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Akiko-San To issho Volume 01, in its gloriously UNCENSORED, RE-TRANSLATED and HIGH RES version, + a repack of the volumes 1-20 of this great MILF series [English, 705 pictures], by Mitarashi Kousei

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Akiko MILF best MILF

MILF lovers, rejoice, with a slight delay on my end (sorry about that!) here is the latest release by our dear Belldandy100, Akiko-san To Issho volume 1!
– Now decensored.
– Now in quality high resolution and good-looking scans.
– Now with a good translation and edited, done by Belldandy100 himself.

View yourselves the difference: original versionnew version. (The images weren’t retouched or resized, it’s the genuine old and new versions, simply cropped at the same points for comparisons. Click to view them in full-size, check the numerous differents and not just the genitalia…)

Thanks a LOT to Belldandy100! ^_^ And (as I share a full repack too), release credits and thanks for the past volumes are for Desudesu and Niagatrats (everything till volume 17), Moroboshi Yuumei (volumes 18-19) and Vilis and Kusojijii from Hennojin (volume 20) :)

I hope you may enjoy it, and may MILF love never end :twisted:

For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…

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Oba-san No Karada Ga Kimochi Yosugiru Kara Kouhen ~Boku No Oba-san Wa Chou Meiki Datta~ [English, 121 pictures, Full color], by Kuroneko Smith

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Thinking of it, it's exceedingly rare, women with thick lips, in hentai. Even thick eyebrows are more frequent O_o

There is Kouhen in the title, so there’s a first part – but, frankly, now that I’ve read it (at first, I didn’t find it and thought it wasn’t translated, thanks a lot to the commenters who told me of it!) the first part is mediocre and not worth much. It’s simply the story of an aunt with her nephew, she let the teenage brat use her body whenever he pleases, and as he’s got endless stamina, she’s in for constant fucks. Eventually, she becomes pregnant, has a quickie with her husband for an alibi and more sex with the newphew follows.
Don’t search for any form of morality, it’s all about satisfying lust and drawing it well.

The art, precisely, is AWESOME. I sure resented the thick blur mosaics censorship and the too small dick of the male protagonist, but it’s all water under the bridge when we can behold such a superb female specimen, a woman in her thirties, with erotic huge lips and adorable thick eyebrows, and a passive body welcoming male lust. She’s like the perfect masturbation subject :shock:

Thanks to Cc0Dykid and Mr. Yoso for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Cumming Inside Mommy’s Hole Volumes 1-2 (251 pictures).

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Inma no Mikata (“Succubi’s Supporter”) [English, 243 pictures], by Fue

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I like how it takes a pair of seconds to understand what happens on the image, and then, BAM, AWESOME!

This is a manga about a human hired by succubi to become their food source. Forget about scary movies, these succubi are gourmets who will only feed on the best sperm ^^
A quotation I probably won’t ever forget: “So, my dick is about to become a drink bar, right?:lol:

We are served awesome deepthroat after awesome deepthroat (chapter 2: 736 ejaculations in a single day with dozens of different women :shock: ), with a bit of vaginal action too.
The drawings are FANTASTIC, entranced faces, quality art, and sexy women. However, before page 164, the massive amount of whiteout censorship (magazine scans) is almost a crime, defacing something splendid is an insult to nature’s beauty. After page 163, these are tank scans with minuscule unnoticeable rare white bars, woot!

But, hey, if you dislike deepthroats as a whole, a huge dick shoved repeatidly and entirely down a throat, I urge you to not even bother yourselves with downloading the manga, it simply wouldn’t be fit for you.

Thanks to CellTF, Axalon, DarkFire and Biribiri, for the first part, and Bango, Vilis and Burndo from Hennojin, for the last parts, I’m grateful! =)

By Fue, I also share Fella Hame Lips (227 pictures), Fera Pyua ~Mitarashi-san Chi No Jijou~ (“Two Siblings Fela Pure”, 231 pictures), Sakaki-san Satisfaction and Fela Pure Episode 1, the movie.

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Aniyome To Gitei – Kindan No Kankei part 2 (“Kouhen”) [English], + a repack of the parts 1 (“Zenpen”) and 2 (“Kouhen”), by Zonda

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A hot ass is hot, even when this is netori and netorare

Just in case, a tiny bit of clarification (you’ll also find it in my glossary): after I shared the part 1 (aka Zenpen) 3 weeks ago, here comes the part 2 (aka Kouhen), of the Aniyome To Gitei – Kindan No Kankei mini story arc, coming from a manga called Hitozuma X Netorare :)
So, yeah, well, the sequel came, and I *think* this is final, the story is over.

In the chapter 1, a young wife lacks the willpower to tell her fuckface mother in law it’s not her fault she doesn’t breed, it’s her husband who is infertile. Hentai oblige, here comes the husband’s twin brother, similar DNA but fucked up personality, who is glad to lend a hand penis in private. Soon enough (as in: half a page) the wife adores sex with the much more skilled and experienced brother.
And then there’s the chapter 2, in which the scumbag brother invites the last remaining brother to join the whack-a-hole party, with the wife a-do-ring those sturdy dicks.
… right in the devastated husband’s face. Full netorare + netori. Everybody agrees to treat him like shit and humiliate him forever.
The ending was so bad it became comical for me, ew, lol.

Honestly, while the story is bad, the drawings are EXCELLENT, with splendid art, only minimal censorship, absolutely fapworthy.
Thanks a lot, for this release, to Girugameshu, LonerPrime, Nyarlathotep, Riscent and Toffee San, from Team Kamikiller! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share the neutral Imekura Kanmusu Takao-san to Shota Teitoku, the comedy-driven Ran-man and the “try too hard, fail so hard” rage hentai Saikai (“Reunion”).

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Android No Ecchi Na Yatsu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the NieR:Automata game, by Ogadenmon

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There is more FREEDOM in those boobs than in an Apache helicopter flying over oil fields.

At first, there was a slow start (sex comes relatively soon, but it’s at low intensity and not something to get wild at), so I was close to diching the doujinshi, discarding it as one of those countless average productions. Fortunately I stayed long enough, to find it became huge in the last third, intense and very good :twisted:

Ahem, the story, now: the two androids in NieR:Automata, 2B (the ass babe) and 9S (the shota), become interested in sex, until it’s a frenzy and there’s nothing else on their mind. Rather good art turning excellent once 2B’s boobs are set free and she at lasts displays facial expressions. Plus, her blindfold makes it even hotter :3
We owe this release to Axalon, MrWayne, Dark Mac and CellTF, thank you very much!! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Gyaru To Kuso Gaki.

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Hyrule Hanei No Tame No Katsudou (“Activities for the Sake of Hyrule’s Future”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Zelda: Breath Of The Wild game, by Morittokoke

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Another reason to save Hyrule.

–Update: good news, much higher quality scans have become available, so now we’ve got an HD version to enjoy Zelda’s revealed inner sluttiness :twisted:
A visual comparison, to truly make yourself an idea, ideally: please view those images in full-size, without fitting-to-screen. Ready? Yo: Before / After.
You will find it’s not just the file size, it’s the quality of the surfaces, of the screentones, of the lines, that has been amped up. You will also occasionally find one additional censorship bar, nothing is perfect in this world ;)

I didn’t join the hype train about Zelda’s ass after the first trailer for Breath Of The Wild. Nor later. First, I don’t own a Switch (one day, maybe…), second, what’s with this crazy fashion of throwing your brain into the garbage bin, post “t h i c c” everywhere on the internet as soon as you see a woman wearing pants?!? The fuck?
Yeah, we get it, Zelda wearing pants instead of a dress, that allows to confirm she has butt cheeks, wow, who would have thought, crazy. But, I don’t know, her butt looked “normal” to me, nothing extraordinary, no bubble butt quality as with the godly Marui Maru for instance.

Here, thanks hentai, Zelda’s butt has been slightly altered to become attractive in tight pants ;)
She travels the world with Link, feels his stare eyefucking her from behind, and at last, what had to happen, happens :twisted:

Thanks a LOT to CellTF (who *bought* you guys these scans, besides commissioning the translation and editing!), Axalon, Palaxius, Dark Mac and MrWayne, I’m grateful :)

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