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Pack of 8 works by the eromangaka Yanagi (AKA SSL) [English, 194 pictures]

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Such a fine ass, and a fine woman too! :3

Me, two days before I saved this post: “Oh, a new doujinshi by SSL? Come to think of it, haven’t I missed one, a month or two ago? Better check, to be sure…
… oh shit, lol”

And there I am, making a huge repack and call it a day, here is EVERYTHING I had yet to share by the hentai mangaka SSL, or Yanagi, call that skilled person however you like, one way or the other you’ve got a HUGE load of Shirou X Rider hentai coming your way ^_^

Those eight works are:
Natsu No Yono Yume (“A Midsummer’s Night Dream”)
Rider-san To Kaisuiyoku (Rider-san and the: “Beach”)
Rider-san To Kyouei Mizugi (… “Swimsuit”)
Rider-san To Natsumatsuri (… “Summer Festival”)
Rider-san To Onsen Yado (… “Hot Springs”)
Rider-san To Onsen Yado Sonogo (after story, I guess?)
Rider-san To Shichakushitsu (… “Dressing Room”)
Rider-san To Tate Sweater

Every time, this is with Rider, the tall, slender, braided, busty, bespectacled hottie. Some volumes are barely average, some others are spectacular (such as Kyouei Mizugi, Natsumatsuri or Onsen Yado :twisted: ). Besides the purely sexual parts (oh boy, Rider’s butt, breasts and face!!!), I also took a great liking to how we guessed there were sweet feelings between Shirou and Rider, even though no words were pronounced to give us a confirmation…

Release credits are for many people, the ones I identified being: Red_Piotrus, Ultimaflaral, Vilis and Shinko, from the E-H Cove, Cgrascal, Phantom Renegade, Doujin-Moe, Shuten Doujin Translations, Von and Hihohahi from (the now late group) Facedesk. Thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, under the pen names SSL and Yanagi, I’m also sharing Rider-san To Love Hotel, Rider-san To Kuro Stocking (“Rider-San’s Black Stockings”), Rider-san To Gakusei Fuku (“Rider-san With Highschool Uniform”), a pack of 2 works (Rider-san To Maid Fuku + Rider San To Ofuro), and Sakura-san’s Smile is Crazy.

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Bianca No Sho [English], an hentai manga parodying the Dragon Quest V game, by Mitarashi Club

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I have a certain fondness for the Dragon Quest games, I’m dying to play the stunning XI when it comes out in Europe in 2018 =)
Here is a very good parody of one of them, Dragon Quest V. Excellent sex, a super-hot Bianca, mutual love, Mitarashi Kousei’s godly drawings… it’s enjoyable, hooo fuck yeah :twisted:

I’d have just one reason to rant, on some pages, the mangaka decided to draw the ten years old or so children of the male and female MC, watching their parents, and imitating them. WTF O_o Fortunately, it’s just a few pages, and in hard to notice corners.

This fine share has been released by Axalon, MrWayne, CelLTF, CynicW, Kouya913, from The Lost Light and Casa Wayne, thank you!! :)

For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…

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Tenkousei JK Elf volume 3 [English], + the volumes 1-3 in another Zip file (86 pictures), by Jingrock

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I could fap to it. And then hate myself, lol.

I will mostly copy-paste into this post’s description from what I wrote for this series’ volume 2 ^^
Pure and incorruptible aren’t synonyms. In the volumes one and two (I first shared it under the “High School Elven Transfer Student – After School Sex Training Lessons” name), an innocent well-bred female high Elf falls for the scumbag male human who blackmails her, forces her to do adult things she had no idea about before, and, eventually, her mind is won over by corruption. In the end, the theft has been successful, the promising bride has become an exclusive horny cock slave.
More sex and a third volume later, she becomes pregnant, and the ending has her rejected by her kin, falling back into the warm arms of her abuser who got attached to her ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What can I say. You may like it (if not for the theme, for the excellent – no shit: excellent! – hentai drawings, extremely arousing and well done, the girl is a total hottie, with her long braids and her slightly plump body, hnnng!) or dislike it, it’s your call.
I’ll just reassert the warning, the themes are blackmail, forced sex, mental corruption leading to conversion to willing sex slave, and netori.

Release credits, for the whole three volumes, are for Tremalkinger, thank you! :jap:

(For more works by Jingrock, Cf. The list of Jingrock’s works on Hentairules…)

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Sunao Ni Seitsuu Desu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Pokémon series, by Jack to Nicholson

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Mallow? Best Pokémon girl.

As part of a local tradition, Mallow has sex with a group of male visitors. That’s it, end of the mesmerizing scenario :D
There may be oral sex all along but, essentially, the manga is focused on anal sex. And it looks good that way =)

Release credits are for Bango, from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

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Junjo Bitchi To Dotei Megane (“Pure Bitch And Virgin Nerd”) [English, 50 pictures], by Uruujima Call

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Who doesn't love a floating butt, WHO?

Should I call this “unlikely vanilla?” ^^
Pure Bitch And Virgin Nerd is the story of a highschool nerd (small, not manly, huge glasses, errand boy – and, naturally, equipped with a huge dick with unlimited ammo) making the school’s bitch fall for him.
You could have supposed the girl was a lost cause, she’s everyone fuckhole, she’s rude and doesn’t care about anything, sex doesn’t mean anything for her. Only one boy treats her differently, the nerd, he confesses his love, treats her like a loveable human and not like meat… and behind her unlikely tsundere behaviour, it means the world for her, she stops being just a hollow shell :)

Story-wise, that was heart-warming, I felt, hehe ^^
And graphically, oh boy. A meaty gyaru with provocative clothes, a round butt, quality intense vaginal sex… it looked great :twisted:

I certainly hope you will find this share to your liking :D
My great thanks are for Alexey, Bango, Neight and Grink, from Hennojin :jap:

By the same artist, under the names Uruujima Call and Korou, I also share Kamijou-san To Ookina Oppai X8 (in a very strongly retouched version), Payback chapters 1-2, Summer Drives The Girl Mad, Happy Birthday Side A, and Shigure Training Diary (a History’s Strongest Disciples Kenichi parody ! O_o).

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