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Mahou no Juujin Foxy Rena Pack + Spinoffs [283 Pictures, English] by Amakuchi

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Hey Troops! Delta here with a share I planned to post on April Fools’, but real life sneaked up on me again and I had to put certain things in my life on hold. I’ll try to be more active, but I can’t promise anything until summer hits. Anyhoo this was the share I promised to do on April Fools’ and as I promised I’ll do this type of shares once a year since I doubt there are any Furry-Lovers among you. Still this is a nice treat for y’all, Amakuchi’s still ongoing series: Kemono of Magic: Foxy Rena and stories inside that very universe.

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Sanae Hamaru [English], an hentai doujishi parodying the Touhou series, by Momo Ego

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Fine butt, right? :3

Because of a failed experiment with portals, Sanae, who was innocently going to the toilet to take a leak, finds herself stuck on the loo with her bottom magically protruding out of a wall elsewhere. And what does the average hentai boy do, when he sees two available holes, no matter where they appear? Yeah. You got it.

That was weird. But fun ^^
The drawings (vaginal and anal, black bars) are rather average, and the images suffered, in my opinion, from poor or excessive compression originally, you can see artifacts here and there. But still, it was a nice read, we had some fine butt to behold :twisted:
I made a bonus picture, added in the end. Sorry, I couldn’t resist ^^

Maybe you’ll like it, your call, huhu. Thanks to NaxusNL! :jap:

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Through The Wall [English, Uncensored version!], a great One Piece hentai doujinshi, by Rojiura Jack

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Allright. Oh boy, Zorro, you're gonna pay, lol

Hoo hoo hoo FUCKING AWESOME, lol ^^
Here is a crazy and intense One Piece doujinshi, in which (a) Luffy has sex with Boa Hancock and Margaret (one of the amazoness serving under Boa), and (b) Zorro has sex with Perona (one of the former enemies, she can summon zombies, project her mind outside of her body to watch stuff, and make people depressed).

This is super intense sex, served by very impactful drawings, with a touch of hilarious WTF, and, perhaps on top of all, with FUCKTASTIC BUTTS :shock: :D :woot:

I’ll let you enjoy it, and thanks a lot to Doujin-Moe and the person (who, no idea, regrettably) who decensored it! :)

By the same artist (the “real” name is Jun, the “circle” is Rojiura Jack), I also share Junai Mellow (220 pictures), Beast Girl Communications – Catgirl Nya, Feel So Ass ~ I Felt Like It Was Fate, Job Change, Go Ahead! Kore Ga Watashi No Doctrine, Hana X Hana and the hentai movie based on Pure Love Mellow.

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Muchi Lover [English, 214 pictures], by Methonium

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I could bust a nut from just looking at that picture. Honest warning though, I removed 3 censorship bars to make it look even better, originally, it's not decensored

Oh, wow. AWESOME!! :shock: :woot:
This tankoubon is full of wonders, admirable, lovely, quality wonders.

Scenario wise, each chapter is a single story (save two two-chapter long arcs), starring teens in end of highschool or young adults. And every time, this is a vanilla hentai story, in which a boy and girl (once, two girls) are a perfect match, both morally and sexually. The characters love each other, complete each other, deeply care for each other. We smile with them, blush with them, laugh with them.
I’m mentioning laughing: there will be lots of giggles, comedy is a frequent spice, I went from chuckling to laughing out lout several times :D
Some stories are plain vanilla (always long term mutual loving with confirmations of the liking), some other stories are touching and moving, heart-warming as I adore them, awww =)

And the drawings? OH YISS!! The girls range from healthily meaty, to plump, to (rarely) fat. They have cute faces, large lively breasts, and GODLY BUTTS that would make saints fall from heaven if they had internet up there to read hentai. There are tons of oral, vaginal sex and paizuri, and a fine load of anal time too.
The censorship is light, relatively frequent semi-transparent bars, over detailed quality genitalia. Triple AAA hentai :twisted:

Your attention please, lastly. This tankoubon is the recollection of several works that I used to share already based on their magazine versions (read this Tank VS Magazine glossary entry of mine, if needed). But sadly the tank version, although less censored and with better overall quality, comes in too low image resolution. We’re talking of a shift from 2500 px (magazines) to 1500 px (tank).
View the images without fitting-to-screen: magazine / tank.
You may get the magazine versions of those works in their respective pages: Cafe Latte Lovers, Peach Butt Motion, Momojiri Ocean (“Peach-Butt Ocean”), in this tank called “Fidgety Ocean”, Ookiku Nattara (here called “Once I Get Bigger”), Torotoro Toko Jijou (here called “A Simmering Bed Situation”), Nice To Meat You, its sequel Just To Meat You, Yoru No Champion (here called “Night Champion”), and Kimi Wa Akaboshi (here called “You’re A Crimson Star”).

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! ^_^

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Mantou.30 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Evangelion series, by Chuuka Mantou

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I would tap that... so hard

Oh damn, DAYUM! It’s funny, it’s arousing, it’s original, it’s unpredicatable! I tell you, at the end of a long mentally tiring day, nothing beats good comedy hentai to make you feel alive again! ^____^

This new Mantou volume keeps the fundamentals (comedy, Asuka and Shinji), with this time the special note that they keep on their plug suits… however these are modified plug suits, made thinner than a rubber and mostly see-through. Heck, that’s a nice fetish :3
I did some retouching on the images, if you care: before / after.

Thanks to Risette for this release! ^_^

By the same artist, going by the names Chuuka Mantou, Chuuka Manjuu and Yagami Dai, I also share Mantou 35, the hilarious Mantou 34, the funny Mantou 28, Mantou 27, Mantou 31 and a pack of 5 works (Variation Special, + Mantou volumes 17, 20, 32 and 33).

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Made in Heaven – Moon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Sailor Moon series, by Black Dog

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If it had been me, on page 2 Usagi would have already been getting the dick

Shell, Seven and Zero, from Zero Translations, thank you very much for this, bring us a new Black Dog Sailor Moon hentai doujinshi. We’re in the recent series of “traveling underground and ending up having sex with two males following behind” context, there’s simply no scenario at all, it’s Usagi who is luring two youkai with her godly butt and string panties, eventually giving in to the call of mating hard.

Enough said. Enjoy! :twisted:

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

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Pack of 2 excellent [English] hentai works by SeN

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Disturbing thought: there must exist people on this planet with the fantasy to stick their willy into furry girls' ears :D

Oh wow :shock: This is heavy stuff here, with a mix of drama, of psychological tension, and of vanilla sauce so thick you could walk on it without risking to drown. Spoiler: I totally suck at making metaphores.

I gathered here two works by SeN, both of them share a common basis. They are vanilla stories in which a non-human girl is in love with a human male, a childhood friend. The girl is plagued by her non-human ascendancy, pushing her in a direction she dislikes, far from the boy, dissolving her former personality into a less human entity. One last time, one first time, she’ll have sex as a human girl with that boy she loved so much. And fortunately, at this point, the boy’s love (*cough* and sex drive) is so strong the girl is pulled back; she remains non-human but retains her human personality, happy baroque ending.

So, scenario-wise, this is weird, an emotional rollercoaster, and the vanilla is very intense.
And for the drawings?
FUCKING GODLY, that’s what the drawings are!! :twisted: Hardly noticeable censorship, perfect in my eye, the girls’ bodies are astounding (japanese mangakas perfected this art of making girls incredibly arousing even while they’re still fully clothed), the vaginal action is fantastic. Enjoy! :D

Those two works are:
Ame Ni Yadorite, in which the girl is becoming a fox-woman. Halfway, bam!, bridal dress out of the blue! Yiff!!
Osananajimi No Gin No Hane, in which the girl is becoming a tengu, growing feathery wings and – dafuck – a tengu mask.

Mitsukai (commissioning) and Constantly (scanlating) are behind those two releases. I want to express my sincere gratitude, I’m glad I could read, and share, those two works :)

By the same artist, I also share Katakoi, The True Ending’s Other Side, Shiroi Doukyuusei, Kokoro Bakari Present and Please Hold Me.

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